The Checkout Episode 1

THE CHECKOUT reinvents consumer affairs for the twenty first century, giving viewers a healthy and/or dangerous mix of info and attitude that hopefully might lead to smarter spending decisions !n this episode "oin The Chec#out for a loo# at $ COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINES The %ustralian Complementary &edicines industry is worth over '( ) *illion a year +ut do manufacturers have to do enough prove their products wor#, -hould we expect more .proof/, %nd should consumers *e made more aware that the listing of their pills may *e *ased on traditional use rather than any well reviewed scientific experiment, The Therapeutic 0oods %dministration are currently reviewing their rules for complementary medicines The reviews don/t deal with all the concerns we have raised, *ut do attempt to close some of the wea#er elements of the current rules Here/s 1r Ken Harvey/s response !ndustry players are already pushing *ac# against the changes so if you thin# there should *e higher standards for your complementary medicines you can contact Catherine King the 2arliamentary -ecretary for Health and %ging To read a Choice report a*out supplements clic# here APPLE iPHONE : ADVERTISING VS REALITY -ome digital graffiti for %pple3s 4+ounce4 T5 commercial from the team at The Chec#out IF I COULD SAY ONE THING : CATRIONA LOWE Catriona 6owe, co7CEO of the Consumer %ction 6aw Centre, says if your home and contents insurance policy doesn/t give you 8total replacement cover9 then get a new policy The Consumer %ction 6aw Centre has a lot of very helpful information and advice, you can visit them here COMPLAINT LETTER : PURINA CAT FOOD :hat/s inside 2urina Cat ;ood , %ngela, <=, isn/t happy The Chec#out encourages you to ta#e action if you/ve got a complaint :rite, call, or email the company or service provider, or post something on their ;ace*oo# page >ou/ll feel *etter !t might "ust get them to change F.U. TUBE : CONSUMER BITE BACK ?ulian introduces ; U Tu*e, a new consumer empowerment experiment -elf *roadcasting can give disgruntled consumers a chance to *ite *ac#, and we tal# to the gold standard *earer 1ave Carroll, ma#er of the United +rea#s 0uitars clip that caught fire online To find out more a*out ma#ing your own ; U Tu*e su*mission clic# here >ou may even

?ust sign here. not to mention an array of surveillance devices to ensure your *a*y is under watch )A hours a day %nd then there are the products promising that with their purchase your *a*y will sleep. from *asics such as cots. eat and/or develop *etter . here and here PRODUCT TAMPERING : GOLDEN CIRCLE SUNSHINE PUNCH The Chec#out redesigns the pac#aging on popular products to show you what/s really in the *ox MEANWHILE IN AFGHANISTAN 1r %hmad &asoud of %fghanistan/s Consumer Eights F -ervices Organisation gives an insight into a consumer rights issue in %fghanistan 7 the dumping of su*standard products into %fghanistan *y multi7national corporations To read 1r &asoud/s *log clic# here To find out more a*out Consumers !nternational and the Consumer Eights F -ervices Organisation clic# here . and the segment is predicted to grow @ concrete proof that expectant and new parents are fair game when it comes to the mar#etplace % Cuic# flic# through pregnancy magaDines or visit to one of the enormous *a*ies and #ids expos that tour the country show the power of mar#eting when it comes to parenthood The array of products availa*le is mind*oggling. here.end up on The Chec#out . This wee# Coles -traw*erries !f you/ve got a good product vs pac#shot post a photo on our . with A free multigrain loaves or ) free thic#7cut fruit *read .ace*oo# wall AS A GUILTY MUM : BABY BUMS Having a *a*y is an experience that can involve opening your wallet @ a lot %ustralians spent 'A B= *illion on *a*y products last year.or some advice from and an overview on online activism *y Choice clic# here To see 1ave Carroll/s full United +rea#s 0uitar clip clic# here To visit 1ave Carroll/s 0ripevine clic# here PRODUCT VS PACKSHOT : COLES STRAWBERRIES 6oo#s great on the outside. *ut what/s on the inside.%s a guilty mum/ shines a light on some of the worst examples of *a*y consumerism from the cradle to the playground To read more from Kate +rowne the 0uilty &um visit here To read a*out *a*ies and #ids mar#eting go here PARALLEL CONSUMERVERSE : IF TOASTERS WERE MOBILES Toasters on a ten7dollars7a7month plan over )A months. to the extreme @ #nee pads for *a*ies learning to crawl and crash helmets for those learning to wal#. strollers and clothes.

BUY NOW PAY FOREVER Kirsten 1rysdale Doom Dooms in on the many variations of the 8raDors and *lades9 *usiness model consumers get caught *y. *ut 8pay forever9 with long term expenses Car servicing. printers are some of the products under the microscope ?ules then Cuestions whether &aDda is misleading consumers a*out its/ stated servicing reCuirements To see the letter we sent to &aDda clic# here To read &aDda/s response in full clic# here . where you 8*uy now9 at a cheap price. coffee machines.

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