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Rajasekhar M

Brief introduction about experience

Summary of Experience:  3 Years of experience in Tibco EAI Products i.e. Tibco Business Works, Tibco EMS, Tibco Administrator, Tibco Business Events.  Worked on Tibco based web services - SOAP over HTTP/JMS.  Quick learning aptitude and organizational skills.  Focus on quality & drive for excellence.
Experience Summary

 Currently working as a Senior software engineer with L&T Infotech.  Previously worked as a Software engineer for STS Ltd.




Programming Languages

Oracle 8/9i/10g

Operating System

Window XP

Tools /DB/Packages


L&T Infotech Confidential

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 Developed a BW Orchestration code having many subprocessess. Tibco BW and Oracle. Role & Contribution Technologies Key Achievements L&T Infotech Confidential Page 2 of 2 .  Understanding the requirements. The system will build a queue of claims with issues and will display a list for users through a newly developed web-based interface.  Preparing technical documents.Rajasekhar M Project Details Project 1 Project Name Start Date Claims Jun.  Solved Queue overload issue. 2009 Team Size End Date 4 Till Date Description Omnicare’s claim issues with a method that is more efficient and timely than the current process.  Involved in maintenance of time laps. This will be accomplished by creating a billing “best practice” in correlation with the process and implementing automated controls to enforce it.  Co-ordinate with clients and onsite coordinator. Users will then be able to access the claims for resolution.

 Co-ordinate with clients and onsite coordinator. No Project Name Start Date Password Management Jan. Tirupati. Tirupati. 2008 Team Size End Date 3 May. India [2007]. 2009 Description Up gradation of Developed processes in Tibco BW to handle the Banking domain user Passwords. Web Services available for selfcare channels. L&T Infotech Confidential Page 3 of 3 .  Preparing technical documents.  Involved in development of two modules using Tibco Web Services. Bachelor of Computer Science in Computers from S. Tibco Admin  Role & Contribution Technologies Key Achievements Involved in recovery password recovery mechanism.  Understanding the requirements. Educational Qualification  Education & Credentials  Master of Computer Application in Computer Application from S. code reviews Tibco BW.V University. India [2004].V University.Rajasekhar M Project 2 Sr.  Unit testing of the code.