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Isha Shah 1.

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? For my music video I have developed a very good understanding of the codes and conventions of a real life music video relating to my genre. As pop punk is all about the vibrant and vivid lifestyle of being on tour and meeting new fans, I have demonstrated this clearly and precisely within my music video. With the cinematography work I have made sure that all of the footage is mine and shot by hand which then gives it a shaky tour diary style video, giving us a close and personal insight to the bands life which you wouldn’t normally get to see anywhere else. Having the permission to attend a few dates on tour, I got all an AAA pass which allowed me to get all the shots I needed to please my audience. Alternating between various lenses such as the fish eye, high aperture and normal cannon lenses I was able to get a vars difference in shot types as well as the depth of them. By using these different lenses I had represented the band in several different ways, as them being on tour performing and chilling out before. Already in place, the Mise-en-scene of a venue, with fans waiting outside and bright lights in a dark room were already it was set up for me as in each city they changed ever so slightly. This helped with my narrative as it showed the transformation from one place to another which follows the cyclitic journey of being on tour pushing forth the real representation of what life is like for fans to see. Along with the genre, the editing tied in well with this aspect as fast pace cuts matched the beat of the drums and the strums of the guitar in perfect sync; I chose not to get the vocals lip synced as this would not go well with a tour diary video. However some parts looked synced due to the movement of the ban members which were not entirely deliberate yet they suited the lyrics well, I thought to use this to my advantage by matching some shots up. It uses the convections of real life media products buy not lip syncing as no tour diary style video even shows this in the slightest, because it wants to give off a performance of a series of gigs rather than just focusing entirely on one song. As it was not a live performance one, I wanted each shot to be as wild and live as possible therefore a lot of the parts are not synced up in order to show them play a full set of songs rather than just one. To give my video a real tour diary feel, I have made sure that I have used various shots for many different concerts to capture the ever changing atmospheres and daily occurrences which happened at each day making each night unique for my audience to experience without getting bored. This challenges the basic conventions to the usual tour diary music video as they lack structure, with random clips chucked in all over the place. As mine has a very special trade mark ending, with the actual diagetic sound of the bands at the end taking a final tour photo finishes the video perfectly as you would finish a tour. I tried to make it as real life as possible, relating to my audiences and genre as everything to do with pop punk is raw. Going back to my research I had found that there wasn’t really any filters or adjustments to the video which made it look artificial, I kept this element in mine with just colour correcting some scenes to make them stand out more than others, showing the two sided life the band leads. Further enhancing the meaning of my music video of how similar my audience can relate to the band, as being normal teenage guys. Each shot conveys special iconography from the extreme close ups to the wide city shots all come together to create a journey that is lopped on repeat. Like with my music video my magazine advert and digipack closely linked in and followed similar themes in which I explored within the construction of my music video. Starting off with my magazine

Isha Shah poster, I originally set out to use a busy city escape with a model silhouette standing in the middle looking out towards the busy roads. However this idea then changed ever so slightly to my model looking out towards a city rather than actually being on a street. I have taken a close mid shot of the back of her placed at the bottom right with the main view of London’s Southbank. Conveying my theme of being alone in a busy city I have managed to conquer this, with the album using basic conventions of existing ones as well as adding my own touch on it. Inspired heavily with a previous album my “Make do and mend” I have taken the small element of the transparent circle and added it in mine, changing the circle to resemble a moon instead. I have used some excising examples in my own work to further strengthen it to be my own and unique. I have then altered and challenged some convection as a lot of pop punk albums are album artwork related. Choosing not to follow this, I have challenged the forms of real media products and adding my own twist and originality to my work showing it came from my own creative idea. I also then conformed to some layouts for a digipack by using my own photographs to my “Alone tonight” theme. Many pop punk bands do this and follow it throughout, using either the name of the album or band to create a similar theme presented within the pictures, it may not be so obvious as they like to hide it for their audience to decode, mine states a more open picture so that it is easier for them to interpret. As suggested by Andrew Goodwin, all music videos have certain aspects which represent the genre as the main element of this would be the band or artist. In my case the band would need to relate to my audience and genre, already being young and attractive I have chosen an existing pop punk to star in my music video making it as real to real life as possible. Them already looking the part as they really are a band conforms to their genre as well as presenting themselves by wearing typical clothing, which changes throughout the tour, keeping it casual with merch, jeans and a jacket I have successfully conformed to his theory as it highlights my genre. With the record label usually demanding to have certain aspects of the artist shown a lot, the band which I used are currently unsigned and new which allows me to get any shots I need not just loads of close ups where the artist is seen to be sexually desirable. This worked in my favour as for a tour diary style music video, you wouldn’t really find a lot of these as they are mostly wide shots to show the mise-en-scene, as it promotes the key element in the music video. As with a lot of scenes containing intertextual references with other bands and music that other fans would like and know of it creates a close link with them, sharing something in common, for example the band wearing other bands shirt. Overall I feel like my music video, digipack and also magazine poster have all been created with the knowledge of existing texts as well as adding my own ideas and input into them, creating them to be diverse and unique. I have followed many of the basic conventions but also I the processed changed a few to set my own trademark.