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Key Section
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Steel Trusse Roof 300mm I-Beam Steel Trusse Supports the Zinc Roof In the Central Hallway Roof. It is a Lighter means rather then Concrete in which to support the 7m span. It is Supported above the Concrete columns on the Second Floor. The Steel Trusse is Exposted on the Interior every 3.5m as both light deflection and as an architectural Feature

Extensive Green Roof: 5mm Waterproofing Memebrane(Rubberised Asphalt or bitumin) 3mm Protection Course Root Barrior 100mm Ridgid insulation 30mm Drainage Layer 3mm Filter Fabric 35mm Growing Medium Vegitation


Zinc Roof: 22mm OSB Support Structure (Deck) Vapour Control Layer 100mm Ridgid Insulation Breather Membrane 5mm Zinc Roof Sheeting Standing Seam (35mm Height)

Use of Insulated Block to avoid Cold Bridging on the exterior wrapping of the insulation at Parapit level

Roof Finish Floor 12800 Roof Finish Floor 12800


Walls: 300mm Concrete Insitu Column filled with Concrete Blocks on Flat and to the Exterior leaving the column exposed on the interior. As well as a 300mm Insitu concrete wall around service stacks as well as emergency stacks. 100mm Ridgid Insulation wrapped around the enterior of the building 65mm Rainscreed Cladding System: 30mm interlocking vertical and horozontal Steel Struts supporting a 35mm exterior Limestone Panels as well 50mm Concrete panels showing positions of concrete columns on the exterior. Green Roof: 35mm Sedum 40mmDrainage Layer 4mm Root Barrior EPDM Layer

Floor: The floor consisits of a exposed 225mm Precast Hollowcore Floor Slab. 75mm Structural Screed 4mm Underlay Sheet 25mm Hardwood Oak Floorboards

Second Finish Floor Level 9600 Second Finish Floor Level 9600

The architect wanted the window height to ceiling level to maximise nateral solar heat gain. The windows are flush to the exterior raincreen cladding and feature a light breise sole to deflect much of the light during summer. Window: The featured window is that of a insulated mullion which will be fixted from the top of the Concrete Beam at Ceiling Height. Mullion Fixed to L-Bracket which is fixed to the concrete beam. The mullion also features a futher fixture on the window which supports the breise sole, now making the window flush with the exterior.


First Floor 6400 First Floor 6400

Concrete insitu design of columns and beams in a 3.5m x 7m Grid, with a 3.2m Flor to Ceiling Height. Limestone Rainscreen Cladding to Match with local Pre-exsisting Architeture.

Hallway Section
300 Foundation Beam on 3T Concrete Pad with Pile Foundation to Berable Load Bearing Strata Use of Insulated Block to avoid Cold Bridging on the exterior wrapping of the insulation at foundation level

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Ground Floor 3200

Ground Floor 3200

Gen Arrangmnts Technical Thesis
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TDS6 - Project 2 R G BURNS

Elevational Study
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South-Face Section
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