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Report On Industrial Visit to INS Rajali,Arakkonam


I am extremely grateful to The Chairman,Director and the Principal of Madha Engineering College for giving us this wonderful opportunity to have a great experience on the Industrial visit to INS Rajali,Arakkonam I express my Gratitude for our Co.Ordinator,Mr.P.S Subbaram and our HOD,Ms.T Divya for their kind support for arranging a great Industrial Visit. I am highly thankful to Mr D.L Vasu Kannah and Mr J Kumaraurubaran who accompanied the III year Aeronautical students to Arakkonam for the visit.

Place: Chennai Date: 27-01-2014

Mohamed Asiff.K


INS Rajali was constructed in early 1942 for use by Allies of World war II. The INS Rajali is based on Tupolev Tu-142MK-E, Sea harrier, Hal Chetak and II-38. The Visit was made on 23 Jan 2014 from 0830 hrs to 1550 hrs. As we reached INS Rajali at 1015 hrs, we had been Identified and reported with a guide who was with till the end of the visit. Further we were given a small refreshment at the their cafeteria. Formerly,as per their plan we first visited MET/EDN department which supports the pilot during flight and act as the principle agency responsible for meteorological observations,weather forecasting and Seismology. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) is one under World Meteorological Organization (WMO).They explained us about the functions of the MET department in which they calculate the temperature,pressure and clouds and beside they are charted. In addition we had visited the Air Traffic Control (ATC), there we were taught about Barograph, APT receiver and various meteorological effects based on the field. After that, we were shown with a turbo prop engine aircraft ,named as Tupolev Tu142MK.This aircraft is designed for three roles namely Anti Summing Warfare,

Long Range and Search and rescue. It was one of the successful aircraft which has experienced with 25 years of its flight since 1988. It is designed with Co axial propellor.It has the capability of flying 16.45 hours in an one loaded fuel.It weighs about 185 tonnes after fuelling with the fuel weight of 87 tonnes. Its operation is to detect mines,objects and dropping of sonobuoys. It has capacity of undertaking 10 crew with each defined a position.It also has a 2 gunner with 23mm barrel at the tail portion of the Tu-142MK.Further we were explained about their functions and abilities of the aircraft. Later, we went to Navys Helicopter training school where we were shown with the Hal Chetak which has the capability of flying two and a half hours in an one loaded fuel of 575 litres. It is mainly used for the training purpose in INS rajali and for rescue purpose.The gentleman who was in the maintenance section explained us about the various functions of the HAL. With these we terminated from INS rajali at 1400 hrs and reached our college by 1600 hrs.

The students got to interact with experienced professionals and observe the development and manufacturing of various aerospace products. This was really beneficial for the students as they observed the working in real aerospace industries. It was felt that the visit to INS Rajali was more beneficial , where the students got a chance to enhance their knowledge about the history and the latest developments in the field of science and technology, especially aviation. Overall, the students enjoyed the visit and found it to be very beneficial for their academic development