Dear Campus Leaders, As you are probably aware, Israel Apartheid Week will be taking place from February

24th to March 2nd this year and may be coming to your campus. IAW is celebrating their tenth anniversary and recent BDS "victories" at academic conferences, so if the campaign is coming to your campus, don't be surprised to see a larger IAW effort this year than in years past. The IAW leadership has recommended that they bring films, lectures, protests, and BDS actions. They may host ugly demonstrations, imposing walls plastered with anti-Israel lies and propaganda, possible disruptions to events and campus life, and even aggressive campaigning for the BDS Movement like divestment resolutions proposed to the student government. StandWithUs is here to support you with resources and guidance on how to best spread Israel's message on campus, and expose Israel Apartheid Week for their anti-peace agitation. Here some things you can do: -Be seen on campus! Remember that 80% of students on campus don't have information about Israel and probably don't have an opinion about it. You can make Israel relevant to them, like showing Israeli technology that touches their lives each day. Make sure to table and have a physical presence on campus. Don't let SJP control the narrative! -Run an I Heart Israel Campaign on your campus! There is nothing more powerful than simply setting the agenda with a positive message. Run your own campaign with StandWithUs I Heart Israel stickers, sunglasses, water bottles, and other swag items. Host a Hummus not Hamas party or another social event. Have fun with it! -Host fun events! The best thing for students on campus to see is their peers celebrating Israel. The best way to fight a negative campaign like IAW is to juxtapose it with something positive. Events like film screenings are great. There are many films available to use like The Case for Israel and Israel Inside. Additionally, your campus coordinator can see what Israeli films are available to you locally. Be careful to screen the film and select a film that presents the message you want, because many Israeli films can be overly critical and lost on a foreign audience. Another great event you can host is a Buy Israeli Goods (BIG) action day. Take a group of students to the local supermarket and film it as everyone stocks up on Israeli treats, and of course throw a party after to enjoy them! This event is great to film, and StandWithUs can help you edit it into an amazing online viral video to show the world what you are doing to support Israel.

Tips for Success:
-Build Relationships Have you been building relationships with other groups on campus? If not, this would be an excellent time to reach out. Assign each member of your pro-Israel team a group to reach out to that matches their interests, and introduce yourself or invite other groups to an event you are hosting. Remember, the students in your pro-Israel group have diverse interests, so use that to your advantage. Assign someone to reach out to the environmental group, LGBT group, Indian, Asian, and other minority groups on campus for support. -Counter Misinformation If there is a specific false claim against Israel gaining traction or being published in the school paper, then it needs to be addressed. Remember that SJP callously couches their hateful rhetoric in the language of human rights, and this is something you should call out and use to your advantage. Determine what the best way to counter the lies is for your campus. Talk to our research staff!! We recommend writing op-eds to your school paper, which StandWithUs can help you write and/or edit for publication. This may come up at your school: A hot issue right now, for example, is the African refugee issue in Israel. There are over 60,000 migrants from Sudan, Eritrea, and other impoverished and war-torn parts of Africa currently seeking asylum, which Israel is struggling to figure out. SJP is using this issue to make Israel look awful, but Israel was the only country in the region to take in people fleeing genocide in Sudan, while Egypt was shooting at them while trying to get to freedom in Israel. Now that there is relative peace in their home countries, Israel would like to send them back, but many want to stay in Israel for economic opportunity. These are problems that every democracy faces including the United States. If this comes up, like anything else, you have an opportunity to provide the context about how Israel gave them a safe place to be while their country was at war. -Stay On Message Simple, straight to the point messaging is key to successfully winning arguments. IAW's messaging usually delegitimizes Israel as a colonial occupier, and the best way to fight against this is by highlighting the Jewish People's 3500 year old indigenous connection to the Land of Israel. Our history scares Israel's enemies the most, as we saw with the recent UNESCO cancellation of an exhibit on Jewish history in the Land of Israel. Other key messages are highlighting Israel's efforts for peace, and the strength of it's diversity and democracy. You may want to promote a simple concept, for example, "Israel Wants Peace" with examples of all the offers Israel has made over the years,

-Let your Voice be Heard! You are an important part of your campus community, and you should never be bullied into being silent. Talk to your student representatives about Israel, and show a presence on campus through tabling, displays, posters, events, and outreach to academic departments. You should bring a positive approach to the table, and can focus on Israel beyond the conflict, but always be prepared to refute the misinformation being spread on campus through conversations and articles. And always know that you can reach out to StandWithUs for information on any topic.

Resources Available from StandWithUs
-Microgrants You can apply for a microgrant with your campus coordinator. Microgrants from StandWithUs average around $200, and can be used to buy supplies for tabling, printing, event costs, and food to incite participants. We also offer higher levels of funding for special circumstances, so make sure to keep open lines of communication with your campus coordinator and let them know what you are planning. If your school has been targeted for IAW, then there may be additional funding for your campus! -Free Materials from StandWithUs StandWithUs has the largest library of printed educational booklets about Israel on the planet, all free of charge for you to use on campus! Check them out here: Simply place an order by emailing your campus coordinator, but please don't delay because we prefer at least 4 weeks for shipping! Don't forget to also place orders for your I Heart Israel swag! Quantities are limited, so first come first served!

-Download and Print your own Signs and Fliers There are hundreds of signs and fliers available at to compliment the events you want to host, or for countering IAW events.

-Bring the Israel Matters Display Check it out here: We currently have displays available in: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, New York, and South Florida. They can be transported to your nearby campus for free, just make sure you have some strong volunteers to help set it up, and a 10ft. X 10ft. place to store it. -Host an Israel 101 Session StandWithUs Staff are happy to come to your campus and make a presentation. Alternatively, we are happy to supply you with resources and training to make your own presentation. This is a great way to educate your core-group of activists on campus, and make sure everyone understands the facts and stays on-message. -Host an Israeli Soldiers Stories Event Our Israeli Soldiers Stories tour may be in your area during IAW! This is a fantastic way to show your campus what Israelis and the IDF are really about. The soldiers will be telling stories of their experiences in the IDF, many times helping Palestinians and trying to protect civilians on both sides from terrorists. Ask your campus coordinator when they will be in your area! -Participate in Israel U-nity Week StandWithUs is proud to sponsor Israel U-nity Week with Campuses for Israel. Israel U-nity Week is a week long campaign of programming designed to show solidarity with Israel and educate the wider community on campus. For more information check out: -Prepare for BDS/ DIVESTMENT CAMPAIGNS Channel the student outrage from divisive campaigns like IAW and BDS into positive action! Register for an account at our Divestment Website at and get exclusive access to the most comprehensive database of materials and strategies to fight BDS. We will partner with you and support your efforts throughout this difficult process if it comes to your campus.

BE PREPARED! For your reference, here is the email alert sent by Israel Apartheid Week (IAW) International:
Thursday, January 16, 2014 Start Your Planning for IAW 2014 It is almost time for the 10th Annual Israeli Apartheid Week! IAW is an annual international series of events held in cities and on campuses across the globe. The aim of IAW is to educate people about the nature of Israel as an apartheid system and to build Boycott,

Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns as part of the growing global BDS movement. IAW offers people around the world an opportunity to partake in something truly global. In the U.S. the dates are February 24-March 2. Here are some ideas and things to keep in mind as you mobilize for IAW: Organize a film screening. Find film suggestions here or contact the IAW-USA coordinators at for suggestions. Arrange a lecture, workshop, rally, or protest. There are many speakers ranging from academics, politicians, trade unionists, and cultural activists that you can bring to your event. Again email and they can connect you with local speakers. Organize a BDS action. IAW is meant to strengthen your BDS work so choose activities this week that will build towards and strengthen your local campaigns. You can find BDS resources at Consider highlighting various BDS wins from the past few months including Veolia losing a Massachusetts commuter rail contract and Staples in Norway no longer selling SodaStream. Be creative! Draw attention to Israeli apartheid with a mock Israeli Apartheid Wall or checkpoint, a flash mob, a concert, poetry reading, street theater, etc. Make the connections to BDS targets when doing these actions. Building a mock wall? Include a panel about companies constructing it like Elbit and Caterpillar. Erecting a mock checkpoint? Highlight biometric scanners, which Hewlett Packard sells to the Israeli military. Hosting an event about settlements? Raise awareness about SodaStream and its exploitation of Palestinian land, labor, and resources. Discussing Palestinian prisoners? Feature G4S, which provides security systems for Israeli prisons. It is very important to make it clear in anything you plan what you want people to do. Contact us if you need help with this. Like USA Israeli Apartheid Week on Facebook and follow @IAW_USA on Twitter for more ideas and updates. Whatever you plan for IAW, make sure to let the IAW-USA coordinators know so they can list your action online! Email them at and send them your images and videos too. Looking forward to seeing all the amazing actions you put together!

StandWithUs Is committed to your success on campus! Please let us know how we can be of assistance, and keep your Campus Coordinator updated on what you are planning!