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Side Panel

T follow these instructions:

T o w a l l m o u n t t h e s w i t c h , f o l l o w t h e s e i n s t r u c t i o n s :

Quic k

S t a

rt de G ui


o d u c t O v e r v
i n e s s 3 o d e l s 1 i s c o S m a l l 2 u s S 4 ! 1

Thank you for choosing the 1 -Port or !"-Port 1#$1## Switch% The 1 -Port and !"-Port 1#$1## Switches &rovide non'locking, wire-s&eed switching for your

The security slot is located on the side &anel of the switch%


ST(P 1 The wallmount slots are two crisscross slots on the switch)s 'ottom &anel% The distance 'etween the two slots is *+ mm ,-%." inches/% 0ttach two screws to the wall, so that the switch)s wallmount slots line u& with the two screws%

1 The switch has four mounting holes on each side% Screw an included mounting 'racket into each side%


16- rt and
!"-Port 1#$1## Switches Package 1ontents

1#, and 1## 3'&s network clients%

5ront Panel
The 1 -Port and !"-Port 1#$1## Switches differ in num'er of 6(7s and &orts% Pictured here is the !"-Port Switch8 however, the 1 -Port Switch is similar in form% The 6(7s and &orts are located on the front &anel of the switch%

made through the corres&onding &ort% :t flashes when the corres&onding &ort is active%


S4!1 or S4!!" Switch Power 1ord Quick Start Guide

or 1-!" 9These &orts connect the switch to network devices, such as com&uters%

2ack Panel

a n d S 4 ! !

5ront Panel of the S4!!"

System9,Green/ This 6(7 lights u& and remains lit when the switch is &owered on% 1-1 ,S4!1 / or 1!" ,S4!!"/9 (ach 6(7 lights u& when a connection is

The &ower &ort is located on the 'ack &anel of the switch%The &ower &ort is where you will connect the included &ower cord%

The security slot is where you can attach a lock to &rotect the switch from theft%

Placement O&tions
There are three ways to &hysically install the switch:

Set the switch on its four ru''er feet 3ount the switch in a standardsi;ed rack ,1< high/ =all-mount the switch using the wall-mount slots

Tem&erat ure9To &revent the switch from overheati ng, do not o&erate the switch in an area that e>ceeds the recomme nded am'ient tem&eratu re%

a rack to avoid any ha;ardous condition%

ST(P ! 3aneuver the switch so the screws are inserted into the two slots%

1ircuit Overloadin g97o not overload the &ower outlet or circuit when installing multi&le devices in a rack% 4elia'le Grounding9 2e sure that the switch is grounded and use suita'le electrical su&&ly connections% ST(P ! Place the switch in the rack, and secure the 'rackets with additional screws ,not included/%

4educed 0ir 5low9:f you install the switch in a rack, 'e sure that there is ade?uate air flow as re?uired% 3echanical 6oading92e sure that the switch is level and sta'le when you mount the switch in

4ack 3ount :nstruction Ti&s


Ty&ical :nstallation Scenario




1isco Small 2usiness Su&&ort 1ommunity Online Technical Su&&ort and 7ocumentation ,6ogin 4e?uired/ Phone Su&&ort 1ontacts www%cisco%com$su&&ort

=here to Go 5rom @ere


tsdAciscoAsmallA 'usinessAsu&&ortAcenterAcontacts%ht ml

Product 7ocumentation
S4!1 1 -Port 1#$1## Switch S4!!" !"-Port 1#$1## Switch www%cisco%com$en$<S$&roducts$&s1## 1"$ inde>%html www%cisco%com$en$<S$&roducts$&s1## 1.$ inde>%html

1isco Small 2usiness

1isco Partner 1entral for Small 2usiness ,Partner 6ogin 4e?uired/ 1isco Small 2usiness @ome 3arket&lace www%cisco%com$we'$&artners$sell$sm'

www%cisco%com$sm' www%cisco%com$go$market&lace

The a&&lication diagram shown is an e>am&le of a ty&ical network

Perform the ste&s in this section to install the hardware%

The following ta'le lists the s&ecifications for the S4!1 and S4!!" 1#$1## configuration% Switches% S4!1 and is used only ST(P 1 reference%

n n e c t t o t h e s w i t c h a r e

Security 5eature 7imensions

Security Slot =>@>7 11 in% > 1%.+ in% > *%"+ in% !.* mm > "+ mm > !"# mm #%*" l's ,#%"!+ kg/ S4!1 : 1##-1!.$!##-!"#CD #%+0$ #%!+0 +#- #@; S4!!": 1##-1!.$!##!"#C, #%+0$#%!+0, +##@;1lass 2, 1( 511 -! to 1#"E5 ,# to "#E1/ -"# to 1+BE5 ,-"# to .#E1/ !#F to *+F, Goncondensing +F to *#F, Goncondensing

r n e t n e t w o r k c a ' l e t o

s o n t h e s w i t c h % 1 o n n e c t t h e o t h e r e n d t o a P 1

<nit =eight Power

3 a k e s u r e a l l t h e

1ertification O&erating Tem&erature Storage Tem&erature O&erating @umidy Storage @umidy

ST(P ! 1 o n n e c t a


Switch Switch

& o w e d =hen you connect your network devices, make sure you don)t r e e>ceed the ma>imum ca'ling distances, listed in the following ta'le% e v d i c e s y o u w i l l c o

o n e o f t h e n u m ' e r e d & o r t

o f f % Standards Ports 1a'ling Ty&e 6(7s

1 a t e g o S4!1 or S4!!" r :((( B#!%-, B#!%-u y S4!1 : &orts + S4!!": 1at+ ( t 1 through 1 S4!1 : System, h S4!!": System, e 1 through !"

o r o t h e r n e t

w o r k d e v i c e %

ST(P - 4e&eat ste& ! to connect additional devices%

0mericas @ead?uarters 1isco Systems, :nc% 1.# =est Tasman 7rive San Hose, 10 *+1-"-1.# <S0 htt&:$$www%cisco%com Tel: "#B +! "### B## ++--G(TS , -B./ 5a>: "#B +!.#BB1isco, 1isco Systems, the 1isco logo, and the 1isco Systems logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of 1isco Systems, :nc% and$or its affiliates in the <nited States and certain other countries% 0ll other trademarks mentioned in this document or =e'site are the &ro&erty of their res&ective owners% The use of the word &artner does not im&ly a &artnershi& relationshi& 'etween 1isco and any other com&any% ,#.#+4/ I !##* 1isco Systems, :nc% 0ll rights reserved% Printed in the <S0 on recycled &a&er containing 1#F &ostconsumer waste%


<se 1ategory +e (thernet network ca'les for your Giga'it connections%

ST(P " 1onnect the su&&lied &ower cord to the switch)s &ower &ort, and &lug the other end into an electrical outlet% =hen connecting &ower, always use a surge &rotector% ST(P + Power on the devices connected to the switch% (ach active &ort)s corres&onding 6(7 will light u& on the switch%

1ongratulationsJ The installation of the switch is com&leteJ