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is one of the specifications for the trainee teacher to accomplish in this semester for TSL 3105. It reflects on the strategies, ways and manners of the teacher in delivering his lesson to targeted learning outcome. With the guidance of perfect lesson plan, the teacher can achieved the targeted learning outcome. If not, he or she can plan next strategies to equip student skills especially in learning English language. I refer to the past microteaching of my friends and I did, we select the topic about Animals Around Us which is suitable for Year 3 pupils. Our content standard what we focused is 1.1 which is by the end of the 6 year primary schooling, pupils will be able to pronounce words and speak confidently with the correct stress, rhythm and intonation. So, we planed some activity which may achieve the content standard. From my observation, my group spent our quality time in working hard to make this microteaching accomplished in excellent manner. In this presentation, we divided the microteaching according to our activities. But, I would say, there are strengths and weaknesses in our microteaching in overall. For set induction, my friends, Ishak bin Mohd Zainol conducted the class. I think he managed to grab the pupils attention in the class to listen to him as well as his great voice projection. He started the lesson with some motivated questions like how are you today, have you taken your breakfast and others. This kind of question will stimulate pupils eagerness to listen to teacher before lesson start. With the use of hand gestures, body language, and good eye contact, he managed to grab the attention of the pupils. Although, this microteaching is presented in front of the classmates, but I think it is very effective if apply in the real class situation. My friends activity is arrange the puzzle. This type of games will motivate the students to enjoy while learning. A student will be called and solve the puzzle and after finish it, he are going to name the picture by pronounce correctly by the guidance of the teacher. It doesnt teach the student on speaking skills only, but the self-confident when they involve in this game.

I conducted the second activity which is also focused on 1.1 curriculum specification. My activity was based on the word strip linking to animals picture. First ly, I showed them some animals pictures and then they have to pronounce it. This activity is good for the whole class. But, I think for the real class situation, I have to guide weaker student to pronounce, stress and with correct intonation. So, for some student, it might a big problem to them. But, if the teacher itself always reminds them about the previous vocabulary that they have learnt, they would project correct pronunciation, stress and intonation as well. My second activity was matching words strip which is pictures of animal according to their name. From my observation, this activity required previous knowledge for student to match these pictures. All things that I plan went on smoothly, but there are some weaknesses in my teaching that I noticed. First, my voice projection is not so clear. Maybe in twenty students in the class could hear my voice, but in forty pupils in the class, things might happen in other way around. So, as a future teacher I should make sure that my voice projection must be loud and clear as two ways communication happened. Therefore, the learning outcome from my teaching would reach targeted goals and pupils get the skills especially in language proficiency. My third member Wan Abdul Qayyim bin Wan Jaafar, had presented great performance of microteaching as he used motivated praise which really helps pupils in learning. He conducted the fill in the blank activity. Even the activity was simple but the kind of approach he used, pupils will get excited to try to fill the alphabet on the blackboard. This thing will make them to spell out their anxiety to learn. Besides, filling in the blank activity would help them to sharpen their memory about vocabulary that they have learnt. Even we had performed a good and quality microteaching, we coincidentally had exceed the time allocate for this presentation. It was not a small matter, but it has effected the next group presentation. Unfortunately, they have to shorten their time and have to skip some activities in their microteaching. We felt so sad to what we have done. But, I was very astonished to the teaching aids that they include in their microteaching. With included some interesting language games together with organized worksheets, their microteaching bloom a good job. So, I noticed that, my groups weakness is time management where we should improve on the next microteaching.

To sum up, an organized lesson plan together with approach of the teaching would makes the teaching in the class as effective as possible. Besides that, interaction of teacher and student is also significant to contribute in achieving learning outcome of a lesson. A good teacher is a teacher that has a perfect preparation for him to teach the skills to the student. Teacher also should be able to detect the weaknesses of his or her student and know what skill that he should focus more. So that he or she doesnt only have prepare a good lesson plan but also put on hard effort on its implementation to produce excellent student in all field.

Critical Reflection Accomplishing the microteaching task taught me to be a good teacher in way of collecting materials, look for the sources, making lesson plan and last but not least the microteaching itself. All these tasks equipped me the skills that I should be achieve before teaching in the class. First of all, the most vital thing that I want to highlight is the preparation. As a teacher, he or she should find the source what should be taught. For the first task, we are required to find at least five reading materials and do the graphic organizer from the reading text. From this task, I can say that, a teacher should have sorts of materials which suits to her students level. Then, for the second task is making a lesson plan. To me, making a lesson plan is very difficult as a teacher have to consider many aspects. There are learning outcomes, learning standard or specification, moral values, targeted group, approaches, activities and others. I have to think how to make the activities interesting as possible even it is a simple activity. The most important is the activity is fun and interesting so do relate with the curriculum specification. Last but not least, the implementation of microteaching. I was very grateful as my groups microteaching has done successfully. We conducted some activities like word puzzles, singing, dialogue and others. I noticed that these activities are good for whole class involvement. It also focused on the language skill beside other important skill like guessing, inferencing and others. The most vital things is the pupils get the confidence to talk. It is effective learning if the student have confident to talk and thats shows the interaction with the teacher. The teacher somehow can detect the weaknesses of the student and focused on that for the next class. In conclusion, completing all these tasks make me realize that, I have to improve many skills like voice projection, time management, the teaching approaches, practices with more interesting games and others. If so, I will be a good teacher in the future as I have apply the important skills in the teaching lessons.