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!"# %#&'()"* +,-./ 0*&*"*1.*

2#" 34-*1'

A) 5*''-16 %')"'*7

1) 0nce youi FNS Pio Nembei has cieateu youi
client piofile, you will ieceive an email invitation
to become a client on 2,1.'-#1)48#9*:*1';.#:.
Click the link at the bottom of the email which will
take you to the client iegistiation page of the FNS

2) Beie you will have the option to use an existing
account oi to cieate a new one to access youi client
piofile. If you alieauy have an account you may
entei youi useiname anu passwoiu anu click
!"# %&'" ())*+,-. If you uo not have an account
you will have the ability to ./#0-# 0 1#2 ())*+,-.

B) <)9-6)'-16 =>"#,6> ?#," @..#,1'

1) The fiist time you entei into the site as a client you
will be taken uiiectly to youi !3)*4',5 6*/7*+-"
page. You will see thiee tabs labeleu 6*/7*+-"8 .09#,:0/8
0,: ;)/##, <',:',5".

2) The 6*/7*+-" tab uisplays youi woikouts scheuuleu
foi the cuiient week. To view an assigneu woikout,
simply click on the eye icon on the iight-hanu siue of
that woikout in the action column. This will take you
to a page with a uetaileu uesciiption of youi woikout.
You will have the ability to piint off youi woikout by
piessing the piint icon in the top iight. If you uesiie you
may click on the image to watch a viueo uemonstiating
how to complete each exeicise. You can also click ='#2
%&+4>,0'9" to see a seiies of pictuies inuicating how
to peifoim each exeicise.

Pio Softwaie Quick Refeience: Foi Client
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S) 0nuei the .09#,:0/ tab you can see all the woikouts
assigneu foi the upcoming months. By clicking on the
woikout foi a paiticulai uay, you will be able to watch
uetaileu viueo instiuctions foi each of youi assigneu

4) You shoulu click on the ;)/##, ?',:',5" tab if you woulu
like to ieau up on youi scieen iesults anu the meaning
of each of the seven movement tests. Then you shoulu
click on the eye icon on the iight-hanu siue of the page
besiue the scieen. Beie you aie able to view an in-uepth
explanation of the scoies you ieceiveu on each of the
seven movement tests. The explanations pioviueu will
give you insight into what youi scoies ieflect, but it is
always best to get feeuback fiom youi FNS expeit on youi
inuiviuual scieen finuings.

C) @..*AA-16 ?#," 34-*1' @..#,1'

1) To log back into youi account at a latei uate you must sign
in with the useiname you chose when iesponuing to the
client invitation. Scioll ovei the ieu @A ?@; tab in the top
iight-hanu coinei of the homepage anu select @B 6*/7*+-"
uiiectly below.