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About Fair ount %artners


date you on our activity for 2013. In addition to we were happy to celebrate Fair ount!s ten year Bur +ea ( uded the weakest econo y in al ost a century, we continued to #row our business throu#hout the $5pertise( build relationships with so any of you over the ;usiness . I+ 9ervices( 0 transactions for a##re#ate consideration of any )ealthcare( ther currencies. &e look forward to continuin# to Industrial and 7onsu er( our re#ion and beyond in years to co e. &e #ave +echnolo#y( nth back ' we retired our old onochro atic web bsite, featurin# bold new #raphics ' click here( to 9ervices( i#ht. *er#ers . Ac/uisitions 9trate#ic Advisory 3rowth 7apital Financin#s $/uity *e<<anine "ebt 9enior "ebt ,evera#ed ;uyouts and *ana#e ent

hts for 2013.

u#ht ,eader of the -ear

Advisors 0 1A*AA2 selected our partner Andy u#ht ,eader of the -ear.4 +his honor is bestowed bstantial contribution to the er#er . ac/uisition ks that pro ote research and hi#her standards of or his work in creatin#, foundin# and #rowin# 3F and ac/uisition data for private iddle arket latin# Andy for a 6ob well done 1and for providin# work for our clients.2 For ore details,

Fairness Bpinions and :aluations Industry Insi#hts( an of ;en Franklin +ech %artners

n +echnolo#y %artners elected our partner 7harles initiative of the %ennsylvania state le#islature, is a for sti ulatin# entrepreneurial potential throu#h vation. ;en Franklin has invested ore than =1>? al enterprises, across all areas of technolo#y. It has nerships that accelerate scientific discoveries to a dedicated advocate for technolo#y businesses in

e for the 3reater %hiladelphia Alliance for 7apital wards, advisin# do<ens of the leadin# technolo#y in# two successful software businesses. For ore

uccessfully co plete a total of 13 transactions. All are in our four areas of e5pertiseC

Fair ount %artners ,% 100 Four Falls 7orporate 7enter 9uite >>0 &est 7onshohocken, %A 1I42J %honeC >10'2>0'>200 Fa5C >10'2>0'>2J? www.Fair (

ts in sellin# their co paniesD ac/uirin# other investors and lenders to finance #rowth or achieve (

actions in the *id'Atlantic re#ion, but because of of e5pertise, we co pleted deals with co panies in d, and Israel, as well as the E9. Gearly all of our ou#h referrals fro for er clients, attorneys, hank all of you for your support.


eals can be found below, with additional details on our first deal closed in 2014C the sale of ;i# "ata



uity capital under

ana#e ent.

dvisor to A#ilis in their ac/uisition by Info#i5, Inc.


y Frutaro

Industries ,td. for a cash consideration




portfolio co pany of invest ent #iant FF8 ent fir .



l advisors to 7F9 7linical, with the support of nvest ent bank, in their sale to "ru#"ev.







+8L, Inc. Fair ount %artners provided financial ered a fairness opinion in connection with the



f 9entr5 9afety 9olutions. Fair ount was workin# assi#n ent and si ultaneously a separate tea at lusive sale assi#n ent, so for the first ti e we had


n +echnolo#ies in their sale to Arlin#ton 7apital 7 based private e/uity fir in partnership with the



al resources and scale to support lar#e international n 1IJ@, )arrison was the 3rd lar#est independent an international co pany, with operations in 1? e, as well as Israel, 9outh A erica, and the E9.


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ial 9ervices "ivision of7ross 7ountry )ealthcare, sideration of appro5i ately =>0 illion 1includin# althcare!s 7linical +rial 9ervices "ivision includes orce and Assent 7onsultin#, whose services include and functional service provision, and AFB9, a EF


n ents as 2014 kicks off, includin# pro6ects in the tell you ore about these pro6ects in the co in#


Analyst. ;efore 6oinin# Fair ount, 7ory worked vest ent bank focusin# on buyAsell'side advisory co panies. 7ory earned his ;.9. and *.;.A. in

lyst, ovin# fro a ,os An#eles, 7A based nt bank focusin# on *.A advisory and #rowth r#in#'#rowth co panies. 7hris earned his ;.9. in ntration in Finance fro ;oston Eniversity.

#reat e ployees, but are particularly keen to add Associate, :ice %resident and *ana#in# "irector an e5cellent candidate.

troduced our newest Industry Insi#htCFair ount our proprietary classification of co panies in a , Enified 7o unication $cosyste , has recently website soon.

larly publish si5 other reportsC y 8eport cloud co putin# ed on industrial and consu er co panies on wireless co unications and enterprise

are I+ and software onitor ' 1for erly known as the Butsourcin# aceutical outsourcin#

ndustry'specific analyses and reports, or to re/uest e click here(.

ners will be sponsorin# or participatin# in several ise Awards, where we will a#ain serve at +itle the %horu +echnolo#y conference in April, with hair an of the Advisory ;oard. any ore

# you at these events as well as

you, or your friends or collea#ues, would like to

st independent invest ent bankin# #roups in the iali<es in assistin# businesses in er#ers and te#ic advice. Fair ount co pletes ost of its ;usiness . I+ 9ervices, )ealthcare, Industrial . o pleted transactions throu#hout Gorth and 9outh

ed ;roker "ealer, e ber FIG8A( and 9I%7( r ount %artners ,% 2014