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1nL McDLkMC11 kLÞCk1

1he "Þono Cho|ces" Curr|cu|um: Sexua||z|ng the Innocent

Ianuary 31, 2014

8ob McDermott, nawa|| State kepresentat|ve
(40th D|str|ct – Lwa, Lwa 8each, Lwa Gentry, Iroquo|s Þo|nt)

Þau| kanoho, Sess|on Staff Attorney

nawa|| State Cap|to|
41S South 8eretan|a Street, koom 330
nono|u|u, nI 96813
Þhone: (808) S86-9730
Iax: (808) S86-9738

"#$%& '( )'*+&*+,

-./ 0 12&34+56& 7488#9: ;
1.1- kep. Mcuetmott's 5ommotloo 2
;./ 0 <&%&6#*+ =#>#55 ?'%535&, #*@ A#> B
2.1 - 8ootJ of íJocotloo lollcles 4
2.2 - uepottmeot of íJocotloo keqolotloo 4
2.J - nowoll kevlseJ 5tototes oo 5ex íJocotloo 4
2.4 - nowoll kevlseJ 5tototes oo 5exool Assoolt 5
2.5 - wby lollcles ooJ lows Mottet 5
C./ 0 D&@53#%%: E*#3349#+& F
J.1 - Mlscbotoctetlzotloo of tbe nomoo Aoos 6
J.2 - Ovetempbosls oo Altetootlve llfestyles ooJ 5exool 8ebovlots 6
J.J - ípolvoleoce of ulffeteot 1ypes of lotetcootse 7
J.4 - cooJom loeffectlveoess oqolost nlv ooJ n5v oot AJJtesseJ 8
J.5 - Moooqomy 9
J.6 - 1be 5toqes of keptoJoctloo – MotkeJly Abseot 10
B./ 0 G'+ HI& HJJ9'J95#+& --
4.1 - 5exoolly Actlve 11 ¥eot-OlJs? 11
4.2 - leqol komlflcotloos lot cbllJteo Ate lqooteJ 11
4.J - Cltls ote oot lbyslcolly keoJy fot 5exool Actlvlty 12
4.4 - loteots kept Oot of tbe coovetsotloo 12
4.5 - "Aqe Apptoptlote" looo cbolces uoes Not 1teot cbllJteo As loJlvlJools 12
K./ 0 "L& <''+ '( +L& ?9'$%&8 -C
5.1 - lopot 8los 1J
5.2 - leJetol looJloq 1J
F./ 0 )'*3%4,5'*M H@@9&,,5*I +L& ?9'$%&8 -B
6.1 - now tbe 5tote coo AJJtess tbe ltoblem 14
6.2 - now loteots coo AJJtess tbe ltoblem 15
N./ 0 1*@*'+&, -F
H++#3L8&*+ H - Memorandum from SuperlnLendenL of LducaLlon kaLhren S. MaLayoshl, daLed May 7, 2012.

-./ 0 12&34+56& 7488#9:

Þono Cholces ls a sexual educaLlon currlculum currenLly LaughL ln aL leasL Lwelve Pawall publlc schools,
and ls
deslgned for youLh aged 11 Lo 13.
A revlew and analysls reveals LhaL Þono Cholces:

ls a Lop-down, federally-dlcLaLed program and noL an organlc, communlLy-developed currlculum—ln splLe
of Lhe name "Þono Cholces".
ls medlcally lnaccuraLe regardlng baslc human anaLomy.
normallzes anal sex, whlle falllng Lo warn sLudenLs of Lhe exLreme dangers of anal sex, even when
condoms are used.
8eferences mulLlple sex parLners, whlle falllng Lo lnform sLudenLs abouL Lhe healLh beneflLs of monogamy.
lalls Lo warn sLudenLs abouL Lhe relaLlve lneffecLlveness of condoms agalnsL PÞv and herpes.
lalls Lo educaLe sLudenLs on Lhe sLages of human reproducLlon.
lalls Lo fully lnform parenLs abouL Lhe conLroverslal aspecLs of Lhe currlculum.
ls conLrary Lo sLaLe law and pollcles regardlng absLlnence-based sexual educaLlon.
ls noL age-approprlaLe for lLs lnLended sLudenLs.
1reaLs sexual acLlvlLy before Lhe age of fourLeen as a vlable "cholce", ln splLe of sLaLe sexual assaulL law.
1he fallures of Lhe program sLem largely from an ldeologlcal blas LhaL naLurally resulLs from Lhe
lnvolvemenL of Lhe sources responslble for developlng Lhe program.

Clven Lhe varlous problems wlLh Lhe currlculum, Covernor nell Abercromble, Lhe sLaLe 8oard of LducaLlon (8CL),
and Lhe sLaLe ueparLmenL of LducaLlon (uCL) should Lake sLeps Lo dlsconLlnue or reform Þono Cholces. 8egardless
of how governmenLal bodles respond, however, parenLs should conLlnue Lo Lake lnlLlaLlve regardlng Lhelr
chlldren's educaLlonal and emoLlonal needs, and have dlrecL, one-on-one conversaLlons regardlng sexual

-.-0 <&J. D3O&98'++P, 7488#+5'*

Þono Cholces, lnLended for young lmpresslonable chlldren, ls clearly noL age approprlaLe, lL ls lnconslsLenL wlLh
sLaLe sLaLues and pollcles. Any Lalk of anal sex—whlch Lhe currlculum does frequenLly—ls lnsLlncLlvely repulslve
for pre-pubescenL chlldren. AddlLlonally, calllng Lhe anus a genlLal—as Þono Cholces does—ls [usL plaln medlcally
wrong. 8edeflnlng Lhe Lerm Lo sulL Lhe auLhors’ preferences ls lnapproprlaLe. 1he currlculum's deflnlLlon of oral
sex ls also noL conslsLenL wlLh Lhe deflnlLlon commonly found ln medlcal llLeraLure. lurLher, Lhe daLa on condom
use and effecLlveness ls lnaccuraLe wlLh regard Lo PÞv, herpes, and Plv, Lhe currlculum also uLLerly lgnores Lhe
lederal urug AdmlnlsLraLlon's warnlng regardlng Lhe asLonlshlng rlsks of condom use when engaglng ln anal sex.

1hls currlculum ls presenLed Lo Lhe sLudenLs under Lhe gulse of S1u prevenLlon. ?eL Þono Cholces—wheLher by
negllgence or wlllful omlsslon—falls Lo lnform chlldren of Lhe exponenLlally lncreased rlsks of male on male anal
sex. Such omlsslon renders Lhe enLlre documenL quesLlonable aL besL and agenda-drlven soclal englneerlng aL

1he lessons deparL from communlLy norms by equaLlng varlous sex acLs. under Þono Cholces, oral, vaglnal, and
anal sex all have Lhe same value and lmporL—no meanlngful dlsLlncLlon ls made, conLrary Lo reallLy. 1hls ls
compounded by Lhe wanLon, dlsproporLlonaLely hlgh number of flcLlonal scenarlos feaLurlng homosexual
characLers—ln splLe of Lhe facL LhaL homosexuals are a sLrlklngly small parL of Lhe populaLlon. “Gender
ambiguous” flcLlonal scenarlos only aggravaLe Lhls problem.

1he Lerm "absLlnence based" ls a mlsnomer for Lhls program. Whlle absLlnence ls covered, lL ls noL Lhe cenLral
message of Lhe currlculum—whlch glves a mlxed message on whaL ls "Þono". 1he parenLal op-ouL forms are
woefully lnadequaLe, Lhey lack clarlLy and Lransparency by conceallng some conLroverslal aspecLs of Lhe maLerlal.

As a faLher of elghL, l have revlewed Lhls maLerlal–every page. lf parenLs knew whaL was ln lL, and how lL was
presenLed, Lhey would noL walk away—Lhey would run away. 1hls maLerlal should be pulled from Lhe schools
now. ConLlnued use of Lhls currlculum could puL Lhe school sysLem ln legal perll, as sLudenLs may deLrlmenLally
rely on Lhe lnformaLlon conLalned Lhereln.

1herefore, l have prepared Lhe aLLached reporL. LxLenslve fooLnoLes are lncluded, and Lhey conflrm LhaL my
ob[ecLlons Lo Lhe currlculum are based on Lhe facLs and Lhe law.


8ob McuermoLL
SLaLe 8epresenLaLlve

;./ 0 <&%&6#*+ =#>#55 ?'%535&, #*@ A#>

We made our analysls of Lhe Þono Cholces currlculum ln llghL of pollcles, a regulaLlon, and sLaLuLory laws, whlch
we quoLe below. lurLher, on May 7, 2012, SuperlnLendenL of LducaLlon kaLhryn S. MaLayoshl lssued a
memorandum Lo uCL superlnLendenLs and Leachers, remlndlng Lhem of Lhelr need Lo follow 8CL Þollcy 2110 and
P8S §321-11.1, whlch address sex educaLlon. We are also lncludlng LhaL leLLer as an aLLachmenL Lo Lhls reporL.

;.- 0 Q'#9@ '( 1@43#+5'* ?'%535&,

8CL Þollcy no. 2110, "A8S1lnLnCL-8ASLu LuuCA1lCn ÞCLlC?", ln place slnce SepLember 1993, sLaLes ln full:

In order to help students make decisions that promote healthy behaviors, the Department of Education shall instruct
students that abstention from sexual intercourse is the surest and most responsible way to prevent unintended
pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS, and consequent emotional distress. The abstinence-
based education program shall:
a. support abstention from sexual intercourse and provide skill development to continue abstention;
b. help youth who have had sexual intercourse to abstain from further sexual intercourse until an appropriate time;
c. provide youth with information on and skill development in the use of protective devices and methods for the
purpose of preventing sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

8CL Þollcy no. 2243, "Þ8CÞP?LAC1lCS ln 1PL Þu8LlC SCPCCLS ÞCLlC?", ln place slnce november 1994, sLaLes ln

The Board of Education is committed to the health education of our students which may include, within its study of
human reproduction, a discussion of birth control devices but the distribution of condoms and other prophylactic
devices to students shall be prohibited in the classroom, on the school campus or at any school-related activities.

;.; 0 O&J#9+8&*+ '( 1@43#+5'* <&I4%#+5'*

uCL 8egulaLlon no. 2210.1 does noL address sex educaLlon, buL lL does dlscuss conLroverslal lssues. lL sLaLes ln

DOE Regulation #2210.1 requires instructional staff or administration to notify parents or legal guardians of
controversial issues that will be discussed in the classroom or through other school activities. This notification may be
done through a general letter about the lesson or activity. Parents or legal guardians may also, on their own volition,
write a letter to the school administrators or a teacher to have their child excluded from a specific lesson or activity. If
such a letter is received, the student must be provided with an alternative learning activity. The parents or legal
guardians have an obligation to notify the school administrator or teacher prior to the lesson or activity.

If parents and legal guardians receive notification from instructional staff or administration of controversial issues to be
discussed in the classroom or through other school activities, that notification will include an area for the parent/legal
guardian to sign in order to exclude their child from the event, instruction or activity. This signed opt-out must be sent
even if the parent/legal guardian had previously written a letter to exclude the student from a specific lesson or

;.C 0 =#>#55 <&65,&@ 7+#+4+&, '* 7&2 1@43#+5'*

Slnce 2009, SecLlon 321-11.1 of Lhe Pawall 8evlsed SLaLuLes (P8S) has sLaLed ln full:

Medically accurate sexuality health education. (a) Sexuality health education programs funded by the State shall
provide medically accurate and factual information that is age appropriate and includes education on abstinence,
contraception, and methods of disease prevention to prevent unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease,
including human immunodeficiency virus.
(b) For the purposes of this section:

"Age appropriate" means suitable to a particular age or age group based on developing cognitive, emotional, and
behavioral capacity typical for that age or age group.
"Factual information" means medical, psychiatric, psychological, empirical, or statistical information that is verified
or supported by research conducted by recognized medical, psychiatric, psychological, and public health professionals
or organizations.
"Medically accurate" means verified or supported by research conducted in compliance with accepted scientific
methods and recognized as accurate and objective by professional organizations and agencies with expertise in the
relevant field, such as the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Public Health Association,
the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
"Sexuality health education" means education in any medium regarding human development and sexuality,
including education on pregnancy, family planning, and sexually transmitted diseases.

;.B 0 =#>#55 <&65,&@ 7+#+4+&, '* 7&24#% H,,#4%+

ln llghL of Lhe above requlremenL LhaL sexuallLy healLh educaLlon be "age approprlaLe", we flnd lL also relevanL Lo
clLe sexual assaulL law. P8S SecLlon 707-730 sLaLes ln full:

Sexual assault in the first degree
(1) A person commits the offense of sexual assault in the first degree if:
(a) The person knowingly subjects another person to an act of sexual penetration by strong compulsion;
(b) The person knowingly engages in sexual penetration with another person who is less than fourteen year
(c) The person knowingly engages in sexual penetration with a person who is at least fourteen years old but
less than sixteen years old; provided that:
(i) The person is not less than five years older than the minor; and
(ii) The person is not legally married to the minor;
(d) The person knowingly subjects to sexual penetration another person who is mentally defective; or
(e) The person knowingly subjects to sexual penetration another person who is mentally incapacitated or
physically helpless as a result of the influence of a substance that the actor knowingly caused to be
administered to the other person without the other person's consent.
Paragraphs (b) and (c) shall not be construed to prohibit practitioners licensed under chapter 453 or 455 from
performing any act within their respective practices.
(2) Sexual assault in the first degree is a class A felony.

;.K 0 RL: ?'%535&, #*@ A#>, D#++&9

Laws and pollcles seL sLandards regardlng how and whaL Lhelr chlldren wlll learn ln school. ÞarenLs have every
rlghL Lo rely on Lhe uCL Lo follow Lhese sLandards. When uCL currlculum falls Lo do so, Lhe SLaLe vlolaLes Lhe falLh
and LrusL of Pawall's parenLs.

As we wlll show, Þono Cholces vlolaLes 8CL pollcles, as lL can hardly be descrlbed as absLlnence-based. 1he
currlculum also speaks of condom use ootslJe of (noL wltblo) a Lrue sLudy of human reproducLlon. Þono Cholces
vlolaLes Lhe sexuallLy educaLlon law, as an honesL revlew of Lhe currlculum wlll show LhaL lL ls noL medlcally
accuraLe, and ls lL noL age approprlaLe for lLs LargeL audlence. Þerhaps mosL sLrlklngly, Lhe auLhors of Þono
Cholces wroLe Lhe currlculum ln a moral and legal vacuum wlLh respecL Lo sexual assaulL law: lL lmproperly leaves lL
"up Lo Lhe chlldren" on Lhe proprleLy of maklng sexual declslons. Worse, Lhe leLLers of noLlce Lo parenLs regardlng
Þono Cholces are vague regardlng some conLroverslal lssues wlLhln Lhe currlculum.

C./ 0 D&@53#%%: E*#3349#+&

C.- 0 D5,3L#9#3+&95S#+5'* '( +L& =48#* H*4,

1he Þono Cholces program deflnes Lhe word "genlLals" Lo lnclude Lhe anus,
and Lhe Lerm "oral sex" Lo lnclude
"mouLh on genlLalla", wlLh Lhe anus lncluded among "genlLalla".

1he anus, however, ls noL a genlLal. 1he anus has no role ln human reproducLlon. A slmple search on
reveals an arLlcle LhaL plalnly sLaLes LhaL Lhe anus was deslgned for feces, and LhaL lL lacks Lhe naLural lubrlcaLlon
for lnLercourse.
lurLher, physlclan !ohn 8. ulggs, !r. has noLed Lhe followlng abouL anal lnLercourse:

[H]uman physiology makes it clear that the body was not designed to accommodate this activity. The rectum is
significantly different from the vagina with regard to suitability for penetration by a penis. The vagina has natural
lubricants and is supported by a network of muscles. It is composed of a mucus membrane with a multi-layer stratified
squamous epithelium that allows it to endure friction without damage and to resist the immunological actions caused by
semen and sperm. In comparison, the anus is a delicate mechanism of small muscles that comprise an "exit-only"
passage. With repeated trauma, friction and stretching, the sphincter loses its tone and its ability to maintain a tight seal.
Consequently, anal intercourse leads to leakage of fecal material that can easily become chronic.

C.; 0 T6&9&8JL#,5, '* H%+&9*#+56& A5(&,+:%&, #*@ 7&24#% Q&L#65'9,

AL varlous parLs of Lhe Þono Cholces currlculum, sLudenLs are lnsLrucLed Lo conslder and evaluaLe varlous eLhlcal
scenarlos beLween dlfferenL lndlvlduals.

ln Lhe module on "1he 8ole of CommunlcaLlon ln PealLhy 8elaLlonshlps", four eLhlcal scenarlos are presenLed—
Lhree couples are heLerosexual, whlle one couple ls homosexual. 1he flrsL Lwo heLerosexual scenarlos end wlLh a
negaLlve ouLcome. 1he homosexual scenarlo, however, ls descrlbed ln Lhe followlng poslLlve manner, and ls
descrlbed as a "healLhy relaLlonshlp":

Bill and James are just starting a relationship. On Thursday night at Bill's house, they kiss for the first time. The next
day, they go to a party together. About an hour after they get there, Bill goes to kiss James. James moves away a bit.
Their first kiss was in private, and James isn't sure he wants to "go public" with their relationship yet. Bill asks James if
he still feels uncomfortable and James says, "yes." Bill asks James if he wants to leave the party, and James suggests
they stay but maybe just have fun with their friends. Together, they go and join a group playing pool in the family

WlLhln Lhe same secLlon, Lhe Lhlrd heLerosexual scenarlo resulLs ln a poslLlve ouLcome, buL LhaL scenarlo ls an
exacL clone of Lhe above homosexual scenarlo.

ln Lhe module on "MalnLalnlng respecL ln relaLlonshlps", four wrlLLen eLhlcal scenarlos ln Lhls secLlon do noL
presenL characLer names or genders, whlle Lwo do. Cne scenarlo presenLs a heLerosexual couple, 1y and klara, ln a
healLhy relaLlonshlp. AnoLher scenarlo, however, ls Lhe followlng, where "Þerson A" ls speaklng:

Person A: KC and Jo, Ryan and Kalei, and Jordan and Sam, have all had sex. How bout us? Are you ready to do it? I
know I am.

1he genders of several of Lhe above names are amblguous. lL ls lmposslble Lo deLermlne wheLher any of Lhe Lhree
couples are heLerosexual or homosexual.

ln Lhe module on "negoLlaLlon skllls and 8ole Þlay", sLudenLs are lnsLrucLed Lo "role play" elghL scenarlos. 1wo of
Lhe scenarlos are pre-scrlpLed. 8oLh of Lhose scenarlos are heLerosexual, and presenLed ln a negaLlve llghL. lor
Lhe remalnlng slx scenarlos, sLudenLs are lnsLrucLed Lo wrlLe Lhelr own scrlpLs, based on lnformaLlon provlded.
Cne of Lhese slx scenarlos descrlbes Lhe followlng:

Carla and her partner Sara have been secretly dating for 7 months because they don't want people at school to bully
them for being lesbians. Carla doesn't want to have sex because she is very focused on her goal of getting a full-
scholarship for soccer. Sara has been telling Carla that they don't have to worry about anything if they have sex,
because they can't get pregnant. Carla and Sara are eating lunch outside together.

Accordlng Lo a 2011 reporL from Lhe CenLers for ulsease ConLrol and ÞrevenLlon (CuC), however, Lhe percenLage of
lndlvlduals reporLlng Lhelr sexual ldenLlLy as homosexual ranged from 1.3° Lo 4.2° for males, and 0.9° Lo 1.8° for
females. 1he percenLage reporLlng Lhelr sexual ldenLlLy as blsexual ranged beLween 0.7° and 2.6° for males, and
1.3° Lo 4.9° for females.
1hese flgures show LhaL same-sex relaLlonshlps are an anomaly among Lhe general

Clven Lhe frequency, however, of romanLlc lnLeracLlons ln Þono Cholce beLween same-sex couples, and beLween
lndlvlduals of amblguous gender, ooe mlqbt be ooJet tbe lmptessloo tbot bomosexoollty ooJ lesbloolsm ote polte

C.C 0 1U456#%&*3& '( O5((&9&*+ ":J&, '( E*+&93'49,&

1he concepL LhaL male/female copulaLlon ls a remarkably dlfferenL form of behavlor from same-sex behavlor
appears nowhere. Þenlle-Lo-vaglnal lnLercourse ls conslsLenLly equaLed wlLh anal sex and oral sex, aL leasL flfLeen
Llmes LhroughouL Lhe enLlre currlculum. lor example, lnsLrucLors are lnformed Lo sLaLe Lhe followlng Lo sLudenLs:

When we talk about STI transmission it's important for everyone to remember our definition of sex, which is:
• Vaginal Sex is when the penis enters the vagina.
• Anal Sex is when the penis enters the anus.
• Oral Sex is when the mouth is on the genitals.

ln Lhe module on "ÞrevenLlng Sexually 1ransmlLLed lnfecLlons", sLudenLs are lnsLrucLed Lo esLlmaLe Lhe relaLlve rlsk
of Plv Lransmlsslon for numerous varled acLlvlLles, from hugglng Lo anal sex. 8oLh vaglnal sex wlLh a condom and
anal sex wlLh a condom are raLed as low rlsk acLlvlLles.
unproLecLed vaglnal sex ls raLed as hlgh rlsk acLlvlLy.

1he rlsk level of anal sex wlLhouL a condom, however, ls noL addressed.

?eL Lhe rlsk of Plv Lransmlsslon Lhrough unproLecLed anal sex ls asLronomlcally hlgh. ln 2010, a sLudy of Plv
sLaLlsLlcs ln Lhe lotetootloool Iootool of íplJemloloqy (lML) found Lhe respecLlve rlsks of Plv Lransmlsslon Lhrough
dlfferenL Lypes of sexual acLlvlLy.
1haL same year, London’s naLlonal AluS Manual ÞubllcaLlons—whlch "exlsLs Lo
supporL Lhe flghL AluS wlLh lndependenL, accuraLe, accesslble and comprehenslve lnformaLlon"
—hlghllghLed Lhe
mosL glarlng aspecL of Lhe lML sLudy: 1haL Lhe rlsk of Plv Lransmlsslon from recepLlve anal sex may be elghLeen
Llmes greaLer Lhan durlng vaglnal lnLercourse.

8uL even Lhe lML numbers may underesLlmaLe Lhe rlsk of Plv Lransmlsslon Lhrough anal lnLercourse. ln 2010, Lhe
new ?ork ClLy warned LhaL Lhe Lransmlsslon rlsk for AluS was LhlrLy Llmes greaLer Lhan durlng vaglnal

Sadly, Lhls rlsk has greaLly affecLed Lhe healLh of Lhe male homosexual populaLlon, who have a procllvlLy Lo engage
ln anal sex, far greaLer Lhan Lhe heLerosexual populaLlon.
lurLher, accordlng Lo Lhe CuC:

Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM) represent approximately 2% of the United States
population, yet are the population most severely affected by HIV. In 2010, young MSM (aged 13-24 years) accounted
for 72% of new HIV infections among all persons aged 13 to 24, and 30% of new infections among all MSM. At the
end of 2010, an estimated 489,121 (56%) persons living with an HIV diagnosis in the United States were MSM or
MSM-IDU [MSM-injection drug use].

lf we Lurn our focus Lo dlagnoses of Plv lnfecLlons among males aged 13 Lo 24, we flnd LhaL, accordlng Lo 2011 CuC
sLaLlsLlcs, male-Lo-male sexual conLacL (wlLhouL any ln[ecLlon drug use) accounLed for 90.8° of all Plv dlagnoses
for males aged 20-24, and 92.8° of all Plv dlagnoses for males aged 13-19.


Pomosexual men have had Lo sacrlflce much [usL Lo sLay allve. A 1997 sLudy esLlmaLed Lhe llfe expecLancy of gay
men ln vancouver, Canada. 1he auLhors of Lhe sLudy found LhaL men ln general could expecL Lo llve, on average,
up Lo 74.3 years. Cay men, on Lhe oLher hand, could expecL Lo llve, on average, only up Lo 34 Lo 66.3 years.

More recenLly, a 2013 sLudy reporLed LhaL among all carrlers of Plv, Lhe average llfe expecLancy was 62.7 years.
lurLher, gay men who are Plv poslLlve can llve an average of up Lo 77.3 years—abouL Lhe same as Lhe general
male populaLlon.
Powever, even Lhls news musL be placed ln conLexL.

llrsL, Lhls lncreased longevlLy comes aL a hlgh prlce, as Plv LreaLmenLs have alarmlng annual cosLs. CosLs of Plv
LreaLmenL (ln 2010 dollars) average $23,000 a year, and abouL $379,668 over a person's llfeLlme.
Second, noL
everyone who has Plv recelves LreaLmenL ln Llme. 1he CuC reporLs LhaL 1 ouL of every 4 people who conLracL Plv
are dlagnosed laLe—meanlng LhaL Lhey are dlagnosed sLage-3 Plv lnfecLlon—AluS—wlLhln 3 monLhs afLer Plv
Cnce a paLlenL progresses from Plv Lo AluS, LhaL person's days are numbered. LaLe dlagnosls can
decrease llfe expecLancy by 10 Lo 30 years.
1he facL remalns: When you play wlLh Plv, you are playlng 8usslan

Þono Cholces also falls Lo dlscuss anal cancer. 8ased on a 2004 sLudy, 88° of all anal cancer was dlrecLly Lled Lo
human paplllomavlrus, a sexually LransmlLLed dlsease.
1haL same sLudy also reporLed:

[M]en who were not exclusively heterosexual were at increased risk of anal cancer. In this study, nearly half of the men
with anal cancer (47.1%) were not exclusively heterosexual, compared with 6.0% of male controls.

Accordlng Lo Lhe naLlonal Cancer lnsLlLuLe, only 63.6° of people dlagnosed wlLh anal cancer llve 3 flve years or
more afLer a dlagnosls of Lhe cancer.

Þono Cholces also falls Lo warn abouL Lhe dangers of oral-Lo-anal sex. As ur. ulggs noLes, however:

“Rimming” is the street name given to oral-anal contact. It is because of this practice that intestinal parasites ordinarily
found in the tropics are encountered in the bodies of American gay men. Combined with anal intercourse and other
homosexual practices, “rimming” provides a rich opportunity for a variety of infections.

Cne of Lhese paraslLes may very well be íotomoebo blstolytlco, whlch causes Ameblasls.
As anoLher source

Amebiasis is transmitted primarily by the fecal-oral route, most commonly from contaminated drinking water or by
unsanitary food handling. E. histolytica is often found in the stool of homosexual men and is the most common
intestinal parasite seen in gay communities throughout the world. Sexual behavior such as analingus or fellatio after
anal-genital intercourse can lead to infection.

lf Lhe auLhors of Þono Cholces wanLed Lo make a medlcally accuraLe represenLaLlon of sexual behavlors, Lhey
would have chronlcled Lhe lncreased dangers of anal sex. 8y wlLhholdlng lnformaLlon on such a rlsk—whlle
slmulLaneously normallzlng anal sex and homosexual behavlor—Lhe currlculum falls Lhe very sLudenLs lL ls
lnLended Lo help. 1hls ls elLher Lhe resulL of gross negllgence or agenda-drlven, wlllful omlsslon. We have every
reason Lo belleve LhaL lL ls Lhe laLLer: Clven Lhe sheer pleLhora of medlcal lnformaLlon avallable from rellable
sources, Lhe deslgners of Lhe currlculum should have known beLLer Lhan Lo shorLchange Pawall sLudenLs.

C.B 0 )'*@'8 E*&((&3+56&*&,, #I#5*,+ =?V #*@ =7V *'+ H@@9&,,&@

Þono Cholces cauLlons sLudenLs abouL Lhe exlsLence of human paplllomavlrus and herpes, whlch cannoL be
1he currlculum, however, falls Lo menLlon LhaL condoms are noL effecLlve agalnsL Lhose sexually
LransmlLLed dlseases. As ur. 8lckl Þollycove, an obsLeLrlclan and gynecologlsL, reporLed ln !anuary of lasL year:

Unfortunately, condoms do not do an adequate job of protecting against human papilloma or herpes simplex virus
infections. Women diagnosed with HPV are often mystified and frustrated, having been "super careful," or picky, in
choosing intimate partners and faithfully using condoms for all intercourse.

But UCSF researchers have shown these viruses to be present on genital skin with no symptoms that might prompt
diagnosis and treatment. That means HPV and HSV can be deposited on the condom's outer surface from viral particles
living on the scrotum, penile shaft not covered by the condom or vaginal/vulvar tissues.

lurLher, as noLed above, Þono Cholces descrlbes anal sex wlLh a condom as a "low rlsk" acLlvlLy. As lL sLands,
however, Lhe lederal urug AdmlnlsLraLlon's currenL pollcy on Lhe lnfecLlon rlsk of anal sex wlLh a condom ls as
follows, as sLaLed on Lhe luA webslLe:

Are condoms strong enough for anal intercourse? The Surgeon General (C. Everett Koop, Surgeon General 1982-
1989) has said, "Condoms provide some protection, but anal intercourse is simply too dangerous to practice".
Condoms may be more likely to break during anal intercourse than during other types of sex because of the greater
amount of friction and other stresses involved. Even if the condom doesn't break, anal intercourse is very risky because
it can cause tissue in the rectum to tear and bleed. These tears allow disease germs to pass more easily from one partner
to the other.

lf Lhe luA sLlll deems anal lnLercourse "slmply Loo dangerous Lo pracLlce", eveo wltb cooJoms, how can Þono
Cholces Leach dlfferenLly?

C.K 0 D'*'I#8:

Whlle sLudenLs are lnformed LhaL "llmlLlng Lhe number of sexual parLners a person has can greaLly reduce Lhelr rlsk
of geLLlng an S1l [sexually LransmlLLed lnfecLlon]", Lhe concepL of monogamy ls noL dlscussed.
?eL Lhe healLh
beneflLs of monogamy are noLed on Lhe CuC webslLe, whlch sLaLes:

Mutual monogamy means that you agree to be sexually active with only one person, who has agreed to be sexually
active only with you. Being in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner is one of the
most reliable ways to avoid STDs. But you must both be certain you are not infected with STDs. It is important to have
an open and honest conversation with your partner.

lurLher, as psychlaLrlsL Mlrlam Crossman has noLed:
The ideal is for two people to delay sexual behavior and then remain in a monogamous union. Students must
understand that the closer they can get to that ideal, the lower their risk of any STDs.

Pow long should Lhey delay sexual behavlor? ur. Crossman asserLs:
We must make teens understand that sex is a very serious matter and that a single encounter can change their lives
forever. Our message must be consistent and firm: the only responsible choice is to delay sexual behavior until
adulthood. We must provide students with an ideal to strive for, one that offers them the healthiest option physically
and emotionally. The healthiest ideal is to postpone sexual activity until adulthood, and, ideally, until marriage. Of
course, students must be told, it's not easily achieved. You, or some of your peers, might make mistakes. But just as in
other areas of education, where the ideal is presented as the point of excellence towards which we encourage young
people to strive, the same holds true with our sexual activity and choices. Keeping the ideal in front of young people
and supporting them in achieving this should be the first priority of sexual education programs.

C.F 0 "L& 7+#I&, '( <&J9'@43+5'* – D#9W&@%: H$,&*+

Þerhaps mosL noLably, Lhls sexual educaLlon currlculum places llLLle emphasls on human reproducLlon. SLudenLs
do recelve lnformaLlon abouL sperm, Lhe human egg, ferLlllzaLlon, and pregnancy. CLher Lerms regardlng
reproducLlon, however, are noLlceably absenL. A sLudenL relylng on Lhls currlculum would be able Lo undersLand
anal and oral sex, buL would noL be able Lo ldenLlfy Lhe lengLh of Lhe sLandard human gesLaLlon perlod, nor be able
Lo deflne whaL a gesLaLlon perlod ls. AfLer readlng Lhe Þono Cholces currlculum packeL LhaL we recelved from Lhe
unlverslLy of Pawall, we scanned Lhe enLlre packeL lnLo a compuLer, and creaLed a searchable Þul flle. We creaLed
Lhe llsL below, Lo ldenLlfy Lhe frequency of Lerms used (and noL used) LhroughouL Lhe currlculum:

T33499&*3&, '( "&98, 5* ?'*' )L'53&,
?9&I*#*3: '9 ?9&I*#*+ 273
V#I5*# '9 V#I5*#% 90
7J&98 '9 7J&98535@& 39
?&*5, '9 ?&*5%& 49
1II 44
H*#% '9 H*4, 37
Q9&#,+ '9 Q9&#,+(&&@5*I 17
X#%%'J5#* 3
)&9652 3
Y:I'+& 0
Q%#,+'3:,+ 0
18$9:' 0
X&+4, 0
Z8$5%53#% 0
[&,+#+5'* 0

B./ 0 G'+ HI& HJJ9'J95#+&

1he Lerm "age approprlaLe", under lLs deflnlLlon ln Lhe currenL sLaLuLe, should have been a slgnal Lo Lhe Þono
Cholces auLhors Lo proceed wlLh exLreme cauLlon when wrlLlng for mlddle school sLudenLs. 1he currlculum,
however, never makes any aLLempL Lo explaln or [usLlfy why chlldren as young as Lhe age of eleven need Lo openly
dlscuss homosexual relaLlonshlps, or why Lhey need Lo learn abouL anal sex, whlch are, aL besL, exLraordlnarlly
uncommon behavlors among young chlldren. 1he auLhors of Lhe currlculum apparenLly belleve LhaL sexual acLlvlLy
among Lhese young chlldren ls frequenL.

B.- 0 7&24#%%: H3+56& -- \&#90T%@,]

Accordlng Lo 2011 uPPS sLaLlsLlcs, only 6° of Amerlcan chlldren engaged ln sex before age 13.
lurLher, Lhe same
sLaLlsLlcs show LhaL only 3° of Pawall chlldren had sex before age 13.
We can conclude LhaL sexual behavlor
among 11 year-olds, especlally ln Pawall, ls an anomaly. Accordlng Lo a 2011 CuC reporL, only 7.0° of 13 year-old
glrls and only 2.8° of 13 year-old boys have engaged ln opposlLe-sex anal sex. (1he same reporL dld noL caLegorlze
Lhe dlfferenL sexual acLlvlLles beLween same-sex couples.)
8ased on Lhese numbers, we can also say LhaL anal sex
among 11 Lo 13 year-olds (ouLslde of sexual abuse) ls lnflnlLeslmally small. As we noLed prevlously, "age
approprlaLe" sex educaLlon currlculum, by law, musL be "sulLable Lo a parLlcular age or age group based on
developlng cognlLlve, emoLlonal, and behavloral capaclLy Lyplcal for LhaL age or age group" (emphasls added).

1reaLlng all Pawall 11 year-olds as lf Lhey are parL of LhaL small 3° runs conLrary Lo Lhls sLandard.

B.; 0 A&I#% <#85(53#+5'*, X'9 )L5%@9&* H9& EI*'9&@

ln Þono Cholces, Lhe declslon Lo have sex ls ulLlmaLely lefL up Lo Lhe sLudenL, as lf ln a moral vacuum. lor example,
lnsLrucLors are lnformed Lo Lell Lhe sLudenLs:

Make Pono Choices! You can use many of these [STI] prevention methods, whether you choose abstinence, or choose
to have sex. Take responsibility for your sexual health.

Such lnsLrucLlons are nonsense. As we have seen, under P8S SecLlon 707-730(b), a person commlLs Lhe offense of
sexool ossoolt lo tbe fltst Jeqtee lf "Lhe person knowlngly engages ln sexual peneLraLlon wlLh anoLher person who
ls less Lhan fourLeen years old".
1he consenL of Lhe mlnor ls noL a defense. 1he language of Lhe sLaLuLe makes lL
plaln LhaL Lhe leglslaLure has already made a pollcy deLermlnaLlon LhaL chlldren under Lhe age of fourLeen lack Lhe
legal ablllLy Lo make a "cholce" regardlng wheLher or noL Lo engage ln sexual acLlvlLy.

?eL, Þono Cholces falls Lo warn sLudenLs LhaL underage sexual lnLercourse ls conLrary Lo law. Worse, ln Lhe eLhlcal
scenarlos presenLed LhroughouL Lhe currlculum, Lhe ages of Lhe characLers are unknown. CverL, adulL sexual
predaLors of chlldren exlsL ln Lhe world, yeL chlldren are noL warned abouL Lhem, ln splLe of Lhe need Lo flghL
agalnsL such predaLors, as expressed ln sexual assaulL law.

lurLher, based on Lhe advlce ln Lhe currlculum, chlldren could easlly conclude LhaL lL ls "pono" for an 11 year-old
glrl Lo recelve sexual lnLercourse from a 13 year-old boy, so long as Lhey boLh freely "choose" Lo have sex and use a
condom. We personally know, however, more Lhan a few parenLs who would noL heslLaLe Lo press charges agalnsL
any such boy.

?eL, whlle endangerlng Lhe physlcal or menLal welfare of a chlld ls a crlmlnal acL under P8S SecLlon 709-904 (2),
convlcLlon of a Þono Cholces Leacher would be dlfflculL, slnce a defendanL musL "knowlngly" endanger Lhe chlld's
A Leacher would argue LhaL he or she has a defense, clalmlng LhaL he or she reasonably relled upon
admlnlsLraLors and professors Lo follow Lhe law ln deslgnlng Lhe currlculum. And even lf one could argue LhaL Lhe
Leacher's lnsLrucLlon somehow made Lhe SLaLe vlcarlously llable for sexual assaulL, Lhe SLaLe could argue lL has
lmmunlLy under P8S SecLlon 662-13(4).
1he SLaLe and lLs Leachers, Lherefore, mlghL resL easy regardlng legal
consequences. Lucky Lhem? Þerhaps noL. As we are noL legal counsel for Lhe SLaLe or lLs Leachers, we cannoL and

should noL guaranLee LhaL Lhe SLaLe or lLs employees would be free of legal perll. 1herefore, sLaLe employees may
wlsh Lo consulL wlLh Lhelr own aLLorneys regardlng legal llablllLy.

B.C 0 [59%, #9& *'+ ?L:,53#%%: <&#@: ('9 7&24#% H3+565+:

Þono Cholces also falls Lo warn young glrls LhaL Lhey are noL physlcally ready for sex. As ur. Crossman has noLed:

Overlooked is the fact that girls have unique biological sensitivities that increase their vulnerability to the negative
consequences of sexual activity. For example, the adolescent cervix is a way biology tells girls to wait to become
sexually active. It’s immature and vulnerable to infection due to a delicate area called the transformation zone. The T-
zone is covered by only one layer of cells, so bacteria and viruses, especially HPV, can take up residence with ease.
With time, the T-zone is replaced by many layers of cells that are more difficult to penetrate, making infection less

B.B 0 ?#9&*+, ^&J+ T4+ '( +L& )'*6&9,#+5'*

As noLed above, one of Lhe role-playlng scenarlos ln Þono Cholces lnvolves Lwo lesblans who are afrald of bullylng.
Whlle no sLudenL should suffer bullylng under any clrcumsLance, lmpllclL endorsemenL of homosexuallLy could
swlng Lhe pendulum Loo far Lhe oLher way. As columnlsL—and psychologlsL—Charles krauLhammer has

You are liberal. You strongly favor gay rights. You also have young children. Are you indifferent to their ultimate
sexual orientation, or do you wish them to grow up to be heterosexual? … It is one thing to teach children that
homosexuals must be treated with respect. It is quite another to teach that there is no difference between homosexual
and heterosexual life.

1he Þono Cholces program lncludes a "ÞarenL nlghL". 1hls, among oLher maLLers, does dlsclose Lo parenLs LhaL
demonsLraLlon of condom use ls lnvolved ln Þono Cholces.
Powever, Lhe maLerlals on homosexual relaLlons are
noLably absenL. ÞarenLs have Lhe rlghL Lo make moral declslons regardlng Lhe ralslng of Lhelr chlldren, and Lhey
cannoL make an lnformed cholce on Þono Cholces wlLhouL full and accuraLe dlsclosure.

B.K 0 _HI& HJJ9'J95#+&_ ?'*' )L'53&, O'&, G'+ "9&#+ )L5%@9&* H, E*@565@4#%,

So whaL ls Lhe "rlghL age" for klds Lo learn abouL sex educaLlon? 1he slmplesL answer may be Lhe besL, as noLed on
Lhe Amerlcan Academy of Chlld AdolescenL ÞsychlaLry webslLe:

Talking about sex may be uncomfortable for both parents and children. Parents should respond to the needs and
curiosity level of their individual child, offering no more or less information than their child is asking for and is able to
understand. Children have different levels of curiosity and understanding depending upon their age and level of
maturity...As children grow older, they will often ask for more details about sex.

ln oLher words, Lhe besL sex educaLlon should besL address Lhe unlque needs of each lndlvldual chlld, wlLh
consLanL parenLal lnvolvemenL. (And lf parenLs cannoL be lnvolved, we encourage aunLles, uncles, clergy,
physlclans or Lralned school nurses Lo be lnvolved.) lnsLead, Þono Cholces falls: lL LreaLs klds wlLh a broad brush,
and assumes Lhey are all ready to learn about advanced concepts of sexuality…without full disclosure of the
negaLlve consequences.

K./ 0 "L& <''+ '( +L& ?9'$%&8

K.- 0 E*J4+ Q5#,

1he unlverslLy of Pawall deslgned Þono Cholces, and clalms lLs copyrlghL.
Þlanned ÞarenLhood ls a Þono Cholces
"pro[ecL parLner", whlch means LhaL lLs sLaff "ls heavlly lnvolved wlLh Lhe creaLlon of medlcally accuraLe
reproducLlve and sexual healLh lessons, Lralnlng of Leachers and provldlng Lechnlcal asslsLance on Lhe
Cn Lhe Þono Cholces webslLe, AdvocaLes for ?ouLh ls offlclally llsLed as a "resource".

We noLe LhaL ln response Lo Lhe 2013 Speclal LeglslaLlve Sesslon, supporLers for same-sex marrlage lncluded boLh
Lhe unlverslLy of Pawall Þrofesslonal Assembly
and Þlanned ÞarenLhood.
AdvocaLes for ?ouLh has also
expressed supporL for same-sex marrlage.
Cn Lhe oLher hand, no opponenL organlzaLlons of same-sex marrlage
are llsLed as auLhors, parLners, or resources for Lhe currlculum.

Þlanned ÞarenLhood has acLlvely played a parL ln condom dlsLrlbuLlon aL Amerlcan schools,
and has opposed
parenLal noLlflcaLlon laws regardlng aborLlon.
Surprlslngly, ur. Monlca Culllns, a vlce ÞresldenL for Medlcal
Affalrs, Þlanned ÞarenLhood lederaLlon of Amerlca, announced Lhls falslLy vla an offlclal vldeo: "LxpecL Lo geL PÞv
once you become sexually lnLlmaLe. All of us geL lL."
noL surprlslngly, Lhe organlzaLlon's now-defuncL webslLe also mlsleadlngly deemed "anal lnLercourse wlLh a laLex or female condom" as a "low rlsk"
Cn Lhe oLher hand, no organlzaLlons wlLh a soclally conservaLlve perspecLlve on Lhese lssues were
parLlclpanLs ln creaLlng Lhe currlculum.

K.; 0 X&@&9#% X4*@5*I

1he SLaLe recelves $969,936 ln fundlng from Lhe unlLed SLaLes ueparLmenL of PealLh and Puman Servlces (uPPS)
for Lhe program.
Pawall—llke all sLaLes—ls concerned abouL budgeLary maLLers. lf Lhe sLaLe were Lo employ an
ouLrlghL absLlnence-only program, Lhe SLaLe would need Lo fund 43° of Lhe cosLs (and Lhe federal governmenL
would provlde 37°).
Cn Lhe oLher hand, Lhe SLaLe faces Lhe LempLaLlon of added federal fundlng for
"comprehenslve sexual educaLlon"—whlch does noL requlre any emphasls on absLlnence.
1hus, Lhe SLaLe faces
Lhe conundrum beLween of complylng wlLh sLaLe 8CL bylaws, sLaLe sLaLuLes, and federal fundlng requlremenLs.
1he resulL ls Lhe mlxed-message "Þono Cholces".

Whlle all sLaLe agencles should be concerned abouL flscal responslblllLy, however, Lhe SLaLe cannoL auLomaLlcally
approve "rubber sLamp" a one-slze flLs all model lnLo Pawall schools.

F./ 0 )'*3%4,5'*M H@@9&,,5*I +L& ?9'$%&8

As we have seen, Þono Cholces ls facLually mlsleadlng, medlcally lnaccuraLe, and lnapproprlaLe for young chlldren.
lL presenLs homosexual behavlor as Lhe equlvalenL of male-Lo-female relaLlonshlps, whlle falllng Lo menLlon Lhe
lncreased healLh rlsks of male-Lo-male homosexual behavlor, and Lhe lneffecLlveness of condoms agalnsL PÞv and
herpes. Whlle poslLlve porLlons of "Þono Cholces" make lnformaLlve references Lo naLural changes durlng puberLy
and Leach respecL for oLhers, an ldeologlcal blas noneLheless LalnLs and polluLes Lhe remalnder of Lhe program.
MosL lronlcally, Lhls sexual educaLlon currlculum falls Lo lnform sLudenLs abouL Lhe sLages of human reproducLlon.

1he maLerlal ln Lhe program LreaLs all sexual behavlor as Lhe same. 1he SLaLe of Pawall does a dlsservlce Lo
sLudenLs by equaLlng varlous sexual behavlors as equal when–medlcally speaklng–Lhey are noL. lL ls ouLrageous
LhaL anal lnLercourse ls presenLed as a normal and wholesome acLlvlLy on par wlLh sLandard vaglnal lnLercourse.
1he medlcal evldence unamblguously ldenLlfles Lhls as an unhealLhy behavlor aL besL and leLhal aL worsL. WorsL of
all, Lhe currlculum falls Lo meeL Lhe sLandards esLabllshed by sex educaLlon pollcy and law, and ls wrlLLen ln
reckless dlsregard of sexual assaulL law.

F.- 0 ='> +L& 7+#+& )#* H@@9&,, +L& ?9'$%&8

8ep. McuermoLL spenL forLy-flve days aLLempLlng Lo acqulre a compleLe copy of Þono Cholces—whlch ls a publlc
documenL, funded by Laxpayer funds. We flnally obLalned a compleLe copy on !anuary 3, 2014 from Lhe unlverslLy
of Pawall. We submlL LhaL Lhe uCL's refusal Lo release Lhe documenL resulLed from LhaL deparLmenL's bellef LhaL
Lhe currlculum could noL wlLhsLand Lhe "smell LesL" of publlc scruLlny.

1he Abercromble admlnlsLraLlon should lmmedlaLely pull Lhe currlculum, slnce Lhe offendlng maLerlal deLracLs
from an oLherwlse helpful documenL. lf lL ls noL slgnlflcanLly revlsed, lL should noL reLurn Lo publlc schools. We
suggesL LhaL:

X59,+ #*@ ('9&8',+` J#9&*+#% 5*J4+ ,L'4%@ $& W&:. All publlc servanLs should remember whom Lhey serve.
Clven Lhe senslLlve naLure of sexual educaLlon, schools should reach ouL Lo parenLs and fully dlsclose all
aspecLs of Lhe currlculum, and make Lhorough parenLal noLlflcaLlon leLLers LhaL allow parenLs Lo "opL ln"
Lo Þono Cholces, raLher Lhan "opL ouL". MosL lmporLanLly, however, Lhe sLaLe should acLlvely seek lnpuL
from everyday parenLs regardlng Lhe creaLlon and developmenL of Lhe currlculum.
"L& 7+#+& ,+'J J9&+&*@5*I +L#+ ,&24#% 5*+&93'49,& 5, # 6#%5@ #3+565+: ('9 3L5%@9&* 4*@&9 -B. lL would be
ludlcrous Lo Lell underage chlldren LhaL Lhey have a "cholce" regardlng alcohol or Lobacco use. ln llghL of
sexual assaulL law, chlldren should be warned LhaL sexual acLlvlLy before 14 ls legally off-llmlLs.
)L5%@9&* *&&@ +' $& >#9*&@ #$'4+ ,&24#% J9&@#+'9,. 1he eLhlcal scenarlos presenLed ln Lhe currlculum
are unclear regardlng characLers' ages. 1he currlculum should make lL clear Lo Lhe 11 Lo 13 year-old
sLudenLs LhaL lL ls legally and morally wrong for an adulL Lo Lry Lo have sex wlLh Lhem, and LhaL such adulLs
are crlmlnals and predaLors.
"L& 3499534%48 ,L'4%@ ('34, 8'9& '* 9&J9'@43+5'* #*@ +L& 859#3%& '( %5(&. Sex ls a poslLlve Lhlng, ln Lhe
rlghL conLexL. We all exlsL as Lhe resulL of heLerosexual lnLercourse. Sex ls en[oyable because humans
need Lhe lncenLlve Lo engage ln lL, so LhaL we may survlve as a specles. ?eL Þono Cholces emphaslzes
llfesLyle cholces over Lhe mosL baslc reason for sex.
<&(&9&*3&, +' #%+&9*#+56& ('98, '( ,&2 $& &%585*#+&@` &23&J+ +' @&(&*@ #I#5*,+ ,&24#% J9&@#+'9,. WlLh a
newfound emphasls on reproducLlon, Lhere would remaln llLLle reason Lo dlscuss anal and oral sex, whlch
do noL share Lhe same funcLlonal purpose as vaglnal lnLercourse.
<5,W, ,L'4%@ $& @5,3%',&@. SLudenLs should be lnformed LhaL condoms are noL effecLlve agalnsL PÞv and
PSv. lurLher, as we have seen, unproLecLed anal sex ls lncredlbly hazardous, and Lhe luA even advlses
LhaL anal sex wlLh a condom should noL be pracLlced. lf anal sex ls ever menLloned ln Lhe currlculum, lLs
Lrue rlsks regardlng lnfecLlon and dlsease should be exposed.
O5,34,,5'* '( L'8',&24#% 9&%#+5'*,L5J, $& %&(+ +' J#9&*+,. ln a leLLer daLed november 2013, 8ep. karl
8hoads and 8ep. 1akuml announced: "LeL us be very clear on Lhls: 1he leglslaLlon we passed on marrlage

equallLy does noL amend, address, menLlon or dlscuss Lhe currlculum ln publlc schools or any oLher
1helr leLLer dld noL Lell Lhe whole sLory, however: 1haL Þono Cholces was already Laklng a sLep
normallzlng homosexuallLy among chlldren as young as age 11. ln an ldeologlcally dlverse sLaLe llke
Pawall, oplnlons wlll vary regardlng how and when chlldren should be LaughL abouL Lhe sub[ecL of
homosexuallLy. ÞarenLs—wheLher conservaLlve or llberal—should be presumed Lo have Lhelr own chlld's
besL lnLeresLs ln mlnd on Lhls senslLlve Loplc, and should be Lhe sole deLermlnanLs of when school
employees should lnform Lhelr chlldren abouL lL. Schools should only deparL from Lhls general prlnclple ln
cases where parenLs are acLually proven Lo be abuslve or negllgenL Loward Lhelr chlldren.
H$,+5*&*3& #*@ 8'*'I#8: $& &*3'49#I&@. 1he currlculum rlghLfully Leaches LhaL lL ls wrong Lo
manlpulaLe anoLher person lnLo havlng sex. 1he dangers of sexual lnLercourse remaln even ln consensual
sexual encounLers, however, and Lhls needs more emphasls.
X%&25$5%5+: 5* ,&2 &@43#+5'* 8#: $& *&3&,,#9:. Clven Lhe varled needs of Pawall's chlldren, lawmakers
should conslder changlng Lhe law Lo clearly allow "absLlnence only" currlculum as an alLernaLlve for aL
leasL some sLudenLs. Cne such currlculum ls "PerlLage keepers", whlch quallfles for federal fundlng.

"L& 7+#+& 9&65&> +L& +5+%& _?'*' )L'53&,_. 1he SLaLe should consulL wlLh a broad range of oplnlons
among Pawallan laypeople regardlng Lhe proprleLy of Lhe use of Lhe word "pono", whlch can mean
"[g]oodness, uprlghLness, morallLy, moral".
Clven Lhe conLroverslal aspecLs of Lhe program, Lhe SLaLe
should conslder Lhe posslblllLy LhaL a slzeable number of Pawallans may dlsagree wlLh Lhe use of Lhe

F.; 0 ='> ?#9&*+, )#* H@@9&,, +L& ?9'$%&8

We encourage parenLs Lo conslder exerclslng Lhelr rlghLs under 8CL Þollcy no. 2210, whlch sLaLes ln relevanL parL:

Parents or legal guardians may…on their own volition, write a letter to the school administrators or a teacher to have
their child excluded from a specific lesson or activity. If such a letter is received, the student must be provided with an
alternative learning activity.

MosL lmporLanLly, however, 8ep. McuermoLL encourages all parenLs Lo do whaL many parenLs are already dolng.
1hey are acLlons LhaL no governor, no 8CL board member, no Leacher, and no leglslaLor can do: 1alk Lo, love,
embrace, and "be Lhere" for your klds. As famed psychologlsL and Parvard Medlcal School lnsLrucLor !ohn Chlrban
has noLed:

[S]tudies confirm that the quality and importance of our communications at home strongly influences our children’s life
and often has far-greater impact than sex ed programs. Parents who discuss sex in a loving and honest way actually
decrease the likelihood that their child will engage in sexual activity.

N./ 0 1*@*'+&,

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Attachment A
P.O. BOX 2360

May 7, 2012
TO: x Area Superintendents and Principals
FROM: os , Superintendent
SUBJECT: Medically Accurate "Abstinence-Based" Sexuality Health Education
This memo serves as a reminder to all schools that the Department of Education has followed
Board of Education (BOE) Policy 2110, an abstinence-based policy for HIV Prevention
Education and Reproductive Health since 1995, and the Hawaii Revised Statute [§321-11.1]
regarding medically accurate sexuality health education.
BOB Policy 2110 - Abstinence-Based Education (Approved: 9/95) states:
In order to help students make decisions that promote healthy behaviors, the Department of
Education shall instruct students that abstention from sexual intercourse is the surest and
most responsible way to prevent unintended pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases such
as H1V/AIDS, and consequent emotional distress. The abstinence-based education program
a. support abstention from sexual intercourse and provide skill development to continue
b. help youth who have had sexual intercourse to abstain from further sexual
intercourse until an appropriate time; and
c. provide youth with information on and skill development in the use of protective
devices and methods for the purpose of preventing sexually transmitted diseases and
Hawaii Revised Statute [§321-11.1] Medically Accurate Sexuality Health Education states:
a. Sexuality health education programs funded by the State shall provide medically
accurate and factual information that is age-appropriate and includes education on
abstinence, contraception, and methods of disease prevention to prevent unintended
pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease, including human immunodeficiency
Complex Area Superintendents and Principals
May 7, 2012
Page 2
b. For the purposes of this section:
"Age-appropriate" means suitable to a particular age or age group based on
developing cognitive, emotional, and behavioral capacity typical for that age or age
"Factual information" means medical, psychiatric, psychological, empirical, or
statistical information that is verified or supported by research conducted by
recognized medical, psychiatric, psychological, and public health professionals or
"Medically accurate" means verified or supported by research conducted in
compliance with accepted scientific methods and recognized as accurate and
objective by professional organizations and agencies with expertise in the relevant
field, such as the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American
Public Health Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American
College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
"Sexuality health education" means education in any medium regarding human
development and sexuality, including education on pregnancy, family planning, and
sexually transmitted diseases.
[7, Sp 2009, c 27, §2]
The following abstinence-based curricula have been reviewed and evaluated as appropriate
resources by the Department of Education:
• Draw the Line, Respect the Line, Grades 6th-
ETR Associates, University of
California, San Francisco Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, 2003.
• Family Life and Sexual Health (F.L.A.S.H.), Grades 5th- 12th, Seattle & King County,
Family Planning Program, Author: Elizabeth Reis, MS, 2005.
•, Grades K - 12th, Development Team: Kathleen Middleton, MS,
CHES, Project Director/Instructional Designer; Anita Davis, BSN, MEd;
Netha Thacker, Project Editor; Sarah Brown, MEd; Michael Cleary, PhD, CHES;
Iris Dorfman; Betty M. Hubbard, EdD, CHES; Cheryl Miller, 1999-2003.
• Making a Difference (MAD), Grades 5th- 8th, Select Media, Authors: Loretta Jemmott,
PH.D, R.N. F.A.A.N.; John Jemmott III, PH.D.; Konstance McCaffree, Ph.D, C.S.E.
• Positive Prevention, American Red Cross, Primary Authors: Kim Robert Clark,
Dr., CHES; Christine Janet Ridley, RN, MS; Department of Health, Science and
Human Ecology, California State University, San Bernardino, California, 2004.
Level A, Grades 6th- 8th
Level B, Grades 9th- 12th
Special Populations, grades 7 th- 12th , Revised 2011
• Reducing the Risk, Grades 9th- 12th, ETR Associates, Author: Richard P. Barth, MSW,
PhD, 4th Edition 2004.
Complex Area Superintendents and Principals
May 7, 2012
Page 3
The following curricula do not meet the Board of Education's policy for Abstinence-Based
• Making Proud Choices, Grades 5th- 8th (provides youth with information and skill
development in the use of protective devices and methods for the purpose of
preventing sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, but provides youth with little
emphasis on abstinence), Select Media, Authors: Loretta Sweet Jemmott, Ph.D.,
R.N., F.A.A.N.; John Jetnmott III, Ph.D; Konstance McCaffree, Ph.D.
• Try Wait, Catholic Charities (abstinence-only), New Life Styles, Inc., 2008-2009.
Teachers shall comply with BOE Policy 2110 by using abstinence-based curricula in their
classroom. If a teacher elects to invite an outside agency into his/her classroom to present an
abstinence-only curriculum, he or she must present an abstinence-based curriculum in order
to reflect all points of view. These actions will ensure that the teacher is in compliance.
BOB Policy 2210 - Controversial Issues states:
Student discussion of issues which generate opposing points of view shall be considered a
normal part of the learning process in every area of the school program. The depth of the
discussion shall be determined by the maturity of the students.
Teachers shall refer students to resources reflecting all points of view. Discussions,
including contributions made by the teacher or resource person, shall be maintained on an
objective, factual basis. Stress shall be placed on learning how to make judgments based on
Former Code No. 6126
Former Policy Approved: 1947
Amended: 7/60, 10/70, 3/88 (renumbered)
If there are any questions, please contact Ms. Donna Ede, Acting Educational Specialist for
Health and Physical Education, at 203-5542 or via Lotus Notes.
c: Assistant Superintendents
Superintendent's Office Directors
Charter School Administrative Office
Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Student Support