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miss A facts

miss A means made in Asia. The A of miss A also stands for their A-class or A+ quality performance. miss A is a multinational group, since 2 members are Chinese and 2 members are Korean. miss A is a dance oriented girl group. miss A has no leader in order to keep equality in the group. miss A is under AQ Entertainment, which a sub-label of JYP Entertainment. miss A is part of JYP Nation, along with idol groups which are under JYP Entertainment that consists of JYP (Park Jin Young), Lim Jeong Hee (J.Lim), the Wonder Girls, JOO, 2AM, 2PM, and San E. miss As debut is on 1 July 2010, with the song Bad Girl Good Girl from mini album Bad but Good Love Alone is the only miss As song that has full english lyrics. Love Again is the first song that miss A (without Min) sing in Chinese. miss A released A-Class album (with Chinese version) on 30 June 2011 in China. Good-bye Baby is the first song that miss A dance with high heels. The idea of the mummy outfit in miss As touch is Jias idea. miss As second mini album Step Up was released on 26 September 2010 According to Min, miss A stands for ten being in A Class for looks, dancing, singing, etc. A also stands for Asia. miss A is so called the 2nd Wonder Girls. miss A is a group who can dance powerfully. miss A members love to travel to beaches. Each miss A member has an iPad. miss As taiwan agency is the same as Taiwans celebrity, Wilber Pan. Until now, miss A has endorsed famous korean brands like, LESMORE, ANIPLACE, EDWIN, CATHY CAT, and many more. miss A lives in their own apartment since June 2011. miss A performed in 7-8 cm heels for Good-bye Baby promotions for the first time. Unlike other girl-groups, miss A can choose whether to live in the dorm or not. According to Fei, miss A used to visit COEX mall when they had free time. miss A use Korean, Chinese, English even body languages to communicate to each other

Feis Facts

Fei was born on April 27, 1987 in Haikou, Hainan, China. Feis fans are called Feithfuls. Fei was scouted on her way to dance school in Guang Zhou. Fei was trained for 3 years and learned Korean during her training days, now she is able to speak Korean quite fluently. Fei was part of JYP Sisters with fellow member Jia, Wonder Girls Lim, Sarah, and Xiao Fei. Feis favorite color is red. Fei can speak mandarin, korean, and minimal english. Fei is the main vocalist of miss A. Feis height is 164cm, weight is 45kg. Fei likes Tamia. Fei likes to play video games. Jia, Min, and Suzy like the Chinese food that Fei cooks. Fei thinks whatever she cooks is nice. Fei can cook well. miss A members eat anything she cooks. Fes hobby is shopping. Fei said that she is a sensitive type, can get hurt easily. Fei said that Jia is the most influential person to her in Korea. Fei can cook well for any menu that she cooks for the first time. Even if she failed, just for one time.even if she failed, just for one time. Fei decorated her room with the color red. According to Suzy, Feis eyes and mouth look bigger when shes laughing. Fei hurt herself a lot when dancing for Good-bye Baby at first. Fei said that family is her everything. When Fei came to Korea for the first time, her Korean was hopeless. Fei is collecting body mists and hats. Fei likes luxurious and simple fashion style for now. 3 things that Fei need for her happiness are parents, success and boyfriend. Fei more interested in acting on movies than drama. Fei wants to make her own business. Fei likes to hear Lady Gagas Judas on party. Fei likes to invite 2AMs Jokwon on party, because Jokwon is fun. Fei is known for her exotic face, her perfect body proportion and her charismatic eyes. When Fei is bored, she does housekeeping while listening to music at the same time. Fei has a quiet and mature personality, but sometimes also cute. Feis shoe size is 235mm, same as Mins.

Jias Facts

Jia was born on February, 1989 in Hunan, China. Jias fans are called Jia Attacks. Jias favorite color is purple, or any light color. Jia can speak mandarin, korean, and minimal english. Jia is the vocalist, lead dancer, and rapper of miss A. Jias height is 164cm, weight is 43kg. Jia was selected to join JYP Entertainment by an audition held at her dance school. Jia joined JYP Entertainment in 2007, she was trained for 3 years, and learned Korean during her trainee days, now she is able to speak Korean quite fluently. Jia was part of JYP Sisters with fellow member Fei, Wonder Girls Lim, Sarah, and Xiao Fei. Jia is known for her pink hair during miss As Bad Girl Good Girl promotion and her punk style. Jia is known for her flexibility, her long kegs, and her fierce stage presence. Jias nickname is Pole, because she is thin and has slender thighs. Jia has a piercing on her belly button. Jia likes Rihanna as she thinks that she is able to captivate the audience even when just standing there. Jia learns how to cook during her stay in Korea. Jia learned body bending when she was in China. She learned it in a traditional Chinese dance school. Jia decorated her room with black and white colors. Jia cried while practicing the rap for Good-bye Baby because JYP said why she cant pronounce the rap properly. Jia will talk to her family in China when she feels so stressful, she spent her time on the phone for so long. Jia said that she is close to Super Juniors Heechul. They contact each other pretty often. Jia fav JYPs song is Kiss Jia is close to Super Juniors Heechul because he helps her a lot on variety shows, so they contact each other often. Jia loves to wear accessories such bracelets for her fashion. Jia is the most perfectionist member in missA, Jia said she wants everything to be perfect, especially on stage. Jias blood type is O. Jia loves dolls and girly things and of course, Hello Kitty. Jia thinks that she has more fan girls that fan boys. Jia next dream are going to USA and study anything there. Jias good point is she doesnt bias when treat people. When helping someone, Jia will try her best and keep on helping. Jia loves dogs, she is often seen playing with their choreographers dog, Mikan. Jias shoe size is 240mm.

Mins Facts

Min was born on June 21, 1991 in Seoul, Korea. Mins fans are called M&M. Mins favorite color is pink. Min can speak fluent korean and english. Min is the lead vocalist and main dancer of miss A. Mins height is 161cm, weight is 41kg Min came from one of the best dance schools in Korea. Min stayed in the U.S for 6 years during her training days and speaks English fluently. Min studied at the Repertory Company High School in Manhattan. Min did a collaboration with American PD Jonathan Smith (Lil John) Min is often called bubbly Min. Mins nickname is Mini Min. Min doesnt live with in the dorm with the other girls, she lives with her grandma who lives nearby. min likes palm trees, she said it comforts her. When Min was trained in the US, she got an extreme diet, like not even drinking water for two days. Min lost a lot of weight while preparing for A Class album. Mins movie debut Countdown is directed by Huh Jong Ho. Min said she cant be herself too much on variety shows, because there are too many seniors and she must control herself. Min said she is confident when it comes to dancing. Min is Jias teacher for Korean slang languages. Mins favorite season is autumn. Min and JOO (JYPEs solo singer) were supposed to be in the Wonder Girls. Min is collecting say As gifts in her own room. Min had a boy friend in the US without JYP knowing. Min loves Singapore because it reminds her of her previous time in Los Angeles Min was praised by senior-actress Jeon Do Yeon for her acting in Countdown. Min thinks that she has big upper thighs. Min thinks that Suzy has long legs. Min thinks that Jias legs are skinny. Min was a fixed student on KBSs variety show Oh! My School, also known as 100 Out of 100. Mins favorites JYP song is Elevator. Min loves both pasta and ramen. Mins blood type is A. Min and SNSDs Hyoyeon formed a dance duo named Little Winners Min is the one who helped Jia in her English for her rap in the song Mr. Johnny Min loves to play video games. min is a type of person who doesnt cry easily. Min recorded the word this for Bad Girl Good Girl for 2 days because of JYP.

For Min, being an adult is the only way she can be responsible for her actions. Min went to Repretorry Company High School in Manhattan. Min was the last member to join miss A. Min was trained together with Wonder Girls Sunye and 2AMs Jokwon. Min can imitate dance moves very fast. Min has her own driving license. Mins favorite girl groups are the Wonder Girls, Kara, 2NE1, After School, and SNSD. Min likes to read Lee Oisus book. Min likes to shop in Ddongdaemun and Myungdong areas and COEX mall too. Min said that she is the most charming member, Jia is really feminine, Fei is really sexy, and Suzy is so pure. Min said that shes an honest person. For Min, her grandmother is her biggest motivator and the most important person. Min was featured in San Es song Tasty San singing the chorus. Min is known for her dorky, carefree and funny personality, and also her love for food. Min is also known for her KKab dances. Min has a lot of friends in the idol industry, such as SNSDs Hyoyeon, KARAs Nicole, F.T. Islands Lee Hongki, Supreme Teams Simon D, G.NA, 2NE1s CL, and many more. Min said that she wanted to be paired together on We Got Married with FT Island Lee Hongki, because shes comfortable with him. Mins shoe size is 235mm, same as Feis.

Suzys Facts

Suzy was born on October 10, 1994 in Gwangju, Korea. Suzys fans are called Sueweeties. Suzys favorite color is pink. Suzy can speak korean, minimal english, and minimal mandarin. Suzy is known for her natural beauty and her smile. Suzy is the lead vocalist and maknae of miss A. Suzys height is 169cm, weight is 45kg. Suzy was spotted while auditioning for Superstar K, a TV talent show where was asked to joined JYP Entertainment. Suzy likes cute boys. Suzy loves book, she loves to read. Suzy is shy but hardworking and generous. Suzy is the strongest member in the group despite her look. Suzy decorated her room with pink color. Suzy has a lot of dolls, books, and clothes in her room. Suzy is a type that can gain weight easily, thats why she cant miss her exercise time. Suzy and 2PMs Wooyoung acted as cameos as a couple in Human Casino Suzy got 2nd place on 88 poll for the best female idol face in Korea. Suzy sometimes feels bothered because of her long hair while dancing on stage, but she thinks its fun. Suzy said that she really loves to wear her cat ears on Good-bye Baby because she loves cute things. Suzy is at top rank idols with her best look in real life. Suzy likes a guy who has neat appearance with no double eyelids, and behaves in a cute manner. Suzy is the member with the worst sleeping habit. Jia once had received Suzys text message while Suzy was sleeping. Suzy is a sleep-talker. Suzy is U-Kiss Dongho idea woman, he said he wants to get closer to her. Suzy changes her ideal type frequently. Suzy is close to many male idols, like Super Junior, U-Kiss, and Infinite. Suzy is close to KARAs Jiyoung and IU. Suzy and IU werent close until Suzy called IU in the morning on her birthday. Suzy receives a lot of attention from other idols and singers. Suzy likes guys who dont have double eyelids or who have inner double eye-lids. In the future acting career, Suzy would like to try a role with actions scenes like Park Min Youngs. Suzy enjoys the movie City Hunter

Suzy wears cat ears for Good-bye Baby performances to appear cute, as suggested by miss As stylist. During Good-bye Baby dance, Suzy has to pull out her long hair a lot. Suzy has an older sister and a younger brother. If Suzy was a boy, she would like to date Fei.Suzy was a student in Seoul Performing Arts High School. Suzys favorite song from A Class album is Help Me Suzy is U-KISS Dongho and FT Island Jaejins ideal type of girl Suzy chose Kim Soo Hyun over 2PMs Taecyeon Suzy likes ballad songs miss A said that Suzy is a type of 4D girls, like she has her own world. Suzy loves to collect animal stuffs, such as dolls, t-shirt, blanket, and others Suzy has the biggest room in their apartment. Suzy said 2PMs Nichkhun is well-mannered man. Suzy favorite 2PMs member is Wooyoung . Suzy was famous among the male student in her school before she debuted in Miss A Suzy does sit up before and after she goes to sleep Suzy said that Jia has a penguin dance that she does often. Suzy also loves to go to karaoke. Suzy usually doesnt like to watch sad movies Suzy said that she really doesnt want to look weak in front of other people. Suzy always buys a lot of books about psychology whenever she goes to book stores. Suzy really loves psychology things. She is curious about what other person is thinking. Suzys favorite brand for ramen is Nong Shims Neoguri (Racoons). She said she wants to make a CF for it, n she can be a pretty raccoon. Suzy is the member with the most followers on twitter. Suzy doesnt like to eat vegetables. Suzys mother decorated her coffee shop with anything related to missA.The cafe is called Soo Caffe Suzy said it was really awkward to have a kiss scene with 2PMs Taecyeon on Dream High, because they are already like brother and sister. Suzy said it was really hard to speak without making any smoke while filming Dream High in a very low temperature during winter. Suzys favorite girl groups are the Wonder Girls, and SISTAR. Suzy wished that her movie Introduction on Architecture does well in the box office. Suzy is allergic to cats fur. Suzy starred in Son Ho Youngaes MV Pretty but Hateful Suzys room is a mess, she said he doesnt have the time to tidy up.

Suzy is also known as Giant Maknae together with KARAs Jiyoung on Invincible Youth G8. Suzys blood type is AB. Suzy was Jias roommate. Oneday, when Suzy got back to their dorm after filming Dream High, she realized that Jia had moved to another room. Jia decorated Suzys room very well. Suzy has a lot of animal stuffs in her room. At first, Suzy did not like the title of her movie Introduction to Architecture Suzy said she prefers to go to karaoke than love. When Suzy is very busy, she can do 60 interviews per day. Suzy is an inexpressive. Suzy finds it difficult when shes told to act cute in front of the camera. According to Min, Suzy is a very obedient little sister. Suzy loves to write on diary. Suzys biggest worries is entering college and her major. Suzys first kiss was with Taecyeon for Dream High drama. For dramas, Suzy had kissed Lee Jae Hoon, Kim Soohyun, and Ok Taecyeon. Suzys nickname is Earthworm (Sujireongi) Suzy admits that she did teeth laminated, but she didnt do any plastic surgery. Suzy has a puppy named Damon. She named it Damon when she was watched Vampire Diaries. In school, Suzy was a type that liked to play and make noise. Suzy is type of blunt person in front of the person that she likes. Suzy hasnt got her first love yet until now. Instead of interesting, Suzy thinks that acting is difficult. Suzy likes to eat fruit ice bar. Suzy was a lead actress in 2011 KBS Drama Dream High playing the role of Go Hye Mi. Suzy participated in Dream High OST Winter Child and Dream High she also participated in Dream High 2 OST Youre My Star Suzy helped her parents to open a coffee shop Caffe Soo in her hometown Gwangju with her own earnings. Suzy doesnt like it if people talk about her big feet and a mole in her hand. Suzys first kiss was 2PM Taecyeon on Dream High drama. Suzys biggest worry now is : can she raise her dog Damon correctly? Suzys shoes size is 250mm On her latest drama BIG Suzy participated to sing its OST called I Still Love You" Suzys shoe size is 245mm. On Invincible Youth 2, Suzy confessed that her ideal type of man is Ian Somerhalder.

More Facts

Min and Suzy loves to eat Taiwans fried rice and bubble tea. For Jia and Fei, to live in Korea, language isnt the biggest problem but food. Min and Feis shoe-size is the same. Their shoe-size is 235. Suzy and Jia love to shop. Jia and Fei used to learn Korean and English languages from dramas and movies.On Dream High drama Suzy looked so chubby, it was because of her tight schedule,not good bed times n she wasnt able to exercise Jia and Fei together had been trained under JYPE for 3 years before debut with miss A. Jia and Fei were 2PMs back-up dancers on My Color MV.