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Local communities to share stories of Imcore to begin where

Solutions focus proves Corepoint ends News in brief
the East Anglian coast a success for SEA
Imcore, Innovative Management for
conference Coastal Resources, is an Interreg
● Wind and wave developments
● Maine wants lobster fisheries A new study commissioned by the
Pamela Pearson, The project will involve collecting
CoastNet’s first conference of IVB project and successor to the certified sustainable
also known as stories, pictures and artefacts from Scottish government has found that
2008, on Strategic Environmental Corepoint project. Provisionally According to the Associated Press,
‘the Wallasea East Anglian communities to tell wind turbines will not put tourists off
Assessment, proved yet again the approved by the North West Europe the US Maine lobster industry is
Mermaid’, will be stories of coastal change in the visiting Scotland. According to
popularity of CoastNet-style Programme, Imcore will enable seeking to have its lobster certified researchers at Glasgow’s Caledonian
the first person to region over the past 50 years or conferences with a strong many of the Corepoint partners to as sustainable by the London- University carrying out the survey,
share her story as more and culminate in a travelling emphasis on practical problems continue to work together and apply based Marine Stewardship Council. three-quarters of visitors surveyed
part of Holding exhibition that celebrates this and solutions to implementation lessons learned and techniques said wind farms had a positive or
Back the Tide – a coast and changes faced as told by of SEA in coastal and marine developed to the issue of climate neutral effect on the landscape, and
new Heritage its inhabitants. situations. The approach was change in coastal areas. It is hoped 97% said wind farms would have no
Lottery funded complemented by some thought- that the project will start in April. impact on their decision to visit
project delivered “The telling and sharing of stories provoking contributions on the Scotland again.
by CoastNet. can generate great pride in both role of SEA in environmental
individuals and communities, as well justice, and on SEA as a learning This is good news for the plethora of
tool for sustainable development. TV Coast’s, Mark Horton,
Pamela grew up on the banks of the as reinforcing the value of the coast wind and wave development
itself”, says CoastNet’s newest team
speaks at APPG programmes in the pipeline or
Crouch Estuary in Essex where her
Beverley Walker, of Royal underway such as that by British Gas
parents ran the Wallasea Yacht Club. member, Suzanne Gattrell, who is The Coastal and
Haskoning Scotland, who made a owner, Centrica, who is now set to
Pictured here, at the age of 20, in her coordinating the project. keynote presentation commented, Marine All Party ● Greatest glacier ice loss recorded
Latest official figures from the push ahead with one of the UK's most
homemade mermaid’s tail you can “It’s the best conference I have Parliamentary
World Glacier Monitoring Service ambitious offshore wind generation
understand why she went on to be a been to for years”. Group held its AGM
For more information contact show that the world’s glaciers are building programmes off the
professional synchronised swimmer – in February with Dr
Suzanne Gattrell, shrinking at record rates and many Lincolnshire coast after it secured a
having nursed her passion for being See for Mark Horton from the popular
Project Coordinator: could disappear within decades, long-term contract on the MV
on and in the waters of the Crouch the conference outputs. Coast series delivering a the UN Environment Programme Resolution, the world's largest
from a young age. passionate address on the major turbine-installing barge.
reports. Data from close to 30
challenges facing the UK’s coast.
reference glaciers in nine mountain
His enthusiasm for the coast, and ranges indicate that between the
News in brief concern for the threatened
coastal heritage and archaeology
years 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 the
average rate of melting and
stimulated contributions from the thinning more than doubled.
● Caribbean countries plan early ● Mediterranean tuna fleet in race for ● Uncovering the mysteries of
audience and a lengthy debate.
tsunami warning system by 2010 the last bluefin oceanic bacteria
Caribbean nations will set up a joint The most comprehensive analysis yet A team of MIT researchers is trying to Spanish company Iberdrola has also
tsunami early warning centre by of the Mediterranean bluefin tuna fleet understand how microbes living in the begun testing its wave energy pilot in
2010, governments agreed at a shows it conservatively having twice oceans play a critical role in regulating CoastNet working in Wales Santoña, Cantabria, which will
meeting in Panama in March. the fishing capacity of current quotas Earth’s environment. The researchers become the first of this kind to
CoastNet has won a contract to
Supporters want the centre to relay and more than three and a half times have devised a new method to analyse be installed in Europe. And UK tidal
support CCW (Countryside Council
information from national geological the catch levels recommended by gene expression in complex microbial energy firm, Marine Current Turbines
for Wales) in taking forward the
institutes across the region, that scientists to avoid stock collapse populations and say the work could has announced its plans to install the
could help prevent deaths and ‘Making the most of the coast’
according to a new report by WWF, help better understand how oceans world's first commercial scale, grid-
infrastructure damage in the event Race for the last bluefin. respond to climate change. initiative in North West Wales. Its connected tidal energy generator at
of a tsunami. focus will be the Menai Straight and ● North Pacific right whale receives Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland
The fleet is so bloated that just ● IMO to discuss shipping carbon Conwy Bay Natura 2000 nature new legal protection late in April. The project is expected
covering its costs implies that a third emissions cuts conservation site, but taking into The US federal government in to generate enough electricity for
of its fishing would be illegal, with the The International Maritime account the wider priorities and March declared the North Pacific 1,000 homes.
worst over-capacity culprits being Organisation (IMO) is to discuss pressures in that area of NW Wales. right whale ‘endangered’ under the
Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Libya, France binding measures to reduce carbon CoastNet will be working with local federal Endangered Species Act, In North America, proposals for a
and Spain says the report. dioxide emissions from international and regional stakeholders to identify following petitions and litigation deep water farm off the coast of
shipping. In April the body’s marine the best approach to the creation of from the Center for Biological Martha's Vineyard has been met with
WWF is calling on concerned environment protection committee will a sustainable coastal management Diveristy. The whale, once ranging enthusiasm while the Pacific Gas &
countries to dramatically reduce explore a range of options for tackling framework and action plan. from California to Alaska and across Electric Corporation were given a
capacity in this fishery as a matter of the issue. the North Pacific to Russia and permit to study and possibly develop
urgency ahead of the 2008 fishing Japan, is now the most endangered wave energy off the coast of
season that starts end-April. large whale in the world. Northern California.

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