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26/01/14 19.02

” A picture of this room appeared first on a popular design blog. labor is not something one does for compensation. The diptych arrangement suggests a secular version of a medieval house altar. tumbl’d. DWYL is an uplifting piece of In the Name of Love Issue 13: Alive in the Sunshine Essays by Miya Tokumitsu Miya Tokumitsu holds a PhD in art history from the University of Pennsylvania. According to this way of thinking. Superficially. !“Do what you love” is the mantra for today’s worker. including the very work it pretends to elevate — and more importantly. urging us to ponder what it is we most enjoy doing and then turn that activity into a wage-generating enterprise. Why should we assert our class interests if.jacobinmag.In the Name of Love | Jacobin https://www. DWYL distracts us from the working conditions of others while validating our own choices and relieving us from obligations to all who labor. Lovingly lit and photographed. but to the devaluation of actual work. the dehumanization of the vast majority of laborers. this room is styled to inspire Sehnsucht. there’s no such thing as work? Email Password Log In Forgot your password? F E AT U R E D A Petrodollar and a Dream Adam Hanieh Alive in the Sunshine Alyssa Battistoni Illustration by Leslie A. Love what you do.02 . Wood There’s a Gene for That “Do what you love. the “do what you love” living room — where artful tchotchkes abound and work is not drudgery but love — is precisely the place all those pinners and likers long to be. according to DWYL elites like Steve Jobs. But why should our pleasure be for profit? Who is the audience for this dictum? Who is not? By keeping us focused on ourselves and our individual happiness. There’s little doubt that “do what you love” (DWYL) is now the unofficial work mantra for our time. Despite the fact that it introduces exhortations to labor into a space of leisure.” The commands are framed and perched in a living room that can only be described as “well-curated. It is the secret handshake of the privileged and a worldview that disguises its elitism as noble self-betterment. and liked thousands of times by now. but has been pinned. but an act of Pankaj Mehta In the Name of Love Miya Tokumitsu Our Plans for 2014: Jacobin Needs Your Help Bhaskar Sunkara Follow us Current Issue Alive in the Sunshine Buy print | electronic 2 di 3 26/01/14 19. The problem is that it leads not to salvation. whether or not they love it. roughly translatable from German as a pleasurable yearning for some utopian thing or place.

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