6, 2014

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2013 Miss Tourism International winner honored by House of Representatives
The House of Representatives honored another Filipina beauty queen in the person of Miss Tourism International 2013 An eli !ione "ome# durin her $ourtesy visit to %pea&er Feli$iano 'elmonte( )r* yesterday* !urin the $ourtesy $all( the %pea&er handed to "ome# a $opy of House Resolution +,+ $ommendin and $on ratulatin "ome# for -innin the Miss Tourism International 2013 beauty pa eant held in .utra/aya( Malaysia last !e$ember 31( 2013* 01ur prayers and ood -ishes $omin from all House members are oin to her for her su$$ess(2 said the %pea&er* He said "ome#3s -in further provided pride( honor( and inspiration to the $ountry( -hi$h is still reelin from the effe$ts of several devastatin typhoons* "ome#( -ho -as a$$ompanied to the 1ffi$e of the %pea&er by fello- 4ebuana Rep* "-en "ar$ia( author of House Resolution +,+( .ara5aque Rep* 6ri$ 1livare# and Mutya ng Pilipinas administrative mana er 7i$&y 'u ayon ( than&ed the House of Representatives for -armly -el$omin her and honorin her -ith the approval of HR +,+* %he vo-ed to do her best durin her rei n so the $ountry -ould remain proud of her* 8ast )anuary 22( the House led by the %pea&er also ave re$o nition to 2013 Miss International 'ea Rose %antia o( Miss %upranational Mutya )ohanna Fontiveros !atul and Miss 9niverse third runner:up Ariella Arida* The %pea&er said the su$$essive vi$tories of Filipino -omen in different international beauty pa eants( in$ludin that of "ome#( lured -orld-ide attention to the attra$tiveness of the $ountry itself* 0;ithout a question( the phenomenal su$$esses of our $andidates in beauty pa eants abroad and our Miss Tourism International $ertainly help people ta&e note of our $ountry* ;hen they ta&e note of our -inners( they also ta&e note of our $ountry then they see that indeed( -e are a terrifi$ destination(2 the %pea&er said* He said a $omparative study of the $ountry -ith other $ountries -ould ma&e one reali#e the .hilippines has a tremendous advanta e in terms of tourism* 0The .hilippine overnment has been promotin the $ountry all this time( and amon the initiatives is to improve the airports near tourist destinations to improve the tourist destinations themselves( and above all to see the entire $ountry(2 'elmonte said*

In 4on ress( he said there are also important tourism development initiatives* 0There3s a la- pendin here -ith respe$t to freedom of the s&ies -hi$h -ill allo- forei n airplanes to o to our internal airports( not /ust one or t-o international airports( and there3s a eneral approa$h to tourism that is bein studied and $ould possibly be approved durin this term(2 said the %pea&er* "ar$ia e<pressed elation and pride be$ause of the fa$t that the 2012 and 2013 Miss Tourism International -inners both hail from her home provin$e of 4ebu* 0It3s a ba$&:to: ba$& feat for 4ebu be$ause in 2012( Miss Tourism International -as -on by Ri##ini Ale<is "ome# -ho li&e the 2013 -inner An eli !ione "ome# also hails from 4ebu*2 "ar$ia said Miss Tourism International 2013 An eli !ione "ome#3s vi$tory $ame in the midst of the trials e<perien$ed by Filipinos brou ht about by re$ent $alamities* 0%o it3s a shinin moment -hi$h has boosted our morale and our spirits(2 she said* %he said -innin an international $ro-n $arries -ith it so mu$h presti e and interest be$ause it is the -hole -orld that loo&s up to the -inner* 0Then it follo-s that people -ill et interested in the home $ountry of the -inner( espe$ially this one( this is tourism international* ;e &no- tourism is one of the &ey drivers of our e$onomy* %o -e are loo&in at this as a boost to the tourism industry(2 "ar$ia said* =30> rbb

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