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Peek at the Week
Week of October 5, 2009
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Day 2 – Music Day 3 – Media Day 1 – Phy Ed Day 2 – Music Day 3 - Media

Innisbrook PICTURE DAY Spanish Bullying Lesson Spelling Test

Fundraiser Due With Dr. Moore
Friday Activity Day

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
Joey!  Gavin! 

 10/05 – Innisbrook fundraiser ends
 10/06 – School Picture Day FUNDRAISERS
 10/12 – 5th Grade Fundraiser begins
Are you interested in helping to foster  10/14 – No School (Staff Development) Innisbrook orders are due on Monday,
interpersonal skills in children of all ages?  10/15 – No School (MEA) October 5. This is a fundraiser that
Would you like to build self- confidence,  10/16 – No School (MEA) raises money for our school.
leadership and respect in our  10/30 – 5th Grade Fundraiser ends
students? Then consider helping us lead  11/02 - Camp payment due Be on the lookout for information
cross age groups called "Mis Amigos" coming home soon regarding our 5th
once a month. Call Marie Andrews at 651
grade fundraiser. This fundraiser is set
426 2214 or or CLASS WEBSITE: up to help students raise money for
Sarah Hesseltine at 651 246 0222 or We have set up a website for all the 5th grade classes this year. their overnight camp trip in November.
We would love your participation! Please check it out!
October 2 – October 9
Happenings From the Week: CAMP FORMS
This week, we have explored the Circulatory
System and Respiratory Systems in our Human Machine Camp forms went home this
Unit of Inquiry. We’ve worked in groups to build week. It is very important that
models of lungs/our diaphragms, made ongoing those forms are returned as soon
observations of our bacteria experiments, and practiced as possible. Our 5th grade
independent reading and discussions in small groups. fundraiser for camp will be
Throughout this unit, we are talking about being
starting soon.
reflective and caring inquirers.
Next week I will introduce our upcoming final project
(our summative assessment) for this unit. Students will
choose their area of interest for more in depth research. 5th Grade Friendships
Our first math unit began this week. The big Our team is working on developing
idea in this unit is working with multiplication and positive and respectful friendships, in
division word problems. I am impressed with our class' the class, on the playground, and on
willingness to dive into these new routines and ways of the bus. Dr. Moore, our school
thinking about solving math problems. We are psychologist, is leading weekly lessons
concentrating on “listening for understanding” when Reading with 1st Grade Reading Buddies! on bullying and friendship through
classmates are sharing strategies. Thanks for your November. This week we talked about
ongoing support of our daily homework routine! and wrote in our journals about
Other ways you can help your 5th grader with empathy-one of our PYP attitudes.
learning from home: encourage your son or daughter to
practice their math facts daily. The more comfortable We are Reading Buddies!
they are with this basic math piece, the easier it will be Our class is pairing with Mrs.
for them to grasp the more challenging math ahead. Walczynski’s 1st grade classroom for
Encourage your child to read at home everyday. Our reading buddies. We will read with our
buddies on Thursdays. Our class did a
expectation is that each 5th grader will read at home for wonderful job of modeling great reading
30 minutes daily. And, although we do work on our and behavior for those younger kids! 
spelling list each day in class, it is a great idea for
students to work on these words at home. Our spelling
list is also available for practice at CONTACT
Have a great week!! INFORMATION:
Julie Stonehouse
Room 115
IB Planner – The Human Machine
(651) 407-7600 x1609