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C o a s t N e t eve n t s

Coastal Access Conference

A step too far, or a far sighted step?
Location: Durham
Date: 19-20 June 2008 (On day two, an optional tour
Questions to be tackled

• What is the right balance between accessibility

and ‘naturalness’ to ensure that social and
economic benefits are optimised?
T h e m a ga z i n e o f C o a s t N e t Spring 2008

of Durham Heritage coast will be made.) • How can new provisions for coastal access be
used to enhance the conservation and enjoyment
In September 2007 Secretary of State, Hilary Benn, of this resource, and deliver wider social and

Getting to the P I N T
announced that the Government intends to legislate economic benefits?
so that the public will have the right to walk around • The dynamic nature of the coast presents unique
the English coast for the first time. management challenges, especially on rapidly
eroding coasts. What mechanisms can be used to
In this conference
CoastNet will look
beyond the detail of the
ensure sustainability of access, and to manage the
health and safety implications?

We will address these questions through expert

of Corepoint
parliamentary process, contributions and examples from trails and path
to explore the potential networks that have successfully met differing social,
gains for coastal economic and environmental demands.
communities that might
arise from improved Call for papers – We are looking for case studies
coastal access, and to where an integrated approach to path and trail
question how people’s legitimate concerns might be management has delivered benefits to community,
taken into account. local business, wildlife and users. Case studies may
range from strategic initiatives to local action.
The conference will be aimed at coastal planners, land
managers, conservation and heritage professionals, Contact: Alex Midlen, Tel 01206 728644
and countryside and access professionals. Email:

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This publication is partially funded

CoastNet emails:
through the Corepoint project under
Alex Midlen; the Interrreg 3B Programme. Corepoint
aims to establish North West Europe
Theresa Redding; as an internationally recognised
Lesley Smeardon; region of excellence in coastal
management by encouraging full
Manuela de los Rios; implementation of ICZM, highlighting
Suzanne Gattrell; best practice, providing education by
influencing national spatial policies –
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