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NaIuraI gas chromaIograph 5lTRAN5 CV

SlTPANS Cv is a micro process gas chromalograph especially

designed lor lhe reliable, exacl and lasl analysis ol nalural
gas. The analyzer provides all inlormalion on lhe qualily ol
nalural gas and ils physical properlies such as calorilic value
and densily lhal are required lor manilold applicalions in lhe
nalural gas induslry. The rugged and compacl design makes
SlTPANS Cv suilable lor exlreme silualions, such as direcl
mounling on a pipeline. The special sollware "Cv Conlrol
meels lhe requiremenls ol lhe nalural gas markel, as exem-
plilied by cuslody lransler.
ConIinuous gas anaIyzers - eIracIive
Siemens conlinuous gas analyzers are well known in lhe
process induslry lor lheir qualily, reliabilily, measuring accu-
racy and long service lile. Dillerenl physical measuring lech-
niques, lo suil lhe applicalion, are available.
The OXYMAT series 6 provides oxygen measuremenl lrom
high concenlralion levels down lo lhe smallesl oxygen
concenlralions in pure gas applicalions wilh maximum
accuracy using paramagnelic or ZrO
(lor lrace analysis)
NDlP gas analyzers, such as ULTPAMAT 6 and
ULTPAMAT 23, are used in highly seleclive concenlralion
delerminalions lor lP-aclive gases and gas compounds,
such as CO, CO
or NO
The FlDAMAT 6 provides lolal hydrocarbon analysis wilh
a llame ionizalion deleclor. Almosl all applicalions can
be employed in a range ol uses, lrom hydrocarbon lrace
analysis in pure gases lo hydrocarbon sum measuring in
corrosive gases.
The CALOMAT series 6 lhermal conduclivily-based gas
analyzer dislinguishes ilsell by high measuring range
dynamics and shorl response limes in lhe measuremenl
ol hydrogen or olher inerl gases in binary mixlures, even
in corrosive gases such as chlorine.
Oplimum solulions can be selecled lor all applicalions, lor
example, rack or lield mounling, explosion proleclion, corro-
sion resislanl versions and various communicalion lypes.

5iemens conIinuous gas anaIyzers - in-siIu
LDS 6 is a slurdy and reliable in-silu process laser diode
speclromeler. The analyzer provides excellenl resulls even in
high lemperalure and dusly environmenls, making lhe LDS 6
perlecl lor applicalions such as ammonia slip analysis. Olher
measuring componenls are oxygen, HCl, HF, CO, CO
or H
ll is lasl, very sensilive and represenlalive, requires neilher
sampling nor mainlenance, permils no drill and is mulli-
channel capable.
AnaIyIicaI soIuIions
As well as delivering lhe lechnology, we can provide advice
and answers lo your inlraslruclure developmenl issues.
Siemens Process Analylics is your qualilied parlner lor elli-
cienl solulions lhal inlegrale process analyzers inlo auloma-
lion syslems in lhe process induslry.
Our analylical solulions are always driven by your cuslomer
requiremenls. We oller an inlegraled design covering all
sleps, lrom sampling poinl and sample condilioning up lo
complele analyzer cabinels or analyzer shellers. This includes
signal processing and communicalion lo dedicaled conlrol
syslems such as process conlrol or analyzer mainlenance. We
provide Siemens qualily lrom a single source wilh lunclion
warranly lor lhe enlire syslem.
Our experl leam provides a wide porllolio ol services - lrom
sile survey lo inslallalion check, lrom inslruclion ol planl
personnel lo spare parl slock managemenl, and lrom FLLD
(Fronl Lnd Lngineering and Design) lor process analylics lo
an inlernel-based service holline.