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Divine Offering

Sanjay Phatak guides you through the steps to make mouth-watering modaks for Ganpati Bappa.

A modak as we know is the ultimate sweet offering for Lord Ganpati. This auspicious food
preparation is always thought to be very difficult to prepare. In fact, if practiced, it is not at all as it
looks. Here is a step-by-step method for all enthusiastic devotees who wish to offer self-made
modak to Lord Ganpati this festival! MAKES - 21.

 For Covering or Ukad

Rice Flour - 500 gm, Water - 75 per cent of rice flour, Ghee - 2 Tbsp, Salt - ½ Tsp.
 For stuffing or Saran
Coconut, grated - 1 Jaggery, half the quantity of the grated coconut,
Dry Fruits - 2 Tbsp, Cardamom Powder - 1 Tsp.


 For Stuffing reaches boiling point, simmer the flame and

In a deep saucepan, mix the jaggery and put in the salt and ghee.
grated coconut. Put it on a low flame and Now mix in the flour and stir it continuously
cook, till the jaggery completely melts, while to cook the mixture for 2-3 minutes.
stirring it continuously. Place a lid on the vessel and cook further to
Make sure that the mixture does not stick to form a steam for about five minutes on a low
the pan and burns. Remove it from the flame. flame. Put off the flame.
Mix in the dry fruits and cardamom powder. The mixture is called ukad (pronounced as
Leave it to cool. oo-kad).
Take half the quantity of this on a plate. Rub
 For Covering your hand with oil and use very little water
Sieve the rice flour. Boil the water in a deep (approx one tbsp) and knead into dough.
saucepan or vessel. As soon as the water

 For Assembling
1. Take around two tbsp full of the ukad (20 gm). Make a ball and roll out using a rolling
pin to a size of four inch diameter. Make sure it is not very thin. (See picture 1)
2. Place the rolled out dough on your palm. With the help of damp fingers pinch the edges
into a petal-like shape. (See picture 2)
3. Complete the round making similar petals. (See picture 3)

4. Fill in 1 ½ tbsp full of the filling. (See picture 4)

5. Now carefully starting from the bottom press the covering softly, simultaneously
rotating your palm clockwise with the help of fingers. (See picture 5)
6. Moving your palm from the bottom to the top till you gather the covering together to
enclose the tip into a dome shape.

7. Remove any excess ukad from the tip and reuse it.


Use a modak patra or idli steamer or AVOID
normal pressure cooker without the 1. Use fresh rice flour which is specially
whistle. Fill in water till two inch from meant for preparation of modak.
the bottom. Take a colander which fits. 2. Make sure you use 75 per cent water of the
Place a plastic sheet on the colander. Dip rice flour.
only the bottom of the modak in water to 3. Make sure your hands are clean to maintain
avoid sticking and place in the colander. the white color of the modak.
Place the colander in the steamer making 4. Knead the dough when it is lukewarm but
sure the bottom of the colander and the should be done within 10 minutes after
water level has ample space. Cook for 10 cooking.
minutes on high flame. To check whether 5. When you knead the dough, use very little
the modak is cooked, make an incision water and oil. If you use more the dough
with a knife. If the knife sticks, cook for will split while making the modak.
five minutes. 6. Make sure your hands are always greased
with water whilst making modak to prevent