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Iontophoresis is a safe and effective method of reducing excessive sweating of the hands and feet (hyperhidrosis) by using an electric current. The treatment involves immersing hands and/or feet in baths of shallow water. The machine discharges an electronic current through the water, which is produced by placing two electrodes in contact with the patient to form a current. The maximum current to be given to adults is 20mA. The maximum current to be given to children is 15mA. Children must always be accompanied by an adult. It is not a permanent solution to the problem and further treatment will be required at a later stage. However, with maintenance therapy, it should reduce your sweating considerably. These treatments can be continued in hospital or you may, at a later date, wish to buy your own machine for use at home. Reasons why you may be unable to have this treatment You should not have Iontophoresis if: • you are pregnant • have a cardiac pacemaker • have any metal orthopaedic implants • have fixed mouth braces. Precautions You must: • keep your hands or feet in the baths once treatment has started. If you do you will receive an unpleasant electric shock, which is not dangerous • avoid contact with the metal plate electrodes to avoid any burns by not pressing down on the plastic grills too hard


Appointments must be kept to the days stated below. watches and body piecing. as it will affect your treatment. it would be best to start treatment at a later date. If you have eczema. Wednesday & Friday) Week 2 . 2 & 4 (Tuesday. Following the course of treatment.• remove all jewellery and nail polish including rings. Week 1 . You could suffer some slight bruising if the intensity of the treatment is too great.Day 22 (Tuesday).Day 7 & 10 (Monday & Thursday) Week 3 . Side effects The treatment can cause a tingling sensation to hands/feet (or even limbs) treated on the day. it may worsen the condition. bracelets. In this case. please call 01302 366666 ext 3830. Duration of treatment The treatment consists of seven 20 or 30 minute sessions over a fourweek period. so please inform staff if you are likely to be away for any of this period. Moderate temporary thickening of the skin (hyperkeratosis) could occur if the treatment sessions are too frequent. they must be covered with tape to avoid burns • cover any cuts or open lesions to hands or feet that are to be treated with petroleum jelly (white soft paraffin) to prevent tenderness or pain.Day 1. a maintenance treatment may be required if sweating persists. WPR26540 DERMATOLOGY .Day 15 (Tuesday) Week 4 . If any rings cannot be removed. If you have any queries.