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General : There are six sections (A to F) in the question paper. A. B. C. D. E. F. Supplementary Reader Learning Competency Occupational Competency Strategic Competency Creative Competency Extensive Reading (Qns. 1 12 for 25 marks) (Qns. 13 22 for 15 marks) (Qns. 23 24 for 15 marks) (Qns. 25 26 for 05 marks) (Qns. 27 36 for 10 marks) (Qns. 37 39 for 10 marks)

As and when each question is set, put the answer key on a separate sheet. All questions are to be classified as low, middle or high order in terms of efforts to be put in by students for answering the questions concerned. SECTION - A


A. The answer should be written in the form of a paragraph. B. C. Each question asked should be from a different lesson. The options should not differ too much in meaning, from the right one. A passage from any lesson from the supplementary reader can be given. Five questions, two of low order, two of middle order and one of high order are to be given. The two lessons chosen for the essay type question should be different from those asked in Question No.1 A and C. SECTION - B



A. The questions should be strictly based on the material given in the text. B. Sentences should test the knowledge on different tense forms, sentence structure, basic grammatical use, etc. SECTION - C

III. A. The passage chosen should be understandable rather than being abstract. B. The question should demand the inclusion of a Curriculum Vitae along with the covering letter.


SECTION - D IV. A. The question need not necessarily be taken from the text book. But the items in the text be given priority. B. Scope for atleast three instructions be provided SECTION - E V. A. B. Familiar proverbs can be chosen. Precise, Catchy, and Comprehensive slogans can be chosen. SECTION - F VI. Three topics be provided. One of matters of current events / ideas, another a debatable topic and the last a personal topic. (Questions are to be numerically arranged in Arabic Numerals from 1 39).


DESIGN OF THE QUESTION PAPER Subject Paper Class Time Marks : : : : : English II XII 3 hrs 80

Weightage of Objectives Marks Percentage of Marks Weightage to Forms of Questions Weightage of Forms of Questions Number of Questions Marks Allotted Time (Mts.)

K 31 38.75%

U/C 27 33.75%

A/EX 22 27.50%

TOTAL 80 100%

E/LA 4 35 80

SA -

VSA 28 40 80

O 5 5 10

Total 37 80 170 mts

Revision 10 180 mts. Scheme of Sections and Weightage to Content Units / Sub Units 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Section A Section B Section C Section D Section E Section F Supplementary Reader Learning Competencies (Study skills) Occupational Competency (Job skills) Strategic Competency (Life skills) Creative Competency (Artistic Literary skills) Extensive Reading Total Scheme of Options : 1. Supplementary Reader E 1 out of 2 Questions 2. Extensive Reading E 1 out of 3 Questions Difficulty Level : Difficult Average Easy 25% 56.25% 18.75% 100% Marks 25 15 15 5 10 10 80