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Robert Parlor History 275 Professor Seiling 2/5/2014 List of 5 Topics 1.

The Gay State (Same-Sex Marriage): California often leads the nation in regards to marriage reform, dating back to the 70’s when California had legislation that pushed for the laws regarding marriage to remain genderneutral. Recently, in 2008 California began issuing licenses to same-sex-couples, making it the first state to “legalize” same-sex marriage. Although these licenses have been voided, as result of Proposition 8, passed in 2010, California still leads the country when it comes to marriage reform. The reason why this is so important is for the historical fact that California is trend setting. California often sets the standard that the rest of the country mimics, and this has been proven through its education system in the 1960’s. The country will surely follow California’s lead, once we spark the blaze that will surely in the near future prohibit the prohibition of samesex marriage in the United States of America. 2. E.D.C and the Electronic Music Movement: In the past seven years, electronic music has been dominating Los Angeles radio, overpowering every other genre in pop culture. It seems as if every current popular musical artist either has a song-collaboration with a famous DJ, or a remix made by a DJ who admires them. Plenty of artists have even switched their styles to the point that they sound like genuine electronic artists. In addition, the party scene that comes with this music has changed the way

Kendrick eliminates the stereotype that rappers from California are nothing more than violent gang-banging criminals. The reason Kendrick Lamar is so relevant to California history is because he is paving the way for the future of west coast hip hop. The New West in Hip Hop Featuring Kendrick Lamar: In 2013. and use that art to contribute to the goals of a deeper vision. The majority of Los Angeles clubs claim that electronic music is the most played genre in 2012. the Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles became the largest party-gathering in California history. Californians no longer have the luxury of "being hard" on wax. Kendrick Lamar is shaping the direction that hip hop will go for year's to come. and Kendrick Lamar is setting the new standard for California. With Kendrick's philosophy that "Blue and Red make Green. They now have to follow the footsteps of Kendrick Lamar and describe their story in a more artistic way. Kendrick Lamar became the first rapper from the West Coast to grab the attention of millions since the rise of Death Row Records in 1995. bringing in over 185. His album.000 people. Hip hop is moving to a more conscious City was nominated for seven Grammy's and placed on Billboard's top five albums of any genre in that year. Good Kid M.a.teenagers and young adults escape from society. Being from Compton." the New West hip hop movement contains collaborations with artists who are from rivalry gangs. In 2010. gang lifestyles. and the introduction of crack cocaine have all basically shaped the way the average . Negative Hip hop. with a California identity. A movement has not been so strong. In addition. Electronic music is the new soundtrack of California’s youth. 3. Kendrick Lamar is the leader of the "New West" hip hop movement which is working toward eliminating gang violence. since west coast gangster rap music.

which eliminated the average street corner pot dealer.U. 4. to weather. Those Californians Sure Love Their Weed: The leniency of restrictions on the use of medicinal marijuana changed life in California in a matter of months. person in California lives. and protect them. which was already a convenient place to live. and twice as many "doctors" who prescribe the drug. The phones have become similar to the car in the way that people decorate. has become an even more convenient place to live. California helped direct the country in the way that they basically legalized the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana. cover. The marijuana in said clinics are usually better quality. to deals from the stores you like to shop at. Smart Phones: The rise of the smart phones has affected nearly every aspect of Californian life. From traffic. As soon as they created the D. literally millions of "patients" in California began purchasing their weed in these clinics. 5. the more legal approach to purchasing weed became more attractive to buyers.I checkpoint (which by the way I think is a violation of the constitution and simply a means to get illegal immigrants out of California) they created an app that enables individuals to avoid the streets where the checkpoints take place. the quality of life for young blacks. With thousands of "clinics' in the Los Angeles area alone. and a new conscious level. this topic had never been addressed to an audience even half the size of that. and grown in a more trust worthy way. California. is sure to improve. With a more positive standard for hip hop. Social Network Life. Montel Williams went on Oprah Winfrey's show to campaign for the legalization of medicinal marijuana. . Rather than meeting the shady drug dealer in a parking lot. this luxurious life that Californians have been known to maintain has become increasingly more luxurious. In 2011. previously. This also caused for an immense amount of discussion to take place. But similarly to other political policies. even in the roughest cities.

.Also. and further exemplified the way a majority of Californians live. the style that is expressed through social media is a new way that Californians can show their roots. The boom of social media and smart phones has obviously impacted the world. but specifically to California. they increased a stereotype.