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15 Shaw Road WANNEROO WA 6065 Telephone (08) 9306 0500 Fax (08) 9306 0599 S M S (absencesonly) 0 4 1 7 0 9 7 4 3 5 ABN: 31 340

159 269 Website:

Wanneroo Primary App can be downloaded from the web

Upcoming Events Term 1 2014

Thursday 6 February Uniform Shop 8.45-9.15am Monday 10 February Breakfast Club 8-8.30am Wednesday 12 February Breakfast Club 8-8.30am Thursday 13 February Uniform Shop 8.45-9.15am Friday 14 February Room 20 Assembly Student Council Elections Monday 17 February On Entry testing for PP commences Year 2 7 swimming commences for Weeks 2 and 3 Breakfast Club 8-8.30am Wednesday 19 February P&C meeting 7pm Newsletter Breakfast Club 8-8.30am

A special welcome to the 2014 school year. In particular, we welcome the families of our 93 new students who have enrolled at our school. I am confident you will be made to feel very welcome by our school community. We extend a special welcome to Mrs Sarah Ingham who has joined the staff this year. The staff profile and term planner are attached. Please note our next School Development Day is on 4 March.

Parent Information Sessions:

Please check the schedule on the next page for your childs classroom session time.

Welcome to our new families who have enrolled this year.

Notes Sent Home:

Swimming Notes (Year 2 7) Term 1 Planner 2014 Staffing Profile

2014 School Development Days:

Tuesday 4 March 2014 Friday 30 May Monday 21 July 2014 Monday 13 October Friday 19 December

Undoubtedly the reason for our smooth start to the school year has been the support of our wonderful Wanneroo community. In particular, a big thank you to the P&C who under the guidance of Lisa Turner did a brilliant job of ensuring everyone had their uniforms. Thank you also to our very special staff at Wanneroo Primary who put in a lot of personal time to ensure your child had a good start to the year. The classes are already fully engaged in the learning program including the support programs in science, language, PE and music. Finally a special thank you to you for ensuring your child was prepared for the new school year. The beginning of the year is an opportune time to discuss stranger danger with your child especially as there was an alleged incident at a nearby school this morning. Please reinforce the message with your child that he or she should not talk to strangers, get into a car of someone not known or walk through areas such as parks alone. It is safer to walk with a friend and if going out to play after school ensure you know where your child is going. It is important for your child to report any behaviour that makes them feel uncomfortable. Our school newsletter which is published electronically every second Wednesday is a valuable means of sharing with you key information relevant to your child. It can be accessed on the school web page, by down loading the Wanneroo Primary app, subscribing to the email distribution list or visiting the office to collect a hard copy. Unfortunately Mrs Horrocks is on sick leave and will not be able to commence the school year. Miss Apps will relieve in Room 21 until Mrs Horrocks returns. On behalf of the Wanneroo Primary school community I wish everyone well for a successful and rewarding 2014 school year. Penny Halleen Principal 6 February, 2014

Our School Values Respect Tolerance Self Discipline Courtesy Cooperation Confidence

Our School Vision

The Wanneroo Primary School Community will be highly regarded for its strong partnerships creating an inclusive learning environment where students are supported to achieve and successes are celebrated.

Issue Number: 1

Term 1

Week 1

This fortnight we focus on the virtue Respect respectyo Respect is an attitude of caring about people and treating them with dignity.

Our first class assembly for this year will be conducted next Friday 14 February by Mrs Castle and Ms Kelleys Room 20, Year 7 class. Parents, grandparents and friends are welcome to join us in the covered assembly area followed by tea and coffee with the school chaplain.

Parent Information Sessions

In the coming weeks your childs teacher will conduct an information session to provide you with information about the learning program and class policies including homework and behaviour management. In addition to the information session your childs teacher will be available to meet with you over the course of the term. If there is information you need to share about your child it is important that you make an appointment to meet as soon as possible. The schedule for the parent information meetings is: Room
Room K21A Room K21B Room K23B Room 1 Rooms 2, 3 Rooms 4 - 6 Rooms 7 10 Rooms 11, 14 Rooms 12, 13 Rooms 15 - 17 Rooms 18 - 20

Procedures for Before and After School

Thank you to the parents who are suppporting us by not sending their child/ children to school until after 8.30 am. It is important we provide a duty of care but we cannot guarantee there will be a teacher on site to ensure the safety of your child until that time. If your child arrives at school prior to 8.30am he or she is required to sit in front of the adminstration area. Parents are welcome to sit with their child. In fairness to everyone, all children (including kindergarten and pre-primary) are required to sit in front of the office even if accompanied by an adult. If your child arrives at school after the siren at 8.45 am they need to report to the office and collect a late slip. Children who arrive after the siren are recorded as late. To avoid confusion at the end of the day, please ensure your child is aware of your after school arrangements. It is important to remind your child that if after waiting for a short time and they have not been collected they should immediately report to the office.

Wed Wed Wed Tues Mon Mon Wed Thurs Thurs Wed Wed

5 March 26 Feb 26 Feb 25 Feb 24 Feb 17 Feb 26 Feb 27 Feb 27 Feb 26 Feb 26 Feb

2.00 pm 2.00 pm 5.00 pm 5.00 pm 2.00 pm 2.10 pm 5.00 pm 5.30 pm 6.00 pm 5.30 pm 6.00 pm

In Term Swimming: Years 2 - 7

The Year 2 to 7 classes will start their school swimming lessons on Monday 17 February. All forms, permission slips and payment for the sessions must be made by Friday 14 February. No child will be permitted to attend if they have not paid for the sessions or they have not returned all of the required forms. Please make sure you have read the swimming note outlining the requirements for appropriate dress and the provision of food for the two weeks of swimming. Payment is to be made through the classroom or administration office. Kevin Simmonds Deputy Principal

Attendance 2014
If your child is going to be absent and you know in advance you can SMS the school or let the teacher know before 9.30am: SMS only 0417097435 School phone 93060500 Notes will be sent home for parents to respond to any absences that are still outstanding. As part of the Department of Education Attendance Strategy approval will not be provided for children to be taken out of school for family holidays. In particular, the School Board has requested that parents be reminded of the importance of their children not being absent during the NAPLAN testing week in May. Please note as your child should be at school, teachers will not provide work packages for students.

$5.00 Mathletics 2014 Pre Primary to Year 7

In 2014 the Mathletics program will continue to be a major part of our Numeracy program. A reminder that $5.00 is due by the end of this term for your child to particpate. Students from Pre Primary to Year 7 have access to Mathletics at home and at school on a computer or iPad. Classroom teachers will use Mathletics to set homework and students can improve their Maths using the Mathletics Live option competing with many students around the world. If you have any questions please contact Miss Kelley.Thank you! Amanda Kelley Deputy Principal

Local Intake School Enrolments

As Wanneroo Primary is a designated local intake school, enrolments can only be accepted from students who have proof they reside within the local intake area. However, if the school determines it has sufficient room it may on occasion accept enrolments for students entering from outside the local intake area. Parents need to be aware that while your child may be accepted for enrolment that in future years the school cannot guarantee placement if you do not live in the local intake area. If you leave the school and return we cannot guarantee that an application for enrolment will automatically be accepted if you do not live in the local intake catchment area.

Mobile Phone and Electronic Devices

We realise for safety reasons before and after school, some parents provide their child with a mobile phone. Please be aware students are NOT permitted to use mobiles during school hours. Each morning the student should take his/her phone to the school office where it will be stored securely until the end of the school day. It can be collected by the student at this time. You will need to fill in a form acknowledging your permission for your child to have a mobile phone on the school premises. If you need to contact your child during school hours, please phone the School Office on 9306 0500. Messages will be relayed to the person concerned.

Support-A-Reader Program
The Support-A-Reader is a highly valued program at our school and is set in place to encourage fluency and love of reading in reluctant readers. We are desperately looking for volunteers to join us. Any parents, grandparents and interested people from the community are welcome. Please contact us on 9306 0500 if you are able to assist.

Evidence Files
All students are required to have an evidence file that will stay with them for the duration of their primary schooling. Evidence files are available for purchase through your childs classroom teacher at a cost of $3.00.

Student Health Care Summary

Forms will be coming home with all students pre primary to year seven. Please complete and return them to class teachers as soon as possible.

Voluntary Contributions
A schedule for the 2014 Contributions and Charges was sent home with students at the end of last year. The Wanneroo Primary School voluntary contribution is: Kindergarten & Pre-primary $60 per child Year 1 7 $30 per child The payment can be made by cash, cheque or eftpos at the front office and a receipt will be issued. Please note that the P&C contribution must be kept separate from all school payments.

As is the case in all schools parking can be an issue and it requires everyone to demonstrate courtesy, respect and consideration to others. In particular, it is important not to obstruct other cars by parking in the kiss and drive or parking on the verges as it has the potential to cause a serious accident or injury to a student. Please note the carpark on Church Street is strictly only for the use of parents from kindergarten and pre-primary. Parking or the dropping off of children is not permitted in staff car parks. The golden rule is at no time should a child walk through a staff car park. Rather you should follow the blue footprints which direct you to the safest paths to enter or exit the school.

Respecting Our School Grounds

At Wanneroo Primary we are fortunate to have Ms Dugan who invests considerable time to ensure the school grounds are maintained to a high standard. An area which is a feature of our school is our internal court area with its well manicured lawns and trees. In order to maintain this area please use the

paths and do not walk across the lawns. When entering our grounds you will notice no smoking signs. Smoking is not permitted on school grounds or near the entry to the school gates.

Chaplains Chat
I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all of the students and families who are joining us at Wanneroo Primary this term. Wherever you have come from we are glad you have chosen to join us! Welcome back to all of you who have returned and I trust you have enjoyed the break, spent time with your families and loved ones and are ready to face the new year ahead. Each Friday fortnight after assembly, I host a parent morning tea and I would like to extend an invitation to you. I hope you are able to make it as it's a great way to meet other parents and find out what's happening in the life of our wonderful school. My role in the school is to support the school community and I am available for appointments on Mondays and Wednesdays. You can contact me via the office or email me and I will get back to you on the next working day. Looking forward to meeting with you soon. Carolyn Campbell YouthCARE School Chaplain

Correct Footwear for Physical Activity

A shoe for physical activity needs to: cup the heel firmly provide good support in the heel and mid foot areas be laced firmly flex at the ball of the foot be correct length (a thumbs width from the longest toe to the end of the shoe when standing) Skate shoes do not meet the standards of a sport shoe designed for running. These shoes together with shoes not laced firmly, can have a detrimental impact on a childs growing feet and should not be worn to school. This information was kindly provided by Australian Podiatry Association & Wanneroo Podiatry Surgery.

Wanneroo Primary School App and Web Page

Both the app and web page are a valuable means of communicating the special things that are happening in our school. It will also be our key means of distributing information to parents electronically. The Wanneroo Primary app can be downloaded to your phone, iPad or tablet. The school web page can be accessed at

P&C Notices Uniform Orders

During 2014 the Uniform Shop will continue to open on Thursday mornings from 8.45 to 9.15am. Orders together with payment can be placed in the P&C box located in the front office for the uniform coordinator to process.

Wanneroo Dental Therapy Centre

The Wanneroo Dental therapy centre is open from 8.00am-4.00pm Monday to Friday 94053178.

Electronic Newsletters
Now the school newsletter is forwarded electronically by both email and the school app it will no longer be sent home in a hard copy format. If you want a hard copy of the newsletter please ask your child to collect a copy from the office. The newsletter is also available on the school web page:

Photo Permission
Any parent/guardian who wishes to revisit permission preferences for the use of visual images for their child/children in newsletters or other publications, is asked to contact the office to make the relevant changes.


27 January Public Holiday for Australia Day

28 January Admin and Ministerial staff resume. School office reopens

2014 Term 1 Planner Phone 9306 0500 Fax 9306 0599 email Wednesday Thursday Friday
29 January 30 January 31 January

School Development

School Development

Classes displayed at

P&C uniform collection

3 February 4 February 5 February 6 February 7 February

Students Resume Assembly at 11.00 am

10 February 11 February

Newsletter Breakfast club 8-8.30am

12 February

Uniform Shop: 8.45-9.15am

13 February 14 February

Breakfast club 8-8.30am

17 February 18 February

Breakfast club 8-8.30am

19 February Newsletter P&C meeting 7pm

Uniform Shop: 8.45-9.15am

20 February

Room 20 Assembly Student Council elections

with Electoral Commission.

21 February

Rooms 4-6 Swimming commences for

Year 2- 7 students

Breakfast club 8-8.30am

24 February 25 February

Breakfast club 8-8.30am

26 February

Uniform Shop: 8.45-9.15am

In Term Swimming for Year 2 7 students

27 February 28 February

Rooms 2 & 3 Parent Info


Rooms 1-3 Parent Info


Parent Info Session for Rooms 11-14 Parent Info K21B, K23B, Rms 7-10 and Session 15-20

In term Swimming ends

Breakfast club 8-8.30am

3 March 4 March

Breakfast club 8-8.30am

5 March

Uniform Shop: 8.45-9.15am

6 March 7 March

In Term Swimming for Year 2 7 students Labour Day 5 Public Holiday

10 March School Board meeting

School Development
Day Students do not attend 11 March Wanneroo Secondary College music performance (tbc) 18 March

K21A Parent Info Session Newsletter Uniform Shop: 8.45-9.15am Breakfast club
12 March Rooms 17 & 19: Hear2Day 13 March 14 March

Breakfast club 8-8.30am

17 March

Breakfast club 8-8.30am

19 March

Uniform Shop: 8.45-9.15am

20 March

Room 15 Assembly
21 March

Breakfast club 8-8.30am

24 March 25 March

Newsletter P&C meeting 7pm Breakfast club 8-8.30am

26 March

Harmony Day Uniform Shop: 8.45-9.15am

27 March 28 March Room 18 Assembly 4 April

Breakfast club 8-8.30am

31 March 1 April Room 9: Wanneroo Museum visit 8 April

Breakfast club 8-8.30am

2 April

Uniform Shop: 8.45-9.15am

3 April

Room 7: Wanneroo Breakfast club 8-8.30am

9 April Museum visit

Breakfast club 8-8.30am

7 April

Uniform Shop: 8.45-9.15am

10 April 11 April

10 School Board meeting

Room 10: Wanneroo

Museum visit

Breakfast club 8-8.30am

Breakfast club Newsletter Breakfast club 8-8.30am

ANZAC Service
conducted by Year 6 & 7 students. Uniform Shop: 8.45-9.15am Last day Term 1

Term 2 commences on Monday 28 April Class Assembly dates Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
9 May R11, 23 May R14, 6 Jun R8, 20 Jun R12, 4 Jul R10 1 Aug R19, 15 Aug R16, 29 Aug R6, 12 Sep R5, 26 Sep R4 24 Oct R17, 7 Nov R7, 21 Nov R9, 5 Dec R13

NAPLAN: Years 3, 5 &7 P&C meetings Faction Athletics Interschool Athletics

13-15 May 2014 Weeks 3 and 7 4 September 19 September (tbc)

** Please note: all dates are subject to change **

2014 Staff Profile

Principal: Deputy Principals: Teaching Staff:
Kirin Akroyd Elicia Condello Gill Godridge Fayez Hourani Lyn King Amy Millar Simone Armstrong Debbie Edwards Janelle Hill Ann Hyde Sandra Klymovich Helen Orzel Megan Barry Liza Edwards Corinne Holmes Sarah Ingham Tania Lanham Liz Payton Deidre Castle Sue Edwards Caroline Horrocks Maria Ioppolo Chris Lilburne Sonia Price Trudi Castlehow Sascha Fletcher Rashini Horsfall Lianne Kenna Robyn MacDonald Tania Short

Penny Halleen Amanda Kelley Kevin Simmonds

Amy Sutton Student Services Support: School Psychologist: Cathy Worthington Chaplain: Carolyn Campbell

Office Staff: Michelle Bloomfield (Registrar), Nola Armstrong, Suzanne Tenaglia, Linda Whinnen Education Assistants: Lynda Bailey Jan Brown Rachel Crupi Nicky Davies Angela Leach Kerryn Matsen Sheryl Brown Kylie Drage Karen Mullumby Deb Cook Denise Hayes Paula Rochford Jenny Cooper Carolyn Husten Liz Wilcox

Resource Support: Cheryl Smith and Linda Whisson Aboriginal & Islander Education Officer: Nicole Fuselier Gardener/Handyperson: Kay Dugan Cleaners: Anne Sheppard (CIC), Robert Deas and Glenys Peters Room
21 A & B 23 B 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7 13 12 11 14 15 16 17 18 18 20

K K P P P 1 1 1 1/2 2/3 2 2 3 3/4 3 4 4 4/5 5 5/6 6 6/7 7 LOTE Immersion Music Physical Education PP DOTT Science Sparkles Curriculum Support

Ms Kenna, Mrs Horrocks (Ms Apps relieving) Mrs Price Mrs Fletcher (M-W) and Mrs Ingham (Th-Fri) Miss Hill Mrs Hyde Mrs Klymovich (M-W) Ms Sutton (Th-Fri) Mrs Short Miss Payton Miss Millar Mrs Edwards and Mrs Orzel (Th) Mrs Holmes Mrs Castlehow Mr Hourani Miss Ioppolo Mrs Edwards Mrs Lanham Mr Hourani Mrs Lilburne Ms Barry Mrs Akroyd, Mrs Edwards (alt. Thu & Fri) Mrs MacDonald Mrs King (T, Thu, Fr) and Mr Simmonds (M & W) Mrs Castle and Ms Kelley (M) Miss Condello Miss Armstrong Mrs King and Mrs Godridge Mrs Ingham and Ms Sutton Miss Horsfall Mrs Liza Edwards Mrs Orzel

Education Assistant
Mrs Leach Mrs Hayes Mrs Brown, Mrs Husten Mrs Rochford, Mrs Drage

Dr Stuart Shanker & Mike McKay



Overview: Opportunities for Parents

Self-regulation refers to the ability of a child to deal with stressful situations effectively and being able to return to a baseline of being calm, focused and alert. Central to this work is Dr Stuart Shanker, who is returning to Perth with his colleague from the Canadian Self-Regulation Initiative (CSRI), Mike McKay, in February 2014. While WACOSS and our partners will be providing a number of opportunities for practitioners across a range of fields including health, education, mental health, children services, child protection and youth to learn from Dr Shanker and Mr McKay, we are also committed to ensuring that parents have the opportunity to hear firsthand from these two distinguished international experts.

Raising Children & Self-Regulation:

An Information Session for Parents
This major public event will provide an opportunity for parents to develop an understanding of the self-regulation framework, and how it can be applied to parenting. Date: Time: Thursday 6th February 7pm-8:30pm, registration from 6:30pm

An Information Session for Parents

Sponsored by Parkerville Child & Youth Care
Date: Time: Where: Thursday 6 February 9:30am-12pm Champion Lakes Auditorium. 30 Brant Road, KELMSCOTT [Google Map] Contact: Victoria Mathews: 08 9391 1900

Where: Dickinson Centre, Scotch College 76 Shenton Road, Swanbourne [Google Map] [Campus Map] Tickets: $33/$0 concession Contact: Helen Creed, 9420 7222

An Information Session for Parents

Sponsored by Child & Adolescent Community Health
Date: Time: Where: Monday 10 February 10:30am-12pm Herb Graham Centre, 38 Ashbury Cres MIRRABOOKA [Google Map] Contact: Lindsey Hilton: 08 9400 9624; 0410 654 442

For more learning opportunities during Dr Shanker & Mr McKays visit, see
The Western Australian Council of Social Service (WACOSS) is a peak membership based council of community service organisations and individuals. We advocate for social change to improve the wellbeing of Western Australians and to strengthen the community services sector that supports them. WACOSS Contact Details: Citywest Lotteries House 2 Delhi Street West Perth WA 6009 Tel: 08 9420 7222 | Freecall: 1300 658 816 Web: Email:

Community Sector Partners

WACOSS is pleased to be working with five of our community sector member organisations Parkerville Children and Youth Care (Inc), Child Australia, Communicare, Wanslea and Ngala.

Corporate Partner
WACOSS is pleased to be working with our Corporate Partner, Woodside.

Government Agencies
WACOSS acknowledges the sponsorship from the following government agencies - Department of Local Government and Communities, Mental Health Commission, Commissioner for Children and Young People WA, Department of Education, Department of Child Protection and Family Services and Department of Health. WACOSS would also like to acknowledge that Regional funding for the Self-Regulation initiative has been provided through the Regional Child Care Development Fund funded by Royalties for Regions and administered by the Department for Local Government and Communities.

WACOSS would also like to acknowledge the following organisations who have contributed towards the costs of particular events - Playgroup WA, Edith Cowan University, School of Occupational Therapy and Social Work; Curtin University, Mercycare, Youth Affairs Council of WA, YMCA Perth, Scotch College and Centrecare