The Elements of Art are considered to be the building blocks of artwork, whether that be photography, paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc. These seven components may work together, or alone within a work of art to assist in creating a particular mood, meaning, idea, etc. It is vital that an artist become fluent in these elements when speaking about and making a work of art. The seven Elements of Art are: LINE SHAPE (geometric shapes, free-form shapes without value) VALUE (varying degrees of dark and light) FORM (3D or the illusion of 3D) TEXTURE SPACE (distance or depth) COLOR DIRECTIONS: In your sketchbook, divide four pages in half, so you have eight sections (you can use the backs of pages, too). You will find examples and illustrate each of the seven elements of art within those sections (you will have one extra section). You need to use a variety of materials, and CONSIDER THE COMPOSITION (in other words, for “LINE”, don’t just draw a bunch of random lines on the page, think about where you are putting them, and how they will lead your eye around the page)! Some suggestions for materials are magazines, markers, colored pencils, cut paper, etc.

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