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Technical Writing: Essay 1 Part I Document Analysis and Critique In class we have been discussing technical communication and

the documents technical writers compose. We have already done small activities in class examining these types of documents. For your first assignment you have the opportunity to take your analysis and discussion of technical documents to the next level. Choose a technical document to analyze and critique. This could include letters, memos, emails, proposals, advertisements, instructions, manuals, lab reports, informational reports, resumes, etc. The document can be printed or electronic. Your analysis should apply your knowledge of the following, discussed in class, to your document: Audience of the document? Purpose of the document? How does the document forward the goals and/or relate to the culture of the writers company/organization? How does the Design help readability and the relay of information? Think about the four design principles. o Proximity o Alignment o Repetition o Contrast o Also, Color and Font How successful is the document? What works? Doesnt work? Why?

Like any good essay, you should include an introduction, conclusion, and thesis (your argument about the design of the document), supported with examples and evidence. Your essay must be 3-4 pages long, not including images. An image of the document you are analyzing must be included in your essay or turned in with your essay. Be sure to document any sources you may use in MLA format. Your essay should be printed out and turned in on the due date listed on the schedule.

Part II
Document Design You now know how to analyze technical documents and understand the level of critical thinking that must go in to crafting an effective document. Technical documents must have a clear audience and purpose. With this second assignment you will be given the chance to design a technical document of your own which solves a problem. You should rely on the skills you developed when you analyzed a technical document for the first part of your first assignment, as well what you have learned through reading and discussion.

Job: As a member of a technical writing team, you have been hired to work for Dr. Lee Torda, English Department Writing Program Administrator beginning in Fall 2014. Your job allows you to choose from two options: You can choose to design a document for potential English Major students who are interested in the Writing and Writing Studies Concentration or to design a document for Non-English Majors who are interested in the new English Writing and Writing Studies minor that will begin next academic year. The document will be distributed by the department to inform students of what the concentration is and how to fulfill it. You will meet with the client, Dr. Torda, before beginning the project. She will distribute information to you including what exact information she needs the document to contain. Your purpose and audience have been given to you, as well as the document type. It is up to you to figure out what information should be included and how the document should be designed. Remember the 8 characteristics of a technical document and the four principles of design, as well as the role of font and color.