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This extrajudicial settlement is entered into by and among the heirs of DOMINGO BESYAKEN SR., namely: FELY BESYAKEN RAFANAN, daughter DOMINGO A. BISYAKEN JR, son, BRYAN A. BESYAKEN, son, and RALPH A. BESYAKEN, son All of legal ages, Filipinos, and residents of San Carlos Heights, Irisan, Baguio City, Philippines. WITNESSETH: That the above-named persons are the surviving children of the late DOMINGO BESYAKEN SR. who died intestate on December 7, 2013 at San Carlos Heights, Irisan, Baguio City. That at the time of his death, Domingo Besyaken Sr. maintained with the BANK OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS, Baguio Burnham Branch the following savings account, to wit: SA ________________________, principal balance, ___________________ as of ____________________, 20____. That HEIRS desires to withdraw the proceeds from the Account. That the BANK has agreed to grant the aforesaid request subject, however, to the execution of the Indemnity Agreement and to the terms and conditions set forth herein below. NOW THEREFORE, for the consideration of the above premises, and with full knowledge of their rights under the law, the HEIRS hereby declare and manifest: 1. That the HEIRS are the legal heirs of the deceased being his children. 2. That the HEIRS recognizes and accepts the designation of RALPH A. BESYAKEN as beneficiary of the above stated BPI savings accounts and hereby waives and renounces, absolutely and forever, any claim to, or share in, the aforesaid deposits, as signified their conforme thereto: FELY BESYAKEN RAFANAN BRYAN A. BESYAKEN DOMINGO A. BISYAKEN JR.

3. After careful and thorough search and verification, he has not found any will executed by the deceased DOMINGO BESYAKEN SR. nor he has any knowledge of the existence of such will. 4. The HEIRS hereby agrees and binds themselves, jointly and severally to indemnify and save harmless the BANK and its stockholders, directors and officers against any claim for damages, compensation or otherwise by and other person or persons claiming to be heirs or creditors of the late, including payments of taxes and arrangements due the government or any of its political subdivisions and to advance or reimburse such accounts as may be paid or required to be paid by the BANK, on account of any such claims made by such person or persons. 5. It is understood and agreed that this is a complete and final release of all claims of every nature and kind whatsoever which the HEIR may have against the BANK, IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereunto affixed her signature this 6th day of February 2014 at Baguio City, Philippines.

FELY BESYAKEN RAFANAN DOMINGO A. BISYAKEN JR. HEIR HEIR Voters ID No. 55505-0030A-L2257FBR20000 Postal ID No. 3401703 Valid Until: 3-11-16

BRYAN A. BESYAKEN HEIR PhilHealth ID No. 19-089241031-7

RALPH A. BESYAKEN HEIR POSTAL ID No. 3401068 Valid Until: April;, 2016

WITNESSES: _______________________ and ______________________ Republic of the Philippines) Done: City of Baguio ) S.S. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Before me a notary public for and in the City of Baguio, this 6th day of February 2014, personally came and appeared the above-named persons and presented to me an integrally complete instrument, exhibited to me their competent instrument of identity, known to me to be the same persons who executed the foregoing instrument and they acknowledged to me that the same are their own free act and deed. That this instrument consists of two (2) pages including this page on which the acknowledgment is written and signed by the parties and two witnesses on the left hand margin of pages 1 and 2. WITNESS MY HAND AND NOTARIAL SEAL. Doc. No. 398; Page No. 80; Book No. 6; Series of 2014.