T-Weaponz Interview for “The Bureau”

January 2008 1st how did you guys come up with your name and what does it mean? Our original name was Tomorrowz Weaponz. The name was adopted by a Time Magazine article that was about the future of the world and warfare, and since we see ourselves as the future of hip-hop, the name fit. When Hip Hop began to change, like in the late nineties, we shortened it to TWeaponz because it was easier to identify. T-Weaponz means the struggle and preparation for tomorrow, being ready as we live for today. Having the outlook, hope and the courage to face whatever tomorrow brings. 2nd how did the group come together and where are you guys from? We're from East New York, Brooklyn. Not a pretty place but real you know. Taught you how to be a man. Ark and Izreal are brothers and Psalmz is a friend from the neighborhood. We came together as a group after we met at a rhyming in cipha. We were the only Latinos so we united, took it beyond battling. It just made sense. 3rd at this point in the group’s career, what’s been the biggest highlight for the group? I mean everything we do is a highlight. Just how we made this shit happen. From being on parades with millions watching (the PR parade in NYC 3 years in a row); to performing for thousands in Cali, Texas, Miami all over you know; to being on radio all across the world. We started this from our mom's cribs man. Just us dreaming but we could really spit. Our best highlights are yet to come. (says Izreal)

Being healthy. Cause all of this material stuff can disappear from one day to the next. Were just happy to do what we love. (says Psalmz) 4th would you guys consider yourself up on the shoe or fashion game??? I am a lil something something. I been a lo head for mad years (polo gear...shout out to my homie Thirstin Howl). I'm also up on the kicks game. Got a few rare pairs. Overall I just use my Brooklyn style. Bk is home to a lot of styles. Must be something in the water...lol (says Izreal) I just peep what IzReal is rockin, he’s always got some hot kick…lol. Nah, on the real, yeah I’m up on the game. (says Ark) Were up when we feel like it. It’s an open door. Although I rather develop a line and wear our own stuff we usually wear what represents how we feel at the time. So if it’s some converse and khakis or a fitted and air force ones then that's what it will be. I don't follow trends or wear things cause they are limited additions. Don’t fall into those consumer traps. (says Psalmz) 5th whose are s0me of the labels or designes you guys rock (nike , rocawear etc ) Polo, LRG, Nike, Ecko. But we also rock clothing for the underdogs; The obeys, INKA, crooks, castles, etc. 6th is there anything you used to wear back in the day and look back like "damn i wore that ish" (hamme pants , hightop fade or something like that). I had a fade with two towers. Some World Trade Center shit (before 9/11 of course). (says Izreal)

We'd rock a lot of polo and Hilfiger back then, but before that there was some real questionable shit like cross colors, used, osh kosh jumpers, lee jeans...crazy, its crazy cause all those crazy designs and odd colors are coming out again. Trends never die. (says Psalmz) Yeah, I used to wear some whack shit too, like when you look back on old high school pics and are like “what was I thinking”…lol (says Ark) 7th who have you guys been able to work with and collab??? Damn, it’s gonna be long list. You don’t get far in this game with out artists, producers, etc. helping each other out. Producers: Fingazz Git Keemo Theme Hazardous Sam Traxx Ayatollah Alchemist Pf Cuttin Beanuts Domingo Darkshades Mr migz Pablo puentes Spk Artist: Tony Touch Notch Pitbull Chingo Bling Volito

Diamonque Alvare Mexicano 777 Temperamento Thirstin Howl #3 Trae Fokis Math Frankie Negron Lil Rob Filthy Immigrants Syndicato Fatsoe Flip mode artist Presto Ruck from Helter Skelter Huricane G 8th being that your from the east coast but get more love in the west, whats the biggest difference between cali and nyc?? Well that’s starting to be more balanced. Its funny cuz the west coast buzz got us more buzz back home but to me the main difference is the pace. The West Coast is laid back and ya know ya got that Cheech and Chong...lol...that’s a major difference. I think that when you going a 100 miles an hour like New York pace, you appreciate the change. 9th what can we expect from tweaponz in 2008 More hits, more music, another mixtape, another album. We about to drop the 2nd single from our debut album “Just Begun…” the early part of 2008. It’s called Xtraordinary and we already working on new projects. Just staying creative and making better and better music. 10 th how can fans and readers get the latest info on the group ... Check out our MySpace, myspace.com/tweaponz and hit us up. One of us is always on there and we’ll answer you back. Also, on on youtube.com . We got a few highlight Reels...lol.

Don’t forget to pick up the album “Just Begun…,” it’s available on iTunes, CD Baby and also on our MySpace page.