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COMPLAINT FOR PATENT INFRINGEMENT Plaintiff Data Carriers, LLC alleges t e follo!ing for its "o#$laint against Defendant Pet"o Ani#al S%$$lies In". THE PARTIES &. Plaintiff is a Dela!are li#ited lia'ilit( "o#$an( aving a $rin"i$al $la"e of

'%siness at )*+, -ennett Pi.e, S%ite /,&, 0il#ington, Dela!are &12*34+*&2. +. Defendant is a "or$oration organi5ed %nder t e la!s of t e State of Dela!are !it

a $rin"i$al offi"e at 1&+/ Re "o Road, San Diego, California 1+&+&. Defendant #a( 'e served !it $ro"ess via its registered agent Cor$oration Servi"e Co#$an(, +3&& Centerville Road, S%ite )**, 0il#ington, DE &12*2. JURISDICTION AND VENUE ,. T is is a $atent infringe#ent a"tion. T e Co%rt as s%'6e"t #atter 6%risdi"tion

$%rs%ant to +2 U.S.C. 77 &,,& and &,,2. ). T e Co%rt as $ersonal 6%risdi"tion over Defendant, 'e"a%se Defendant "ond%"ts

'%siness in t is 6%risdi"tion, in"l%ding '( offering and $ro#oting $rod%"ts for sale via t e internet, ! i" is a""essi'le to and a""essed '( residents of t is Distri"t, and '( aving $ (si"al

stores in t is Distri"t. T e Co%rt also as $ersonal 6%risdi"tion over Defendant, 'e"a%se it is a Dela!are "or$oration. /. 8en%e is $ro$er in t is Distri"t $%rs%ant to +2 U.S.C. 77 &,1&9':49": and &)**9':,

'e"a%se Defendant resides in t is distri"t and s%'stantial a"ts of infringe#ent ave o""%rred in t is Distri"t. COUNT ONE INFRINGEMENT OF U.S. PATENT NO. 5,388,198 ;. Plaintiff is t e o!ner '( assign#ent of United States Patent No. /,,22,&12 9t e

<=&12 $atent>:, entitled <Proa"tive Presentation of A%to#ating ?eat%res to a Co#$%ter User.> T e a$$li"ation for t e =&12 $atent !as filed on A$ril &;, &11+. T e $atent iss%ed on ?e'r%ar( 3, &11/ and !as originall( assigned to S(#ante" Cor$oration. A tr%e and "orre"t "o$( of t e =&12 Patent is atta" ed as E@ i'it A ereto. 3. Plaintiff olds t e e@"l%sive rig t to ta.e all a"tions, in"l%ding t e filing of t is

$atent infringe#ent la!s%it, ne"essar( to enfor"e its rig ts to t e =&12 Patent. Plaintiff also as t e rig t to re"over all da#ages for $ast, $resent, and f%t%re infringe#ent of t e =&12 Patent and to see. in6%n"tive relief as a$$ro$riate %nder t e la!. 2. Defendant as dire"tl( infringed, eit er literall( or '( eA%ivalents, one or #ore

"lai#s of t e =&12 Patent, in"l%ding at least Clai# /, '( %sing t e "lai#ed #et od in o$erating t e !e'site !!!.$et"o."o# in a !a( t at a%to#ati"all( intervenes in a "%sto#er or $otential "%sto#er=s %se of t e !e'site to s%ggest or $resent feat%res 'ased on infor#ation on t e %se of t e s(ste#, in"l%ding '%t not li#ited to a%to"o#$lete feat%res. 0 ile a %ser is a""essing t e !e'site, Defendant "ontin%o%sl( #onitors and "o#$ares %ser #ani$%lations and $rogra# "onte@t !it feat%re te#$lates stored in #e#or( and $resents a%to#ating feat%res if a #at" is fo%nd.



Defendant=s o$eration of its !e'site in t e a'ove4des"ri'ed #anner in t e United

States is !it o%t t e $er#ission of Plaintiff and "onstit%tes infringe#ent %nder ,/ U.S.C. 7 +3& for ! i" Defendant is lia'le. &*. As a res%lt of Defendant=s infringe#ent, Plaintiff as 'een da#aged #onetaril(

and is entitled to adeA%ate "o#$ensation of no less t an a reasona'le ro(alt( $%rs%ant to ,/ U.S.C. 7 +2). JURY DEMAND Plaintiff reA%ests a 6%r( on all iss%es so tria'le. PRAYER 0BERE?ORE, Plaintiff res$e"tf%ll( reA%ests t at t e Co%rtC A. =&12 PatentD E. A!ard Plaintiff da#ages for Defendant=s infringe#ent in an a#o%nt to 'e Enter 6%dg#ent t at Defendant as infringed, eit er literall( or '( eA%ivalents, t e

deter#ined at trial, in"l%ding en an"ed da#ages, "osts, and $re and $ost46%dg#ent interestD and C. A!ard an( ot er relief dee#ed 6%st and $ro$er. EAGARD, P.A. IsI Ste$ en E. Era%er#an 9s')1/+: Ri" ard D. -ir. 9r.*1++: Ste$ en E. Era%er#an 9s')1/+: 8anessa R. Tiradentes 9vt/,12: Sara E. E%ssiere 9s'/3+/: +++ Dela!are Aven%e, S%ite 1** 0il#ington, DE &12*& 9,*+: ;//4/***'a(ardla!."o# s'ra%er#anH'a(ardla!."o# vtiradentesH'a(ardla!."o# s'%ssiereH'a(ardla!."o# Attorneys for Plaintiff Data Carriers, LLC

?e'r%ar( /, +*&) O? COUNSELC Pa%l 8. Stor# Sara M. Pa@son FARDERE 0GNNE SE0ELL LLP &;*& El# Street, S%ite ,*** Dallas, Te@as 3/+*& 9+&): 1114,*** $vstor#Hgardere."o# s$a@sonHgardere."o#