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Diseño y simulación de un convertidor CD-CD tipo Full-Bridge dual de baja potencia.

Ismael Sánchez Rincón, Juan Antonio Arizaga Silva, César Valentín Sarmiento, Felipe e J! "iez Ramírez, #uis Castillo $ermu ez Maestria en Ingeniería en Automatización de Procesos Industriales, Universidad Politécnica de Puebla, 3er Carril del Ejido errano !", an Mateo Cuanal#, $uan C% &onilla, Puebla% 'ictrance(outloo)%com, juan%arizaga(u''uebla%edu%m* Resumen
+esumen , En el 'resente trabajo se muestra el dise-o . simulación de un convertidor C/0C/ aislado de 123 de 'otencia ti'o 'uente com'leto 45ull0&ridge6 con 789/C de entrada a 3:;9/C en la salida, <ue se usar# en la im'lementación de un inversor tri=#sico Palabras clave , convertidor, =ull0bridge, P im 8he main title 0on the *irst page2 shoul 'egin -, 6.4 inches 06!>? cm2 *rom the top e ge o* the page, centere , an in 8imes ->,point, 'ol *ace t3pe! Capitalize the *irst letter o* nouns, pronouns, ver's, a 9ectives, an a ver's@ o not capitalize articles, coor inate con9unctions, or prepositions 0unless the title 'egins )ith such a )or 2! #eave t)o -/,point 'lan( lines a*ter the title!

%. Diseño de los trans&ormadores
Author names an a**iliations are to 'e centere 'eneath the title an printe in 8imes -/,point, non, 'ol *ace t3pe! Aultiple authors ma3 'e sho)n in a t)o, or three,column *ormat, )ith their a**iliations italicize an centere 'elo) their respective names! Inclu e e,mail a resses i* possi'le! Author in*ormation shoul 'e *ollo)e '3 t)o -/,point 'lan( lines!

1. Introducción
%n la

. !stado del arte los convertidores CD-CD
All printe material, inclu ing te&t, illustrations, an charts, must 'e (ept )ithin a print area o* +,-./ inches 0-+!1- cm2 )i e '3 4,5.4 inches 0//!1- cm2 high! "o not )rite or print an3thing outsi e the print area! All te*t must 'e in a t)o,column *ormat! Columns are to 'e 6,-.-+ inches 05!41 cm2 )i e, )ith a 6.4 inch 07!4- cm2 space 'et)een them! 8e&t must 'e *ull3 9usti*ie ! A *ormat sheet )ith the margins an placement gui es is availa'le as 'oth :or an ;"F *iles as <*ormat! oc= an <*ormat!p *=! It contains lines an 'o&es sho)ing the margins an print areas! I* 3ou hol it an 3our printe page up to the light, 3ou can easil3 chec( 3our margins to see i* 3our print area *its )ithin the space allo)e !

'. (imulación en )(I*
Bna vez termina os los cálculos para la relación e vueltas para el trans*orma or se proce ió a simular el converti or en ;SIA o'tenien o los siguientes resulta osC

". #eor$a del Full-Bridge

u'lisher.mappe *onts i* possi'le! 8rue. IA Oigh %**icient Integrate . *lush le*t 0. .spacing! All paragraphs shoul 'e in ente -. &oo) >itle. $ournal .point 8imes. .lanar 8rans*ormer *or .arallel Isolate $oost ConvertersJ +. an %!F! Ro' .. Aichael A! %! An ersen. please use the *ont closest in appearance to 8imes! Avoi using 'it. single. #ocation.-7! G/H Jones. space ! "o not use ou'le.> inch 0appro&imatel3 7!1 cm2! $e sure 3our te&t is *ull3 9usti*ie Ethat is. 8imes Roman or 8imes De) Roman ma3 'e use ! I* neither is availa'le on 3our )or processor. C!"! Jones. inclu e the name0s2 o* e itors o* re*erence 'oo(s! G-H A!$! Smith. C!"!. an %!F! Ro'erts. Mle C! 8homsen.u'lisher.Ko(han Sen. (imulación en (imulin.83pe . Li)ei Mu3ang. IArticle 8itleJ. "ate. A!$! Smith. *or e&ample G-H! :here appropriate. enclose the citation num'er in sFuare 'rac(ets. . Re&erences #ist an num'er all 'i'liographical re*erences in ?. an #ars ANller. "ate! . pp! -. :herever 8imes is speci*ie .rimar3. point 8imes.*onts are pre*erre ! -.n/lisis de resultados 83pe 3our main te&t in -7. single. at the en o* 3our paper! :hen re*erence in the te&t. #ocation.