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1.What are the modes • GUI mode • Console mode • Silent mode 2.


of TIBCO BW Installations ?

you have installed a particular version of TIBCO software e.g. TIBCO BW .!."# What are # ! and " num$er stands for?
Integration can be at different application layers: • • • %Patch !%Major "%Minor


is the role of !"#

!" stands for I$C% !&ntime "gent. he !" has t'o main f&nctions: • S&pplies an agent that is r&nning in the bac(gro&nd on each machine. ). he agent is responsible for starting and stopping processes that r&n on a machine according to the deployment information. *. he agent monitors the machine. hat information is then +isible +ia I$C% "dministrator. S&pplies the r&n,time en+ironment- that is- all shared libraries incl&ding third,party libraries.


are the resources that gets included in the '() file# created $y the TIBCO *esigner?
"n ."! file can contain local project reso&rces- /ibrary$&ilder reso&rces- and files as specified in "lias/ibrary reso&rces. In addition- the I$C% 0esigner classpath may incl&de references to other files that are incl&ded in the ."! file.

+.What • • • • • • •

are the revision control system options availa$le in TIBCO designer?
1ile sharing 2SS Perforce 3M/ Canon ClearCase iPlanet C2S

11. .MS transports .What • • are the different modes of service invocation? Ser+ices can be in+o(ed in se+eral 'ays.comm&nication flo's in both directions.$ acti+ities I$C% iProcess $&sinessWor(s Connector acti+ities /. I$C% $&sinessWor(s s&pports the follo'ing types of transactions: • • • . <o& can &se the type of transaction that s&its the needs of yo&r integration project.response operation is e4ec&ted once and 'aits for one response.0$C . he complete interaction consists of t'o point.dat in the project root directory 'hen yo& first sa+e the project.• P2CS . %nly the follo'ing types of acti+ities ha+e transactional capabilities: • • • • • .MS acti+ities . he interaction is only considered complete after the response has arri+ed. " re5&est.MS transport .0$C acti+ities .MS acti+ities "cti+e..'ay operation is e4ec&ted once and does not 'ait for a response. When yo& create a transaction gro&p.I$C% !ende9+o&s encoding.a+a ransaction "PI 7...response ser+ice.and description.What are the different types of Transactions TIBCO provides? I$C% $&sinessWor(s offers a +ariety of types of transactions that can be &sed in different sit&ations. "8 User ransaction type allo's: .a+a ransaction "PI 7. to.MS transports8 .point messages6a re5&est and a response.What • • • • activities are supported in 1T( Transaction? he . S&bscription means incoming information is processed on an as. " one.needed basis. his file is &sed to store properties s&ch as display name.0$C acti+ities "cti+e. In a re5&est. P&blication 7notification8 means an operation sends information on an as.nterprise "dapter 7&sing .needed basispotentially m&ltiple times. his file can be &sed for identification in place of the project root directory and can be &sed as the repository locator string 7repoUrl8.MS "cti+e. • • -.What are the TIBCO BW activities that can participate in transactions? :ot all I$C% $&sinessWor(s acti+ities can participate in a transaction.What activities are supported in ( Transaction ? he 3" ransaction type allo's: • • • .potentially m&ltiple times.nterprise "dapter acti+ities that &se .dat? I$C% 0esigner creates a file named +crepo..What is vcrepo.nterprise "dapter acti+ities that &se the .0$C .$ acti+ities to participate in transactions.yo& m&st specify the type of transaction. "8 User ransaction 3" ransaction 10.

Also.)7/ to design a process such that depending on num$er of records updated in a data$ase# 7 different su$=processes may $e called ? 0efine 3 transitions from .dat file to m&lti file project &sing "dministration tab 'hile starting &p 0esigner7%ther one being Project tab8 and then open the m&ltifile project in the normal 'ay.. 3ileIO'5ception % hro'n 'hen an I>% e4ception occ&rred 'hen trying to read the file.dat file format with latest designer ? Con+ert .What is the purpose of the inspector activity ? he Inspector acti+ity is &sed to 'rite the o&tp&t of any or all acti+ities and process +ariables to a file and>or stdo&t. 12.What are the mandatory configuration parameters for 3T: Connection < 3T: with firewall ? he mandatory config&ration parameters for 1 P Connection • • • 1 P host Port Username D Pass'ordE If 1ire'all is enabled in addition the pro4y host and port are re5&ired.)8 U 1.9ow do you determine if there are $ro>en references in the pro?ect? :ro?ect =@ 2alidate for deployment 22. 1&.ncodings s&pported by designer are • • IS%FFAG.What are the encodings supported $y designer ? . %nly &sers 'ith C'riteC access can do acti+ities li(e deploying applicationsstarting>stopping process engines etc. request/reply operations cannot participate in an XA transaction. 17.Where are the *esigner preferences stored ? .. 1.9ow can unauthori.ed users $e prevented from triggering a process ? Una&thori9ed &sers be pre+ented from triggering a process by gi+ing C'riteC access for the process engine to only selected &sers.What are the ma5imum8minimum of threads availa$le for incoming 9TT: ? he ma4im&m>minim&m of threads a+ailable for incoming ? P : @A>)B 1+.What are the possi$le 'rror output2s of )ead 3ile activity? Integration can be at different application layers: • • • 3ile4ot3ound'5ception % hro'n 'hen yhe file does not e4ist. 6nsupported'ncoding'5ception% hro'n 'hen the te4t file=s encoding is not +alid and the content of the file is read into process data.0$C &pdate 'ith condition on the no of &pdates and call appropriate child processes.9ow to use legacy . his is partic&larly &sef&l 'hen deb&gging process definitions and yo& 'ish to see the entire schema instead of mapping specific elements to the Write 1ile acti+ity. Note:For JMS activities and ActiveEnterprise Adapter activities. 1-. 1/.F 20. 1. EJB activities cannot participate in an XA Transaction group.What are the & main panels of the *esigner window ? he H main panels of the 0esigner 'indo' are • • • • Project panel Palette panel 0esign panel Config&ration panel 21.• to participate in transactions.

.:rocess engines in a fault tolerant group can $e configured as peers or master secondary. ).0esigner preferences stored are stores in a file called ' esigner !ver". 27.'5plain the process configuration parameters = Aa5 1o$s# 3low Bimit < (ctivation Bimit ? • Aa5 1o$s % Ma4 .li(e email ser+ers.9ow to control the seCuence of e5ecution of process instances created $y a process starter ? Use the se5&encing (ey field in the Misc tab of any process starter.. !epeat on .What are the options for configuring storage for process engine2s chec>point repository ? he options for config&ring storage for process engineCs chec(point repository are: • • /ocal 1ile 0atabase.. !epeat gro&p of acti+ities based on a condition.obs specifies the n&mber of process instances that are (ept in memmory.secondary stops and master contin&es processing.B specifies no limit and is the defa&lt. Process instances 'ith the same +al&e for this field are e4ec&ted in the se5&ence in 'hich they are started.pre#s' in the &ser home directory. • (ctivation Bimit % "cti+ation limit flag specifies that once a process instance is loaded it m&st be placed in memmory till it completes e4ec&tion. 70. " CPic( 1irst Gro&pC allo's yo& to 'ait for the occ&rence of m&ltiple e+ents and proceed along a path follo'ing the first e+ent to occ&r.the secondary starts processing 'hen master fails. • • • 2-. $&t 'hen master reco+ers. Iterate o+er a list. . Peer means all of them ha+e the same 'eight. If synchroni9ation is for process instances belonging to the same processs definition inside one engine. 1a&lt tolerant engines can reco+er from a chec(point only 'hen database is &sed.9ow do these differ ? he options for config&ring storage for process engineCs chec(point repository are: • • .j&st specify the scope as CSingleC. 2&. 2/. !epeat &ntil condition tr&e. *. $y defa&lt it is enabled. o create a critical section area that synchroni9es process instances. here can be only one . B specifies no limit and is the defa&lt. his can be &sed to control the n&mber of process instances r&nning sim&ltaneo&sly and 'hen the protocol generating the e+ent can store the e+ent till it is recei+ed.What is the purpose of a Boc> shared configuration resource? " /oc( is specified for a CCritical SectionC gro&p 'hen the scope is CM&ltipleC.rror and one S&ccess if no matching condition transition o&t of each acti+ity.MS.rror &ntil condition tr&e. In this case 'hen one engine fails another one ta(es o+er and contin&es processing till it fails.What are the uses of grouping activities ? Uses of gro&ping acti+ities are: • • Create a set of acti+ities ha+ing a common error transition. . . It can be &sed to ens&re synchroni9ation across process instances belonging to m&ltiple processs definitions or for process instances across engines7Chec( m&lti engine flag for loc( in this case and the $W engine needs to be config&red 'ith database persistence 'hile deployment8.!2 etc. 2+. • 3low Bimit % 1lo' /imit specifies the ma4im&m n&mber of r&nning process instances that are spa'ned before the process starter is s&spended ie it enters a 1/%WIC%: !%//. 2.When is a 24o (ction2 group used ? . 2. %nce this limit is reached ne'ly created process instances 7s&bject to flo' limit8 are paged o&t to dis(. 3.Can there $e two error transitions out of an activity ? :o. In master secondary config&ration 'eights are &ne5&al. Gro&p acti+ities into a transaction.0 state and does not accept ne' e+ents.

Specify the &ni5&eI0 for the d&plicate (ey field and engine maintains list of these (ey fields. 7/. " shared +ariable can o+ercome this limitation as itCs scope is not limited to one job.!esponse In+ocation Ser+ice &0. "n error transition can then handle this thro's a 0&plicate. /oc(ing across gro&ps in m&ltiple $W engines. .!esponse Ser+ice !e5&est. 7+. If the b&siness process needs to be e4posed as S%"P ser+ice &se S%"P .What are the types of adapter services ? ypes of adapter ser+ices are : • • • • S&bscriber Ser+ice P&blisher Ser+ice !e5&est.Dive an e5ample where graceful migration of service from one machine to another is not possi$le.If you want a group to $e e5ecuted if there is some unhandled error $ut su$?ect to some ma5 num$er of iterations which group do you use ? We can &se $epeat on Error until true 7. 7&.What are the three scenarios where BW engine has to $e configured with data$ase persistence instead of Bocal 3ile ? he three scenarios are: • • • Shared 2ariables across $W engines.Which activity is used for detecting duplicate message processing? %&ec'(oint activity .+ent So&rce in conj&nction 'ith S%"P Send !eply or S%"P Send 1a&lt.When is a 2Denerate 'rror2 activity useful? When yo& handle an error inside a called s&bprocess or gro&p and 'ant to rethro' the error to the caller7happens by defa&lt if yo& dont handle the error in the called process8 7-. ? P !ecei+er.If the $usiness process needs to invo>e another we$ service which resource do you use ? S%"P re5&est reply acti+ity..&nless in the call process acti+ity the CSpa'nC flag is enabled in 'hich case the called s&b process is a ne' job and hence gets a fresh copy of the job shared +ariable initiali9ed as per its config&ration. When a process come to chec(point acti+ity 'ith the same +al&e for d&plicate (ey 'hich already e4ists.b&t yo& need to redirect re5&ests from the old machine to the ne' one.Which mechanism can $e used to pass data $etween a process instance and a called su$ process other than mapping from8to the callee2s input8output ? his can be accomplished &sing job shared +ariables.C:o "ctionC gro&p &sed to ha+e a set of acti+ities ha+ing a common error transition 71. Wait :otify across $W engines. In this case the recei+er on ne' machine starts listening on the same port.4ception. 7.What activity can $e used to set the value of a 26ser defined process varia$le2 ? he CAssignC acti+ity can be &sed to set the +al&e of a CUser defined process +ariableC.Which are the two process varia$les availa$le to all activities with inputs ? • JIglobal2ariables • JIprocessConte4t 77.. 72.

le' and 'Set s&ared varia.What does 2 Euccess if no matching condition2 transition mean ? /ets say bet'een t'o nodes :) and :*.it 'aits till another process iss&es a notification 'ith the same (ey +al&e. "lso if there is a s&ccess transition and also s&ccess transitions 'ith condition and if the condition matches then both the s&cess transition 7no condition8 as 'ell as the transition7s8 'ith matching conditions are follo'ed. %ther a4es are parent .What is difference $etween shared varia$le and ?o$ shared varia$le ? • • $oth of them can be manip&lated +ia the palette reso&rces '+et s&ared varia. 1or e4ample: 'hen one process is in 'ait state for (ey C%rder. So yo& can &se CS&ccess if no matching conditionC to pre+ent d&plicate paths of e4ec&tion.+ent So&rce process and C resource4ameC is the name of the process E)a*ple : http:>>p&rch:FF@@>P&rchasing>GetP&rchase%rder#'sdl Del.icio.What is the scope of user defined process varia$les ? he scope of &ser defined process +ariables is only the process in 'hich it is defined.not a sibling 'ith that selects a child node 'ith that name.sibling etc.self .What are the output formats for EBT? • 3M/ • ? M/ • e4t &-. What this means is that 'hen yo& select K$%%LK from the c&rrent conte4t. &.7:ot e+en inside a s&b process that is in+o(ed from this process8 &7. &&. It can e+en be persisted and can s&r+i+e $W engine restarts and e+en shared across m&ltiple $W engines7'hen deployed &sing 0$ persistence8. .What is the functionality of the )etrieve )esources resource? It can be &sed to ser+e the 'sdl file of a S%"P .9ow do wait=notify resources wor> ? $asically 'ait and notify sho&ld share a common notification config&ration 'hich is j&st a schema definition for data that 'ill be passed from notifier to 'aiter.le'. " job shared +ariable is pri+ate to one instance of job or in other 'ords each job has a fresh copy.What is the default (5is in :ath ? %&ild a)is.there are 3 s&ccess transitions 'ith condition and there is no s&ccess transition 'itho&t condition. &+.&1..+ent So&rce to a 7http8 client. In the case of shared +ariable the same copy is shared across all job instances. Constr&ct a process li(e: HTTP Receiver -> Retrieve Resources -> Send HTTP Response :o' the WS0/ file for a S%"P ser+ice can be retrei+ed &sing the http re5&est http://<host>:<port>/<path>/<resourceName>?wsdl 'here CpathC is the folder path to the S%"P . Specific instances of 'aiter D notifier are corrrelated +ia a (ey. If none of the conditions match then a CS&ccess if no matching conditionC transition can be & Digg Google Spurl add to: Slashdot Y! MyWeb Blink Furl &2.)C.

What is the :urpose of FGerror varia$le ? $ error varia!le is a+ailable in the node follo'ing the error transition.What are the cases where $usiness process cant proceed correctly su$seCuent to restart from a chec>point ? • Sending ? P response. In s&ch cases send response>confirm before chec(point. +0. .. It capt&res the error messageerror code etc. &/.Which group do you use to wait for multiple events and proceed with the first to occur ? " CPic( 1irst Gro&pC.&. When engine crashes these sessions are closed at their soc(et le+el. his is beca&se the confirmation or sending ? P response has to done in the same session.confirming an email>jms message etc.