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DATA CARRIERS, LLC, Plaintiff, C.A. No. _________ v. JURY TRIAL DEMANDED TORY BURCH LLC, Defendant.

COMPLAINT FOR PATENT INFRINGEMENT Plaintiff Data Carrier , LLC alle!e t"e follo#in! for it $o%&laint a!ain t Defendant Tor' B(r$" LLC. THE PARTIES ). *( ine Plaintiff i a Dela#are li%ited lia*ilit' $o%&an' "avin! a &rin$i&al &la$e of

at +,-. /ennett Pi0e, S(ite 1.), 2il%in!ton, Dela#are )34,56-,)4. -. Defendant i a li%ited lia*ilit' $o%&an' or!ani7ed (nder t"e la# of t"e State of

Dela#are #it" a &rin$i&al offi$e at 134 8adi on Aven(e, ))t" 9loor, Ne# Yor0, NY ),,--. Defendant %a' *e erved #it" &ro$e via it re!i tered a!ent Cor&oration Servi$e Co%&an',

-5)) Centerville Road, S(ite +,,, 2il%in!ton, DE )34,4. JURISDICTION AND VENUE .. T"i i a &atent infrin!e%ent a$tion. T"e Co(rt "a (*:e$t %atter :(ri di$tion

&(r (ant to -4 U.S.C. ;; )..) and )..4. +. *( ine T"e Co(rt "a &er onal :(ri di$tion over Defendant, *e$a( e Defendant $ond($t in t"i :(ri di$tion, in$l(din! *' offerin! and &ro%otin! &rod($t for ale via t"e

internet, #"i$" i a$$e i*le to and a$$e ed *' re ident of t"i Di tri$t. T"e Co(rt al o "a &er onal :(ri di$tion over Defendant, *e$a( e it i a Dela#are $or&oration. 1. <en(e i &ro&er in t"i Di tri$t &(r (ant to -4 U.S.C. ;; ).3)=*>6=$> and )+,,=*>,

*e$a( e Defendant re ide in t"i di tri$t and (* tantial a$t of infrin!e%ent "ave o$$(rred in t"i Di tri$t. COUNT ONE INFRINGEMENT OF U.S. PATENT NO. 5,388,198 ?. Plaintiff i t"e o#ner *' a i!n%ent of United State Patent No. 1,.44,)34 =t"e

@A)34 &atentB>, entitled @Proa$tive Pre entation of A(to%atin! 9eat(re to a Co%&(ter U er.B T"e a&&li$ation for t"e A)34 &atent #a filed on A&ril )?, )33-. T"e &atent i (ed on 9e*r(ar' 5, )331 and #a ori!inall' a i!ned to S'%ante$ Cor&oration. A tr(e and $orre$t $o&' of t"e A)34 Patent i atta$"ed a EC"i*it A "ereto. 5. Plaintiff "old t"e eC$l( ive ri!"t to ta0e all a$tion , in$l(din! t"e filin! of t"i

&atent infrin!e%ent la# (it, ne$e ar' to enfor$e it ri!"t to t"e A)34 Patent. Plaintiff al o "a t"e ri!"t to re$over all da%a!e for &a t, &re ent, and f(t(re infrin!e%ent of t"e A)34 Patent and to ee0 in:(n$tive relief a a&&ro&riate (nder t"e la#. 4. Defendant "a dire$tl' infrin!ed, eit"er literall' or *' eD(ivalent , one or %ore

$lai% of t"e A)34 Patent, in$l(din! at lea t Clai% 1, *' ( in! t"e $lai%ed %et"od in o&eratin! t"e #e* ite ###.tor'*(r$".$o% in a #a' t"at a(to%ati$all' intervene in a $( to%er or &otential $( to%erA ( e of t"e #e* ite to (!!e t or &re ent feat(re *a ed on infor%ation on t"e ( e of t"e ' te%, in$l(din! *(t not li%ited to a(to$o%&lete feat(re . 2"ile a ( er i a$$e in! t"e #e* ite, Defendant $ontin(o( l' %onitor and $o%&are ( er %ani&(lation and &ro!ra% $onteCt #it" feat(re te%&late fo(nd. tored in %e%or' and &re ent a(to%atin! feat(re if a %at$" i



DefendantA o&eration of it #e* ite in t"e a*ove6de $ri*ed %anner in t"e United

State i #it"o(t t"e &er%i ion of Plaintiff and $on tit(te infrin!e%ent (nder .1 U.S.C. ; -5) for #"i$" Defendant i lia*le. ),. A a re (lt of DefendantA infrin!e%ent, Plaintiff "a *een da%a!ed %onetaril' t"an a rea ona*le ro'alt' &(r (ant to .1

and i entitled to adeD(ate $o%&en ation of no le U.S.C. ; -4+.

JURY DEMAND Plaintiff reD(e t a :(r' on all i (e o tria*le. PRAYER 2HERE9ORE, Plaintiff re &e$tf(ll' reD(e t t"at t"e Co(rtE A. A)34 PatentF B. A#ard Plaintiff da%a!e for DefendantA infrin!e%ent in an a%o(nt to *e Enter :(d!%ent t"at Defendant "a infrin!ed, eit"er literall' or *' eD(ivalent , t"e

deter%ined at trial, in$l(din! en"an$ed da%a!e , $o t , and &re and &o t6:(d!%ent intere tF and C. A#ard an' ot"er relief dee%ed :( t and &ro&er. BAYARD, P.A. I I Ri$"ard D. /ir0 =r0,3--> Ri$"ard D. /ir0 =r0,3--> Ste&"en B. Bra(er%an = *+31-> <ane a R. Tiradente =vt1.34> Sara E. B( iere = *15-1> --- Dela#are Aven(e, S(ite 3,, 2il%in!ton, DE )34,) =.,-> ?1161,,, r0ir0H*a'ardla#.$o% *ra(er%anH*a'ardla#.$o% vtiradente H*a'ardla#.$o% *( iereH*a'ardla#.$o% Attorneys for Plaintiff Data Carriers, LLC

9e*r(ar' 1, -,)+ O9 COUNSELE Pa(l <. Stor% Sara" 8. PaC on GARDERE 2YNNE SE2ELL LLP )?,) El% Street, S(ite .,,, Dalla , TeCa 51-,) =-)+> 3336.,,, &v tor%H!ardere.$o% &aC onH!ardere.$o%