War is Peace The evolution of humanity is an iterative process of two opposing systems, the system of war and peace

and similarly of slavery and freedom. As one can see, I did not take the interrelated opposites: evilness and goodness, for the evolution of humanity requires both to exist and the synthesis (our present evolutionary and technological state) was born out of this antithesis(chaos) and thesis(order). Thus, it is not appropriate to arrogantly judge or condemn that what we subjectively perceive as right or wrong in the short term (our life span), but only appropriate to judge objectively relative to the achieved end state. However, there are rules as will be explained further on. Thinking humans surely must ask themselves one very important question. How did we (humanity) reach this evolutionary and technological state? Ancient civilizations have fallen and risen, others stagnated and other ethnic groups never really emerged until recently. However, suddenly at the end of the 1600s a flame ignited in europe, which started a huge fire which continues today. Some believe that it was the effects of science and rational thinking which broke away the centuries of ignorance and cyclical life, others similarly believe that the demise of religious rule brought about the revolution. In my opinion, as scientific and insignificantly powerful religious societies existed in the past and did not manage to bloom, the combination of the above was not enough; there was one missing key ingredient: the invisible capitalist elite. "All men on earth are equal, but some are more equal than others." A meritocratic financial elite molded the iterative process of human evolution in the modern era. The financial system of capitalism, specifically the banking system, redirected the energies and talents of the world and guided them voluntarily or not into performing the necessary tasks which have changed the world. Guided by the formula of war and peace (slavery and freedom) and supported by the discoveries of science and technology, mankind has been able to continue to rise and not to stagnate or fall. In this development, war is a necessity to create the fear which drives and motivates the common man and restructures political realities, similarly peace is necessary to soothe the soul and rebuild new realities; however, both are needed hand in hand. Slavery through debt is necessary to force people to work, for the average person does not work voluntarily and thus must continue his treadmill life. However, freedom is necessary to allow creativity and intelligent life to develop and mature, for ultimately our utopian society will be a free and intelligent society. This select club of the intellectual and financial elite is a meritocratic club. The ethics or rather guidelines are fair and logical. "Rationality is man's basic virtue, and his three fundamental values are: reason, purpose, self-esteem. Manevery man-is an end in himself, not a means to the ends of others; he must live for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others to himself; he must work for his rational self-interest, with the achievement of his own happiness as the highest moral purpose of his life." " Men must deal with one another as traders, giving value for value, by free, mutual consent to mutual benefit. The only social system that bars physical force from from human relationships is laissez-faire capitalism. Capitalism is a system based on the recognition of individual rights, in which the function of the government is to protect individual rights..."

Plato's secret allows man to rediscover the golden possibility: the opportunity to regain his total freedom. Plato's sexual alleviation technique has the ability to substitute sex, traditional partner relationships and thus 'eternal bonding' and endless sacrifice. Miraculously, in the 21st century, through the creation of real wealth, the common man does not have to rely on his offspring to survive once he is old. The traditional and rather unnatural bondage has apparently become unnecessary. It still will take many years for this attitude to trickle down to the masses; however, it is an apparent reality. We have been taught and bred for centuries to breed, now we have the power to live. We should use this privilege, one which has been reserved for a selected elite. And mind you, this fascination with dating schemes and constant propaganda that one can only be happy with a partner is bogus. The purpose of this media manipulation is to keep must common people chained to a purposeless life, for real power can only come with freedom. This is the first step: to realize your possibilities. The second is to realize the possibility of a global financial collapse and that you may only have a few years to prepare yourself financially. Uncontrollable population growth and the dark reality that this world must sustain billions of persons may result in a conflict for resources. If international law and the market cannot regulate and accommodate the tensions, a controlled war of unpredictable scale may exterminate unwanted consumers. Ultimately, humanity must survive new challenges and survive the coming conflicts. Currently, we have merged war and peace into one state; we shall see how long this will last. The socialist days are marked my fellow inhabitants, people with substitutable jobs will be substituted, where will you be in the next few years? It is time for you to make a decision. A financial decision. All you need is the time and will to educate yourself and understand your personal finances, the possibilities through emerging markets, and to have the will to undertake business risks or personal investments, which will increase your market value and put you on top. Information is available, life is short.