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More Money: Session 3
Christian: Today is the final more money call. Today I have got a lot of good stuff to share with you and I can‟t wait to get started to be honest with you. But, before we jump in to the things that I would like to share with you, I would like for you to share some things with me. I would just like to hear from you if you have been participating on these calls whether live or listening to the recordings, I‟d like to hear how your life has changed, or what you have noticed, any inner fifth, any more peace of prosperity that have come your way. Have you attracted new money in to your life? I‟d love to hear anyone‟s experience about what‟s happened for you just from what you‟ve gotten so far from the first couple of calls.

Participant: One of our assignments for homework was thinking about money in general. I kind of went back to my childhood messages because I want to make lots and lots of money but childhood messages for me were I had grandparents who were super religious and money is the root of all evil and those kinds of things. My parents weren‟t that way but that negativity I guess about money still had an influence on me so I have been really kind of working at letting some of that go. When I reach my goals and do have lots of money it won‟t make me a bad person. Christian: No, it‟s definitely not going to make you a bad person. Yeah. We‟re going to clear some of that belief stuff today. Thank you for sharing. So yeah, your awareness about money and your past experience and family growing up, it sounds like you‟ve had some greater awareness. Thank you for sharing. Who else would like to share?

Participant: I‟ve really looked at my background with money and I came from a kind of upwardly mobile middle class home as a child. I noticed with my father who was the bread winner, he always had money in his pocket. It seemed to come out of like nowhere. He would always have cash in his pocket. Of course, no one ever used credit cards back then in England. I realized that I‟ve been kind of nonchalant about money. When I‟ve needed it, it has always been there. I‟ve had just in the background it‟s always nice to have more but I‟ve kind of been irresponsible about it by just not putting much attention on it. I‟ve been independent and supporting myself my whole life and I‟ve just had enough and I‟ve always been able to do the things I‟ve wanted to do and travel. I‟ve found, I call it sometimes manipulated ways to do things without having money, and now at an older age I realize that it‟s time to be responsible about money instead of just securing my own future. At 63,
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what I would like everybody to do is I would like everyone to imagine being very financially successful. this is a good little transition point. Is anybody having anything other than peace and joy when you start thinking about having a lot of money? Participant: Yeah. or having enough but it‟s just dwindling. that I‟ll stay alone. or what you have noticed. Although. Inc. Who else would like to share what you‟ve become more aware of. Participant: I‟m noticing kind of almost nothing there. Christian: Yeah. Participant: Please. anything that has happened to you over the last couple of weeks about money? Participant: I have been single for five years and I noticed that I‟m really afraid that if I get really successful and have a lot of money that I‟ll be alone. I noticed that energy of. I don‟t have much at the moment I don‟t feel a panic or worry about not having enough.More Money: How to Get More Money. or making it. we‟re going to wipe that out today. Christian: There‟s something called approach avoidance and this is something that we‟re all going to work on today. Is it sort of peaceful? © Copyright Christian Mickelsen & Future Force. or any shifts. Give More and Live More…Starting Right Now it‟s kind of a late time to do it but nevertheless it‟s there to do. Spend More Money. I don‟t even know what‟s the underlying belief structure there but those things show up. Christian: Good. Let‟s hear from one or two more people.” Christian: Yeah. It‟s not about earning it. . I find myself in an interesting place. In fact. Christian: Thank you for sharing. “Geeze. whatever crazy wiring gets in our minds like you need the man to be the guy to make the money or whatever. But. so we‟re going to clear that out in a little bit. having a very abundant amount of money in your life and I want you to notice what that would feel like. I don‟t really want to be alone the rest of my life. or having a goal of it but just having that money. Alright. why don‟t we just start with t his. If there‟s somebody else who want to share what you‟ve noticed in last couple of weeks I want to hear that too. Sometimes we might notice things like Geri found like the feeling of. “If I have a lot of money then I‟m going to be alone. Save More Money.” Because. I just want you to notice if there‟s anyth ing other than peace or joy in your body when you think about having a lot of money.

Now. I think so as well. Spend More Money. it‟s almost peaceful. Anyone else notice anything other than peace and joy when you think about having plenty of money? Participant: What has been coming up for me and just did again is the idea of responsibility and this sense of being in charge and needing to man the ship and part of being trapped on board. it doesn‟t sound neutral it sounds almost ambivalent. Then the other part. . Participant: And sort of having to hold everybody else up as well. Give More and Live More…Starting Right Now Participant: Well. It‟s not an unfamiliar feeling obviously. I can sense that. we‟re going to have to clear that because you do care and it‟s good to care. Well. the intellectual side.More Money: How to Get More Money. “This is ridiculous. It‟s more this kind of underlying I don‟t care one way or the other kind of feeling. Christian: Yeah. so we‟ll clear that out. Christian: Yeah. It would be important to care. there‟s still that feeling of being stifled and trapped. but there‟s a kind of childish defiance in there somewhere. Participant: Yeah. Alright. So it‟s like why even try so hard and who knows what all kinds of other crazy stuff. Christian: I can sense that. I have to tell everybody that I use to think that if I had a lot of money that would mean that I would be the person that had to take care of my family because most everybody in my family is not very well off financially. But. knows that I can hire people to help. but I hear you. Christian: Yeah. Christian: Even though you probably do care but it‟s sort of like if I have that attitude then I can‟t be hurt. Why would anybody feel anything other than peace or joy about having money?” They‟re probably feeling nothing but peace and joy about having © Copyright Christian Mickelsen & Future Force. Participant: Yes. Save More Money. Christian: Yeah. there‟s other people on the line that are like. Participant: Like I don‟t care one way or the other. Christian: Yeah. Participant: Yeah. Inc. Alright. I think it‟s definitely not neutral but there‟s something there.

Okay. if we release this stuff then not only do we not feel the fear but we stop manifesting the situations.” I © Copyright Christian Mickelsen & Future Force. But. All fear is fear of feeling. because we don‟t want to feel those feelings we keep stuffing it away and stuffing it away and we run from those situations. We‟re going to clear some of that. If you have a fear of shame. hang tight we‟re almost there. I don‟t know if I went as far to explain this or not but I believe that these fears that we have. Participant: I was starting to talk but you already told my story. But. these feelings that need to get felt that we‟ve been stuffing away are like a beacon calling forth situations in our lives that will manifest the opportunity for the feeling to come out and be felt fully. “Come on let‟s move on to the next thing. Thank you for sharing. everything we‟re afraid of our feelings. . I‟d like to hear from you. crushing burden. Christian: Yeah. Save More Money. what crept in was an old role script about if I‟m not needy then my parents won‟t help me or love me because that was just my role to be in need and whenever I had an abundance they would pull away. It‟s kind of an o dd thing. my clients and what not. Ultimately. Hang tight. Someone I worked with yesterday. I told you so. that I‟ll have to take care of everybody in my family and it‟s going to be a crushing burden. she was worried about failing in her business and worrying that her husband would say. But.” Just hang tight those of you who are in that place because I‟ve got something extremely powerful to share with everybody in just a few moments. fear of feeling something physical or fear of feeling something emotional and 90% of our fears is really fear of feeling something emotional. Participant: One more story. if we feel through those things. Thank you. Christian: Yeah. There was someone else who was about to speak up at the same time. Spend More Money. I‟ve mentioned that all of these fears that we have. Give More and Live More…Starting Right Now money and they‟re like. we start manifesting situations that will cause us to feel those feelings. Inc. you‟re going to manifest situations where you could feel ashamed. the first feeling that came was one of generosity and abundance and it just felt like a great feeling and I love the idea of being capable with dollars to help family and friends and so forth. Like if you have a fear of rejection you‟re going to manifest situations where opportunities for you to be rejected are abound.More Money: How to Get More Money. “Oh. Let me share something else that I‟ve found to be true in my life and with people that I work with.

“The field of consciousness innate in America supports creativity. . invention. Spend More Money. It fails to recognize that the true source of capital is the creativity from the mind which the accumulation of money is the inevitable consequence or the automatic result of creativity. “The common conception is that capital means wealth or money in the bank. his most well known is called Power Versus Force. He has written many books. This is from his book which is called Truth Versus Falsehood: How to Tell the Difference. if he tells you. “Alright. I‟ve mentioned David Hawkins on the call before. Edison and electricity can. He‟s probably maybe even my number one spiritual mentor. „I told you so. I‟m going to talk about some of these things. for example. „I told you so. effort. I‟m glad you at least give things a shot. what would that feel like?” All this stuff came up and so we worked through to the point where I said. now we stop attracting failure and we can start attracting success. education and innovation and it rewards self initiated efforts with acclaim and © Copyright Christian Mickelsen & Future Force.‟ or whatever but it didn‟t have a charge to it anymore. Once we release the stuff.‟ And if you failed. One single brilliant idea. about half way down. Save More Money. Inc. “It‟s pretty neutral. dedication. we can start becoming a magnet to the kind of abundance and life success that we want. as well as discipline and resourcefulness. inspiration. The enormous accomplishments of America are well documented in the book They Made America written by Evans in 2004. nice try. He talks about the United States economy in this section of the book starting on page 162.” Here is something about why America is successful. While I‟m reading I‟m going to mute the line. hard work. I want to read something to everyone. his books anyway although I have met him in person and have attended one of his workshops. I‟m just giving this as an example of where does capital wealth or money come from.” A lot of times we don‟t become successful because of the fear of failure. I don‟t in anyway want this to sound like – I‟m giving this as an example not of how America is better than any other country or that. “If he said. I‟d rather him be like. „Yes. great job. Give More and Live More…Starting Right Now said.More Money: How to Get More Money. genius. does and has spawned more wealth then the total product of the economies of whole nations. Obviously. In his book he says. it‟s so much bigger than whatever that would seem. He‟s talking about the United States economy and why it‟s a miracle and why it is successful.‟ now how would you feel?” She said. the fear of letting people down because we need to fail to prove t ourselves that we‟re not going to die if the feeling comes up. I don‟t know why it‟s called that really.

the Dictaphone. the computer. . from daily worker to international diplomat and social icon. medical devices.More Money: How to Get More Money. transistors. He demonstrated entrepreneurship. multi stage evaporation and distillation. hardware. escalators. software. Add to America‟s discoveries those of refrigeration. bifocals. The entire airline industry arose from the flight at Kitty Hawk. Spend More Money. the steamboat of Robert Fulton. He founded the University of Pennsylvania. pharmaceuticals. accomplished politician and statesman who assisted in construction of the United States Constitution. the whole electronics industry. air conditioning. the cotton gin. the airplane. the super heterodyne circuit. copy machines. Out of America‟s inventiveness as if electricity were not enough arose the telephone. research and a cornucopia of scientific inventions that pours fourth and benefits the entire world. computer hardware and software and the list goes on. Corporate America is catching up on sexual equality which is not just an American phenomenon but is a worldwide social shift in other countries as well. In addition to this enormous productivity are added carefully crafted merchandising and supply and delivery retail systems such that Wal-Mart is the largest corporation in the world with over one million employees. He was a writer and publisher. Franklin Stove. Television. owner of a printing business. A worldwide entertainment industry arose from the invention of the movies. The life of Ben Franklin exemplifies the essentials of American tradition. house. direct and alternating current and the light bulb resulted in lighting up the entire world as well as providing a ubiquitous ready source of power for industry and productivity on all levels from giant machinery to the kitchen toaster. robotics. Polaroid imaging. The discovery of electricity. Inc. All-in-all he personified the potential and realization of what became the American dream of opportunity. Add to these the seminal discoveries in medicine. the microwave oven plus hundreds of appliances. the Otis Elevator. clipper ships. skyscrapers. personal freedom and broke through the social class from poverty to wealth. sewing machine. telegraph. He also demonstrated continued self improvement as a lifestyle. the computer chip. He supported all religion and taught that the worship of God was best served by doing worship for himself and others. FM radio. Give More and Live More…Starting Right Now excitement. He was inventive. radio. cybernetics. dedicated to self improvement and of virtuous generosity. digital computers. the Internet. materials. the razor blade. Henry Ford perfected the assembly line and introduced time motion studies out of which eventually evolved safety devices and the science of ergonomics. radiology. Save More Money.” © Copyright Christian Mickelsen & Future Force. lightening rod. self education. plastics and last but not least atomic energy.

dedication. Riches in abundance and in wealth comes from the people.25 in his pocket. He built the steel industry and then established the traditional of philanthropy. money who knows what is going to happen to money. “Similar creativity and ingenuity are exemplified by the legendary life of Andrew Carnegie who arrived from Scotland with $0. It‟s those values of innovation. it comes from who you become as a person. I‟m all for the law of attraction. as you grow and become more and you let your creativity lose and you work in to this world.” Having money in the bank. personal growth. hard work. It is this immense creativity that is the capital out of which monetary wealth automatically evolves along with millions of jobs and the rise in prosperity in which a rise in sea level. But. if you can just think about being wealthy you‟re much more likely to attract it and I do believe that. we‟ve got to also release these financial fears because otherwise you‟ll be attracting and manifesting those situations in to your life.More Money: How to Get More Money. everyone is lifted because it eventuates in to the public arena rather than just private ownership. . He even tried to stop World War I by offering the Kaiser a huge fortune to not go to war but was sadly unsuccessful. it comes from your own creativity. “Capital is the automatic result of creativity. genius. the main points I wanted to focus on were that creativity. Save More Money. the transportation industry and the enormous commerce that supports all government operations. Both Franklin and Carnegie demonstrated the potential of the essence of America. capital and wealth become the natural consequence of all this other stuff. Spend More Money. dedication. Inc. Again. He goes on to talk about Andrew Carnegie. I © Copyright Christian Mickelsen & Future Force.” His keys here that I wanted to mention are not so much that America is so great. those are the things that lead to wealth. But. Capital thus becomes the enormous uplifting energy of the entire field of society that recognizes and supports the value of individual and private ownership. as well as discipline and resourcefulness. Give More and Live More…Starting Right Now Ben Franklin happens to be the guy on the $100 bill in the United States. so it‟s not about America. That was one thing I wanted to mention and then the lives of Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Carnegie because it doesn‟t matter what country you‟re in. Money might become valueless but you can still be rich. the fact that Andrew Carnegie came from Scotland and became so successful. It manifests as the enormous infrastructure including public holdings. although I am happy that I was born here. inspiration. I think it‟s like hitting the lottery to be born here versus some other obviously much less fortunate parts of the world.

the church‟s belief about money and I don‟t just mean church but any religious beliefs about money. Participant: The very top belief is that if I get a lot of money I will lose it and face more pain than I would if I hadn‟t gotten it at all. The last one is if I get a lot of money people will be jealous of me and I will lose my friends who don‟t have as much money. Give More and Live More…Starting Right Now think those are things that we can all adopt no matter what country we‟re in. In fact. Anyone else who‟d like to share your thoughts and feedback on the excerpt I just read. Christian: Great. if you were to do something wrong. Okay. I left you speechless. beliefs about money that you‟d like to let go of. That was my hope. I mean I completely get it. our parental stuff about money. let‟s let go of all those things. And. if you can just share your top two or three that you really want to clear out today that would be great.More Money: How to Get More Money. Great. that fear. notice where in your body that feeling comes up. That‟s what I really wanted to say. right in my stomach. notice in your body. Spend More Money. it‟s just the fear of doing something wrong so I tend not to d o anything at all which is the opposite of what's possible. that fear of doing something wrong. I‟m going to unmute the line and just have people share those beliefs right now. The next thing is that people with money are greedy and arrogant. Participant: I know exactly where it is. Christian: Yeah. start feeling in to it. So what I‟d like you to do if you did that would be to just review your list. I think for me. good that means you were all blown away. Christian: So start working on it right now. Participant: I wanted to share a couple of things. If you did the homework and wrote down some of your beliefs that you‟d like to let go of about money. One thing of your homework last week was to right down beliefs about money that you noticed weren‟t serving you. But. I‟m talking to everybody so you can just start sharing them. The really big one Christian because this happened to me once. Let‟s work on all these beliefs about money. The next thing I want to do is I want to go ahead and start clearing away some of this stuff. Just come to a place of neutrality. Thank you for sharing. . if I get a lot of money I will lose it and it will just cause great pain. I‟m clear. Does anybody have any comments about the excerpt I read? Participant: It is very consistent with my experience if I can just go beyond. Save More Money. Inc. © Copyright Christian Mickelsen & Future Force.

Notice where in your body you feel it aside from there. © Copyright Christian Mickelsen & Future Force. It‟s all so stupid. just really be with it fully and completely and we‟ll be with you while you‟re being with it. Then. . Again. no judging it. Can you get in touch with it right now? Participant: I was a child at the time and my mother was married not to my father but in a second marriage to a million gazillionaire flying in private plans and private helicopters to incredible places all around the world. Christian: Sure. Christian: Yeah. you lived in all these places. it scares me how I‟m going to manage it all and so I just ignore it sort of. they need love and attention. and just cried all last week because I‟ve lived in a bunch of different countries and so my finances are sort of messy because I‟ve worked in all these different countries and it scares me. Christian: Okay. Christian: So that painful feeling. way down between my stomach and my gentiles. It‟s just an encumbrance and I hate it. Participant: It‟s in my heart. Participant: It was extremely painful. or 401Ks that you can‟t move. It‟s in my heart and my throat and most of all it‟s way. right now it‟s right behind my eyes because I feel like crying about it. super annulations. I just hate the fact that I lived in all these places.” But in every country I‟ve got money in. Alright so what I want you to do is just be really present to this feeling in your body and just really be with it and just give it love because those feeling just need love. Inc. No analyzing it. it‟s in my heart. People go. Give More and Live More…Starting Right Now Christian: What was the great pain that you felt. where in your body do you feel it? Participant: Well. Save More Money. no trying to make it go away. I didn‟t know why we were rich one day and poor the next. and I‟ll cry again. just a second. notice where this feeling is in your body. Participant: I actually just sat. funds. I was like 11 years old. that I sort of live with this dread of the money part of it. Let‟s hear from a few more people and I‟ll come back to you in just a little bit. she divorced him and all of a sudden we were from living in a place like Beverly Hills California to this scary motel kind of thing and it was so scary. It just happened in a way that I didn‟t understand as a child. Participant: Okay. Spend More Money. Thank you for sharing.More Money: How to Get More Money. Yeah. or different things. Christian: Okay. “Wow.

“Yeah. Now. this will be what does it for me. Christian: Okay. sometimes that‟s a way of distracting yourself from feeling the feeling so don‟t let tears distract you from being with the feeling. So be with this feeling and love the feeling. it‟s going to be difficult in that way. that I haven‟t been trained enough now but this will be the thing. I hear you about being angry about it. But. I just feel really angry that I‟ve never had money. Who else? Participant: I‟m just interested at how when I go in and begin to imagine the abundance is how I can turn that around and just make it complicated in every way you can think of. If you notice yourself crying.” That I‟m not quite good enough now. The truth is a lot of us we‟re motivated both by pain and pleasure and it‟s set up that way for a reason. The other thing is just anger about it. “Oh. Just be really present to it and we‟ll come back to you again also in a few minutes. Just stay with the feeling.” But. How much would we really grow if we were all billionaires? A lot of us would just be sitting around on our asses. © Copyright Christian Mickelsen & Future Force. Spend More Money. . My parents were dirt poor growing up and I just feel very angry about it. whatever. I think the way money works is divinely set up and it works that way perfectly and it‟s suppose to work that way and I think it‟s a good thing. “Why can‟t I just be given money? Why does it have to be an issue?” Christian: I‟m laughing but I‟ve been there with you.More Money: How to Get More Money. Participant: Okay. Save More Money. So. some of us would be like let‟s play and let‟s see how we can contribute more. Participant: That I notice that I keep taking these trainings and investing in myself and I really don‟t have the money to do it but I keep thinking. It‟s like. Thank you for sharing. people should just give it to me. It‟s going to be difficult in this way. Christian: Someone else? Participant: I have a couple more. Inc. if do this. Give More and Live More…Starting Right Now Christian: Okay. I was like. give it love. feel in to that anger and we‟ll do some energy clearing to clear away a lot of the intellectual side of all this stuff but unfortunately the energy clearing won‟t clear for everybody the emotional side of it so definitely feel in to the feeling. it‟s not set up that way and I use to feel like it should be but I really do think now that it shouldn‟t be.

it‟s giving people the tools and the awareness to make some shifts and these shifts are things that you can do on your own all the time any time. The mind will make up stories for why you shouldn‟t want it because it‟s afraid to have it. Yeah. . Those of you who have noticed a shift can you tell us what you were working on and how it is now? Participant: I was working on the joy of getting a lot of money and the horrible pain of losing it and that was a dark. Save More Money. Spend More Money. That‟s right. Participant: Yes. without trying to analyze it. then that could happen. Well. there‟s usually one spot in your stomach or your heart. Someone else? Who else had some money beliefs that you‟d like to let go of? I‟m going to clear some energy here on all limiting beliefs about money. large looking thing between my stomach and my genitals. “Yes. society beliefs. judgments about people who have money. It‟s funny but it‟s there. As much as possible stay with the feeling and we‟ll do as much work as we can together today. Participant: Great. isn‟t that crazy? Participant: It is. If you notice a shift in the feeling then say. that one spot that is of greatest intensity and just keep your attention on wherever it is most intense and follow it if it moves. Parental beliefs. if it‟s in your stomach. if you‟re trigged by any of these things notice where the feeling is located in your body and be with it and allow it to run its course without trying to make it go away. or if it‟s running all the way up and down your body. let‟s clear that up. if it happens then this is going to happen. judgments about money. Christian: You‟re welcome. Again. Inc. I‟ll help again with the intellect but get in touch with the fear‟s feeling because one fear will drive a thousand ideas on why it shouldn‟t go that way. Like. Christian: Okay. a lot of it is some fears.More Money: How to Get More Money. Give More and Live More…Starting Right Now Christian: Yeah. just really giving it the love and attention that it needs. I don‟t expect that this three part program is going to solve everyone‟s money problems in and of itself but. Christian: It is for sure. Put your attention on the place of greatest intensity so if there‟s a spot in your body. Thanks.” Participant: Yes. wherever it is. The more I breathed that turned in to a cool blue with a nice © Copyright Christian Mickelsen & Future Force. Again.

” That‟s alright you just keep feeling through the stuff as it comes up. how do you feel now? Participant: I‟m fine. Save More Money. the others too I just feel fine with. Give More and Live More…Starting Right Now orange kind of warmth and then out of that space which I would call peace a tree grew and a tree has grown. Christian: Awesome. . Someone else? Participant: The sensation was in my stomach and then I notice a lot of tension in my jaw off the back in my head. what you were feeling. That‟s my feeling about it. Alright. what you are feeling now? Participant: I just feel a lot more relaxed. It‟s now gone. “Hey. feel that. or work for it. Thank you for sharing. There‟s nothing wrong with money just being given to us without having to earn it. How do you feel about money now? Participant: I feel great because I bought a semi private jet and I can smell the leather on the seats. Spend More Money. it‟s just let‟s put ourselves to good use for this world and let ourselves be rewarded for that as well. Christian: Good. Awesome. Christian: Awesome. Anyone else that has gotten to the other side that would like to share? Participant: I feel like I‟m looking out of my own eyes and just feel very present and great about myself. I feel a sense of peace and calm and kind of okay right now so it‟s good. The idea of freedom © Copyright Christian Mickelsen & Future Force. As it comes up later. having it just show up. Inc. There‟s nothing wrong with that either. still working on your breakthrough? Those of you on the line and those of you listening to the recording might be like. Christian: Awesome. Thank you for sharing. anybody else have any share about a breakthrough. or whatever.More Money: How to Get More Money. what about me? I‟m not there yet. Christian: Okay. Is there anyone that is still in need of a breakthrough. When you think about money should just be given to you and any of that anger about money. Good. Today I wanted to do some work on financial freedom and that‟s actually what we‟ve been doing but a lot of people think freedom is being able to do anything you want. It‟s a money tree. good. And. Christian: Awesome. If you‟re still feeling it now keep feeling it now. Let me just take a look at my notes and make sure there isn‟t something else before we finish up.

version 3. that makes the contribution. a slave to trying to keep all possibilities. Give More and Live More…Starting Right Now being able to do anything you want. freedom is to do exactly what you want every day. Walk around your life as this person. that gets the ideas that change the world or that contribute to the world in some way so that abundance. A higher level of responsibility that people need to take for themselves as well as the compassion to help others where needed and the wisdom to know the difference between where it‟s time to help and where it‟s time to let people rise up and help themselves. and compassionate. How much stronger you are. or 5. there‟s actually slavery that comes from freedom. . my last activity is I want you to image version 2. Freedom isn‟t being able to buy any house you want. To be able to do things each day that you want to be doing that day. is the natural consequence of who you are. a slave to not committing to things. Save More Money. That‟s just a concept I wanted to share with you it‟s something I heard a while ago from one of my mentors and thought it was pretty profound. Notice how you are in relationship to other people. or whatever it might be and just notice who you are and what you feel like as that person. Freedom isn‟t really being able to do anything you want freedom is actually doing exactly what you do want.0 even of yourself. Notice your confidence level in working through situations with people. notice what it‟s like. So not just having money but being the kind of person that does the stuff that has the creativity. That freedom isn‟t being able to have your day to be able to do anything you want during the day. how proud of yourself you are.0 or yourself.More Money: How to Get More Money. I want you to imagine version 2. When there‟s too many choices and too many possibilities. That‟s right. © Copyright Christian Mickelsen & Future Force.0. We become a slave to keeping things open. that does the work. wealth. Just how big. Spend More Money. it‟s being able to know the house you want and being able to live in that house. how grateful you are to all the opportunities you have been given in the past and all the opportunities yet ahead. Walk around your life. how much happier you are. The more that you know exactly what you want instead of having I want to be able to buy any kind of car I want. test drive your version 5.0 or 3. Now.0 of yourself. capital. how much more powerful you are.0 of yourself. Inc. and strong your heart is when dealing with people and notice how you‟re able to hold a higher vision of other people. version 5. that‟s freedom.0 super self. well figure out what kind of car you do want and then get to work on creating that in your life.

Participant: Okay. Spend More Money. Participant: I like it. is there any last question that anyone has about anything we‟ve done over the last three weeks before we do our wrap up? Okay.More Money: How to Get More Money.0. I guess just sort of wondering what the next step is after that. Alright. Christian: This is who you are now. there will be version 7. so version 1. Eventually. Moving forward. Christian: Yeah. Save More Money. etc. If you feel better than before say yes. This isn‟t a future version of yourself. what is your money reality like? It doesn‟t necessarily mean how many zeros are in your bank account but how do you feel about your money life? How do you feel about your ability to control your money. © Copyright Christian Mickelsen & Future Force. great. I just unmuted the lines again. Participant: I think what I found most valuable was really kind of getting clear on what some of my money beliefs and barriers are and just being honest about that with myself and try as you say kind of breath in to it and feel it for real. Inc. I‟d love to hear your thoughts and feedback about what you found most valuable. . What kind of work are you doing? How are you feeling as you‟re doing that work? That‟s right.0 of yourself? Participant: Great.0 is long gone. say it out loud. this is who you are today. “Yes. How are you feeling version 5. You too listening to the recording right now. Give More and Live More…Starting Right Now Notice version 5. The next step after you‟ve gotten clear is now you‟re free to create. to manage your money. say. Participant: Great.” Good.0 of yourself as it relates to your work life. to take charge of your financial situation? That‟s right. that‟s probably the biggest thing I‟ve gotten. The line is muted so no one can hear you but say it out loud. Notice your money life. But. the more money program. That last thing I would like to do is I would love to just hear from everybody on the call who would like to share what you found most valuable not only about today but just in general this three part program. Christian: You just move forward peacefully in to the world doing the things that you know you need to do and let yourself be magnetically attractive to financial abundance in your life. by the time we hang up this phone this is cemented in as the real you.

Christian: Awesome. I just didn‟t have any charge about it and I was sharing with another coach. That is such a good story. and do a sample session and all this stuff. It‟s like. . Save More Money. “Wow. Christian: You‟re welcome. “Mm. What else? Participant: The clearing processes of feeling in to a scared or angry place and sending love to that place. © Copyright Christian Mickelsen & Future Force. “You know. Awesome. Someone else was speaking up at the same time. Give More and Live More…Starting Right Now Christian: Awesome.” Then yesterday an acquaintance called me out of the blue and said. I just started multitasking a minute ago and I opened up my online bank account and it doesn‟t look scary to me. are just totally transformational. Thank you so much for sharing that.” And.” I was like. for me. I carried a few that I didn‟t know were there and it‟s really. Anything that has some charge about it is what we‟re projecting on to it so we‟ve got to just do the work within ourselves and we find the freedom. that‟s how much I spend. I said I wanted that to happen and then it happened. Thank you for sharing that. I don‟t know what happened. what have you found most valuable? Participant: I think I‟ve lost some of that negative emotional charge about it too. Someone else. awesome.” Then I went out to my mailbox and there was a check that I wasn‟t expecting from somebody for $20 or something and I was like. “I want to hire you. maybe something has opened up here. Thank you. that is a beautiful thing.” Christian: Awesome. really neat to reinforce the simplicity of embracing that because that‟s in my control. “Oh. I‟m not one for multitasking on my calls but that was a good multitask. We put these stories and we make this meaning and we get all this energy about stuff but the truth is everything in life is neutral. Spend More Money. awesome. it just doesn‟t look scary. earlier in the week we were talking about our sales cycles and wanting them to be easier and I said. Thank you so much. I just want somebody to call me up and say.More Money: How to Get More Money. Participant: Thank you. that‟s really cool. Yeah. Yeah. Participant: It was really helpful for me to get even clearer on beliefs.‟ I don‟t want to have to chase them down and call them. Thank you so much. Inc. Okay. I notice that same thing in dealing with what might have been a difficult situation this week. I‟m looking at it objectively. Christian: Absolutely. „I want to hire you.

Would anyone © Copyright Christian Mickelsen & Future Force. Inc. Thank you so much. Money really makes no difference other than what it is that I‟m up to in terms of it. Christian: Someone else? Who else would like to share what you found most valuable? Participant: I really liked on the first call that you asked. Thank you for sharing.More Money: How to Get More Money. there‟s more than enough and then there‟s more than that. Participant: I think what I got most of all from listening to you and everyone else is that regardless of how much money I have or don‟t have it really doesn‟t change who I am. Save More Money. There could never been enough money and that‟s not true at all. Christian: Great. So yeah. what I‟m up to and the contribution that‟s available for me to make. So it‟s really I do see the power of shifting my thinking and just continuing to clear out any of that stuckness I have and then it clears out my head so that‟s really valuable and I want to thank you for that. Someone else? Who else would like to share? We‟ll take two more shares and then we‟ll call it a day. Does that make sense? Christian: Yeah. . awesome. We can do a lot of things on these calls but it‟s really about what we take away from the calls and I think that was what was most meaningful for me. There is enough. what‟s around me hasn‟t changed. Spend More Money. I certainly have enough at the moment even though it‟s the least amount I‟ve ever had but my circumstances haven‟t changed. if there‟s anyone else who would like to share? You‟ll be the final word. I think that makes a huge difference because I tend to evaluate myself based on do I have enough money for this or don‟t I and I really do have enough. Christian: Awesome. Participant: But it doesn‟t change me as a person and who I am in the world. To me that is such a useful question because it‟s always felt like there never could be enough. and I forget how you phrased it but it was something like figure out how much money you need or you would like to have and double it. Participant: I just wanted to say that I really appreciated the space that you provided to guide us through looking at our fears and then the ideas and the clearing around really reframing our thoughts so that we could be in a more peaceful place going forward. Christian: Yeah. Give More and Live More…Starting Right Now Participant: Sure. Let‟s do one last one.

how to make more money. And.000 in the bank and that‟s in just a few short years. and marketing. as you know. © Copyright Christian Mickelsen & Future Force. and other networking events. I also want you to know it‟s an ongoing growth process. Save More Money. But. let‟s get people coached. I think we‟ve got to keep working on both sides. We‟re going to do another one of these bonuses in just a couple of months on networking.000 in debt to $200. and flux. A lot of it was learning how to get more clients. Spend More Money. We‟re in a constant state of change. I‟ve had a blast hanging out with you guys over the last few weeks. These are just bonuses that I‟m giving for people who are in the Top Coaches Club because I just want you to be exposed to the great ideas that are going to help you become the top coaches yourself. was part of the Top Coaches CD of the Month Club program. you need both really because if you do this work that‟s great but the how to is really important to. We‟re going to do a three part training on that in just a couple of months too. a lot of the how to was important but ultimately I think for me the biggest was this kind of work. Give More and Live More…Starting Right Now else like to share? Okay. I‟ve done a lot to change my financial life. This is the final part of the more money program which. . We‟ll cover social media marketing like Twitter and Facebook and stuff like that but we‟ll also cover networking in person. all kinds of stuff. Anyway. at Chamber of Commerce.More Money: How to Get More Money. Inc. and growth. I‟m still working on both the inner stuff and also learning more techniques for sales. It‟s a bonus for people who were in the Top Coaches Club CD of the Month Club program. I‟ve gone from $72. Enjoy the journey because that‟s all we really have is the journey. how to grow my business. Big hugs around the room everybody. Remember that people need our help. and business development. It‟s an ongo ing growth process.

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