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We both know that youre reading this because 1. You want to increase your search engine rankings (Google, Yahoo, Bing, and even the small search engines !. You want more tra""ic #. $nd you want all o" this so that your websites can sustain themselves and make you money. %o, with that said, in this guide &m going to go through the general methodology & have used to hel' generate u' to (1,))) visitors 'er month to *ust one o" my sites.

Granted, results like this didn+t ha''en overnight, but it did ha''en "rom 1)), search engine tra""ic- &+m not sharing this to brag. & sim'ly want to show you that &. &% 'ossible to get a ton o" targeted "ree tra""ic to your websites, and outrank your com'etitors by sim'ly knowing how and why Google is ranking sites where they do.

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.hese strategies can work on any site. $n aged site, a new site, an a""iliate site, a site that sells 'roducts, a blog, or one that is designed to make money "rom $dsense. %ome o" the initial strategies here (not all are based o"" o" a new site, so take the guidelines and a''ly it to your e/isting site. &" there are things & have listed in the "irst "ew 'hases that you havent done with your old, e/isting website & suggest you a''ly those. .hen move on to the later ste's o" the "ormula. %ince you may already own a website, you may ski' 'ast ste' 1, but at least read through it to get a good gras' as to why we chose those ty'es o" domains in the "irst 'lace. .he e/am'les, ste's, and 0"ormulas1 that are listed here arent a guarantee o" what works "or all sites in every niche market, but its what we start with and use on our sites. %ince %23 is always changing and di""ers "rom site4to4site, you will need to ad*ust some o" the s'eci"ics laid out here. But this will give you a great starting 'oint. 5rom there, take o"" with your own added strategies as you learn more about %23, more about your com'etition, and more about how the search engines are liking or disliking your current linking cam'aigns. %23 is not an instant thing. &m sure youve heard that be"ore. &" your keyword is su'er com'etitive, like "or e/am'le 0lose weight "ast1. &ts e/tremely di""icult to rank "or a keyword like that, and it can take time. &t takes 'atience, and it takes a lot o" great content with a very low bounce rate and again, 'atience and 'erseverance. &" you do your keyword research 'ro'erly though, and target keywords that are easy to rank "or, my strategies will accelerate your Google rankings and hel' you kee' them long term. .hough many "orms o" tra""ic building do work, such as Youtube, 6inked&n, .witter, and 5acebook, the single most 'ro"itable "orm o" tra""ic is to build links to your site and use those links (when created 'ro'erly to boost your rankings in Google. %o be smart about your linking, and kee' it as 0natural4looking1 as you can and *ust as im'ortant, use great quality content that surrounds your links AND quality content on YOUR website. &" you have a weight loss website, make sure that your website has 7uality content "or the visitor to read and not leave your 'age in # seconds because o" the garbage they *ust saw. You want an easy to "ollow site structure (i.e. & suggest Word'ress and you want to give your readers something to actually read on your site. &" you want to make money, s'end the time on develo'ing 7uality content. Write it yoursel", outsource it at (i" you dont like what someone wrote "or you there, you dont have to 'ay , or hire a writer at another "reelance website like

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Here are the key points of the guide 1. Build links with 7uality content. !. Build links with di""erent 'lacements o" your anchor te/t. #. 8se your common sense and dont go nuts building links at an insane 'ace, all "rom low 7uality sites. 9. %lowly increase the level o" links you build as you are increasing the ty'es o" links you receive. 5. :andomi;e the anchor te/t so that you rank "or your keywords and dont get sla''ed by Google "or having obvious arti"icially created links. <ake it look natural. 6ook at this cheat sheet "or a rough e/am'le o" anchor te/t link density ,s = >lick here to download the %23 &.? 6inking >heat %heet (. >reate the anchor te/t randomi;ation in such a way that you also rank "or long tail keywords that may not have even been in your initial keyword selection 'rocess. @. %et u' a general schedule so that you know when to move to the ne/t 'hase o" link building. A. 3nce you see some 'rogress, continue "orward with the new cam'aigns "or your site. Bont sto' building links C thats a red "lag to the search engines, es'ecially once your site is ranking high. Be consistent. D. .he 'rimary links 'ointing to your money site should be higher 7uality, authority links. With that said, lets *um' right in to ste' 1

Finding the Right Domain

When starting out with a new site, we either use aged domains with high <o;:ank or 2/act <atch Bomains (2<B "or our niche sites. <o;:ank re'resents a link popularity score. &t re"lects the im'ortance o" any given web 'age on the &nternet. Eages earn <o;:ank by the number and 7uality o" other 'ages that link to them. .he
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higher the 7uality o" the incoming links, the higher the <o;:ank. &t+s a good initial indicator when 'urchasing an aged domain at an auction. 3r you can look at high Google 0Eage:ank1, aged domains. We+re switching more towards looking at <o;:ank now, as we+re seeing better results with that. 3bviously, i" youre selling a s'eci"ic 'roduct, youll want to use that as your domain name. But i" youre building a niche site "or a""iliate marketing, $dsense, blogging, etc &d suggest doing one o" these two o'tions above. .he below "ormula is by no means a 0rule1. &ve listed several criteria that we look "or when buying an aged domain, but i" & ever run across a domain that is like 1! years old, & buy it even i" it hardly has any links 'ointing to it, or a lower E:. %o use these as 0guidelines1. !he Aged"High #R Do$ain%&inding &or$ula = 1. Fave a minimum o" #) backlinks and at least 1) re"erring domains (the more, the better !. Bomain Eage:ank o" # or higher. 3r <o;:ank o" a''ro/ # or higher. #. Fave a minimum o" 1 'age inde/ed in Google. 9. <o; Eage $uthority (E$ and Bomain $uthority (B$ is higher than 1). a. 3r look at <a*estic%23s 0.rust 5low1 "or a value o" 1) or higher (i" !) or higher, then it is really good .ools Geeded= 4 5reshBro'.com (to search and buy aged domains with E:, history, and incoming links 4, ahre", or <a* (to check backlinks data . Both strategies work great, but as & write this, weve been "inding that using 2<Bs still get "aster results in the really small niches with lower com'etition. .hey tend to get "aster ranking results that stick. But "or tougher, more com'etitive keyword 'hrases that can take several months to get ranked "or, its best 'ractice to start with an aged domain that already has some links, E:, and history.

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What Keywords Should You Choose for Your Niche?

.his is not a detailed tutorial on how to choose a niche market and the keywords you should or want to rank "or, there are 'lenty o" tutorials out there on that. .his wasnt written "or that 'ur'ose. &" you dont know how to "ind 'ro"itable keywords to rank "or, &d suggest doing a little more research on that to'ic. .his guide assumes that you already have a good gras' o" that. With that in mind though, & will give some 7uick ti's, using a "ormula that has been working well "or me when choosing my keywords "or my niche sites. .hese are "or my 0a""iliate niche sites1 or 0$dsense1 ty'e sites. !he Niche 'o$petition &or$ula( 1. .he Eage:ank o" the to' # Google search results should be # or less. !. .he to' # com'etitor sites should have less than !,))) backlinks each. . None o" those to' # com'etitor site domains should be large authority news sites (>GG, BB>, Wiki'edia, etc You can use :ank :econ to easily check these. Elus, :ank :econ has a built in Difficulty Rating algorithm that will give you a number that re"lects how di""icult the keyword is to rank "or in Google. &t does this "or every keyword that you search "or. )*O Niche +eyword Research &or$ula( 1. Global 2/act <onthly %earch "or your target keyword is more than #,))) (H,))) or more is 're"erable !. 2E> (earnings 'er click is more than I1 (i" you want to moneti;e using $d%ense #. .he keyword is making 'eo'le money (by looking at the $dwords ads . .his is *ust a 7uick check that & do. Go to Google, ty'e in the keyword that youre thinking o" using. &" you see a bunch o" $dwords ads in the search results, then it means EE> marketers are aggressively advertising "or that target keyword. $nd most likely, its making them money i" theyre willing to continually s'end money on it.

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Creating Your Website with

ro!er "n# age S$"

%ince this guide is more geared towards o""4'age %23, &m not going to go into cra;y amounts o" detail about on4'age %23. & would suggest doing some research on recent topics about on%page seo . $lso, check out this "ree %23 tool that we created= htt's=JJi7.seomo*o.comJ .hings have changed a bit the 'ast year in terms o" the im'ortance o" on4'age "actors. &n recent years, on4'age %23 took a nose dive in terms o" how im'ortant it was. 5or the 'ast "ew years, o""4'age %23 com'letely dominated how search engines ranked sites. But more recently, on4'age %23 is making a comeback and holds an im'ortant role. %o i" & were you, &d start by concentrating on the biggest, and most im'ortant on4 'age %23 "actors, o'timi;e your website to include those, and then a"ter that, get started on your o""4'age %23 (linking cam'aigns , since the o""4'age "actors and linking 'ro"iles are the most in"luential. You can always go back and tweak minor things later, and im'rove on your sites on4 'age "actors. !he sooner you start your linking ca$paigns, the better. Elus, its easier and much 7uicker to edit your site. Fere are some o" the most im'ortant and basic on4'age "actors (yes, this is a very brie" summary = % -nter%link within your site. .his is becoming more and more im'ortant with on4'age %23. 6ets com'are two sites real 7uick 1. Wiki' (was G3. hit hard "rom Googles u'dates. &n "act, the u'dates hel'ed their rankings !. 2;ine$ (was hit e/tremely hard "rom Googles u'dates .hese two sites are both "ull o" content. .he two sites have tons o" backlinks 'ointing .3 them. But the one key di""erence is that 2;ine$rticles has very bad on'age %23. &" you look at their content, they rarely link "rom one article to another within the site. .hat is, their interlinking within their own site is really bad. <ost o" the links in the content o" their site 'oints to e/ternal websites only.
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.his is not good. Gow, com'are that to Wiki'edia. &" you look at $GY o" their 'ages, youll 7uickly see that they have an insane interlinking strategy going on. Gow, obviously you dont need to do go that inde'th with your website, and youre most likely not creating an online encyclo'edia either B8. the 'oint here is that "rom Wiki'edia is linking "rom article to article to their own internal 'ages. .his 'asses link *uice, shows Google that your site is a real "unctional site, and it is a user "riendly site with easy navigational "low. % Use H. tags in your content. % Use i$age with alt te/t 0 your keyword, or a 1ariation of your target keywords. % 2ake sure the i$age na$e is your%keyword.3pg % 2ake sure to include your keyword in the 2eta Description and tags, without stu""ing it. Kmake it look naturalK % Your UR4 structure of each post"page on your site should only ha1e your title of your post"page 5with hyphen6 behind the $ain do$ain. 2/am'le= www.yourdomain.comJtitle4o"4'age4with4hy'hen Word'ress is a great site "ramework to use because o" the ease to changing the inner linking structures (e.g. 'ermalinks o" your 'ages+ 8:6s. .o set this u' with Word'ress, it+s really easy. Go to %ettings L Eermalinks. .hen change the structure to= J,'ostname, &" you+re using Word'ress, &+d also recommend installing an on4'age %23 Elugin. .here are tons o" great on4'age 'lugins that really hel' with o'timi;ing your content be"ore you 'ost it. $ "ew suggestions are= %itewide 3n4Eage %23 'lugin= $ll&n3ne %23 Eack Baniel .ans= %23Eressor (best "or o'timi;ing each 'ost

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Choosing the ro!er %nchor &e't for Your (in)s

5irst, download this cheat sheet i" you havent already= 'lick here to download the )*O -.7 4inking 'heat )heet .he below in"o goes into more detail, but the guide above is a great re"erence 'oint to go back to. 3nce you decide on the target niche keywords that you want to rank "or, use the below methods "or deciding Mwhat 'ercentageM o" anchor te/ts o" any o" those keywords you should be using.

8 9ig 2istake 8
& am still seeing a lot o" my customers making the mistake o" linking too often with the e/act match keywords they wish to rank "or. Big mistake in my o'inion but everyone has a right to do their own %23. Definition: Exact Match Keyword An exact match keyword is the keyword or keyword phrase you wish to rank for, so if I wanted to rank for SEO Tips and put that into the anchor!link text, then T"AT would #e an exact match keyword!keyword phrase. If I put this into my anchor text, $att %allen &ocks the Internet with 'reat SEO Tips then that would #e considered a partial match which I will discuss later. Eartial matches are 3k, but use a 63. o" different ones. Bo G3. link to the same 'artial 'hrase over and over again. :andomi;ation is really im'ortant with only a s'rinkle or dash o" an e/act match. .his is natural in the eyes o" the search engines. )afer Anchor !e/t & like to see a lot o" 8:6 or brand anchor te/t links 'ointing to the site that youre trying to rank. $s you watch and monitor your link density 'ro"ile then you can make the decision to add 'artials and o" e/act match.

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*/a$ples of UR4 anchor te/t (&) as anchor text* htt' And then all of those with a ! at the end is +ery common, so* htt'=JJwww.:ank:econ.comJ www.rankrecon.comJ :ank:econ.comJ 3ur brand is the domain name, or :ank:econ and it could be seen in many iterations as well. 5or e/am'le= :ank:econ, :ank :econ, :$GN :2>3G or :ank4:econ. & consider a domain+s MbrandM as the domain name te/t MwithoutM the e/tension. (.com, .net, .org, etc. */a$ples of 9RAND anchor te/t Bomain Brand as anchor te/t= &ank&econ &ank &econ &A,-&E%O, &ank.&econ Rando$ and 2isc Anchor !e/t <y thought on all the Mclick here,M MvisitM or Mmore in"oM links are good, but they are W$Y over used. %ince we have looked over hundreds o" linking 'ro"ile+s and directly looked at the link density, we have really gotten to be able to tell "rom looking at the anchor te/t i" the site has been %23+d or not.

!he goal is to NOT look )*O:d.

.he normal garbage keywords o" the 'ast have become really redundant and it is now obvious that they are a 'art o" a %23 link cam'aign. /I am not sayin' to totally stop that, #ut you really need to use a lar'er #rush and +ariety0 &nstead, choose really random stu"" and only do 1 or ! links with each keyword or 'hrase. $ good trick is to go to a com'etitors site and look at all the keywords that would be in
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the MotherM category that have less then 1 'ercent o" that site+s link density. You can 'ull hundreds o" these "rom them and know that they are more then likely market4related keywords that 'robably should be a''earing in Y38: link 'ro"ile-t is !H*)* ;other, rando$< keywords that you will be safer using in an auto$ated linking syste$. You can do this at htt'=JJwww.rankrecon.comJ $nother strategy is to use 6%& keywords, synonyms and 'hrases. :elated searches (you know, the ones you see at the bottom o" Googles search are another way to 'ick out market s'eci"ic keyword 'hrases that would be a''ro'riate to your market. 4ong #artials and 9its of )entences & also see $63. o" sentences, or long 8:6s in 7uality link 'ro"iles o" high4ranking websites. %o, imagine i" you were writing about your website, what would be a MnaturalM linkO &n my e/'erience, it is a 8:6, or a branded link, so concentrate on .F3%2-$nd when your link density is high enough using only 8:6 and B:$GB, then throw in an e/act match keyword. =ust do NO! o1er due it. $nd s'eaking o" not over doing it, many times, it seems like= less is more these days. &t is really im'ortant "or you to look at your com'etitor+s link 'ro"ile so you see what is the standard >a$ount> of links in that industry- %ome industries have thousands o" links 'ointing to them. %ome have hundreds. Bo the research in your industry and emulate that.

*ow to +(in),


.his is another 'retty obvious 7uestion, but in reality, %23+d sites ty'ically have 1 linking structure or two (at best that get 'ut into 'lay. -n this section, -:$ NO! talking about the anchor te/t. Rather, -:$ talking about the actual link UR4. &n a cam'aign, the 'erson doing the %23 will decide what 8:6 they+re trying to rank "or.

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5or e/am'le, will it have the www on it or notO .hats normally what 'eo'le think is the only "actor into consideration. <any 'eo'le think that it+s eitherJor and not both. But in reality, to make your site look natural, you really need to be building links to both o" them. Bont make it a straight u' H)JH) between the two o'tions, but link more to the one that you 're"er, and then about H4!H, the other one. ?*RY -2#OR!AN!( Re$e$ber to create a canonical change in your htaccess file so you get the 3uice you send to both www and without www. -f you@re not sure what that is, search for $ore info on Aoogle. & mentioned earlier to 'ut the 0back slash1 at the end o" your url as well. 5or e/am'le= .comJ . <any 'rograms end u' 'utting that there in the link and also when 'eo'le co'y and 'aste, that J makes it in there "rom the browser, so .F$. is normal to be in the mi/. 3ther odd linking 'atterns are 'utting Jinde/.html or Jinde/.'h' a"ter your domain name de'ending on what your home'age is. */a$ples depending on your sites structure( htt'=JJwww.:ank:econ.comJinde/ htt'=JJwww.:ank:econ.comJinde/.html htt'=JJwww.:ank:econ.comJinde/.'h'

Another hugely $issed linking pattern is the use of the NO&O44OB link.
& know you may be thinking that you dont want no"ollow links. But you shouldnt be thinking like that. &" all you have is regular, do"ollow links, thats not 0natural1. 3n a side note $s an e/'eriment a"ter one o" Google+s recent u'dates, we wanted to test some things. $nd we actually ranked sites using 3G6Y Go5ollow links. .hen, we tested this same strategy on de4inde/ed sites... and we were able to rank doing that as well. Granted, the keywords being ranked "or when building links only "rom deinde/ed sites were low com'etition keywords, but still. %o that tells you something about how 'ower"ul B3.F Go5ollow and Bo5ollow are, as B3.F are normal. & am not going to go into why a 0deinde/ site1 can still work here as it is outside the sco'e o" this guide, but when you are doing your linking, B3 get G353663W links-- You can create your own with by adding the relPno"ollow code to the links in your article content.

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.est this out yoursel", but & 'ersonally think a slightly larger , (!)49), o" these is better. .his is based o"" o" testing, but here+s our initial reasoning behind this... Google knows that 'eo'le are going to have to advertise, and they want them to be able to- But they do G3. want them to advertise "or the sake o" advertising to get Eage:ank 'assed to them. .F$. is against Google+s terms and conditions. %o they e/'ect the site who is 'utting the links u', to 'ut a G353663W link on the advertised link. %o don+t you think that with a G353663W link, Google is going to trust that link *ust a little bit moreO & do- $nd, we have 'roven it. .hey may not 'ass Eage:ank, but they B3 'ass *uice.his is another reason that 'assing Eage:ank is not very im'ortant anymore. &t+s all about 'assing the link *uice, not E:. With all o" that said mi/ in some no"ollow links. .he amount is u' to you.

What Content &o -se When (in) .uilding

What content should you submitO

AR!-'4*)( &deally, use original content written *ust "or you . .his is the best choice, i"
you can a""ord it. Original 'ontent &" you don+t have it already and want it, you can go to to get a low4cost, 7uality and custom article written "or *ust a cou'le bucks. 3r you can write it yoursel" and 'ut the links in. Duplicate 'ontent Yes it is du'licate content, but & would choose du'licate over B$B s'un content any day o" the week. Bu'licate content is a 'art o" the &nternet. .ake a 'ress release "or e/am'le, it is 'ublished over and over again, and they are 'roven to hel' with rankings.

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No 9AD4Y )pun 'ontent & do recommend you have G:2$. content. &" you can generate great content "rom s'in4 ready "ormats, then go "or it- & do this mysel", but & make sure that it+s 7uality and doesn+t a''ear to be s'un. By doing this, you can take one article and 'ost hundreds o" uni7ue variations. :emember, we are not necessarily trying to rank the created 0article 'ost1 urls that you are building, so a ranking 'enalty "or du'licate content on those newly built 'osts is acce'table. &" you+re manually creating the s'ins yoursel" and then checking most all variations o" the s'ins, then by all means... go "or it- .hat+s great, original content. :ight here, &+m talking more about auto4s'un *unk content that has not been manually edited by you, and then ends u' being *umbled garbage that is obviously not written by a 0'erson1. $nd again, when & say s'un content, & mean o#+iously 0s'un1 content.

(in) .uilding and Site


$s mentioned earlier, choosing the right anchor te/t, and in the right densities and diversities, is essential to ranking in Google. .here isnt an e/act , "or every single niche and keyword. .his varies, and this is where you should be looking at what your com'etition is doing. :ank :econ shows you these e/act numbers. .here are some guidelines that & suggested above. Go take another look at the cheat sheet again, i" you *ust skimmed through it 'reviously. Fere= 3ur %23 &.?. 6inking >heat %heet &m'ortant Gote Q1= each site online is di""erent, in a di""erent market, and trying to rank "or di""erent keywords, so results will 1ary. We do highly recommend Daily Drip Feeding links. By this, & mean that you should be setting u' a schedule to build links on a daily, or every other day basis.

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$nd once you start building links, don+t immediately 7uit your linking cam'aigns, cold turkey. .his raises a big red "lag i" you do. Elus, use a lot o" 'lat"orms to build your links so that your linking 'ro"ile will be diverse and look natural to search engines. 5or .ier41 6inks... & highly recommend you use authority sites that are aged domains, average to high <o;:ankJEage:ank, and related content. .his is im'ortant because the .ier41 links are what is 'ointing to your money site (i.e. the site you+re trying to rank . &m'ortant Gote Q!= &" at all 'ossible, be in control o" your .ier41 links. By this, & mean that it+s best to own the sites that you+re linking "rom. 3r at the very least, i" you don+t own them, make sure that i" you need to, you can ad*ust your linksJcontent on them in case you want to u'date the keywords you+re o'timi;ing, or i" Google ever makes changes to their algorithm. .his will kee' you sa"er&m'ortant Gote Q#= Build .ier4! sites that link to your .ier 1 sites. .hese can be slightly lower 7uality links (i.e. wiki links, web !.) links, 'd" sharing site links, blog commenting links, etc . You should be building a large tier o" links 'ointing to your .ier 1 links, building u' the 7uality and *uice "or those sites. Build roughly .C tier%D backlinks for e1ery tier%. link you+ve built. %o i" you build 1) tier1 links today, then build 1)) (roughly tier! and 'oint these to all o" your tier1 backlinks. $gain, randomi;e things. <ake everything look as natural as you can. Bon+t re'eat 0e/act numbers1 o" links all the time. Rust use these e/am'les as basic guidelines, and ad*ust accordingly. &m'ortant Gote Q9= B3 G3. Build .oo <any 6inks .oo 5ast, on a Baily Basis "or New )ites. &or New sites, a''ro/imately 1) tier1 backlinks daily is 'lenty- You may not even need to do that many. &or Aged sites that already have incoming links and history, or i" you are into more com'etitive niches, then 9)S tier1 backlinks daily (or more is "ine. $gain, it will de'end on the niche that you are in and what Google is already ranking "or your keywords. 6ook at your com'etitors+ linking 'ro"iles and see what they+re doing. .hen try to mirror them. &n some com'etitive niches, &+m building @HS tier1 backlinks every "ew days to sites and getting great results too.
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&ts im'ortant to stay consistent and continue to build links. When you sto' your linking cam'aigns, it can sometimes raise a big red "lag to Google es'ecially i" you were 'reviously building a ton o" daily links.

Increase the S!eed and Newly .uilt (in)s

ower of Your

Each day, you should submit all of the linksthat you built, over to, including tier1 and tier2 links. If you dont get to them each day, thats k. !ut definitely try to stick to a consistent schedule of submitting the links to Linkpipeline. "his step isnt re#uired, but its highly recommended. "he reason is simple. $oogle needs to kno% that your ne%ly built links e&ist. "hough many of them %ill get inde&ed naturally %ithout any intervention, it can take a %hile. 'lus, some of the lo%er #uality links may not ever get inde&ed at all. (nd if $oogle doesn)t inde& those ne%ly built links, then you aren)t going to get any link *uice from them at all. (nd your time building links %ill all go to %aste. +o %e recommend using a service like Linkpipeline to help get your links inde&ed #uickly. It does this by buildilng *ust the right amount of additional links to your links that you *ust submitted to it, %ithout over optimi,ing.

Closing &houghts
$s you get your "eet wet and start analy;ing your com'etition+s linking 'ro"iles, you+ll 7uickly see how and why Google is ranking sites where they do in their search results. 5rom that uni7ue 0s'ying1 on your com'etition, you+ll then know e/actly where to start your linking cam'aigns... and then ad*ust "rom there. 3nce you start building out multi'le linking cam'aigns, youll start to develo' some o" your own tactics. $''ly them, and continue moving "orward. .o get the best results, you really *ust need to dive in get started with the "irst ste' o" analy;ing your com'etition.

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&" you have realistic e/'ectations "or the ranking results, you wont be let down. :emember what & said earlier about using the 0>ommon %ense1 strategy. &irst go after the keywords that you know you can rank for. 8se the ste's above "or those keywords, learn what works best "or you, and then 'ress "orward, accelerating your rankings. Whether youre an a""iliate marketer, own a business that sells your own 'roducts, or a marketing director "or a com'any, you can rank "or your keywords i" you use these ti's. With that said, i" you have any 7uestions about our so"tware or services, 'lease use the su''ort desk at htt'=JJwww.inetinnovation.comJsu''ort and well get back to you 7uickly5or more in"ormation about :ank :econ and to see some o" the search engine ranking results it has hel'ed users get, 'lease go to

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