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DATA CARRIERS, LLC, Plaintiff, C.A. No. _________ v. JURY TRIAL DEMANDED ARCHOS, INC., Defendant.

COMPLAINT FOR PATENT INFRINGEMENT Plaintiff Data Carriers, LLC alleges the follo ing for its !o"#laint against Defendant Ar!hos, In!. THE PARTIES $. Plaintiff is a Dela are li"ited lia%ilit& !o"#an& having a #rin!i#al #la!e of

%'siness at ()*+ ,ennett Pi-e, S'ite .+$, /il"ington, Dela are $01)23*)$1. *. Defendant is a !or#oration organi4ed 'nder the la s of the State of Colorado ith

a #rin!i#al offi!e at 20.$ E. 5a#le ood Aven'e 6*7), 8reen ood 9illage, CO 1)$$$. Defendant "a& %e served ith #ro!ess via its registered agent 8o'ger :ran4"ann ; Red"an,

LLC, ()) Inverness Par- a&, S'ite *.), Engle ood, CO 1)$$*3.11(. JURISDICTION AND VENUE +. This is a #atent infringe"ent a!tion. The Co'rt has s'%<e!t "atter <'risdi!tion

#'rs'ant to *1 =.S.C. >>$++$ and $++1. (. The Co'rt has #ersonal <'risdi!tion over Defendant, %e!a'se Defendant !ond'!ts

%'siness in this <'risdi!tion, in!l'ding %& offering and #ro"oting #rod'!ts for sale via the internet, hi!h is a!!essi%le to and a!!essed %& residents of this Distri!t.


9en'e is #ro#er in this Distri!t #'rs'ant to *1 =.S.C. >>$+0$?%@3?!@ and >$())?%@,

%e!a'se s'%stantial a!ts of infringe"ent have o!!'rred in this Distri!t. COUNT ONE INFRINGEMENT OF U.S. PATENT NO. 5,388,198 7. Plaintiff is the o ner %& assign"ent of =nited States Patent No. .,+11,$01 ?the

AB$01 #atentC@, entitled AProa!tive Presentation of A'to"ating :eat'res to a Co"#'ter =ser.C The a##li!ation for the B$01 #atent 2, $00. and as filed on A#ril $7, $00*. The #atent iss'ed on :e%r'ar&

as originall& assigned to S&"ante! Cor#oration. A tr'e and !orre!t !o#& of the

B$01 Patent is atta!hed as EDhi%it A hereto. 2. Plaintiff holds the eD!l'sive right to ta-e all a!tions, in!l'ding the filing of this

#atent infringe"ent la s'it, ne!essar& to enfor!e its rights to the B$01 Patent. Plaintiff also has the right to re!over all da"ages for #ast, #resent, and f't're infringe"ent of the B$01 Patent and to see- in<'n!tive relief as a##ro#riate 'nder the la . 1. Defendant has dire!tl& infringed, either literall& or %& eE'ivalents, one or "ore

!lai"s of the B$01 Patent, in!l'ding at least Clai" ., %& 'sing the !lai"ed "ethod in o#erating the e%site .ar!hos.!o" in a a& that a'to"ati!all& intervenes in a !'sto"er or #otential

!'sto"erBs 'se of the

e%site to s'ggest or #resent feat'res %ased on infor"ation on the 'se of

the s&ste", in!l'ding %'t not li"ited to a'to!o"#lete feat'res. /hile a 'ser is a!!essing the e%site, Defendant !ontin'o'sl& "onitors and !o"#ares 'ser "ani#'lations and #rogra" !onteDt fo'nd. 0. States is DefendantBs o#eration of its e%site in the a%ove3des!ri%ed "anner in the =nited ith feat're te"#lates stored in "e"or& and #resents a'to"ating feat'res if a "at!h is

itho't the #er"ission of Plaintiff and !onstit'tes infringe"ent 'nder +. =.S.C. > *2$

for hi!h Defendant is lia%le.


As a res'lt of DefendantBs infringe"ent, Plaintiff has %een da"aged "onetaril&

and is entitled to adeE'ate !o"#ensation of no less than a reasona%le ro&alt& #'rs'ant to +. =.S.C. > *1(. JURY DEMAND Plaintiff reE'ests a <'r& on all iss'es so tria%le. PRAYER /HERE:ORE, Plaintiff res#e!tf'll& reE'ests that the Co'rtF A. B$01 PatentG H. A ard Plaintiff da"ages for DefendantBs infringe"ent in an a"o'nt to %e Enter <'dg"ent that Defendant has infringed, either literall& or %& eE'ivalents, the

deter"ined at trial, in!l'ding enhan!ed da"ages, !osts, and #re and #ost3<'dg"ent interestG and C. A ard an& other relief dee"ed <'st and #ro#er.

:e%r'ar& ., *)$( O: CO=NSELF Pa'l 9. Stor" Sarah 5. PaDson 8ARDERE /INNE SE/ELL LLP $7)$ El" Street, S'ite +))) Dallas, TeDas 2.*)$ ?*$(@ 0003+))) #vstor"Jgardere.!o" s#aDsonJgardere.!o"

HAIARD, P.A. KsK Ri!hard D. ,ir- ?r-)0**@ Ri!hard D. ,ir- ?r-)0**@ Ste#hen H. Hra'er"an ?s%(0.*@ 9anessa R. Tiradentes ?vt.+01@ Sara E. H'ssiere ?s%.2*.@ *** Dela are Aven'e, S'ite 0)) /il"ington, DE $01)$ ?+)*@ 7..3.))) r-ir-J%a&ardla .!o" s%ra'er"anJ%a&ardla .!o" vtiradentesJ%a&ardla .!o" s%'ssiereJ%a&ardla .!o" Attorneys for Plaintiff Data Carriers, LLC