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Questionnaire for Candidates • Maine Governor
November 4, 2014 Election
Please return the completed questionnaire to Beth Ahearn, MCV Political Director, at by November 15, 2014.

1. Why are you running for office?

I'm runn|ng for governor because I |ove Ma|ne, because I'm not afra|d of a cha||enge, and
because I'm not afra|d to |ead. I'm runn|ng because I be||eve that we can change Ma|ne's course,
that we must turn a deaf ear to the pess|m|sts and doomsayers who want us to be afra|d of our
future, who want to take us back to the same k|nd of po||t|cs that brought us to our knees today.
We've turned away from t|red and sta|e convent|ona| party po||t|cs before, |t's t|me now to do so

I was born and grew up |n Ma|ne. My fam||y has ||ved |n Ma|ne for 130 years, s|nce the 1880s. My
dad was from C|d 1own, and my mother was from 8angor. Irom 1967 through 1973 I worked for
Senator Musk|e, he|p|ng to wr|te the C|ean A|r Act, the C|ean Water Act, and the Nat|ona|
Lnv|ronmenta| Þo||cy Act. Ld Musk|e was my mentor and rema|ns my |nsp|rat|on and ro|e mode|
for us|ng the po||t|ca| process to |mprove peop|es' ||ves and to rec|a|m and protect Ma|ne's
env|ronmenta| |egacy. As I stated |n my book, ! #$%$& '( )**'+$,-.$/, I have borrowed from h|m
the touchstones of broad opportun|ty, f|sca| d|sc|p||ne, and the v|g||ant protect|on of pub||c
hea|th and env|ronmenta| qua||ty.

Ma|ne |s the greatest turnaround opportun|ty |n Amer|ca today. We a|ready have |n p|ace two of
the three cr|t|ca| |ngred|ents that we need for that turnaround.

I|rst, we have the greatest assets of any state |n Amer|ca today - our |and, our coast, our water,
our forests, our commun|t|es and our peop|e. In an |ncreas|ng|y compet|t|ve and sma||er wor|d,
these are Ma|ne's compet|t|ve advantages.
Second, those of us ||v|ng |n Ma|ne have chosen to move here or stay here . . . we are here by
cho|ce or by chance . . . and we a|| |ove th|s state w|th an |ntens|ty that no other state can match.

8ut what we have and what we |ove are not enough. Nor |s |t enough to have [ust a n|cer
governor, someone who s|mp|y w||| be |ess d|v|s|ve, |ess apparent|y part|san. 1hose are
necessary - but not suff|c|ent - |ngred|ents for change.

What we're m|ss|ng |s a v|s|on of what we can become - a v|s|on to wh|ch we can a|| h|tch our
wagons and create a b|g, bo|d future for ourse|ves and our k|ds. We're m|ss|ng a p|an and a
strategy to |nvest |n our |ncred|b|e assets so that we can create opportun|ty for a|| Ma|ne peop|e.
If you haven't read |t a|ready, here's the shorthand vers|on of the p|an to rebu||d Ma|ne, that I
set out |n ! #$%$& '( )**'+$,-.$/:
• We're go|ng to [ump-start our economy w|th smart |nvestments |n our state -
roads, br|dges, educat|on, c|ean and renewab|e energy resources, and
We're go|ng to make our tax system fa|rer by reduc|ng property taxes and br|ng|ng some
accountab|||ty to a tang|ed web of tax |ncent|ve programs.
• We're go|ng to v|gorous|y protect our natura| assets.

• We're go|ng to get r|d of unneeded regu|at|ons that ho|d our bus|nesses back
and put |n p|ace reforms that make government exerc|se the same d|sc|p||ned
r|gor about |nvestment dec|s|ons that we emp|oy |n our homes and bus|nesses.

• We're go|ng to reduce the cost of hea|th care and |mprove our system to make
sure we don't |eave peop|e out |n the co|d.

• We're go|ng to reverse our ag|ng demograph|c trends by prov|d|ng rea|
|ncent|ves for young peop|e to stay and move here, and we're go|ng to make
our educat|on system more eff|c|ent, |ess expens|ve, and better ab|e to prepare
our young peop|e for the [obs of the future.

• We're go|ng to f|x our po||t|ca| system - campa|gn f|nance reform, a |eve|
p|ay|ng f|e|d for Independents and run-off e|ect|ons - so that Augusta doesn't
cont|nue to m|rror the dysfunct|on |n Wash|ngton.

1hese are b|g cha||enges. What makes me th|nk that I can succeed?
• I|rst, I have a ||fet|me of exper|ence as a |eader - an execut|ve, a manager and
a co||aborator - |n bus|ness, pub||c serv|ce and po||t|cs. I've made broken
systems work w|th new |deas and new ways of do|ng th|ngs.

• Second, I'm not t|ed to one |deo|ogy or another, to one po||t|ca| party or the
other. I'm not f|ght|ng batt|es that are S0 years o|d. I'|| work w|th and appo|nt
qua||f|ed |nd|v|dua|s, regard|ess of party aff|||at|on and |deo|ogy, who be||eve
that common sense so|ut|ons to Ma|ne's prob|ems w||| make Ma|ne work
better for everybody.

• I|na||y, nobody owns me. I'm not tak|ng any money from ÞACs. I'm not
beho|den to |nterest groups or |obby|sts. I'm unbought, unbossed and free to
I am comm|tted to protect|ng and fu|f||||ng Ma|ne's prom|se as a p|ace of both bound|ess
opportun|ty and unr|va|ed natura| beauty. 1he most v|ta| and endur|ng |egacy of Ld Musk|e - the
most |mportant |esson he |eft for Ma|ne and for Amer|ca - has not been that we can have both
"payro||s and p|ckere|," but rather that we must have both - that the v|ta||ty of Ma|ne's natura|
resource-based economy depends d|rect|y on protect|ng our env|ronment.
2. Please outline your activities and track record on conservation and natural resources issues,
whether in elected office, through education, work history or in your community. Please list
any conservation organizations you have strongly supported and/or worked closely with, and
the nature of that relationship.

Ma|ne's and Amer|ca's env|ronment and our w||d and scen|c p|aces have been a centra| part of
my ||fe and work|ng to protect them has been an |ntegra| part of my career.

Grow|ng up |n 8angor, I h|ked |n the summer and sk|ed and snow-shoed |n the w|nter. I f|shed on
ponds and |akes a|| over Þenobscot, nancock and Wash|ngton Count|es. I |oved every m|nute of
||fe |n Ma|ne's outdoors.
I went to work for Senator Musk|e wh||e I was |n co||ege and rema|ned on h|s staff for more than
s|x years, he|p|ng to wr|te the C|ean A|r Act and the C|ean Water Act so that Ma|ne's bays, r|vers
and a|r wou|d be c|ean aga|n.

In 1977, Þres|dent I|mmy Carter appo|nted me to serve as Assoc|ate D|rector of the Cff|ce of
Management and 8udget. I was the top Wh|te nouse off|c|a| |n the energy, env|ronment,
agr|cu|ture, natura| resources and sc|ence areas, and I eng|neered the f|rst b|g federa|
|nvestments |n c|ean, renewab|e energy techno|og|es and beefed up the enforcement of our
env|ronmenta| |aws. Interagency teams that I |ed brought spend|ng on wastefu| water pro[ects
under contro|, restored the Nat|ona| Þark Serv|ce, the Iorest Serv|ce and LÞA to hea|thy budget
and personne| |eve|s, des|gned Amer|ca's f|rst energy conservat|on programs, and rec|ass|f|ed
A|aska |ands to protect and conserve these |ands for the|r natura| and recreat|ona| va|ue.
I went on to found Cut|er & Stanf|e|d, a nat|ona| |aw f|rm that spec|a||zed |n the env|ronmenta|
and |and use aspects of ma[or |nfrastructure pro[ects and grew to be the second-|argest
env|ronmenta| |aw f|rm |n the Un|ted States. We he|ped states, count|es and c|t|es so|ve
prob|ems that arose on ma[or pro[ects ||ke a|rports, h|ghways, and waste c|eanups. I was
respons|b|e for wr|t|ng and negot|at|ng the toughest no|se and |and use regu|at|ons for a|rports |n
the wor|d. I superv|sed our f|rm's *+' 0'-' work on the remova| of the Ldwards Dam from the
kennebec k|ver |n what |s now a mode| for dam remova| across the nat|on, and I eng|neered the
|ega| strategy that |ed to the |andmark agreement to c|ean up the spent nuc|ear waste at West
Va||ey, New ¥ork.
I cha|red the board of v|s|tors of the Musk|e Schoo| of Þub||c Serv|ce for a decade and served on
the board of d|rectors of the Gu|f of Ma|ne kesearch Inst|tute. Current|y I am a member of the
fo||ow|ng conservat|on organ|zat|ons: Crabtree Neck Land 1rust, Irenchman 8ay Conservancy,
Ir|ends of Casco 8ay, Ma|ne Audubon, Ma|ne Coast ner|tage 1rust, Ma|ne Iarm|and 1rust, Ma|ne
Is|and 1ra|| Assoc|at|on, the Sportman's A|||ance of Ma|ne and 1he Nature Conservancy.
3. What would be the top three environmental priorities of your administration?
V|gorous protect|on of our natura| assets |s one of the most |mportant |nvestments we can make
|n Ma|ne's future. If I am e|ected governor, the protect|on of Ma|ne's env|ronment w||| be at the
top of my persona| pr|or|t|es and a pr|nc|pa| cr|ter|on for every |tem on my adm|n|strat|on's
agenda. At the outset, our top three pr|or|t|es w||| be --
• kebu||d|ng Ma|ne's Department of Lnv|ronment Þrotect|on. We w||| restore the DLÞ's
|eadersh|p, |ntegr|ty and fund|ng so that |t once aga|n w||| have the staff|ng |eve|s,
competence, expert|se and |eadersh|p |t needs to protect Ma|ne's env|ronmenta| qua||ty
and pub||c hea|th. 1he DLÞ w||| once aga|n work |n the |nterests of a|| Ma|ne c|t|zens and
be an env|ronmenta| |eader for the nat|on. (A|so see my responses to quest|ons 7, 13, 17
and 18)

• keduc|ng carbon d|ox|de em|ss|ons at a faster pace. In order to m|t|gate and ||m|t the
effects of c||mate change, my adm|n|strat|on w||| (|) work w|th our ne|ghbors to deve|op a
c|ean fue|s standard for Ma|ne and New Lng|and, (||) promote cost-effect|ve transportat|on
a|ternat|ves that w||| decrease our dependence on o||, and (|||) redoub|e Ma|ne's efforts at
|mprov|ng energy eff|c|ency and energy conservat|on, start|ng w|th a comprehens|ve
rev|ew of ex|st|ng programs - |nc|ud|ng the renewab|e portfo||o standard and the |ong
term contract|ng author|ty - and the potent|a| for new |ncent|ves. (A|so see my responses
to quest|ons 4 and 12)

• Þromot|ng d|str|buted generat|on and the d|vers|f|cat|on of Ma|ne's renewab|e energy
portfo||o. Natura| gas |s certa|n|y a c|eaner a|ternat|ve than o|| or coa| for e|ectr|c|ty
generat|on and |s a necessary br|dge fue|, but for severa| reasons we shou|d try to |eapfrog
as much as poss|b|e our grow|ng dependence on |t. My adm|n|strat|on w||| work to protect
and deve|op export markets for Ma|ne's renewab|e energy product|on and ass|st |n the
deve|opment of so|ar, |and-based and offshore w|nd and t|da| generat|on of e|ectr|c|ty |n
ways that are cost effect|ve from a ||fe-cyc|e perspect|ve and are cons|stent w|th the
protect|on of Ma|ne's v|ta| |nterests. (A|so see my response to quest|on 10)
4. How important is the issue of climate change to you and what is your plan for addressing
climate change impacts in Maine?
C||mate change |s the greatest env|ronmenta| cha||enge of our t|me. C||mate change portends
mass|ve and adverse effects on our pub||c hea|th and our way of ||fe, and the next governor of
Ma|ne must exerc|se strong and |nformed |eadersh|p |n ||m|t|ng and m|t|gat|ng those |mpacts. A
good start|ng po|nt w||| be to acknow|edge the fo||ow|ng facts about c||mate change:
- C||mate change |s rea|.

- numan act|v|ty |s ch|ef|y respons|b|e for |t.

- Ma|ne's economy and qua||ty of ||fe - |nc|ud|ng Gu|f of Ma|ne f|sher|es, forest products,
farms and four-season tour|sm - depend on the qua||ty of our water, our coasta|
resources and commun|t|es, our w||d||fe hab|tats and our |nfrastructure. A|| these
resources and our pub||c hea|th are threatened by r|s|ng sea |eve|s, r|s|ng water
temperatures and changes |n our f|ora and fauna.

- Ma|ne can't so|ve the carbon em|ss|ons prob|em a|one, but we can meet our own
comm|tments and set an |mportant examp|e for others.
Lar||er |n th|s decade, Ma|ne was a |eader |n sett|ng goa|s to cut carbon d|ox|de em|ss|ons. We
comm|tted to reduce carbon d|ox|de em|ss|ons to 1990 |eve|s by 2010, 10 percent be|ow 1990
|eve|s by 2020, and u|t|mate|y by as much as 80 percent. 1hese goa|s are s|m||ar to those set by
the kyoto Þrotoco|.
Moreover, |n 200S the Governor of Ma|ne s|gned the Memorandum of Understand|ng adopt|ng
the keg|ona| Greenhouse Gas In|t|at|ve (kGGI) ca|||ng for tota| em|ss|ons |n kGGI states not to
|ncrease from 2009 to 2014, and then to fa|| by 2.S¼ per year through 2018, so that by 2019
em|ss|ons must be at |east 10¼ be|ow the 2009 |eve|. In 2013, the member states further agreed
to reduce the em|ss|ons from power generat|ng fac|||t|es by 4S¼ between 2014 and 2017.
If I am e|ected governor, the reduct|on of carbon d|ox|de em|ss|ons and other em|ss|ons such as
su|fur d|ox|de, n|trogen ox|de, ozone, mercury and sma|| part|cu|ates - both |n Ma|ne and |n
ne|ghbor|ng states whose po||c|es we can he|p |nf|uence and whose ach|evements we can he|p
make poss|b|e - w||| be a pr|or|ty. My adm|n|strat|on not on|y w||| work to keep Ma|ne on track
to ach|eve the goa|s that we a|ready have set for ourse|ves, but a|so w||| cons|der tougher and
more cha||eng|ng goa|s |f that |s what sound sc|ence d|rects.
1here are no mag|c answers. Governor Iay Ins|ee of Wash|ngton |s r|ght: there |s no s||ver bu||et,
[ust p|enty of green buckshot. 1o reduce carbon em|ss|ons |n Ma|ne, we need to f|re off |ots of
green buckshot. If I am e|ected governor, the Cut|er Adm|n|strat|on w||| -
- ke-doub|e Ma|ne's efforts at conservat|on and energy eff|c|ency, as I noted above,
start|ng w|th a comprehens|ve rev|ew of ex|st|ng |ncent|ves - |nc|ud|ng the renewab|e
portfo||o standard and the |ong-term contract|ng author|ty - and a study of the potent|a|
for new |ncent|ves, such as a more comprehens|ve feed-|n tar|ff or an enhanced
renewab|e portfo||o standard that cou|d be carefu||y ta||ored to encourage renewab|e
deve|opment w|thout unsupportab|e pr|ce |mpacts,

- Þush forward w|th the deve|opment |n Ma|ne of d|str|buted generat|on of e|ectr|c|ty from
renewab|e resources such as onshore and offshore w|nd, t|da| and so|ar generat|on,

- Increase the ava||ab|||ty and use of natura| gas, b|omass and b|ofue|s and geotherma|
energy to back out as much carbon em|tt|ng o|| burn|ng as poss|b|e,

- W|th the cooperat|on of Ma|ne's attorney genera|, aggress|ve|y [o|n ||t|gat|on to defend
and to enforce federa| regu|at|ons that w||| protect Ma|ne from upw|nd em|ss|ons of
greenhouse gases, ozone precursors, part|cu|ates and tox|cs, and,

- keverse the paroch|a|, |nsu|ar and ham-handed att|tude, ev|denced by Governor LeÞage's
treatment of Stato||, that d|scourages compan|es and |ndustr|es that can he|p us meet
our goa|s from do|ng bus|ness |n Ma|ne.
In every |nstance, we w||| pursue these efforts |n concert w|th a renewed comm|tment to
preserv|ng Ma|ne's qua||ty of p|ace. Spraw| |ncreases carbon em|ss|ons at the same t|me that |t
makes pub||c serv|ces more expens|ve, weakens commun|t|es and makes Ma|ne a |ess attract|ve
dest|nat|on for v|s|tors. 1hese concerns shou|d strengthen the arguments for mak|ng ava||ab|e
more eff|c|ent forms of transportat|on - such as ra||, buses, carpoo||ng and b|cyc||ng - wherever
they are econom|ca||y feas|b|e.
Iurther, I w||| ca|| for the enactment of LD 82S, the b||| vetoed by Governor LeÞage, to deve|op
and |mp|ement a coord|nated statew|de p|an to reduce the r|sks posed by c||mate change, to
|ncrease our res|||ency |n the face of more severe and frequent storms, and to he|p Ma|ne
res|dents, commun|t|es and bus|nesses adapt to c||mate change.

S. What are your views on whether Maine should encourage metallic mining and what issues
are most important to you in thinking about metallic mining?
I w||| support meta|||c m|n|ng on|y when I am persuaded, based on the fo||ow|ng cr|ter|a, that the
affected commun|t|es and resources w||| be fu||y protected.
• 1he operator of a proposed meta|||c m|n|ng pro[ect must demonstrate that the pro[ect
w||| not comprom|se a|r qua||ty or ground and surface water qua||ty and that |ts
operat|ons w||| comp|y w|th a|| app||cab|e |oca|, sate and federa| env|ronmenta|

• 1he operator must estab||sh and put |n p|ace for an appropr|ate per|od of t|me (perhaps |n
perpetu|ty), through a sat|sfactory bond or other arrangement, suff|c|ent f|nanc|a|
respons|b|||ty to:

sat|sfy str|ct regu|atory requ|rements to safeguard a|r and water qua||ty,

prevent and cure property, hea|th, and natura| resource damages and compensate
for any such damages, and,

comp|ete the restorat|on of natura| resources accord|ng to a p|an estab||shed and
approved by regu|ators pr|or to the commencement of m|n|ng act|v|ty.

6. Do you support adequate long-term funding for the Land for Maine’s Future
program, currently estimated to be $15 to $20 million per year, to make strategic investments
to strengthen Maine’s natural resource economy and quality of life?

Ma|ne has a very spec|a| qua||ty of p|ace and a un|que c|v|c cu|ture. Ma|nta|n|ng these |mportant
character|st|cs |s one of the most |mportant |nvestments we can make. 1hat means protect|ng
our natura| env|ronment and our w||d and scen|c p|aces, preserv|ng our farm|ands, forests,
work|ng waterfronts and downtowns, and ensur|ng that peop|e |n h|stor|c m||| towns and v|||ages
can both ||ve here and earn a ||v|ng.

1he Land for Ma|ne's Iuture Þrogram cont|nues to be an |mportant mechan|sm for accomp||sh|ng
those goa|s. LMI's core purposes - conserv|ng |and |n |ts undeve|oped state, prov|d|ng pub||c
recreat|ona| water access, protect|ng work|ng waterfronts protect|on and product|ve farms and
farm|ands - |everage the compet|t|ve advantages bestowed by our natura| resources.

If I am e|ected, dur|ng my f|rst term I w||| work w|th the |eg|s|ature to estab||sh a cap|ta|
budget|ng process that w||| perm|t us to make |nformed and sound dec|s|ons about compet|ng
|nvestment needs, |nc|ud|ng |nvestments |n env|ronmenta| and conservat|on programs (such as
wastewater treatment |mprovements and |and acqu|s|t|on programs ||ke LMI), |nfrastructure
cap|ta| |mprovements (such as road and br|dge repa|rs and |mprovements), and human cap|ta|
(such as ear|y ch||dhood educat|on and post-secondary educat|on and tra|n|ng). I won't comm|t
today to a spec|f|c do||ar comm|tment for LMI, because I don't want to make a prom|se that |ater
I cou|dn't keep.

7. Wlll you provlde leadershlp Lo fully lmplemenL Malne's klds Safe ÞroducLs' AcL Lo proLecL Lhe healLh
of pregnanL women and chlldren from belng endangered by everyday producLs?

¥es. As I noted |n my responses to quest|ons 3, 13, 17 and 18, a top pr|or|ty of my adm|n|strat|on
w||| be to rebu||d Ma|ne's Department of Lnv|ronment Þrotect|on and restore |ts |ntegr|ty and
the fund|ng |t needs to d|scharge |ts respons|b|||t|es - |nc|ud|ng |mp|ement|ng the Ma|ne's k|ds
Safe Þroducts' Act. 1he LeÞage Adm|n|strat|on not on|y has sta||ed the |mp|ementat|on of the
Act, adopted w|th b|part|san support |n 2008, but |t a|so has underm|ned the DLÞ's ab|||ty to
d|scharge |ts respons|b|||t|es under the |aw by not ass|gn|ng a staff person to co||ect and ana|yze
|nformat|on on pr|or|ty chem|ca|s |n a t|me|y fash|on and by not ass|gn|ng an exper|enced and
know|edgeab|e profess|ona| to oversee the Safer Chem|ca|s program. As governor, I w||| ensure
that the DLÞ has the resources and capac|ty to |mp|ement the Ma|ne's k|d Safe Þroducts' Act and
the Safer Chem|ca|s program.
8. What is your sense of the relationship between the conservation of Maine’s environment and
the economy?
I be||eve |n my m|nd and fee| |n my heart that there are both pract|ca| and mora| reasons for the
e|evat|on of env|ronmenta| va|ues. Cur natura| surround|ngs are the very sou| of Ma|ne, but the
strength of our natura| resources-based economy, the v|ta||ty of our commun|t|es and our pub||c
hea|th a|so rest on the qua||ty of our forests, our ocean waters, |akes, r|vers and streams, our a|r
and our |and.
Þeop|e ||ve here, move here and v|s|t here because Ma|ne has a spec|a| qua||ty of p|ace and a
un|que c|v|c cu|ture. Ma|nta|n|ng these |mportant character|st|cs means respect|ng and
protect|ng our natura| env|ronment and our w||d and scen|c p|aces. We are respons|b|e both for
preserv|ng farm|and, forests, work|ng waterfronts and downtowns . . . and for ensur|ng that
peop|e |n the coasta| commun|t|es and h|stor|c m||| towns of Ma|ne can ||ve there and earn a
1he most v|ta| and endur|ng |egacy of Ld Musk|e has been the pr|nc|p|e that good [obs and the
extraord|nary qua||ty of Ma|ne's natura| env|ronment can and must coex|st. 1he Þenobscot k|ver
kestorat|on 1rust |s an |mportant and encourag|ng |atter-day examp|e of that pr|nc|p|e |n
pract|ce. Ma|ne can use |ts r|vers to generate e|ectr|c|ty and susta|n |mportant f|sher|es. 1he
restorat|on of the Þenobscot k|ver not on|y keeps |ntact a v|ta| ecosystem and w||d||fe hab|tat, |t
a|so w||| |ncrease the |eve| of renewab|e energy product|on.
We cannot do a|| the th|ngs we need to do |n Ma|ne - protect our natura| resources, ma|nta|n our
parks and recreat|on areas, |nvest |n educat|on, promote and deve|op Ma|ne tour|sm and
recreat|on - w|thout econom|c growth. W|th the r|ght goa|s and emphases, a grow|ng economy
can be fu||y cons|stent w|th our env|ronmenta| goa|s. 1owards that end, |f I am e|ected
• We w||| encourage and seek sens|b|e ways to |ncent|v|ze both seasona| and year-round
cu|t|vat|on of arab|e |and |n Aroostook County and other areas of Ma|ne where the
resources to grow food are abundant. 1he product|on of food that |s susta|nab|y grown
and boasts traceab|e or|g|ns w||| generate [obs, |ncrease |ncomes and br|ng young peop|e
to Ma|ne.

• Ma|ne w||| |ncreas|ng|y stand out as a p|ace of abundant and grow|ng supp||es of fresh and
c|ean water |n a nat|on and a wor|d |ncreas|ng|y short of |t, and we w||| beg|n p|ann|ng how
to better protect those supp||es - |nc|ud|ng how to rebu||d our sewers and wastewater
treatment fac|||t|es - and how we shou|d take advantage of our va|uab|e surp|uses.

• We w||| bu||d and promote the Ma|ne brand |n order to dr|ve |ncreased wor|dw|de demand
for our qua||ty products, from |obster to pu|p, and to draw |ncreased numbers of year-
round tour|sts to Ma|ne from around the nat|on and the wor|d.

• We w||| |nvest |n better |everag|ng Ma|ne's compet|t|ve advantages - our forests, farms,
f|sher|es, renewab|e energy resources, qua||ty p|aces and peop|e.
9. What economic, conservation, scientific, and/or educational value do you see in creating a
150,000-acre National Park and National Recreation Area on lands east of Baxter State Park,
as being pursued by Elliotsville Plantation Inc.?
W|thout pre[udg|ng the outcome, I am w||||ng to engage |n an effort to |dent|fy - a|ong w|th
|andowners, the affected commun|t|es, and advocates for a federa| des|gnat|on - a sat|sfactory
way to preserve the conservat|on va|ue of these 1S0,000 acres of w||derness, scen|c v|stas and
f|sh and w||d||fe hab|tats for present and future generat|ons, and to |everage commun|ty
partnersh|ps to support youth engagement and opportun|t|es for sc|ent|f|c advancement |n a
manner that |s cons|stent w|th northern Ma|ne's economy.
As I |earned when I managed the process to des|gnate A|aska's pub||c |ands, there |s a broad
range of potent|a| des|gnat|ons under federa| and state |aw.
Any des|gnat|on of these |ands must benef|t the reg|ona| economy. Ma|ne's forests have |ong
been econom|c dr|vers of the state's economy, and we must f|nd ways to respons|b|y ma|nta|n
these |mportant resources as a stab|e source of wood f|ber, for outdoor recreat|on, and to
preserve and enhance the ecosystem benef|ts that hea|thy forests prov|de.
Any des|gnat|on a|so shou|d attract outdoor enthus|asts to Ma|ne from a|| over the wor|d w|th
opportun|t|es |n appropr|ate p|aces to f|sh, hunt, h|ke, camp, padd|e, w||d||fe watch, b|cyc|e,
snowmob||e, cross country sk| and snowshoe.
10. Please describe your energy policy for Maine. Include specific energy alternatives you
believe Maine should pursue, including energy efficiency and renewable power
developments. Describe how you would you balance the protection of air quality, public
health, wildlife habitat and other values that may present a conflict with these energy
My adm|n|strat|on w||| pursue energy eff|c|ency |n|t|at|ves a|med at the res|dent|a|, bus|ness and
government sectors - as we|| as the transportat|on sector (see my response to quest|on 12) -
and cont|nue progress toward meet|ng the o|| reduct|on targets set forth |n the 2011 Act to
Improve Ma|ne's Lnergy Secur|ty.
I support the fund|ng of thorough|y vetted energy eff|c|ency programs and energy sav|ngs
|ncent|ves adm|n|stered by Lff|c|ency Ma|ne as we|| as the weather|zat|on and centra| heat|ng
|mprovement programs current|y under the ausp|ces of the Ma|ne State nous|ng Author|ty. I
a|so support the expans|on of ÞACL programs through wh|ch homeowners and bus|nesses can
|nvest |n therma| eff|c|ency upgrades and the home energy retrof|tt|ng of our ag|ng hous|ng stock.
Not on|y do we need to pr|or|t|ze the remova| of o|d, |neff|c|ent app||ances such as refr|gerators
and other equ|pment, we must reduce our re||ance on home heat|ng o|| by encourag|ng
homeowners, to pursue energy eff|c|ency through state-sponsored programs, to rep|ace o|d
heat|ng systems w|th more eff|c|ent opt|ons and by mak|ng our homes more energy eff|c|ent
through energy aud|ts and the strateg|es enab|ed by these aud|ts, such as weather|zat|on and
D|vers|fy|ng Ma|ne's renewab|e energy portfo||o w||| be one of my h|gh pr|or|t|es. 1o contro|
energy costs and em|ss|ons, and to reduce our dependence on foss|| fue|s, we need to deve|op
Ma|ne's c|ean, renewab|e energy resources, |nc|ud|ng |and-based and offshore w|nd power, |n
ways that are cost-effect|ve and cons|stent w|th the protect|on of Ma|ne's v|ta| assets. 1o contro|
energy costs and - [ust as |mportant|y - to reduce Ma|ne's dependence on fore|gn foss|| fue|s and
greenhouse gas em|ss|ons, Ma|ne must carefu||y eva|uate and tap |nto every c|ean, cost-effect|ve,
renewab|e energy resource ava||ab|e to us, |nc|ud|ng |and-based w|nd, ex|st|ng domest|c
resources such as hydro and b|omass and emerg|ng techno|og|es such as so|ar, t|da|, geotherma|,
off-shore w|nd and b|ofue|s.
1o deve|op these resources |n concert w|th the conservat|on of Ma|ne's qua||ty of p|ace, my
Adm|n|strat|on w|||:
• Max|m|ze the benef|ts of |oca| and renewab|e resources by encourag|ng the deve|opment
of d|str|buted generat|on, dep|oy|ng smart gr|d techno|og|es that can dramat|ca||y
|mprove the ab|||ty of the gr|d to accommodate renewab|e generat|on resources and
|nvest|ng where necessary |n add|t|ona| transm|ss|on |nfrastructure.

• Undertake a comprehens|ve rev|ew of Ma|ne's ex|st|ng |ncent|ves for renewab|e energy
deve|opment to ensure that Ma|ne gets benef|ts from those programs commensurate
w|th the costs.

• Study the potent|a| for new po||c|es such as a carefu||y ta||ored feed-|n-tar|ff or
|mprovements to the renewab|e portfo||o standard to |ncrease the percentage of Ma|ne's
energy obta|ned from renewab|e resources w|thout unsupportab|e pr|ce |ncreases for
Ma|ne fam|||es and bus|nesses.
I share rat|ona| concerns about how and where generat|on and transm|ss|on fac|||t|es are s|ted,
about the|r no|se, w||derness and v|ew-shed |mpacts, and about the|r effects on w||d||fe and
We need to str|ke and restr|ke, over and over, the r|ght ba|ance between meet|ng our energy
needs w|th renewab|es and protect|ng what |s un|que about Ma|ne. In my op|n|on and
exper|ence, the keys to str|k|ng the r|ght ba|ance are a transparent d|scuss|on of potent|a|
|mpacts, the deve|opment and even-handed |mp|ementat|on of sound, sc|ence-based standards
and r|gorous perm|tt|ng and enforcement.
I know how to ensure that the r|ght ba|ance |s struck, because I have done |t. I he|ped wr|te our
nat|on's foundat|ona| env|ronmenta| |aws. Dur|ng the course of my |ong career as an
env|ronmenta| and |and use po||cy off|c|a| and |awyer, I successfu||y b|ocked bad pro[ects and
gu|ded the perm|tt|ng of good ones - a|rports, h|ghways and other ma[or fac|||t|es - by
prevent|ng and m|t|gat|ng adverse |mpacts. If I am e|ected, my Adm|n|strat|on w||| see to |t that
we str|ke the r|ght ba|ance |n Ma|ne.
11. uo you oppose exporLlng Lar sands oll Lhrough Lhe ÞorLland-MonLreal plpellne?
Iue|s ref|ned from d||uted b|tumen (tar sands) aren't good for the p|anet. 1he Waterfront
Þrotect|on Crd|nance (WÞC) tr|ggered an |mportant debate about our dependence on foss|| fue|s
and the |mportance of ma|nta|n|ng a work|ng waterfront
Ind|v|dua| commun|t|es shou|d not be |eft w|th the respons|b|||ty to protect the ent|re state. We
need a governor who has the sense and the courage to pursue the r|ght po||c|es for the who|e
state. As governor, I w||| aggress|ve|y promote po||c|es that batt|e back aga|nst c||mate change,
d|scourage the use of h|gh carbon fue|s ||ke tar sands, and ensure the safe transport of petro|eum
I am comm|tted to these po||c|es:
• Mak|ng any necessary mod|f|cat|ons to Ma|ne's |and use and env|ronmenta| |aws to (a)
ensure that our state can regu|ate the |mpacts w|th|n our borders of any pro[ect to
reverse the f|ow through the Þort|and-Montrea| p|pe||ne, and (b) prevent the |ntroduct|on
of |nvas|ve spec|es from ba||ast water carr|ed by tankers com|ng |nto the Þort|and narbor,

• Negot|at|ng and |mp|ement|ng w|th our state and prov|nc|a| ne|ghbors a C|ean Iue|s
Standard that w||| track and categor|ze the source and carbon |ntens|ty of the gaso||ne
and d|ese| fue|s that power cars and trucks and that w||| create a market-based |ncent|ve
toward |ow-carbon fue|s,

• Io|n|ng the mu|t|-state effort to |ncrease the number of zero-em|ss|on veh|c|es to 1S¼ of
new cars so|d by 202S,

• ke-doub||ng Ma|ne's efforts at conservat|on and energy eff|c|ency, start|ng w|th a
comprehens|ve rev|ew of ex|st|ng programs and |ncent|ves,

• Þush|ng forward w|th the deve|opment |n Ma|ne of d|str|buted and gr|d-sca|e generat|on
of e|ectr|c|ty from renewab|e resources such as onshore and offshore w|nd, t|da| and so|ar

• Work|ng to e||m|nate some of the |arger carbon em|ss|ons contr|butors |n Ma|ne and to
|ncrease the ava||ab|||ty and use of natura| gas, b|omass and b|ofue|s, and geotherma|
energy to back out as much carbon em|tt|ng o|| burn|ng as poss|b|e,

• Þursu|ng efforts to d|scourage spraw|, wh|ch |ncreases carbon em|ss|ons at the same t|me
that |t makes pub||c serv|ces more expens|ve, weakens commun|t|es and makes Ma|ne a
|ess attract|ve dest|nat|on for v|s|tors and mak|ng ava||ab|e more eff|c|ent forms of
transportat|on - such as ra||, buses, carpoo||ng and b|cyc||ng - wherever they are
econom|ca||y feas|b|e,

• Iund|ng a comprehens|ve |ong-term study to prepare Ma|ne res|dents, commun|t|es and
bus|nesses for the r|sks posed by c||mate change and |mp|ement|ng a statew|de
coord|nated p|an to reduce the r|sks posed by c||mate change and to he|p prepare Ma|ne
res|dents, commun|t|es and bus|nesses to face those r|sks, and,

• kevers|ng the paroch|a|, |nsu|ar and ham-handed att|tude, ev|denced by Governor
LeÞage's treatment of Stato||, that d|scourages compan|es and |ndustr|es that can he|p us
meet our goa|s from do|ng bus|ness |n Ma|ne.
12. What steps would you take to make our transportation systems less dependent on fossil fuels?
Creat|ng |ess dependence of our transportat|on system on foss|| fue|s |s exceed|ng|y cr|t|ca| as
Ma|ne's transportat|on sector |s our |argest s|ng|e source of energy costs, energy consumpt|on
and greenhouse gas em|ss|ons.
Cur transportat|on goa| shou|d be mov|ng more peop|e and more goods at |ower costs and w|th
fewer env|ronmenta| |mpacts. Iue||ng our cars and trucks w|th |ower carbon a|ternat|ves such as
e|ectr|c|ty, susta|nab|y-produced b|ofue|s and other c|ean fue|s preserves our hea|th, c|eans our
env|ronment and strengthens our economy. 8y be|ng v|g||ant and forward-|ook|ng, state |eaders
can protect the reg|on from d|rt|er fue|s and put us on a more susta|nab|e path. 1owards that
goa|, my adm|n|strat|on w|||:

• Negot|ate and |mp|ement w|th our state and prov|nc|a| ne|ghbors a C|ean Iue|s Standard
that w||| track and categor|ze the source and carbon |ntens|ty of the gaso||ne and d|ese|
fue|s that power our cars and trucks and that w||| spur growth and create a market-based
|ncent|ve toward |ow-carbon fue|s by gradua||y ratchet|ng down the carbon |ntens|ty of
the fue| supp|y,

• Io|n the mu|t|-state effort to |ncrease the number of zero-em|ss|on veh|c|es to 1S¼ of new
cars so|d by 202S and deve|op shared standards for e|ectr|c charg|ng stat|ons and
adopt|ng po||c|es that make |t eas|er to bu||d and use charg|ng stat|ons,

• Þromote the procurement of c|ean, energy eff|c|ent state f|eet veh|c|es,

• Lncourage new bus serv|ces, ded|cated |anes for h|gh-occupancy veh|c|es and buses, b|ke
routes, and s|dewa|ks a|ong ex|st|ng roads that can typ|ca||y a|| be obta|ned for |ess than
one tenth of the cost of a typ|ca| road w|den|ng, and

• Advance the use of fre|ght and passenger ra|| as a cost-effect|ve and env|ronmenta||y
sound means of transport|ng goods and raw mater|a|s and peop|e. (Ior examp|e, the
deve|opment of a ra|| connect|on to Lastport wou|d sh|ft |ong hau| fre|ght from the
h|ghway to the ra||way, thereby reduc|ng both fue| consumpt|on and greenhouse gas
In genera|, we need to be more strateg|c and more f|ex|b|e |n how we p|an and fund our
transportat|on |nvestments |nc|ud|ng c|ean fue|s |nfrastructure pro[ects. We need to deve|op
transportat|on |n|t|at|ves that are both env|ronmenta||y and f|sca||y respons|b|e. State
|nvestments |n new or expanded transportat|on systems - whether roads, passenger or fre|ght
ra||, buses or other modes - need to meet a cost-effect|veness test and need to be compared
w|th a|ternat|ves where the ana|ys|s takes |nto account not on|y the econom|c costs and benef|ts
of the a|ternat|ves, but a|so the env|ronmenta| costs and benef|ts.

13. What steps would you take to ensure that the water quality of Maine’s rivers and lakes
continues to improve and meets Clean Water Act standards?

A Cut|er Adm|n|strat|on w||| eva|uate current po||ut|on sources and ensure that every po|nt
source |s operat|ng |n comp||ance w|th |ts perm|ts. We w||| ass|st non-comp|y|ng ent|t|es to come
|nto comp||ance and undertake a comprehens|ve assessment of ex|st|ng programs to address
non-po|nt source po||ut|on of our |akes, streams and water supp||es.
8efore Þau| LeÞage became Ma|ne's governor, our state had a strong track record on water
qua||ty regu|at|on. My Adm|n|strat|on w||| |ncrease DLÞ's capac|ty to protect our |n|and
waterways and |akes through overs|ght of mun|c|pa| water systems, efforts to remedy
prob|emat|c storm water runoff and support to |oca| assoc|at|ons that watch over the qua||ty of
our |akes. Unf|||ed pos|t|ons and |ow staff|ng |eve|s under the current governor have h|ndered
these efforts.
In regard to storm water run-off and mun|c|pa| wastewater treatment, the Long Creek storm
water pro[ect |s an examp|e of how these |ssues can be addressed through pub||c-pr|vate
partnersh|ps, but the cha||enges for mun|c|pa| water systems - the greatest rema|n|ng threat to
water qua||ty |n Ma|ne - are very great, and the costs of br|ng|ng a|| mun|c|pa| systems |nto
comp||ance w||| be enormous.
L|ke many states Ma|ne strugg|es to fund our efforts to |mprove water qua||ty. In part|cu|ar,
many of Ma|ne's towns and c|t|es face a monumenta| f|nanc|a| cha||enge |n rebu||d|ng or
rep|ac|ng ag|ng sewer systems, separat|ng san|tary and storm sewers, bu||d|ng new treatment
works and dea||ng w|th urban and rura| runoff. 1hese are the b|ggest rema|n|ng water qua||ty
cha||enges, and we w||| need the federa| government's ass|stance to overcome them. Ma|ne's
r|vers and estuar|es and the Gu|f of Ma|ne are threatened by our fa||ure to do so, and these are
nat|ona| resources. 12S Ma|ne commun|t|es took advantage of the Lnergy Lff|c|ency and
Conservat|on 8|ock Grant Þrogram adm|n|stered by Lff|c|ency Ma|ne from 2009 to 2013, some of
wh|ch used program funds to |mprove wastewater treatment. I w||| press for more federa| he|p
to get the [ob done.
14. Do you support the designation of wilderness areas on public lands in Maine that would be
managed for their wilderness values?

I wou|d cons|der the des|gnat|on of w||derness areas where the w||derness va|ues of pub||c |ands
are except|ona| and when a w||derness des|gnat|on |s necessary to preserve those except|ona|
va|ues. I a|so be||eve that susta|nab|e natura| resources are cr|t|ca| to Ma|ne's future growth and
prosper|ty. 1hey represent our key compet|t|ve advantages over other states and an |mportant
foundat|on for [obs and econom|c growth. We must |nvest |n those resources and f|nd ways to
add va|ue to them.
As we have done so many t|mes |n the past, I be||eve we can str|ke a ba|ance between protect|ng
our most cr|t|ca| and spec|a| w||derness areas, and encourag|ng susta|nab|e wood harvest|ng,
recreat|on and other trad|t|ona| uses throughout our rema|n|ng forest |ands.


15. Do you support the labeling of genetically modified organisms in food?
¥es. 8ecause the potent|a| |ong-terms r|sks to pub||c hea|th from GMCs are current|y unknown,
|abe||ng GMCs w||| g|ve consumers a chance to dec|de for themse|ves whether or not they want
to purchase foods that conta|n genet|ca||y mod|f|ed organ|sms.

16. Under the LePage administration, the Department of Conservation was merged with the
Department of Agriculture and the Land Use Regulation Commission was replaced with a
planning board with little regulatory authority. What is your opinion of these changes?

I am concerned that the merger of these two departments underm|ned the protect|on of our
state's mounta|ns, |akes, r|vers, forests, w||d||fe and other natura| areas (the core m|ss|on of the
Department of Conservat|on) and that |mportant conservat|on programs - the backbone of our
natura| her|tage and natura| resource economy - w||| be |ost.

As part of my adm|n|strat|on's rev|ew of the merger, we w||| assess the effects of the merger on
the po||cy ob[ect|ves of the former departments of Agr|cu|ture and Conservat|on, |nc|ud|ng an
exam|nat|on of: (|) whether funds and staff wh|ch were prev|ous|y earmarked for conservat|on
have been s|phoned off for other purposes, (||) whether the management of our state parks,
pub||c |ands and forest hea|th and mon|tor|ng efforts have been underm|ned, and (|||) whether
staff|ng |eve|s for Land for Ma|ne's Iuture and other |mportant programs are suff|c|ent.

I have |ong be||eved that p|ann|ng funct|ons shou|d not be co-|ocated |n government agenc|es
w|th ||cens|ng and perm|tt|ng funct|ons. I be||eve that the p|ann|ng respons|b|||t|es for Ma|ne's
townsh|ps, p|antat|ons and unorgan|zed areas shou|d be |odged e|ther |n an |ndependent board
or comm|ss|on, a new and redes|gned statew|de p|ann|ng off|ce or |n a board operat|ng as a
d|v|s|on of an appropr|ate cab|net department. I be||eve that the regu|atory (||cens|ng and
perm|tt|ng) respons|b|||t|es for those areas of the state shou|d be part of a re|nv|gorated and
proper|y funded and staffed Department of Lnv|ronmenta| Þrotect|on.

17. What steps would you take to ensure that regulatory agencies are not captured by the
industries they regulate?
As Governor, I w||| appo|nt the most qua||f|ed peop|e I can f|nd to top pos|t|ons |n natura|
resources and other agenc|es. Lxper|ence, competence, substant|ve know|edge, v|s|on and
toughness w||| be among my top cr|ter|a. (Ior examp|e, I wou|d never, ever, put an o|| and
chem|ca| |ndustry |obby|st |n charge of the DLÞ or any other regu|atory agency.)
As an Independent, I w||| not be ob||gated to make my cho|ces based on party aff|||at|on or
return|ng po||t|ca| favors to spec|a| |nterest groups, and I don't have any po||t|ca| cron|es. I w|||
make dec|s|ons based on how we|| the person w||| do the [ob for a|| Ma|ners. I w||| conduct
nat|ona| searches for top pos|t|ons |f we can't f|nd the r|ght peop|e here |n Ma|ne, and I w|||
certa|n|y seek the counse| of groups ||ke the League of Conservat|on Voters |n mak|ng
18. How will you repair the effectiveness of the Department of Environmental Protection in
carrying out its mission to protect and restore Maine's natural resources and enforce the
state's environmental laws?
1he current adm|n|strat|on has underm|ned the competence and effect|veness of Ma|ne's
Department of Lnv|ronmenta| Þrotect|on. 1he DLÞ needs to be restored and rebu||t. I know how
to rebu||d an agency, to h|re the most qua||f|ed peop|e, to restore pos|t|ons necessary to enforce
and |mp|ement our |aws and to put good and transparent pract|ces |n p|ace |n government. I
he|ped |ead the Carter Adm|n|strat|on's effort to restore fund|ng and personne| to the U.S.
Lnv|ronmenta| Þrotect|on Agency after |t had been dramat|ca||y weakened dur|ng the N|xon and
Iord Adm|n|strat|ons.
As I noted |n my response to quest|on 3, re|nv|gorat|ng and rebu||d|ng DLÞ w||| be a top pr|or|ty
of my adm|n|strat|on. As governor, I w||| ensure that the DLÞ has the profess|ona| and techn|ca|
resources to do |ts [ob to the h|ghest sc|ent|f|c and eth|ca| standards. I w||| restore the DLÞ's
|ntegr|ty and the fund|ng and staff|ng |t needs to d|scharge |ts respons|b|||t|es to enforce Ma|ne's
env|ronmenta| |aws and to protect Ma|ne's natura| resources and our pub||c hea|th. I w||| f|nd
the best poss|b|e peop|e to |ead DLÞ and support them fu||y |n the|r work.
Good government must be co||aborat|ve, and |t's hard work. 1o succeed, government off|c|a|s
need to fee| that they are a part of a shared enterpr|se and have a common sense of purpose. We
don't have that |n Ma|ne today, but we w||| when I am governor.
19. What will you do to ensure high ethical standards in your administration?
We can't expect to have good outcomes - an eth|ca| adm|n|strat|on - when the |nputs are
corrupt|ng. I have spent much of my t|me dur|ng the past two years work|ng w|th nat|ona|
foundat|ons on efforts to ach|eve campa|gn f|nance reform, and I |ntend to cont|nue |n that
d|rect|on when I am governor.
1he f|ood of money |n po||t|cs |s a||enat|ng more and more of us from the po||t|ca| process and
d|scourag|ng part|c|pat|on |n |t. A|| of our e|ectora| and |eg|s|at|ng processes shou|d be much
more t|ght|y |nsu|ated aga|nst the corros|on and corrupt|on bred by uncontro||ed and
unregu|ated po||t|ca| money.
Apart from the corrupt|on of both po||t|cs and cap|ta||sm, the sheer force of money |n po||t|cs
today |s a||enat|ng more and more Amer|cans from the po||t|ca| process and d|scourag|ng
part|c|pat|on |n |t.
We can batt|e back |n Ma|ne by re|nv|gorat|ng our C|ean L|ect|ons program, by ||m|t|ng |n fa|r and
const|tut|ona| ways the amounts of money that can be spent on e|ect|on campa|gns, by even|ng
the p|ay|ng f|e|d between sma|| donors and b|g donors, by narrow|ng the ways |n wh|ch po||t|ca|
money can be ra|sed by |obby|sts and so-ca||ed "bund|ers," and by mak|ng the or|g|ns of a||
money spent on campa|gns fu||y transparent. I wou|d support extend|ng the C|ean L|ect|ons
program to |nc|ude, once aga|n, cand|dates |n gubernator|a| e|ect|ons.
I a|so be||eve that the |oopho|e that a||ows |eg|s|ators to run "c|ean" wh||e at the same t|me
creat|ng |eadersh|p ÞACs to co||ect vast sums of money from spec|a| |nterests must be c|osed.
Un||ke my opponents, I have p|edged that my campa|gn w||| not accept money from ÞACs. As
governor, I |ntend to be unbought, unbossed and free to |ead.
Voters need to be conf|dent that the |awmakers whom they e|ect depend on them and make
dec|s|ons that ref|ect the|r needs and concerns and not those of one or another set of spec|a|,
narrow |nterests. When that conf|dence beg|ns to break down, as |t has |n recent years,
democracy |s put at r|sk.
I|na||y, my adm|n|strat|on w||| never excuse repeated and |ntent|ona| d|stort|ons of the facts,
bu||y|ng behav|or and s|anderous remarks about good peop|e. I w||| on|y appo|nt |nd|v|dua|s to
pos|t|on |eadersh|p who exh|b|t h|gh eth|ca| standards, and those off|c|a|s w||| be he|d
accountab|e to these standards.
20. Access Lo lnformaLlon and Lransparency abouL how declslons are made are lmporLanL Lo good
governmenL. WhaL sLeps wlll you Lake Lo ensure Lransparency and openness ln governmenL?
Ireedom of access to |nformat|on |s cr|t|ca| to an |nformed c|t|zenry and a funct|on|ng
democracy. C|t|zens have a r|ght to know what the|r government |s up to, how |t spends tax
do||ars and how |t reaches dec|s|ons. 8y defau|t, governmenta| records shou|d be ava||ab|e to the
pub||c, on|y |n unusua| c|rcumstances shou|d the need for conf|dent|a||ty (such as the protect|on
of trade secrets and other s|gn|f|cant |nterests) outwe|gh th|s pr|nc|p|e.
As governor, I w||| ma|nta|n fund|ng |n the state budget for a Þub||c Access Cmbudsman |n the
Attorney Genera|'s off|ce. I w||| support the work of the k|ght to know Comm|ttee |n carefu||y
rev|ew|ng except|ons to the Ireedom of Access Act (ICAA) such that conf|dent|a||ty except|ons
are not over|y broad, and I w||| make sure that personne| |n the governor's off|ce and state
agenc|es are tra|ned to comp|y w|th ICAA.
I was encouraged by the passage ear||er th|s year of LD 721, An Act to Þrov|de 1ransparency |n
Þub||c-Þr|vate Þartnersh|ps, wh|ch e||m|nated an over|y broad except|on the pub||c's r|ght to
know for pub||c-pr|vate transportat|on pro[ects.
21. Conservation is usually accomplished through cooperation among state, federal and private
partners. How would you ensure a good state/ federal/ private relationship for conservation
I be||eve that Ma|ne's re|at|onsh|p w|th federa| government partners and pr|vate and |oca|
partners has been damaged by the current adm|n|strat|on.
W|th strong and pos|t|ve |eadersh|p, by |everag|ng resources, and by strateg|ca||y target|ng
sc|ence to |nform conservat|on dec|s|ons the Cut|er Adm|n|strat|on w||| add v|gor to the current
efforts of partners work|ng together to protect the susta|nab|||ty of Amer|ca's |and, water,
w||d||fe and cu|tura| resources.
1he Amer|ca's Great Cutdoors (AGC) |n|t|at|ve |s focused on reconnect|ng Amer|cans w|th the
outdoors and deve|op|ng a 21st century conservat|on and recreat|on agenda by bu||d|ng on
|n|t|at|ves at the |oca| and state |eve|. 1wo of Ma|ne's s|gn|f|cant successes were h|gh||ghted by
the U.S. Department of Inter|or |n |ts I|fty State keport: the Þenobscot k|ver kestorat|on Þro[ect
and "keep|ng Ma|ne's Iorests," the partnersh|p among forest |andowners, recreat|on|sts,
conservat|on and env|ronmenta| organ|zat|ons, and state and federa| agenc|es to demonstrate
new ways of promot|ng forest stewardsh|p. I enthus|ast|ca||y support the AGC's promot|on of
commun|ty-supported and |n|t|ated conservat|on efforts and the Þenobscot k|ver kestorat|on
Þro[ect and 1&&*.-2 3%.-&45 6'+&5$5 as f|rst-rate examp|es of successfu| such efforts.
Cooperat|on among the state and federa| agenc|es that share respons|b|||t|es for conservat|on |s
cr|t|ca|. As Governor, I w||| draw on my |ong exper|ence |n br|ng|ng together groups of |nd|v|dua|s
and ent|t|es w|th var|ed |nterests to f|nd common ground. 1he grow|ng comp|ex|ty of the
conservat|on |ssues we face and the opportun|t|es on our hor|zon requ|re creat|ve, open and
pos|t|ve |eadersh|p to estab||sh co||aborat|ve efforts to |everage federa| government resources
w|th state and pr|vate |n|t|at|ves.

-- End –