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53) DiscussionTopic:"Many students believe that having a part-time job while studying in college is useful and necessary because it gives students an insight into what work is about and prepares them psychologically for their future jobs. Ho...wever many others, especially their parents, think reversely as it might greatly affect the study performance of those students. What is your view about this problem?"Read More
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David Cadman Ielts Cnr I had one, and the skills i learnt then are useful now... the money wfdsaas useful thfdsaen too... for beer... Yesterday at 11:01pm · delete

Deleted: Delete

Devi Eka i'm a collge student of 3th year n i have part time job;teaching in the evening. my parents support it because though i'm working, i can still make a good fdsa myself by this. so, it depends on the student dsa show ur parents that workin doesn't disturb ur study, it will not be a problem,thx.fdsa Yesterday at 11:fdsa

Deleted: achievment (compared with some friends), n i can pay my study Deleted: himself...if u can

Deleted: 06pm · Delete

BoYan Nejjad Chaves I support those who do part time job while studying, coz it was my experience when I was at collefdsage..,I am proud fdsa for earning money to pay my fdsatuition, and it led me how to spend on the money of minefdsa time job while studying is absolutely good. I dare say.. Yesterday at 11:08pm · Delete

Deleted: of my self Deleted: , having part

Pham YLan the balance is nedscessaryds , i mean btw part time job and studying. most of stfdsfudents graduatinag from univerdsfdssities are inexperience adsafdsand retrained by working in ds b4 getting a stable job with high salary Yesterday at 11:fdsa09pm · dsafdsate

Deleted: some companies Deleted: Delete

Nha Linh Huynh i strongly disagree with that idea 'cause having o part-time dsafds of timfdsafdsae and health,so we don't have enough time to prepare well for our subjects safdsafdsaf tutor and from my experience i see that it's useless,it didn't help much in my study,fdsa of money. Yesterday at 11:12pm · Delete

Deleted: job take us lots Deleted: at college,it make us loss concentration...i used to work as a Deleted: it's just 'cause

fdsnd I have a part-time job so in my experience it is not useful to work while you are in studying because it is really difficult to manage your time of reading, fdsa Assignments and than work done Yesterday at 11:14pm · Delete

Deleted: Abdirahman M Essa¶ I'm a college student, a

Deleted: preparing your

Quynh Nguyen Although, I don't have any part-time job now but I fdsa it's very useful for students. Not fdsa it dsa us many experiences which we need after graduation. All we have to do is balance the time for working and fdsa

Deleted: strongly believe that Deleted: only money, Deleted: also gives Deleted: studying.¶ Yesterday at 11:18pm · Delete

Nam H. Bui Working on part-time fdsa study is always for money. Yesterday afdsfdst 11:18pm · Delete

Deleted: basis during

BoYan Nejjad Chaves it depends on the doer, When I was at college I worked hard and dsa Subject, and I was the best graduate at my collage at the time, I was proud of my self....ssfs’.....and I agree it s for money, bfdsecause I wasnt born with the silver spoon,.. I didnt even tell my psssarents about my study........ Yesterday at 11:19pm · Delete

Deleted: study hard, I didnt lose my concentration, in fact I got motivation on it, i always got A or B for all

Olen Clarita It was very useful for fdsa to earn money and also to apply my knowledge. My parents fdsa fdsa didn't make me lazy to go to campus. For info: When I was in the college I studied in the Teachers Training and Education Faculty majoring in English and I fsa,Jjunior and Senoir high sachool stusafdsdents. Yesterday at 1dsafffffff1:19pm · Delete

Deleted: me since I did it when I was in the college. It helped me Deleted: didn't mind about Deleted: that as long as it

Deleted: worked as English private teacher for Elementary

Devi Eka n 4 experience. 4example when u take a job based ur study fds give u view that real world is somewhat fd’dsf’a’ theory taught in college Yesterday at 11:20pm · Delete

Deleted: field, it will Deleted: different from

Phuong Hoang - Advantage: 1st: earn more money, ofcourse, not depend on ur parfdsent to mfdsauch. Behavious skill - in my odsapinion, it's tfffffffhe most important thing, ffffffffffffff’sareal life will teach you abt that. ;] - Disadvantage: u'll be swept along with money n neglect study. :"> So, when we fdsa Yesterday at 11:21pm · Delete
Deleted: have part time job, we need manage time effectively.!

Olen Clarita earn money by taking pddd’ffart time job will make u know that life is fdsa

Deleted: not that simple..¶ Yesterday at 11:27pm · Delete

BoYan Nejjad Chaves I agree with Phuong Hoang, Experience is the best teacher, although we have part time job it didnt mean wefdsaa neglect the aa’fddd do as the student, we still focus on the study, so part time job just fsafds’PART TIME activities... Yesterday at 11:27pm · Delete

Deleted: main thing to

Olen Clarita

yes, I do agree..!! Yesterday at 11:29pm · Delete ’ Doan Dieu Minh one more thing, as most of the part time job are no’’’’’’’’’dst relevsssssssssant to the major you study in the college, the experience you’’’’’’’’’dsa’ gain may not be useful as you expect Yesterday at 11:30pm · Delete

Roberto Marinelli somebody says that having part-time job in college it is always fosar money.This is true but nobody can dena dsy that that jf a fda fob, parttime or whole time, learn many things. To live, for instance..... Yesterday at 11:31pm · Delete

BoYan Nejjad Chaves @ Doan: It s different case, sometimes in a real life it never happen what we are expecting, the point is we can fa fdsafdsafds from the experience whether it s relevant to our field or not... Yesterday at 11:33pm · Delete

Deleted: learn more

Maria Santos I worked in a part time job, fofdsaffdsaf two years,and i must confess is pretty stressful, when you think your day is over, you have to take books:(, but i learnt with theafdsdsffpass of the time , that my day was over after i studied for my subject!, its tiring but if you have a goal

Deleted: for

Deleted: the

in your mind, it becoafdsafdse less stressing,and if it is the only way for you to ... Read Morestudy( as was my case)then no way, i do agree in doing it!!and dfdsafds are important,and not having a career means, have a low salary all your life:D Yesterday at 11:36pm · Delete

Deleted: become

Deleted: recommend for those who think study isnt worthwile:D, both things

Roberto Marinelli besides, money means independence, freedom and no charge for dsafds? I think so Yesterday at 11:37pm · Delete

Deleted: parents. Is it important

Van Anh Le Yes, if u are student, u should take a part-time job at least. When I was a first-year student, I got 2 jobs as a dfsafdsafdsfds, no time to play or go somewhere, I feel a bit tired but in the end of month, I was paid by my own money that I made. Then I know the value of money. But no monedsy can buy the time, right? So now I'm enjoying my student time, that money I made is enough to do sodsfdsafdfdsmething I want. Yesterday at 11:37pm · Delete

Deleted: shopkeeper and a tutor at the same time. My day is full of actions

Olen Clarita For those who haven't fdstake it, I suggest you to try then you willdsafds get your own experience... Yesterday at 11:39pm · dsafdsaDelete

BoYan Nejjad Chaves

@Van anh le: yeahfdsafs, I did the same way, So partime jobfdsa makes us think, .... Yesterday at 11:40pm · Delete

BoYan Nejjad Chaves Its strongly recommended to take a part time job for those who sfdsatudy in collegefdsafdsa for morea experience and real lesson in facing life.... Yesterday at 11:43pm · Delete

Huyen Shuneo some agree and some disagree. i think everyproblem has two sides. and the problem here is how dafo you bdsafdsalance the time for worksdfsaing and studying. if you can do, i think part-time job very useful! Yesterday at 11:46pm · Delete

Olen Clarita yeah.. Huyen you're right. In fact my brother quit safrom his part afsatime job sincefdsaf he can not do it in balance.. Yesterday at 11:48pm · Delete

David Cadman Ielts Cnr When we say part-fdsa for the money, how much money did you get?!?!?! The money I earnt fdsa and pay some bills... not exactly getting obsessed with the money there. But fdsa to try and... Read More work while at uni... What jobs did people do? I worked as an fd, very useful, practical experience as I was studying a social science subject. Yesterday at 11:51pm · Delete

Deleted: time job is Deleted: working around 8 hrs a week was enough to buy some food Deleted: also, it's a sad fact in the UK a degree is the beginning not the end, no experience equals no job, so you HAVE Deleted: accounts clerk

dsafdsthe jobs that were not as they had said. Don't be off your guard. Yesterday at 11:52pm · Delete

Deleted: Van Anh Le¶ The real world is never easy. I and some of my friends had some experience about cheating your money or promising

BoYan Nejjad Chaves Those who never want to try are spoiled and lazy students...SO TfdsafRY IT.. Yesterday at 11:54pm · Delete

Minh Dt You will be in greater need of financial support when you are about to gradfdsafdsuate. It's also one wafdsay to prove your independence and thatdsayou are ready to stand on your own feet and lead your own life. Yesterday at 11:57pm · Delete

Deleted: that

Huyen Shuneo i thinafk the balance is necefassary. i just take part in some activities at my uni, i am so tired and whendsaf i cofmdsae home, i don't have inspiration of studying :( 17 hours ago · Delete

Van Anh Le @ David: You're lucky when u get an useful job for ur study. In my hometown, only after we graduate from the university dsafdsr have a A period of adsafdsaf, can we get a job which we can use what we learnt for. 17 hours ago · Delete

Deleted: or Deleted: probation

BoYan Nejjad Chaves @ Huyen: I agree with you, just think first before we have it, then manage ifdsafdst....fads is necessary 17 hours ago · Delete

Deleted: BaLANCE

BoYan Nejjad Chaves @van: in my country everyone can get job if they are capfdsafds’able of hanfdsaaaafsdling the job, so there is no discrimination.... 17 hours ago · Delete

Phuong Hoang one more thing, the adv of par-time job is you will have nice CV :D when u graduated. The employeers also ndsafdsafsafsaotice abt that :D 17 hours ago · Delete

Huyen Shuneo everyone has safsaa suitable job. if you can do it, they will accept you. no discrimination in everywhere! 17 hours ago · Delete

BoYan Nejjad Chaves In having job there are at least two points: gaining and Fun...so you safsafsfadsfdsawill enjoy it... 17 hours ago · Delete

Van Anh Lefdsa I agree with Boyan. Theresad are many kinds of part-time jobs u can take sda what u learnt from the uni or that provides thfsde skills for your career future is not easy 17 hours ago · Delete

Deleted: to make earnings but to take a job that you can apply

Giang Huong Nguyen Im a highschool girl. Im really tired of asking for pocket money and giving long 'presentations' on what im gonna use the money for to my parents, who dont fdsafdsaf time job to be more independent of my parents . Do u guys think that i should? 17 hours ago · Delete

Deleted: seem to trust their daughter and dont think im old enough to use and keep money=.=". So I wanna take a part

Huyen Shuneo is there anybody know how to manage the time? @van anh: what things you lean from ur uni? i think some subjects at the uni isn't necessary and unreal. you do fdsafds you can know what is around u such as people, relationship and some characters 17 hours ago · Delete

Deleted: any job,

Nguyen Luu i have a different opinion with all of you..if you don't care about money, you fdsa in some clubs in your college or university 17 hours ago · Delete

Deleted: shouldn't take a part-time job..besides, you should take part

Huyen Shuneo yes you should do that. i think anyparents is always like that 17 hours ago · Delete

Van Anh Le @huyen: I do, I do get some part-time jobs to make money but not for my practices. And I understood some methods to cheat the students who need jobs 16 hours ago · Delete

Huyen Shuneo oh, if you don't get money, you dont have motivation for doing enthusiastically 16 hours ago · Delete

Phuong Hoang i always feel not enough time :"> @ Huyen: rite, u should focus the main subject for work after. Realyty, i dont know why we have to study subs not neccessary, it waste time much @Giang H ng: it's general psychology of youth. So u should think deeply. coz Study of highchool is DO not like Uni. u alway focus study. To me, u shouldnt. ;) 16 hours ago · Delete

Giang Huong Nguyen @huyen: thank u. But im still afraid of not being able to manage the time:( i also have no idea where i can find a place thats near my schl and requres their employees to use

english:( anyone here can help me. Im very appreciated. Btw, i live in hanoi:D 16 hours ago · Delete

Huyen Shuneo i agree with Phuong Hoang , Giang should focus on study first. if you want, you can do in summer or long holidays 16 hours ago · Delete

BoYan Nejjad Chaves Go the nearest restaurants, the manager might hire you....Or go to the laundry.. for the first step. 16 hours ago · Delete

Giang Huong Nguyen @phuog: ok, its confusing now. 1, i would never get permission of my parents,2, i have tuition classes in the morning and schl in the afternoon--> the matter of schedule prevents me from getting more independent:((.3, its hard to find a suitable place.4,5.6.... Anw, if i can deal with those problems, i will take a job rite away 16 hours ago · Delete

Phuong Hoang @ Giang H ng: u can go to the SEAMAP CLub at CatLinh Stt to practice Speaking Eng Skill at Sundayly Afternoon. :D 16 hours ago · Delete

Giang Huong Nguyen @phuong: Sory but im not using my computer now so i cant google it=.=". Can u tell me more details? I can only practice english there! What abt money, the main purpose:D. Btw, my names gjang. 16 hours ago · Delete

Heba Alaa Eldin Hmm .......I wanna say I didn't try before to work while I'm studying I wanna point that I'm talking about while i was in the college .I guess working besides to studying is really hard thing because sometimes u need to pay attention for ur studying because it is ur way to achieving one of ur dreams ,so if working besides the studying will form ... Read Moregreat burden on you and u will not find the satisfaction that u are looking for ,so it is better to pay attention for ur study first ,then with the time after u finish ur college u will have free time to work ,but if I need the money to assist me in paying the fees of the tuition ,so in this case you have to work ,but again the work that achieves the balance between ur study and work I mean you can choose flexible hours that enable you to find time for ur self to study hard . But here is an important point here which is working while studying has many advantages like gaining experience and developing many skills in ur character or even in ur abilities such as making decisions ,working in team work and how to have creative ideas and a lot of skills like this ,so I guess working is a good point if u try try to make balance between ur job and ur studying :)) 14 hours ago · Delete

Fogonza Darío I think working and studying at the same time is very hard for every students. I admire the ones who does that, but honestly I don... Read More´t think they do it because they want to be prepare or sth, they just do it for economical matters, I mean, their parents aren´t capable to support them, so they don´t have other choice. At least that´s what happens where I live. Next year I´ll try to study at the university the English teacher carreer and on the other hand I´ll keep my actual job which takes me 8 hours a day. I still don´t know how I´ll get it, but never will I know if I don´t try it... 13 hours ago · Delete

Maria Santos @Dario, try and you will see you will be able!!at first time is so stressing, but not impossible!!!Iused to feel exhausted,but then you will feel get used to taht:D, believe me , and good luck! 11 hours ago · Delete

Phan Vi t c Part-time jobs really do affected our study progress... But look at the bright side, everything's not that bad. I really want to score 7.0 in my IELTS exam and then I want to take a part-time job as an English teacher... It will be great when you have chances to work in an English enviroment, moreover, you can practice English ALL THE TIMES!!! Isn'... Read Moret it great? but it's true. If you want something, you must give up something in return... So managing

the time is not the biggest problem but your own habits... You will have to leave parties sooner, have to stay up late to do all the exercises... and who knows what you will have to give up. Then think about it carefully... The more you can get, the more responsibility you will have to carry... 9 hours ago · Delete

Lê Dung oh, I used to work part-time jobs when I was a student, that really helped me now. Practicing is always more important than theories,I think so. 7 hours ago · Delete

Analyn Cuasay I was a working student when I was in college, well I had no choice but to work to be able to finish my studies..My parents can't support me the reason why I learn to be independent.. I paid my tuition fee, provide my allowances & pay rental for my boarding house.. I was a private tutor to graders in all subjects, that was my job, I can say that ... Read Morethe job helped me also to learn more, maybe that's the reason why I became a deans list & became outstanding almost in all subjects, especially in Math & English subject.. I think working, if you are really interested in what you are taking up in college won't affect your performance in school.. I work & study at the same time but I can say that I'm both efficient as a student & as a private tutor... That experience thought me a lot in dealing with life circumstances.. 5 hours ago · Delete

Analyn Cuasay

by the way I graduated in a private University & my course is Bachelor of Science in Accountancy & I can say that my job was not related to what I took up in college but if you have goal & determination you can do both excellently... 5 hours ago · Delete

Luna Atanasova Wow! So many good comments! Well done for trying! Some common errors and then I will number specific errors as per your post as writing names will take too much space! a part time job (don't forget article!) / part-time jobs (in general or plural) Post number 2: in my 3rd, distract you from your studies 4:inexperienced (adj) 5: uses a lot of time... Read More, lose concentration 7: experience (uncountable) 9: got motivation from it 11: based on 12: behaviour, need to 16: not as useful as 17: full-time (not whole) 19: as time passed, stressful (not stressing), having a low salary 21: haven't tried it, I suggest you do 22: I did it the same way / did the same thing 27: being cheated out of some/our money 29: Well said Minh Dt! 30: inspiration (motivation) to study 34: graduate (verb), notice this (no about) Will comment on rest of posts later - hope you find corrections useful! 5 hours ago · Delete

Amelia Agustina I think thats good idea for students because they can be independent..and if they work while studying in college,they will get so many experiences for their future,but They should be

responsible and dont forget to finish all of their homeworks..sometimes the weakness of this way is they could be lazy because of feeling tired to do another activity 4 hours ago · Delete

Quynh Nguyen being a tutor is the best for a student who wants much money but less effort. However, it is quite boring and sleepy. I had experienced... 21 minutes ago · Delete

Sweetdream Nguyen In my opinion, having a part time job when studying at university is very useful. I am a graduate student, when I apply for any jobs, the employer also require me having experiences.Therefore, if you do a part time job when you are a student, you will get an advantage :) 10 minutes ago · Delete

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