JUNE 2008: 13th to 15th (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Location: Saito Aiki En - Covilhã
Schedule : Inscription: 13th, from 08:00h at Cortes do Meio.gym. Inscription closes at 17:45h Friday 13 10:00h to 12:00h special keiko 1- Culinary course on Japanese food followed by lunch at Quinta Saito Aiki En Location 1* 18:00h ~ 17:15h keiko #1 Location 2 17:30h ~ 18:45h keiko #2 Location 2 Inscription Cost: Dinner (The sempai dine and then get together with Sensei) Complete seminar: € 200 (with party) Saturday 14 6:30h chinkon 16 mts (chinkon) Location 2 €180 for all who pay until the 15th of April 7:00h~8:15h special keiko 2 Location 2 Each special keiko: € 30 * Pequeno almoço Only Friday: (Keiko 1 + 2) € 50 10:00h ~ 11:15h keiko #3 Location 2 Only Saturday morning: (Keiko 3 + 4) € 50 11:30h ~ 12:45h keiko #4 Location 2 Only Saturday afternoon: (Keiko 5 + 6) € 50 Lunch Only Sunday morning (Keiko 7 + 8) € 50 14:30h ~ 15:30h Exam time or meeting time Location 1 Price of the party for those who do not come to the 16:30h ~ 17:45h keiko #5 Location 2 whole seminar: € 25 18:00h ~ 19:15h keiko #6 Location 2 Price of the party for relatives: € 10 19:15h Group photograph Location 2 Location 1 Quinta do Aikido: The party will be at the farm. Only sempai go back to Cortes do Meio to dress the rest of the Location 2: Dojo Corte do Meio (gym) practitioners should bring their clothes and change at the farm. * The culinary special Keiko may have an additional Sunday: 15 6:30h chinkon 16 mts (chinkon) Location 2 price to buy the ingredients. Exam time or meeting time Location 2 Breakfast 10:00h às 11:15h keiko #7 Local 1 11:30h às 12:45h keiko #8 Local 1 End of koshukai * We are waiting for Sensei’s approval for this special keiko.


OTHER INFORMATION: lodging and eating:
Sleeping in the dojo is included in the price. However if the participants only come for a day, they can only sleep the night before and may not stay and watch the next courses. We have toilet and hot shower facilities All those who will be sleeping at the gym will have to bring their own sleeping bags and tidy them up upon waking up. As we all practice Dentou Iwama Ryu, everybody should also help in the cleaning of the dojo, before and after each Keiko. (Morning soji is at 05:00h), On the inscription day, please write down the number of day that you will sleep at the gym.

Other type of lodging: room rental
Joaquim Afonso Marmelo José Lustosa de Oliveira Jorge Dioniso Matias Freguesia de Cortes do Meio

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Still another type of lodging: camp out at the farm (included in the price)
The participants may camp at the Aikifarm, but must arrive early for cleaning and may not arrive late for Keiko. Those who stay at the farm, must have their own transportation means.

Eating during the seminar.
As this seminar is on the country side, there are very few eating establishments in the village.. In fact there is only one that serves full meals, and another small coffee shop. If the participants wish, they may order their meals from: Café Arcádia Bar – Mr. Horácio Marmelo Santos, Telephone: 00351275971250. This should be done before the seminar for the place is really small. The organization will be glad to help you organize the meals, but please let us know. The meals may be ordered and taken to a big room 1km away where you can seat down and eat The price of the meals must be around €5, 50. There will be not so much time to eat outside the village, as the next village is about 10km away. If you go out, you may be late to afternoon Keiko. There is the possibility, however of barbequing at the farm (4km away): in this case prepare everything before-hand, please. Also, the Café Arcadia Bar will not cook night meals. However you can order them before hand and then heat them up at the eating lounge. Sorry, but the seminar is deep into the country side and as such we could not find better arrangements.

Dishes offered by the Café Arcádia Bar, during the seminar:

13, Friday lunch, Fish (maybe grilled trout) For dinner you may order Fish stew, a local dish. 14, Saturday lunch, ‘Caldeirada de Cabrito” (small goat stew). Dinner will be at the Aikifarm-party, right after Keiko (also to be held at the farm). Party meny: Roasted Boar, Feijoada vegetariana (Portuguese dish, beans and vegetables),Feijoada com carne (Portuguese dish Beans, vegetables and meat), Codfish Pastry, rice, potatoes, salad, local desert, coffee/tea, wine/sangria.

Breakfast (option provided by the organization), €3 per day: (coffee, milk, bread, butter, cheese, boiled eggs). The breakfast will be served at the gymnasium. Attention:
It is forbidden to photograph or film during the seminar. The organization will take photographs and film of the entire seminar. Photographs will be available on line for the entire download. The film of the seminar will be sold at a basic price to get funds for the Aikifarm.

15, Sunday: lunch, “Arroz à Valenciana” Rice Valencia way.


The ritual at the beginning and end of the seminar will be done the traditional way. All those who, because of her/his religious convictions might be offended by this ritual will probably prefer not to participate in the seminar.

Travel to and from Lisbon:
Upon arrival, there will be minibuses to take you from the airport to Oriente Train Station. Please check the site for possible changes in the train timetables and prices. From the Oriente Station to Covilhã station the price now is €15. If you buy a return ticket, it will be cheaper. The train tickets may be bought on line up to 30 days in advance. Our organization will provide transportation from the airport of Lisbon to the train station (included in the price), at the following hours: Thursday 12th at 7:00h, 11:30h and 18:00h From the Covilhã Station to the seminar site, the transportation (included in the seminar price) will depart at: 12:30h, 17:20h and 23:30h, on Thursday and 12:30h and 23:30h, on Friday. As the seminar starts on Friday, we will not bring people to the seminar during training hours. The “intercidades” train schedule from Oriente Station is: 08:26h arrives at 12:23h, 13:27h arrives at 17:10h and 19:26h arrives at 23:19h At the end of the seminar, the train from Covilhã to Oriente will be: Sunday at 15:01h arrives at 19:00h and the last at 18:05h and arrive at 22:00h At the seminar site, transportation to the train station will start leaving at 14:00h In Lisbon, the transportation from the train station to the airport will leave at 19:30h and at 22:30h. If you are staying in Lisbon for tourism after the seminar, you can still sleep in the Lisbon Hombu dojo free of charge, but you will have to take your own transportation to the airport. PAYEMENT OF THE SEMINAR:

By transfer:

(bank) Banco Espírito Santo ASSOCIAÇÃO PORTUGUESA AIKISHUREN DOJO NIB: 0007.0041.00004310001.90 IBAN:PT50 0007 0041 0000 4310 0019 0 NIF: 502109734-Checks to the order: ASSOCIAÇÃO PORTUGUESA