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Section 1 Parties: This Contract entered into between the school board of Independent School District No. 840, St. James, Minnesota, hereinafter referred to as the school board and the Education Minnesota-St. James exclusive representatives, pursuant to and in compliance with the Public Employment Labor Relations Act of 1980, as amended hereinafter referred to as the P.E.L.R.A. of 1980 as amended, to provide the terms and conditions of employment for teachers during the duration of this Contract.


Section 1 Recognition: In accordance with the P.E.L.R.A. of 1980 as amended, the school board recognizes Education Minnesota-St. James as the exclusive representative of teachers employed by the school board of Independent School District No. 840, which exclusive representative, shall have those rights and duties as prescribed by the P.E.L.R.A. of 1980 as amended and as described in the provisions of this Contract.

Section 2 Appropriate Unit: The exclusive representative shall represent all the teachers of the district as defined in this Contract and in said Act.


Section 1 Terms and Conditions of Employment: The term "terms and conditions of employment" means the hours of employment, the compensation therefore including fringe benefit except retirement contributions or benefits, and the employer's personnel policies affecting the working conditions of the employees. In the case of professional employees, the term does not mean educational policies of a school district. The terms


in both cases are subject to the provisions of M.S. 179A regarding the rights of public employees and the scope of negotiations.

Section 2 Definition of Teacher: For the purposes of implementing the provisions of the P.E.L.R.A., a teacher shall be defined as: All personnel employed by a school district, by individual contract or other means, regardless of the number of hours worked per day or the number of days worked per year:

1) in a position which requires the employee to be licensed by the Board of Teaching or the State Board of Education to be employed, or (2) in a position as Physical Therapist, or (3) in a position as Occupational Therapist.

Excluding employees who are: (1) exempt from the coverage of P.E.L.R.A. by Minn. St. 179.63, Subd. 7; (a), (b), (c), (d), (g) and (h), or (2) confidential as defined by Minn. St. 179.63, Subd. 8, or (3) supervisory as defined by Minn. St. 179.63, Subd. 9, or (4) Principals or Assistant Principals as defined by Minn. St. 179.63, Subd. 14, or (5) employees who are "daily substitutes" and have not replaced an individual teacher for more than thirty (30) days.

Section 3 Other Terms: Terms not defined in this Contract shall have those meanings as defined by the P.E.L.R.A. of 1980 as amended.

Section 4 Subd. 1. A part-time teacher is a teacher who is a member of the bargaining unit and is employed on a written contract. Subd. 2. Part-time teachers who are members of the bargaining unit shall receive salary and other benefits as set forth in this Master Contract in proportion to the amount of time employed as compared to a full-time teacher, provided the employee also meets policy minimum hours.


Subd. 3. A regularly employed part-time teacher will advance on the salary schedule in the same manner as that of a full-time teacher's advancement. The salary, as established by that salary step and salary lane, will be pro-rated from a comparable full-time salary to equal the proportion of time employed. Subd. 4. Time actually employed will be defined to mean the time spent in the school building including teaching, supervision, and preparation. Subd. 5. The part-time teacher will receive one (1) professional day and a pro-rated amount of leaves of absence as provided in Article IX. School District contributions toward health, dental, and life insurance premiums provided in Article VIII shall be on a pro-rated basis provided employee meets health insurance policy requirements for minimum hours per week. Subd. 6. The part-time teacher will accrue a full year of seniority but only for the part-time teaching position or positions for which the teacher is licensed and qualified. Part-time and shared teachers will coordinate with each of their principals as to the need to attend faculty meetings as it relates to the topics on the agenda. Subd. 7. Teachers who have been previously employed as full-time teachers in School District #840, but who are now employed as part-time teachers, shall retain their accumulated sick leave days, salary lane and step placements and seniority they earned as full-time teachers.

ARTICLE IV SCHOOL BOARD RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES Section 1 Inherent Managerial Rights: The exclusive representative recognizes that the school board is not required to meet and negotiate on matters of inherent managerial policy, which include, but are not limited to, such areas of discretion or policy as the functions and programs of the employer, its overall budget, utilization or technology, the organizational structure and selection and direction and number of personnel.

Section 2 Management Responsibilities: The exclusive representative recognizes the right and obligation of the school board to efficiently manage and conduct the operation of the school district within its legal limitations and with its primary obligation to provide educational opportunity for the students of the school district.


Section 3 Effect of Laws, Rules and Regulations: The exclusive representative recognizes that all employees covered by this Contract shall perform the teaching and non-teaching services prescribed by the school board and shall be governed by the laws of the State of Minnesota, and by school board rules, regulations, directives and orders, issued by properly designated officials of the school district. The exclusive representative also recognizes the right, obligation and duty of the school board and its duly designated officials to promulgate rules, regulations, directives and orders from time to time as deemed necessary by the school board insofar as such rules, regulations, directives and orders are not inconsistent with the terms of this Contract and recognizes the school board, all employees covered by this Contract, and all provisions of this Contract are subject to the laws of the State of Minnesota, Federal laws, rules and regulations of the State Board of Education, and valid rules, regulations and orders of State and Federal governmental agencies. Any provision of this Contract found to be in violation of any such laws, rules, regulations, directives or orders shall be null and void and without force and effect.

Section 4 Reservation of Managerial Rights: The foregoing enumeration of rights and duties shall not be deemed to exclude other inherent management rights and management functions not expressly reserved herein, and all management rights and management functions not expressly delegate in this Agreement are reserved to the school district. Section 5 Teacher Evaluation: A. Importance: The parties recognize the importance and value of developing a procedure for assisting and evaluating the progress and success of both newly employed and experienced personnel. The evaluation procedure is outlined in the district policy manual. B. Written Evaluation: A duplicate copy of the written evaluation shall be submitted to the teacher at the time of personal interviews: one (1) retained by the teacher. In the event that the teacher feels his/her evaluation was incomplete or unjust, he/she may put his/her objections in writing and have them attached to the evaluation report to be placed in his/her personal file. The association shall be aware of the criteria used in the evaluation. C. Written Reports for Administration: No later than the April board meeting of each probationary year, the final written evaluation report will be furnished to the teacher. If the report contains any


information not previously made known to and discussed with the probationary teacher, the teacher shall have an opportunity to submit additional information to the superintendent. In the event probationary teacher is not continued in employment, the Board and its duly designated official will advise the teacher of the reasons therefore in writing, and may provide for a hearing when requested. In any grievance or tenure proceeding, all evaluations and responses thereto shall be admissible. D. Peer Review: The criteria and procedures for implementing any type of peer review will be by mutual agreement between the District and the Association. E. Requests for Transfer: The School District recognizes that staff may want to transfer to a different class, building, or position within the school district. The request must be made in writing to the building principal. The request shall set forth the reasons for the transfer, the school building, the grade and the position sought. The request should als o state the teacher’s academic qualifications. The school district reserves the right to hire from outside the bargaining unit if, in its discretion, none of the applicants from within the bargaining unit is qualified for the open position. F. Vacancy Publication: When a vacancy occurs or is anticipated, the Superintendent or his/her designee shall post the vacancy by sending a notice to the staff. The school district will respond in writing to the request(s) for the open positions in a timely manner.

Section 6 Teacher Aides: A. The Board and Association agree that a teacher's primary responsibility is to teach and his/her time and energy should be utilized to that end. The Board and Association recognize that teacher aides are useful and necessary in order to implement this principle.


The teacher aides will be under the supervision of the teacher or teachers assigned in such a manner that there will be no confusion between the role of the professional and the role of the aide. Aides shall not be assigned to any of the instructional responsibilities normally fulfilled by a certificated teacher, unless under discretion of administration. Teacher aides are not a part of the Teacher Bargaining Unit.

Section 7 This is the State Seniority Law.


Section 8 Seniority Tie-Breaker: In the event that two (2) or more teachers have equal seniority, their placement on the seniority list shall be determined by the following tie-breakers in numerical order (#1 being the first criteria to break the tie.) The senior teacher shall be: 1. The teacher who is full-time. 2. The teacher having the higher step placement on the salary schedule. 3. The teacher having the higher lane placement on the salary schedule. 4. In the event that a tie is not broken by the above sequence, the School District may determine the more senior teacher. Section 9 Telecommunications: "The School Board and the Association agree that the application of Telecommunications, when and if implemented could affect the terms and conditions of this Master Agreement, therefore, both parties agree to discuss these effects prior to the implementation of such a program."


Section 1 Right to Views: Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed to limit, impair or affect the right of any teacher or his/her representative to the expression or communication of a view, grievance, complaint or opinion on any matter related to the conditions or compensation of public employment on their betterment, so long as the same is not designated to and does not interfere with the full faithful and proper performance of the duties of employment or circumvent the rights of the exclusive representative if there be one; nor shall it be construed to require any teacher to perform labor or services against his/her will.

Section 2 Right to Join: Teachers shall have the right to form and join labor or employee organizations, and shall have the right not to form and join such organizations. Teachers in an appropriate unit shall have the right by secret ballot to designate an exclusive representative for the purpose of negotiating grievance


procedures and the terms and conditions of employment for such teachers with the School Board of such unit.

Section 3 Request for Dues Check Off: The exclusive representative shall be allowed dues check off for its members, provided that dues check off and the proceeds thereof shall not be allowed to any exclusive representative that has lost its right to dues check off. Upon receipt of a properly executed authorization card of the teacher involved, the School District will deduct from the teacher's pay check in eight (8) equal payments, start September, the dues that the teacher has agreed to pay to the teacher organization during the period provided in said authorization.

Section 4 Fair Share Fee: In accordance with M.S. 179A.06 Subd. 3, as amended, any teacher included in the appropriate unit who is not a member of the exclusive representative may be required by the exclusive representative to contribute a fair share fee for services rendered as exclusive representative. The fair share fee for any teacher shall be in an amount equal to the regular membership dues of the exclusive representative, less the cost of benefits financed through the dues and available only to members of the exclusive representative, but in no event shall the fee exceed 85% of the regular membership dues. The exclusive representative shall provide written notice of the amount of the fair share fee assessment to the director, the school district, and to each teacher to be assessed the fair share fee. A challenge by a teacher or by a person aggrieved by the assessment shall be filed in writing with the director, the school district, and the exclusive representative within thirty (30) days after receipt of the written notice. All challenges shall specify those portions of the assessment challenged and the reasons therefore, but the burden of proof relating to the amount of the fair share fee shall be on the exclusive representative. The school district shall deduct the fee from the earnings of the employee and transmit the fee to the exclusive representative thirty (30) days after the written notice was provided, or, in the event a challenge is filed, the deductions for a fair share fee shall be held in escrow by the school district pending a decision by the Director, PERB or Court. Any fair share challenge shall not be subject to the grievance procedure. The exclusive representative hereby warrants and covenants that it will defend, indemnify and save the school district harmless forms of liability, liquidated, or unliquidated, which any person may have or claim to have, now or in the future, arising out of or by reason of the deduction of the fair share fee specified by the exclusive representative as provided herein.


Section 5 Personnel Files: Pursuant to M.S. 122A.40 Subd. 19, as amended, all evaluations and files relating to each individual teacher shall be available during regular school business hours to each individual teacher upon his/her written request. The teacher shall have the right to reproduce any of the contents of the files at the teacher's expense and to submit for inclusion in the file written information in response to any material contained therein. However, the school district may destroy such files as provided by law.

Section 6 This Contract shall not be interpreted or applied to deprive teachers of professional advantages heretofore enjoyed unless expressly stated herein.

Section 7 The Board of Education agrees to deduct from teacher's salaries, payments to the Education Minnesota-St. James, Credit Union and other miscellaneous payments, such as group health or income protection when necessary.

Section 8 Teacher Academic Freedom: A. Academic freedom is essential to the fulfillment of the educational purposes of Independent School District #840. Therefore, teachers have the right to protection from censorship or restraint, which might interfere with their obligation to pursue truth. Freedom of individual expression shall be encouraged and guaranteed by the board to all its employees. B. The teachers shall be entitled to full rights of citizenship, and no religious or political activities of any teacher or the lack thereof shall be grounds for any discipline or discrimination with respect to the professional employment of such teacher. The private and personal life of any teacher is not within the appropriate concern or attention of the school board so long as a teacher does not openly attempt to subvert the political or moral values of the students and parents of the District or affect the decorum of the classroom. C. The teachers shall be guaranteed the right to be active politically. Political rights shall include registering and voting, participating in party organization, discussing political issues publicly, campaigning for candidates, contributing to the campaigns of candidates, lobbying, organizing


political action groups, and running for and serving in public offices, which are not incompatible with his/her current employment. D. The teacher shall not use institutional privileges or facilities to promote political candidates or to further partisan political activities. E. Teachers shall not be required to work under unsafe or hazardous conditions or to perform tasks which endanger their health and safety. Section 9 Teacher Reprimands and Discipline: A. The Board and Association agree that following an initial contact, a teacher shall at all times be entitled to have present a representative of the Association when he/she is being reprimanded, warned, or disciplined for an infraction of rules or delinquency in professional performance. When a request for such representation is made, no action shall be taken with respect to the teacher until such representative of the Association is present. B. Such a reprimand will be done in a proper place, such as in the privacy of an administrator's Office. C. Notification: A copy of written reprimand shall be given to the teacher prior to having such reprimand placed in the personnel file. When a suspension is intended, the School District shall, before or at the time the action is taken, notify the teacher in writing of the specific reason(s) for such action. D. Written Evidence: Written evidence used by the School District in any disciplinary action or hearing shall be limited to documents contained in the teachers permanent personnel file.


Section 1 Initiation of Negotiations: This Agreement shall remain in full force and effect for period commencing on July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2015, and thereafter until modifications are made pursuant to the P.E.L.R.A. If either party desires to modify or amend this Agreement commencing at its expiration, it shall give written notice of such intent no later than ninety (90) days prior to said expiration. Unless otherwise mutually agreed, the parties shall not commence negotiations more than ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of this Agreement.


Section 2 Release Time: A teacher engaged during the school day in negotiating on behalf of the Association, with any representative of the Board in mediation, arbitration, or any professional grievance, shall be released from regular duties without loss of salary. The Association will be required to pay for substitute wages when one is hired in the absence of teachers participating in the activities so listed. The Association may use professional organization leave pursuant to Article IX, Section 12.

Section 3 Power to Negotiate: Neither party in any negotiations shall have any control over the selection of the negotiating or bargaining representatives of the other party. The final authority on accepting the ratification of the Master Contract is in the hands of the School Board and the exclusive representative of the Education Minnesota-St. James

Section 4 Copies of Contract: There shall be three (3) signed copies of the final Contract for the purpose of record; one (1) retained by the Board, one (1) by the Association and one (1) by the Superintendent. Further, the District shall furnish ten (10) copies of the Contract for the Association's use. Additional copies will be available at the District Office, upon request. The contract will also be posted on the District’s website. ARTICLE VII BASIC SCHEDULES AND RATES OF PAY

Section 1 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 Salary Schedules: The wages and salaries reflected in Schedule A, attached hereto, shall be a part of the Agreement for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 school years.

Section 2 Status of Salary Schedule: Salary Schedules are not to be construed to be part of a teacher's continuing contract and the school board reserves the right to withhold increment advancement and/or lane changes, if necessary on the basis of the teacher's evaluations. If the board exercises its right to withhold increases, notice must be given in writing on or before the date of issuance of the teacher's individual


contract. Increments are a part of salary increases, and awarded following ratification of the Master Agreement.

Section 3 Placement on Salary Schedule: The following rules shall be applicable in determining placement of a teacher on the appropriate salary schedule: Subd. 1 Germane: Credits to be considered for application on any lane of the salary schedule must be germane to the teacher's academic licensure, excluding extra-curricular, co-curricular, and administrative credits, as determined by the School Board. Subd. 2 Grade and Credits: To apply on the salary schedule, all credits beyond the bachelors degree must be graduate credits and carry a grade equivalent of B- or higher, or a pass in a pass-fail graduating class. One quarter credit is equivalent to two-thirds of a semester credit. Subd. 3 Approval: All credits, in order to be considered for application on the salary schedule, must be approved in advance of enrollment in writing by the Superintendent. When credits are earned during the school day at district expense, they will not be used toward a lane change. Subd. 4 Effective Date: Individual contracts will be modified to reflect qualified lane changes once every year effective at the beginning of the school year providing a transcript of qualified credits, or proof of credits is submitted to the Supt's office no later than Sept. 1st of each year. Credits submitted by transcript or proof of credits after September 1st even though otherwise qualifying shall not be considered until the following school year. Subd. 5 Advanced Degree Program: A teacher shall be paid on the Masters degree lane or higher degree lane only if the degree program is germane to the teaching licensure stated in Section 3, Subd. 1, as approved by the School Board and the degree program is approved in writing by the Superintendent in advance. Subd. 6 Payment of Present Salary: The rules contained herein relating to the application of credits on the salary schedule shall not deprive any teacher of any salary schedule placement already recognized and actually being paid for the 2013-2014 school year, and in the second year of this contract, the 2013-2014 school yr. Subd. 7 Prior Experience: Unlimited years of experience may be granted to experienced teachers new in the system.


Section 4 Extra-Curricular Schedule: The wages and salaries reflected in Schedule B attached hereto shall be a part of this Agreement for 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.

Section 5 Tuition Paid Graduate Classes: During each contract year (September 1 to August 31,) each teacher will be reimbursed up to $350.00 for successfully completing approved graduate classes. To qualify for this financial support, the teacher shall follow these steps: (1) Receive prior approval before the start of a graduate class from the Superintendent of Schools. (2) Successfully complete the requirements of the class. (3) Present the Superintendent with proof of class completion. (4) Submit a request for payment of tuition costs.

Section 6 Comp Time (In House Sub Coverage): Teachers may substitute for another teacher. Substitute minutes will be recorded on the District’s designated forms with signatures from the principal, teacher, and substitute teacher. A total of 390 minutes constitutes a full contract day for reimbursement. The teacher may bank minutes for up to three (3) contract days in any one year with a maximum carry over of three (3) days to the following year. The teacher may designate at years end full daily contract pay for up to three (3) days. The teacher retiring or leaving the District with accumulated substitute minutes equaling three contract days or more will receive contract pay for up to three (3) contract days. The teacher may choose from one of these two options: 1. The teacher may designate at year’s end full daily contract pay for up to (3) days.

2. Teachers called upon by the District to substitute during their designated preparation time can request to be paid $45.00 per hour (60 minutes). The teacher must submit substitute hours on the first Friday of every month, in order to be paid in the next pay period.

Section 7 Career Increment: Teachers with Nineteen (19) or more years of service will receive a $1200 career increment. Section 8


National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Certification:

Any teacher who achieves

National Board Certification and submits credentials prior to September 1 will receive and additional $1,300 each year the teacher holds the credentials.


Section 1 Health and Hospitalization Insurance & Income Protection: Subd. 1, Single Insurance Coverage: The school district shall contribute an amount up to $8,200 for a single health insurance plan for each year of the agreement. Subd. 2 Family Insurance Coverage: The school district shall contribute an amount up to $9,400 for a family health insurance plan for each year of the agreement. Subd.3 For all employees enrolled in the HSA compatible plan: Effective July 1, 2014, The school district shall contribute the premium plus the deductible (cost level 2). The maximum benefit is up to $8,200 for a single plan and $9,400 for a family plan. Subd. 4 Income Protection: A portion of the amount in subdivisions 1 and 2 may be used for income protection, as long as it does not exceed the total dollars listed. Subd. 5 Spouse Classification: If two (2) teachers are members of the same family unit, each is eligible for the district single contribution, either separately toward any single plan or combined toward any family plan. The district contribution is determined by the plan selected by the teacher(s). If the HSA family option is selected, the school district shall contribute the premium plus deductibles (cost level 2) for two singles. The maximum benefit is $16,400. Subd. 6 Association Review of Coverage: The Association may review the coverage of any insurance and recommend change of companies to improve coverage and/or reduce dollar cost.

Section 2 Life Insurance Policy: The School District will pay 100% of the premium for a $100,000.00 term life insurance policy and accidental death insurance policy for each teacher.

Section 3


Dental Plan Coverage: The School District shall contribute the sum of $264 per year or $22 per month for a full-time teacher employed by School District #840.

ARTICLE IX LEAVES OF ABSENCE Section 1 Sick Leave: Subd. 1: All full-time teachers shall earn sick leave at the rate of fifteen (15) days for each year of service in the employ of the School District. Annual sick leave shall accrue monthly as it is earned on a proportionate basis to the teachers work year. The fifteen (15) days (120 hours) may be advanced to first year teachers at the discretion of the Board. Subd. 2: Unused sick leave days may accumulate to a maximum credit of one hundred and eighty (180) days (1440 hours) of sick leave per teacher. Subd. 3: If the reason for the leave is occasioned by pregnancy, a teacher may utiilze sick leave pursuant to the sick leave provisions of the Agreement during the period of physical disability. The period of disability is generally 30 days, unless a statement from her physician indicates more time is necessary. However, a teacher shall not be eligible for sick leave during a period of time covered by a child care leave. A pregnant teacher will also provide at the time of the leave application, a statement from her physician indicating the expected date of delivery. Subd. 4: Sick leave with pay shall be allowed by the School District whenever a teacher's absence is due to illness which prevented his/her attendance at school and performance of duties on that day or days during the regular school year, provided that the teacher has unused sick leave at the time of such absence. Sick leave may also be used in according to Minnesota Statutes section 181.943 for the illness of a child including an adult child, spouse, sibling, parent, grandparent, or stepparent or any other relative or nonrelative who stands in the same relationship with the teacher as determined by the Superintendent provided the teacher has unused sick leave time for such absence. Subd. 5: After three (3) consecutive days taken for an illness, the School Board may require a teacher to furnish a medical certificate from the school health officer or from a qualified physician as evidence of illness, indicating such absence was due to illness, in order to qualify for sick leave pay. Subd. 6: If a catastrophic event to any teacher or immediate member of his or her family causes

that teacher to use up all of their accumulated sick leave, a sick leave bank will be established. Teachers


may draw 60 sick leave days from the bank in any one school year. Donations of sick leave days for the bank will be accepted only from teachers with 45 accumulated sick leave days or more. Unused donated sick leave bank days will remain in the sick leave bank until the end of the school year, and will not be returned to the teacher.

Section 2 Professional Leave: A. The Board and Association agree that a day or days of Professional Leave are an important part of teachers in-service professional growth program. The request for Professional Leave will be made to the building principal using the Aesop system at least five (5) days in advance of the leave. The request will include the purpose and the professional objectives of the leave. Requests to visit another school must state the objectives for such a visit. A maximum of two professional days per year will be allowed. B. Teachers shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred, and substitutes when necessary shall be provided by the school district. C. Professional Leave shall not be deducted from Sick Leave.

Section 3 Court Ordered Appearance Leave: Court Ordered Appearance Leave is intended to be used for court appearances, jury duty, and estate settlement appointments and the like that need to be scheduled during the work day. The Aesop system must be used. Association members selected for jury duty will receive full salary and return to the district, dollars earned for serving on jury duty. Request for leave must be made in writing to the Superintendent of Schools at least five (5) days in advance, except in the event of emergencies. The request shall state the reason for the proposed leave. All leaves must have prior approval. Leave will not be deducted from Sick Leave.

Section 4 Death in Family Leave: A. A Leave of Absence at full pay shall be granted for a reasonable time, not to exceed five (5) school days, for any teacher each time a death occurs in the immediate family of the teacher or the immediate family of the teacher's spouse.



The immediate family of a teacher (or spouse) shall include mother, father, guardian, sister, brother, wife, husband or child and paternal and maternal grandparents.

C. D.

Death in family leave shall be deducted from sick leave. Additional Funerals: A teacher shall be given the opportunity to attend the funeral of persons not covered by the above sections. The teacher will be allowed two (2) hours or less provided classes can be covered at no cost to the district. If the time is to be more than two hours, the teacher will reimburse the district the full cost of the substitute.

Section 5 Deductions for Daily Absence: Deductions for daily absences not covered by Sections 1 through 4 shall be based upon one (1) working day of each teacher's annual salary.

Section 6 Personal Days: Each teacher shall be granted three (3) personal days per year, accumulating to a maximum of four (4) days to be taken at the teacher's discretion. Teachers may not use more than 1 personal day in May, unless granted by the building administrator. Personal days will be deducted from sick leave. Existing substitute pay will be at school district expense for all personal days. Notification that a teacher is taking a personal day shall be given to the Superintendent at least five (5) days in advance. Not more than four (4) teachers from any building shall be granted a personal day at one time. Teachers must use the Aesop system. In case of emergency, the teacher may use the personal day without meeting the requirements of the five (5) day advance notice policy. Teachers may submit for reimbursement for up to three (3) days each year of unused personal leave (which is deducted from sick leave) at the rate of $75.00 per day. Section 7 If leave is requested on a cancelled school day, leave will be returned to the employee’s account. If the leave was scheduled on a shortened day (2 hour late start, PLC, or early out day), it will not be returned to the employee’s account.

CHILD CARE LEAVE Section 8 Child Care Leave: Subd. 1. The District shall grant a child care leave without pay or fringe benefits to any teacher,


regardless of marital status, who requests such a leave for the purpose of providing parental care to his or her natural born or adopted child or children. Subd. 2 A teacher making application for child care leave shall inform the superintendent in writing of intention to take the leave at least three calendar months before commencement of the intended leave. Subd. 3 The school district may adjust the proposed beginning or ending date of a child care leave so that the dates of the leave are coincident with some natural break in the school year - i.e., winter vacation, spring vacation, beginning or end of a grading period, end of the school year, or the like. Subd. 4 In making a determination concerning the commencement and duration of a child care leave, the school board shall not, in any event be required to: 1. Grant any leave more than twelve (12) months in duration.

2. Permit the teacher to return to employment prior to the date designated in the request for child care leave. Subd. 5 A teacher returning from child care leave shall be reemployed in a position for which licensed unless previously discharged or placed on un-requested leave. Subd. 6 Failure of the teacher to return pursuant to the date determined under this section shall constitute grounds for termination unless the school district and the teacher mutually agree to an extension in the leave. Subd. 7 A teacher who returns from child care leave within the provisions of this section shall retain all previous experience credit for pay purposes and any unused leave time accumulated under the provisions of this agreement at the commencement of the beginning of the leave. The teacher shall not accrue additional experience credit for pay purposes or leave time during the period of absence for child care leave. Subd. 8 A teacher on child care leave is eligible to participate in group insurance programs if permitted under the insurance policy provisions, but shall pay the entire premium for such programs as the teacher wishes to retain, commencing with the beginning of the child care leave.

Section 9 Adoption Leave: A. The Board shall grant an adoption leave to any teacher who makes a written application for such leave. 1. Adoption conferences that need to be scheduled during the workday will be deducted from sick leave.


2. Upon learning of the date of home placement, the teacher shall submit a written application for adoption leave to the Board. 3. Adoption Leave will commence at the date of home placement, and may be for a period of up to six(6) months. 4. Upon signifying his or her intent to return to work within the six (6) month period, the teacher shall be reinstated to his or her original job or to a position of like status and pay. The continuing contract shall remain in effect, and the teacher shall retain all seniority, salary and fringe benefits, which he or she had accrued prior to taking adoption leave.

Section 10 School Conference and Activities Leave: The school district will grant a teacher leave of up to a total of 16 hours during any school year to attend school conferences or classroom activities related to the teacher's PK-Grade 12 child, provided the conferences or classroom activities cannot be scheduled during non-working hours and the need for leave is foreseeable. The teacher must provide a five-day notice before the leave. Teachers shall use the Aesop system. School conferences and activities leave will be deducted from the teacher's sick leave. If the teachers absence requires that a substitute be employed, the substitute's wage will be deducted from the teacher's salary. Section 11 Extended Leaves of Absence: Extended Leave of Absence of up to five (5) years may be granted to any teacher upon application. Upon return from said leave, the teacher shall be reinstated to a position for which he or she is certified. The individual teacher's continuing contract shall remain in effect, and the teacher shall retain all seniority accrued prior to leave, and be entitled to salary and fringe benefits as stated in Master Agreement in effect. Said leave shall be without pay. The teacher shall have the right to participate in any insurance programs provided by the District, but said participation shall be at the teacher's cost. Teachers granted leaves of absence will notify the district in writing by February 1 in each year of their leave, of their intent to return the following school year.

Section 12 Military Leave: "This is the State Military Leave Law." Section 13 Professional Organization Leave: Subd. 1: Association Leave: Eight (8) days of Association Leave will be granted to the


Association's total membership for involvement in professional activities. Three of these days may be used outside the scope of mediation, arbitration, or grievance proceedings per year. All requests shall be made by the president of the Association. Subd. 2: School Time Board Meetings: When Board of Education meetings are scheduled during the regular school day, arrangements will be made, if requested, to allow one Association member of their designation to be present. Subd. 3: Professional Organization Leave shall not be deducted from sick leave. Section 14 State Tournament – Coach Attendance Subd. 1. Coaches State Tournament Attendance: Varsity and “B” level coaches may be permitted to attend state tournaments even though they do not have an individual or team participating. Requests should be made to the Superintendent. The district will pay for the cost of a substitute. One day is allowed for the leave and will be deducted from sick leave. No lodging, meals, mileage, etc. will be paid for by the district. Subd. 2. Participation in State Tournaments or Meets: The head coach and all assistants of the varsity team may attend when a school team/individuals are participating in a State Tournament. All necessary expenses of the coaches and the team will be taken care of by the district.

ARTICLE X TEACHER'S HOURS Section 1 Teacher Hours: Teachers will follow the school calendar and other building schedules. A teacher’s contract day will not end before 3:30 p.m., unless permission is secured from the building principal or the teacher is supervising extra-curricular activities on a regular school day. On Fridays and days preceding holidays or vacations, the teachers’ day will end after student supervision is completed. Section 2 The board agrees to provide each employee covered by the terms of this agreement, a duty free lunch period as prescribed by the State Department of Education Regulation 5C.

Section 3


In addition to the basic school day, teachers may be required to reasonably participate in school activities beyond the basic teachers' days as is required by the School Board or its designated representative. The duties of the teachers may include a reasonable share of extra-curricular, co-curricular, and supervisory activities, as determined by the principal, superintendent, or school board, and will be compensated for according to Schedule B, except as noted in Section 4. Adequate notice must be given for assignment to supervisory duties. Since compensation for such paid activities is determined by the negotiation of Schedule B, the administration shall make all such paid positions open first to qualified members of the exclusive representative. If, after the positions have been made available to all members of the exclusive representative, and they are still not filled, such positions may be offered to non-members of the exclusive representative. Any new positions that arise that deal with reimbursement for services performed in school-related activities will be negotiated with the exclusive representative and placed on Schedule B.

Section 4 The association agrees to allow the Administration to accept volunteer workers, without pay, for the following duties on Schedule B: 1. Selling Tickets 2. Taking Tickets 3. Track Timers & Field Events 4. Line Judges in Volleyball If the Administration recognizes any other position that should be considered a volunteer assignment, such recommendation will be made to the Association for consideration and inclusion in the above list. Section 5 Preparation Time: Preparation time shall follow M. S. 122A.50. Preparation time shall be within each student day for every 25 minutes of classroom instructional time, a minimum of 5 additional minutes of preparation time shall be provided to each licensed teacher. Preparation time shall be provided in one or two uninterrupted blocks of no less than 25 minutes during the student day. Fifteen minutes travel between buildings within the district will not count toward a teacher’s preparation time. Exceptions to this may be made by mutual agreement between the district and the exclusive representative of the teachers. 5. Scorer 6. Announcer 7. Chain Gang


Overload (shortage of preparation time): Teachers will be compensated at their hourly rate for any scheduled preparation shortage. This will be computed and paid on a trimester basis. Teachers must notify the Superintendent, if they believe they are entitled to overload reimbursement.

ARTICLE XI LENGTH OF THE SCHOOL YEAR Section 1 Teacher Duty Days: Pursuant to M.S. 120A.41, the School Board shall, prior to April 1st of each school year, establish the number of school days and teacher duty days for the next school year, and the teacher shall perform services on those days as determined by the School Board, including those legal holidays on which the School Board is authorized to conduct school, and pursuant to such authority has determined to conduct school.

Section 2 Emergency Closings: In the event of a student day or teacher day lost for any emergency, the teacher shall perform duties on that day or other such day in lieu thereof as the School Board or its designated representative shall determine, if any.

ARTICLE XII GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE Section 1 Grievance Definition: A "grievance" shall mean an allegation by a teacher or the teacher and the exclusive representative, resulting in a dispute or disagreement between the teacher employee and the School Board as to the interpretation or application of terms and conditions of employment insofar as such matters are contained in this Agreement.

Section 2 Representative: The teacher, administrator, or School Board may be represented during any step of the procedure by any person or agent designated by such party to act in his behalf.

Section 3 Definitions and Interpretations: Subd. 1 Extension: Time limits specified in this Agreement may be extended by mutual agreement.


Subd. 2 Computation of Time: In computing any period of time prescribed or allowed by procedures herein, the date of the act, event, or default for which the designated period of time begins to run shall not be included. The last day of the period so computed shall be counted, unless it is a Saturday, a Sunday, or a legal holiday, in which event the period runs until the end of the next day, which is not a Saturday, a Sunday, or a legal holiday. Subd. 3 Filing and Postmark: The filing or service of any notice or document herein shall be timely, if it bears a postmark of the United States mail within the time period.

Section 4 Time Limitation and Waiver: Grievances shall not be valid for consideration unless the grievance is submitted in writing to the school board's designee, setting forth the facts and the specific provision of the Agreement allegedly violated and the particular relief sought within twenty (20) calendar days after the knowledge of the event giving rise to the grievance occurred. Failure to file any grievance within such period shall be deemed a waiver thereof. Failure to appeal a grievance from one level to another within the time periods hereafter provided shall constitute a waiver of the grievance. An effort shall first be made to adjust an alleged grievance informally between the teacher and the school board's designee.

Section 5 Informal Discussion: In the event that a teacher believes there is a basis for a grievance, he shall first discuss the alleged grievance with his building principal, either personally or accompanied by his Association representative. Section 6 Adjustment of Grievance: Subd. 1 Level 1: If, as a result of the informal discussion with the building principal, a grievance still exists, he may invoke the formal grievance procedure through the Association by stating grievance in writing, signed by the grievant and a representative of the Association. A copy of the written grievance shall be delivered to the Principal. If the grievance involves more than one (1) school building, it may be filed with the Superintendent or representative designated by him. Within five (5) calendar days of receipt of the grievance, the principal shall meet with the individual and/or individuals in an effort to resolve the grievance. The principal shall indicate his disposition of the grievance, in writing within five (5) calendar days of such meeting, and shall furnish a copy thereof to the individual and/or individuals.


Subd. 2 Level 2: In the event the grievance is not resolved in Level 1, the decision rendered may be appealed to the Superintendent of Schools, provided such appeal is made within five (5) days after receipt of the decision in Level 1. If a grievance is properly appealed to the Superintendent, the Superintendent or his designee shall set a time to meet regarding the grievance within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the appeal. Within ten (10) days after the meeting, the Superintendent or his designee shall issue a decision in writing to the parties involved. Subd. 3 Level 3: If the individual and/or individuals are not satisfied with the disposition of the grievance, or if no disposition has been made within five (5) calendar days of such meeting or ten (10) calendar days from the date of filing, whichever shall be later, the grievance shall be transmitted to the Board or its designee by filing a written copy thereof with the Secretary or other designee of the Board. The Board, no later than its next regular meeting or two (2) calendar weeks, shall meet with the individual and/or individuals on the grievance. Disposition of the grievance in writing by the Board shall be made no later than seven (7) calendar days thereafter. A copy of such disposition shall be furnished to the individual and/or individuals. Subd. 4 Level 4 : If the aggrieved party is not satisfied with the disposition of the grievance, or if no disposition has been made within seven (7) days, the issue may be brought to grievance mediation with an impartial mediator, if it is mutually agreeable to the Association and the Board. The request for grievance mediation shall be made by the Association within ten (10) days following the disposition of the Board and the application for this service shall be made to the Bureau of Mediation Services. The Association will provide a copy of the application to the Clerk of the School Board. There will be a temporary suspension of time lines for grievance arbitration throughout the mediation process, but the grievant shall retain the right to pursue arbitration if the issue cannot be resolved in mediation. Subd. 5 Level 5 Arbitration Procedures: In the event that the teacher and the School Board are unable to resolve any grievance, the grievance may be submitted to arbitration as defined herein:

Section 7 Arbitration: Subd. 1 Request: A request to submit a grievance to arbitration must be in writing signed by the aggrieved party, and such request must be filed in the office of the Superintendent within ten (10) calendar days following the decision in Level 3 of the grievance procedure. Subd. 2 Prior Procedure Required: No grievance shall be considered by the arbitrator, which has


not been first duly processed in accordance with the grievance procedure and appeal provisions. Subd. 3 Selection of Arbitrator: Upon the proper submission of a grievance under the terms of this procedure, the parties shall, within ten (10) days after the request to arbitrate, attempt to agree upon the selection of an arbitrator. If no agreement on an arbitrator is reached, either party may request the PERB to appoint an arbitrator, pursuant to M.S. 179-A, providing such request is made within twenty (20) calendar days after request for arbitration. The request shall ask that the appointment be made within thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of said request. Failure to agree upon an arbitrator or the failure to request an arbitrator from the PERB within the time periods provided herein shall constitute a waiver of the grievance. Subd. 4 Submission of Grievance Information: (A) Upon appointment of the arbitrator, the appealing party shall within five (5) calendar days after

notice of appointment forward to the arbitrator, with a copy to the School Board, the submission of the grievance which shall include the following: (1) (2) (3) (4) (B) The issues involved. Statement of the facts. Position of the grievant. The written documents relating to the grievance.

The School Board may make a similar submission of information relating to the grievance

before or at the time of the hearing. Subd. 5 Hearing: The grievance shall be heard by a single arbitrator and both parties may be represented by such person or persons as they may choose and designate, and the parties shall have the right to a hearing at which time both parties will have the opportunity to submit evidence, offer testimony, and make oral or written arguments relating to the issues before the arbitrator. The proceeding before the arbitrator shall be a hearing denovo. Subd. 6 Decision: The decision by the arbitrator shall be rendered within thirty (30) days after the close of the hearing. Decisions by the arbitrator in cases properly before him shall be final and binding upon the parties, subject, however, to the limitations of arbitration decisions as provided by in the P.E.L.R.A. of 1980 as amended. Subd. 7 Expenses: Each party shall bear its own expenses in connection with arbitration including expenses relating to the party's representatives, witnesses, and any other expenses which the party incurs in connection with presenting its case in arbitration. A transcript or recording shall be made of the hearing at the request of either party. The parties shall share equally fees and expenses of the arbitrator, the cost of


the transcript or recording if requested by either or both parties mutually agree are necessary for the conduct of the arbitration. Subd. 8 Jurisdiction: The arbitrator shall have jurisdiction over disputes or disagreements relating to grievance properly before the arbitrator pursuant to the terms of this procedure. The jurisdiction of the arbitrator shall not extend to proposed changes in terms and conditions of employment as defined herein and contained in this written agreement; nor shall an arbitrator have jurisdiction over any grievance which has not been submitted to arbitration in compliance with the terms of the grievance and arbitration procedure as outlined herein; nor shall the jurisdiction of the arbitrator extend to matters of inherent managerial policy, which shall include, but are not limited to such areas of discretion or policy as the functions and programs of the employer, its overall budget, utilization of technology, the organizational structure, and selection and discretion and number of personnel. In considering any issue in dispute, in its order, the arbitrator shall give due consideration to the statutory rights and obligations of the public school boards to efficiently manage and conduct its operation within the legal limitations surrounding the financing of such operations.

Section 8 Reprisals: No reprisals of any kind will be taken by the Board or the School Administration against any teacher, because of his participation in this grievance procedure.

ARTICLE XIII MATCHING CONTRIBUTION PLAN Section 1 Eligibility: Subd. 1 Eligibility: Teachers who are employed at least half-time (50%) with the School District shall be eligible to participate in a 403B matching contribution plan pursuant to M.S. 356.24. All part-time teachers in excess of 50% will be prorated to contract percent. Subd. 2 LA (Leave of Absence) Eligibility: Teachers on leave of absence may not participate in the matching plan.

Section 2 Contribution: Subd 1. Contribution: Beginning with the 2012-2013 School year the School District shall


contribute monthly, an amount equal to the monthly contribution of the teacher. This amount shall not exceed the maximum amounts outlined below in this subdivision.

Years in the District 4-10 11-15 16-20 21 +

Contribution Year $600---$780---$1020---$1200----

Month $50 $65 $85 $100

Subd. 2 Reduction Authorization:

A salary reduction authorization agreement must be given to

the School District by August 20th to initiate participation in the 403B matching plan or to make any changes to an existing plan. Subd. 3 Limit of Contribution: The total District contribution for 403B will not exceed $8,250 for any employee retiring from the District. Section 3 403B Alternative: Teachers, who were employed prior to the 2012-2013 school year, have twelve years of experience in the School District and have reached the age of 55 shall have the opportunity to have the district buy back unused, accumulated sick leave days at a rate of $55.00 a day, up to one hundred fifty (150) days. In case of death, the severance pay will be paid to the beneficiaries of the qualifying teacher. The maximum total money of 403B alternative will not exceed $8,250. The School District shall subtract any amount paid to the 403B matching contribution plan from the amount an employee would be guaranteed in the above mentioned buy back plan. The balance of the severance, if such an amount exists, shall be paid into the teacher’s Post Retirement Health Care Savings Account. This payment will be made within 30 da ys after receiving the last paycheck from the School District. Section 4 IRS 403B Regulations and information sharing: The School District and Teachers agree to abide by all IRS regulations. Pursuant to a unit member’s request, the school district will send an “information sharing agreement” (ISA) to the 403b provider to whom the employee wants to exercise a 90 -24 transfer. If the provider completes the ISA, the school district agrees that it will include the provider on its list of eligible providers.


Article XIV EARLY RETIREMENT INCENTIVE Subd.1. Teachers who were hired before the end of the 2007-08 school year who have completed at least fifteen (15) years of service in the School District shall be eligible for an Early Retirement Incentive under the terms of this section. Teachers hired for the 2008-09 school year and there after must have completed twenty (20) years of service to be eligible for the Early Retirement Incentive. A retiring teacher who meets the criteria to be eligible for the Early Retirement Incentive must also be fifty-six (56) years old if hired prior to the end of the 2007-08 school year or sixty (60) years old if hired for the 2008-09 school year and there after in order to participate in the district’s insurance contribution.


In order to receive this Early Retirement Incentive, a teacher must submit to the

School District, no later than March 1, a letter of resignation, effective the end of that school year.


A teacher qualifying under this Article will receive the sum of $10,000, which will be

paid according to Subdivision 6 of the Article. Teachers hired for the 2008-09 school year and thereafter are not eligible for the $10,000 Early Retirement Incentive. Tax liability on all severance pay outs are the employee’s responsibility.


Any teacher who fails to resign by March 1, waives any right to receive the Early

Retirement Incentive provided within this contract.


Retirees may continue as members of the group health Insurance plan if eligible

under Subd.1. They shall remain eligible to receive the district single health premium contribution current at the time of resignation. The district will no longer contribute to the retirees insurance premium when they become eligible for Medicare or another plan. The retiree may continue in the plan at their own expense. Teachers starting services with the district after July 1, 2012 are not eligible for any district premium towards health insurance upon retirement.


Within thirty (30) days of the effective date of retirement, the District shall pay 50% of the

amount of Severance/Retirement Incentive Pay otherwise payable to qualifying employees under Articles XIII and XIV to individual accounts established under the Post Retirement Health Savings Agreement. The other 50% shall be paid in equal annual installments over a time period not to exceed two years. In any


case of death, the qualifying Severance/Retirement Incentive Pay will be paid to the teacher’s beneficiary, if any, otherwise to the teacher’s estate.


This contract shall be effective as of July 1, 2013, and shall continue in effect until June 30, 2015. If a new and substitute Contract has not been duly entered into prior to June 30, 2015, the terms of this Contract shall continue in full force and effect until such substitute contract is adopted, which shall then be fully retroactive to July 1, 2015.



In witness whereof the parties hereto caused this Contract to be signed by their respective presidents, attested by their respective chief negotiators and their signatures to be placed hereon, all on the day and year first above written.

Education Minnesota-St. James

Independent School District #840 Board of Education

By ____________________________ President, Lee Carlson Date _______________

By ___________________________ Chairman, Bill Brown Date _______________

By _____________________________ Chief Negotiator, Jon Wilson Date _______________

By ___________________________ Clerk, Jennie Firchau Date _____________

By _____________________________ Negotiator, Jill Bottem Date _______________

By ___________________________ Vice-Chairman, Michelle Mohlenbrock Date _____________

By ____________________________ Negotiator, Cathy Bruce Date _______________

By ___________________________ Treasurer, Mark Anderson Date _____________

By ____________________________ Negotiator, Mike Endreson Date _______________

By ___________________________ Director, Luisa Trapero Date ______________

By ___________________________ Director, Dustin Anderson Date ______________


STEP 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 BA
$33,122 $34,104 $35,023 $36,016 $37,034 $38,084 $39,161 $40,268 $41,407 $42,581 $43,785 $43,785 $43,785 $43,785 $43,785 $43,785 $43,785 $43,785 $43,785

$34,104 $35,102 $36,094 $37,117 $38,166 $39,247 $40,358 $41,500 $42,675 $43,880 $45,123 $46,400 $47,714 $49,063 $50,452 $51,878 $53,419 $55,482 $56,654

$35,177 $36,173 $37,198 $38,252 $39,332 $40,445 $41,589 $42,767 $43,979 $45,221 $46,501 $47,818 $49,172 $50,561 $51,994 $53,464 $55,004 $57,065 $58,239

$36,254 $37,279 $38,334 $39,417 $40,533 $41,683 $42,860 $44,075 $45,319 $46,603 $47,992 $49,277 $50,672 $52,107 $52,658 $55,098 $56,709 $58,699 $59,873

$36,254 $37,279 $38,334 $39,417 $40,533 $41,683 $42,860 $44,075 $45,319 $47,303 $48,642 $50,018 $51,435 $52,889 $54,384 $55,925 $57,535 $59,528 $60,701

$37,348 $38,406 $39,492 $40,610 $41,761 $42,941 $44,156 $45,405 $46,692 $48,012 $49,372 $50,766 $52,203 $53,684 $55,251 $56,764 $58,399 $60,366 $61,540

$38,490 $39,578 $40,698 $41,851 $43,035 $44,253 $45,503 $46,792 $48,116 $49,479 $50,880 $52,317 $53,800 $55,324 $56,888 $58,498 $60,159 $62,100 $63,273

$39,666 $40,789 $41,944 $42,768 $44,349 $45,605 $46,895 $48,223 $49,586 $50,991 $52,433 $53,945 $55,441 $57,013 $58,625 $60,283 $62,035 $63,888 $65,061

STEP 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 BA
$33,785 $34,786 $35,724 $36,736 $37,775 $38,846 $39,944 $41,073 $42,235 $43,432 $44,661 $44,661 $44,661 $44,661 $44,661 $44,661 $44,661 $44,661 $44,661

$34,786 $35,805 $36,816 $37,860 $38,930 $40,032 $41,165 $42,330 $43,529 $44,758 $46,025 $47,328 $48,668 $50,044 $51,461 $52,916 $54,487 $56,592 $57,787

$35,881 $36,897 $37,942 $39,017 $40,118 $41,254 $42,421 $43,622 $44,859 $46,126 $47,431 $48,774 $50,155 $51,572 $53,033 $54,533 $56,104 $58,207 $59,403

$36,979 $38,024 $39,101 $40,205 $41,343 $42,516 $43,717 $44,956 $46,225 $47,535 $48,880 $50,262 $51,686 $53,149 $53,712 $56,200 $57,843 $59,873 $61,071

$36,979 $38,024 $39,101 $40,205 $41,343 $42,516 $43,717 $44,956 $46,225 $48,249 $49,615 $51,018 $52,463 $53,946 $55,471 $57,043 $58,686 $60,719 $61,915

$38,095 $39,174 $40,282 $41,422 $42,596 $43,800 $45,039 $46,313 $47,625 $48,972 $50,360 $51,781 $53,247 $54,757 $56,356 $57,900 $59,567 $61,573 $62,771

$39,260 $40,370 $41,512 $42,688 $43,895 $45,138 $46,413 $47,728 $49,078 $50,469 $51,897 $53,364 $54,876 $56,430 $58,025 $59,668 $61,362 $63,342 $64,539

$40,459 $41,604 $42,782 $43,623 $45,236 $46,517 $47,883 $49,187 $50,578 $52,011 $53,482 $55,024 $56,550 $58,153 $59,798 $61,489 $63,276 $65,166 $66,363

**Staff who have 19 or more years of experience will have a $1200 career increment added to their salary.


Schedule B - Extra-curricular Pay 2013 Football: Head Coach Assistant 7-8 Volleyball: Head Coach Assistant Jr High Cross Country: Head Coach Assistant Jr High Tennis: Head Coach Girls & Boys Assistant Jr High Basketball: Head Coach Boys & Girls Assistant Jr High Wrestling: Head Coach Assistant Jr High Gymnastics: Head Coach Assistant Baseball & Head Coach Softball: Assistant Jr High Track: Head Coach Girls & Boys Assistant Jr High Golf: Head Coach Girls & Boys Assistant Jr High -----------------------------------------------------------------------National Honor Society Advisor Danceline Fall Play Assistant Musical One-Act Play Spring Play HS Student Council Sr. Class Advisor FFA FFA Assistant Junior Class Advisor Northside Holiday Concert JH Vocal Concert JH Band Concert JH Summer Band Summer Band Director Band HS Jazz HS Pep HS Concert HS Contest Vocal Director Ensemble Concerts (4) Contests Concessions Knowledge Bowl Jr High Knowledge Bowl A-V Coordinator (Split by 2 buildings) Mock Trial Advisor Set Designer Team-Up Coordinator 5350 3365 2015 5350 3365 2015 3780 2645 2015 3780 2645 2015 5350 3360 2175 5350 3360 2175 5350 3360 3975 2645 2015 3975 2645 2015 3780 2555 2015 945 2350 2735 1245 1245 2245 2250 945 3235 1625 1090 375 575 575 470 1261 2247 1177 841 686 2293 848 538 3235 1525 775 2010 945 915 945 2014 5430 3445 2095 5430 3445 2095 3860 2725 2095 3860 2725 2095 5430 3440 2255 5430 3440 2255 5430 3440 4055 2725 2095 4055 2725 2095 3860 2635 2095 1025 2430 2815 1325 1325 2325 2330 1025 3315 1705 1170 455 655 655 550 1277 2252 1182 857 702 2319 874 564 3315 1605 855 2090 1025 995 1025


Weight-room Coordinator Strength Coach (3 seasons, 3 stipends)

14/hr 1200 per season

14/hr 1280 per season

Yearbook Advisor (if there is a class offered, stipend reverts back to $2295) 3725 Mileage Between Schools 625 Summer School & Home Bound 28/hr Event Workers 40 *** Extended event worker time to be paid according to administrative decision. Officiating 45 Drivers Education Instructor Extended Employment - 1/37 of Schedule per week

3805 640 28/hr 40 45