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The State of Unclassified and Commercial Technology Capable of Some Electronic Mind Control Effects

Eleanor White, P.Eng. March 30, 000 http!""###.ra$"&ncom.htm or http!"""'ra$en%"&ncom.htm

To help the reader appreciate the importance of this matter... (We need a program of psychos&rgery and political control of o&r society. The p&rpose is physical control of the mind. E$eryone #ho de$iates from the gi$en norm can be s&rgically m&tilated. (The indi$id&al may thin) that the most important reality is his o#n e*istence, b&t this is only his personal point of $ie#. This lac)s historical perspecti$e. (Man does not ha$e the right to de$elop his o#n mind. This )ind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We m&st electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals #ill be controlled by electrical stim&lation of the brain.( +r. ,ose +elgado -M.U/T01 e*perimenter #ho demonstrated a radio2 controlled b&ll on C33 in %4567 +irector of 3e&ropsychiatry, 8ale Uni$ersity Medical School Congressional 0ecord 3o. 9, :ol. %%5, ;ebr&ary <, %4=< Monkeys in restraint, wires coming out of top of skull, left image "normal", right image with electric current being fed into the monkey's brain - note pupil sizes and clenched teeth! These images portray Dr Delgado's ruthless disregard for life, pain, and suffering!



This document is organized so that a narrative article appears at the top, followed by appendices. - BLACK = NARRATIVE ARTICLE - BLUE = APPENDICES I. LIMITATIONS ........................................... . INTRODUCTION .........................,................... . MIND CONTROL EFFECTS...................................... !. MAJOR TECHNOLOGY CLASSES.................................. !. 4 4 5 1

PULSED MICRO!AVE........................................... 1"

! . ULTRASOUND AND VOICE-FM.................................... 1# ! ! . THROUGH-!ALL RADAR......................................... $ . THOUGHT READING........................................... $$ ". IMPLANTS .................................................. $4 ". CONCLUSION................................................. $#

" . APPENDICES................................................. $% PM1...THE LIDA MACHINE............................................. $& PM$...DR. ALLAN FREY'S PAPER....................................... "4 PM"...NASA ARTICLE................................................. 44 PM4...SCIENCE ( ENGINEERING ASSOCIATES)KOHN'S PROJECTS........... 4* PM5...BIOLOGICAL AMPLIFICATION +OF EM SIGNALS,..................... 4& PM#...DR. DON R. JUSTESEN'S REPORT- 1&*4 VOICE TO SKULL SUCCESS .. 5" PM*...U.S. GOVT DOCUMENT RE- RUSSIAN MIND CONTROL................ 55 PM%...OAK RIDGE LABS AND OTHER BULLETINS............................5& US1...SILENT SOUND, BRITISH ITV ( NE.US MAGA/INE................... #5


US4...SILENT HYPNOSIS, VOICE-FM COMMERCIAL METHOD................ %& US5.....0ACOUSTIC SPOTLIGHT0, CAN TARGET ONE PERSON IN CRO!D....... &" T!R1....THE LADS DEVICE............................................ 1 1 T!R$....THE RADAR FLASHLIGHT....................................... 1 " T!R"....MILLIVISION THRU-CLOTHING)!ALL RADAR....................... 1 4 T!R4....GROUND 122OR HOME)APT !ALL223 PENETRATING RADAR............ 1 5 TR1.....COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE THOUGHT-READING DEVICES............. 1 & TR$.....IMPLANTED RATS CAN CONTROL DEVICES !ITH THOUGHT............ 11" TR".....THOUGHT READING BY RADIO SIGNAL............................ 115 TR4.....ELECTRONICS SEES !HAT A CAT SEES........................... 11% TR5.....MIND S!ITCH - THINK APPLIANCES ON, OFF, OR ADJUST.......... 1$1 IMP1....PROMOTION OF HUMAN IMPLANTATION BY NIH..................... 1$4 IMP$....ITALIAN DOCTOR REPORTS HUMAN IMPLANTATION.................. 1$* IMP"....IMPLANT TRANSMITS PHYSIO- AND PSYCHO- PARAMETERS BY RADIO . 1$% IMP4....DR JOSE DELGADO'S 0STIMOCEIVER0)HUMAN IMPLANT E.PERIMENTS . 1"1 IMP5....UNCLASSIFIED SATELLITE TRACKING HUMAN IMPLANT SYSTEM....... 1"5 PS......POSTSCRIPT................................................. 1"*

PRINT FROM 45678795 67:54 ;<8 =>?8<@5> 45A9B<>4 7>C BD7:54 22 BE SURE 0IMAGES0 ARE ON TO ALLO! PRINTING OF IMAGES 22




The author ac#nowledges that this article falls short of a rigorous academic paper. This is e$plained by the fact that all involuntary neuro%electromagnetic e$perimentees are #ept in a sort of &barely alive& condition, with significant health problems, and either unable to wor# or 'ust barely able to hold a 'ob with limited earning potential. (urthermore, since the perpetrators constantly wor# to prevent the public from #nowing anything about electronic mind control, evidence is obtainable with great difficulty, and often the only evidence is of lower )uality than would be accepted for a scientific treatise. n short, everything in this article represents a struggle against immense odds. *e as# readers to understand this and hope that those who are not under electronic attac# and surveillance will try through independent channels to find better )uality proof.

II. INTRODUCTION Electronic mind control technology had it+s start in the ,-./s, as an obscure branch of the C 0+s 1234T50 pro'ect group. 6ust as organized crime is not stopped by hearings and court cases, neither did this originally obscure branch of 1234T50 activity, when the institutional7 drug7child abuse phases were e$posed by the 3.S. Senate+s Church% nouye hearings in the late ,-8/s. No criminal proceedings followed, and only two civil law suits 9Orli#ow and :onacci; have succeeded. This assembly of unclassified and commercial literature is to show investigators and concerned citizens that in spite of the tightest possible information blac#out imposed in the early ,-8/s, enough of the classified mind control technology has lea#ed out to show that significant classified accomplishments are overwhelmingly li#ely, and in need of disclosure, here at the end of the </th century. t is hoped that government and media, who have shied away from this topic for decades, preferring the warm fuzzy feelings that &this can+t be true&, will read about the unclassified and commercial devices and understand the implications of continued turning the other way. U6 9< C<>95>94 -4-


Since government%bac#ed electronic mind control is classified at the highest levels in all technologically capapble governments, the description of effects is ta#en from the personal e$periences of over =// #nown involuntary e$perimentees. The e$perimentees without e$ception report that once the &testing& begins, the classified e$per% iment specification apparently re)uires that the &testing& be continued for life. 1any are young seniors, some in their 8/s and >/s. Some have children and the children are often sub'ected to the same &testing& as their parent9s;. TE5 5;;5A94 679958>This article is about unclassified7commercial technologies which can produce some of the effects of the classified e)uipment, not testimonials, but this much has become clear over time? % 0ll &testing& consists of uni)ue, carefully engineered%unprovable events to produce psychological stress in the victim. There are no events which do not fit that apparent purpose. % n every series of stress event type, ONE introductory event of very high energy7effect is staged. The obvious purpose is to be certain the victim 2NO*S this is e$ternal harassment, and not 'ust &bad luc#&. (rom that time forward, the e$perimenters appear to apply &@avlovian training& so that they can get the victim to &'ump& 9or react in some way; to the same effect at a tiny fraction of the initial &introductory& event. % This type of testing started during the Cold *ar, and shows every characteristic of being for military and intelligence psychological warfare purposes. % This type of testing all points to CONT5O4 of the test sub'ect. Endlessly repeated words generated inescapably within the s#ull are 'ust one hypnosis%li#e e$perience. % Aiven that CONT5O4 is the li#ely ultimate purpose, N!O43NT05B test sub'ects become a necessity. Thus, the phenomenon of people apparently being chosen at random for this &wor#&. % Aiven a re)uirement for N!O43NT05B test sub'ects, the ON4B group with the necessary funds and legal powers is AO!E5N1ENT. @rivate contractors are no doubt the main perpetrators to #eep the &wor#& well covered, but without secret complicity of AO!E5N1ENT, this e$pensive, e$tensive, and illegal atrocity simply could not happen.

-5TE5 5;;5A9 9F654 A795:<8BG5C? Cere is a list of most of the common effects. t is not e$haustive, but is intended to show the reader how the perpetrators+ pallette of stress effects is bro#en down. ndent levels are used to show

categories and sub%categories? 1. I>H74BH5 A9-7-DB497>A5 B<CF E;;5A94 +B>AI=CB>: DB>C, a. Sleep deprivation and fatigue i. Silent but instantaneous application of &electronic caffeine& signal, forces awa#e and #eeps awa#e ii. 4oud noise from neighbours, usually synchronized to attempts to fall asleep iii.@recision%to%the%second &allowed sleep& and &forced awa#ening&D far too precise and repeated to be natural iv. Eaytime &fatigue attac#s&, can force the victim to sleep and7or wea#en the muscles to the point of collapse b. 0udible !oice to S#ull 9!<S; i. Eelivered by apparent at a distance radio signal ii. 1ade to appear as emanating from thin air iii.!oices or sound effects only the victim can hear c. naudible !oice to S#ull 9Silent Sound; i. Eelivered by apparent at a distance radio signalD manifested by sudden urges to do something7go somewhere you would not otherwise want toD silent 9ultrasonic; hypnosis presumed ii. @rogramming hypnotic &triggers& % i.e. specific phrases or other cues which cause specific involuntary actions d. !iolent muscle triggering 9flailing of limbs; i. 4eg or arm 'er#s to violently force awa#e and #eep awa#e ii. *hole body 'er#s, as if body had been hit by large 'olt of electricity iii.!iolent sha#ing of bodyD seemingly as if on a vibrating surface but where surface is in reality not vibrating e. @recision manipulation of body parts 9slow, specific purpose; i. 1anipulation of hands, forced to synchronize with closed eyes but (344B 0*02E vision of previous dayD very powerful and coercive, not a dream ii. Slow bending almost -/ degrees :0C2*05ES of one toe at a time or one finger at a time

-#iii.Eirect at%a%distance control of breathing and vocal cordsD including involuntary speech iv. Spot blan#ing of memory, long and short term


5eading said%silently%to%self thoughts i. Engineered s#its where your thoughts are spo#en to you by strangers on street or events re)uiring #nowledge of what you were thin#ing. ii. 5eal time reading subvocalized words, as while the victim reads a boo#, and :5O0EC0ST NA those words to nearby people who form an amazed audience around the victim


Eirect application of pain to body parts i. Cot%needles%deep%in%flesh sensation ii. Electric shoc#s 9no wires whatsoever applied; iii.@owerful and un)uenchable itching, often applied precisely when victim attempts to do something to e$pose this &wor#& iv. &0rtificial fever&, sudden, no illness present v. Sudden racing heartbeat, rela$ed situation


Surveillance and trac#ing i. Thru wall radar and rapping under your feet as you move about your apartment, on ceiling of apartment below ii. Thru wall radar used to monitor starting and stopping of your urination % water below turned on and off in sync with your urine stream iii.4oud, raucous artificial bird calls everywhere the victim goes, even into the wilderness


I>H74BH5 PEF4BA7I E;;5A94 79 7 DB497>A5, ><>-?<CF a. b. c. d. e. f. Stoppage of power to appliances 9temporary, brea#er ON; 1anipulation of appliance settings Temporary failures that &fi$ themselves& (linging of ob'ects, including non%metallic @recision manipulation of switches and controls (orced, obviously premature failure of appliance or parts

-*". EJ958>7I S98544-G5>5879B>: 0S@B940 a. @articipation of strangers, neighbours, and in some cases

close friends and family members in harassment i. 5udeness for no cause ii. Tradesmen always have &problems&, bloc# your car, etc. iii.@urchases delayed, spoiled, or lost at a high rate iv. 3nusually loud music, noise, far beyond normal b. :rea#%ins7sabotage at home i. Shredding of clothing ii. Eestruction of furniture iii.@etty theft iv. Engineered failures of utilities c. Sabotage at wor# i. 5epetitive damage to furniture ii. Eeletion7corruption of computer files iii.@lanting viruses which could not have come from your computer usage pattern iv. Eelivered goods delayed, spoiled, or lost at a high rate v. Spreading of rumors, sabotage to your wor#ing reputation vi. Eirect sabotage and theft of completed wor#D tradesmen often involved and showing obvious pleasure


III=49879B<> <; 9E5 ?<CBIF 5;;5A94 -&-

IV. MAJOR TECHNOLOGY CLASSES These technology classes are for the 3Nclassified and commercial e)uipment which can emulate the &real& classified mind control e)uipment. Effect section <, & nvasive @hysical Effects at%a% Eistance&, clearly establishes the e$istence of remote precision manipulation of ob'ects which is far beyond the capabilities of unclassified and commercial e)uipment at the time of writing. REMOTE PHYSICAL MANIPULATION is not covered in this article, but the reader should #now that both N0S0 and EEE have noted successes in creating very small antigravity effects 9which are not due to simple magnetism.; TRANSMISSION METHODS FOR NEURO-EFFECTIVE SIGNALS% pulsed microwave 9i.e. li#e radar signals; % ultrasound and voice%(1 9transmitted through the air; *hile transmission of speech, dating from the early ,-8/s, was the first use of pulsed microwave, neuro%effective signals can now cause many other nerve groups to become remotely actuated. 0t time of writing, that technology appears to be classified. PAVLOVIAN HYPNOTIC TRIGGERS0 F@avlovianG hypnotic trigger is a phrase or any other sensory cue which the victim is programmed to involuntarily act on in a certain way. The ./s%8/s 1234T50 survivors can still be triggered from programming done decades ago. 0 name &manchurian candidate&, from a novel by 6ohn 1ar#s, is used to describe a person who carries @avlovian triggers. One of the main goals of the institutional7drug7child abuse phases of the C 0 1234T50 atrocities 9,-./+s through ,-8/+s; was to implant triggers using a &twilight state& 9half%conscious; medication and tape recorded hypnosis. The ultimate goal was to have the acting out of @avlovian triggers erased from the victim+s memory. 3sing one of the two transmission methods above, these triggers are now planted using either of the above two transmission methods, but with the words moved up 'ust above 9or near the top of; the audible fre)uency range. The result is that hypnotic triggers are planted without the sub'ect being aware. This technology was used in the Aulf *ar and has a name? &Silent Sound&


So%called &millimeter wave& scanning. This method uses the very top end of the microwave radio signal spectrum 'ust below infra%red. To view small ob'ects or people clearly, the highest fre)uency that will penetrate non%conductive or poorly% conductive walls is used. 1illimeter wave scanning radar can be used in two modes? % passive 9no signal radiated, uses bac#ground radiation already in the area to be scanned, totally 3Ndetectable; % active 9low power millimeter wave &flashlight& attached to the scanner 'ust as a conventional light mounted on a camcorder;, or, the use of archaeological ground penetrating radar THOUGHT READINGThought reading can be classed as a &through wall surveillance& technology. Thought reading, in the unclassified7commercial realm, can be bro#en down as follows? % thru%s#ull microwave reading % magnetic s#ull%pro$imity reading BRAIN ENTRAINMENTThe reverse of biofeedbac#. Those low fre)uency electrical brain rhythms which are characteristics of various moods and states of sleep can not only be read out using biofeedbac# e)uipment or EEA machines, but using radio, sound, contact electrodes, or flashing lights, the moods and sleep states can be generated or at least encouraged using brain entrainment devices. :rain entrainment signals cannot carry voice, which is a much higher fre)uency range. :rain entrainment can, however, be used to &set up& a target to ma#e him7her more susceptible to hypnosis. These ma'or technology classes can produce some of the observed mind control effects, (5O1 C E NA 0NE 3NEETECT0:4B, with the e$ception of remote physical manipulation.


IMPLANTATION is sometimes used to assist the above technologies but with current devices, implants are no longer re)uired. Eiagram showing the overall method, based entirely on unclassified ,-8H technology, of how S 4ENT hypnosis may be transmitted to a target without the target+s being aware. This techni)ue is probably the most insidious, because it allows months and years of programming and @avlovian trigger%setting, while the target cannot resist.

U6 9< C<>95>94




@ulsed microwave voice%to%s#ull 9or other%sound%to%s#ull; transmission was discovered during *orld *ar by radar technicians who found they could hear the buzz of the train of pulses being transmitted by radar e)uipment they were wor#ing on. This phenomenon has been studied e$tensively by Er. 0llan (rey, whose wor# has been published in a number of reference boo#s. *hat Er. (rey found was that single pulses of microwave could be heard by some people as &pops& or &clic#s&, while a train of uniform pulses could be heard as a buzz, without benefit of any type of receiver. Er. (rey also found that a wide range of fre)uencies, as low as ,<. 1Cz 9well below microwave; wor#ed for some combination of pulse power and pulse width. Eetailed unclassified studies mapped out those fre)uencies and pulse characteristics which are optimum for generation of &microwave hearing&. !ery significantly, when discussing electronic mind control, is the fact that the @E02 @34SE @O*E5 re)uired is modest % something li#e /.= watts per s)uare centimeter of s#ull surface, and this power level is only applied for a very small percentage of each pulse+s cycle time. /.= watts7s) cm is about what you get under a <./ watt heat lamp at a distance of one meter. t is not a lot of power. *hen you ta#e into account that the pulse train is O(( 9no signal; for most of each cycle, the average power is so low as to be nearly undetectable. (re)uencies that act as voice%to%s#ull carriers are not single fre)uencies, as, for e$ample T! or cell phone channels are. Each sensitive fre)uency is actually a range or &band& of fre)uencies. 0 technology used to reduce both interference and detection is called &spread spectrum&. Spread spectrum signals have the carrier fre)uency &hop& around within a specified band. 3nless a receiver &#nows& the hop schedule in advance, there is virtually no chance of receiving or detecting a coherent readable signal. Spectrum analyzers, used for detection, are receivers with a screen. 0 spread spectrum signal received on a spectrum analyzer appears as 'ust more &static& or noise. 1y organization was delighted to find the actual method of the first successful 3Nclassified voice to s#ull e$periment in ,-8H, by Er. 6oseph C. Sharp, then at the *alter 5eed 0rmy nstitute of 5esearch. -1"Er. Sharp+s basic method is shown in 0ppendi$ @1I, below. 0 (rey%

type audible pulse was transmitted every time the voice waveform passed down through the zero a$is, a techni)ue easily duplicated by ham radio operators who build their own e)uipment. 0 pattern seems to be repeated where research which could be used for mind control starts wor#ing, the 3Nclassified researchers lose funding, and in some cases their notes have been confiscated, and no further information on that research trac# is heard in the unclassified press. @ulsed microwave voice%to%s#ull research is one such trac#.

III=49879B<> 4E<KB>: 9E5 68B>AB6I5 ?5EB>C 6=I45C DBA8<K7H5 H<BA5-9<4@=II

-140ppended articles? PM1 E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)IBC7.E9D, photo and description of the 2orean *ar 4 E0 machine, a radio fre)uency :50 N ENT50 N1ENT

device developed by Soviet 5ussia and used in the 2orean *ar on allied prisoners of war. :50 N ENT50 N1ENT S NC43EEE N TCE 50E O (5EJ3ENCB SECT ON :EC03SE TCE 1OST NS E O3S 1ETCOE O( :50 N ENT50 N1ENT S S 4ENT4B, 3S NA 50E O S AN04S. PM$ E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59);85F.E9D, Cuman 0uditory System 5esponse To 1odulated Electromagnetic Energy, 0llan C. (rey, Aeneral Electric, 0dvanced Electronics Center, Cornell 3niversity, thaca, New Bor# PM" E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)H$4->747.E9D, N0S0 technical report abstract stating that speech%to%s#ull is feasible PM4 E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)H$4-@<E>.E9D, EOE7E@0 small business initiative 9S: 5; pro'ect to study the 3Nclassified use of voice% to%s#ull technology for military uses. 9The recipient, Science and Engineering 0ssociates, 0lbu)uer)ue N1, would not provide me Eetails on the telephone; PM5 E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)?B<7D6.E9D, E$cerpts, @roceedings of 6oint Symposium on nteractions of Electromagnetic *aves with :iological Systems, <<nd Aeneral 0ssembly of the nternational 3nion of 5adio Science, 0ug <. % Sep <, ,->8, Tel 0viv, srael SCO*S : O4OA C04 01@4 ( C0T ON O( E1 S AN04S, pointing to relative ease with which neuro%electromagnetic signals can trigger effects PM# E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)H$4=AA54.E9D, E$cerpt, Er. Eon 5. 6ustesen, neuropsychological researcher, describes Er. 6oseph C. Sharp+s successful transmission of *O5ES via a pulse%rate% modulated microwave transmitter of the (rey type. PM* E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)8=44.E9D, (O 0 article circulated among 3.S. agencies describing the 5ussian T! program &1an and 4aw&, which gives a glimpse into the 5ussian mind control efforts. 9Er. gor Smirnov, a ma'or player, was used as a consultant to the (: at the *aco :ranch Eavidian standoff.;

U6 9< C<>95>94




3ltrasound is vibration of the air, a li)uid, or a solid, above the upper limit of human hearing which is roughly ,.,/// Cz in adults. !oice%(1 uses a tone at or near that upper limit, and the spea#er+s voice !05 ES the fre)uency slightly. Either a &tinnitus%li#e sound& or nothing is heard by the target. 3ltrasound7voice%(1 can be transmitted in these ways? - directly through the air using &air type transducers& - directly to the brain using a modulated microwave pulse train - through the air by piggybac#ing an ultrasound message on top of commercial radio or television The use of commercial radio or television re)uires that the input signal at the transmitter be relatively powerful, since radio and T! receivers are not designed to pass on ultrasound messages. Cowever, the average radio and T! receiver does not simply stop ultrasound, rather, the ability to pass ultrasound messages &rolls off&, i.e. degrades, as the fre)uency is increased. Today+s radios and T!s can carry enough ultrasound messaging to be &heard& by the human brain 9though not the ear; to be effective in conveying hypnosis. This was proven by the 3.S. military forces in the Aulf *ar. 3ltrasound+s 9and voice (1+s; main advantage in mind control wor# is that it can carry !E5:04 hypnosis, more potent than simple biorhythm entrainment. The brain C0N &hear& and understand this &inaudible voice&, while the ear cannot. Once you can convey hypnotic suggestion which cannot be consciously heard, you have eliminated a ma'or barrier to the sub'ect+s acceptance of the words being transmitted. n previous decades, &subliminal advertising& using voice and images at normal fre)uencies were &time sliced& into an apparently normal radio or T! broadcast. This apparently did not wor# well, and now voice%(1 &subliminal learning tapes& commercially available have superseded the time slice method.


III=49879B<> 4E<KB>: 9E5 <65879B<> <; 04BI5>9 4<=>C0 KB9E 9E5 E=D7> E578B>: 4F495D, =4B>: >578-=I9874<=>C, FRELUENCY MODULATED H<BA5 One method for pro'ecting either audible voice or voice%(1 over long distances, virtually undectable if line of sight, is the &acoustic heterodyne& or &CyperSonic Sound& system, patented by 0merican Technologies Corporation, San Eiego C0, E996-))KKK.79A4C.A<D


III=49879B<> 4E<KB>: 9E5 68B>AB6I5 <; 7> =I9874<=>C 68<M5A9B<> 4F495D A767?I5 <; 98=5 H5>98BI<N=B4D 79 7 CB497>A5, ?F AD58BA7> T5AE><I<:B54 C<86<879B<> +IBA5>4<8,, A@7B J767> +IBA5>455,


0ppended articles? US1 E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)4BI4<=>$.E9D, T! Silent Sound report with comments by 6udy *all, Editor, 5esonance, newsletter of 1ENS0Ks bioelectromagnetic special interest group US$ E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)A<DD4<I<.E9D, an article by 6udy *all outlining instances of 3Nclassified, openly%admitted%to, electronic mind control operations by government agencies. US" E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)78DF678K.E9D, an S: 5 9small business initiative contract; which clearly shows intent to use ultrasound as an anti%personnel weapon, including one%man portability and with power to #ill. US4 E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)44>G.E9D, a commercial New Lealand company, 0ltered States 4td., sells tapes which perform &suggestions& 9i.e. hypnosis but not called such; using the 4owery patent voice%(1 method, to hypnotize without the sub'ect being aware. This is a #ey feature of neuro%electromagnetic involuntary e$periments. US5 E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)7A<=46<9.E9D, a page originally from the 1 T 1edia 4ab+s acoustic engineer, 6oseph @ompeii. Eescribes a Similar techni)ue under commercial and military development 90merican Technologies Corp., San Eiego; under the trade name MCypersonic SoundN. Shows that sound can be focussed to the e$tent Of targeting 'ust one person in a crowd, acoustically, using 3ltrasound.

U6 9< C<>95>94


VII. THROUGH-!ALL RADAR *hen &millimeter wave& microwave signals are received, the waves are so small that they can display a two%dimensional outline of an ob'ect. 4ower fre)uency radar can only show a &blip& which indicates an ob'ect+s presence or motion, but not it+s outline. 0 millimeter wave dish acts as a camera lens to focus incoming millimeter wave signals on to a plate with a two%dimensional array of elements sensitive to millimeter wave fre)uencies, in e$actly the same way a camera focusses light on to a piece of film. Each of the sensitive elements is scanned in a definite order, 'ust as with a T! camera and screen, and a picture showing the outline of an ob'ect is formed. f no signal is sent out by the scanner, it is called &passive& millimeter wave radar. f the sub'ect is illuminated by a separate source of millimeter wave signals, it is an &active& scanner. Since passive systems can penetrate clothing and non%conductive walls 3NEETECT0:4B, it is obvious that with 'ust a small millimeter wave &flashlight&, non%conductive walls can be scanned through and still very little detectable signal is present. 1illimeter wave through%clothing, through%luggage is currently in use at airports. n addition to mind control e$perimental observation, millimeter wave scanners are ideal for stal#ers and voyeurs, since the sub'ect is portrayed in the nude. 1illimeter wave scanners can be purchased from 1illivision Corp., Northampton 10, info at http? 0ppended articles? T!R1 E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)I7C4.E9D, 40ES, 4ife 0ssessment Eetector System, a product of !SE Corporation, can scan through more than a hundred feet of non%conductive or poorly%conductive material to detect a beating human heart T!R$ E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)>BMO644.E9D, @rototype version of the &radar flashlight&, which is a more portable version of the 40ES system above. Can also be used to illuminate a sub'ect for use with a 1illivision thru%clothing7thru%nonconductive wall scanner T!R" E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)DBIIB95A.E9D, October ,--. blurb from @opular 1echanics, with photos showing hidden guns used for demo purposes 91illitech sold the rights to 1illivision;

-$ T!R4 E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)694A87C8.E9D, 1arch << te$t ta#en from @atriot Scientific Corporation+s web site, their ground%

@enetrating radar section. @atriot+s A@5 overcomes the limitation Of the 1illivision passive radar, i.e. inability to penetrate @artially conductive walls.

U6 9< C<>95>94


VIII. THOUGHT READING &Thought reading& appears to be one of the E0S E5 components of electronic mind control, given that commercial and unclassified thought reading devices are available and being actively developed. Thought reading is an enhanced version of computer speech recognition, with EEA waves being substituted for sound waves. The easiest &thought& reading is actually remote pic#ing up of the electro%magnetic activity of the speech%control muscles. *hen we &say words to ourselves, silently&, or, read a boo#, we can actually (EE4 the slight sensations of those words in our vocal muscles % all that is absent is the passage of air. Coordinated speech signals are relatively strong and relatively consistent. The other #ind of &thought reading&, i.e. &1 N NA& someone+s brain for information from a distance is S@EC340T !E. *e targetted individuals have no way to verify that is happening, however, we do #now that we are &fed& hypnotic signals to force consistent &neutral& content 9but of different character than prior to becoming test sub'ects,; E5E01S. These forced, neutral content 9&bland& content; dreams occur every single night and may represent the e$perimenters+ efforts to have our e$periences portray themselves in such dreams, in effect, 1 N NA our e$periences. 0gain, this is S@EC340T ON, but it seems very logical. 0ppendi$ T5H, referenced below, confirms the ability of current unclassified technology to actually see what a living animal sees, electronically. t is therefore e$tremely li#ely that these forced dreams can be displayed on the e$perimenters+ screens in an ad'acent apartment or ad'acent house, 9which are made obvious to the involuntary e$perimentee.; (inally, among the =// #nown neuro%electromagnetic e$perimentees, we often have strangers either tell us what we are thin#ing, say they can pic# up our broadcast thoughts, or tell us about events inside our homes at times when they could not have seen from the outside. :3AS are not used, and they have been searched for. 0ppended articles? TR1 E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)9E<9=>AI.E9D, Commercially available thought%reading devices, both implant%style and non%implant TR$ E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)8798<?<9.E9D, devices with their thoughts -$$mplanted rats can control

TR" E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)5?87B>.E9D, from the 6uly ,-8= issue of @opular Electronics, a system to read EEA signals 9the stuff of which thought reading is made; at a distance by passing a radio signal through the human head and analyzing the passed%through signal. TR4 E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)5I5AHB4>.E9D, an article describing electronically reading a cat+s brain waves and constructing a real time image on screen from the EEA traces TR5 E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)DO4KB9AE.E9D, the te$t from a site describing a mind%controlled &switch&, which can not only turn appliances on or off, but also ad'ust controls li#e volume.

U6 9< C<>95>94




Electronic implants are actually one of the older forms of electronic mind control technology. mplants can either receive instructions via radio signals, passing them to the brain, or, can be interrogated via e$ternal radio signals to read brain activity at a distance. 1any of the about =// #nown involuntary neuro%electromagnetic e$perimentees do not have implants, but have an aggressive and thorough regimen of mind control effects anyway. 1@40NTS 05E ST 44 S AN ( C0NT, though, for these reasons? ,. Their use, since *orld *ar and continuing to the present day, associated with 1234T50 atrocities, is a crystal clear indication that a 1OT !E @OO4 of unethical researchers has e$isted through the late ,-8/s. The same people, none 'ailed, are still wor#ing, by and large. The reader can see that the e$istence of the same motive pool is overwhelmingly li#ely, given that no social changes have occurred which would prevent that. The fact that to date 9autumn ,---; no victim who has had implants removed has ever been able to get custody of the removed implant shows that research programmes using implants are still )uite active and obviously )uite important to someone. See E996-))KKK.8B9=7I7?=45.>59)MCF), the 1ind Control (orum for details on involuntary e$perimentees+ implantation and removal e$periences. =. The use of implants shows that, in the field of involuntary human e$perimentation, not every perpetrator group has access to the most sophisticated 9implant%less; technology. Since implants for beneficial purposes are actively being promoted by N C, it is obvious they will not disappear any time soon.


0ppended articles? IMP1 E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)A5>9>5=8.E9D, an article showing that human implantation is being done and even encouraged by the 3.S. N C 9National nstitutes of Cealth;. *hile this public informationis for the public good, it is a small step to move from publicly #nown and !O43NT05B implantation to CONCE04EE implantation for Nvoluntary and criminal purposes. IMP$ E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)B97IFC<A.E9D, a testimonial by an talian psychiatrist who has been assisting involuntary e$perimenteesD this doctor began by assisting FSatanic or otherG ritual abuse victims. 0pparently involuntary brain implantation is alive and well in taly, why not elsewhereO


IMP" E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)95I5A98<.E9D, a pro'ect abstract by 0(, awarded to perform unclassified research and development of Cuman implants which can read both physio% and @SBCCO% parameters. IMP4 E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)49BD<AH8.E9D, an e$cerpt describing human implantation for purposes of two%way communication with the brain by way of implants and (1 !C( radio. :lows away any doubts that human implantation has not been done, and even more, that the 3.S. military are involved. IMP5 E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)479987A@.E9D, describes an unclassified human implant satellite trac#ing system, ostensibly for benevolent use. 9No method for avoiding unethical uses is described.; 0pplied Eigital Solutions, nc., @alm :each, (lorida.

U6 9< C<>95>94




ConclusionO *hile the documentary evidence in this report does not e$actly &prove& we are being targetted by intelligence7defence contractors using classified electronic weapons, it certainly eliminates the argument that such devices are impossible, don+t e$ist, or that government has &no interest& in them, or that the &were tried years ago but didn+t wor#&. 0dd in the e$periences of victims of the Tus#egee untreated syphilis e$periments, the feeding of radioactive food to uninformed 3.S. citizens, and the atrocities perpetrated under the institutional7drug7child abuse phases of the C 0+s 1234T50 programmes, and you have more than enough grounds to petition for an independent, open investigation. No doubt there were citizens of ancient @ompeii who argued that !esuvius could not possibly erupt in their lifetimes. (aced with all the evidence, no honest government can afford to ta#e the ris# that electronic mind control activity may be happening, controlled from their own &bac# rooms&. Eleanor *hite f any doubts as to the importance of this issue remain, please see below what the 3.S. NS0 9National Security 0gency; says would be the result of releasing information on electronic mind control, see ne$t page?





U6 9< C<>95>94




A44<AB795C P8544 +EJ7A9 C795 ><9 4E<K> <> A<6F ?=9 95494 9<<@ 6I7A5 1&%$)%", L<D7 LB>C7 +V59587>4 H<46B97I 854578AE =>B9, S7> B58>78CB>< C<=>9F A S<HB59 C5HBA5 9E79 ?<D?78C4 ?87B>4 KB9E I<K-;85N=5>AF 1EI57><8 !EB95'4 ><95- M<85 IB@5IF 87CB< ;85N=5>AF A788B58 KEBAE B4 D<C=I795C <8 6=I45C 79 ?87B>-5>987B>D5>9 879543 87CB< K7H54 D7F ?5 7 856I7A5D5>9 ;<8 987>N=BIBG584 7>C 9E5B8 =>K7>95C 4BC5 5;;5A94, 47F4 7 854578AE58, ?=9 B9'4 =45 <> E=D7>4 6<454 59EBA7I 7>C 6<IB9BA7I N=549B<>4. TE5 D7AEB>5, @><K> 74 9E5 LIDA, B4 <> I<7> 9< 9E5 J588F L. P599B4 M5D<8B7I V59587>4 H<46B97I 9E8<=:E 7 D5CBA7I 5JAE7>:5 68<:87D ?59K55> 9E5 S<HB59 U>B<> 7>C 9E5 U>B95C S97954. H<46B97I 854578AE584 E7H5 ;<=>C B> AE7>:54 ?5E7HB<=8 B> 7>BD7I4. 0I9 I<<@4 74 9E<=:E B>4957C <; 97@B>: 7 H7IB=D KE5> F<= K7>9 9< 85I7J F<=845I; B9 K<=IC ?5 6<44B?I5 9< 7AEB5H5 7 4BDBI78 854=I9, 68<?7?IF B> 7 47;58 K7F, ?F 9E5 =45 <; 7 87CB< ;B5IC 9E79 KBII 85I7J F<=0 47BC D8. R<44 AC5F, AEB5; <; 854578AE 79 9E5 E<46B97I. -$&-

F1issing one line on the photocopyG ... manual shows it being used on a human in a clinical setting, 0dey said. The manual says it is a &distant pulse treating apparatus& for psychological problems, including sleeplessness, hyper% tension and neurotic disturbances. The device has not been approved for use with humans in this country, although the 5ussians have done so since at least ,-I/, 0dey Said. 4ow fre)uency radio waves simulate the brain+s own electromagnetic current and produce a trance%li#e state. 0dey said he put a cat in a bo$ and turned on the 4 E0. &*ithin a matter of two or three minutes it is sitting there very )uietly ... it stays almost as though it were transfi$ed& he said. Tho hospital+s e$periment with the machine has been underway for three months and should be completed within a year, 0dey said. Eleanor *hite+s comments 9Er. :yrd+s statement follows;? ,. Ceavy &fatigue attac#s& are a very common e$perience among involuntary neuro%electromagnetic e$perimentees. The 4 E0 device could, right out of the bo$, be used as a fatigue attac# weapon, (5O1 C E NA, thru non% or semi%conductive walls. <. f the 4 E0 machine is tuned for tran)uilizing effect, then it might also be tuned for &force awa#e& and other effects too. This device is a psychotronic weapon, 0S S. 0 T! documentary stated the 5ussian medical establishment considers this ,-./s device obsolete. 9*onder what has ta#en it+s placeO; :elow is a statement from Er. Eldon :yrd, 3.S. psychotronic researcher who funded Er. 0dey+s wor# with the 4 E0 machine? &The 4 E0 machine was made in the ,-./+s by the Soviets. The C 0 purchased one through a Canadian front for Er. 5oss 0dey, but didn+t give him any funds to evaluate it. & provided those funds from my pro'ect in ,->,, and he determined that the 4 E0 would put rabbits into a stupor at a distance and ma#e cats go into 5E1.

-" -

&The Soviets included a picture with the device that showed an entire auditorium full of people asleep with the 4 E0 on the

podium. The 4 E0 put out an electric field, a magnetic field, light, heat, and sound 9of course light and heat are electromagnetic waves, but at a much higher fre)uency than the low fre)uencies of the electric and magnetic fields mentioned above;. &The purported purpose of the 4 E0 was for medical treatmentsD however, the North 2oreans used it as a brain washing device during the 2orean *ar. The big )uestion is? what did they do with the technologyO t could have been improved and7or made smaller. t is unli#ely that they abandoned something that wor#ed. &Eirect communication with 5oss 0dey? *hile he was testing the 4 E0 H, an electrician was wal#ing by and as#ed him where he got the &North 2orean brain washing machine&. 5oss told him that is was a 5ussian medical device. &The guy said he had been brain%washed by a device li#e that when he was in a @O* camp. They placed the vertical plates alongside his head and read )uestions and answers to him. Ce said he felt li#e he was in a dream. 4ater when the 5ed Cross came and as#ed )uestions, he responded with what had been read to him while under the influence of the device. Ce said he seemed to have no control over the answers. &The 4 E0 is @0TENTEE N TCE 3S. *hyO They are not sold in the 3S%%the only one #now that e$ists is the one that was at 4oma 4inda 1edical Center where 0dey used to wor#. Eldon& ................................................................. nvoluntary neuro%e$perimentation activist Cheryl *elsh, Eavis C0, sent in this clipping from an article by Er. 5oss 0dey but without complete bibliographic references? &Soviet investigators have also developed a therapeutic device utilizing low fre)uency s)uare wave modulation of a radiofre)uency field. This instrument #nown as the 4ida was developed by 4. 5abichev and his colleagues in Soviet 0rmenia, and is designed for &the treatment of neuropsychic and somatic disorders, such as neuroses, psychoses, insomnia, hypertension, stammering, bronchia asthma, and asthenic and reactive disturbances&. t is covered by 3.S. @atent P =,88=,/H-. n addition to the pulsed 5( field, the device also delivers pulsed light, pulsed sound, and pulsed heat. Each stimulus train can be independently ad'usted in intensity and fre)uency.


The radiofre)uency field has a nominal carrier fre)uency of H/ 1Cz and a ma$imum output of appro$imately H/ *atts. The E% field is applied to the patient on the sides of the nec# through two disc electrodes appro$imately ,/ cm in diameter. The electrodes are located at a distance of <%H cm from the s#in. FEleanor *hite+s comment? The fact that Er. 5oss 0dey mentioned an &audience& being put to sleep by the 4 E0 suggests that the &E%field& electrodes may not play an essential role. The radio signal appears to be the primary cause of the sleep7trance effect.G Optimal repetition fre)uencies are said to lie in the range from H/ to >/ pulses per minute. @ulse duration is typically /.< sec. n an > year trial period, the instrument was tested on 8H/ patients, including adults and children. @ostivive therapeutic effects were claimed in more...&

U6 9< C<>95>94



>&man 1&ditory System 0esponse To Mod&lated Electromagnetic Energy 1//13 >. ;0E8
?eneral Electric 1d$anced Electronics Center Cornell Uni$ersity @thaca, 3e# 8or)
TRANSCRIPTION, C<=8954F <; MB>CN59 A8AEBH54, MB@5 C<FI5 6<495C 79 E996-))KKK.8B9=7I7?=45.>59)MCF) F85F, AII7> H., H=D7> A=CB9<8F 4F495D 8546<>45 9< D<C=I795C 5I5A98<D7:>59BA 5>58:F. J. A66I. PEF4B<I. 1*+4,- #%&-#&$. 1&#$. +2, A4958B4@4 B>CBA795 =>857C7?I5 AE787A9584 B> 9E5 <8B:B>7I A<6F. NOTE- I> 1&#$, ;85N=5>AB54 K585 5J685445C 74 @BI<CYCLES, D5:7CYCLES, 59A., KB9E 7??85HB79B<>4 ?5B>: @A, DA --TE5 B>95>9 <; 9EB4 67658 B4 9< ?8B>: 7 >5K 6E5><D5>7 9< 9E5 7995>9B<> <; 6EF4B<I<:B494. U4B>: 5J985D5IF I<K 7H587:5 6<K58 C5>4B9B54 <; 5I5A98<D7:>59BA 5>58:F, 9E5 658A569B<> <; 4<=>C4 K74 B>C=A5C B> ><8D7I 7>C C57; E=D7>4. TE5 5;;5A9 K74 B>C=A5C 45H587I E=>C85C ;559 ;8<D 9E5 7>95>>7 9E5 B>497>9 9E5 987>4DB9958 K74 9=8>5C <>, 7>C B4 7 ;=>A9B<> <; A788B58 ;85N=5>AF 7>C D<C=I79B<>. A995D694 K585 D7C5 9< D79AE 9E5 4<=>C4 B>C=A5C ?F 5I5A98<D7:>59BA 5>58:F 7>C 7A<=49BA 5>58:F. TE5 AI<4549 D79AE <AA=885C KE5> 9E5 7A<=49BA 7D6IB;B58 K74 C8BH5> ?F 9E5 8; 987>4DB9958'4 D<C=I79<8. P57@ 6<K58 C5>4B9F B4 7 A8B9BA7I ;7A9<8 7>C, KB9E 7A<=49BA ><B45 <; 7668<JBD795IF % C?, 7 657@ 6<K58 C5>4B9F <; 7668<JBD795IF $*5 DK ) 8; B4 >55C5C 9< B>C=A5 9E5 658A569B<> 79 A788B58 ;85N=5>AB54 1$5 DA 7>C 1,"1 DA. TE5 7H587:5 6<K58 C5>4B9F A7> ?5 79 8; 74 I<K 74 4 O=OK)AD$. TE5 5HBC5>A5 ;<8 9E5 H78B<=4 6<4B9BH5 4B954 <; 9E5 5I5A98<D7:>59BA 5>58:F 45>4<8 785 CB4A=445C 7>C I<A79B<>4 658B6E587I 9< 9E5 A<AEI57 785 8=I5C <=9. R5A5BH5C ;<8 6=?IBA79B<> $& S5695D?58 1&#1. A 4B:>B;BA7>9 7D<=>9 <; 854578AE E74 ?55> A<>C=A95C KB9E 9E5 5;;5A94 <; 87CB<-;85N=5>AF +8;, 5>58:F <> <8:7>B4D4 +5I5A98<- D7:>59BA 5>58:F ?59K55> 1 @A 7>C 22 GA,. TF6BA7IIF, 9EB4 K<8@ E74 ?55> A<>A58>5C KB9E C5958DB>B>: C7D7:5 854=I9B>: ;8<D ?<CF 95D65879=85 B>A85745. TE5 7H587:5 6<K58 C5>4B9B54 =45C E7H5 ?55> <> 9E5 <8C58 <; .1-9 K)AD$ =45C <H58 D7>F DB>=954 9< 45H587I E<=84. -""-

n contrast, using average power densities measured in microwatts per s)uare centimeter, we have found that QQQQr effects which are transient, can be induced with rf energy. (urther, these effects occur the instant the transmitter is turned on. *ith appropriate modulation, the perception of different sounds can be induced in physically deaf, as well as normal, in human sub'ects at a distance of inches up to thousands of feet from the transmitter. *ith somewhat different transmission parameters, you can induce the perception of severe buffeting of the head, without such apparent vestibular symptoms as dizziness or nausea. Changing transmitter parameters down, one can induce a &pins%and%needles& sensation. E$perimental wor# with these phenomena may yield information on auditory system functioning and, more generally, in the nervous system function. (or e$ample, this energy could possibly be used as a tool to e$plore nervous system coding, possibly using Neider and Neff+s procedures 9,;, and for stimulating the nervous system without the damage caused by electrodes. Since most of our data have been obtained of the &rf sound& and only the visual system has previously been shown to respond to electromagnetic energy, this paper will be concerned only with the auditory effects data. 0s a further restriction, only data from human sub'ects will be reported, since only this data can be discussed meaningfully at the present time. The long series of studies we performed to ascertain that we were dealing with a biological significant phenomena 9rather than broadcasts from sources such as loose fillings in the teeth; are summarized in another paper 9<;, which also reports on the measuring instruments used in this wor#. The intent of this paper is to bring this new phenomenon to the attention of physiologists. The data reported are intended to suggest numerous lines of e$perimentation and indicate necessary e$perimental controls. Since we are dealing with a significant phenomenon, we decided to e$plore the effects of a wide range of transmitter parameters to build up the body of #nowledge which would allow us to generate hypotheses and determine what e$perimental controls would be necessary. Thus, the numbers given are conservativeD they should not be considered precise, since the transmitters were never located in ideal laboratory environments. *ithin the limits of our measurements, the orientation of the sub'ect in the rf field was of little conse)uence.


1ost of the transmitters used to date in the e$perimentation have been pulse modulated with no information placed on the signal. The

rf sound has been described as being a buzz, clic#ing, hiss, or #noc#ing, depending on several transmitter parameters, i.e., pulse width and pulse%repetition rate 9@5(;. The apparent source of these sounds is localized by the sub'ects as being within, or immediately behind the head. The sound always seems to come from within or immediately behind the head no matter how the sub'ects twists or rotates in the rf field. Our early e$perimentation, preformed using transmitters with very short s)uare pulses and high pulse%repetition rates, seemed to indicate that we were dealing with harmonics of the @5(. Cowever, our later wor# has indicated that this is not the caseD rather, the rf sound appears to be incidental modulation envelope on each pulse, as shown in (ig ,. Some difficulty was e$perienced when the sub'ects tried to match the rf sound to ordinary audio. They reported that it was not possible to satisfactorily match the rf sound to a sine wave or to white noise. 0n audio amplifier was connected to a variable bypass filter and pulsed by the transmitter pulsing mechanism. The sub'ects, when allowed to control the filter, reported a fairly satisfactory match. The sub'ects were fairly well satisfied with all fre)uencies below .%#c audio were eliminated and the high% fre)uency audio was e$tended as much as possible. There was, however, always a demand for more high%fre)uency components. Since our tweeter has a rather good high%fre)uency response, it is possible that we have shown an analogue of visual phenomenon in which people see farther into the ultraviolet range when the lenses is eliminated from the eye. n other words, this may be a demonstration that the mechanical transmission system of the ossicles cannot respond to as high a fre)uency as the rest of the auditory system. Since the rf bypasses the ossicle system and the audio given the sub'ect for matching does not, this may e$plain the dissatisfaction of our sub'ects in the matching.


FIG. 1. Oscilloscope representation of transmitter output over

time 9pulse%modulated;. TRANSMITTER ELECTRONIC NOISE P--+INCIDENTAL MODULATION, P Q) -.-.-.-.-.-.P P P P P P P P P P P P --------------------------ON OFF ON OFF FIG. $. 0udiogram of deaf sub'ect 9otosclerosis; who had a &normal& rf sound threshold. -1 P----P----P----P--P--P--P--P--P--P--P--P P P P P P P P P P P P P P----P----P----P--P--P--P--P--P--P--P--P P P A P P P P P P P P P P----P----B----A--P--P--P--P--P--P--P--P P P P B P A P P P P P P P LOSS+C?, $ P----P----P----B--B--AB-B--B--B--AB-P--P P P P P P P P A P P P P P----P----P----P--P--P--P--P--P--P--P--P P P P P P P P P P P P C 4 P----P----P----P--P--P--P--P--P--P--C--P P P C C C P P P P P C P P P----C----P----D--P--C--C--C--P--D--D--D P P D P D P P D P P P P # P----D----P----P--P--D--P--P--P--P--P--P P P P P P P P P P P P P P----P----P----P--P--P--P--P--P--P--P--P P P P P P P P P P P P P % P----P----P----P--P--P--P--P--P--P--P--P P P P P P P P P P P P P P----P----P----P--P--P--P--P--P--P--P--P P P P P P P P P P P P P 1 P----P----P----P--P--P--P--P--P--P--P--P 1$5 $5 5 1 $ 4 % FRELUENCY +A64,


-"#TABLE 1. Transmitter parameters

T87>4DB9958 A B C D E F G H

F85N=5>AF, DA 1,"1 $,&%$ 4$5 4$5 4$5 4$5 4$5 %,&

!7H5I5>:9E, AD $$.& 1 .4 * .# * .# * .# * .# * .# ".4

P=I45 !BC9E, O=O45A # 1 1$5 $5 5 $.5

P=I454 S5A. $44 4 $* $* $* $* $* 4

D=9F CF. . 15 . 4 . "% . * . 14 . $% . 5# . 1

1 $

FIG. ". 0ttenuation of ambient sound with (lent antinoise stopples 9collated from Lwisloc#i 9=; and !on Aier#e 9H;. P----P---P--P--P-P-P-PPP----P---P--P-PPP P P P P P P P PPP P P P PPP P----P---P--P--P-P-P-PPP----P---P--P-PPP A = FLENTS P P P P P P P PPP P P P PPP 1 P----P---P--P--P-P-P-PPP----P---P--P-PPP B = THEORETICAL LIMIT P P P P P P P PPP P P P PPP ATTENUATION BY FUNCTION+C?, P----P---P--P--P-P-P-PPP----P---P--P-PPP PROTECTORS A P P P P P P PPP P P P PPP P----A---P--P--P-P-P-PPP----P---P--P-PPP B P A A A P A AAA AP P P PPP P----B---B--P--P-A-P-PPP----A---P--P-PPP P P P P B P P PPP P A P P PPP " P----P---P--P--P-P-P-BPP----P---A--P-APP P P P P P P P PPP P P A PAP P----P---P--P--P-P-P-PPPB---P---P--P-PPA P P P P P P P PPP B P P P PPP P----P---P--P--P-P-P-PPP----P---P--P-PPB P P P P P P P PPP B P P BPP P----P---P--P--P-P-P-PPP----P---P-BP-PPP P P P P P P P PPP P B P P PPP 5 P----P---P--P--P-P-P-PPP----P---P--P-PPP P P P P P P P PPP P P P PPP P----P---P--P--P-P-P-PPP----P---P--P-PPP P P P P P P P PPP P P P PPP P----P---P--P--P-P-P-PPP----P---P--P-PPP 1 1 1 FRELUENCY OF EAR


TABLE $. Theshold for perception of rf sound 9ambient noise level 8/% -/ db;. P57@ AH: P57@ P57@ M7:>59BA P<K58 P<K58 EI5A98BA FB5IC T87>4F85N=5>AF, D=9F CF. D5>4B9F, D5>4B9F FB5IC 7D6. DB9958 DA DK, AD$ DK, AD$ H AD 9=8>4, D A B C D E F 1,"1 $,&%$ 4$5 4$5 4$5 4$5 . 15 . 4 . "% . * . 14 . $% .4 $.1 1. 1.& ".$ *.1 $#* 5,$5 $#" $*1 $$& $54 14 #" 15 14 1" 14 4 1* 4 4 " 4

FIG. 4. Threshold energy as a function of fre)uency of electromagnetic energy 9ambient noise level 8/%-/ db;. P---------P-------------P--------------P P---------P-------------P--------------P PEAK P---------P-------------P--------------P PO!ER P---------P-------------P-------------2P DENSITY P---------P-------------P------------2-P +DK)AD$, P P P 2 P P---------P-------------P---------2----P P P P 2 P P---------P-------------P------2-------P P P P 2 P P P P 2 P P P P 2 P 1 P---------P-------------2--------------P P---------P-----------2-P--------------P P---------P---------2---P--------------P P P 2 P P P---------P-----2-------P--------------P P 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 P P P---------P-------------P--------------P P P P P P P P P P P P P 1 P---------P-------------P--------------P $ 1 $ " FRELUENCY +DA, 1

-"%FIG. 5. 1icrowave power distribution in a forehead model neglecting resonance effects and considering only first reflections

9from Nieset et al. 9.;, modified;. P REFLECTED ABSORBED 1.5P--- FRELUENCIES FRELUENCIES P 2 2 P 2 2 2 = 1 R OF INCIDENT CENTIMETERS PC<89BA7I 2 PO!ER PTB44=5 2 P 2 S = $ R OF INCIDENT 1. P--2 PO!ER P 2 P 2 2 PB<>5 P 2 2 P .5P--2 S S S 2 PM=4AI5 2 S S PF79 S S 2 PS@B> S S S P-----------P-----------P-----------P-----------P--1 1 1 1 FRELUENCY +DA, FIG. #. 0rea most sensitive to electromagnetic energy 9shaded portion;. 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

2 2 2 -----2 2 2 --------2 2 O 2 -------2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 222 22 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2


0t one time in our e$perimentation with deaf sub'ects there seemed to

be a clear relationship between the ability to hear audio above . #c and the ability to hear rf sounds. f a sub'ect could hear above . #c, either by bone or air conduction, then he could hear the rf sounds. (or e$ample, the threshold of the sub'ect whose audio gram appears in (ig. < was the same average power density as our normal sub'ects. 5ecently, however, we have found people with a notch around . #c who do not perceive the rf sounds generated by at least one of our transmitters. THRESHOLDS 0s shown in Table ,, we have used a fairly wide range of transmitter parameters. *e are currently e$perimenting with transmitters that radiate energy at fre)uencies below H<. mc, and are using different types of modulation, e.g., pulse%repetition rates as low as = and H7sec. n the e$perimentation reported in this section, the ordinary noise level was 8/%-/ db 9measured with a Aeneral 5adio Co. model ,..,%: sound level meter.; n order to minimize the rf energy used in the e$perimentation, sub'ects wore (lent antinoise ear stoppers whenever measurements were made. The ordinary noise attenuation of the (lents is indicated in (ig. =. 0lthough the rf sounds can be heard without the use of (lents, even though they have an ambient noise evel of -/ db, it appears that the ambient noise to some e$tent &mas#ed& the rf sound. Table < gives the thresholds for the perception of the sounds. t shows fairly clearly that the critical factor in the perception of the rf sound is the pea# power density, rather than the average power density. The relatively high value for transmitter : was e$pected and will be discussed below. Transmitter A has been omitted from the table since the </%mw7cm< reading for it can be considered only appro$imate. The field%strength%measuring instruments used in that e$periment did not read high enough to give an accurate reading. The energy from transmitter C was not perceived, even when the pea# power density was as high as <. w7cm<. *hen the threshold energy is plotted as a function of the rf energy 9(ig. H;, a curve is obtained which is suggestive of the curve of penetration of rf energy into the head. (igure . shows the calculated penetration, by fre)uency of rf energy, into the head. Our data indicate that the calculated penetration curve may well be accurate at the higher fre)uencies but the penetration at the lower fre)uencies may be greater than that calculated on this model.

-4 -

0s previously noted, the thresholds were obtained in a high ambient noise environment. This is an unusual situation as compared to obtaining thresholds of regular audio sound. One recent e$perimentation leads us to believe that, if the ambient noise level were not so high, these threshold fields strengths would be much lower. Since one purpose of this paper is to suggest e$periments, it might be appropriate to theories as to what the rf sound threshold might be if we assumed that the sub'ect is in an anechoic chamber. t is also assumed that there is no transducer noise. Aiven? 0s a threshold for the rf sound, a pea# power density of <8. mw7cm< determined in an ambient noise environment of >/ db. Earplugs attenuate the ambient noise =/ db. f? , mw7cm< is set e)ual to o db, then <8. mw7cm< is e)ual to <H db. Then? *e can reduce the rf energy ./ db to %<I db as we reduce the noise level energy from ./ db to o db. *e found that %<I db rf energy is appro$imately = RuRw7cm<. Thus? f an anechoic room, rf sound could theoretically be induced by a pea# power density of = RuRw7cm< measured in free space. Since only ,/S of this energy is li#ely to penetrate the s#ull, the human auditory system and a table radio may be one order of magnitude apart in sensitivity to rf energy. U6 9< C<>95>94 RF DETECTOR IN AUDITORY SYSTEM O>5 6<44B?BIB9F 9E79 455D4 9< E7H5 ?55> 8=I5C <=9 B> <=8 5J658BD5>979B<> B4 9E79 <; 7 A767AB9<8-9F65 5;;5A9 KB9E 9E5 9FD67>BA D5D?87>5 7>C <H7I KB>C<K 7A9B>: 74 6I7954 <; 7 A767AB9<8. I9 K<=IC 455D 6<44B?I5 9E79 9E545 D5D?87>54, 7A9B>: 74 6I7954 <; 7 A767AB9<8, A<=IC ?5 459 B> D<9B<> ?F 8; 5>58:F. TE585 785, E<K5H58, 9E855 6<B>94 <; 5HBC5>A5 7:7B>49 9EB4 6<44B?BIB9F. FB849, KE5> <>5 8<97954 7 A767AB9<8 B> 7> 8; ;B5IC, 7 879E58 D78@5C AE7>:5 <AA=84 B> 9E5 A767AB9<8 74 7 ;=>A9B<> <; B94 <8B5>979B<> B> 9E5 ;B5IC. !E5> <=8 4=?M5A94 8<9795 <8 AE7>:5 9E5 6<4B9B<>4 <; 9E5B8 E57C4 B> 9E5 ;B5IC, 9E5 I<=C>544 <; 9E5 8; 4<=>C C<54 ><9 AE7>:5 76685AB7?IF. S5A<>C, 9E5 CB497>A5 ?59K55> 9E545 D5D?87>54 B4 879E58 4D7II, A<D6785C KB9E 9E5 K7H5I5>:9E4 =45C. A4 7 9EB8C 6<B>9, K5 ;<=>C 9E79 <>5 <; <=8 4=?M5A94 KE< E74 <9<4AI58<4B4 E578C 9E5 8; 4<=>C. A><9E58 6<44B?I5 I<A79B<> ;<8 9E5 C595A9B>: D5AE7>B4D B4 B> 9E5 A<AEI57. !5 E7H5 5J6I<85C 9EB4 6<44B?BIB9F KB9E >58H5-C57; 65<6I5, ?=9 9E5 854=I94 785 B>A<>AI=4BH5 C=5 9< ;7A9<84 4=AE 74 9B>>B9=4. !5 785 A=885>9IF 5J6I<8B>: 9EB4 6<44B?BIB9F KB9E 7>BD7I 68567879B<>4. -41-

The third li#ely place for the detection mechanism is the brain. :urr

and 1auro 9I; presented evidence that indicates that there is an electrostatic field about neurons. 1orrow and Sepiel 98; presented evidence that indicates the e$istence of a magnetic field about neurons. :ec#er 9personal communication; has done some wor# indicating that there is longitudinal flow of charged carriers in neurons. Thus, it is reasonable to suspect that possibly the electromagnetic field could interact with neuron fields. 0s yet, evidence of this possibility is inconclusive. The strongest point against it is that we have not found visual effects although we have searched for them. On the other hand, we have obtained other nonauditory effects and have found that the sensitive area for detecting rf sounds is a region over the temporal lobe of the brain. One can shield, with a <%in.< piece of fly screen, a portion of the stippled area shown in (ig. I and completely cut off the rf sound. 0nother possibility should also be considered. There is no good reason to assume that there is only one detector site. On the contrary, the wor# of 6ones et al. 9>;, in which they placed electrodes in the ear and electrically stimulated the sub'ect, is sufficiently relevant to suggest the possibility of more than one detector site. 0lso, several sensations have been elicited with properly modulated electromagnetic energy. t is doubtful that all of these can be attributed to one detector. 0s mentioned earlier, the purpose of this paper is to focus the attention of physiologists on an unusual area and stimulate additional wor# on which interpretations can be based. nterpretations have been deliberately omitted from this paper since additional data are needed before a clear picture can emerge. t is hoped that the additional e$ploration will also result in an increase in our #nowledge of nervous system functions.


Neider, @.C. and *.E. Neff. Science ,==? ,/,/, ,-I,. (rey, 0.C. 0ero Space 1ed. =<? ,,H/, ,-I,.

Lwisloc#i, 6. Noise Control H?H<, ,-.>. !on Aier#e, C. Noise Control <?=8, ,-.I. Nifset, 5., @inneo 5. :aus 6. (leming, T 5. 1c0fee. 5ome 0ir Eevelopment Command, T5%I,%I., ,-I,. :urr, C., T 6. 1orrow, 5., T 6. 6ones, 5.C., S.S. <>,, ,-H/. 0nn. 5ept. 3S0(

Seipel, 6. *ash 0cad. Sci. <,? H.., ,-H-. Seipel. 6. *ash. 0cad. Sci. =/? ,, ,-I-. Stevens, T 1.C. 4aurie. 6. 0coust. Sci. 0m. ,<?

U6 9< C<>95>94


APPENDI. PM" - NASA ARTICLE TITLE- E;;5A94 <; I<K 6<K58 DBA8<K7H54 <> 9E5 I<A7I A585?87I ?I<<C ;I<K <; A<>4AB<=4 8794 O8B:B>7I K5? IB>@, ;<IC5C ;<8 857C7?BIB9F E996-))95AE856<894.I78A.>747.:<H)>984)E:59.A:BT85A<>T$ 44)"=)87BC5) B>C5J)4978)% R$51* 4"*$5R$ $ 44R$ N1&%1 4$ &85A<>1 .......................................................... EI57><8 !EB95'4 B>45895C ><95S55 9E5 ITALIC 95J9 ?5I<K. TEB4 7?4987A9 E74 BD6IBA79B<>4 FAR ?5F<>C 087940 .......................................................... D<A=D5>9 ID1&%1 4$ & N +%1N1$*$ , FBI5 S58B54- NASA T5AE>BA7I R56<894 R56<89 N=D?58- AD-A & 4$# S7I54 A:5>AF ( P8BA5- CASI H78CA<6F <8 MBA8<;BAE5 A=9E<84O4A78, K. J. +A8DF M<?BIB9F EN=B6D5>9 C<DD7>C, P=?IB4E5C- J=> 1, 1&%

C<86<8795 S<=8A5A8DF M<?BIB9F EN=B6D5>9 C<DD7>C +F<89 B5IH<B8, VA, U>B95C S97954, P7:54- 1 C<>987A9 N=D?58- N<>5 NASA S=?M5A9 C795:<8F- LIFE SCIENCES +GENERAL, A?4987A9A C5A<F 7>C C5A569B<> A<>A569 68545>9IF ?5B>: A<>4BC585C B4 9< 85D<95IF A85795 9E5 658A569B<> <; ><B45 B> 9E5 E57C4 <; 6584<>>5I ?F 5J6<4B>: 9E5D 9< I<K 6<K58, 6=I45C DBA8<K7H54. !E5> 65<6I5 785 BII=DB>795C KB9E 68<658IF D<C=I795C I<K 6<K58 DBA8<K7H54 9E5 45>479B<> B4 856<895C 74 7 ?=GGB>:, AIBA@B>:, <8 EB44B>: KEBAE 455D4 9< <8B:B>795 +85:78CI544 <; 9E5 6584<>'4 6<4B9B<> B> 9E5 ;B5IC, KB9EB> <8 M=49 ?5EB>C 9E5 E57C. TE5 6E5><D5>7 <AA=84 79 7H587:5 6<K58 C5>4B9B54 74 I<K 74 DBA8<K7994 658 4N=785 A5>9BD5958 KB9E A788B58 ;85N=5>AB54 ;8<D .4 9< ". GHG. By proper choice of pulse characteristics, intelligible speech may be created. B5;<85 9EB4 95AE>BN=5 D7F ?5 5J95>C5C 7>C =45C ;<8 DBIB978F 766IBA79B<>4, 7> =>C58497>CB>: <; 9E5 ?74BA 68B>AB6I54 D=49 ?5 C5H5I<65C. S=AE 7> =>C58497>CB>: B4 ><9 <>IF 85N=B85C 9< <69BDBG5 9E5 =45 <; 9E5 A<>A569 ;<8 A7D<=;I7:5, C5A<F 7>C C5A569B<> <65879B<>4 ?=9 B4 85N=B85C 9< 68<658IF 744544 47;59F ;7A9<84 <; 4=AE DBA8<K7H5 5J6<4=85.


1a'or Sub'ect Terms? 03E TO5B @E5CE@T ON :50 N C 5C340T ON EECE@T ON 1 C5O*0!ES @CBS O4OA C04 E((ECTS 50E 0T ON E((ECTS 1inor Sub'ect Terms? : O4OA C04 E((ECTS CE1OEBN01 CS 1 4 T05B TECCNO4OAB 50E 0T ON EOS0AE SO3NE 4OC04 L0T ON 4anguage Note? English N0S0 0ccess Celp Ees# E%mail? @hone? =/,%I<,%/=-/ (0"? =/,%I<,%/,=H Eleanor *hite+s comments? have received this report in it+s entirety and find that the article itself is about the title? Cerebral blood flow in rats. *e involuntary e$perimentees are e$tremely luc#y that the authors mentioned the success of microwave voice to s#ull transmission in this official document. :elow have e$tracted some of the references to the full document which appear to be more promising and specific. This sub%list is guesswor# since the references omit article titles, but any articles by (rey or 6ustesen are potentially useful. ,. (rey, 0.C., 1essenger, 5. and Eichert, E., National Technical nformation Service, Eoc. No. 0E8H8I>H 9,-8<; 6ustesen, E.5., EEE Spectrum ,I, I8%I> 9,-8-;

.. 8.

(rey, 0.C., (eld, S.5., T (rey, :. 0nnals of N.B. 0cademy of Science, <H8, H==%H=- 9,-8.; ,>,,

,>. (rey, 0.C., T 1essenger, 5., Science =.I%=.> 9,-8=;


<.. (rey, 0.C., T (eld, S.5., 6ournal of Comp.

@hysiology and @sychology, 9,-8.;

>-, ,>=%,>>

<8. 2ing, N.*., 6ustesen, E.5., T Clar#e, 5.4., Science ,8<, =->%H/, 9,-88;

U6 9< C<>95>94


APPENDI. PM4 - SEA)KOHN'S PROJECTS C<DD=>BA79B>: VB7 9E5 MBA8<K7H5 A=CB9<8F E;;5A9 !5? 7CC8544E996-))54.567.:<H)>A58N7O7?4987A94)4?B8)<9E58)D<>7>7)@<E>.E9DI AK78CB>: A:5>AF- D56789D5>9 <; D5;5>45 SBIR C<>987A9 N=D?58- F41#$4-&5-C-& * TB9I5- C<DD=>BA79B>: VB7 9E5 MBA8<K7H5 A=CB9<8F E;;5A9 P8B>AB67I I>H549B:79<8- M8. B8B7> K<E> C<D67>F N7D5SAB5>A5 ( E>:B>558B>: A44<A, I>A. #1 U69<K> BIHC NE AI?=N=58N=5, NM %*11 T5I56E<>5 N=D?58- 5 5-%%4-$" B=4B>544 R568545>979BH5P8<M5A9 P58B<CP8<M5A9 AD<=>9- U*"&,&&5 R54578AE C795:<8F- M<>B9<8B>:)A>7IF9BA7I D54A8B69B<>A> B>><H79BH5 7>C 85H<I=9B<>78F 95AE><I<:F B4 C54A8B?5C 9E79 <;;584 7 D57>4 <; I<K-68<?7?BIB9F-<;-B>958A569 R7CB< ;85N=5>AF +RF, A<DD=>BA79B<>4. The feasibility of the concept has been established =4B>: ?<9E 7 I<K B>95>4B9F I7?<879<8F 4F495D 7>C 7 EB:E 6<K58 RF 987>4DB9958. N=D58<=4 DBIB978F 766IBA79B<>4 5JB49 B> 78574 <; 4578AE 7>C 854A=5, 45A=8B9F 7>C 465AB7I <65879B<>4. S=66I5D5>97I K5FK<8C4- 4D7II ?=4B>544, SBIR, S55 7I4<- E996-))KKK.457?745.A<D L749 U6C795C- N<H5D?58 1*, 1&&* BRIAN KOHN'S PROJECT, EARLIER STUDYP8<:87D- SBIR A:5>AF- AF FB5IC O;;BA5- AL TOPIC N=D?58- AF&"- $# C<>98<I N=D?58- &"AL -1%5 C<>987A9 N=D?58- F41#$4-&"-C-& 1" PE745- 1 AK78C5C I>- &" AK78C AD<=>9- U"*,% # AK78C S9789 D795- 1* MAY &" AK78C C<D6I59B<> D795- 1* DEC &"


@roposal Title? Communicating !ia the 1icrowave 0uditory Effect @rincipal nvestigator Name?:rian 2ohn @rincipal nvestigator @hone? ./.%>>H%<=// (irm SC ENCE T ENA NEE5 NA 0SSOC., NC. SE0 @laza I,// 3ptown :lvd NE S3 TE 8// 0lbu)uer)ue, N1 >8,,/ *oman Owned? N 1inority Owned? N Number of Employees? -. 2eywords? 1 C5O*0!E CE05 NA 5( CE05 NA :ONE CONE3CT ON TCE51OE40ST C COCC4E05 1 C5O@CON CS 0bstract? n this research program, we plan to investigate a revolutionary new form of communication based on the microwave auditory effect. This proposed communication idea satisfies the re)uirements for an innovative, natural interface re)uiring no learning or training for efficient operation and effective communications. The purpose of the program proposed here is to e$tend the results of a recent feasibility study, performed for the 0rmstrong 4aboratory7OEE5. The study found that voice communications, via the microwave auditory effect, are highly feasible. n @hase of this S: 5, we propose to investigate the range of potential applications for this radically different form of voice communication and recommend hardware and systems concepts suitable for laboratory and brassboard demonstrations to be built under @hase .

U6 9< C<>95>94


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


*hen two more characteristics of voice to s#ull are factored in? ,. The carrier signal can be &hopped& continuously within the bioeffective bandwidth, #nown as &spread spectrum& transmission, and, <. The voice modulation most effective for undetectable hypnosis is evidently a voice shifted 'ust above normal hearing, but still audible to the brain, have a recipe for incredibly difficult signals to detect. This boo# is a mainstream publication, very well suited to use in our publicity and persuasion campaigns, and our dealings with authorities who claim radio signals don+t affect living tissue e$cept to heat it. (inally, many than#s to :lanche Chavoustie for providing me photocopies of this boo# % a saintly wor#V ............................................................. @age ,,/? ... 0t that time F,-.=G e$citatory mechanisms in nerver fibers and nerve cells were grouped under a common rubric of ionic e)uilibrium mechanisms. There was little interest in the possibility that functional organization of mebranes of cell bodies might involve threshhold sensitivities to both oscillating E1 fields and to molecular stimuli at energy levels substantially lower than predicted by Codg#in% Cu$ley models, and substantially below typical threshholds in nerve fibers. 1uch recent research cited below has shown that imposed weak low fre)uency fields (and radiofrequency fields amplitudemodulated at EL frequencies! that are many orders of magnitude weaker in the pericellular fluid "fluid between ad#acent cells$ than the membrane potential gradient "voltage across the membrane$ can modulate actions of hormone, antibody neurotransmitter and cancer-promoter molecules at their cell surface receptor sites. rom their electrical characteristics, these sensitivities appear to involve nonequilibrium and highly cooperative processes that mediate a ma#or amplification of initial weak triggers associated with binding of these molecules at their specific cell surface receptor sites.


90dey, ,->=, ,->I, ,->8D 0dey and 4awrence, ,->HD 4awrence and 0dey, ,-><;. @age ,<<? C<<65879BH5 M<CB;BA79B<> <; C7IAB=D BB>CB>: ?F RF FB5IC4 79 C5II S=8;7A54 KB9E AD6IB;BA79B<> <; I>B9B7I SB:>7I4 nitial stimuli associated with wea# perpindicular E1 fields and with binding of stimulating molecules at their membrane receptor sites elicit a C AC4B COO@E50T !E modification of CaWW binding to glycoproteins along the membrane surface. 0s noted above, a longitudinal spread is consistent with the direction of e$tracellular current flow associated with physiological activity and imposed E1 fields. This cooper% ative modification of surface CaWW binding is an 01@4 (B NA ST0AE, with evidence from concurent initial molecular binding events by imposed 5( fields that there is a far greater increase in CaWW efflu$ than is accounted for in the events of receptor%ligand binding 9:awin and 0dey, ,-8ID :awin et al, ,-8.D 4iu%4iu and 0dey, ,-><;. @age ,<H? ... Enzymes are protein molecules that function as catalysts, initiating and enhancing chemical reactions that would not otherwise occur at tissue temperatures. This ability resides in the pattern of electrical charges on the molecular surface. n the fashion of more familiar chemical catalysts, such as the hydrocarbon o$idation systems which function only at very high temperatures in automotive e$haust systems, a catalyst emerges unchanged from these reactions and is thus able to participate indefinitely in a specific reaction. 0ctivation of these enzymes and the reactions in which they participate involve energies millions of times greater than in the cell surface cell surface triggering events initiated by the E1 fields, emphasizing the 1E1:50NE 01@4 ( C0T ON inherent in this trans%membrane signaling se)uence. @age ,=,? S9BD=I=4 AD6IB;BA79B<> B> C<<65879BH5 SF495D4 t is therefore clear that O:SE5!EE E1 field interactions with cells and tissues based on oscillating E4( tissue gradients between ,/ E%8 and ,/ E%, volts per centimeter would involve cooperativity 10NB O5EE5S O( 10AN T3EE A5E0TE5 than envisaged in the e$amples 'ust cited.


n part this discrepancy appears to relate to far greater sensitivities to low%fre)uency E1 fields FE*? E4(, that is, the &entrainment& fre)uenciesG and to 5( fields with low%fre)uency amplitude%modulation FE*? this includes radar hearing signalsG than to imposed step functions or EC gradients FE*? common with contact electrodes, not of interest in mind control at a distanceG used in many electrochemical e$periments and models to test levels of cooperativity in biological systems. 9:lan#, ,-8<; FE*? n plain language, both entrainment 9E4(; fields and pulsating radar%li#e 95(; fields are a hell of a lot more influential on cells than some e$perimental wor# using EC and electrode methods.G @age -.? FE*? This section is not part of the demonstration that E1 signals can be biologically amplified, as above. t+s main interest is that a magnetophosphene &gun& was under consider% ation by the 3.S. National nstitute of 6ustice in ,--=, along with a &fever& gun and a &convulsion& gun, both using micro% wave technology. 0s of ,---, nothing has been heard from N 6 on this development, however, page -. here suggests that such a microwave weapon is feasible.G M7:>59<6E<46E5>54 0n effect of time%varying magnetic fields on humans was first described by d+0rsonval 9,>-I; FE*? 0nyone doubt there has been some progress since ,>-IOG is the induction of a flic#er% ing illumination within the visual field field #nown as magnetophosphenes. This phenomenon occurs as an immediate response to stimulation by either pulsed or sinusoidal magnetic fields with fre)uencies less than ,// Cz, and the effect is completely reversible with no apparent influence on visual acuity. The ma$imum visual sensitivity to sinusoidal magnetic fields has been found at a fre)uency of </ Cz in human sub'ects with normal vision. FE*? 5adio signals are a combination of electric and magnetic fields. To radiate a </ Cz signal would re)uire such huge antennas that it is impractical to do so. +d recommend that if someone has the facilities and s#ills, +d try some !C( 9or microwave; pulsing at </ Cz on an 5( carrier at, say, the <%meter 9,HH%,H> 1Cz; ham band with a duty cycle, say, of </S pulse%ON time.G U6 9< C<>95>94


APPENDI. PM# - VOICE TO SKULL, 1&*4 SUCCESS MBA8<K7H54 7>C B5E7HB<8 D8. D<> R. J=49545> L7?<879<8B54 <; EJ658BD5>97I N5=8<64FAE<I<:F V59587>4 ACDB>B49879B<> H<46B97I K7>474 CB9F, MB44<=8B 74 6=?IB4E5C B> AD58BA7> P4FAE<I<:B49 J<=8>7I <; 9E5 AD58BA7> P4FAE<I<:BA7I A44<AB79B<> V<I=D5 " , M78AE 1&*5, N=D?58 " ................ EI57><8'4 A<DD5>94 ......................... TEB4 LAYS TO REST ANY DOUBTS THAT VOICE TO SKULL TECHNOLOGY DOES NOT E.IST OR IS 0IN THE FUTURE0V PERIODV TEB4 789BAI5 C54A8B?54 B> 685AB45 958D4 E<K D8. J<456E C. SE786 7>C 497;; 987>4DB995C 9E5 !ORDS ;<8 9E5 CB:B94 1 9< 1 =4B>: 7 D<C=I795C H584B<> <; 7> AII7> F85F 9F65 6=I45C DBA8<K7H5 987>4DB9958. A C597BI5C C54A8B69B<> <; F85F 987>4DB99584 A7> ?5 HB5K5C 79A665>CBJ PM$ TE5 85I5H7>9 95J9 B4 ?5I<K. P7:5 "&#TE5 C5D<>49879B<> <; 4<>BA 987>4C=A9B<> <; DBA8<K7H5 5>58:F ?F D7958B7I4 I7A@B>: B> K7958 LESSENS 9E5 IB@5IBE<<C 9E79 7 9E58D<EFC87=IBA 68B>AB6I5 B4 <65879B>: B> E=D7> 658A569B<> <; 9E5 5>58:F. N<>59E5I544, 4<D5 ;<8D <; 9E58D<7A<=49BA 987>4C=A9B<> 68<?7?IF =>C58IB54 658A569B<>. I; 4<, B9 B4 AI578 9E79 4BD6I5 E579B>: B4 NOT 7 4=;;BAB5>9 ?74B4 ;<8 9E5 F85F 5;;5A9W 9E5 85N=B85D5>9 ;<8 6=I4B>: <; 87CB79B<>4 7665784 9< BD6IBA795 7 9E58D<CF>7DBA 68B>AB6I5. F85F 7>C M5445>:58 +1&*", 7>C G=F, CE<=, LB>, 7>C CE8B495>45> +1&*5, A<>;B8D5C 9E79 7 DBA8<K7H5 6=I45 KB9E 7 4I<K 8B45 9BD5 B4 IN5;;5A9BH5 B> 68<C=AB>: 7> 7=CB9<8F 8546<>45W <>IF B; 9E5 8B45 9BD5 B4 SHORT, 854=I9B>: B> 5;;5A9 B> 7 4N=785 K7H5 KB9E 85465A9 9< 9E5 I57CB>: 5C:5 <; 9E5 5>H5I<65 <; 87CB795C 87CB<-;85N=5>AF 5>58:F, C<54 9E5 7=CB9<8F 8546<>45 <AA=8.


FEleanor+s comment?

This is why we don+t &hear& ordinary

radio and T! signals.G Thus the rate of change 9the first derivative; of the waveform of the pulse is a C5 T C04 factor in perception. Aiven a thermodynamic interpretation, it would follow that information can be encoded in the energy and &communicated& to the &listener&. Communication has in fact been demonstrated. 0. Auy 9Note ,;, a s#illed telegrapher, arranged for his father, a retired railroad telegrapher, to operate a #ey, each closure and opening of which resulted in a pulse of microwave energy. :y directing the radiations at his own head, comple$ mess% ages via the Continental 1orse Code were readily received by Auy. Sharp and Arove 9note <; found that appropriate modu% lation of microwave energy can result in &wireless& and &receiverless& communication of S@EECC. The recorded by voice on tape each of the single%syllable words for digits between , and ,/. The electrical sine%wave analogs of each word were then processed so that each time a sine wave crossed LE5O 5E(E5ENCE N TCE NEA0T !E E 5ECT ON, a brief pulse of microwave energy was triggered. FEleanor+s comment? This is, in effect a form of what is called pulse%50TE modulation.G :y radiating themselves with these &voice modulated& microwaves, Sharp and Arove were 5E0E 4B able to hear, identify, and distinguish among the - words. FTypoOG The sounds heard were not unli#e those emitted by persons with artificial laryn$es. Communication of more comple$ words and of sentences was not attempted because the averaged densities of energy re)uired to transmit longer messages would approach the current ,/ milliwatts per s)uare centimeter limit of safe e$posure. The capability of communicating directly with a human being by &receiverless radio& has obvious potentialities both within and without the clinic. :ut the hotly debated and unresolved )uestion of how much microwave radiation a human being can safely be e$posed to will probably forestall applications within the near future.


APPENDI. PM* - U.S. GOVT DOCUMENT RE- RUSSIAN MIND CONTROL A !78>B>: 9< 9E5 !<8IC ;8<D R=44B7> P4FAE<98<>BA R54578AE584 U>AI744B;B5C FOIA C<A=D5>9, A<=8954F CE58FI !5I4E, KEBAE B4 7 ?=II59B> AB8A=I795C 7D<>: U.S. :<H58>D5>9 7:5>AB54 85HB5KB>: 7> OA9<?58 #, 1&&5 R=44B7> TV >5K4 45:D5>9 9B9I5C 0M7> 7>C L7K0 <> 9E5 9<6BA <; DB>C A<>98<I 95AE><I<:F. TE5 BD7:54 ?5I<K A<D6I5D5>9 7><9E58 HBC5< 68<C=A5C ?F G58D7> /DF TV 7>C 4E<K> <> D5A5D?58 $$, 1&&%. TE5 1&&% HBC5<'4 987>4A8B?5C 4<=>C 987A@, B> E>:IB4E B4 6<495C 79E996-))KKK.87H5>1.>59)8=44HBC.E9D H585 785 9E5 BD7:54 <; 9E5 FOIA C<A=D5>9-





APPENDI. PM% - OAK RIDGE LABS AND OTHER BULLETINS THE FOLLO!ING SET OF ARTICLES HIGHLIGHTS OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LABS' RESEARCH INTO RADIO FRELUENCY !EAPONS. I HAVE PHONED THEM AND THE 1&&" NE!S RELEASE BELO! IS GENUINE. E.!. ...................................................................... D795 45>9F8B, 1 M7F 1&&# 1*-5$-55 - * +PDT, T<MB>CN59SA$.<8: F8<DH58BA<DDSA$.<8: S=?M5A9MB>CN59 J<=8>7I - V<I. 1, N<. *" V E R I C O M M ) MB>CN59 S5>C58- OK>58-MB>CN59SA$.<8: TE5 HB5K4 7>C <6B>B<>4 5J685445C ?5I<K 785 ><9 >5A54478BIF 9E5 HB5K4 7>C <6B>B<>4 <; VERICOMM, MB>CN59, <8 9E5 5CB9<84 =>I544 <9E58KB45 ><95C. P58DB44B<> B4 :BH5> 9< 8568<C=A5 7>C 85CB498B?=95, ;<8 ><>-A<DD58AB7I 6=86<454 <>IF, 68<HBC5C 9EB4 B>;<8D79B<> 7>C 9E5 A<6F 85D7B> B>97A9 7>C =>5CB95C. ECB9<8- MB@5 C<FI5 A44B497>9 ECB9<8- RBA@ L7KI58 R54578AE- D7885II B8<44 PHYSIOLOGICAL RESPONSES APPLICABLE TO DEVELOPMENT OF LESS-THAN-LETHAL !EAPONS O7@ RBC:5 N79B<>7I L7?<879<8F PEF4B<I<:BA7I R546<>454 A66IBA7?I5 9< D5H5I<6D5>9 <; L544-TE7>-L59E7I !576<>4 S6<>4<85C ?F N79B<>7I I>49B9=95 <; J=49BA5 O7@ RBC:5 N79B<>7I L7?<879<8F 0L=BC H58B974 549T0


4ess%than%lethal weapons have a variety of applications in law enforcement, including rescuing hostages, stopping fleeing felons, and )uelling prison disturbances. The National nstitute of 6ustice is sponsoring a broad program to develop new techni)ues for &friendly force& as an alternative to the use of deadly force. 0s part of this program, Oa# 5idge National 4aboratory 9O5N4; is e$amining approaches based on #nown physiological responses to certain types of stimuli. These &weapons& would temporarily incapacitate an individual or a group with no lasting physiological damage. These concepts are based on O5N4+s e$perience and e$pertise in biological%based systems and biophysical responses, particularly in evaluating the physical responses of humans to a variety of chemical, physical and radiological agents. O5N4 also has e$tensive e$perience and e$pertise in ris# analysis and in ris# assessment and modeling. The O5N4 less than%lethal weapons pro'ect sponsored by the National nstitute of 6ustice began in September ,--=. The following tas#s are being performed? Q Q Q 4ocate and compile data from tests, accidents, medical literature, etc. on biological and biophysical responses to energetic stimuli 9such as electromagnetic fields;. 0nalyze the information and identify promising candidate mechanisms for further development for a friendly force Evaluate the applicability of the proposed approaches to several realistic scenarios 9such as hostage rescue or riot control;.

O5N4 has already e$amined several possible concepts for less%than%lethal weapons based on #nown physiological responses to energetic stimuli, including a thermal gun, a seizure gun, and a magnetophosphene gun. 0 thermal gun would have the operational effect of heating the body to ,/. to ,/8(, thereby incapacitating any threat, based on the fact that even a slight fever can affect the ability of a person to perform even simple tas#s. This approach is built on four decades of research relating radio fre)uency e$posure to body heating. 0 seizure gun would use electromagnetic energy to induce epileptic%li#e seizures in persons within the range of a particular electromagnetic field. The magnetophosphene gun is designed around a biophysical mechanism which evo#es a visual response and is thought to be centered in the retina, #nown as magnetophosphenes. This effect is e$perienced when a person receives a blow to the head and sees &stars&. This same effect can be produced with electromagnetic energy. *hile there are a number of technical challenges to be overcome in building

-# -

devices of these types, less%than%lethal weapons based on physiological responses to energetic stimuli would provide a safe and effective means of dealing with a number of law enforcement situations where use of deadly force is not desirable. (or further information contact? 5ay Eowns, National nstitute of 6ustice 9</<; I... Susan Sherrow, Oa# 5idge Special @ro'ects Office 9I,.; .8I%>/<H Oa# 5idge National 4aboratory is a 3.S. Eepartment of Energy 4aboratory 1anaged by 1artin 1arietta Energy Systems, nc. ................................................................ 1indNet 6ournal 0rchive (ilename? Fmn,8=.t$tG To receive the 1indNet 6ournal via email? Send message? Fsubscribe mindnetG to? . To unsubscribe? Send message? Funsubscribe mindnetG to? . :ac# issues of the 1indNet 6ournal are available at ourX</ (T@ 0rchive site?X</ F7pub7users7vericomm7mindnet7G 1indNet 6ournal @ublication nde$? Fmninde$.t$tG

Submission of articles for publication within the 1indNet 6ournal on the sub'ects of mind control, directed%energy weapons, non%lethal weapons, ritual abuse, 3(O abductions, bioelectromagnetics, hypnosis, and other related topics will be accepted with the author+s statement of permission to publish. The editor reserves the right to accept or re'ect for publication. The publisher disclaims all responsibility to return unsolicited matter. Send articles for submission to? , or !E5 CO11 ::S .,/.>-,./=/=, or !E5 CO11, @O: =<=,H, Oa#land, C0 -HI/H%<=,H 3S0. !E5 CO11 7 1indNet and its agents disclaim any and all responsibility or liability for any and all claims and7or guarantees, e$press or implied, and delivery of products, merchandise, and7or services offered for sale by advertisers and7or authors within the 1indNet 6ournal.


The 1indNet mailing list is owned and maintained by 1i#e Coyle, , !E5 CO11 7 1indNet, @O: =<=,H Oa#land, C0 -HI/H%<=,H 3S0. The 1indNet 6ournal is published by !E5 CO11 7 1indNet inX</ cooperation with the (reedom Of Thought (oundation, @O: =./8<, Tucson, 0L >.8H/%./8< 3S0. ...................................................................... 4os 0ngeles Cerald E$aminer, Section 0, November <<, ,-8I 1ind%0ltering 1icrowaves? Soviets Studying nvisible 5ay

0 newly declassified 3.S. Eefense ntelligence 0gency report says e$tensive Soviet research into microwaves might lead to methods of causing disoriented human behavior, nerve disorders, and even heart attac#s. 0 copy of the study was provided by the agency to the 0ssociated @ress in response to a re)uest under the (reedom of nformation 0ct. Sounds and possibly even words which appear to be originating intercranially 9within the head; can be induced by signal modulation at very low average power densities, the study said. One physiological effect which has been demonstrated is heart seizure, the report said. t said this has been accomplished e$perimentally in frogs by synchronizing the pulses of a microwave signal with the animal+s heartbeat and beaming the radiation at the chest area.


...................................................................... MBA8<K7H5 N5K4, J7>=78F-F5?8=78F 1&%* /APV Si$ hundred scientists and engineers with security clearances spend the first wee# of Eecember at 2irtland 0ir (orce :ase in New 1e$ico e$amining the potential of high%power microwaves to zap enemy electronics... ... 1any branches of the Eepartment of Eefense were represented, including the 0ir (orce, the 0rmy and the Navy, together with E05@0, E 0, and EN0. The 4awrence 4ivermore 4abs were also well represented, as were most of the big defense contractors % Aeneral Eynamics, @hysics nternational and T5* each have a high%power microwave testing facility. n addition to these sources, susceptibility and hardening, there was one on biological effects? Er. Eavid Erwin and 1a'or 5obert Eowns represented the 0ir (orce and Coward :assen and Er. 6ohn E+0ndrea described the 0rmy and Navy programs, respectively. Er. (ran# :arnes of the 3niversity of Colorado in :oulder presented a poster paper on his and Er. Coward *achtel+s research on the effects of pulsed microwaves. Chuc# de Caro, a former correspondent for the Cable News Networ#, considers the possibility that the 3.S. is falling behind the 3.S.S.5. in microwave weapons in &The Lap Aap&, to be published in the 1arch issue of &The 0tlantic& 9see also 1*N November% Eecember ,->I;. ...................................................................... MBA8<K7H5 N5K4, J7>=78F-F5?8=78F 1&&# RF !EAPONS - DB47?IB>: P5<6I5 7>C EI5A98<>BA4 The military continues to e$plore development of 5( weapons for the conflicts of the future. (or instance, the &(irst Eirected Energy *arfare 9EE*; Conference&, held last year at the 1itre Corp. in 1c4ean !0, featured Er. Eavid Erwin of the 0rmstrong 4ab at :roo#s 0(:, San 0ntonio, T", on &Eirected Energy *arfare 5( Effects&, and E.r 6ose @ina of the C 0 on &Around Combat 0pplications of 5(&. Other topics included &@ersonnel !ulnerability& and Eirected Energy *arfare :iological Effects&.


The 6une meeting was organized by the 0ssociation of Old Crows, whose members are specialists in electronic warfare. Conference participants had to have security clearances of &Secret& or higher, as has been the case at similar meetings in the past 9See 1*N, 6%( >8 and N%E -=;. @ublic discussions of 5(71* weapons have focussed on dis% rupting technology. :ut a recent 0rticle in the 0irpower 6ournal revealed &for the first time that the military is developing high%powered microwave weapons for use against human beings&, reports @eter Cassidy in the 6anuary ,--I &@rogressive& 9see p. ,H;. 5(71* and E1(%based weapons are also being studied for civilian law enforcement. Oa# 5idge National 4aboratory 9O5N4; in Oa# 5idge TN will soon complete a literature review for the National nsitute of 6ustice on the feasibility of &thermal guns& which could heat the body to ,/. to ,/8 degrees ( and incapacitate the targetD &seizure guns& which would use E1 energy to induce epileptic%li#e seizuresD and &magnetophosphene guns& which would cause the target to &see stars&. The institute+s 5ay Eowns in *ashington cautioned that the report may not be made public. O5N4+s Er. Clay Easterly has said that some effects not associated with heating could be useful in developing nonlethal weapons. 9See 1*N, N%E -=.; ...................................................................... MBA8<K7H5 N5K4, S5695D?58-OA9<?58 1&&#, 67:5 1& S9<6 TE79 C78 <8 !5'II /76 Y<= They+re the se$iest gadgets in this year+s action movies? E1@ weapons, which use electromagnetic pulses to zap electronics. They have starring roles in Aoldeneye, the latest 6ames :ond movie, as well as in :ro#en 0rrow, Escape (rom 40, and Eraser. 0nd soon they may be coming to a police car near you. 4aw Enforcement News 9September =/; reports that the 3.S. 0rmy and the National nstitute of 6ustice are running a Y.//,/// field test to see if E1@ guns can force a car to stop by disabling its electrical systems. The plan is to use E1@ to do away with high speed chases 9another Collywood staple;. This is another e$ample of the growing interest in using nonlethal weapons developed by the military.


APPENDI. US1 - SILENT SOUND EI57><8 !EB95'4 A<DD5>94TEB4 789BAI5 4E<K4 AI578IF 9E5 DBIB978F'4 B>95>9 9< =45 5H58F 6<44B?I5 9E<=:E9-B>;I=5>AB>: 95AE><I<:F. TEB4 95AE><I<:F B4 I78:5IF AI744B;B5C ?=9 9E585 785 I57@4, IB@5 9EB4 789BAI5. !5 B>H<I=>978F 9549 4=?M5A94 A7> 95II F<= ;8<D ;B849 E7>C 5J658B5>A5 9E79 ;78 D<85 B>H74BH5 C5HBA54 ><K 5JB49. TEB4 789BAI5 8568545>94 <>5 <; 9E5 9K< 6787II5I 0987A@40 <> KEBAE 9E<=:E9-B>;I=5>AB>: 95AE><I<:F B4 ?5B>: =45C 7>C ;=89E58 C5H5I<65C- R7CB< ;85N=5>AF 4B:>7I4, ?745C <> 9E5 !! II 6E5><D5><> A7II5C 087C78 E578B>:0 - UI9874<=>C 4B:>7I4, KEBAE A7> ?5 987>4DB995C 9E8<=:E 9E5 7B8 <8 6B::F?7A@5C <> 9< 87CB<)TV 4B:>7I4 ...................................................................... NE.US V<I=D5 5, I44=5 # OA9<?58)N<H5D?58 1&&% U$5)# B44=54) 1 F578 1&&% N5J=4 N5K TBD54 %%%-& &-*4*4 >5J=4S65:.76A.<8: -------------------------E.CERPT- M<85 B> D7:7GB>5. -------------------------MBIB978F U45 <; MB>C C<>98<I !576<>4 J=CF !7II 1&&% PSY-OPS !EAPONRY USED IN THE PERSIAN GULF !AR F<8 F5784, 8=D<=84 E7H5 6584B495C 9E79 9E5 U>B95C S97954 D56789D5>9 <; D5;5>45 E74 ?55> 5>:7:5C B> 854578AE 7>C C5H5I<6D5>9 <; =I987-4<6EB49BA795C DB>C- 7I958B>: 95AE><I<:F. C<>;B8D79B<> <; 9EB4 A7D5 9< D5 85A5>9IF B> 9E5 ;<8D <; 9K< ITV N5K4 B=857= L9C +L<>C<>, KB85 458HBA5 ?=II59B>4.113 TE5 M78AE $", 1&&1 >5K4?8B5;, 0HB:E-T5AE P4FAE<I<:BA7I !78;785 A88BH54 B> 9E5 MBCCI5 E7490, C54A8B?54 7 US P4FAE<I<:BA7I O65879B<>4 +P4FO64, 97A9BA CB85A95C 7:7B>49 I87NB 98<<64 B> K=K7B9 C=8B>: O65879B<> D54589 S9<8D. TE5 D7><5=H85 A<>4B495C <; 7 4F495D


in which subliminal mind%altering technology was carried on standard radiofre)uency broadcasts. The 1arch <I, ,--, newsbrief states that among the standard military planning groups in the centre of 3S war planning operations at 5iyadh was &an unbelievable and highly classified @syOps program utilising +silent sound+ techni)ues&. The opportunity to use this method occurred when Saddam Cussein+s military command%and%control system was destroyed. The ra)i troops were then forced to use commercial (1 radio stations to carry encoded commands, which were broadcast on the ,// 1Cz fre)uency. The 3S @syOps team set up its own portable (1 transmitter, utilising the same fre)uency, in the deserted city of 0l 2haf'i. This 3S transmitter overpowered the local ra)i station. 0long with patriotic and religious music, @syOps transmitted &vague, confusing and contradictory military orders and information&. Subliminally, a much more powerful technology was at wor#? a sophisticated electronic system to +spea#+ directly to the mind of the listener, to alter and entrain his brainwaves, to manipulate his brain+s electroencephalograph ic 9EEA; patterns and artificially implant negative emotional states%feelings of fear, an$iety, despair and hopelessness. This subliminal system doesn+t 'ust tell a person to feel an emotion, it ma#es them feel itD it implants that emotion in their minds.F<G noticed that the T! wire service was from outside the 3nited States. 5eaders of 5esonance may recall that in the Electromagnetic *eapons Timeline in issue no. <-, reference is made to the documentary video, *aco? The :ig 4ie Continues, which contained video footage of three E1 weapons. This segment of the film was from the :ritish :roadcasting Corporation 9::C;. wondered if there was any significance to this. 0t the library pulled up bac# issues of my local newspaper for the same time%period of the Aulf *ar to see what the 0merican wire services had said, if anything, about the use of this special @syOps weapon. There was nothing said about it directly, but three news articles seemed related. n a news release from 0ssociated @ress during the same timeframe of the Aulf *ar truce, read? &The 0merican pilot who shot down the second ra)i warplane in H> hours said (riday that continued ra)i flights suggested that 3S warnings were not filtering down to ra)i pilotsZ Ce said he hopes Saddam gets the message now. + t+s really too bad that these people have to die for their unwillingness to heed our warnings... *hat really thin# is, they don+t communicate down to the people,+ he said. + f they have a communications problem, suggest they fi$ it.+&F=G


That may have been coincidence but two earlier news articles, dated 1arch ,, ,--,, apparently have a common origin with the T! news bulletin. The first articleFHG tells us that appro$imately ,// members of the 3S ,/,st 0irborne Eivision, fluent in 0rabic, tal#ed the enemy into surrendering. These soldiers rode in the 0pache helicopter gunships that were involved in the longest helicopter%borne assault in history. They told the ra)i troops that they would be slaughtered if they didn+t give up. &They got the point,& one soldier is )uoted as saying. This all sounds very unremar#able, e$cept when you read the editor+s note? &The following dispatch was sub'ect to 3S military censorship.& Now why would they want to censor such a mundane tactic, e$cept out of embarrassment that the 3S 0rmy fighting forces had fallen to the level of a cheer%leading s)uadO ... in which case they would have ni$ed the thing entirely. :ut upon re%reading the article, we may pic# out certain #ey phrases 9emphasised in italics;? &Ce Fthe soldier interviewedG was one of dozens of 0rabic spea#ers that played a #ey role in the allied ground attac# against ra), and part of an attempt by the 3S 0rmy to use finesse, intelligence wor# and tactics to complement brute strength.& f we fill in the missing blan#s with such descriptions as &the megaphone was used to direct psychoacoustic fre)uencies that engaged the neural networ#s of the enemy+s brain, causing him to thin# any thought and feel any emotion that the 0mericans chose to lay on him&, then it starts to ma#e sense. 0nd it would no longer seem so surprising that one soldier could tal# H./ enemy soldiers into surrendering. The possibilities are there, and, as the ne$t articleF.G documents, that is e$actly what happened. ra)i troops gave up en masse. *e )uote? &They were surrendering in droves, almost too fast for us to #eep up with...&D &...two ra)i ma'ors, both brigade commanders, who gave up their entire units...&D and & of them gave up to an 5@! Fremotely piloted vehicle;. Cere+s this guy with his hands up, turning in a circle to give himself up to a model airplane with a camera in it.& rrationalO Not if there was also a voice being beamed into his head from that little flying toy, saying, &Aive up, give upV& Otherwise, how do we account for the editor+s note at the beginning of the article? &The following is based on pool dispatches that were sub'ect to military censorship.& *ithout that note, we could smugly thin# that the ra)i soldiers were cowards or crazy, but why censor that ideaO


MIND CONTROL !ITH SILENT SOUNDS The mind%altering mechanism is based on a subliminal carrier technology? the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum 9SSSS;, sometimes called &S%)uad& or &S)uad&. t was developed by Er Oliver 4owery of Norcross, Aeorgia, and is described in 3S @atent P.,,.-,8/=, &Silent Subliminal @resentation System&, dated October <8, ,--<. The abstract for the patent reads? &0 silent communications system in which nonaural carriers, in the very low or very high audio%fre)uency range or in the ad'acent ultrasonic fre)uency spectrum are amplitude% or fre)uency%modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain, typically through the use of loudspea#ers, earphones, or piezoelectric transducers. The modulated carriers may be transmitted directly in real time or may be conveniently recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic, or optical media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener.& 0ccording to literature by Silent Sounds, nc., it is now possible, using supercomputers, to analyse human emotional EEA patterns and replicate them, then store these &emotion signature clusters& on another computer and, at will, &silently induce and change the emotional state in a human being&. Silent Sounds, nc. states that it is interested only in positive emotions, but the military is not so limited. That this is a 3S Eepartment of Eefense pro'ect is obvious. Edward Tilton, @resident of Silent Sounds, nc., says this about S%)uad in a letter dated Eecember ,=, ,--I? &0ll schematics, however, have been classified by the 3S Aovernment and we are not allowed to reveal the e$act details... ... we ma#e tapes and CEs for the Aerman Aovernment, even the former Soviet 3nion countriesV 0ll with the permission of the 3S State Eepartment, of course... The system was used throughout Operation Eesert Storm 9 ra); )uite successfully.& The graphic illustration, & nduced 0lpha to Theta :iofeedbac# Cluster 1ovement&, which accompanies the literature, is labelled P0: ,,I%=-H%-. 3NC40SS ( EE& and is an output from &the world+s most versatile and most sensitive electroencephalograph 9EEA; machine&. t has a gain capability of <//,///, as compared to other EEA machines in use which have gain capability of appro$imately ./,///. t is software%driven by the &fastest of computers& using a noisenulling technology similar to that used by nuclear submarines for detecting small ob'ects underwater at e$treme range.FIG


The purpose of all this high technology is to plot and display a moving cluster of periodic brainwave signals. The illustration shows an EEA display from a single individual, ta#en of left and right hemispheres simultaneously. le readout from the two sides of the brain appear to be )uite different, but in fact are the same 9discounting normal leftright brain variations;. CLONING THE EMOTIONS :y using these computer%enhanced EEAs, scientists can identify and isolate the brain+s low%amplitude &emotion signature clusters&, synthesise them and store them on another computer. n other words, by studying the subtle characteristic brainwave patterns that occur when a sub'ect e$periences a particular emotion, scientists have been able to identify the concomitant brainwave pattern and can now duplicate it. &These clusters are then placed on the Silent SoundFT1G carrier fre)uencies and will silently trigger the occurrence of the same basic emotion in another human beingV& U6 9< C<>95>94

SYSTEM DELIVERY AND APPLICATIONS TE585 B4 7 I<9 D<85 B>H<IH5C E585 9E7> 7 4BD6I5 4=?IBDB>7I 4<=>C 4F495D. TE585 785 >=D58<=4 6795>95C 95AE><I<:B54 KEBAE A7> ?5 6B::F?7A@5C B>CBHBC=7IIF <8 A<II5A9BH5IF <>9< 7 A788B58 ;85N=5>AF 9< 5IBAB9 7II @B>C4 <; 5;;5A94. TE585 766578 9< ?5 9K< D59E<C4 <; C5IBH58F KB9E 9E5 4F495D. O>5 B4 CB85A9 DBA8<K7H5 B>C=A9B<> B>9< 9E5 ?87B> <; 9E5 4=?M5A9, IBDB95C 9< 4E<89-87>:5 <65879B<>4. TE5 <9E58, 74 C54A8B?5C 7?<H5, =9BIB454 <8CB>78F 87CB< 7>C 95I5HB4B<> A788B58 ;85N=5>AB54. F78 ;8<D >5A54478BIF ?5B>: =45C 74 7 K576<> 7:7B>49 7 6584<>, 9E5 4F495D C<54 E7H5 IBDB9I544 6<4B9BH5 766IBA79B<>4. H<K5H58, 9E5 ;7A9 9E79 9E5 4<=>C4 785 4=?IBDB>7I D7@54 9E5D HB89=7IIF =>C595A97?I5 7>C 6<44B?IF C7>:58<=4 9< 9E5 :5>587I 6=?IBA. I> D<85 A<>H5>9B<>7I =45, 9E5 SBI5>9 S<=>C4 S=?IBDB>7I SF495D DB:E9 =9BIB45 H<BA5 A<DD7>C4, 5.:., 74 7> 7CM=>A9 9< 45A=8B9F 4F495D4. B5>579E 9E5 D=4BA7I ?8<7CA749 9E79 F<= E578 B> 49<854 7>C 4E<66B>: D7II4 D7F ?5 7 EBCC5> D5447:5 KEBAE 5JE<894 7:7B>49 4E<6IB;9B>:. A>C KEBI5 H<BA5 A<DD7>C4 7I<>5 785 6<K58;=I, KE5> 9E5 4=?IBDB>7I 68545>979B<> 4F495D A788B54 AI<>5C 5D<9B<>7I 4B:>79=854, 9E5 854=I9 B4 <H58KE5IDB>:. F855-D78@59 =454 ;<8 9EB4 95AE><I<:F 785 9E5 A<DD<> 45I;-E5I6 97654W 6<4B9BH5 7;;B8D79B<>, 85I7J79B<> 7>C D5CB979B<> 97654W 74 K5II 74 D59E<C4 9< B>A85745 I578>B>: A767?BIB9B54.


n a medical conte$t, these systems can be used to great advantage to treat psychiatric and psychosomatic problems. 0s a system for remediating the profoundly deaf, it is une)ualled. 9@romises, promises. This is the most common positive use touted for this technology over the past =/ years. :ut the deaf are still deaf, and the military now has a weapon to use on unsuspecting people with perfectly normal hearing.; OFFICIAL DENIALS n fact, the 3S Aovernment has denied or refused to comment on mindaltering weapons for years. Only last year, 3S News T *orld 5eport ran an article titled &*onder *eapons&, basically a review of the new so%called +non%lethal+ or +less%than %lethal+ weapons.+ Not one word about S%)uad, although the technology had been used si$ years earlierV E$cerpts from the article read? &Says Charles :ernard, a former Navy weapons%research director? + have yet to see one of these ray%gun things that actually wor#sZ&D and E05@0 9Eefense 0dvanced 5esearch @ro'ects 0gency; has come to us every few years to see if there are ways to incapacitate the central nervous system remotely,+ Er (. Terry Cambrecht, head of the Neural @rostheses @rogram at N C, told 3S News, +but nothing has ever come of it,+ he said. +That is too science%fiction and far%fetched.&+ t may sound &science fiction and far%fetched& but it is not. Cowever, that is 'ust what the powers%that%be want you to believe, so as to leave them alone in their relentless pursuit of...whatO The idea behind non%lethal weapons is to incapacitate the enemy without actually #illing them, or, in the case of riot control or hostage situations, to disable the participants without permanent in'ury, preferably without their #nowing it. The electromagnetic mind%altering technologies would all fall into this class of weapons, but since they are all officially non%e$istent, who is to decide when and where they will be usedO 0nd why should selected companies in the entertainment industry reportedly be allowed access to this technology when the very fact of its e$istence is denied to the general publicO 0s recently as last month F(ebruaryG, this stonewall approach of total denial or silence on the sub'ect still held fast, even toward committees of the 3S CongressV

-* -

% The 6oint Economics Committee, chaired by 6im Sa$ton 95%N6;, convened on (ebruary <., ,--> for the &Cearing on 5adio (re)uency *eapons and @roliferation? @otential mpact on the Economy&. nvited testimony included statements by several authorities from the military? % Er 0lan 2ehs, of the 3S 0rmy 4aboratories, discussed the overall 5( threat. % 1r 6ames O+:ryon, Eeputy Eirector of Operational Testing and Eirector of live fire testing for the Office of Secretary of Eefense at the @entagon, discussed the role of 4ive (ire Testing and how it plays a role in testing military e)uipment with 5( weapons. % 1r Eavid Schriner, @rincipal Engineer of Eirected Energy Studies with Electronic *arfare 0ssociates and recently retired as an engineer with a naval weapons testing facility, tal#ed about the difficulty in building an 5( weapon and about the terrorist threat. % Er ra 1erritt, Chief of Concepts dentification and 0pplications 0nalysis Eivision, 0dvanced Technology Eirectorate, 1issile Eefense and Space Technology Center, Cuntsville, 0labama, discussed the proliferation of 5( weapons primarily from the former Soviet 3nion. 0lthough these statements gave information of technical interest, they are perhaps more important for the information they did not give? information on the e$istence of radiofre)uency weapons that directly affect the human brain and nervous system. KGB PSYCHOTRONICS This technology did not spring up overnight. t has a long history of development and denials of development%by the 3S Aovernment and probably half of the other governments of the world as well. *e #now that the former Soviet 3nion was actively engaged in this type of research. n a previous article we reported that during the ,-8/s the Soviet 2A: developed a @sychotronic nfluence System 9@ S; that was used to turn soldiers into programmable +human weapons+. The system employed a combination of highfre)uency radiowaves and hypnosis. The @ S pro'ect was begun in response to a similar training scheme launched in the 3S by @resident Carter, according to Buri 1alin, former security adviser to 3SS5 @resident Aorbachev.F>G


n my Electromagnetic *eapons TimelineF-G covered a period of I/ years of interest and development in E1 weapons[information gathered from the many articles and news clippings sent in by readers of 5esonance. n my article on synthetic telepathyF,/G traced the development of the +voice in your head+ technology dating bac# to ,-I,, all my references coming from the open scientific literature. PO!ER OF THE MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLE. 6an *iesemann has written an apt description of the situation which now e$ists in the 3nited States, about the +forces that be+ and how the situation came about? &Euring the Cold *ar the 3nited States not only engaged in a relatively open nuclear arms race with the Soviet 3nion, but also engaged in a secret race developing unconventional weapons. 0s the intelligence agencies 9which prior to the Second *orld *ar had merely played a supporting role within the government; continued to increase their power, so did the funds spent on developing techni)ues designed to outsmart each other. &0nd as the 3S intelligence community began to grow, a secret culture sprang about which enabled the intelligence players to implement the various developed techni)ues to cleverly circumvent the democratic processes and institutions... &4i#e many other democracies, the 3S Aovernment is made up of two basic parts the elected constituency, i.e., the various governors, 'udges, congressmen and the @residentD and the unelected bureaucracies, as represented by the numerous federal agencies. & n a well%balanced and correctly functioning democracy, the elected part of the government is in charge of its unelected bureaucratic part, giving the people a real voice in the agenda set by their government. &*hile a significant part of the 3S Aovernment no doubt follows this democratic principle, a considerable portion of the 3S Aovernment operates in complete secrecy and follows its own unaccountable agenda which, unac#nowledged, very often is )uite different from the public agenda. &F,,G 6an goes on to )uote one of the 3nited States+ most popular war heroes? Ewight E. Eisenhower, who served as Supreme Commander of 0llied (orces during *orld *ar and was later elected =Hth @resident of the 3nited States. n his farewell address to the nation in ,-I,, @resident Eisenhower said?


&...we have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry of vast proportions. 0dded to this, three and a half million men and women are directly engaged in the defence establishment. *e annually spend on military security more than the net income of all 3nited States corporations. &This con'unction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the 0merican e$perience. The total influence%economic, political, even spiritual%is felt in every city, every state house, every office of the federal government. *e recognise the imperative need for this development. Bet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involvedD so is the very structure of our society. & n the councils of government, we must guard against the ac)uisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military %industrial comple$. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power e$ists and will persist. *e must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or our democratic processes.& INTERNATIONAL CONCERNS OVER NE! !EAPONS The 3nited Nations was established in ,-H. with the aim of &saving succeeding generations from the scourge of war&. n ,-8. the Aeneral 0ssembly considered a draft first proposed by .the Soviet 3nion? &@rohibition of the Eevelopment and 1anufacture of New Types of *eapons of 1ass Eestruction and New Systems of Such *eapons&. n ,-8- the Soviet 3nion added a list of some types of potential weapons of mass destruction? ,; 5adiological weapons 9using radioactive materials; which could produce harmful effects similar to those of a nuclear e$plosionD <; @article beam weapons, based on charged or neutral particles, to affect biological targetsD =; nfrasonic acoustic radiation weaponsD

H; Electromagnetic weapons operating at certain radio%fre)uency radiations which could have in'urious effects on human organs.F,<G n response, the 3S and other *estern nations stalled. They gave a long, convoluted reason, but the result was the same.


n an article entitled &Non%4ethal *eapons 1ay !iolate Treaties&,F,=G the author notes that the Certain Conventional *eapons ConventionF,HG covers many of the non%conventional weapons[&those that utilize infrasound or electromagnetic energy 9including lasers, microwave or radiofre)uency radiation, or visible light pulsed at brainwave fre)uency; for their effects&. Carlan Airard, 1anaging Eirector of the nternational Committee 0gainst Offensive 1icrowave *eapons, told me he believes the strategy behind the government+s recent push for less%than%lethal weapons is a subterfuge. The ones that are now getting all the publicity are put up for scrutiny to get the public+s approval. The electromagnetic mind%altering technologies are not mentioned, but would be brought in later under the umbrella of less%than% lethal weapons. These weapons were recently transferred from the Eepartment of Eefense over to the Eepartment of 6ustice. *hyO :ecause there are several international treaties that specifically limit or e$clude weapons of this nature from being used in international warfare. n other words, weapons that are barred from use against our country+s worst enemies 9notwithstanding the fact that the 3S did use this weapon against ra)i troopsV; can now be used against our own citizens by the local police departments against such groups as peaceful protestors of 3S nuclear policies. TO!ARDS GLOBAL MIND CONTROL The secrecy involved in the development of the electromagnetic mind%altering technology reflects the tremendous power that is inherent in it. To put it bluntly, whoever controls this technology can control the minds of men%all men. There is evidence that the 3S Aovernment has plans to e$tend the range of this technology to envelop all peoples, all countries. This can be accomplished, is being accomplished, by utilising the nearly completed C005@ pro'ectF,.,,IG for overseas areas and the A*EN networ# now in place in the 3S. The 3S Aovernment denies all this. Er 1ichael @ersinger is a @rofessor of @sychology and Neuroscience at 4aurentian 3niversity, Ontario, Canada. Bou have met him before in the pages of 5esonance where we reported on his findings that strong electromagnetic fields can affect a person+s brain. &Temporal lobe stimulation,& he said, &can evo#e the feeling of a presence, disorientation, and perceptual irregularities. t can activate images stored in the sub'ect+s memory, including nightmares and monsters that are normally suppressed.&F,8G


Er @ersinger wrote an article a few years ago, titled &On the @ossibility of Eirectly 0ccessing Every Cuman :rain by Electromagnetic nduction of (undamental 0lgorithms&.F,>G The abstract reads? &Contemporary neuroscience suggests the e$istence of fundamental algorithms by which all sensory transduction is translated into an intrinsic, brain%specific code. Eirect stimulation of these codes within the human temporal or limbic cortices by applied electromagnetic patterns may re)uire energy levels which are within the range of both geomagnetic activity and contemporary communication networ#s. 0 process which is coupled to the narrow band of brain temperature could allow all normal human brains to be. affected by a subharmonic whose fre)uency range at about ,/ Cz would only vary by /. , Cz.& Ce concludes the article with this? &*ithin the last two decades a potential has emerged which was improbable, but which is now marginally feasible. This potential is the technical capability to influence directly the ma'or portion of the appro$imately si$ billion brains of the human species, without mediation through classical sensory modalities, by generating neural information within a physical medium within which all members of the species are immersed. &The historical emergence of such possibilities, which have ranged from gunpowder to atomic fission, have resulted in ma'or changes in the social evolution that occurred inordinately )uic#ly after the implementation. 5eduction of the ris# of the inappropriate application of these technologies re)uires the continued and open discussion of their realistic feasibility and implications within the scientific and public domain.& t doesn+t get any plainer than that. 0nd we do not have open discussion because the 3S Aovernment has totally denied the e$istence of this technology. 0c#nowledgements would li#e to give special than#s to? 6an *iesemann for sending the Silent SoundsFT1G statement and patents which were the #eystone of this articleD 1i#e Coyle, whose computer search turned up many more related patentsD Carlan Airard, who has provided numerous official government documentsD and to the many who have provided newsclippings and articles, moral and financial support to 5esonance, without which we+d have ceased publication long ago.


0bout the 0uthor? 6udy *all is Editor and @ublisher of 5esonance, the Newsletter of the 1ENS0 :ioelectromagnetics Special nterest Aroup. pp.,,%%,=,,.%,I

U6 9< C<>95>94




AERIAL MIND CONTROL TE5 TE8579 9< CBHBI LB?589B54 ?F J=CF !7II, ECB9<8)P=?IB4E58 RESONANCE N5K4I59958 <; 9E5 MENSA BB<5I5A98<D7:>59BA4 S65AB7I I>958549 G8<=6 NE.US M7:7GB>5, OA9<?58-N<H5D?58 1&&& V<I. #, N<. # J=CF !7II A7> ?5 A<>97A95C ?F D7BI 79J=CF !7II, ECB9<8)P=?IB4E58 RESONANCE #%4 C<=>9F R<7C 5"5 S=D958HBII5 FL USA ""5%5 EI57><8 !EB95'4 A<DD5>94- TEB4 E78C EB99B>: 789BAI5 ?F J=CF !7II, KE< B4 NOT 7 DB>C A<>98<I HBA9BD 7>C B> ;7A9 7H<BC4 HBA9BD 9549BD<>B7I4 B> ;7H<=8 <; <>IF ;7A9=7I <?M5A9BH5 D7958B7I, A<>97B>4 4<D5 PO!ERFUL B95D4 ><9 KBC5IF @><K> 7D<>: B>H<I=>978F DB>C A<>98<I 5J658BD5>9554. TE5 D<49 BD6<897>9 ;7A59 <; 9EB4 789BAI5 B4 9E79 J=CF !7II 68545>94 5HBC5>A5 =>@><K> 9< D<49 <; 9E5 6=?IBA IN SPITE OF ITS BEING UNCLASSIFIED, 7>C B> 9E5 6=?IBA C<D7B> ;<8 9E5 6749 9K< C5A7C54. TE5 D7B> 95AE><I<:F =45C B4 7 DBJ <; =I9874<>BA H<BA5 <8 ?87B> 5>987B>D5>9, DBJ5C KB9E DBA8<K7H5 H<BA5-9<-4@=II <8 <8CB>78F 87CB< 7>C TV 4B:>7I4, C54A8B?5C B> C597BI B> A665>CBJ US1US1.....SILENT SOUND, BRITISH ITV ( NE.US MAGA/INE TE5 DBA8<K7H5 H<BA5-9<-4@=II 95AE><I<:F B4 C54A8B?5C B> 9E5 1&*4 789BAI5 ;8<D AD58BA7> P4FAE<I<:B49 D7:7GB>5, A665>CBJ PM#PM#.....DR. DON R. JUSTESEN'S REPORT- 1&*4 VOICE TO SKULL SUCCESS USAF COMMANDO SOLOAERIAL MIND CONTROL BROADCASTS

TE5 U>B95C S97954 AB8 F<8A5 =454 758B7I DB>C-A<>98<I ?8<7CA7494 7:7B>49 ABHBIB7> 6<6=I79B<> 74 K5II 74 5>5DF 98<<64. S<D5 <; 9E545 7A9B<>4 7:7B>49 ABHBIB7>4 785 C<>5 KB9E 9E5 B>95>9 <; B>;I=5>AB>: 6=?IBA <6B>B<> 7>C 9E5 <=9A<D5 <; 5I5A9B<>4.


n a previous article, we e$amined mind%control technology, especially that utilizing Silent Sound FT1G, in which radio%fre)uency broadcasts carry subliminal patterns that entrain the listener+s brainwaves into a pre%selected emotional state. 0ccording to T! wire service reports, this technology was used during Operation Eesert Storm in ,--,, as part of the 3S @sychological Operations 9@syOps; directed against ra)i troops. 11,$3 To the Eesert Storm offensive we can now add several other incidents. 0le$ Corvat, editor of The @robe, calls to our attention the ,--> video, E'otic (eapons of )ass *ontrol, produced by :ob (letcher. &The e$cerpt played on (letcher+s video is from T4C 9The 4earning Channel;and clearly states that Commando Solo was used in Caiti for what was called Operation +phold ,emocracy. 0s the general populace was violently opposed to 0ristide and most in favor of his ouster, it too# nearly a year of this clandestine counter%programming to get them to change their minds. nstead of butchering a population physically, we can no manipulate them mentally, virtually enslaving their thoughts with a criss%cross pattern of flights by an EC%,=/ 9which is 'ust a C% ,=/ heavily laden with electronic hardware.; 1"3 *e were not at war with the citizens of Caiti, yet the 3.S. Aovernment directed military weapons against this friendly, or at least neutral, civilian population. The 3.S. Aovernment sanction the &rigging& of the Caitian election by mental control of the people, programming them to cast their votes for the 0mericans+ favored candidate. 0nd they had the nerve to call it &Operation +phold ,emocracy&. Some sense of humorV Stalin would have loved it. Citler would have loved it. *hy is the 3.S. Aovernment doing thisO *ho is behind this flagrant violation of civil libertiesO s it the 3.S. Central ntelligence 0gency 9C 0; which has a long history of interfering in foreign government politicsO Or has this become standard military procedureO The rationale is always the same? &to ma#e the world safe for democracy&. Bet what is democracy if not freedomO (reedom to thin# your own thoughtsD freedom to e$press your own opinionsD freedom to vote for the candidate of your own choice. (letcher+s video also mentions that the same technology was used against the :osnia population for a wee# to influence their election. 143 This was probably done during Operation -oint .uard in ,--.. 153 The )uestions arise? f they have used mind%control broadcasts against foreign civilian populations to influence elections, will they use them against 0merican citizens %% or have they alreadyO *hat other countries may be the recipients of this innovative technologyO


6ust what is this EC%,=/E Commando SoloO The 3nited States 0ir (orce has helpfully published a fact sheet that describes the 4oc#heed built aircraft. 1#3 This ,--. bulletin states that the &unit flyaway cost& is more than 3S Y,// million each, and that there are eight in the inventory. ts primary function is &@sychological operations broadcasts&. The crew consists of four officers 9pilot, copilot, navigator, control chief7E*O;and seven enlisted members 9flight engineer, loadmaster, five mission crew.; 0ccording to the fact sheet? &0ir (orce 1ission? Commando Solo conducts psychological operations and civil affairs broadcast missions in the standard 01, (1, C(, T! and military communications bands. 1issions are flown at ma$imum altitudes possible to ensure optimum propagation patterns. The EC%,=/ flies during either day or night scenarios with e)ual success, and is air refuelable. 0 typical mission consists of a single ship orbit which is offset from the desired target audience. The targets may be either military or civilian personnel. &Secondary missions include command and control communications counter% measures 9C=C1; and limited intelligence gathering. &0ir (orce (eatures? Cighly specialized modifications have been made to the latest version of the EC%,=/. ncluded in these modifications are enhanced navigation systems, self%protection e)uipment, and the capability of broadcasting color television on a multitude of world% wide standards throughout the T! !C(73C( ranges. &0ir (orce :ac#ground? 0ir National Auard EC%,=/ aircraft flown by the ,-=rd Special Operations Aroup were deployed to both Saudi 0rabia and Tur#ey in support of Eesert Storm. Their missions included broadcasts of +!oice of the Aulf+ and other programs intended to convince ra)i soldiers to surrender. &The EC%,=/ was originally modified using the mission electronic e)uipment from the EC%,<,, #nown at the time as the Coronet Solo. Soon after the ,-=rd SOA received its EC%,=/s, the unit participated in the rescue of 3S citizens in Operation 3rgent (ury, acting as an airborne radio station informing those people on Aranada of the 3S military action. &!olant Solo, as the mission is now #nown, was instrumental in the success of coordinated psychological operations in Operation 6ust Cause, again broadcasting continuously throughout the initial phases of the operation.&


Operation -ust *auseO this is another propaganda name, applied to the 3.S. invasion of @anama to ta#e out that country+s leader, Aeneral Noreiga, the C 0+s erstwhile partner in drug smuggling. 0pparently the Aeneral had made someone mad how else to account for the massive invasion of this tiny tourist countryO To wit? &0 superpower whipped the poop out of ,/ percent of the police force of a Third *orld nation. Bou are supposed to be able to do that. t was done well, and credit those who did it. :ut it is important that we draw the right lessons from it& according to an anonymous 3S 1arine. 1*3 Our Commander%in%Chief had another point of view? &...the roll call of glory, the roster of great 0merican campaigns %% Bor#town, Aettysburg, Normandy, and now @anama.& %% @resident Aeorge :ush, 1arch ,--/ 1%3 MILITARY PSYOPS AGAINST CIVILIANS n a phone call to the 3S0( Special Operations Command @ublic 0ffairs Office, )uestioned the legitimacy of using these subliminal broadcasts against civilian populations. 1&3 "-udy (all/s article on Silent Sound for details.$ was told that it was all perfectly legal, having been approved by the 3.S. Congress 9V;. t may be o#ay by Congress, but sincerely doubt that it would be approved by the recipient populations. That conversation also elicited more information concerning the Commando Solo units. (or instance, the 0ir National Auard of the individual states in the 3.S. can also operate Commando Solo aircraft, should the Aovernor of a state re)uest assistance. That means the @syOps mind%control technology can be directed against 3.S. citizens. The Commando Solo aircraft have participated in the following missions possibly more, as the early missions of !olant Solo , were not #nown to this spo#esperson? % % % % % % Operation +rgent ury 9Arenada, Oct%Nov ,->=, 6an%6un ,->.; Operation -ust *ause 9@anama, late Eecember ,->-; Operation ,esert 0hield 92uwait, ra), from 0ugust ,--/; Operation ,esert 0torm 9Saudi 0rabia, Tur#ey, ra), ,--,; Operation +phold ,emocracy 9Caiti, ,--H%,--.; Operation -oint .uard 9@art of a 3N operation in :osnia%Cerzegovina, ,--.; % Operation ,esert Thunder 9part of a 3N operation in ra); % Operation ,esert o' 9 ra), < to = days in Eecember ,-->;

-% -

Other countries are #nown to have a similar aircraft, but the @5 officer declined to identify them, suggesting that chec# out -ane/s ,efense (eekly for such information. Not having access to that particular publication, searched through my copy of Jane's Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems 1 !" #. 11 3 The Commando Solo unit was not listed, but a browse through the boo# was informative as to the numerous types of electronic offence and defense systems available. These include stationary and mobile land units 9many housed in large truc#s;, shipboard and airborne models as well as well as space%based technology. f the military is spending 3S Y,// million per airborne unit 9times eight, we+re tal#ing 3S Y>// million here;, thin# it is safe to assume that they have tried out mind control e)uipment with less e$pensive, roving land units 9truc#s;, but use the airplanes to cover wider areas and hard%to%reach locations of the world. 0nd might add, we can assume that this mind%control technology. Even Y>// million on something unless it effectively, even under the adverse is an important point. they have tried out the efficacy of the 3S military would not waste has been proven to wor#, and wor# situation of military combat. This

The initial research into mind control in the 3S0 was conducted under the auspices of the C 0. The flagrant abuse of human rights in e$perimenting on unsuspecting persons was based on the supposition that the veracity of e$periments would be compromised if a sub'ect #new that he was participating in an e$periment. n the case of mind%control technology, to his supposition might very well be true. :ut that does not 'ustify its use or so said the Nuremburg Code, the tenets of which were used as a legal basis to prosecute Nazi scientists for war crimes. Cowever the 3S seems to have e$cused its own military and scientific community from adhering to that Code. 1113 MANIPULATING MIND AND BODY BY SATELLITE The ne$t logical step in mind control would be to incorporate this technology into satellite communications. Since other countries are #nown to have similar capabilities, there could occur a situation in which electronic mind control warfare is waged against a civilian population, receiving conflicting mental manipulation from both sides. *hat would be the mental state of individuals so targettedO *ould it cause a rise in mental aberrations and schizophreniaO 0nd what are the limits of mind manipulationsO Can people be forced to commit suicideO Can physical ailments or psychosomatic illnesses be inducedO 0 1arch ,--/ report from :osnia%Cerzegovina in the former Bugoslavia suggests the latter may have already happened. The report concerns <,--/ ethnic 0lbanians who were admitted to hospital with complaints of lung and s#in problems for which doctors could find no physical cause. 11$3


t is not a far step from manipulating a person+s emotional state to influencing bodily functions. ndeed, much of the literature on documenting microwave effects on biological systems deals with precisely this phenomenon. n fact, studies of the physical effects of microwave e$posure 9including radio fre)uencies; generally preceeded studies of mental effects. 0 meeting sponsored by ,efense 1 oreign 2ffairs and the nternational Strategic Studies 0ssociation was held in *ashington EC in ,->=. Cigh level officials from many countries met for this conference. They discussed psychological strategies related to government and policyma#ing. 0 summary of the agenda reads? &The group will be discussing the essence of future policyma#ing, for it msut be increasingly clear to all that the most effective tool of government and strategy is the mind... f it+s any consolation to the weapons oriented among defense policyma#ers, the new technologies of communications satellites, television, radio, and mind%control beams are +systems+ which are more tangible than the more philosophically based psychological strategies and operations. "Eleanor (hite/s comment3 2nyone know where to get a copy4$

&:ut we should ma#e no mista#eD it will be the +psychologically based+ systems which determine the world+s fate in coming years? the condition of the minds of populations and leaders. 0nd we should not ignore the fact that the 3SS5 "this was in 5678$ is wor#ing on electronic systems to +beam+ messages directly into the brain. *hat good, then, are conventional systems if these types of weapons are not counteredO 0nd, on a more basic level, what good is a weapon system if public opinion or political constraints prohibit its deploymentO& 11"3 t is obvious that they found the answer to that last )uestion. f the public does not #now about a weapon system, it cannot prohibit its deployment. This is the situtation that applies to mind%control technology. MIND CONTROL AGAINST 'POTENTIAL' ENEMIES The 3S military is aware that certain actions or procedures may not be acceptable to the 0merican public. 1etz and 2ievit e$press these concerns in their paper, &The 5evolution in 1ilitary 0ffairs and Short Conflict *ar.& 1143 &The use of new technology may also run counter to basic 0merican values. nformation age and in particular, information warfare technologies cause concerns about privacy... 0merican values also ma#e the use of directed%energy weapons ... morally difficult, perhaps unacceptable. The advantage of directed energy weapons over conventional ones is deniability. &0gainst whom is such deniability aimedO ... deniability must be aimed at the 0merican people.& -%$-

4ater they state? &*e must decide whether innovative military capabilities are, in fact, acceptable and desirable. That can only happen through open debate. The military must be a vital participant, but not the sole one.& :ut there has been no open debate. On 6uly <,, ,--H, the 3S Eepartment of Eefense proposed that non%lethal weapons be used not only against declared enemies, but against anyone engaged in activities that the EOE opposed. That could include almost any body and anything. Note that the mind%control technology is classified under non%lethal weapons. 1153 0 ,--> news item states that 3S 0ir (orce Aeneral 6ohn 6umper &predicts that the military will have the tools to ma#e potential enemies see, hear, and believe things that do not e$ist& and that &The same idea was contained in a ,.%volume study by the 3S0( Scientific 0dvisory :oard, issued in ,--I, on how to maintain 3S air and space superiority on the battle fields of the <,st century&. 11#,1*3 t seems that, in miltary parlance, a &prediction& means? &Eon+t be surprised when you find out we+ve already got this, but it+s classified and we can+t admit to it 'ust yet.& Notice that Aeneral 6umper predicts that mind control technology will be used against potential enemies. The military and government agencies may apply this term to any group or individual they perceive as a threat to their own interests. @otential enemies may be counter% culture individuals, those of opposing political viewpoints, economic or financial competitors, biological undesirables, etc. t is part of the military agenda to identify potential threats so as to be prepared to meet them. E$perience has shown that the 3S Aovernment 9the C 0 and (: , for e$ample; has moved against these people or groups, slandering, harassing, even #illing them, without ade)uate cause or legal sanction. 0 weapon that can be used in secret lends itself to abuse by unethical individuals in positions of power. The military and secret services have shown themselves often to be lac#ing in ethical constraints. 0fter all, the 'ob of the military is warD it is #illing peopleD and so, 'ust how this is accomplished may be considered irrelevant. 4esser evils, li#e mind control, pale by comparison. Of course, it can be argued that it is far more humane to brainwash a person via mind control technology than it is to torture or #ill them. Others vehemently deny this. They+d rather be dead than a mental slave to :ig :rotherV That is what revolutions are about. 0nd if recall correctly, that is the idea behind the 3S :ill of 5ights.


EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT !ARNS OF DANGERS 0wareness of the e$istence of mind%control technology, and hence its dangers and possibility for misuse, seems to be more prevalent than in Europe than in other areas. The European @arliament recently passed a &5esolution on environment, security, and foreign policy&. 11%3 This document includes these articles? &<=. Calls on the European 3nion to see# to have the new +non%lethal+ weapons technology and the development of new arms strategies also covered and regulated by international conventions... &<8. Calls for an international convention introducing a global ban on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings.& The 3nited States will ignore these resolutions, of course, as it has other E@ re)uestsD for e$ample, as mentioned in the same document? &<H. Considers C005@ 9Cigh (re)uency 0ctive 0uroral 5esearch @ro'ect; by virtue of its far%reaching impact on the environment to be a global concern and calls for it+s legal, ecological and ethical implications to be e$amined by an international independent body before any further research and testingD regrets the repeated refusal of the 3nited States 0dministration to send anyone in person to give evidence to the public hearing or any subse)uent meeting to be held by its competent committee into the environmental and public ris#s connected with the C005@ programme currently being funded in 0las#a...& One of C005@+s potential uses is a communications system. The military officially ac#nowledges two communications related applications? 9,; to replace the e$isting E$tremely 4ow (re)uency 9E4(; submarine communications system now operating in 1ichigan and *isconsinD 9<; to provide a way to wipe out communications over an e$tremely large area, while #eeping the military+s own communications system wor#ing. 11&3 0s we have seen, the mind%control subliminal messages are carried on radio fre)uency broadcasts. "-udy (all/s article on Silent Sound for details.$ The C005@ facility could be used to broadcast global mind%control messages, or such messages could simply be inserted into e$isting systems. Er. gor Smirnov, of the nstitute of @sycho%correction in 1oscow, says in regard to this technology? & t is easily conceivable that some 5ussian +Satan+, or let+s say ranian For any other +Satan+G, as long as he owns the appropriate means and finances, can in'ect himself FintrudeG into every conceivable computer networ#, into every conceivable radio or television broadcast, with relative technological ease, even without disconnecting cables. -%4-

Bou can intercept the FradioG waves in the other and then FsubliminallyG modulate every conceivable suggestion into it. f this transpires over a long enough time period, it accumulates in the heads of people. 0nd eventually they can be artificially manipulated with other additional measurements, to do that which this perpetrator wants Fthem to doG. This is why Fsuch technologyG is rightfully feared.& 1$ 3 A !ORLD!IDE MIND CONTROL MISSION To return to the 3S0( (act Sheet, it concludes? & n ,--/ the EC%,=/ 'oined the newly formed 0ir (orce Special Operations Command and has since been designated Commando Solo, with no change in mission. This one of a #ind aircraft is consistently improving its capabilities. The ne$t few years should see continued enhancements to the EC%,=/ and its worldwide mission.& 0bout the 0uthor? 6udy *all is the Editor of 9E0:;2;*E, the newsletter of the :io%electromagnetics Special nterest Aroup of 0merican 1ENS0 4td. !iewpoints e$pressed here are her own personal views. ENENOTES ,. <. *all, 6udy, &1ilitary 3se of 1ind Control *eapons&, NE"3S, .7/I, Oct%Nov ,--> &@sychological operations& are defined as? &@lanned operations to convery selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, ob'ective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups and individuals. The purpose of psychological operations is to induce or re%inforce foreign attitudes and behavior favorable to the originator+s ob'ectives. 0lso called @syOps.& (rom &6oint Eoctrine for nformation Operations&, 6oint pub% lication =%,=, - October ,-->. Than#s to Carlan Airard of the nternational Committee on Offensive 1icrowave *eapons 9@O :o$ .>8//, @hiladelphia @0 ,-,/<%>8//, 3S0; for the e$cerpt. Corvat, 0le$, &Commando Solo&, The <robe, vol. H, No. ,, *inter ,-->7--, p.HHD available from @O :o$ -/., St. @eters, 1O I==8I, 3S0. (letcher, :ob, E'otic (eapons of )ass *ontrolD video available from The <robe 9see above; or Alobal nsights, 0I8. (airview Er. P<HI, Carson City N!, >-8/, 3S0, tel ,%>//%8<-%H,=, .

=. H.

-%5.. 0n item of interest is that the 3S had a new type of

aerial reconnaissance plane positioned over the former Bugoslavia from 6uly ,H, ,--., about si$ months before the 3S officially intervened. The ,/%million%dollar unmanned saucer%shaped spy craft is nic#named &Ear# Star&. nformation from *-*om (*lassified *ommunications =9,<;, Eec ,--.D Erich 0. 0ggen, 6r., 9editor;, citing *E *hronicles nos. , and < and 9aising 2wareness newsletter. I. (act Sheet, dated 1arch ,--.. The address on the publication is 0( Special Operations Command @ublic 0ffairs Office, ,// :artley Street, Curlburt (ield, (4 =<.HH%.<8=, 3S0. They no longer supply printed copies, but you can access the document at E996-))KKK.E=8I?=89.7;.DBI 8. 1orrison Taw, 6ennifer, &Operation 6ust Cause? 4essons (or Operations Other Than *ar&, 5and Corp., ,--I, p. viiD )uoting from &Some Juestions *hether the 3S s 5eady for 4 C&, ;avy ;ews and +ndersea Technology, 0ugust <8, ,--/, p.8. >. 1orrison Taw, 6ennifer, ibid,. p.,. -. Telephone conversation of (ebruary <I, ,---, with 0( Special Operations Command @ublic 0ffairs OfficeD voice 9>./; >>H%..,. , email 6768E<C5SEN7;4<A.7;<A.7;.DBI ,/. :la#e, :ernard 9ed.; -ane/s 9adar and Electronic (arfare 0ystems 5668-6=, 6ane+s nformation Aroup nc., ,=H/ :raddoc# @lace, Suite =//, 0le$andria !0 <<=,H%,I.,, 3S0D also 6ane+s nformation Aroup, Sentinel Couse, ,I= :righton 5oad, Couldson, Surrey C5. <NC, 32. ,,. 9a; &3S Nullifies Nuremburg 4aw&, Earth >sland -ournal, *inter ,--I%-8. 9b; Cightower, 6im, &3nregulated E$periments on Cumans&, ;ew Times, 6une ,-%<., ,--8D cites Stolberg, Sheryl Aay, &3nchec#ed 5esearch @eople 5aises Concern on 1edical Ethics&, ;ew ?ork Times, 1ay ,H, ,--8. 9c; See &:an on 1edical E$periments *ithout Consent is 5ela$ed&, ;ew ?ork Times, November ., ,--I, p.,D copy available for ./ cents from Eavid @ar# :roo#s, =H.I ,8th St., San (rancisco C0 -H,,/. 9d; 0lso see Senator 6ohn Alenn+s bill S%,-=, &Cuman Sub'ects 5esearch @rotection 0ct of ,--8&, Congressional 5ecord, 3S Senate, 6anuary <<, ,--8. 9e; & n ,--H, a congress% ional subcommittee found up to .//,/// 0mericans between ,-H/ and ,-8H were endangered by sacred defense%related tests including radiation e$periments, mustard gas, 4SE and biological agents.& See <itch (eekly, 0pril ,8%<=, ,--8. ,<. Schaefer, @aul, &E$perimentation and *arfare&, article citing The @ansas *ity 0tar, between 1arch <. and =,, ,--/.


,=. Summary, The @erth Corporation, ,efense 1


2ffairs, November ,->=. ,H. 1etz, Steven, and 6ames 2ievit, &The 5evolution in 1ilitary 0ffairs and Conflict Short of *ar&, 3S 0rmy *ar College, Carlisle :arrac#s, @0 ,8/,=%././, 3S0, pp. ,.%,I and <-. FSee also 2rawczy#, Alenn, &:ig :rother+s 5ecipe for +5evolution in 1ilitary 0ffairs+&, ;EA+0 <7<I, 6une%6uly ,--..G ,.. Schaefer, @aul, &@syops? nvisible *arfare&, Buni )ountain *itiCen 9precise date un#nown, late ,-->7 early ,---;, p... ,I. &1icrowave *eapons&, )icrowave ;ews, 1arch70pril ,-->D 4ouis Slesin 9editor;, citing 2viation (eek, 1arch -, ,-->. ,8. Same article as above, citing )icrowave ;ews, 6anuary7(ebruary ,--8. ,>. &Environment, Security, and (oreign 0ffairs&, 5esolution 0H///.7--, 1inutes of <>7/,7-- % @rovisional Edition, European @arliament. (or copy, than#s to Arattan Cealy, 0dvisor on Energy T 5esearch, Areen Aroup in the European @arliament, 4EO <C=., 5ue *iertz Straat, :%,/H8 :ru$elles, :elgium, email :E57IFS5=8<678I.5=.B>9 ,-. (or more info on C005@, see :egich, Nic# and 6eanne 1anning, 2ngels ,on/t <lay This D229<, Earthpulse @ress, @O :o$ </,=-=, 0nchorage 02 --.</, 3S0, Tel. 9-/8; <H-%-,,,. </. (rom a Aerman documentary, &Aeheimes 5ussland? 1os#au % Eie Lombies dr roten Laren& 9&Secret 5ussia? 1oscow % The Lombies of the 5ed Czars&; aired on Aerman T! networ# LE( on Eecember <<, ,-->. Script translation by 6an *eisemann. The full te$t is to be published in 9esonance, No. =.. <,. 5eed, Chris, Lockheed *-58& Dercules and >ts Eariants, Schiffer @ublishing 4td, 0tglen, @0, ,---.

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TITLEP787D598BA DB;;585>A5 !7H54 ;<8 L<K F85N=5>AF AA<=49BA P8<67:79B<> ABSTRACT)BENEFITSP8B<8 854578AE B>CBA7954 9E79 7> 7887F <; =I9874<>BA 4<=8A54 <658795C KB9E 7> <;;459 B> ;85N=5>AF KBII 68<C=A5 B>;874<>BA <8 H58F I<K ;85N=5>AF 5>58:F. TEB4 5>58:F B4 =45;=I ?5A7=45 B9 B4 <D>B-CB85A9B<>7I, 7>C B9 68<67:7954 K5II KB9E IB99I5 7?4<869B<>. !B9E 4=;;BAB5>9 5>58:F, 9E5 854=I9B>: B>;874<>BA K7H54 A7> ?5 CB47?IB>: <8 I59E7I. SF>59BA4 68<6<454 7> 7668<7AE 9<K78C C5H5I<6B>: B>;874<>BA K7H54 9E79 A7> =I9BD795IF ?5 B>A<86<8795C B>9< ;=9=85 D7>-6<897?I5 4D7II 78D4 K576<> 4F495D4. TEB4 7668<7AE =9BIBG54 D<C58>BG5C 6>5=D79BA 95AE><I<:F KEBAE 68<C=A54 7> 5J985D5IF EB:E-6<K585C =I9874<>BA 4<=8A5. TE5 854=I9B>: ;85N=5>AF :5>58795C B4 685AB45IF A<>98<II5C 4=AE 9E79 9E5 C54B85C EB:E 6<K58 B>;874<=>C ;85N=5>AF A7> ?5 :5>58795C 79 9E5 978:59 ?F ?579B>: 9K< ;<A=45C =I9874<>BA 4<=8A54. BENEFITSTE5 6<95>9B7I 6<49 766IBA79B<>4 <; 9E5 6787D598BA CB;;585>A5 K7H5 :5>5879<8 B>AI=C5 ><>-I59E7I A8<KC A<>98<I, ><>-I59E7I 45I; C5;5>45 =>B94 ;<8 6<IBA5 7>C 6584<>7I =45, 7>C 4<<9 7>C A8=497A57> 85D<H7I C5HBA54 ;<8 A<DD58AB7I B>C=498B54. KEY!ORDSINFRASOUND GENERATION ULTRASONIC TUNING ACOUSTIC !EAPON ULTRASONIC HIGH PO!ER

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AI9585C S97954 L9C A<DD58AB7I 4B95 AI578IF C5D<>4987954 9E5 H58F 9EB> IB>5 ?59K55> 04=?IBDB>7I I578>B>:0 =4B>: 0V<BA5 FM0, 7>C 04BI5>9 EF6><4B40 74 5J658B5>A5C ?F B>H<I=>978F 5J658BD5>9554. TE5 857C58 B4 B>HB95C 9< 4A7> 9E5 47D6I5 6E87454 ;8<D 9E545 4<-A7II5C 0I578>B>: 976540. !E59E58 B9'4 0I578>B>:0 <8 0EF6><4B40 B4 I5;9 ;<8 9E5 857C58 9< C5ABC5.

ID7:5 4E<K4 E<K H<BA5 B4 987>4;<8D5C 9< 7> B>7=CB?I5 4B:>7I.


04TE5EE ST0TES 4TE @h? WIH%-%>,.%./-. or WIH%-%>,.%./.(a$? WIH%-%>,.%./I8 Email? @ostal address? @.O.:o$ I>%=HH, Newton, 0uc#land, New Lealand. Street address? I0 *estern Springs 5d, 1orningside, 0uc#land, New Lealand. The original commercial lin# from which the te$t below was copied on 1arch <<, </// is? E996-))KKK.7I9585C-497954.A<.>G)A:B-?B>)85I<7C.A:BTX)4=?)4BI5>9.E9D SILENT SUBLIMINALS Only your mind can hear. Bour ears hear nothing but your mind hears and accepts the powerful suggestions. Bou can safely play these tapes anywhere % in a car, while watching T! or listening to your favorite music, while wor#ing or even as silent sleep programming. *arning? Everyone within listening range of the tape will be programmed by the suggestions. To assure yourself that strong suggestions are recorded on the tape, ta#e it to any 5adio Shac# store, play it on their stereo and read the output with a 5adio Shac# Sound 4evel 1eter 9 tem ==%</./; Cow To 3se The Tapes? ncrease the volume until it is 'ust below any tape noise. f your stereo dec# has treble and bass controls, you can boost the subliminal output by increasing the treble and decreasing the bass. The player then emits a strong but inaudible fre)uency % modulated I/ % -/ decibel signal that is received and demodulated by the human ear. Technical nformation The Suggestions are delivered on a carrier fre)uency of ,H,>// cps, via a low%distortion sinewave signal. This fre)uency is slightly above the audible hearing range but the fre)uency%modulated 9(1; signal is still strongly impinging upon the diaphragm of the ear. The listener can e$pect his subconscious mind to accept the suggestions with repeated listening. FE*? Note the similarity to 4owery patent, US 5,15&,* "G

-& -

Cow To 3se The Tapes? ncrease the volume until it is 'ust below any tape noise. f your stereo dec# has treble and bass controls, you can boost the subliminal output by increasing the treble and decreasing the bass. The player then emits a ST5ONA :3T N03E :4E fre)uency%modulated I/ to -/ decibel signal that is received and demodulated by the human ear. The Silent Subliminals is a new brain 7 mind technology developed by an aerospace engineer. This new techni)ue has been licensed to !alley of the Sun 0udio 7 !ideo for this incredible new tape series. @atent pending. Note? :ecause the fre)uency is beyond normal recording range, the tape cannot be duplicated? E$amples of Suggestions? % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % &Every day you become thinner and thinner& &Bou now lose weight and full fill your goals& &Bou attain your weight goals and the body you desire& &Bou have the power and ability to attain the perfect weight and body you desire& &Bou have the self%discipline to lose all the weight you want& &Bou live a healthy lifestyle and eat a proper diet& &Bou now )uit smo#ing because it serves you& &Bou lose all desire to smo#e& &Bou accept that you now )uit smo#ing& &Bou are a non%smo#er& &Juit smo#ing. Juit smo#ing. Juit smo#ing& &Bou have the willpower to do anything you want to do& &Bou have great self% discipline and you use it to )uit smo#ing& &Cigarettes disgust you& &Bou are very sure of yourself& &Bou accept that you have great inner courage& &Bou are self%reliant and self%confident& &Bou are full of independence and determination& &Bou have great inner courage& &Every day in every way, you become more and more self%confident& &Bou feel good about yourself& &Bou pro'ect a very positive self%image& &Bou are rela$ed and at ease& &Bou detach from worldly pressures and e$perience an inner calm& &Negativity flows through you without affecting you& &Bou accept other people as they are&


% &Bou peacefully accept the things you cannot change, and change the things you can& % &Bou are at peace with yourself, the world and everyone in it& % &Bour mind is li#e calm water % &Bou direct your time and energy to manifest your desires& % &Bou have the self%discipline to accomplish your personal and professional goals& % &Every day, you increase your self%discipline& % &Bou do what you need to do and stop doing what doesn+t wor#& % &Bou freely choose to do what you need to do& % &Bou are assertive and feel good about yourself % &Bou now focus your energy upon attaining success& % &Bou #now e$actly what you want and you go for it& % &Bou can accomplish whatever you set out to do& % &:e ultra%successful. :e ultra%successful and become wealthy& % &Every day in every way, you become more successful& % &Bour creative thin#ing opens the door to monetary abundance& % &Bou easily achieve and maintain a penile erection& % &Bour body performs perfectly during se$ without thin#ing about it& % &0 hard, firm erection is your natural response to se$ual stimulation & % &Bou can ma#e love for a long before you e'aculate& % &Every day you feel better about your se$ual prowess and your ability to achieve and maintain a hard, firm erection

U6 9< C<>95>94



TE5 ORIGINAL LINK FOR THIS PAGE +A4 <; M78AE $$, $ E996-))4<=>C.D5CB7.DB9.5C=)Y6<D65B)46<9IB:E9)



M7AEB>5 LB495>B>: G8<=6 DB:B97I LB;5 C<>4<89B=D 0 beam of light can be controlled in many ways it can be aimed at one person in a crowd, spread to fill a room, or pro'ected to create rich, distant imagery. *e can now do these very same things with sound. To my friends in the 32? Than#s to those who have contacted me regarding the ::C pieceD +m happy it was so well received. recently had a very polite :ritish visitor, who seemed to en'oy the demonstration a great deal... clic# the photo to see who it was. The 0udio SpotlightT1, invented and developed at the 1 T 1edia 4ab, is a device which uses subtle nonlinear properties of the air to create an e$tremely narrow Sound :eamT1. This beam of sound behaves 'ust li#e a beam of light % +shining+ it at a specific listener allows only that person to hear it, and pro'ecting it against a surface creates an acoustic +image+ at the point of reflection. t is the first device that provides total control over both the location and distribution of high )uality sound, something impossible to achieve with traditional loudspea#ers. The circular transducer is very thin, and can be constructed in a variety of sizes and configurations as needed. 0 typical 0udio Spotlight transducer has an active area of appro$imately , foot diameter, and, depending on size and fre)uency content, pro'ects an appro$imately three%degree wide beam of sound audible to well over ,// meters. Carmonic distortion has been reduced to close to that of a traditional loudspea#er, sound level is )uite appreciable 9on the order of >/%-/d:0; at several meters, and fre)uency response, depending on size, e$tends down to a few hundred Certz, and upwards beyond the range of hearing. Continued research is being conducted on all facets of the technology. *hile still under development, we are testing applications of the device in collaboration with several of our 1edia 4ab Sponsors in preparation for eventual commercial release. @ut sound wherever you want it.T1 (. 6oseph @ompei 6<D65BSD5CB7.DB9.5C=


U47:5 The 0udio Spotlight can be used in two ma'or ways? 0s directed audio, sound is directed at a specific listener or area, to provide a private or area specific listening space. 0s pro'ected audio, sound is pro'ected against a distant ob'ect, creating an audio image. This audio image is literally a pro'ected loudspea#er sound appears to come directly from the pro'ection, 'ust li#e light. The 0udio Spotlight consists of a thin, circular transducer array and a specially designed signal processor and amplifier. The transducer is about half an inch thic#, nonmagnetic, and lightweight. The signal processor and amplifier are integrated into a unit about the same size as a traditional audio amplifier, and has similar power re)uirements. T5AE><I<:F :ecause it is impossible to generate e$tremely narrow beams of audible sound without e$tremely large loudspea#er arrays, we instead generate the sound indirectly, using the nonlinearity of the air to convert a narrow beam of ultrasound into a highly directive, audible beam of sound. The device transmits a narrow beam of ultrasound 9blue;, which, due to the inherent nonlinearity of the air itself, distorts 9changes shape; very slightly as it travels. This distortion creates, along with new ultrasonic fre)uencies, audible artifacts 9green; which can be mathematically predicted, and therefore controlled. :y constructing the proper ultrasonic beam, this nonlinearity can be used to create, within the beam itself, an audible sound beam containing any sound desired. This is presently done in real%time using low cost circuitry, a specially designed amplifier, and transducers developed at 1 T specifically for this pro'ect. HF658-CB85A9BHB9F The directivity, or narrowness, of an acoustic wave generated by a circular transducer is proportional to the ratio of the diameter of the transducer to the wavelength of the sound. So a transducer much larger than the wavelength of the sound creates a very narrow beam.


APPENDI. TR4 - ELECTRONICS SEES !HAT A CAT SEES EF5'4 VB4B<>4 EI5A98<>BA7IIF R57C A>C DB46I7F5C EI57><8 !EB95'4 A<DD5>94- OH58 C5A7C54 <; 5J658B5>A5 7>C 7D<>: 78<=>C " B>H<I=>978F >5=8<-5I5A98<D7:>59BA 5J658BD5>9554, 9E585 E7H5 ?55> B>497>A54 KE585 9K< 9F654 <; 9E<=:E9 857CB>: K585 5HBC5>9IF 658;<8D5C ?F 9E5 5J658BD5>9584- EI5A98<>BA 857CB>: <; 9E<=:E94 047BC 9< <>5'4 45I;0 - EI5A98<>BA HB5KB>: 9E8<=:E 9E5 5F54 <; 9E5 5J658BD5>955 TEB4 789BAI5 B4 7?<=9 6BA@B>: =6 85A<:>BG7?I5 BD7:54 ;8<D 7 IBHB>: ?87B> +7 A79'4, 7>C CB46I7FB>: 9E<45 BD7:54 <> 7 4A855>. K556B>: B> DB>C 9E79 AI744B;B5C 68<M5A94 A7> ?5 $ <8 D<85 F5784 7E57C <; =>AI744B;B5C K<8@ +5.:. 9E5 SR-*1 7B8A87;9,, 9E5 AI7BD4 <; 9E5 B>H<I=>978F 5J658BD5>9554 ?5A<D5 D=AE AI<458 9< ?5IB5H7?I5 B> IB:E9 <; 9E5 =>AI744B;B5C K<8@ C54A8B?5C ?5I<K. +22 NOTE- !EBI5 6<>C58B>: 9E5 95AE><I<:F E585, 9E5 857C58 4E<=IC 7I4< 85;I5A9 <> 9E5 766785>9 5745 KB9E KEBAE 9E545 5J658BD5>9584 A7> A=9 =6 7 A79'4 4@=II, 854987B> B9, B> <?HB<=4 CB4A<D;<89 7>C 5J985D5 =>KBIIB>:>544, 9< <?97B> 9EB4 C797. !5 " HBA9BD4 K<=IC IB@5 9< 6<B>9 9EB4 <=9 9< 4E<K 9E5 K<8IC 9E79 9EB4 47D5 A7II<=4 799B9=C5 B4 KE79 5>7?I54 4BDBI78 A<H589 5J658BD5>9584 9< 9<89=85 =4 78<=>C 9E5 AI<A@ 7>C A<D6I595IF 4E79958 <=8 IBH54., ................................................................... ELEKTRONSKI MAGA/IN ORIGINAL LINKE996-))KKK.47?7A.A<.F=)5-GB>5)95AE><I<:F)9J9)@7E>5FOA79O5F5.E9DI f above lin# is bro#en 2 *at/s Eye )arvel % E"CE5@T? by 4eander 2ahney =?// a.m. 8.Oct.--.@ET n a dramatic demonstration of mind reading, neuroscientists have created videos of what a cat sees by using electrodes implanted in the animal+s brain. Aarrett Stanley of Carvard, and (ei 4i and Bang Ean of the 3niversity of California, :er#eley, were able to reconstruct in startling detail scenes flashed before a cat+s eyes.


n the early ,->/+s, several 6apanese companies, such as Nippon Columbia, 5icoh, and 1atsushita, attempted to develop the parametric array for the reproduction of broadband audible sound. They typically deployed large arrays containing hundreds of piezoelectric transducers, such as the one to the right 1"3, to transmit simple 01 modulated audible signals. *hile successful in reproducing sound, tremendous problems with cost, robustness, and e$tremely poor sound )uality 9up to ./S total harmonic distortion; caused them to abandon the technology as unfeasible. 1ore recently in mid ,--I, an 0merican company produced their own version of this device and proclaimed it +a revolution+ in audio. n fact, this device, contrary to their claims and unbe#nownst to the popular press, was very similar to those described in audio 'ournals a decade earlier 9shown to the left;, and of course suffered from the very same problems of poor sound )uality and lac# of robustness that plagued the earlier researchers 143. Since then, there has been no published evidence of progress towards a practical device. :ac#ground Since his days as a part%time musician and young acoustics engineer at :ose in the early ,--/+s, 1r. @ompei recognized that a #ey ingredient missing from audio reproduction was the ability to reliably spatialize sound. *hile in a natural environment, sound occurs all around us, giving us a tremendously strong impression of our environment, the reproduction of sound over loudspea#ers, at best, provides a very vague and limited spatial impression. Similarly, what was missing from music, he decided, was the ability to choreograph musical instruments in space, 'ust as you would dancers. *hile pursuing as a 1aster+s student techni)ues related to +=E 0udio+ technologies, he realized that this method would simply not wor# in an uncontrolled acoustic environment % if the listener moved out of the small +sweet spot+, the illusion would vanish, and there were no practical remedies to this problem, so long as traditional loudspea#ers were used. The solution, then, was to not rely on psychoacoustic illusions, but instead to create sound independently of the loudspea#er. One of several ideas he had at the time was the use of interacting ultrasound beams to produce audible sound.


0fter briefly researching the idea, he discovered the numerous papers describing the underwater parametric array and the earlier attempts of its application as an audible sound source. (rom these papers, he saw that there were two #ey concepts which were overloo#ed in the previous attempts, mitigating their success? P8568<A544B>: Earlier attempts used simple 01 modulation to generate the ultrasound signal, which does create audible byproducts, but also substantial distortion. The nonlinear transformation from ultrasound to audible sound is much more comple$ than 01 demodulation. Therefore, in order to reduce distortion, this specific transformation needed to be mathematically modeled, inverted, and then applied as a preprocessing algorithm. The lowest%order preprocessing method, used in the earliest 1 T prototypes, was derived from a simple model 153 proposed in ,-I.. T87>4C=A58 D54B:> The transducers used in previous attempts were common piezoelectric transducers used for ultrasonic ranging. These transducers are highly resonant, and do not have sufficient bandwidth to reliably reproduce the preprocessed ultrasonic signal. Thus, even with a preprocessing algorithm, substantial distortion would continue to result until we developed transducers capable of reliably reproducting the broadband preprocessed signal. 0s a side pro'ect during his 1aster+s wor#, he continued his development of these ideas, studying nonlinear wave interactions and ultrasonic transducer design, eventually deciding to pursue the area as the focus of a doctoral dissertation. Of all the universities that he applied to, he decided that the free%wheeling nature of the 1 T 1edia 4ab was the ideal environment for developing the idea. The first full size prototype was demonstrated in 0pril ,--> to our 1edia 4ab Sponsors, and performed beyond all e$pectations. The first demonstration was a 6ohn Coltrane solo, whose sa$ophone was heard loud and clear, pro'ected li#e a spotlight all around a movie theater, and flying right over the audience. @ower consumption was nominal 9\=/*;, construction was straightforward, and distortion had been reduced by several orders of magnitude compared to all earlier attempts.


0 paper 1#3 describing the results of the first prototype, as well as a live demonstration, were presented at the ,/.th Convention of the 0udio Engineering Society in September, ,-->, and received a standing ovation. *hile the parametric array itself is not patentable, 1 T has applied for patents on #ey aspects of the technology which ma#e it a practical device. This directivity plot of a prototype clearly illustrates the e$treme narrowness of the beam. 9@ublished in FIG;. Euring the summer of ,-->, we compared distortion of prior devices with our prototype. Note that distortion has been reduced nearly to that of a traditional loudspea#er. 9@ublished in FIG;. Since then, development has been remar#ably productive, with engineering and mathematical advances resulting in more sound output, better sound )uality, and reliable performance. &Everything you do with light, you can now do with sound.&T1 5eferences? F,G F<G F=G FHG F.G FIG *estervelt, @. 6., 6. 0coust. Soc. 0merica, v=. .=.%.=8 9,-I=; :ennett, 1. :., and :lac#stoc#, E. T., 6. 0coust. Soc. 0merica, v.8, .I<%.I> 9,-8.; Boneyama, 1., et al., 6. 0coust. Soc. 0merica, v8=, ,.=<%,.=I 9,->=; :lac#stoc#, E. T., 6. 0coust. Soc. 0merica, v,/< =,/I90; 9,--8; lin# :er#tay, C. O., 6. Sound !ib., v<, H=.%HI, 9,-I.; @ompei, (. 6., 6. 0udio Eng. Soc., vH8, 8<I%8=, 9,---; 9originally in @roc. ,/.th 0ES Conv., @reprint H>.= 9,-->; ; nventor?

0bout the

:eginning his career in acoustics at ,I while in high school, starting as the first high school co%op and becoming the youngest engineer at :ose Corporation, (ran# 6oseph @ompei continued wor#ing part%time and summers for :ose while earning a degree in Electrical Engineering with an Electronic 0rts 1inor from 5ensselaer @olytechnic nstitute. 5ecognizing the importance and underutilization of spatialized sound, he decided to pursue research in psychoacoustics and application of auditory localization at Northwestern 3niversity, earning a 1aster+s degree. 0cutely aware of the limitations of traditional loudspea#ers, he had the idea of using ultrasound as an acoustic pro'ector, and is now developing such a device at the 1 T 1edia 4ab, continuing his education in pursuit of a @h.E.


1r. @ompei is honored to have been chosen as a :ritish Telecom fellow for his second year in a row. (or 1ore nformation?

0 technical paper FIG describing the basic device 9along with a live demo; was presented at the 0udio Engineering Society+s ,/.th Convention 9September, ,-->;. @lease contact them directly with preprint re)uests. The same paper was 'ust published in the September ,--- issue of the 6ournal of the 0udio Engineering Society. &Official& press7public in)uiries? and Sponsor 5elations team. Or, you can email me. 0ll content 9c; ,--- (. 6oseph @ompei, 1 T 1edia 4ab, e$cept where noted. :T* photo of early parametric array 9c; ,->= 0coustical Society of 0merica. 5eproduction, archiving, and7or redistribution of any part of this document prohibited without written permission from 1r. @ompei or the 1 T 1edia 4ab. @atents @ending. Contact our Communications

U6 9< C<>95>94


APPENDI. T!R1 - THE LADS DEVICE T=54C7F, S5695D?58 &, 1&&* 1 -$ - & AM

VSE CORP. LIFE ASSESMENT DECTECTOR SYSTEM +LADS, P795>9 P5>CB>: TE5 LB;5 A44544D5>9 D595A9<8 SF495D +LADS,, 7 DBA8<K7H5 D<66I58 D<H5D5>9 D574=8B>: C5HBA5, A7> C595A9 E=D7> ?<CF 4=8;7A5 D<9B<>, B>AI=CB>: E5789?579 7>C 8546B879B<>, 79 87>:54 =6 9< 1"5 ;559 +41.15 D59584,. TE5 68BD78F ;=>A9B<> <; 9E5 LADS B4 9< 68<HBC5 7 85IB7?I5 D59E<C ?F KEBAE D5CBA7I 7>C 5D58:5>AF 6584<>>5I A7> I<A795 6584<>>5I ?=8B5C B> ?=BICB>: A<II76454 <8 B>M=85C <> 9E5 DBIB978F ?799I5;B5IC. LADS A7> C595A9 4=AE 4B:>4 <; IB;5 74 D<H5D5>9, E5789?579, <8 8546B879B<>. 22 NOTE- TE5 85;585>A5C BD7:5 <; 9E5 LADS C5HBA5 B4 >< I<>:58 7H7BI7?I5 79 9E5 E996-))KKK.H45A<86.A<D K5? 4B95. !E79 B9 4E<K5C K74 D7B>IF 7 4D7II CB4E 7>95>>7 D<=>95C <> 9E5 9<6 <; 7 98B6<C. +A=:=49 &, 1&&%, O8B:B>7IIF C54B:>5C 9< C595A9 E5789?579 7>C 8546B879B<> <; DBIB978F 6584<>>5I K578B>: AE5DBA7I-?B<I<:BA7I K78;785 68<95A9BH5 <H58 :78D5>94, 9E5 LADS E74 ?55> 85498=A9=85C, :8579IF B>A8574B>: B94 <65879B<>7I 87>:5 7>C 68<HBCB>: 7 D57>4 ;<8 5IBDB>79B>: 0>=B47>A5 7I78D40 KEBAE A<=IC DBDBA E=D7> IB;5 4B:>4, 4=AE 74 ;7>4, KB>C C87;94, <8 4K7FB>: 98554. TEB4 B4 7AA<D6IB4E5C 9E8<=:E >5=87I >59K<8@ 95AE><I<:F, KEBAE 0987B>40 9E5 4F495D 9< 85A<:>BG5 E=D7> D<9B<> 7>C E5789?579)8546B879B<> ;=>A9B<>4. I; 9E545 ;=>A9B<>4 785 ><9 C595A95C, 9E5 8574<>7?I5 744=D69B<> B4 9E79 9E585 785 >< 4=8HBH<84. O65879B>: =>C58 4=AE 7> 744=D69B<>, 9E5 854A=5 957D A7> ><K 68<A55C KB9E<=9 ;578 <; ;=89E58 I<44 <; IB;5W B.5., 854A=5 7>C D5CBA7I 6584<>>5I 7>C 5N=B6D5>9 A7> ?5 C56I<F5C D<85 5;;5A9BH5IF 7>C 5;;BAB5>9IF. TE5 LADS A<>4B494 <; 7 45>4<8 D<C=I5, 7 >5=87I >59K<8@ D<C=I5, 7>C 7 A<>98<I)D<>B9<8 D<C=I5. TE5 45>4<8 D<C=I5 B4 7> J-?7>C +1 GHG, DBA8<K7H5 987>4A5BH58 KB9E 7 ><DB>7I <=96=9 6<K58 <; 15 DBIIBK7994, <65879B>: B> 9E5 A<>9B>=<=4 K7H5 +C!, D<C5. TE5 >5=87I >59K<8@ D<C=I5 C5HBA5 A7> 49<85 D7>F A<D6I5J 679958>4 4=AE 74 HB4=7I K7H5;<8D4 7>C 4655AE 95D6I7954, 7>C A7> 574BIF A<D6785 B>6=9 679958>4 9< 685HB<=4IF 0987B>5C0 <8 49<85C 679958>4. TE5 A<>98<I)D<>B9<8 D<C=I5 68<HBC54 9E5 LADS' B>498=D5>9 A<>98<I4, 4=AE 74 <>-<;; 4KB9AE54, AB8A=B9 ?857@584, 7>C ?79958F A<>CB9B<>, 74 K5II 74 D<9B<>, E5789?579 K7H5;<8D, 6=I45 4985>:9E, 7>C 6=I45 8795 CB46I7F4.

-1 1LADS 68<HBC54 IB;5 744544D5>9 A767?BIB9B54 ;<8 65<6I5 KE< 785% % % % % % % Trapped in building rubbleD :attlefield casualties in a chemical7biological warfare environmentD !ictims of airline, train, or automobile crashesD Trapped in an avalanche or mud slideD Trapped on a mountain ledgeD Trapped under a collapsed tent structureD or Costages being held in a nonmetallic room.

(or more information about the 40ES, send E%mail to? B>;<SH45A<86.A<D 9,--> info;

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TE5 N79B<>7I I>49B9=95 <; J=49BA5 +NIJ,, 9E8<=:E 9E5 J<B>9 +J=49BA5-D5;5>45, P8<:87D S9558B>: G8<=6 +JPSG,, B4 46<>4<8B>: G5<8:B7 T5AE R54578AE I>49B9=95 +GTRI, B> C5H5I<6B>: 7> B>5J65>4BH5, E7>CE5IC, I<K-6<K58 87C78 9E79 KBII 5>7?I5 I7K <;;BA584 9< C595A9 B>CBHBC=7I4 9E8<=:E B>958B<8 ?=BICB>: K7II4. I9 K<8@4 ?F 45>4B>: 9E5 D<9B<> <; 7> B>CBHBC=7I'4 AE549 KE5> 9E5F ?8579E. S979=4 R56<89GTRI B4 A=885>9IF C54B:>B>: 7>C 85;B>B>: 9E5 ;B849 68<9<9F65 =>B9. A I7?<879<8F 9549 7857 E74 ?55> A<>498=A95C A<>4B49B>: <; 7 45A9B<> <; E<D5 4BCB>: 7>C C8FK7II, 7 K<<C5> ;8<>9 C<<8, 7>C 7 45A9B<> <; ?8BA@ 7>C D<8978. TE5 I7?<879<8F D<C5I 4E<K> E585, K74 7?I5 9< C595A9 B>CBHBC=7I4 9E8<=:E 57AE <; 9E545 D7958B7I4. I9 7I4< C5D<>498795C 9E5 7?BIB9F 9< C595A9 7> B>CBHBC=7I 9E8<=:E 9E5 I7?<879<8F'4 AB>C58 ?I<A@ K7II4. GTRI B4 K<8@B>: 9< A<D?B>5 9E5 9K< 67894 <; 9EB4 C5HBA5 B>9< 7 4B>:I5 =>B9. NIJ 6I7>4 <> C5D<>49879B>: 9E5 R7C78 FI74EIB:E9 KB9E I7K 5>;<8A5D5>9 7:5>AB54 9E8<=:E B94 N79B<>7I L7K E>;<8A5D5>9 7>C C<885A9B<>4 T5AE><I<:F C5>958 +NLECTC, +S<=9E5749 R5:B<>7I C5>958, ?5;<85 9E5 5>C <; 1&&&. C<>97A9D8. P595 N7AAB P8<M5A9 M7>7:58 T5I- +* ", "51-%%$1 E-D7BI- 6>7AABSC7867.DBI U6 9< C<>95>94

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PM- TECH UPDATE- F8B4@B>: F8<D A;78- OCT &5 P<6=I78 M5AE7>BA4 D7:7GB>5

MBIIBD5958-K7H5 A7D587 6BA@4 =6 ?<9E D597IIBA 7>C 6I749BA A<>A57I5C E7>C:=>4. DEERFIELD, MA-B59K55> DBA8<K7H5 7>C B>;8785C IB54 9E5 DBIIBD5958 K7H5 ?7>C. TEB4 IB99I5-E587IC5C 6<89B<> <; 9E5 5I5A98<D7:>59BA 465A98=D 9=8>4 <=9 9< ?5 658;5A9 ;<8 085D<95 ;8B4@B>:.0 MBIIB95AE C<86. E74 C54B:>5C 7 A7D587 9< 7AA<D6IB4E M=49 9E79. 1MILLITECH HAS SOLD THE RIGHTS TO MILLIVISION, NORTHAMPTON MA3 TE5 BC57 A7II4 ;<8 D574=8B>: 9E5 9BD5 C5I7F 7>C B>95>4B9F <; DBIIBD5958 K7H5 5>58:F 9E79 87CB7954 >79=87IIF. A9 DBIIBD5958 K7H5I5>:9E4, 65<6I5 785 :<<C 5DB99584, KEBI5 D597I4 785 H58F 6<<8. DB5I5A98BA <?M5A94, 4=AE 74 6I749BA4, A587DBA4 7>C 6<KC585C C8=:4, 785 4<D5KE585 B> ?59K55>. $lothing and building materials, such as %allboard, are &irtually transparent.

U6 9< C<>95>94



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...B4 7 CB7:87D <; 9E5 C5D<>49879B<> 4F495D. A 6=I45 :5>5879<8 B4 =45C 9< C8BH5 9E5 987>4DB9 7>95>>7. TE5 6=I45 B4 7 6<4B9BH5 46B@5 :<B>: =6 9< 1 V 9E5> ;7IIB>: ?7A@ 9< :8<=>C B> <>5 7>C 7 E7I; >7><45A<>C4 A<88546<>CB>: 9< 7 6=I45 987>4DB9 ;85N=5>AF <; *5 MHG.

-1 5The return signal is read by the receive antenna. 0t this point some simple analog processing is done and the signal is digitized at a resolution of I ACz, and sent to a @C. The @C correlates the data into a conventional waveform, does some processing, then transmits the data over an ethernet cable to a @entium wor#station 9not shown;. The @entium wor#station is used to apply different digital filters, combine waveforms, and display the results. This system can be used to demonstrate detection of small targets buried in sand, people behind walls, and other targets.

@atriot has used its antenna system to demonstrate detection of ob'ects as small as a co#e can buried in sand, through a wall. Even small targets disturb the wavefront of the pulse, producing reflections and modifying the field in measurable ways. @atriot will be testing this technology for suitability for mine detection. *e will be ac)uiring sample casings and running further tests.

-1 #ACH7>97:54 <; P798B<9'4 ID6=I45 R7C78 SF495D

The #ey to @atriot+s 5adar system is its ability to transmit and receive pulses barely longer then single cycles at the transmit fre)uency. The first waveform shown here is a pulse generated by an earlier @atriot Eesign, based on &off the shelf& antenna technology. The waveform on the bottom was produced and received by @atriot+s current Eesign. The current @atriot antenna system produces a pulse at the desired fre)uency with little leading or trailing noise. The @atriot antenna system provides many advantages over pulse%based systems. @atriot originally developed the impulse radar system to allow time domain processing in @atriot+s A@5 systems. :ecause the impulse is e$tremely short 9= nanoseconds;, the time to return can be used to gauge the distance traveled by the pulse. (urthermore, the transmit and receive antenna+s are very directional, eliminating much of the multipath components of the return signal. The short pulse combined with the directional transmit and receive to provide us with a number of important advantages? % % % % % !ery low average power during transmission 4ow interference from other transmitters Transmission invisible to conventional receivers Cigh bandwidth digital data transmission possible Eifficult detection by other impulse receivers

-1 *-

nterference with other sources and receivers is further reduced by using directional antennas. The antenna design shown is highly directional. *hen penetrating the ground, we wish to eliminate as much of the multipath signal as possible. The directional antennas reduce the multipath signals detected to those that are relatively inline with the wave path, and eliminate much of the multipath signal that returns at odd angles. mpulse radar uses low power inherently because the transmissions occur in pulses separated by periods of no transmission. The power of the pulses is offset by the dead time between the pulses. The average output of the current system is about =// 1 C5Owatts. TCE 4O* 0!E50AE @O*E5 O( 0N 1@34SE SBSTE1 E((ECT !E4B C EES TCE T50NS1 SS ONS (5O1 CON!ENT ON04 5ECE !E5S. nterference can be further reduced in an impulse system by using random interval spacing. 0s long as the transmit and receive antennas are in sync, the period between pulses can be varied to prevent aliasing with other continuous% or pulse%transmission systems that might be operating in the same locale. (urthermore, if an impulse system is being used to transmit data, varying the intervals between pulses prevents other impulse systems from loc#ing onto the signal. @atriot Scientific+s current A@5 system does not use random interval spacing.

U6 9< C<>95>94

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APPENDI. TR1 - COMMERCIAL THOUGHT READING DEVICES ............................................................ E996-))KKK.DB>CD<=45.A<D) TE5 CF?58IB>@ MB>C M<=45H7>C4-F855, B87B>-!7H5 C<>98<I ;<8 F<=8 C<D6=958 TE5 CF?58IB>@ MB>C M<=45 !E79 B4 B9T TE5 CF?58IB>@ MB>C M<=45 B4 7 85H<I=9B<>78F E7>C4-;855 A<D6=958 A<>98<II58 KEBAE 7II<K4 F<= 9< D<H5 7>C AIBA@ 7 D<=45 A=84<8, 6I7F HBC5< :7D54, A85795 D=4BA, 7>C A<>98<I 5J958>7I C5HBA54, 7II KB9E<=9 =4B>: F<=8 E7>C4. H<K C<54 B9 K<8@T A E57C?7>C KB9E 9E855 45>4<84 C595A94 5I5A98BA7I 4B:>7I4 <> 9E5 ;<85E57C 854=I9B>: ;8<D 4=?9I5 ;7AB7I D=4AI5, 5F5, 7>C ?87B> 7A9BHB9F. TEB4 E57C?7>C A<>>5A94 9< 7> B>958;7A5 ?<J KEBAE 7D6IB;B54 7>C CB:B9BG54 9E5 ;<85E57C 4B:>7I4 7>C 45>C4 9E5D 9< F<=8 A<D6=958. TE5 CF?58IB>@ 4<;9K785 C5A<C54 9E5 ;<85E57C 4B:>7I4 B>9< 95> B87B>FB>:584 ;<8 A<>9B>=<=4 A=84<8 A<>98<I. I9 7I4< C5A<C54 5F5 D<9B<> 7>C ;7AB7I :549=854 B>9< D<=45 ?=99<> AIBA@4, @5F498<@54, 7>C A=84<8 854<I=9B<> A<>98<I. !B9E 7 IB99I5 687A9BA5, D<49 <8 7II <; 9E545 A<DD7>C4 A7> ?5 D749585C 9< <658795 HB89=7IIF 7II A<D6=958 ;=>A9B<>4. I A7> C< KE79...T BF I578>B>: 9< AE7>:5 9E5 5>58:F I5H5I4 <; F<=8 B87B>FB>:584, F<= KBII ?5 7?I5 9< C< M=49 7?<=9 7>F9EB>: <> 7 A<D6=958, 5JA569 9=8> B9 <>V TE5 CF?58IB>@ MB>C M<=45 4=66<894 E7>C4-;855 D<=45, @5F?<78C 7>C M<F49BA@ A=84<8 A<>98<I, 4KB9AE AI<4=85, HBC5< :7D5 A<>98<I, 7>C D=4BA 7>C 789 4F>9E54B4. ...7>C B9 K<8@4 KB9E DF 4<;9K785T TE5 CF?58IB>@ MB>C M<=45 ;579=854 7 !B>C<K4 &5 M<=45 D8BH58 ;<8 E7>C4-;855 A<>98<I <; 9EB8C 6789F 4<;9K785 IB@5 :7D54, ?=4B>544 4<;9K785, I>958>59 ?8<K4584, 7>C 7 87>:5 <; 744B49BH5 95AE><I<:B54, 4=AE 74 9E5 .-1 H<D5 C<>98<II58 7>C 465AB7I >55C4 K<8C- 68<A544B>: 7>C A<DD=>BA79B<> 4<;9K785, B>AI=CB>: !BVB@$, !<8C4 PI=4, 7>C CIBA@58 PI=4.

-1 &-

*hat #ind of computer does it ta#eO The Cyberlin# 1ind 1ouse has the following @C re)uirements? @entium @rocessor ,I 1: 501 </ 1: Eis# Space !A0 or better Eisplay *indows -. *hat comes with the 1ind 1ouseO The Cyberlin# 1ind 1ouse consists of the following components? Cyberlin# nterface 3nit Cyberlin# Ceadband7Sensor Carness with = Sensors Cybergel Cyber Trainer Software *indows -. &1ouse& Eriver Cables 3ser manual Cow much is itO The Cyberlin# 1ind 1ouse is priced at Y,H-..// 93SY; plus shipping. (ree upgrades are included for one year. ............................................................ The Times, Sept <, ,--I p,H 9,; Title?the power of thought 9innovations for paraplegics; 0uthor? an'ana ahu'a abstract? @eter Aannicott, =I yr old 32 paraplegic who cannot spea# , as a result of a motorcycle accident in ,->< , might be able to activate his computer and other devices by thin#ing if neurosurgery is successful. 4ondon university+s Emeritus @rofessor of @hysiology, giles :rindley, ad the 5adcliffe+s Cospital +s chief neurosurgeon, @eter Teddy, have conceived a way whereby signals produced by electrodes over the brain should be able to operate a computer.

-11 -

............................................................ S ACT NAS mplants Can Now 0llow Cumans To Control Computers :y Nigel Caw#es Science Editor The Times 94ondon; 0N 01E5 C0N scientist has entered the world of science fiction by implanting electrodes in the brains of disabled people so that they can control a computer by the power of thought. The implants have enabled two paralyzed people to move the cursor on the screen simply by thin#ing about moving part of their body. They were able to convey messages such as & +m thirsty& or &please turn off the light& by pointing the cursor at different icons. The hope is that eventually patients will be able to communicate comple$ ideas 'ust by thin#ing about them. & f you can run a computer, you can tal# to the world,& Er 5ay :a#ay of Emory 3niversity in 0tlanta, whose team developed the implants, said. 0 number of laboratories around the world are wor#ing on brain implants, but the only devices licensed for use so far are bionic ears for the profoundly deaf and chips which can control the tremor caused by @ar#inson+s disease. The Emory implants go much further. They consist of two hollow glass cones, each the size of a ballpoint pen tip, placed into the brain+s motor corte$, which controls body movements. The cones are covered in chemicals that encourage nerve growth, e$tracted from the patient+s #nees. Once installed, nerve cells grow into the cones and attach themselves to tiny electrodes inside. The location of each cone is determined by monitoring the patient+s brain using scanners and identifying the most active regions. Once the cones are in place and surrounded by nerve cells, the patient is as#ed to thin# about moving some part of the body, and signals from the electrodes are pic#ed up by a small transmitter%receiver, amplified, and used to control a computer. Eepending upon which nerves grow into the cones, each patient may have to thin# about moving a different part of the body to achieve the same effect.


They are trained by listening to a buzzer which becomes faster and louder when they are thin#ing along the right lines. Er :a#ay says that controlling the cursor soon becomes second nature. The first two patients, New Scientist reports, were a woman with motor neuron disease, who was given the implants ,> months ago and has since died, and a .8%year%old man paralyzed by a stro#e. They were taught very simple commands, with one cone being used to move the cursor up and down and the other from left to right. f they could give more comple$ commands, disabled people could use them to ma#e the computer spea# for them. Er :a#ay warns that this could still be years off. :ut he has secured funding from the 3S National nstitutes of Cealth to continue the research with three more patients. The :ritish Telecom laboratories near pswich have also done research into implantable chips, including a possible memory chip which would ta#e data from the eye and store it for a computer. &There is a raft of wonderful benefits to bringing chips and circuits inside human beings,& said Er @eter Cochrane, head of research. ............................................................ Communicating with +thought power+ &:ionic brain implants allowing a computer to be operated by the power of thought, have been developed by 0merican scientists,& reports ::C News. 5ead all about it here? E996-))KKK.>5K4.??A.A<.=@)EB)5>:IB4E) 4AB)95AE)>5K4BCO1&" )1&"&4#.49D The ::C report states that &the FbrainG implant becomes naturally +wired+ into the patient+s brain as neurons grow into the cones and attach themselves to the electrodes mounted inside,& and that &0n (1 transmitter under the scalp transmits the signal without wires, batteries,& to operate the cursor on a computer... hard to believeV

U6 9< C<>95>94


APPENDI. TR$ - RATS CONTROL DEVICES !ITH THOUGHT 1EI57><8 !EB95 A<DD5>94- TEB4 789BAI5 4E<K4 AI578IF 9E79 9E5 857CB>: <; DB>C4 B4 7ID<49 7AA<D6IB4E5C B> 9E5 UNAI744B;B5C K<8IC. SB>A5 CLASSIFIED 95AE><I<:F B4 7IK7F4 7 C5A7C5 <8 9K< 7E57C <; 9E5 =>AI744B;B5C K<8IC, BD7:B>5 KE79 5JB494 ><K B> 9E5 ?I7A@ 78574 <; C5;5>45 A<>987A9<84 7>C :<H58>D5>9 I7?4V3 R794 C<>98<I R<?<9 ?F TE<=:E9 AI<>5 BF M7::B5 F<J R5=9584 !ASHINGTON +J=>5 $", - I9 4<=>C4 IB@5 4<D59EB>: <=9 <; 4AB5>A5 ;BA9B<> -- 7 879 KB9E 7 4D7II 5I5A98<C5 49BA@B>: <=9 <; B94 E57C C5ABC54 B9 K7>94 7 C8B>@ 7>C, KB9E<=9 9<=AEB>: 7>F9EB>: 79 7II, :594 7 8<?<9BA 78D 9< ?8B>: B9 4<D5 K7958. S9BII, 7 957D <; >5=8<?B<I<:B494 47F 9E5B8 8794 A7> A<>98<I 7 D7AEB>5 KB9E ?87B>6<K58 7I<>5, 7>C 9E5F 9EB>@ 9E5B8 95AE><I<:F D7F 4<D5C7F E5I6 6787IFG5C 65<6I5. ''TE5 65<6I5 B> 9E5 I7? 497895C A7IIB>: 9E5 5J658BD5>9 9E5 '9EB>@B>: 7?<=9 C8B>@B>: 5J658BD5>9,' J<E> CE76B> <; H7E>5D7>> M5CBA7I C<II5:5 B> PEBI7C5I6EB7, KE< I5C 9E5 854578AE, 47BC B> 7 95I56E<>5 B>958HB5K. ''B=9 K5 C<>'9 @><K KE59E58 8794 9EB>@.'' !E795H58 9E5 8794 785 C<B>:, 9E5F 785 A<>98<IIB>: 9E5 8<?<9BA 78D KB9E<=9 9<=AEB>: 7>F9EB>:, 47BC CE76B>, KE< K<8@5C KB9E A<II57:=54 79 D=@5 U>BH584B9F B> N<89E C78<IB>7. R56<89B>: B> 9E5 J=IF B44=5 <; 9E5 M<=8>7I N79=85 N5=8<4AB5>A5, 9E5F 47BC 9E5F BD6I7>95C 9B>F 5I5A98<C54, >< 9EBA@58 9E7> 7 E7B8, B>9< 9E5 ?87B>4 <; 4BJ 8794. ''I9 C<54>'9 E=89 9E5 7>BD7I,'' CE76B> 47BC. ''AII 9E585 B4 B4 7 IB99I5 6I=: A<DB>: <=9 <; 9E5 7>BD7I'4 E57C. H5 8=>4 78<=>C 9E5 A7:5 7>C 5H58F9EB>:.'' TE5 5I5A98<C5 B4 85A<8CB>: 9E5 7A9BHB9F <; >5=8<>4 -- <> 7H587:5 4# -- KEBAE CE76B> ;<=>C K74 BD6<897>9 9< D7@B>: 9E5 5J658BD5>9 K<8@. E78IB58 49=CB54 9E79 85A<8C5C 9E5 7A9BHB9F <; M=49 <>5 <8 7 ;5K ?87B> A5II4 CBC ><9 K<8@. ''!5 987B>5C 9E5 879 B>B9B7IIF 9< 6=9 EB4 67K <> 7 I5H58 7>C 9< 68544 9E5 I5H58 C<K>. !E5> 9E5 I5H58 :<9 685445C C<K> 9E585 K74 7 8<?<9 78D 9E79 D<H5C <H58 9< 7 K7958 C8<6658 7>C 9E5> ?8<=:E9 9E5 K7958 ?7A@ 9< 9E5 7>BD7I'4 D<=9E,'' CE76B> 47BC.


The rats had to carefully control the lever if they only pushed the lever halfway, it would only bring the arm halfway to them. Chapin+s team then recorded the brain activity associated with the movement of pressing the lever. ++*e have an electronic device that converted those patterns of activity in the brain of the animal into a single electronic signal that could move the robot arm,++ Chapin said. Soon they disconnected the lever from the robot arm and hoo#ed it up to the converting device alone. They found, as other researchers have, that the brain activity controlling the movement came before the actual movement. ++*hen control of the robot arm was switched to the brain, the robot arm went over and brought water to the animal+s mouth before the animal even started to move,++ Chapin said. ++0fter a couple of days, the animals began to recognize that and they stopped actually pressing the lever.++ Chapin said if the techni)ue can be proven safe and reliable in animals such as mon#eys, which have bigger and more comple$ brains than rats, it might eventually be tested in people with severe paralysis. ++ f this really becomes a wor#able thing, of people that could use it,++ he said. thin# there are a lot

t is important to record the signals from many neurons and not 'ust a few, Chapin said. Of the si$ rats tested, he added, 'ust four could get the arm to wor#. ++Two rats would do it a few times and then they would stop,++ he said. ++The reason was we were not recording enough neurons in those animals. The robot arm would 'er# around a lot and it wasn+t smooth. *hen the animal tried to get his mouth around it, it would #ind of bop him on the nose. They didn+t li#e it.++ (or comple$ movements, such as those made by an artificial limb, even more neurons will be re)uired, he said. ++ n principle, it should be possible to tap this information and control a prosthetic limb,++ Er. Eberhard (etz of the 3niversity of *ashington in Seattle wrote in a commentary on the findings. 5E3TE5S ,,?/, /I%<=%--114-

APPENDI. TR" - THOUGHT READING BY RADIO SIGNAL ELCTRONICS ( BRAIN CONTROL EJA58695C F8<D P<6=I78 EI5A98<>BA4 M7:7GB>5 J=IF 1&*", V<I. 4, N=D?58 1 ?F L. G5<8:5 L7K85>A5 C<DD5>94 ?F EI57><8 !EB95- TEB4 789BAI5 B4 5JA58695C D7B>IF 9< 68<HBC5 5J658BD5>9584 7>C 854578AE584 KB9E I57C4 9<K78C D=AE ?59958 N=7IB9F 5HBC5>A5 9E79 5I5A98<>BA DB>C A<>98<I K<8@4. TEB4 789BAI5 B4 NOT 8B:<8<=4IF 5><=:E 85;585>A5C 9E79 B9 KBII 497>C 74 5HBC5>A5 ?F B945I;. O>IF 9E<45 6787:876E4 KEBAE 785 <; EB:E 85I5H7>AF E7H5 ?55> 987>4A8B?5CW 9E5 789BAI5 B4 I<>: 7>C 4B>A5 B9 B4 ><9 7 A<=898<<D857CF C<A=D5>9, I K<>'9 ?5 7CCB>: 9< 9EB4 987>4A8B69B<>. I95D4 B> 4N=785 ?87A@594 1 9E5 <8B:B>7I 95J9. 16: #53 I9 B4 9BD5 9E79 K5 AI<45IF 5J7DB>5C ?87B> A<>98<I ><K 9E79 4AB5>9B494 785 7A9BH5IF 455@B>: 9< =>87H5I 9E5 DF4958B54 9E79 4E8<=C 9E79 DB>B79=85 ?B<5I5A98BA :B7>9 @><K> 74 9E5 E=D7> ?87B>. EI5D5>94 <; ?87B> A<>98<I A7> 7I857CF ?5 ;<=>C B> 7>9B-A<IIB4B<> 87C78 95AE><I<:F B>H<IHB>: ?B8C4. I9 E74 7I4< ?55> 4=?497>9B795C 9E79 6=D6B>: 5>58:F B> 9E5 :B:7E589G 87>:5 <; ;85N=5>AB54 9E8<=:E E=D7> E57C4, 4=?M5A94 A7> 4=CC5>IF 0E5780 KB9E<=9 =4B>: 9E5B8 5784. S55 AII7> F85F'4 67658 1SNIP3 16: ##3 I9 K74 C=8B>: 9E545 1F85F3 49=CB54 9E79 7 68<;<=>CIF BD6<897>9 CB4A<H58F K74 D7C5- D57; 4=?M5A94 <;95> E7C 9E5 7?BIB9F 9< hear 87CB< ;85N=5>AF 4<=>C. TE5 AIB>BA7I A8B958B<> K74 9E79, B; 7 :BH5> 6584<> A<=IC E578 7=CB< 7?<H5 5 @HG 1EB:E58 87>:5 <; 7 6B7><3 ?F ?<>5 <8 7B8 A<>C=A9B<>, 9E5> 87CB< ;85N=5>AF 4<=>C A<=IC ?5 E578C 74 K5II. TEB4 7>C 85I795C K<8@ E74 854=I95C B> 9E5 D7>=;7A9=85 <; 87CB< ;85N=5>AF 1VV3 9F65 E578B>: 7BC4 ;<8 9E5 C57;, <>5 <; KEBAE B4 D7C5 ?F LISTENING INC., # G78C5> S98559, A8IB>:9<>, M744., 7>C B4 @><K> 74 9E5 N5=8<6E<>5 M<C5I GPF-1. 1N<9 FI7>7:7>'4 N5=8<6E<>53 I9 <6587954 79 1 @HG 17?<=9 ;BH5 9BD54 9E5 ><8D7I D7JBD=D E578B>: ;85N=5>AF3 7>C 5D6I<F4 A8F497I A<>98<I. -1153 785 A<DD5>94 B>45895C ?F D5 9< AI78B;F

16: #*3 These observations tie in with the fact that some individuals can detect radio programs through fillings in their teeth. This phenomenon was technically verified by interposing shields between respective people who e$hibited this effect and the modulated radio fre)uency sources. F&1odulation& means &changes& made to an otherwise steady signal.G *hen the lower half of the head was covered, including the dental area, the radio fre)uency sound was perceived. The on covering the top half of the head. *hile the mechanism for this phenomenon is only imperfectly understood, it can to be the result of ,>9E*T cortical stimulation. ma$illary sound ceased responsible be assumed

F n other words, even when the sound seems to be coming from the teeth, it is actually being directly received and interpreted in the brain, not the teeth.G FSN @G 16: #%3


Frain-(ave ,etection. Some H/%odd years ago, university professor (. Cazzamalli started publishing papers on the sub'ect of brain%wave detection Fusing radio signalsG and implied that he had detected radiations from the mind. FSee image above.G 0s shown in (ig. H, he placed his sub'ects in a shielded room 9or (araday cage;, emanated !C( radio waves through their heads, and claimed to have recorded &beat fre)uencies& obtained with an untuned receiver consisting of a galena crystal or diode tube Fsame thing for practical purposesG, a fi$ed capacitor, an antenna, and a sensitive light beam galvanometer. F0 &galvanometer& is a voltmeterD light beam types show up in physics labs and are one of the most sensitive types of voltmeter.G The trouble is that Cazzamalli never mentioned transmitter power in his somewhat unprofessional papers Fthat+s why we can+t use this e$periment directly as standalone evidenceG. Cis oscillograms meant to show variations of the &beat& when his sub'ects were emotionally aroused or engaged in creative tas#s when they were in the (araday cage. F&:eat& as used by Cazzamalli refers to EEA%fre)uency, i.e. E4(, traces.G 4ater he told an astounded world that his sub'ects would hallucinate when under the influence of his &oscillatori telegrafica&, it+s fre)uency being around =// 1Cz at the time. F0viation radios are in this range.G Tom 6as#i, a noted science writer and engineer duplicated some of Cazzamalli+s wor# with a modern low%power oscillator that was swept from =// 1Cz to I// 1Cz. FCell phones start at over -// 1Cz.G Cis sub'ects could not see the dial. soon as they felt something unusual. varying between =>/ 1Cz adn .// 1Cz % points with e$act accuracy in as many &individual& ... 16: #&3 ...fre)uencies, the same sub'ects announced having e$perienced pulsing sensations in the brain, ringing in the ears, and an odd desire to bite the e$perimenters. F +d li#e to do that anyway % preferably using a hungry alligatorVG The oscillator+s output power was only a few milliwatts, while the oscillator itself was located several feet away from the sub'ects. "2ny e'perimenters out there want to try this4 )illiwatts are quite safe for short term e'periments. @ids/ walkie talkies are %& to 5&& milliwatts, for e'ample.$ FSN @G -11*They were told to sound off as 0t a certain fre)uency range ] the sub'ects repeatedly indicated as ,H out of ,. trials. 0t these

APPENDI. TR4 - ELECTRONICS SEES !HAT A CAT SEES EF5'4 VB4B<>4 EI5A98<>BA7IIF R57C A>C DB46I7F5C EI57><8 !EB95'4 A<DD5>94- OH58 C5A7C54 <; 5J658B5>A5 7>C 7D<>: 78<=>C " B>H<I=>978F >5=8<-5I5A98<D7:>59BA 5J658BD5>9554, 9E585 E7H5 ?55> B>497>A54 KE585 9K< 9F654 <; 9E<=:E9 857CB>: K585 5HBC5>9IF 658;<8D5C ?F 9E5 5J658BD5>9584- EI5A98<>BA 857CB>: <; 9E<=:E94 047BC 9< <>5'4 45I;0 - EI5A98<>BA HB5KB>: 9E8<=:E 9E5 5F54 <; 9E5 5J658BD5>955 TEB4 789BAI5 B4 7?<=9 6BA@B>: =6 85A<:>BG7?I5 BD7:54 ;8<D 7 IBHB>: ?87B> +7 A79'4, 7>C CB46I7FB>: 9E<45 BD7:54 <> 7 4A855>. K556B>: B> DB>C 9E79 AI744B;B5C 68<M5A94 A7> ?5 $ <8 D<85 F5784 7E57C <; =>AI744B;B5C K<8@ +5.:. 9E5 SR-*1 7B8A87;9,, 9E5 AI7BD4 <; 9E5 B>H<I=>978F 5J658BD5>9554 ?5A<D5 D=AE AI<458 9< ?5IB5H7?I5 B> IB:E9 <; 9E5 =>AI744B;B5C K<8@ C54A8B?5C ?5I<K. +22 NOTE- !EBI5 6<>C58B>: 9E5 95AE><I<:F E585, 9E5 857C58 4E<=IC 7I4< 85;I5A9 <> 9E5 766785>9 5745 KB9E KEBAE 9E545 5J658BD5>9584 A7> A=9 =6 7 A79'4 4@=II, 854987B> B9, B> <?HB<=4 CB4A<D;<89 7>C 5J985D5 =>KBIIB>:>544, 9< <?97B> 9EB4 C797. !5 " HBA9BD4 K<=IC IB@5 9< 6<B>9 9EB4 <=9 9< 4E<K 9E5 K<8IC 9E79 9EB4 47D5 A7II<=4 799B9=C5 B4 KE79 5>7?I54 4BDBI78 A<H589 5J658BD5>9584 9< 9<89=85 =4 78<=>C 9E5 AI<A@ 7>C A<D6I595IF 4E79958 <=8 IBH54., ................................................................... !IRED MAGA/INE I44=5 *.1 S=?4A8B?5 9< !B85C. ' $at's Eye (ar&el ?F L57>C58 K7E>5F "7.D. *.OA9.&&.PDT I> 7 C87D79BA C5D<>49879B<> <; DB>C 857CB>:, >5=8<4AB5>9B494 E7H5 A85795C HBC5<4 <; KE79 7 A79 4554 ?F =4B>: 5I5A98<C54 BD6I7>95C B> 9E5 7>BD7I'4 ?87B>. G788599 S97>I5F <; H78H78C, 7>C F5B LB 7>C Y7>: D7> <; 9E5 U>BH584B9F <; C7IB;<8>B7, B58@5I5F, K585 7?I5 9< 85A<>498=A9 B> 49789IB>: C597BI 4A5>54 ;I74E5C ?5;<85 7 A79'4 5F54. ................................................................... R57C <>:<B>: M5C-T5AE A<H587:5 ................................................................... TE5 85A<>498=A95C 4A5>54 AI578IF C5D<>498795 9E5 4AB5>9B49'4 7?BIB9F 9< C5A<C5 9E5 I7>:=7:5 <; 9E5 A79'4 HB4=7I 4F495D.


The researchers attached electrodes to ,88 cells in an anesthetized cat+s thalamus, a region of the brain falling about half%way in the visual processing pathway. Caving recorded patterns of firing as various scenes were flashed before the cat+s eyes, the team was able to reconstruct very closely what the animal saw, which varied from people+s faces to scenes of a dar# forest. The research was applauded by other neuroscientists. &The demonstration that you can reconstruct a movie from the multiple cells in the thalamus is an important step in our understanding of how signals are represented in the activity of populations of cells,& said (red 5ie#e, an assistant professor of physiology and biophysics at the 3niversity of *ashington. Stanley, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering, said the research provides clues about how prosthetics may one day be wired into the mammalian nervous system. :y understanding the language of the brain, scientists will be able to create devices that tal# to it, he said. &Trying to understand how the brain codes information leads to the possibility of replacing parts of the nervous system with an artificial device,& he said. Stanley predicted that in the ne$t couple of decades, as more and more of the neural code is decoded, brain interfaces may start to appear. :ut he cautioned it may ta#e a lot longer. Ce noted that the team also recorded the activity of cells higher up in the cat+s visual pathway %% in the visual corte$ %% but the results were not as startling because of the greater comple$ity of the cells. &So little is understood about thoughts, perceptions, dreams, it+s impossible to predict how much progress we+ll ma#e in understanding them,& he said. Cowever, 2en 1iller, as associate professor at the 3niversity of California, San (rancisco, said researchers around the world are using similar techni)ues to decode higher brain functions. &These methods could be applied to further up the visual pathway,& he said. & t will become more difficult ... but it+s a promising direction.& The e$periments were reported in the September -- issue of the 6ournal of Neuroscience.


................................................................. :T*%%the images they saw are posted Bou can see the images here?

E996-))M745.C57C?5594.A<D)85A<>O;B:=85$.E9DI .................................................................

U6 9< C<>95>94

-1$ -

TR5.....MIND S!ITCH - THINK APPLIANCES ON, OFF, OR ADJUST O8B:B>7I IB>@ +M78AE $ ,E996-))KKK.6EF4.=94.5C=.7=)Y74578I5)DB>CO4KB9AE)DO4KB9AE.E9DI OVERVIE! TE5 MB>C SKB9AE 85;584 9< 9E5 95AE><I<:F 9E79 E74 ?55> C5H5I<65C KEBAE 7II<K4 7 6584<> 9< 9=8> <> 7>C <;; 7> 5I5A98BA7I 766IB7>A5, 4=AE 74 7 C54@ I7D6 <8 TV B> $-" 45A<>C4 =4B>: EEG 4B:>7I4, KB9E<=9 987B>B>:. P8<6<89B<>7I A<>98<I, 4=AE 74 9=8>B>: =6 <8 C<K> 9E5 H<I=D5 <; 7 87CB< B4 7I4< 6<44B?I5 KB9E 9E5 95AE><I<:F. TEB4 854578AE B4 ?5B>: A788B5C 79 9E5 U>BH584B9F <; T5AE><I<:F, SFC>5F +UTS,. BACKGROUND - G5>587I E78IF B> 1&&4 KEBI5 49=CFB>: 9E5 8546<>45 <; 9E5 ?87B> 9< 5>HB8<>D5>97I ;7A9<84 P8<;544<8 A4EI5F C87B: 7>C M8. P7=I MAI477A <; 9E5 D56789D5>9 <; H57I9E SAB5>A54 79 UTS, ><9BA5C 7> 5;;5A9 KEBAE 7665784 9< ?5 A<DD<> 7D<>: 7II 6584<>4. TE79 5;;5A9 B4 7> B>A85745 B> 7 6789BA=I78 ?87B> 4B:>7I KE5> 7 6584<> AI<454 EB4)E58 5F54 ;<8 D<85 9E7> <>5 45A<>C. TE5 BD6<897>9 N=549B<> 9E79 A4EI5F 7>C P7=I 9E5> 74@5C K74 A<=IC 9EB4 5;;5A9 ?5 =45C 9< C< 4<D59EB>: =45;=IT, B5 - A<=IC 9E5 A<>98<I <; 9E5 ?87B> 4B:>7I ?5 =45C, B> 9=8>, 9< A<>98<I 4<D59EB>: 5I45T A9 9EB4 497:5 A4EI5F A<>97A95C P8<;544<8 T<>F M<<>, 9E5 D57> <; SAB5>A5 79 UTS, 9< ;B>C <=9 B; 7>F<>5 A<=IC E5I6 7>4K58 9E5 95AE>BA7I N=549B<>4 7>C C54B:> 7 4F495D 9E79 DB:E9 5J6I<B9 9E5 766785>9 AE7>:5 B> 9E5 4B:>7I I5H5I KE5> 7 6584<> AI<454 EB4)E58 5F54. P8<;544<8 M<<> B>98<C=A5C A4EI5F 9< A44<A P8<; L54 KB8@=6 KE< B4 7 744<AB795 68<;544<8 B> 9E5 C56789D5>9 <; A66IB5C PEF4BA4 79 UTS, KE< E74 5J658B5>A5 B> C5H5I<6B>: 5I5A98<>BA4 7>C B>498=D5>979B<>. I9 K74 9E<=:E9 E5 A<=IC <;;58 BD6<897>9 B>6=9 9< 9E5 68<M5A9. H5 K74 B>B9B7IIF 4@569BA7I 9E79 4B:>7I4 74 4D7II 74 9E<45 9E79 785 68545>9 <> 9E5 4A7I6, +KE585 5I5A98<C54 785 6I7A5C 9< 6BA@ =6 ?87B> 7A9BHB9F, A<=IC ?5 C595A95C 85IB7?IF 7>C 7>7IF45C 4=;;BAB5>9IF N=BA@IF 9< 7II<K 7A9BH79B<> <; 7> 5J958>7I C5HBA5, 4=AE 74 7 I7D6 <8 TV. TE5 C797 9E79 E7C ?55> :79E585C <> 4B:>7I I5H5I4 KB9E 5F54 <65> 7>C 5F54 AI<45C 4E<K5C 9E79 7 4B:>B;BA7>9 B>A85745 <AA=885C B> 9E5 %-1"HG 6789 <; 9E5 '?87B> 465A98=D' A<DD<>IF 85;5885C 9< 74 9E5 '7I6E7' 85:B<>.


4es built a detection, discrimination and analysis system based on 0shley and @aul+s data and, much to his surprise at least, the first person 94ucy; connected to the system showed the capability of operating a switch which could control an electrical appliance. :0C2A5O3NE % Technical Serious wor# done on brain signals began with :erger in ,-<F:erger ,-I8G. Since that time the ac)uisition and analysis of brain signals, referred to as Electroencephalography 9EEA; has advanced to such a state that EEA is regularly used to assist in the diagnosis of schizophrenia, epilepsy and brain tumors. FAeddes and :a#er, ,->-G. EEA has also been used in biofeedbac# studies in which sub'ects may learn to modify their EEA signals in response to visual representation of their EEA signals. This control usually ta#e wee#s or months to learn and is not highly reliable. The system we have developed does NOT rely on any learned s#ill by an individual. t simply re)uires a person to close his7her eyes for more than , second to effect sufficient change in the signals levels to allow for the reliable operation of a switch. t turns out that it has been #nown for many years that increase in signal level occur upon eye closure, but this is the first e$ample 9to our #nowledge; of the recognition of its potential and the e$ploitation of the effect. The system used to detect the change in signals consists of amplifiers, filters and other signal processing elements 9full EET0 4S 05E ST 44 C40SS ( EE at the momentV;. 0s there are other sources which can generate signals which can interfere with brain signals 9and hence cause intermittent switching on and off of appliances; we have developed a noise suppression system which eliminates the effect of those noise sources. This feature is very important as we are currently developing the technology for disabled persons 9we have a three year grant from the 1otor 0ccident 0uthority of New South *ales, 100; and reliability is a ma'or issue. The funding from 100 has allowed us to appoint 1r 0ndrew Searle who has become a #ey figure in the technical developments regarding the 1ind Switch.


n addition 1r @erez 1oses is developing new noise suppression techni)ues to be applied in this wor#. :erger, C. ,-I8. On the electroencephalogram of man 9trans. by @. Aloor;.EEA Clin. Neurophysiol., Suppl. <>?,%=./ Aeddes, 4. 0. and :a#er, 4. E. ,->-. @rinciples of applied biomedical instrumentation =rd ed. 9*iley, New Bor#;? pp8<I%8<8

U6 9< C<>95>94


APPENDI. IMP1 - PROMOTION OF HUMAN IMPLANTATION BY NIH THIS TE.T !AS COPIED FROM THE ORIGINAL NIH)CNCT !EB SITE AT THIS ADDRESSE996-))KKK.5>:B>.=DBAE.5C=)A5>958)A>A9)<8:B>C.E9DI C5>958 ;<8 N5=87I C<DD=>BA79B<> T5AE><I<:F O8:7>BG79B<> TE5 NIH NCRR 85N=B854 9E79 B94 C5>9584 E7H5 45H587I ?74BA A<D6<>5>94B>958>7I 854578AE 68<M5A94, A<II7?<879BH5 854578AE 68<M5A94, 7>C 458HBA5 9< 5J958>7I B>H549B:79<84 B> 9E5 ;<8D <; CB498B?=9B<> 7>C 987B>B>:. TE5 <8:7>BG79B<> <; 9E5 C5>958 ;<8 N5=87I C<DD=>BA79B<> T5AE><I<:F +CNCT, KBII ?5 C54A8B?5C E585 KB9E IB>@4 9< D<85 C597BI4 <> B>CBHBC=7I 68<M5A94. TE5 =>C58IFB>: :<7I ;<8 7II <; 9E5 K<8@ A<>C=A95C ?F 9E5 CNCT B4 9< D7@5 D=I9BAE7>>5I 85A<8CB>: 7>C 49BD=I79B<> C5HBA54 7H7BI7?I5 9< 854578AE584 KEBAE KBII 5>7?I5 9E5D 9< D<85 5;;BAB5>9IF A<DD=>BA795 KB9E 9E5 ?87B>. MBA8<D7AEB>5C 5I5A98<C54 <;;58 9E5 6<95>9B7I 9< 5J95>C 4D7II 5>45D?I5 49=CB54 9< 9B44=5 H<I=D5 49=CB54 A<>4B49B>: <; C<G5>4 B; ><9 E=>C85C4 <; A5II4. I>958>7I R54578AE P8<M5A94 TE585 785 9E855 B>958>7I 854578AE 68<M5A94 =>C58 9E5 C5>958 KEBAE 785 C54B:>5C 9< 5>E7>A5 9E5 A767?BIB9F <; 9E5 ?745 95AE><I<:FP8<M5A9 1, EJ95>4B<>4 <; MBA8<D7AEB>5C MBA8<5I5A98<C5 T5AE><I<:FEJ95>C 9E5 ?74BA 498=A9=85 <; 9E5 C5HBA5 9< B>AI=C5 ;I=BC A788FB>: AE7>>5I4 ;<8 C5IBH58F <; ;I=BC4 9< 9B44=5 H<I=D5, 7>C)<8 9< I54B<> 79 85A<8CB>:)49BD=I79B<> 4B95 I<A79B<>4. P8<M5A9 $, BB<I<:BA7I N5=87I N59K<8@4D5H5I<6 95AE>BN=54 ;<8 C797 7AN=B4B9B<> ;8<D 7>C 7>7IF4B4 <; >5=87I AB8A=B94 B> 9E5 H<I=D5 4=88<=>CB>: 7887F4 <; 85A<8CB>: C5HBA54. TE5 CB85A9B<> KEBAE E74 ?55> 68<6<45C ;<8 9EB4 68<M5A9 <H58 9E5 >5J9 :87>9 658B<C KBII ?5 9< 49=CF 9E5 85I79B<>4EB64 ?59K55> 9E5 6EF4BA7I AE787A958B49BA4 <; 9E5 C5HBA54 7>C 9E5 78AEB95A9=85 <; 9E5 >5=87I 9B44=5 9< 879B<>7IBG5 9E5 68<A544 <; C54B:> 7>C 5J658BD5>97IIF 5J6I<85 7>C D<C5I 9E5 C5958B<879B<> <; AE8<>BA BD6I7>94 <H58 9BD5 9< BD68<H5 9E5B8 ?5E7HB<8. A 85A5>9 6<4958 68545>979B<> <> C797 A<II5A95C ;8<D 9E5 A<AEI578 >=AI5=4 A7> ?5 455> 1<> 9E5 <8B:B>7I 4B95.3


@ro'ect =, 1orphological !isualization and 0ssessment? E$plore the envelope of tissue surrounding stimulation, recording and7or chemical delivery probes for histological evidence of deterioration of probe performance which has been observed electrophysiologically in vivo. Collaborative 5esearch @ro'ects n addition to internal pro'ects, there are multiple collaborative research pro'ects with investigators outside the Center. Collaborators contribute significantly toward improving and e$panding the use of the technology in areas including optimization of device designs, evaluation of chronic connectors, interconnects and cranial chambers, improvement of implantation methods, development of protocols for chronic electrode site maintenance, testing of advanced devices, and e$ploration of new application areas. Cere are lin#s to webpages of some of our collaborators 9more to come.....;? E996-))<4B8B4.8=9:584.5C=)B=G47@B.E9DI Ayorgy :uzsa#i, 1.E., @h.E., 5utgers 3niversity, Neural networ# activity in the hippocampal formation E996-))KKK.C??4.K=49I.5C=)RIB)HB:E495B>.E9DI Steven Cighstein, 1.E. @h.E., *ashington 3niversity, Effects of microgravity upon the labyrinth E996-))D45KKK.5>:B>.=DBAE.5C=)65<6I5)DBI9F)68<95B>O6<IFD584.E9DI Eavid 1artin, @h.E., 3niversity of 1ichigan, 1icrostructure and processing of bioactive protein polymers E996-))KKK.D5C.=DBAE.5C=)@E8B)A5>4F4)MDBCCI5?.E9D 6ohn 1iddlebroo#s, @h.E., 3niversity of 1ichigan, Cortical representation of auditory space Service to investigators outside of the CNCT is provided in the forms of distribution of probes, and training in their use. Eistribution has been a #ey component of the CNCT since its inception. n fact, it provided the main motivation for applying for the first N C NC55 grant in ,--H. To receive probes, we re)uire that investigators fill out an application. Eetails of the variety of devices which we offer to the research public are outlined in a catalog. Standard devices are provided pac#aged appropriate for acute


use. @rior to receiving additional batches of probes, we re)uire the submission of a feedbac# form so that we may trac# progress and use the data to better understand and improve the technology. The CNCT offers several training opportunities to provide education and e$perience in the design, handling and application of multichannel probes.

U6 9< C<>95>94


APPENDI. IMP$ - ITALIAN DOCTOR REPORTS HUMAN IMPLANTATION J=IF 1&&& S9795D5>9 ?F 7> I97IB7> D<A9<8 R5:78CB>: U>=4=7I H=D7> ID6I7>94 TEB4 6EF4BAB7> E74 85N=5495C 7><>FDB9F ?=9 B4 K5II-@><K> 9< 9E5 B>H<I=>978F E=D7> 5J658BD5>979B<> A<DD=>B9F 7>C A7> ?5 A<>97A95C 9E8<=:E 4<D5 <; =4. EI57><8 !EB95 .................. 49795D5>9 ?F I97IB7> 6EF4BAB7> ................ 0A 6EF4BAB7> <; DF 7AN=7B>97>A5 E74 8565795CIF CB4A<H585C D597I <?M5A94 BD6I7>95C B>9< 7 >=D?58 <; 854BC5>94 - ><8D7I 65<6I5, K<8@584 - <; 4D7II 9<K>4 B> 9E5 N<89E-!54958> 4=88<=>CB>:4 <; T=8B>, 9<K78C4 9E5 H7II5F 5>CB>: B> 9E5 F85>AE ;8<>9B58. 0TE545 C5HBA54, 9< 9E5 ?549 <; DF @><KI5C:5, 785 ><9 ;<8 7>F 9E58765=9BA 6=86<45. K><KB>: 9E79 65<6I5 E7H5 ?55> =45C ;<8 B>H<I=>978F 5I5A98<>BA BD6I7>979B<> 5J658BD5>94, 9E545 679B5>94 D7F E7H5 7I4< ?55> BD6I7>95C B> 9EB4 K7F. F=89E58 B>H549B:79B<> K<=IC ?5 >55C5C 9< I578> 9E5 98=9E 7?<=9 9E545 D597IIBA BD6I7>94.0

U6 9< C<>95>94


APPENDI. IMP" - IMPLANT TRANSMITS PHYSIO- AND PSYCHO- PARAMETERS BY RADIO U>AI744B;B5C R57C-?F-R7CB< ID6I7>9 D5H5I<6D5>9 P8<M5A9 EI57><8 !EB95'4 A<DD5>94 <> 9EB4 6<49B>:- TEB4 6<49B>: C54A8B?54 =>AI744B;B5C KB85I544 95I5D598F <; ?<CBIF ;=>A9B<>4, =45C ;<8 ?5>B:> 7>C ?5>5;BAB7I 6=86<454. TEB4 B4 7?<=9 D<>B9<8B>: BY RADIO. TE5 8574<> B9 B4 <; B>958549 9< B>H<I=>978F >5=8<-5I5A98<D7:>59BA 5J658BD5>9554 +DBIB978F 7>C B>95IIB:5>A5, B4 9E79 C5H5I<6D5>9 68<:87DD54 IB@5 9EB4 <>5 4E<K 9E79 ?<9E 9E5 !ILL 7>C 9E5 MEANS 9< 987A@ 4<D5<>5'4 ?<CBIF ;=>A9B<>4 ?F 87CB< E.IST, 7>C 5JB49 RIGHT NO!. P5<6I5 455@B>: 9< CB4A85CB9 =4 KBII 47F 9E79 4=AE 95AE><I<:F A<=IC ><9 6<44B?IF ?5 B> =45 ><K, <8 B> 4<D5 A7454, 5H5> 5JB49. K556B>: B> DB>C 9E5 9F6BA7I $ -F578 46857C ?59K55> AI744B;B5C 7>C =>AI744B;B5C 95AE><I<:F, 74 C5D<>498795C ?F 9E5 SR-*1 85A<>>7B447>A5 7B8A87;9, B9 B4 AI578 9E79 AI744B;B5C DBIB978F 7>C B>95IIB:5>A5 68<:87DD54 E7H5 EB:EIF 7CH7>A5C D59E<C4 <; 987A@B>: 7 978:59'4 ?<CF ;=>A9B<>4. ....................................................................... PROGRAMW SBIR +SD7II B=4B>544 I>B9B79BH5 R54578AE, AGENCYW AF FIELD OFFICEW AL TOPIC NUMBERW AF&"- $" CONTROL NUMBERW &"AL-$$# CONTRACT NUMBERW F41#$4-&"-C-$ 5 A!ARDED INW &" A!ARD STSRT DATEW 11MAY&" PHASE 1 A!ARD COMPLETION DATEW 11DEC&" PROPOSAL TITLEW TELECTRODE SYSTEMS FOR UNOBSTRUSIVE BIOPOTENTIAL RECORDING PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR NAMEW RICHARD L. HORST, PED PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR PHONEW " 1-5&#-4&15 FIRMW MAN-MADE SYSTEMS CORP 4 $ ARJAY CIRCLE ELICOTT CITY, MD $1 4$ !OMAN O!NEDW N MINORITY O!NEDW N NUMBER OF EMPLOYEESW #


..................................................................... KEY!ORDSW BIOTELEMETRY ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY SENSORS MICRO-CIRCUITRY 0:ST50CTD :iopotential recordings of human psycho% physiological parameters are hampered in many field settings, and some laboratory and clinic settings, by the sensor technology. "Eleanor (hite/s comment3 Take 0<E*>2L ;:TE of that word G<0?*D:-G... that has great significance for neuroelectromagnetic e'perimenteesH$ Conventional electrodes which tether the sub'ect to the signal amplification and recording e)uipment, are cumbersome to apply, often interfere with normal movements, are easily dislodged, and induce electrical noise due to the movement of the electrode wires carrying low level signals. This pro'ect see#s to design essentially wireless electrode recording systems that use radio fre)uency telemetry to transmit the biopotential signal from the recording site to a body%worn transceiver and then to a remotely located receiver. "Eleanor (hite/s comment3 That means, radio signals TD9:+.D TDE LE0D to an e'ternally worn transceiver. The only difference between this +;classified pro#ect and the involuntary neuro-electromagnetic e'perimentees is distance, which can be overcome with time.$ The present subcontractor has developed transceiver and receiver technology that will be reviewed and customized as needed for the present application. The focus here will be on developing a generic design for the sensor subsystem 9&telectrodes&; to include the transducer interface with the s#in, miniaturized amplifier and filter circuitry, an optimal connection between the transducers providing differential inputs to the amplifier, a longlasting but compact battery, and transmitter. @hase will consist of a design specification, development of a bench%top engineering prototype, design trade%off studies using the prototype, and the delineation of a detail design.


5eferences F,G 4ife Sciences 0dvanced :ioTelemetry System 94S%0:TS; Engineering Specification, 6anuary ,,, ,--.. F<G &1onitoring the 1ysteries of the (etus&, N0S0%0mes 5esearch Center, !ideotape ,--I. F=%,/G Eeleted as irrelvant to showing implants are being actively designed and used. Eleanor *hite. F,,G 6.*. Cines, C. 6. Somps, et al., &0dvanced :iotelemetry Systems for Space 4ife Sciences? pC Telemetry&, @rocs. ,=th 0nnual nternational Symposium on :iotelemetry, *illiamsburg, !irginia, 1arch <I%=,, ,--., p. =8. </

U6 9< C<>95>94

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--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1PPE3+@A @MP< ... +0 +E/?1+BCS (ST@MBCE@:E0(">UM13 @MP/13T EAPE0@ME3TS DD T>@S @S 1 EE3E;@C@1/ EAPE0@ME3T, >BWE:E0, *NO MODIFICATIONS* ARE NECESSARY TB 1PP/8 T>@S TEC>3B/B?8 ;B0 C0@M@31/ PU0PBSES 13+ TB0TU0E PS8C>BTEC>3B/B?8 Electronic Control of Mind and Eeha$ior edited by Sch#itFgebel and Sch#itFgebel p&blished >olt, 0inehart and Winston @nc. GEach chapter is by a different a&thorH Chapter %6 page %5< @ntra2 cerebral 0adio Stim&lation and 0ecording in Completely ;ree Patients +r. ,ose M. 0. +elgado [EW: An MKULTRA perpetrator, yet unpun !"e#$ Intra%&ere'ra( ) n t"e 'ra n* +iagnosis and treatment of focal brain dysf&nction associated #ith beha$ioral abnormalities are comple* tas)s #hich reI&ire more effecti$e e*ploratory techniI&es. @ntra2cerebral electrodes, electro2corticographical st&dies, and s&bseI&ent discrete ne&ros&rgery ha$e gi$en the epileptologist and stereota*ic s&rgeon ne# possibilities for clinical in$estigation #hich as yet ha$e been applied to only a small percentage of the patients s&ffering from ne&rological disorders incl&ding temporal2lobe epilepsy and related episodic beha$ior problems. @n these therape&tic st&dies, recordings and !t +u(at on of any chosen cerebral str&ct&re can be performed o$er a period of days or #ee)s, and ne&ronal sites identified as triggers for abnormal electrical patterns associated #ith beha$ioral dist&rbances can be destroyed by electrolysis or resection. Unfort&nately in some patients episodic beha$ior disorders may be more disabling than their epileptic seiF&res, and focal lesions may impro$e one syndrome #itho&t modifying the other. ;&rthermore, recording and stim&lation are &s&ally performed &nder conditions #hich I&alify their &sef&lness, beca&se the patientsC mobility is limited by connecting leads, and the beha$ior is li)e#ise altered by the stressf&l and artificial en$ironment of the recording room. G@nsetH 0eprinted from T"e ,ourna( o- Ner.ou! an# Menta( D !ea!e, copyright Gcopy &nreadableH by the Williams and Wil)ins Company, :ol. %<=, 3o. <. 0eprod&ced by permission.


, 5esearch and instrumental development fro the construction of the stimoceiver was supported by the 3nited States 0ir (orce, I.8,st 0ero%medical 5esearch 4aboratory ( <-I//%I8%C% //.>. 0dditional support for our research was provided by the 3nited States @ublic Cealth Service, 1%<//H, and the Office of Naval 5esearch, I/- 9H>;. The circuit for EEA recording is a modified version of the unit described by 1eehan 9,-I.;, and his help in providing us with the information and one of his units is gratefully ac#nowledged. The help of 1r. @er Ca...FunreadableG developing tele%stimulation is also gratefully ac#nowledged. Euring the last few years, methodology has been developed to stimulate and record the electrical activity of the brain in completely unrestrained mon#eys and chimpanzees 9Eelgado, ,-I8D Eelgado and 1ir, in press;. This procedure should be of considerable clinical interest because it permits e'ploration of the brain for unlimited periods without disturbing their rest or normal spontaneous activities. FE*? Er. Eelgado, you are all heartVG This paper reports instrumentation used and clinical application in four patients with psychomotor epilepsy in whom electrodes had been implanted in the temporal lobes. To our #nowledge, this is the first use of inter%cerebral radio stimulation and recording in man. METHODS 67:5 1%5 )mplantation of electrodes Electrodes were constructed and stereo%ta$ically implanted according to methods previously described 91ar# T Ervin, ,-I-;. The electrode assemblies which were connected to a 1c@herson s#ull plug, consisted of a plastic stylet, ,.< mm in diameter, with ,. stainless steel O mm wide contacts at = mm intervals, plus one thermistor and three other contacts at the tip. 3sing a 1c@herson Type < stereota$ic machine 91ar# T Ervin, ,-I-;, electrode assemblies were implanted OOOlaterally into the anterior medical amygdala of each patient. Radio Stimulation This system consists of two instruments? 9,; the 5( transmitter that measures =/ cm $ <. cm $ ,. cm and includes the circuitry for controlling repetition rate, duration, and amplitude 9intensity; of the stimulating pulse. The repetition rate may be varied in steps between ,/ and OO Cz and the duration between /., and ,.. millisec. Single pulses may also be generated.


ntensity control is accomplished by varying the fre)uency of the three subcarrier oscillators that operate in the ,// to O// #Cz fre)uency range. 0 ,// 1Cz oscillator is turned on and off by the pulse train from the subcarrier oscillators. The duration of this pulse is determined by the pulse%duration switch. These bursts of ,// 1Cz 5( energy are received by 9<; the receiver%stimulator which is carried OO the sub'ect, measures =.8 cm $ =./ cm $ ,.H cm, and weighs </ grams. The solid%state circuitry is encapsulated in epo$y resin which provides it with very good mechanical strength and ma#es it waterproof. Space for the O volt mercury battery is included in the size mentioned above. 0fter 5( detection, the resulting subcarrier fre)uency is demodulated into an amplitude. This amplitude controls the current intensity of the stimulation pulse by means of a constant current transistor in the output circuit of the receiver. This method ma#es the pulse intensity independent of biological impedance changes over a wide range. 3nder average stimulation conditions, the battery life is appro$imately one wee#. :perating range is up to 5&& feet. FE*? This is prototype e)uipment, unclassified, and operating sometime in the ,-8/s. magine classified e)uipment at the end of the </th centuryVG Three channels of stimulation are available. The pulse intensity of each channel can be controlled individually from the transmitter. The pulse duration and repetition rate are the same for all three channels. Encephalographic *EE+, Telemetry 0 miniature (1%(1 amplfier%transmitter combination and telemetry receiver are used for this purpose. +1, The transmitting circuitry, carried by the sub'ect, consists of an EEA amplifier with a gain of ,//, input impedance of < megohms, fre)uency response from < to <// Cz, and a voltage controlled oscillator 9!CO; for each channel. The !CO operates in one of the fre)uency bands assigned for subcarrier oscillators by the 5 A standards. n these studies, a three%channel system was used which operated on 5 A channels 9Eelgado T Camlin, ,-I<D Eelgado T 1ir, in pressD (onberg and Eelgado, ,-I,;. The outputs of all three subcarrier oscillators were summed and connected to the single 5( transmitter module. The miniaturized 5( transmitter operates at <,I 1Cz and it+s range is ./ to <// feet, depending on the environment. The size of the three channel unit, including the battery, is H.. cm $ H.. cm $ ,.. cm and it weighs ./ grams.


The signals from the depth electrodes are received by the amplifier. The output signal of the amplifier controls the fre)uency of the subcarrier oscillator, and the oscillator output in turn controls the fre)uency of the transmitter. +$, 0fter amplification of the received signal from the transmitter has been demodulated, the composite subcarrier signals are connected to the inputs of the three discriminators, which then separate and demodulate their respective subcarriers to obtain the telemetered analog information. n the instrumentation used in this instance, a ,// microvolt signal at the input of EEA amplifier resulted in a ,%volt output from the corresponding discriminator in the receiver. The analog output signals from the receiver were connected to the inputs of an EEA recorder and a magnetic tape recorder. 0 microphone was also mounted in the room with the sub'ects and conversation was also recorded along with the EEA on magnetic tape. FE*? So much for the idea that human implantation and 1 4 T05B @05T C @0T ON therein is only a myth.G

U6 9< C<>95>94




SIGHTINGS !<8IC'4 FB849 S795IIB95-T87A@5C H=D7> ID6I7>9 D5HBA5 A66IB5C DB:B97I S<I=9B<>4, I>A. 1$-1*-&& EI57><8 !EB95'4 A<DD5>94- TEB4 789BAI5 AI578IF 4E<K4 ?<9E 7H7BI7?BIB9F <; 95AE><I<:F, +9E5 AI744B;B5C K<8IC E74 A5897B>IF E7C 9EB4 ;<8 4<D5 9BD5,, 7>C B>95>9 9< 68<C=A5 4795IIB95-?745C E=D7> 987A@B>: BD6I7>94. U>5N=BH<A7IIF. ...................................................................... PALM BEACH, FLORIDA - A66IB5C DB:B97I S<I=9B<>4, I>A. 9<C7F 7>><=>A5C 9E79 B9 E74 7AN=B85C 9E5 6795>9 8B:E94 9< 7 DB>B79=85 CB:B97I 987>4A5BH58 - KEBAE B9 E74 >7D5C 0DB:B97I A>:5I0 -- 9E79 A7> ?5 =45C ;<8 7 H78B59F <; 6=86<454, 4=AE 74 68<HBCB>: 7 97D658-68<<; D57>4 <; BC5>9B;BA79B<> ;<8 5>E7>A5C 5-?=4B>544 45A=8B9F, I<A79B>: I<49 <8 DB44B>: B>CBHBC=7I4, 987A@B>: 9E5 I<A79B<> <; H7I=7?I5 68<6589F 7>C D<>B9<8B>: 9E5 D5CBA7I A<>CB9B<>4 <; 79-8B4@ 679B5>94. I> 9E5 7:855D5>9 4B:>5C I749 K55@, ADS 7AN=B85C 9E5 8B:E9 9< C5H5I<6 9EB4 =>BN=5 68<C=A9 B945I; ;<8 7II <; B94 766IBA79B<>4 <8 9< 4=?IBA5>45 9E5 C5H5I<6D5>9 <; 465AB;BA 766IBA79B<>4 9< <9E58 5>9B9B54. A 465AB7I 95AE><I<:F :8<=6 E74 ?55> ;<8D5C KB9EB> ADS 9< 4=658HB45 9E5 C5H5I<6D5>9 <; 9E5 C5HBA5. TE5 BD6I7>97?I5 987>4A5BH58 45>C4 7>C 85A5BH54 C797 7>C A7> ?5 A<>9B>=<=4IF 987A@5C ?F GPS +GI<?7I P<4B9B<>B>: S795IIB95, 95AE><I<:F. TE5 987>4A5BH58'4 6<K58 4=66IF 7>C 7A9=79B<> 4F495D 785 =>IB@5 7>F9EB>: 5H58 A85795C. !E5> BD6I7>95C KB9EB> 7 ?<CF, 9E5 C5HBA5 B4 6<K585C 5I5A98<D5AE7>BA7IIF 9E8<=:E 9E5 D<H5D5>9 <; D=4AI54, 7>C B9 A7> ?5 7A9BH795C 5B9E58 ?F 9E5 0K578580 <8 ?F 9E5 D<>B9<8B>: ;7ABIB9F. A ><H5I 45>479B<> ;55C?7A@ ;579=85 KBII 5H5> 7II<K 9E5 K57858 9< A<>98<I 9E5 C5HBA5 9< 4<D5 C5:855. TE5 04D7890 C5HBA5 B4 7I4< 4D7II 5><=:E 9< ?5 EBCC5> B>A<>46BA=<=4IF <> <8 KB9EB> H7I=7?I5 6584<>7I ?5I<>:B>:4 7>C 68BA5I544 K<8@4 <; 789. C<DD5>9B>: <> DB:B97I A>:5I'4 D7>F 6<95>9B7I 766IBA79B<>4, RBAE78C J. S=IIBH7>, CE7B8D7> 7>C CEO <; A66IB5C DB:B97I S<I=9B<>4, I>A. +ADS,, 47BC- 0!5 ?5IB5H5 B94 6<95>9B7I ;<8 BD68<HB>: B>CBHBC=7I 7>C 5-?=4B>544 45A=8B9F 7>C 5>E7>AB>: 9E5 N=7IB9F <; IB;5 ;<8 DBIIB<>4 <; 65<6I5 B4 HB89=7IIF IBDB9I544. AI9E<=:E K5'85 B> 9E5 578IF C5H5I<6D5>97I 6E745, K5 5J65A9 9< A<D5 ;<8K78C KB9E 766IBA79B<>4 B> D7>F CB;;585>9 78574, ;8<D D5CBA7I D<>B9<8B>: 9< I7K 5>;<8A5D5>9. H<K5H58, B> @556B>: KB9E


our core strengths in the e%business to business arena, we plan to focus our initial development efforts on the growing field of e%commerce security and user E verification.& Sullivan added that the multi%purpose technology would enable 0ES to tap into a vast global mar#et, through licensing and other commercial arrangements, with an estimated total value in e$cess of Y,// billion. &The e%business to business security mar#et alone could reach as high as Y,/ to Y,< billion in the near future,& Sullivan added. 0ES is actively see#ing 'oint venture partners to help develop and mar#et the uni)ue technology. The company e$pects to create a wor#ing prototype by the end of ne$t year. 0pplied Eigital Solutions, nc. is an e%business to business solutions provider offering nternet, telecom, 40N and software services to a wide variety of businesses throughout North 0merica. (or more information, visit the Company+s web site at? E996-))KKK.7C4J.A<D

U6 9< C<>95>94


POSTCRIPT ACH7>A54 B> >5=8<4AB5>A5 'D7F 9E85795> E=D7> 8B:E94' N79=85 M7:7GB>5 - J7>=78F $$, 1&&% P78B4. N5=8<4AB5>A5 B4 ?5B>: B>A8574B>:IF 85A<:>BG5C 74 6<4B>: 7 6<95>9B7I 9E8579 9< E=D7> 8B:E94, M=49 74 7><9E58 7857 <; ?B<I<:F -854578AE B> E=D7> :5><DBA4 -- D7F I57C 9< 7> 5JA544BH5 ;<A=4 <> :5>59BA C5958DB>B4D 7>C 87B454 9E5 465A985 <; :5>59BA CB4A8BDB>79B<>. TEB4 K74 <>5 <; 9E5 A<>AI=4B<>4 9< 5D58:5 ;8<D 9E5 7>>=7I 6=?IBA D559B>: <; 9E5 F85>AE >79B<>7I ?B<59EBA4 A<DDB9955 E5IC I749 K55@ B> P78B4 <> 9E5 9E5D5 <; 'SAB5>A5 7>C R7AB4D'. J57>-PB5885 CE7>:5=J, 9E5 AE7B8D7> <; 9E5 A<DDB9955 7>C 7 >5=8<4AB5>9B49 79 9E5 I>49B9=95 P7495=8 B> P78B4, 9<IC 9E5 D559B>: 9E79 =>C58497>CB>: 9E5 K<8@B>: <; 9E5 E=D7> ?87B> B4 IB@5IF 9< ?5A<D5 <>5 <; 9E5 D<49 7D?B9B<=4 7>C 8BAE CB4AB6IB>54 <; 9E5 ;=9=85. 0B=9 >5=8<4AB5>A5 7I4< 6<454 6<95>9B7I 8B4@40, E5 47BC, 78:=B>: 9E79 7CH7>A54 B> A585?87I BD7:B>: D7@5 9E5 4A<65 ;<8 B>H74B<> <; 68BH7AF BDD5>45. AI9E<=:E 9E5 5N=B6D5>9 >55C5C B4 49BII EB:EIF 465AB7IBG5C, B9 KBII ?5A<D5 A<DD<>6I7A5 7>C A767?I5 <; ?5B>: =45C 79 7 CB497>A5, E5 685CBA95C. TE79 KBII <65> 9E5 K7F ;<8 7?=454 4=AE 74 B>H74B<> <; 6584<>7I IB?589F, A<>98<I <; ?5E7HB<=8 7>C ?87B>K74EB>:. TE545 785 ;78 ;8<D ?5B>: 4AB5>A5-;BA9B<> A<>A58>4, 47BC CE7>:5=J, 7>C A<>49B9=95 07 458B<=4 8B4@ 9< 4<AB59F0. D5>B4 L5 BBE7>, 7 854578AE58 79 9E5 F85>AE A9<DBA E>58:F C<DDB44B<>, 9<IC 9E5 D559B>: 9E79 9E5 =45 <; BD7:B>: 95AE>BN=54 E74 857AE5C 9E5 497:5 KE585 0K5 A7> 7ID<49 857C 65<6I5'4 9E<=:E940. TE5 >79B<>7I ?B<59EBA4 A<DDB9955 B4 97@B>: 4=AE 9E85794 4< 458B<=4IF 9E79 B9 B4 I7=>AEB>: 7 49=CF 9< A<>4BC58 9E5 B44=54 7>C 85A<DD5>C 6<44B?I5 685A7=9B<>4. TE5 49=CF KBII 7I4< A<H58 D<85 BDD5CB795 B44=54 4=AE 74 9E5 I5:7I N=549B<> <; KE59E58 A8BDB>7I4 785 8546<>4B?I5 ;<8 9E5B8 7A9B<>4W CE7>:5=J 685CBA94 7> B>A85745 B> C5;5>45 78:=D5>94 ?745C <> B88546<>4B?BIB9F C=5 9< 7 :5>59BA 685CB46<4B9B<> 9< A5897B> 9F654 <; ?5E7HB<=8. I> AI<4B>: 9E5 D559B>:, CI7=C5 AII5:85, 9E5 DB>B4958 ;<8 >79B<>7I 5C=A79B<>, 854578AE 7>C 95AE><I<:F, EB>95C 79 9E5 A8579B<> <; 7 85H7D65C 678IB7D5>978F <;;BA5 <; 95AE><I<:F 744544D5>9, 78:=B>: 9E79 9E5 >79B<>7I ?B<59EBA4 A<DDB9955'4 7668<7AE B> 9E5 IB;5 4AB5>A54 >55C5C 9< ?5 766IB5C 9< <9E58 78574 <; 4AB5>A5. D5AI7> B=9I58 N79=85W M7ADBII7> P=?IB4E584 L9C. 1&&% R5:B49585C N<. *%5&&% E>:I7>C.


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