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The End Times

Original Transcript Title: Conferencia Sobre Hercólubus · Cover Art: Greg Martin

Like many other messengers of light, Samael had his secret enemies too. On one of his journeys to Guadalajara, being already in the city, he received an anonymous phone call, threatening him of death, in case he carried out the lecture at the University of Guadalajara. One of the members of the Master’s group suggested that it would be better to cancel the event. Another one, that a security group be formed. The lieutenant colonel Moisés Rodríguez Tapias, also present, proposed of going uniformed, in order to impose respect. But, Samael looked irreducible: “Neither one thing nor the other. Now, more than ever, I am going to dictate the lecture at the university.” No sooner said than done, the Master headed towards the university, whose auditorium had gathered 2,500 students. The topic of the lecture was intentionally controversial: The end times and the radioactive rings of Alcyone. Fernando Salazar Bañol Former secretary of Samael Aun Weor

I want to refer to the year 1962 in an emphatic way. Date: 4th of February. Hour: between two and three in the afternoon. An extraordinary event occurred; there had been at that time a celestial traffic jam in the wonderful constellation of the Water Carrier. What we are stating here is not something a priori, without any foundation, what I am saying has been seen by all of the astronomers of the world. From all the observatories on Earth one could verify that there was a total eclipse of the sun and the moon. No one who has some knowledge of astronomy will be able to deny it. It was precisely, on that day and at that hour, that the Age of Aquarius began, and all the planets of the solar system met in the constellation of the Water Carrier, for the great cosmic meeting. Many theses exist about the date on which the Age of Aquarius would begin, some presume that it was a few years earlier, others presume that it was years later, but facts are facts and we have to surrender before facts. The cosmic phenomenon was seen by everyone, I repeat, by every one of the astronomers of the world, and since that date the vibration of Aquarius has intensified tremendously. When we clearly observe the zodiacal sign of Aquarius, we can prove extraordinary things: Aquarius is the house of Uranus and Saturn. Uranus is a revolutionary planet and controls the sexual glands; it is terrible, catastrophic. Saturn obviously reminds us of the chaos, the return to the original point of departure. In front of the constellation of the Water Carrier we find Leo. Leo is a zodiacal sign of fire, revolutionary, tremendous. Aquarius, dominated by the chaos, is death. Uranus is the revolution. Leo is the universal fire, burning. Obviously, the Lion of the Law is heading towards humanity, which is now mature for the final punishment. If we meditate on these viewpoints, we come to the conclusion that the end times have come and we are in them. Unquestionably, we find ourselves at a critical moment, terrible, difficult. Innumerable illnesses turn up here, there and everywhere. The Earth trembles and quivers in all the areas of the world. The seas, once clean, are contaminated; the marine species are dying. The oceans have become real dumps.

Atomic rubbish, certainly, has no safe place where it can be harmless. It is clear that any atomic dump will fail sooner or later and a horrible catastrophe will come. Land, that is so necessary for cultivation, is going sterile. Millions of beings that live on it there, in the near future, will experience a great desolation and many will be those who will perish for lack of food. War and rumors of war everywhere; illnesses that have never been seen before, etc., etc., etc. The atmosphere is contaminated. When one goes for a trip to the countryside and looks at the blue color of the sky, it no longer shines, it is lacking that sharp perfect color from other times, now it shines with a slightly leaden greenish color, which indicates that the atmosphere has been changed. One does not need to be very wise to understand that the superior layer of the atmosphere is the filter which breaks down the solar rays into light, color, heat and sound. Unfortunately that filter has decomposed due to atomic explosions. Before long, that filter will not be able to break down the solar vibrations into light, heat, color, sound. Then, the sun will look black and the moon red like blood. On the other hand, involution has reached its maximum; there are no longer parents for the children, neither children for the parents. What happens between parents and children in all the corners of the Earth is frightening. Organic modesty has been lost. The intellect has degenerated, etc., etc. Wherever you look, only weeping and grinding of the teeth is found, as the Holy Scriptures say. But I do not want to turn grim, neither do I say this with the desire to frighten people, all I want is for us to reflect seriously and very sensibly. What happened to good manners? What is left of organic modesty? Why has the intellect been put at the service of evil? Let us look around ourselves at everything that happens. Unquestionably, humanity finds itself governed by intellectuals, in all the areas of the Earth. For what purpose has this served? In what state does humanity find itself? There is chaos, there is anarchy and this you cannot deny. Therefore, let us reflect. Are we perhaps happy? Who would be able to talk about happiness in those times? So we find ourselves confronting ourselves, biting at our own destiny, faced with the philosophical dilemma of ‘to be or not to be’. The hour has come, then, to reflect profoundly: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? What is the purpose of existence? Why do we live? And what for?

Living like this, eating, drinking, reproducing, becomes very boring in the end, even foolish, we would say. Obviously, we find ourselves in the end times. When we look at the Earth with its four seasons, we understand well that our planet Earth spins around the sun in 365 days, with some minutes and fractions of a second. This is called the terrestrial year and it has four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. We cannot deny that the sidereal year, the cosmic year, also exists. Our Ors solar system, where we move about and have our being in, travels around the zodiacal belt in 25,968 years. This journey of the solar system around the zodiacal belt is what a sidereal year constitutes. The sidereal year, like the terrestrial year, has four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The spring of the sidereal year is the Golden Age, where life is a true Eden. Humanity turns out perfect from the hands of its Creator, the solar hierarchies govern and happiness boils and palpitates in everything. In the summer or the Silver Age of the sidereal year, this primitive splendor turns a little pale. The solar hierarchies continue governing a world without borders, a world where there is only peace and love. In autumn, the Copper Age of the sidereal year, humanity starts with its borders and its wars, with its hatred and its crimes. But in winter, in the Iron Age, everything ends with an awful cataclysm. We find ourselves, precisely, in winter, in the age of Kali-Yuga, in the Iron Age. Each time a race reaches the Iron Age, the Kali-Yuga, it perishes through an awful and tremendous cataclysm. What can we say, for example, about the polar race, former inhabitant of the northern polar cap? They perished. What can we say about the Hyperboreans, those who Friedrich Nietzsche refers to? It is said that they were destroyed by strong hurricanes. What can we say about the Lemurians? They perished in rain, fire and earthquakes. And what has been said about the Atlanteans? What do the holy books say? Truly, all of them affirm that there was a Universal Deluge. It was then when the axes of the Earth revolutionized themselves, the seabeds changed and millions of inhabitants perished amidst the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Now it is good that you understand why we are at the end of the Iron Age. To represent the current moment, occult esoteric symbology appoints a great hourglass; it is still, it doesn’t work, as if it is indicating that the end times have been fulfilled. Next to the hourglass, a skeleton with its scythe symbolizing death. The beginning of the end of this Aryan race began exactly in the constellation of Aquarius. It was then when the sun reinitiated its march along with all the planets of the solar system around the zodiacal belt. A race does not last longer than a journey of the

solar system around the twelve constellations. It has now returned to its original point of departure. So, the sidereal year is ending and before long it will have reached its end. The axes of the Earth will be revolutionized. We already know that the magnetic pole does not coincide with the geographical pole. The North Pole is melting; huge icebergs are found near the equatorial zone and are coming loose from the poles. So, the revolution of the Earth’s axes is a proven fact, and something that can be proven with perfect mechanical devices. Let us add something unusual to that, I want to refer to Hercolubus, the gigantic monster that is to bolt down upon our planet Earth. Hercolubus is already coming, it is found in view by all the astronomers of planet Earth; it is gigantic, mighty, six times bigger than Jupiter and belongs to the Tyler solar system. It is not like many suppose, a dislocated planet of some solar system, no, it is not dislocated; it spins around the gravitational center of the Tyler solar system. Before long, that gigantic world will pass on an angle of our solar system, then the catastrophe will be precipitated. In celestial mechanics, Hercolubus helps verticalize the poles, it is a piece of the great machine. The approach of Hercolubus is at our door. In the year 1999, Hercolubus will be visible before all human beings and every eye will see it, and in plain midday it will appear like another sun. When Hercolubus passes near the Earth, it will obviously precipitate the catastrophe. This gigantic world has an extraordinary power of attraction. Sequentially we will say, the liquid fire from the Earth’s interior will start new volcanoes and, in general, the igneous element is sure to burn all that is and all that has been. It was for that reason that Peter said: “The burning elements will be destroyed and the Earth and all the works that there are in it, will be burnt.” The water will make the duo with the fire. The revolution of the Earth’s axes will change the seabed and all the human beings will perish. Now I want you to understand why we are forming the Army of World Salvation. We want to initiate a new civilization, a new culture. The apocalyptic times of the end have come. Humanity has torn six seals of the great book of Saint John, when the seventh seal is torn, the end will come, the catastrophe will be produced. One could argue here that many others, previously, in the past, expected the end and that nothing happened. I want to tell you that this time we are talking about laws of celestial mechanics; if celestial mechanics did not exist, the entire cosmos would end in a catastrophe. As in the Atlantean continent there was a chosen race, which served as a base or nucleus for the formation of this fifth Aryan race, which now perversely dwells upon five continents, I will also say that today a nucleus for the sixth race is going to formed.

As the Atlanteans didn’t ever believe Manu Vayvas Wata that the end times had come, they had fun on the eve of the great catastrophe, they got married, they drank and they ate, on the next day they were corpses. Thereby I will also say, that what I am now stating in an emphatic way, will not be believed by everyone. Many will obviously laugh, saying, ‘A lot has been said about this end of the world, and what?’ Peter the apostle himself came forward saying that throughout these days many iniquitous and perverse people would say, ‘Where is the fulfillment of your prophecy, of your arrival, if everything remains as it was in the first days of our early ancestors?’ The Atlanteans also laughed at the catastrophe, in their time, but when the revolution of the Earth’s axes made the seabeds change, Atlantis sank with all of its millions of inhabitants. Today we again approach another gigantic catastrophe. I, like Manu Vayvas Wata, am warning as I warned the Atlanteans in that time. The final hour approaches, that gigantic planetary monster that is to swallow the world is already coming. When speaking like that, I know that many of you present resistance, that you laugh in secret, but it is written that he who laughs at what he does not know is on the way to being an idiot. So, let’s prepare ourselves, the Earth is subjected to great agony in these moments and the end of all agony is called death. When a sick person is agonizing, when he shows unmistakable symptoms of his death, we know well that what follows is his decease, the end. The Earth in these moments is moaning, is agonizing. Everything indicates a disaster and in the long run it will end in an awful cataclysm. When we look at the sun rising, increasingly towards the north, we will know that the end time is closer and we will be brought to the catastrophe. As a select populace was formed in Atlantis, we are now also forming a select populace. I want to refer in an emphatic way to the Army of World Salvation. This message that we are delivering will reach all the corners of the Earth, and all the hearts. Gnosis now shines in Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico; it has already begun in the USA and Canada. There are Gnostic schools in Santo Domingo, Tenerife and Spain. Before long, the Gnostic Movement will shine wonderfully in the entire Western Hemisphere. It can be said that it already sparkles here, there and everywhere. It can be said that the Army of World Salvation has already taken shape. A little later, we will continue in France, England and all the countries of Europe. Subsequently we will advance towards Asia and the Orient. It will be precisely in the Asiatic continent where Gnosis will reach its climax. This is the first phase of the diffusion’s labor. Later, the Brothers entrusted with this labor will retreat to silence and meditation, until the leavening is ready, until the epoch has come. Moments before the catastrophe, we will grab from the smoke and the flames those that have worked on themselves, those

that have transformed, those that have eliminated from their psyches the inhuman elements that we possess. They will be chosen, taken to a secret place, to an island in the Pacific, between the meridian of longitude and latitude. From there we will contemplate the duel of the fire and the water for centuries. After the catastrophe, the Earth will remain enveloped in fire and water vapor. For us, the Brothers, it is our duty to grab the select populace that will live in a chosen place, until the Earth is again in conditions of being inhabited. New lands will emerge from the bottom of the seas and when a double rainbow shines in the sky, the sign of a new alliance between God and Men, we will take the select populace to inhabit new lands and new skies. So, that anyone knows once and for all, that the Aryan race, which today perversely populates the face of the Earth, is going to perish, is going to be destroyed. Of all this that you see, nothing will remain, not even the ashes. Everything will be burnt; everything will be buried in the bottom of the seas. I believe that you are now understanding the sense behind the reason for the invasion of the Army of World Salvation. However, not all of humanity will listen to us. Manu Vayvas Wata was not listened to in his epoch either, they laughed at him. The heroes of that epoch were not listened to either. People never accept the crude reality of facts, until they have the facts on top of them. People always look for loopholes, for evasions, they believe that they can go on as they are, until the failure occurs.

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