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Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa

Exercise 1 Choose the word that has the stress differently from that of the other words.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. A. company A. catalogue A. decision A. favorable A. accessible A. although A. agree A. answer A. basic A. expect A. empty A. against A. attempt A. common A. forest A. retail A. equipment A. precious A. reserve A. accuse B. official B. solidify B. reference B. talkative B. accountancy B. bracket B. garden B. correct B. commerce B. infect B. exhaust B. coffee B. bottom B. country B. resource B. pursue B. terminal B. suspicious B. remind B. admire C. Australia C. marvelous C. refusal C. successful C. alternative C. knowledge C. propose C. promote C. profit C. follow C. plowing C. message C. horror C. preserve C. threaten C. direct C. important C. famous C. result C. enter D. encounter D. militant D. important D. beautiful D. reasonable D. neighbor D. supply D. tonight D. structure D. provide D. product D. spoonful D. manage D. region D. reason D. consult D. possession D. humorous D. realize D. deny


Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa

Exercise 2 Choose the word that has the stress differently from that of the other words.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. A. idiomatic A. encounter A. dental A. relate A. package A. educational A. miraculous A. operation A. mineral A. incredible A. harvest A. research A. primitive A. amount A. section A. consult A. convert A. baseball A. attempt A. affect B. mathematics B. museum B. device B. edit B. customer B. preferentially B. accessible B. associate B. property B. humidity B. circumstances B. ability B. particular B. mental B. grammar B. happen B. level B. question B. congress B. collect C. characteristic C. dependent C. drunkard C. region C. supervisor C. administrative C. technology C. revolution C. introduce C. necessary C. produce C. companion C. continuous C. dependence C. unsuccessful C. remain C. proper C. stubborn C. journey C. famous D. possibility D. understand D. endless D. final D. accountant D. abnormality D. apprehension D. independence D. honesty D. definition D. ceremony D. understand D. connected D. opinion D. demonstrate D. secure D. second D. suppose D. trophy D. without


reveal D. uniform D. gallery B. A. collect B. powerful D. champion A. allocation A. accept A. 13. beloved A. 5.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa Exercise 3 Choose the word that has the stress differently from that of the other words. athletics A. 15. excellent A. enormous B. 8. major A. 19. position C. historic C. 6. respect D. retirement C. 14. regretful D. stadium C. 20. mountainous D. passage C. imprudent B. volleyball D. musical C. computer A. reflect D. gymnastics B. 16. eventual A. 4. decision B. restaurant D. minor B. 2. never A. motorbike C. disaster B. already B. personal B. reveal D. argument A. several C. resident C. successfully D. proficient D. powerful C. successful 3 . enormous B. tradition D. sooner C. production D. open C. 18. circumstance A. comedy C. 3. president C. wanderings D. volleyball D. locality B. respectfully C. qualify B. penalty A. 1. notation B. 9. 17. amazing A. magical D. common B. 10. grateful A. concern B. collection A. 11. argument B. reconcile C. investment C. document B. hopelessness B. investment C. impudent A. wonder D. tolerance D. moment B. atmosphere A. recover D. 12. public C. foremost C. ability A. 7.

information C. resign C. member C. 18. protection A. release D. reassure B. boxing B. 4. devote B. mutual D. plenty B. hesitation A. anthem A. original D. season D. 17. favor C. escape C. undercover C. happen B. deform C. recount D. communicate B. hundred B. discover A. against A. 11. 5. represent C. captain A. 10. return C. regard C. architecture A. runner C. perceive D. 3. fearful B. appearance A. enough A. 8. season D. effort A. reason D. A.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa Exercise 4 Choose the word that has the stress differently from that of the other words. severe D. because A. 12. lobby C. explain B. attack B. problem C. morning B. satisfaction D. spontaneous D. majority C. supply B. 13. welfare C. acquire A. humor C. nature A. reveal D. apply B. neither B. penguin 4 . result D. overjoyed D. 19. proceed D. elaborate B. hybrid C. 1. 2. reserve D. pension C. polish C. 15. experience B. finance A. adventure C. appropriate B. knowledge D. 20. entire A. 7. conceive A. direct B. involve B. tourist D. aware A. invent A. 9. 14. ancestry D. observe B. manage A. 6. weakness D. 16.

superman B. resemble C. telegraphic B. technical C. telescope D. 20. 13. 14. 15. opponent C. terrific D. resistant A. arrange A. minimize B. generous B. donkey A. specific A. rehearse C. hospital B. easy C. trumpet D. 19. parade C. telegram A. mountainous D. 5. provide D. cheerful A. balloon A. testimony C. politics B. social B. plateau D. picture B. customer A. tolerance D. resource A. develop B. 9. dilemma C. prior C. marine A. telephone D. minister A. 1. 2. document A. terrible D. priority D. moment C. resident D. 17. diabetes A. 12. heaven A. A. 7. 11. happiness A. maintain C. practice C. travel D. forever A. memory C. especially C. 3. humorous C. apply A. insane B. technology B. ancient A. 8. respect B. 16. respond C. astonish D. 18. 10. platform C. uranium 5 . person D. telegraph C. distance B. diamond B. receive D. party D. pigeon B.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa Exercise 5 Choose the word that has the stress differently from that of the other words. variety D. application A. courage B. sufficient C. prison D. relative D. therefore D. 4. diligence B. congratulate B. 6. synthetic C. nourish B. entrance B.

emotional B. errors D. appropriate A. speedometer B. personal A. mountain B. history D. judgment C. definition D. cultivate A. particular A. situation D. individual D. expensive B. production B. 2. terminate C. intelligent D. temperature A. simultaneous A.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa Exercise 6 Choose the word that has the stress differently from that of the other words. delicious D. compulsion 6 . prediction B. situation C. decorator B. 19. conversion C. deficient B. astonish D. subordinate B. 15. 18. eternal C. professor D. environment C. pronounce C. calendar B. 9. 17. definition A. feedback B. several C. 20. synthetic B. document A. superman A. operate D. visual C. ancient C. 16. kingdom C. 5. imply C. original D. 4. machine B. before A. sufficient A. develop B. conscious A. passage D. different C. ancient A. 11. politician D. edible B. arrive B. burning D. sample D. 3. 10. entry B. singing B. opponent C. concerning C. personnel C. humidity B. incredible A. 13. constructive D. qualification B. 12. calculator C. 7. begin A. parameter D. 14. promise A. dinosaur A. thermometer C. 1. countless D. photography A. Canadian D. 6. efficient D. constructive C. 8. occasion C. forests A. A.

national A. keyboard C. solidify D. multiple D. 7. direct D. Internet A. cottage A. synthetic B. 15. 20. comprehension C. 12. 18. associate A. incredible D. courage C. 4. television D. believed B. printer D. 3. edible A. alone C. complain B. terrify C. ocean B. recognize D. dangerous B. simultaneous A. errors D. origin D. accept D. explain A. 1. combination A. casino D. 2. involve A. irrigate C. 10. concerning C. illustration B. 11. necessary B. rainforest 7 . operate B. kilometer D. 17. 19. rotate C. classify C. radio B. 5. encourage D. 8. expensive B. replace D. multi-grade C. classify B. multicolored B. Canadian A. reclaiming A. displeased B. apology B. promise C. original D. feedback B. 14. obtain B. village C. secretary A. experience C. integrate C.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa Exercise 7 Choose the word that has the stress differently from that of the other words. constructive C. promise A. multicast A. vegetarian B. suspect D. pedestrian C. vocabulary D. 6. forests A. burning D. hardware B. seabed C. landscape B. explain C. 13. superman A. submarine D. singing B. 16. professor D. different C. follow A. ambitious A. 9. unlucky A. mysterious C. A.

institute D. remember D. courage D. serious C. 4. significance 8 . machine D. aspect D. 11. capacity A. government C. umbrella D. champion A. linguistics B. individual B. almost A. participant C. 1. laboratory B. direction B. disappear C. delicate A. magnificent D. 12. exceptional C. design B. legend B.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa Exercise 8 Choose the word that has the stress differently from that of the other words. solar B. hospital D. calculation B. moustache C. accuracy A. promotion B. 16. ambulance A. expensive D. special D. statement C. 7. 3. paragraph C. another B. beginner A. composer B. attractive A. exception A. reduce D. mythical B. 5. informative D. product A. accident A. 6. postcard C. material A. knowledgeable D. potentially B. community A. dangerous C. volume C. research C. A. concentration D. facilitate B. purpose B. factory C. investigate C. encounter B. 13. postpone D. 2. around A. 18. disease A. question C. peninsula B. recreation C. independence D. 8. family A. specific D. 9. volcanic C. authority A. language B. disappointed C. Europe C. conversation A. annoy D. 15. photographer D. 17. identify C. apologize B. 10. resources D. 14. beauty A. mutual B. 20. 19.

1. pumpkin 9 . upstairs D. 8. pity D. volleyball D. enjoyable A. penalty A. upset C. hurricane C. blossom B. psychology D. 11. thoroughly B. disease A. autograph B. ability A. average A. gymnastics B. overcoat D. release D. aquatic B. 2. athletic C. colorful C. retirement C. president C. accurate A. 18. amphibian B. 13. grapefruit B. overcome C. orange C. customer B.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa Exercise 9 Choose the word that has the stress differently from that of the other words. orbit D. available D. personal B. tornado C. 15. already B. firewood C. territory D. amusement A. 17. qualify B. exercise D. formation D. basket A. promise C. triangle D. disappear A. stadium C. 10. report B. champion A. fancy A. historical C. enthusiasm B. column C. altogether A. beautiful D. perhaps D. bulletin A. fluoride D. uniform D. position C. 19. respect D. common B. powerful D. schedule A. intelligent C. enjoyable B. 7. restaurant D. peaceful C. portrait B. begin B. people B. government B. village A. 6. 12. 20. 14. 9. criticize C. require D. 3. 16. excellent A. 5. eventual A. synthetic A. endless C. computer C. overnight B. overlook A. 4. A.

address A. transaction D. example B. 2. 18. public B. review C. attend A. 1. 4. A. product D. avoid D. master C. 8. 17. secretary C. approach B. people C. approve A. technician C. appoint D. 10. captain A. 19. 3. satisfaction B. involve B. commercial 10 . 16. 15. suggest A. 9. relationship D. enjoy D. respect D. belong A. accomplished D. combination A. practice D. foreign B. themselves D. private C. eleven A. expect B. 20. postpone A. scholarship B.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa Exercise 10 Choose the word that has the stress differently from that of the other words. respect C. behind C. defensive A. 12. postcard C. synthetic D. 6. except D. honey B. necessary A. language A. woman D. report B. nation B. computer D. other C. belong B. discharge A. geography B. because A. wonderful D. photographer C. between D. authority A. favorable B. spectator B. 13. exhaust A. relationship D. 5. involve B. purpose B. select D. 11. comfortable B. memory C. signature A. evaluate A. terminal C. damage C. 7. transportation C. bedside B. convenient C. necessary D. profit C. decide C. 14. career D. disadvantage B. extra C. hockey A. origin C.

cuts D. points C. thinks D. breathes B. households C. invents B. potatoes C. boards D. sees 4. finds D. days D. walks 8. assures C. heals B. minds D. begins B. focuses D. chairs C. costumes D. cooks C. helps C. plays 11 . A. miles 20. breaths C. A. floors B. hopes D. A. swords D. cooks D. plays C. words B. fathers B. A. books B. A. forests D. resources 17. dreams 16. cats 7. asks 3. invites D. mounts B. A. accidents C. A. carriages 18. pollens C. hours 11. pools C. beds 12. whistles B. A. A. dreams C. deals D. A. suits B. doors B. classes B. students D. preserves C. arms 13. A. A. A. books 6. combs C. names D. laughs B. sports B. brakes C. helps 10. shoots 9. drums D. rides C. tasks D. concentrates C. sports B. A. A. kills C. lamps B. buys C. finishes D. A. A. tapes B. boxes 14. proofs 2. A. relieves 15. A. A. trains D.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa Exercise 11 1. stages B. offers 19. grounds B. tombs 5.

A. invited 12. A. lifted 18. stopped B. cried C. routed B. A. crashed B. solved D. A. wanted 15. liked D. placed D. A removed 13. measured 8. absored C. displayed D. imprisoned 10. A. decided D. stepped D. shouted C. believed 17. laughed 16. celebrated C. prepared B. occupied C. looked 14. entertained B. attended B. A. viewed D. A.parked B. defined D. happened C.failed 11. pleased B. stopped C. raised D. distinguished C. washed B. A. faced B. changed B. forced C. agreed 7. formed C. helped B. watched D. lasted B. A. A. hoped 12 . reached C. risked D. watched D. surrounded D. involved C. collected 19. a. liked C. looked C. confused 4. provided C. managed D. wasted C. worked 2. A. catched 6. A. wounded 9. passed B. forced C. A. hoped C. pointed B. missed D. laughed B. A. looked D. suggested C. suggested B. A. moved C. admired B. walked 20. missed D. A. kissed 3. coughed D. wanted D.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa Exercise 12 1. A. devoted 5. wished D. missed B. A. reached B. A.

nursery 5. A. comfortably B. Germany C. delicate C. overcoat C. cinema B. accountant 20. marvellous D. military B. disaster D. miraculous D. importance 12. applicant B. A. ignorant D. primary D. industry C. access D. contaminate C. competition 19. require C. information D. contractual B. A. A. banking C. appalling 17. automation C.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa Exercise 13 1. master C. reject C. availlable B. A. careful B. mechanic 3. A. policeman 18. successful D. politics D. apartment B. architect D. A. kidding C. A. supportive D. A. A. continue D. biology D. industrial B. carefully C. subtraction B. individual C. interesting C. a. challenge B. especially 11. A. intelligent B. applicant C. Arabic B. example D. continent 16. A. invaluable D. influence D. possibly D. kindergarten B. conventional D. scientific 10. terrific 14. apology 7. intensity B. recognize 15. A. A. attention B. November C. focus B. aspect 13. A. certificate 9. suspicious C. chemistry D. pollute 2. certificate B. apologize C. A. television 13 . secure D. A. compulsory 4. symbolize C. algebra C. interview 8. ashamed B. belong B. curriculum 6. A. A.

position B. surface D. unbreakable D. tolerant B. delicious C. adjective B. A. sensitive B. development C. recreation C. ability B. profess D. engineer A. development B. cultural D. perception C. comedian B. theater D. 3. material D. horrible C. attractive 14 . A. develop 21. purpose C. A. preparation D. A. correct B. conception C. develop C. achieving C. option B. negative C. 7. corporate B. become D. impossible C. repeat B. product B. A. A. A. expensive 25. complain 19. scientific 18. deposit B. difficult C. 5. purpose C. education C. percent C. provide B. forgive D. Brazil 17. 9. religious D. teacher C. A.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa Exercise 14 1. element 23. cartoon 16. selfish A. acceptable B. occasion D. western B. 4. education 26. purposeful D. important B. exciting D. A. A. negative B. sociable D. dangerous C. Norway C. different D. positive D. occurrence D. promote C. 8. generous C. A. perspective C. A. popular D. beautiful 22. regular B. believing C. utterance C. literature 28. police D. prepare 14. entertainment B. popular A. preface 15. permission A. A. A. A. perfection D. adorable A. A. policy D. delicious B. hilarious D. regular B. expensive 10. childish D. ability A. attend 27. Iraq B. entertainment D. punctual 24. Japan D. community B. famous B. ability B. 6. economic C. different 11. A. politics 13. education 12. 2. A. information D. scholarship A. A. experience C. improve C. forget C. location D. document A. offensive 20. A. property D. million C. luggage B. computer B.

disappointment D. cinema B. arrangement C. A. industry 42. occurrence D. perform C. connection D. A. A. economy 33. medium 53. teacher B. musician D. chocolate B. similar D. A. recipe C. career D. ambitious 49. various C. equivalent C. influence B. famous D. express B. arrest 34. competition 38. impress 44. purchase C. obey D. A. govern 46. character D. expression C. furniture 50. importance C. A. A. important C. writer 47. exhausting D. purpose C. glorious C. carbon C. department B. arrangement C. A. successful 37. A. popular D. purchase B. formation C. private 39. A. forget D. arrive C. cinema 31. purposeful D. morning 48. arrange C. disaster D. occur C. government 36. construction 56. education B. provision D. national D. humorous B. attentive D. family C. favor B. natural 32. abandon B. police D. expertise 35. information D. impossible C. accordance B. A. scientist D. A. A. academic 40. exception C. position B. dangerous C. study 41. successful 55. college B. accident 57. regret 45.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa 29. message D. A. A. A. preface D. cultural B. attractive D. A. advise D. practical C. repetition B. advise D. builder C. compose B. selfish B. A. informative C. remember 52. convenient D. accept C. structural B. courageous B. A. A. performance B. balcony D. A. A. musician B. technical 15 . popular C. diplomacy B. interest B. provide B. father D. typical B. knowledge B. A. national 54. A. optimistic D. precise C. cover B. devote 51. A. A. contain 43. position C. A. chocolate 30. A. A. computer B. disgusting C.

A. excitement B. element C. thousand B. become B. approach 84. remember D. origin B. sentiment C. regret C. telephone 59. incident D. factory 69. museum B. relax D. beggar D. A. accurate 66.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa 58. decisive D. advancement D. discover C. A. A. A. A. beneath C. hundred 83. eventful D. coverage D. A. probable 67. study D. athletics C. request B. company B. different C. suppose C. industry D. receive C. Canadian D. because 71. communicate B. photograph B. popular C. communist C. repeat D. A. designer 62. A. amazing 70. reporter B. A. tolerant C. population 76. A. A. supply C. inviting D. famous B. tomorrow 75. monitor 65. discussion B. rescue 82. A. supreme D. forgetful C. finishing D. bankruptcy 61. committee 77. relic C. construction B. comedian B. A. informing D. A. police C. atmosphere B. condition B. completion D. industry D. following B. A. A. support B. employment D. encourage 73. A. expensive D. exciting C. organize B. ability C. phonetics D. pollution 72. tropical B. A. A. picturesque 86. A. covering C. successive B. method B. beautiful D. supper 81. announcement C. Atlantic B. expertise C. company 78. tradition B. quality D. A. A. A. evening B. actress C. diplomat D. faster B. piano C. A. continue B. description C. reserve D. romantic 60. assembly B. gallery 85. damage 68. A. customer C. endanger C. mother D. interest 16 . atmosphere 74. continuum D. managing D. illusion B. century 79. apartment 64. A. A. usually C. destruction D. A. history C. pleasant 80. capital 63. following C.

marvelous 109. pyramid D. superior 90. A. enroll B. envelop D. arrive B. development B. direct C. stupidity B. habitat C. wonderful 111.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa 87. experience C. female B. address C. A. A. advance 115. animal 110. photography C. annual D. excuse 103. generously C. biology 96. practice C. A. colorful 94. museum C. religious D. support D. abroad 101. remember B. machine D. A. A. delicious C. A. champion 93. ancient B. summit 89. courageous B. award 92. engineer B. about D. A. language B. dependable C. famous D. impressive D. capacity D. A. enemy 88. fascinate 104. A. below D. competition C. A. A. matches B. beautiful B. chemise C. crowded 108. engineering C. politics C. arrow 102. likeable 99. A. oxygen B. material B. A. revision 106. submit B. A. complain C. energy C. apology 100. equality B. A. garden C. economics 95. A. A. tenant 105. similar C. A. reliable B. statistic D. swimming D. difficulty 113. propose D. music C. discourage B. A. dialogue C. A. rubbish C. discovery D. forgettable D. fantastic 112. arrest C. superficial D. energy D. A. A. geography D. mature 17 . common B. carrier C. A. challenge 114. terrify D. suppose C. fellow C. profitable 98. absolutely B. politics 97. literature B. A. astronomy D. preposition D. attend D. authority 91. chimney D. counter B. adverbial D. emphatic D. husband D. active B. A. summary B. gymnastics B. A. guardian D. horrible C. Christmas 107. philosophy B. champion B. simplicity C. A. bacteria B. chemistry C. successful D. A. colorful C. suburb B.

receive 124. A. harmony D. reference 135. accomplishment 143. passion B. A. eleven 122. evening D. charity 18 . proper D. discover 120. envelope B. attitude C. surface D. institute C. A. member D. dividend 132. father 118. A. exploring B. possible D. condition D. A. novel D. tutor C. recognize 123. A. hungry C. children D. A. powerful 129. excellence D. depend B. position D. degree B. revise C. severe 117. telescope D. tropical B. apple C. temperature 141. pollution C. famous B. safety D. A. appointment B. example 119. A. believe D. location D. environment B. assistant 134. exactly C. arrange C. awful C. review D. fashion D. A. referee D. A. exercise B. A. color 127. refer C. tolerate D. practice D. telephone C. balcony 140. comprise 144. woman B. family 133. avoid B. proposal B. suppose B. encourage D. afternoon B. distinctive C. expression C. A. behave C. A. A. A. harbor B. clarify C. chocolate C. regard 139. difficult B. direction B. A. police 126. A. easy C. A. guidance 125. gather 142. A. pattern D. A. parents D. assembly C. award B. division B. evening 138. foreign 136. A. license 128. A. interfere B. excuse B. A. paragraph B. tendency D. locate C.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa 116. disgusting D. athletic C. partner 121. collection C. satisfaction D. exporting D. design C. degree C. enemy B. avoid B. favorite D. A. unique B. A. example 130. explosive 131. important C. painting C. angry B. important C. weather D. yesterday B. A. positive C. student 137. A. A. coverage B. experience C.

apartment B. A. passenger C. summer C. microwave B. A. A. lemonade 160. defrost D. A. village D. lonely C. A. industry B. efficient C. acceptable B. disagree D. finish 164. deficiency C. volcano B. extra B. defrost 172. A. tourism 155. popular B. occasion B. A. chemical 168. marine D. electronic 162. prefer C. absent B. entrance B. advantage 158. A. festival B. instead D. revise B. referee 170. A. extreme 152. jungle 169. comfortable C. difficult D. A. unless D. unpolluted B. necessity B. household C. cupboard D. reserved B. typhoon D. Japanese B. deposit 149. A. A. engineering C. powder 171. manufacture C. understand D. federation 148. A. dictionary B. pagoda C. possibility D. importing 147. industrial 163. ashamed 157. A. environment D. upset B. friendliness 146. specific B. generous B. A. surprising 150. profitable D. interview 151. A. electrician B. impolite C. music C. mathematics C. hobby D. A. education B. laboratory B. A. A. pollution C. geography 156. A. steamer C. interesting 166. A. interesting D. A. clothing D. institute C. amazing C. sociable 173. harvest B. generous C. economical C. flavor C. bamboo C. friendly 153. employee 159. A. manufacture C. computer D. excellent 167. immortal D. courage D. favor 19 . along C. A. vocabulary 154. purpose 165. A. process B. appear C. imaginative B. biological D. A. A. orphanage D. preference D. because C. surround C. produce D. powerful 161. A. accidental D. humorous D. disappearing C. A. beautiful D.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa 145. important D. enroll B. deposit D. essential C. astonishing B. influential B. resident D.

classmate D. expensive B. participate B. plenty C. behavior 201. A. furniture D. saucepan 188. remember C. escape B. number 184. volunteer D. A. generous B. forget C. A. electricity C. conversation D. orphanage C. stationery B. massage 185. emigrate B. A. A. lighting 189. report 197. A. festival B. furniture C. chemical 191. arrange D. theater 176. neighbor 180. tradition C. A. buffalo B. semester 199. distance B. appearance 181. refrigerator B. register D. interesting C. sociable 178. although 179. A. destroy 190. lunar C. sorry C. difficult D. A. remember B. contact C. problem D. device D. comment B. memory C. activity B. marry C. receive B. exhibition B. offer D.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa 174. address C. safety D. medicine B. annoy 177. transmit B. tonight 187. A. A. enough B. beautiful 175. A. experiment C. lucky C. necessary D. improve 198. dangerous D. injure D. A. movie C. A. introduce D. precaution D. appear D. revise C. magical 195. enroll 202. believe D. unite C. dinner B. photograph B. satisfactory B. fortunate D. explain 20 . outgoing C. A. immediate B. upset D. A. A. A. beside C. festival 196. calendar C. A. steamer B. beautiful D. A. A. invention D. favor C. excited B. different C. A. traditional B. machine 183. remember D. object D. friendly C. demonstrate C. fixture C. humorous D. A. A. meaning D. customer 182. A. across B. A. pronunciation C. describe D. underline 200. orphanage B. afraid C. A. deliver D. include 193. equipment 194. machine D. cruel 192. mobile B. A. telephone 186. hobby B. A.

interesting D. academic C. clothing D. A. patriot C. A. sterile C. surprising 228. voluntary 204. determination B. relative C. assistance B. community B. politician B. industry B. A. A. relax 222. recognize B. entertainment B. neighborhood D. inability D. promise C. stretcher 219. A. encourage B. uncontrollable C. believe C. A. amazing C. asleep 218. restaurant C. education B. generous B. product C. happen 221. contact C. A. permission C. A. astonishing B. customer 210. environment 206. A. practicality 225. urban D. A. festival B. delay 213. damage 217. notice 208. resident D. hospital D. awake C. unpleasant B. A. organize 211. A. government C. citizenship 205. A. beautiful B. A. A. heroic C. carpet D. typhoon D. overheat D. supply C. harvest D. lonely C. A. establish C. population D. orphanage D. humid 207. resident C. surface D. create B. offer 212. treatment D. character D. conscious B. essential C. deposit 227. minimize C. along C. revive B. A. A. delicious D. tissue D. A. institute C. migrant 214. managerial 226. interview 229. pancake D. discuss C. A. A. A. extra B. prefer C. A. comfort B. application D. bandage D. concern 209. permanent 223. friendly 231. philosopher B. organization D. ambulance 220. hospital C. A. rural B. remote B. relatively D. effect B. comfortable D. information 216. photography 224. market D. similar C. A. difficult D. A. minority B. tragedy 215. A. A. power B. atmosphere D. realize C.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa 203. carpet D. handkerchief D. injection B. habit 21 . towel B. unbelievable C. extreme 230. A. airmail B. grocery B.

A. contain C. teacher D. family B. temperature D. A. A. engineer B. mechanic 236. gymnast B. A. volunteer C. toothpaste 247.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa 232. borrow D. A. badminton C. open B. answer D. harmony 22 . documentary 257. A. A. appointment C. important 246. advantage B. applicant 239. A. musical D. people D. delicious D. unload B. employment D. tonight B. continue D. tragic C. provide 252. amusing C. A. graduation C. correct D. intervene C. informative C. money 241. aerobics 248. attraction 253. remain 244. different 250. sandwich B. cartoon 242. marine B. device D. receive C. community B. A. army B. A. economical 234. memorable D. preparatory C. diplomacy B. reputation D. diseases D. A. A. personality B. improve B. interview B. introduction 258. A. benefit C. teacher C. A. organize C. interesting 237. surprising B. A. arrival C. information D. paper 240. challenge C. magazine C. harbor B. entertainment D. A. sensible B. preventive 256. variety 255. assembly D. A. understand 238. A. A. lecture C. tutor C. severe B. A. A. maintain 245. uniform B. paper C. dangerous B. convenient B. story D. forget 260. literature B. successful D. village C. visit 251. interstellar D. opposite 254. farmer D. police 249. economy 259. interrupt 235. afraid C. activity B. difficult C. A. Pacific D. terrific B. humane D. A. collection B. Vietnamese D. pollute 233. manage 243. A. surface D. chocolate D. shortage B. bakery B. musician C. measurement C. yesterday C. A. A. cartoon C. basketball D. enemy C. popularity D. Arabic C. A. realize D. television B. A.

A. A. recoverable B. picturesque 270. observance C. chemical B. connectivity C. participant 267. A. Internet D. biotech B. common B. considerate 287. document B. education B. habitat C. career D. translate D. geothermal B. congenially D. A. destination 276. diagonally C. simplicity C. nominate D. A. A. etiquette B. entertainment D. potential B. atmosphere C. A. presidential B. technology 277. animal 284. facsimile C. advantage 274. transit 278. entertain 271. customer C. independent 272. disappointed D. A. guarantee D. impractical C. attachment D. difficulty B. A. procedure D. A. diagram C. receive D. birthright D. A. A. attend D. multimedia D. A. renewable D. Internet B. infinite D. permission D. residential C. company 286. principal 269. A. conscientiously 262. A. circumstance D. teacher B. collaborate 263. photographer B. conception C. dissatisfied C. cosmonaut C. discovery D. acceptable D. remote 23 . important 273. admirable C. deposit D. writer 285. appear C. resource C. machine D. transact C. A. monotonous 268. apply 288. pyramid D. A. gratitude C. performance C. A. reliable B. anthem B. competitive D. disadvantage B. fluctuation D. equality 282. silently B. rubbish C. A. A. bacteria B. fertilizer B. A. commercially B. universe 265. linkage 264. economic C. A. builder C. refundable B. recent C. festival B. reminder C. location D. scenery 289. A. comparison D. impractical C. available 280. tenant 283. advisable 275. installation 279. unlimited C dangerous C. A. password B. A. prevent B. scientist D.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa 261. communication B. community C. A. employment D. ecologist 281. A. atmosphere B. inapplicability 266. transmit B. philosopher B. A. A.

congratulate B. advertise 306. chemical C. A. A. dictionary C. typical C. imagine 304. hydrology D. A. sentiment C. preferential C. immediate C. A. A. facility 317. apply 292. disappear D. periodic 305. A. development D. elephant B. protect B. unemployment B. relate D. A. recommend 296. release C. popularity 303. geometry C. permanent B. ability B. significant 299. politician C. property D. particular D. A. A. professor B. A. catastrophe 300. documentary D.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa 290. amaze 312. A. accountant D. fabulous B. agreement 318. traditional D. president 294. mineral C. facilitate 310. A. dinosaur B. A. memory B. engagement D. convenient B. attraction B. communicate C. guidance D. supervisor D. actor 315. compose C. inaccurate D. elephant 297. variety D. irrational C. characterize B. contagious D. A. understand C. advantage B. violent D. reduce C. A. agriculture B. economy 295. tradition C. involve B. laboratory B. volunteer B. romantic C. A. A. continue C. inventor C. intimacy B. rubbish C. attractive B. adventure C. offer B. A. A. A. career B. mosquito D. biology 314. physicist B. A. financial D. potential D. settle 301. prospect C. electric B. A. A. popular B. represent 307. organism 302. initial B. innocent C. inhabit B. A. adverbial D. prevention C. cocktail D. believe D. calculate D. future 308. fashionable C. A. opposite 291. persuade B. develop 24 . A. buffalo C. A. endanger D. suspicious C. participate C. geography B. A. reduction 311. impatient D. A. accuracy 309. optimist D. abnormal 298. offer D. interactive C. continent D. preservative 293. animal D. socialize 313. similar 316.

entertainment D. careful C. vanish B. symptom 326. impatient C. novel D. hospital 327. domesticate B. electrician 320. heavy C. incredible D. decay 321. digest D. delicious D. colorful B. solution D. easy D. return B. finish D. several C. depend D. economy 340. television B. whenever B. initiate C. consider B. instance D. economical C. example 334. A. herbicide D. confident 330. beautiful C. A. derive B. chapter B. wonder C. attention D. A. introduce D. university B. leopard D. person B. suitable D. exciting D. improvement C.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa 319. verbal 333. even C. A. swallow B. A. brother D. attract 332. A. fertilizer B. emerge C. renovate 341. beauty D. pesticide C. eliminate D. either D. A. example 343. holiday B. A. mischievous B. signal C. A. A. economic B. information C. A. important B. A. informality C. A. appropriate C. generally B. obedient C. understand 345. event B. describe 344. direction D. across 336. normal D. dentist B. supportive C. A. A. prevent 25 . A. imaginary 346. vacation 322. important C. appropriate B. A. story C. secondary C. A. reserve 347. around B. effect 337. traditional D. advantageous B. A. A. communist B. family 328. efficient 339. A. subject 342. interest D. possible 331. majority B. simply B. serious 325. responsible C. suppose B. A. wildlife C. special D. contain C. delicious 323. common C. A. together C. situation 335. A. A. behind 324. biologist 329. schedule B. even D. medical D. A. security D. marble C. A. A. nervous C. different B. A. economically D. insecticide 338. attack C.

manager B. interfere 349. intelligent B. president 350. A. overwhelming C. penalty B. counsellor D. imaginable D.Instructor: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa 348. intangible 26 . competition D. spectator C. A. referee C. A.