76D PRO - User Manual


System Requirements . ho$e that (y $ro%ra(s .76D PRO . you ha&e one o* the best $ro*essional hi%h -uality audio so*t.&8&ie..500MB *ree dis) s$ace . $reset *or your o.ner: Alessandro Boschi! <he user is *ree to edit and sa&e ne.n use= and not to distribute to others! .@( not a bi% co($any but a sin%le $erson= so e&ery sale is i($ortant 3 .hate&er it ta)es to (a)e their recordin%s as %reat as the $resets can hel$ the( to be! Only the actual $urchaser o* the library (ay use this library! <hat (eans no sharin%! <he cost is (ini(al= and %oes to hel$ (e to continue creatin% the ne/t release>s? : .to$ic ..!acustica-audio!co(6*oru(6inde/!$h$7*8# 9t8#:5:9rb.ill be *ree release $resets! <his $ro%ra(-library is *or re%istered +ebula Co((ercial users only3 Do Aiancarlo and <ea( at Acustica Audio the sa(e res$ect o* $urchasin% a le%iti(ate co$y o* +ebula! <he cost is the best deal on the $lanet= and they .n use! <han) you 2 .are $lease do not hesitate to contact (e: sales4alessandroboschi!eu 2.* you ha&e any trouble .ntel or AMD CPU based PC or MAC co($uter .* you (a)e an alteration to a $reset that you li)e and *ind it use*ul= $lease sa&e it as a ne.ith (y so*t.are! . ha&e s$ent countless hours to de&elo$ these no-co($ro(ise $ro%ra(s to %i&e you only the best analo% sound and the *eel as close as $ossible to the real deal! .ithout e/$ress consent by it@s o. Introduction 'elco(e and than) you *or $urchasin% the 76D PRO library $ro%ra(s *or +ebula! +o.ill hel$ you to (a)e better and $ro*essional (i/es en0oyin% yoursel*!!! Because: 1ound 2irst 3 . . $resets *or their o...* you $urchase this library= do not share it: reco((end it 3 'ith each release there .+ebula Core .or) tirelessly on this $ro0ect! Users are not $er(itted to re-release= co$y= u$load= (irror lin)s to this library= and it (ay not under any circu(stances be re$ac)a%ed or included in other release collections .ith installed co((ercial license 2or (ore in*o $lease re*er at this to$ic: htt$:66.User Manual AlexB – 76D Dynamics Suite PRO Library for Nebula3 audio plugin Library Creator: Alessandro Boschi Release Date: 0 !"0#" Co$yri%ht "0#" Alessandro Boschi! All Ri%hts Reser&ed! 1. !nd "ser #icense A$reement <he $urchaser o* this library is *ree to use these +ebula Preset Pro%ra(s *or (i/in%= re(i/in%= (asterin%= $re(asterin%= editin%= and .

Installation B Please install the last release o* +ebula Plu%in C Use the included installer to select your Dnebulate($re$ository *older to install the collection there! Or= you can si($ly co$y all En"$E *iles to your +ebula EPro%ra(sE *older and co$y all En"&E *iles to your EFectorsE *older! 'ith the +ebula bro..ser you@ll *ind the E76DE *older .ithout nor(aliIin% or other destructi&e di%ital $rocessin%! .! .ith the .ith the $ro%ra(s! Gou can na&i%ate into the E55E >55=#)HI? and EJ6E >J6)HI? sub*olders! K&ery sub*older contains Lco($ressor (odelsM .ithout this *et co($ressor on the snare dru( 3 6.@( o&er #: years e/$erienced in electronics and audio en%ineerin% .ith all natural i($er*ection and nuance by (ysel* .76D PRO . A'out t(e ori$inal (ard)are EA Must Ha&e3M <he *irst true $ea) li(iter .ith a si%nature sound O and set the standard *or all li(iters to *ollo. Audio c(aracteristics <his *et co($ressor not only %i&es you a little (ore i($act *ro( the co($ression= it also does a sort o* clear thin%s u$ addin% a coloration that@s bri%ht and clear= here sa($led .ith audio le&els $er*ectly (atched and calibrated at 55=#)HI and J6)HI sa($le rate! Precisely $ro%ra((ed . *(e sam+lin$ +rocess Care*ully sa($led .ith all transistor circuitry o**erin% su$erior $er*or(ance .n the +ebulaNs MA1< $a%e itNs better to set the RA<K C+F at "00(s or (ore to load correctly the library! &.User Manual %.ith the $ro%ra(s! ..in $ro*essional recordin% studio .ith hi%h -uality audio and di%ital cables= (aster %rade to$ notch con&erters ..t uses a 2K< as a &ariable resistor to control %ain and this is the (ain reason *or its uni-ue character! <he le%endary techni-ue o* $ressin% all *our Ratio buttons in si(ultaneously to %i&e a really o&er-the-to$ distorted co($ression and the ultra-*ast attac) ti(e and trade(ar) sound ha&e lured le%endary artists and studios! <hree co($ressors in the suite: *ro( the #J6P &inta%e 1il&er 2ace Blue 1tri$= the #J70 classic Blac) 2ace to the "000 (odern Reissue! Gou cannot (a)e a classic roc) record .hole natural i($er*ection and nuance= than)s to a $ro$erly 55=#)HI and J6)HI sa($lin% $rocess! 3 .

in% dia%ra(s you can see the *re-uency and <HD res$onse: >1LF? Finta%e #J6P 1il&er 2ace Blue 1tri$ – co($ressor – line a($ 4 .n the *ollo.User Manual .76D PRO .

76D PRO .User Manual >BLQ? Classic #J70 Blac) 2ace – co($ressor – line a($ 5 .

76D PRO .User Manual >MOD? Modern "000 Reissue – co($ressor – line a($ 6 .

ith P:# ratio .ith ALL buttons -2lat res$onse stereo .ith ALL buttons .ith sidechain *unction 76D R LineA($ : Line A($li*ier *lat res$onse stereo #0) continuous controls: attac) *ro( "0us to P00us S release *ro( :0(s to #=:s R: 1 8 Finta%e #J6P 1il&er 2ace Blue 1tri$ B 8 Classic #J70 Blac) 2ace M 8 Modern "000 Reissue 7 .ith ALL buttons .ith sidechain *unction : co($ressor .ith "0:# ratio .User Manual -.2lat res$onse (ono .2lat res$onse stereo : co($ressor .2lat res$onse (ono : co($ressor .ith #":# ratio .2lat res$onse (ono .ith 5:# ratio .76D PRO .2lat res$onse (ono .2lat res$onse (ono .2lat res$onse (ono : co($ressor .ith sidechain *unction : co($ressor .ith #":# ratio -2lat res$onse stereo .ith sidechain *unction : co($ressor .2lat res$onse (ono .ith sidechain *unction : co($ressor .ith ALL buttons .ith P:# ratio .ith 5:# ratio .ith sidechain *unction : co($ressor .ith sidechain *unction : co($ressor .2lat res$onse (ono : co($ressor .2lat res$onse (ono : co($ressor .ith #":# ratio .2lat res$onse stereo : co($ressor .ith 5:# ratio -2lat res$onse stereo .ith 5:# ratio .ith "0:# ratio . Preset list: <he 76D PRO library includes 6 di**erent $ro%ra(s: Pro%ra(s :) 76D R 5:# 76D R 5:# st 76D R 5:# s 76D R 5:# sts 76D R P:# 76D R P:# st 76D R P:# s 76D R P:# sts 76D R #":# 76D R #":# st 76D R #":# s 76D R #":# sts 76D R "0:# 76D R "0:# st 76D R "0:# s 76D R "0:# sts 76D R ALL 76D R ALL st 76D R ALL s 76D R ALL sts : co($ressor .2lat res$onse stereo : co($ressor .ith #":# ratio .ith P:# ratio -2lat res$onse stereo .ith "0:# ratio .2lat res$onse stereo : co($ressor .ith "0:# ratio -2lat res$onse stereo .ith sidechain *unction : co($ressor .ith sidechain *unction : co($ressor .ith sidechain *unction : co($ressor .ith P:# ratio .2lat res$onse stereo : co($ressor .2lat res$onse (ono : co($ressor .

and.76D PRO .* your DA' is not so $o..are!co(6$lu%ins6tools..to$ic <han) you= all the best 3 8 .&8&ie.ant renderin% your trac)s ...&inta%e(eter6 . "se/ Tust insert the instance o* +ebula $lu%in in your trac)s choosin% the $ro%ra( that you $re*er! Use your ears and not +ebula (eters! <his is a li(iter= not a co($ressor! 1o a *e.!acustica-audio!co(6*oru(6inde/!$h$7*8" 9t8 "559rb. stron% reco((end the +ebulaMan by Uabu)o..ith +ebula@s $resets= . dB o* AR to control the $ea) and %i&e the color is the ri%ht use! <he $ro%ra(s are unity %ain! Gou can use the Ldri&eM control to dri&e the $lu%in o&er the ori%inal characteristics! <he $ro%ra(s are close to the hard.* you .are= then: 0dBFU 8 -#PdB*s! Gou can use this *ree &inta%e FU (eter by P1P: htt$:66.(eters6$s$.!$s$audio.er*ul you can render or *reeIe the trac)s! .s)i *ro( +ebula6<ools *oru(: htt$:66.User Manual 1.

76D PRO ..User Manual ..!alessandroboschi!eu 9 .

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