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Chennai - Tamil Nadu City Information

Chennai formerly known as Madras is the 4th largest metro city in India and the capita outh ! "est. North Chennai is primarily an industrial area. Central Chennai is the commercial heart of the c are now #ecoming commercial with upcoming firms ! call centres. The city is fast e$panding in the south ! the Musical ! Cultural capital of India. The city is known for its classical dance shows ! %indu temples. Rivers Cooum and &dayar these two rivers are almost stagnant and do not carry water e$cept during rain

Places to visit
Kapaleeswar Temple

'apaleeswar Temple It is located at Mylapore in Chennai. The presiding deity is (ord 'apaleeswar )(ord iva*. +op Time to visit Entrance fee Video camera ,.-. am to /.... am ! 0 pm to 1 pm No No

St. Geor e !ort "useum- t. +eorge 2ort Museum 3 Important place to visit to know a#out ancient Chennai. It has great historical Tamilnadu (egislative &ssem#ly ! office of the ecretariat of Tamilnadu.*

Time to visit /. am 1 pm

Entrance fee 4s /.. )foreigners* ! 4s /. )for Indians*


St."ar#$s Church- t.Mary5s Church 3 The first &nglican Church in India constructed in /6,..

Time to visit /. am 1 pm

Entrance fee Nil

Video camera 2ree

Govt."useum-+ovt.Museum3 Multi purpose state +overnment museum covers an area of /6.1 acres of land7 si$ independent #uil

Time to visit 8.-. am 1 pm

Entrance fee 4s 01.93 )for foreigners* ! 4s /1 )for Indians*

Video camera 4s 0.. ! :ideo Camera fee

Theosophical Societ#-Theosophical ociety 3 It was founded #y Madam %.; <lavatsky and Col %. =lcott of > &. It deals with r hundred years old, is still alive in this campus. It is located in &dayar.

Time to visit ,.-. am to /.... am ! 0 pm to 1 pm

Entrance fee No

Video camera No

Kalashetra% 'alashetra &n important cultural centre for <harathanattiyam is 'alakshetra, on the #each in the south of the city It renowned training centre for the classical dances ! music of India. It is also called as @Temple of &rts@. It is located /.

Time to visit

Entrance fee

Video camera aturdays, undays !

,.-. am to 0... 4s 0.. )for foreigners* ! 2ree for Not allowed )sometimes with special pm Indians permission*

"arina &each% Marina <each It is the second largest #each in the world runs for /0 'm along the shoreline of the city &rignar & historic &nimal ;ark, Aoo education and interpretation and &Buarium.

from Chennai city. &nimals can #e seen in a large open island type enclosure with natural environment. The attractions

Time to visit ,.-. am to 1.-. pm

Entrance fee 4s 0.

Video camera 4s /1. ! till Camer

Valluvar Kottam%:alluvar 'ottam It is located in 'odam#akkam and it is constructed in the memory of the classical Tamil poet Thiruvarur Temple Chariot.

Time to visit ,.-. am to 6... pm

Entrance fee 4s 1

Video camera

Not &llowed ! till Camera N

Sna'e Par'% nake ;ark 3 It is located in +uindy. It houses an impressive collection of snakes. %ere the demonstration of e$tractio Turtle, Tortoise and the Monitor (iCard are some of the popular reptiles.

Time to visit ,.-. am to 1.-. pm

Entrance fee 4s /.

Video camera 4s /.. ! till Camer

Guide Services% +uide ervices 3 "e can provide guide services who is well versed with the places as well posses the knowledge provide them as per their availa#ility

(a# E)cursions from Chennai Chennai 'anchipuram Chennai Chennai Maha#alipuram Chennai Chennai 'anchipuram Maha#alipuram Chennai Chennai ;ondicherry Chennai *otels in Chennai G+" "eridian 3m4i'a Empire *otel Vi6a# Par' Ro#al Pla7a Savera 3m4assador Pallava GRT Grand Ta6 Connemara 3ccord "etropolitan Ta6 Coromandal Trident GRT Radisson +e "eridian The Par' Ta6 Clu4 *ouse Sheraton Chola , Star 5 star 5 star 5 Star . star . star . Star 0 Star 0 Star 0 Star 0 Star 0 Star 0 Star 0 Star 0 Star 0 Star -.. .,-/-000 1 -.. .,-/-/ www.thevi6a#par'.com www. www. www.thepar' www.itcwelcom

Rain Tree *otel 8 3nna Salai *otel &en7 Par'

. Star 5 Star www.4en77par'.com

*otel Radha Re ent . Star Restaurants Mainland China Chinese %otel 'araikudi Chettinad aravana <havan outh Indian ;ure :egetarian &maravati outh Indian 9 Continental *ospitals &pollo %ospitals 3 .44 3 0,08.0.. 9 0,08---?r.&garwal5s Dye %ospital .44 0,//0,// 9 0,//0101 +overnment +eneral %ospital .44 0,4,-0E0 'ilpauk Medical college and hospitals .44 0,-6481/ 9 10 tanley %ospital .44 010,/-1/ %indu Mission %ospital .44 00060044 Malar %ospitals (td .44 048/4.0ankara Nethralaya %ospital 3 .4430,0E/6/6 )/0 lines* National Institute of iddha 3 .44300-,/-/4 !airs 9 !estivals in Chennai The <rahmotsavam )including the &ru#athimoovar 3 6- saints festival* of 'apaleeswar temple located in Mylapore is c lasts for ten days. & #ig fair is held near the temple. The float festival held in Fanuary 3 2e#ruary in Mylapore is a ;arthasarathy temple in Triplicane, the most important is the :aikunta Dkadasi o#served )?ecem#er3Fanuary*In t music and dance* festival Railwa#s% Chennai is the head Buarters of outhern 4ailways. There are two rail terminals at Chennai.

Chennai Central /-0 )Manual reservation enBuiry* 3 .44301-1-1-1 Chennai Dgmore /-1 )Manual 4eservation enBuiry* 3 .4430,01/164
Kanchipuram - Tamil Nadu Kanchipuram 8 The Cit# of Thousand Temples or The Sil' Cit#

Kanchipuram 4ein that district head:uarters; is /0 Km awa# from Chennai 9 is well con as cit# of thousand temples. <t was mainl# ruled 4# the Pallavas. <t is also called as =Sil' Cit#> as sil' saris for its culture and civili7ation. The econom# of Kanchipuram is mainl# dependent on tourism and the well here are considered as the 4est in the world. River - The Palar River is one of the most important rivers runnin throu h the district. Tan's and wells are the Guide service 8 Tourist Guides who spea' different lan ua es li'e En lish; !rench; German; <tal# and Spanish; Places to visit

Kailasanathar temple8 an ei hth centur# temple is dedicated to +ord Shiva. This temple is noted for its architect around the main shrine as compound wall. Sandstone was used for the construction of this temple. Time to visit Entrance fee

1 am to /0 pm ! 4 pm to ,.-. pm No E'am4areswarar temple - This temple represents one of the five elements called Earth ?Prithvi@. 3nother ancien man o tree inside the temple has . 4ranches each #ields different varieties of man oes. Time to visit Entrance fee Video

1 am to /0 ! 4 pm to ,.-. pm No 4s /.. ! till Varadhara6a temple - This temple is dedicated to +ord Vishnu. The temple is noted for its wonderful sculptures. Time to visit Entrance fee Vid 1 am to /0.-. pm ! 4 pm to ,.-. pm No 4s /.. ! Vai'undhaperumal temple- <t is dedicated to lord Vishnu. <t is also one of the A-2 (iv#adesams. Time to visit Entrance fee

1 am to /0 pm ! 4... pm to ,.-. pm No Kama'shiamman temple - <t is dedicated to Goddess Kama'shi 8 the presidin deit#. <t is one of the hol# Sa'thi 3di San'arachar#a Time to visit Entrance fee

1 am to /0 ! 4 pm to ,.-. pm No *andloom industr# 8 Kanchipuram is also famous for handloom Sil' Sarees. The main profession of people in K (a# E)cursions from Chennai Kanchipuram 8 Vellore Golden Temple ?Sripuram@ 8 Kanchipuram <t is dedicated to Goddess "ahala'shmi. Th hours drive. !rom Chennai it is A.- Km and will ta'e 5 B hours drive Time to visit Entrance fee Video camera *oli

, am to , pm No strictly not allowed N Kanchipuram - Vedanthan al &irds Sanctuar# 8 Kanchipuram <t is one of the ma6or water 4ird sanctuaries in <ndia. <t is C- Km from Kanchipuram. The 4est season to visit th Time to visit Entrance fee camera

E am 6 pm 4s /.93 4s 0193 !airs 9 !estivals There are various fairs and festivals round the #ear at Kanchipuram. Some important festivals include the &rah which are held in the months of Danuar#; 3pril; and "a# respectivel#. Sil' Tourism !estival is or ani7ed i *otels in Kanchipuram GRT Re enc# 5 Star www.

<t is 5 Km fr

*erita e <nn

-.. ,/,,/2A/ Restaurants

<t is A B 'm f

Saravana &havan


*erita e <nn -.. ,/,,/2A/ " *ospitals Government *ospital 8 -.AA,-,,C.,.C 3ri nar 3nna Cancer <nstitute 8 -.AA,-,,,/F3ri nar 3nna Cancer *ospital - -.AA,-,,,0.. 1 -.AA,-,,,00. C.S.< "ission *ospital 8 -.AA,-,,55F, 1 -.AA,-,,.-5F San'ar E#e *ospital 8 -.AA,-,,5F.- 1 -.AA,-,,5.0, +a'shmi *ospital - -.AA,-,,5F-5 1 -.AA,-,,5A-Road% Kanchipuram is well connected with the other cities of Tamilnadu. The distance from Chennai is /- Km 8 8 , hours drive The distance from Tirupathi is AA- Km 8 5 hours drive The distance from Tiruvannamalai Railwa#s% Kanchipuram station - -..-,/,,5A.F Kanchipuram can 4e reached from Chennai Central station and from 3irwa#s% The nearest airport is Chennai. <t will ta'e , hours drive to reach.

"aha4alipuram - Tamil Nadu 8 The Cit# of Epen 3ir "useum

It is one of the important places to visit in 'anchipuram district. Maha#alipuram lies on is located at a#out E. 'm from Chennai It was a flourishing port town during the time of ;allavas. The monu ?ravidian temple architecture and ;allava art. The speciality a#out Maha#alipuram is the rock 3 cut caves, tem different structures, and #as3reliefs, which are so artistic and sheer creativity. Mamallapuram is referred as an +uides )Dnglish, 2rench, +erman, Italy and panish* from Chennai #ased on their availa#ility. Places to visit The Caves 3 There are nine cave temples, which are cut in the rocks in Mamallapuram. &mong some of the m occupy an important place. 2eaturing two incarnations of :ishnu that are :araha )#oar* and :amana )dwarf*, The Shore temples It is now listed as one of the world heritage sites of the >ND C=. Numerous carvings sandwiched #etween two hiva temples.

Time to visit Dntrance fee .E&m to 1;m 4s 01. )foreigners* ! 4s /. )for Indians* !ive Rathas These are also called as ;ancha ;andava 4athas. These are e$cellent e$amples of ?ravidian ar Dpic Maha#harata.

3r6una$s Penance 3 It is an enormous #as3relief done up with detailed carvings and include a family of eleph largest <as3relief in the world. The rock is in the shape of a whale and it faces the sea. KrishnaGs &utter4all 3 It is a gigantic natural rock #alanced on a hillside ! seems to roll down any moment. Ti er Cave It is 4 'ms north of the main monument comple$. It was #uilt as an open3air theatre, where cul The sculpture of the tigers at the entrance gives it the name of Tiger Caves. Krishna "andapam 3 This is the #iggest among the Mandapams and is dedicated to (ord 'rishna. The scul 'rishna. (a'shinaChitra Madras Crafts 2oundation found ?akshinachitra for the promotion and preservation of the ;radesh, 'arnataka and 'erala. imply we can say it is the H;icture of outhI. It is worth visiting and one can and culture. It is located on the Dast Coast 4oad at Muttukadu 0/ kms outh of Chennai Time to visit Dntrance fee Camera :ideo camera %olidays /.J..hrs to /,J..hrs 4s 0..93 )for foreigners* and 4s E193 for Indians 4s /.93 4s 1.93 Tuesday )ope Crocodile farm 3 The #ank e$tends over an area of -.0 hectares and provides refuge to the different species o found here. There is also a Tri#al society, which runs a snake venom e$traction centre. Time to visit Dntrance fee Camera .,J-.hrs to /EJ-.hrs 4s -.93 )for Indians ! 2oreigners* 4s -.93 "uttu'adu 3 This is an ideal picnic spot. It is 01 'm from Maha#alipuram. The Tamil Nadu Tourism ?evelo #oathouse,where the tourists can enKoy #oat ride E)cursion from "aha4alipuram Thiru''alu'undramJ This temple is located /E kms from Maha#alipuram enroute 'anchipuram. This tourist spot has a small hiva temple situated on the top of the :edagiri hill, which is /6.m high. Fust #e and are fed #y the temple priests. (egend has it that these two #irds are actually saints who daily make a stop 4ameswaram. There is also a larger hiva Temple in the town #elow. &t the outheast end of the town is a sp powers. =nce every /0 years, a conch is discovered in this tank and thousands of devotees flock to #athe in th is displayed in the larger hiva Temple. Time to visit Dntrance fee .6.. hrs to /0-. hrs and /6-. hrs to 0...hrs 3 +ord "uru an Temple 8 Thiruporur%It is located in Thiruporur, /6 'ms away. &n ancient temple dedicate several inscriptions. Vedanthan alJ ituated 61 'ms away from Maha#alipuram and 6. 'ms from 'anchipuram It is one of the m this place is morning .1.. hrs to .,.. hrs and evening .--. hrs to .E.. hrs )=cto#er to March*. !airs 9 !estivals (ance !estival Maha#alipuram ?ance 2estival is #eing organiCed #y the Tamilnadu Tourism for four weeks performances of Indian Classical dance forms like <harathanattiyam, 'uchipudi, 'athakali, odyssey and folk "asi "a am It will #e held in the month of 2e#ruary9March and on the full moon day )Tamil Month Masi* prayer in the ;erumal temple, will #ring good things in life. 2loating festival also will #e held on a full moon Pon al festival a harvest festival7 Tamilnadu Tourism ?evelopment Corporation )TT?C* is cele#rating this %otels in Maha#alipuram Mamalla %eritage <udget .4430E440.6.90E44006. It is near to the Maha#alipu Mamalla <each 4esort <udget It is located - 'm from the Maha#s Inn <udget .443 0E440641 It is near to the Maha#alipu ea <reeCe - tar .4430E44-.-1 It is located L 'm from th Ideal <each 4esort - tar It is located 4 'm from the www.m M+M <each 4esort - tar It is located 01 'm from th Chariot <each 4esort 4 tar It is located 0'm from the

TaK 2isherman5s Cove 1 tar +4T 4adisson Temple <ay 1 tar www. 4estaurants Moon 4akers 4estaurant 3 Maha#alipuram Mamalla %eritage 3 Maha#alipuram Road% Maha#alipuram is well connected #y the other cities of Tamilnadu. The distance from Chennai is E. 'm 0 hours drive The distance from 'anchipuram is E. 'm 0 hours drive The distance from ;ondicherry is 8. 'm 0 hours drive Railwa#sJ Nearest railway station is Chennai )E. 'm 0 hours drive* 3irwa#sJ Nearest airport is Chennai )E. 'm 0 hours drive* Pondicherr# 8 The !rench Colon#

It is located /, 'm from th It is located / 'm from the Maha#alipuram Maha#alipuram

;ondicherry )now it is changed as ;uducherry* is the Capital of ;ondicherry >nion T ruled this territory for -.. years, and today, it stands as a living monument of the 2rench culture in India located on the Coromandel Coast of the <ay of <engal. ;ondicherry is a uniBue place. Many feel that it has a surrounded #y a congested #oulevard.The >nion Territory of ;ondicherry comprises of four unconnected districts
'araikal are situated on the Dast Coasts in Tamil Nadu, Manam in &ndhra ;radesh and Mahe on the "est Coast in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and 2rench.

Places to visit Sri 3uro4hindo 3shram was founded #y ri &uro#hindo, a <engal revolutionary and ;hilosopher who s his period, the ashram was run #y Hthe MotherI 3 the chief disciple of &uro#hindo. Its spiritual principle rep Time to visit Entrance fee Video camera .,.. /0.. hrs and /4.. hrs No 3 Children #elow - years of age are not allowed photography is allowe /,.. hrs into the ashram. ashram authorities 3uroville City of ?awn an e$perimental town, was founded #y Ms. Mirra 4ichard also called as HMoth men and women of all countries are a#le to live in peace and progressive harmony, a#ove all creeds, all pol realiCe human unity. It is located , 'm from the ;ondicherry city. Time to visit Entrance fee Video camera .8-. hrs /E-. hrs No not allowed 3uro4hindo *and made Paper factor# 3This factory is one of the &shram5s most successful commercial e e$ported to other countries )#ut now the production has #ecome less*. Time to visit Entrance fee Video camera 8... am /0 pm and 0... pm 4... pm No 3

Pondicherr# "useum %It is located in the former residence of the 2rench &dministrator #uilding. The mus from the ;allava and Chola dynasties and artifacts e$cavated from &rikamedu. Time to visit Entrance fee Video camera * /.... am /... pm and 0... pm 31... pm 4s -93 3 M "ana''ula Vina#a ar Temple 3 This temple is more than -.. years old and is dedicated to (ord +anesh. forms of (ord +anesh. Time to visit Entrance fee V 6... am /0.-. pm and 4 pm ,.-. pm No n Sri Kanni a Parameswari Temple 3 This temple is dedicated to (ordess hakthi7 it is a uniBue temple, stro a #lend of Tamil and 2rench architecture. It is located in M.+ 4oad. Time to visit Entrance fee V 6.-. am /0.-. pm and 4 pm ,.-. pm No n Sacred *eart Church 3 (ocated on u##ayah alai, this white and #rown neo3gothic church is one of ;ond imposing entrance and the #eautiful stained glass panels depict incidents from Fesus Christ5s life. 2urther al some interesting tom#s with ornate mar#le decorations. &eaches in Pondicherr# 3 ;romenade, ;aradise <each, erenity <each and &uroville <each. (a# e)cursion from Pondicherr#J Pondicherr# 8 Gin ee 8 Pondicherr# +ingee is E1 'm away from ;ondicherry. +ingee is home to a huge three hills with the ruins of a palace, a temple, a mosBue, a granary and an auditorium. tart early in the mo up. "e need to take stocks of food and enough drinking water. Pondicherr# 8 Tiruvannamalai - Pondicherr# Tiruvannamalai is //. 'm from ;ondicherry. Tiruvannam the five elements, called H2ireI* and ri 4amana &shram. Pondicherr# 8 Chidam4aram 8 Pondicherr# Chidam#aram is 61 'm away from ;ondicherry. This is one also it is one among the five elements ) ky*.The NataraKar Temple is famous for its sculptures and massive Pondicherr# 8 Pichavaram - Pondicherr# ;ichavaram is located /1 km east of Chidam#aram. ;ichavaram 1. tiny islands amidst hundred of canals in the mangrove forest. %otels in ;ondicherry E)ecutive <nn &ud et -.A5-,,,..,, 1 ,55-F,F Sur uru &ud et -.A5-,55F-,, Gin er *otel &ud et www.Gin er*otels.com1Pondicherr# 3nnamalai <nternational 5 Star 3nandha <nn 5 Star Kailash &each Resort 5 Star www.' The Richmond . Star Sun Ha# GRT Grand 5 Star www. *otel 3tithi 5 Star (e + IErient 8*erita e 5 Star Jest &i &each 5 Star The (une &each Resort 5 Star +e (uple) 8 *erita e 5 Star Promenade . Star +e Pond# . Star 4estaurants Satsan a continental

3n6appar Restaurant South <ndian Chettinad +$*erita e at *otel 3nandha <nn "ulticusine Sea ulls Restaurant "ulticusine 3nu raha at *otel Sur uru South <ndian 9 North <ndian Ve etarian The Sura4i Restaurant at 3nandha <nn South <ndian 9 North <ndian Ve etarian The 3risto South <ndian Non-Ve foods China Town Chinese Rende7 Vou7 "ulticusine *ospitals D<P"ER 3 00E0-,.38.)// (IND *, 00E0/,/, 00E0--E East coast *ospital +imited 3 00441,E9004/,/E900068809E-6/ Pondicherr# Cit# *ospitals ?P@ +td. 3 00//16E900/0411 Rani *ospital 3 00E08.1, 00E0,14 New "edical Centre 3 00010,8, 00010,E 3sho' Nursin *ome 3 00//16E, 00/0418, 00/48/8 Pondicherr# <nstitute of "edical Science 3 06160E/, 06160E0, 06160E3uroville *ealth Centre 3 0600/0-, 0600.// 3rvind E#e *ospital 3 06/8/..,06/8/./,06/8/.0,06/8/.4 Sethu Nursin *ome 3 000101-, -08.66., 0--6,E, !airs 9 !estivals% <nternational Ko a !estival in FanuaryJ Dvery year from 4th to Eth Fanuary yogies and yoginies from worl ideas and ways. :arious live shows and talks are organiCed through Indian dance, music and various Indian and its philosophy. "aasi "a am 3 March 3 The festival will #e cele#rated in the sea shore )near 'urichikuppam, comprises o sacred images from a wide region are #athed ritually. In the evening, the sacred images gathered in one plac illuminated cars in differed shapes )image #earing vehicle*. &astille (a# 3 =n /4 Fuly, <astille ?ay, ;ondicherry witnesses Indo32rench pageantry. >niformed war vete %eart3warmingly, the 2rench flag can #e seen flying alongside the Indian flag on many housetops. !ete (e Pondicherr# 3 & cultural pageant, coinciding with the (i#eration ?ay and the Independence ?ay. marvellous sight. The Mother5s <irth &nniversary =n 0/st 2e#ruary, devotees Bueue at ri &uro#hindo &shram starting early /1th &ugust ri &uro#indo5s <irth &nniversary. =n this day, devotees Bueue at ri &uro#indo &shram st room. :illianur 3 ri +okilam#al Thirukameshwara Temple Chariot 2estivalJ The annual Temple Car 2estival, wh pulling of a /13metre tall chariot through the streets #y a large crowd of devotees. Road% 4eaching ;ondicherry is fast and easy if you prefer travelling #y road. The distance from Chennai to connected #y the other cities in Tamilnadu. The distance from Chennai is /6. 'm - L hours drive The distance from Maha#alipuram is 8. 'm 0 hours drive The distance from Tiruvannamalai is //. 'm 0 L hours drive The distance from TanKore is 0/. 'm 1 hours drive Railwa#s% The train system in ;ondicherry is infreBuent and slow. The narrow gauge track is connected fro 3irwa#s% The nearest airport is at Chennai. Thiruvannamalai- the (ivine cit# for Spiritual Enli htenment

Tiruvannamalai #eing the capital of its own district is regarded as a sacred city ! is loca from all over world come to Thiruvannamalai, a ;ilgrimage city filled with living enlightenment gurus. This a )&nnamalai hill*, a mountain raising 4... Meters heavenly from the ground. Tiruvannamalai is famous for & around the &nnamalai hill which is referred as +irivalam and offer special prayers to &runachala. piritual gu and many more saints and sages were living and still living here to #ring the divinity close to people.Travelin divine field, filled with density of holiness and sounds. Thiruvannamalai is one such pilgrimage site, filled wi mysterious powers. Places to visit 3runachaleshwar Temple It is one of the #iggest and grand temples in outh India. It is dedicated to (ord &mman. It is one among the five elements, representing &gni )2ire*. It has also much architectural importanc
Time to visit Entrance fee Camera

1.-. am to /0.-. pm ! -.-. pm 8J.. pm Nil Not &llowe Girivalam Path - =n 2ull Moon days and festival days )like 'arthigai, first day of the Tamil month, Tamil New Mear mountain to get the #lessings of the (ord &runachala. G+iri5 means hill and G:alam5 means coming around, henc *ow to do Girivalam <t is advised that devotees should walk around the hill )called +irivalam* #arefoot. It covers a hill all through your +irivalam.;refera#ly, +irivalam should #e undertaken only during full moon nights or else i +irivalam. Sri Ramana 3shram - Mahan ri 4amana maharishi lived in this Thiruvannamalai town. ri 4amana &shram is one t his &shram. It is situated #etween the second and third (ingam on the +irivalam route. <elief is that our spiritua meditation hall of 4amana ashram. Time to visit Entrance fee Video

1... am to /0... pm ! 0... pm ,.-. pm No with prior permission on Sri Seshadri Swami al 3shram - eshadri wamigal ashram is ne$t to ri 4amanashram #etween the second and thir at the amadhi of ri eshadri wamigal.There are a few platforms for meditation in the open, in a #eautiful gard Time to visit Entrance fee

6... am /... pm ! -.-. pm 8... pm No with (a# E)cursions from Tiruvannamalai Tiruvannamalai 8 Sathanur (am 8 Tiruvannamalai athanur ?am is one of the MaKor ?ams constructed across ;ennaiyar 4iver. The dam can #e reached #y road, -. kms during the year /81,. athanur ?am is the oldest hero in Cinema Industry. &ll the films in midst of /86.3/8,. w lawns and parks. & mini Coo is maintained inside the park area for the Children to play. Time to visit Entrance fee Video c E am to E pm 4s 693 per person

not allo

Thiruvannamalai 8 Gin ee 8 Thiruvannamalai +ingee is 41 'm from Thiruvannamalai. +ingee is home to a huge fort comple$ )stands tall on the ,.. ft hill*, spread o granary and an auditorium. tart early in the morning as the heat will #ecome un#eara#le once the sun is up. It is Time to visit Entrance fee

within the 4aKagiri 2ort and 'rishnagiri 2ort* Thiruvannamalai 8 Vellore Golden Temple ?Sripuram@ 8 Thiruvannamalai +olden Temple or ripuram is a piritual ;ark situated at the foot of a small range of green hills in a place known as Th ripuram is the (akshmi Narayani temple or Mahalakshmi temple whose@:imanam5 and G&rdha Mandapam5 hav distance from Thiruvannamalai to :ellore is 81 'm 0 L hours drive. Time to visit Entrance fee Video camera , am to , pm No

8... am to 1.-. pm

4s /.. for a foreigner ! 4s 193 for an Indian )&dmission fee applica#le only to al

strictly not allow

*otels in Thiruvannamalai *otel Sparsa 5 Star

<t is 5 Km fr

*otel 3runai 3nandha &ud et -.A/0 - ,5/,/0 <t is , B Km f *ospitals 4amana Maharishi 4angammal %ospital 0-E/., wamy Moganandha Naturopathy %ospital 01/04/ ri :asavi %ospital 3 004-E0 ri 4amanamaharish Dye %ospital 00846/ 4aKan ?ental %ospital 0061-8 &runachala Nursing %ome 3 0016/0 ri 4agavendra %ospital3 0-6.46 !airs 9 !estivals Many festivals are cele#rated at &runachaleshwar temple in Tiruvannamalai throughout the year. &mong them 'arthig &runachaleshwar temple every year in the month of 'arthigai that falls #etween /1th Novem#er and /1th ?ecem the festival of lights. This 'arthigai ?eepam is cele#rated as a /- days festival and it is widely known as 'arthig The ;ancha ;arva :iCha is the name of the festival that takes place during &mavasya )new moon day*, 'arthigai, ;radh temple. Chithirai :iCha happens for /. days, in the Tamil month of Chithirai )&pril 9 May*. This festival closes on in Chitra ;o place there. The &adipoora :iCha for ;arasakthi occurs for /. days in the Tamil month of &adi )Fuly 9 &ugust*. =n the /.th day :a /1th &ugust, the &runagiri Nadhar :iCha is cele#rated. :allar MaharaKa 2estival on Masi Maga day )2e#ruary 9 March* and 2inal Ceremonies follows /.., angu &#ishegam on every omvar )Monday* in the month of 'arthigai )Novem#er 9 ?ecem#er* This is consider Railwa#s% The nearest maKor 4ailway station is at :illupuram E. 'm / L hours 3irwa#s%The nearest airport is at Chennai 0.. 'm 4 L hours Road%Thiruvannamalai is well connected with many other maKor cities of Tamilnadu, 'arnataka and &ndhra. Place (istance

Chennai 'anchipuram Maha#alipuram <angalore ;ondicherry Trichy Thirupathi

0.. 'm /1. 'm /E. 'm 0/. 'm //. 'm 00. 'm 0.. 'm

Chidam4aram- the +and of Cosmic (ancer ?+ord Natara6a@

Chidam#aram the (and of Cosmic ?ancer )(ord NataraKa*Chidam#aram is 04. 'ms holy place for aivites as the famous NataraKa Temple is located here. ?edicated to (ord NataraKa, this a devoted solely to the art of <haratanatyam, #ut also it is one of the rare temples where hiva is represented # over an area of 4. acres with a gopuram on each side, The eastern gopuram is 4.., m. high and carved on i tower has also similar carvings while the northern tower that soars to a height of 40.4 m. is the tallest. The id which is covered with gold ;lates. The icon is a stunning piece of sculpture that evokes a sense of c Chidam#aram #rings together all the prominent dancers of India. They offer their a#hinaya and their dance t occasion of the Maha hivaratri day.The value of the town is enhanced not only #y the NataraKar temple #ut also # Places to visit Natara6ar Temple- The temple is located in the centre of the town covering an area of 4. acres. It is one of the anci

with gold plates. The presiding deity of the temple is (ord NataraKar ) hiva*, representing air, one of the five el this temple was not under the %.4 ! C.D control. <ut, recently it has #een taken over #y the %indu 4eligious and Tamil Nadu Cities Chennai 'anchipuram Maha#alipuram ;ondicherry Thiruvannamalai

Chidam#aram 'um#akonam TanKore Trichy Madurai 'araikudi 4ameshwaram 'anyakumari Kerala Cities Trivandrum :arkala 'ollam Munnar &lleppey kumarakom 'ottayam The *ome; uesthouse at &an alore Time to visit 6... am /0... pm ! 1 pm to /.J-. pm

Entrance fee No


Not &llowed

3nnamalai Lniversit# %&nnamalai >niversity 3 It is 0 'm from Chidam#aram. It was founded #y ?r. 4aKah ir &nnama

oldest >niversities in southern India. Its alumni have gone on to #ecome great academicians and researchers a#out /... acres. *otels in Chidam4aram ?ST( Code - -.A..@ Saradha Ram &ud et ,,A555C

<t is A Km from the Natara6a Temple. <t is the cheapest hote

*ETE+ GR3N( P3+3CE ST3K% %=TD( +4&N? ;&(&CD T&M is a 0 star classified hotel, ideally located in the heart of t

&nnamalai >niversity and Chidam#aram 4ailway tation. (ocated in calm and serene environment, offers a choice of


+overnment +eneral %ospital 00-.88, 000.8, M.4.:. Medical Centre 00.6/8 Thillai Nursing %ome 3 0006-1 Fothi Nursing %ome 0006E.
!airs 9 !estivals

Two annual <rahmotsavam at Chidam#aram are of great significance, as they involve colorful processions of occurs in the month of MargaChi )which falls #etween ?ec /1 3 Fan /1*, concluding on the full moon day corr ?arisanam is cele#rated in aivites temples all over Tamilnadu*. The second of the <rahmotsavam happens in the Tamil month of &ani )falls in Fune9 Fuly*, and it concludes w similar to &rudra ?arisanam in MargaChi. Chidam#aram <harathanattiyam ?ance 2estival NatyanKali is a 1 days dance festival, organiCed every year

March period.Dminent dancers from all over India will take part and will provide a magnificent performance. Railwa#s% The nearest maKor 4ailway station is at Trichy. 3irwa#s%The nearest airport is at Trichy /,1 'm 4 hours
Road% Place Chennai ;ondicherry Maha#alipuram Trichy TanKore Trichy Kum4a'onam% Kum4a'onam is called a temple town (istance 0.. 'm E. 'm /6. 'm /,1 'm /0. 'm 00. 'm

Kum4a'onam 8 The Temple Town<t is in Tan6ore district; .- Km awa# from Tan is called as Temple Town. The cit# is famous for the "ahamaham festival; which is cele4rated once in of the town. The town is famous for 4rass vessels especiall# lamps; Sil's; Panchalo a ?0 metals@ ido Kum4a'onam. (o7ens of temples are scattered around the town and this is a ood 4ase to visit th Ramanu6am 4elon s to Kum4a'onam. The town is 4ounded 4# two rivers; the river Cauver# on the No Places to visit 3adhi Kum4eswarar Temple- is the ma6or one amon the Saivite temples and located in the centre of K Kum4eswarar ?Shiva@ is the presidin deit# of Kum4a'onam and "anthrapeeteswari "an alam4i'a ? hu e and has 4eautiful artwor'.3 uni:ue feature here is the depiction of ,/ stars and the A, 7odiac si n "andapam. The famous festival of *indus "ahamaham is associated with this temple.
Time to visit 6... &M ./J.. ;M ! 4 ;M 8J.. ;M Entrance fee Video camera *olida#s


Not &llowed


Na eswara Temple%<t is dedicated to Shiva in the uise of Na ara6a; the serpent 'in . 3lso 'nown as GK Kum4a'onam old 4us stand. The desi n and orientation are structured in such a wa# that it allows the month of Chithirai. This is the site of an annual festival that cele4rates the worship of the +in am 4# th or Keel Kottam. This is the town$s oldest temple.
Time to visit 6... am ./... pm ! 4 pm .8J.. pm Entrance fee No

Video c

Not &l

Saran a4ani Temple -<t is the lar est Vishnu temple in Kum4a'onam. The main deit# of this temple is +ordess Komalavalli Tha#ar ?+a'shmi@. The 'aruvarai ?<nner sanctum@ and Vimanam ?roof@ are mad chariot.This temple shrine is in the form of a chariot; which was the wor' of Cholas.
Time to visit 6... am ./... pm ! 4 pm .8J.. pm Entrance fee No

Video c

Not &l

Rama Swam# Temple%The main deit# of Ramaswam# temple is +ord Rama; his consort Sita; +a'shma Gopuram; one "aha "andapam and Karuvarai ?<nner Sanctum@.The columns of "aha "andapam ar Vamana 3vatar; "eena'shi Kal#anam; Su'reeva Patta4hishe'am and Rama#ana.The wall paintin s o incidents from the reat epic IRama#ana$.
Time to visit 6... am ./... pm ! 4 pm .8J.. pm Entrance fee No

Video c

Not &l

Cha''ara4ani Temple% This temple is considered to 4e one of the most important Vishnu temples in So Thirupathi.3ccordin to le end; Sur#a ?The Sun@ once competed with Vishnu to decide who is 4ri hter down the pride of Sur#a.The main deit# of Cha''ara4ani temple is Sri Cha''arathalwar with Sri Vi6a +ord Cha''ara4ani has a third e#e in his forehead.The eastern and the western entrances of this temp Va#il$ respectivel#.The outer pra''aram of this temple is made in the form of a 4alcon#.
Time to visit 6... am ./... pm ! 4 pm .8J.. pm Entrance fee No

Video c

Not &l

(harasuram- <t is 50'ms from Tan6ore and 0 'ms from Kum4a'onam. <t is also a sil' weavin centre.3 architecture.MThis temple was 4uilt 4# Ra6a Ra6a Chola << in the A,th centur# 3 (.This temple is reco Vimanam is 20 feet hi h. The front "andapam is in the form of a hu e chariot drawn 4# horses. This t panels which are in the front of the temple; when struc' produce tones of var#in pitches.
Time to visit 6&M /0 Noon ! 4 ;M ,J.. ;M Entrance fee No

Video cam No

Swamimalai - <t is situated a4out / 'ms west of Kum4a'onam. <t is one amon the si) a4odes of +ord " 4ecause he tau ht the Pranava "antra 8 =E"> to his father +ord Shiva in this a4ode. Ene has to clim4 these C- steps of the temple refer to the C- #ears in the Tamil Calendar.3lso; Swamimalai is famous for
Time to visit 6 &M /J.. ! 4 ;M /. ;M Nava raha Temples Entrance fee 4s.1.

Video came

4s./.. )"ith ;erm



Timin s 6 &M /0.-. ;M 4;M , ;M

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:aitheeswaran 'oil


6 &M / ;M 4 ;M 8 ;M 6 &M /0 N==N 4 ;M 8 ;M 6 &M / ;M 4 ;M 8 ;M E &M /0.-. ;M 4 ;M , ;M 6 &M / ;M 4 ;M 8 ;M 6 &M / ;M 4 ;M ,.-. ;M 6 &M / ;M 4 ;M , ;M

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Kum4a'onam *otels Ra#as Paradise Resort 3nandham ?Sterlin @ Swamimalai &ud et 5 Star . Star

"antra Veppathur - 3 traditional Eco friendl# Resort near Kum4a'onam called "3NTR3 Veppathu a4out C 'm from Kum4a'onam; located at Veppathur; a ver# vi4rant and fertile destination in Tan6or *ospitals in Kum4a'onam% ?-.50@ 3numath# Nursin *ome - ,.5-F-, Kannan Nursin *ome - ,.,,/22

(hanala'shmi Nursin *ome - ,.,A5C2 "unicipal "aternit# Centre - ,.5-5CA Sri Rama'rishna Nursin *ome - ,.5AC.A S.N.< *ospital - ,.,-,F0 Rathna *ospital - ,.---CC Railwa#s% There is a railwa# 6unction in Kum4a'onam.<t is well connected with Tan6ore; Trich#; Chen 3irwa#s%The nearest airport is at Trich#. Ne)t closest airport is at "aduraiN <tGs a4out ,,- 'ms 4# roa land in Chennai airport. Kum4a'onam is around 5,-'ms south of Chennai 4# road. Road%<t is well connected with other cities in Tamilnadu.
Place Chennai ;ondicherry Trichy Chidam#aram Madurai :elankanni TanKore TranBue#ar (istance -0. 'm /E. 'm /.1 'm /.. 'm 00. kms ,. kms 4. 'm E. 'm

Tan6ore ?Than6avur@ - the Rice &owl of Tamilnadu

It is the head Buarters of TanKore district. It is famous for <rahadeeswarar Temple. It is region of the famous river Cauvery. TanKore is an important centre for outh Indian art and architecture. Mos heritage monument are located in and around TanKore. TanKore is also the home of the TanKore painting, a uni during 'ing 4aKa 4aKa Chola. Places to visit &rahadeeswarar Temple 3 it is also called as @<ig Temple@, which was #uilt #y 'ing 4aKa 4aKa Chola. It is a

heritage sites. The main shrine of this temple is (ord <rahadeeswarar ) hiva*. The shiv (inga of <rahadeesw stands tall with its #eaming tower. It@s one of the architectural wonders of the world. The Massive Nandhi me in India. It will take / hour to visit this place. Time to visit Dntrance fee :ideo camera %olidays 6J.. am 3 /J.. pm ! 4J.. pm 3 ,J.. No No 2ees No pm Palace - it is A Km from the temple 9 it was 4uilt 4# Na#a's around A00- 3( and partl# 4# "arathas. palace has hu e corridors; spacious halls; o4servational and arsenal towers and shad# court#ards. Now +i4rar#; 3rt Galler# and San eetha "ahal are situated. Time to visit Entrance fee Video cam
3 2orignerJ 4s.-. 9 IndianJ 4s.E

Saraswathi "ahal +i4rar# - The Saraswathi "ahal +i4rar# was started 4etween the intervals of A050 3 was e)panded 4# the "aratha 'in s 4etween AC/5 3( and A200. Specificall# durin the 'in dom of Sa li4rar# has collections of rare and illustrated manuscripts in <ndian and European lan ua es. The palm rare Sans'rit 4oo's in the li4rar# were collected 4# the Kin Saro4o6i from various places of the weste
Time to visit 8... am 3 /... pm ! 0... pm 3 1... pm Entrance fee No Video camera Not &llowed Dvery "ednesday, 0nd

Na#a' 3rt Galler# - the art aller# occupies the Na#a' (ur4ar *all. <t has a collection of &ron7e statue A0th centuries. Time to visit Entrance fee
8... am 3 /... pm ! -... pm 3 6... pm

4s 6. for foreigners ! 4s E93 for Indians)Child up to .1 years no charg

"aratha (ur4ar *all - The splendid "aratha (ur4ar *all; 4uilt 4# Shah6i << in AC2. has ela4oratel# d now houses the Ra6ara6a "useum and 3rt Galler# with an impressive collection of 4ron7e and stone id
Time to visit /.... am 3 /... pm ! 0... pm 3 1... pm Entrance fee 4s 1. for foreigners ! 4s /.93 for Indians

Siva an ai Garden - <t is a 4eautiful par'. <t is located to the North of the &i Temple. <t has a ood co Tamil Lniversit# - <t is esta4lished in AF2A. The universit# is en a ed in advanced stud# and research i instruments.
Time to visit 6 &M 3 /.J.. ;M Entrance fee No

Video cam

Not &llo

(a# E)cursions from Tan6ore Tan6ore - Velan'anni ?Vailan'anni@ - Tan6ore Velan'anni is a small town; located on the shores of &a# of &en al. Velan'anni is famous for Roman C *ealthG. <t is A-- Km from Tan6ore 9 will ta'e , - hours drive.
Time to visit 6J.. am 3 /.J.. pm Entrance fee No

Video cam

Not allow

*otel in Velan'anni "G" Velan'anni , Star www.m

<t is , Km from the Church. <t is th

Tan6ore GTran:ue4ar G Tan6ore Tran:ue4ar is A,- Km from Tan6ore. Tran:ue4ar is also 'nown as Taran am4adi; which means GPlac town in Na apattinam district. <t is a4out A-- 'm south of Pondicherr# near the mouth of a distri4utor from AC,- - A2.0. Tran:ue4ar &each - Tran:ue4ar 4each is a sea side villa e; where the (anish merchants settled for tra 4each; which tells us the past. <t is an ideal shore for Sun and tans our s'in. !ort- 3 (anish nav# officer 4uilt this fort in AC,- 3.(. <t is called as (ans4or !ort. <t is still standin The fort consists of two levels. The Rooms ad6oinin the Rampart wall at the lower level were used as upper level was used for the residence of the Governor and the Priests. The monument is declared histo 3rchaeolo ical Sites and Remains 3ct of AFCC.
Time to visit /. &M 3 0 ;M ! - ;M 3 6 ;M Entrance fee Indians 3 4s.193 ! 2oreigners 3 4s.1.93 Camera 4s.1.93



Tran:ue4ar *otels &un alow on the &each Gate *ouse *erita e *erita e

Tan6ore GGan ai'ondacholapuramG Tan6ore Gan ai'ondacholapuram is /0 Km from Tan6ore 9 50 Km from Kum4a'onam. The cit# was founded march to the Gan es. The name means - The Town of the Chola who captured Gan es. The temple whi in Tan6ore. <t was 4uilt 4# Ra6endra Chola son of Ra6a Ra6a Chola. The Shiva +in am in the temple is remains temperature controlled. <t remains cool durin summer and warm durin winter. There are ., walls. The 4est time to visit this place is winter. <t is located in 4etween Chidam4aram and Kum4a'ona
Time to visit E &M 3 /0 Noon ! 4 ;M 3 , ;M )for inner sanctum* Entrance fee No *otels in Tan6ores Gnanam Eriental Towers <deal River View Star Residenc# &ud et 5 Star 5 Star , star www.hotel

<t is A Km f

<t is A B Km

<t is F Km f <t is , Km

Parisutham San am

. Star . Star www.hotelsan

<t is A Km f

<t is A Km f

!airs 9 !estivals Thiruvai#aru "usic !estival 34out A. 'ms from Than6avur; a Carnatic classical music festival ?Thi#a ara6ar 3radhana@ is cele4rat cele4rated in honor of the Carnatic music saint; Thi#a ara6ar. *e is one of the Trinit# of Carnatic "us cele4rated in man# places all over the world. *owever; the 3radhana festival at Thiruvai#aru is much Pradosham- Pradosham is randl# cele4rated ever# month in the &i Temple. <t is 4elieved that all the durin Pradosham time. Pradosham falls once in ever# A0 da#s and considered most auspicious 4# Saiv moon da#@ or Pournami ?full moon da#@. &irth 3nniversar# of Kin Ra6a Ra6a Chola- is cele4rated as GSadha#a Vi7haG at Tan6ore &rahadeeswa which falls in the Tamil month of <#ppasi ?Ecto4er@. (ance !estival - !estival of dance and music held in the &rahadeeswarar temple ever# ,nd and .th Sat *ospitals in Tan6ore% ?ST( Code - -.5C,@ Eur +ad# of *ealth *ospitals - ,5C0/, 3dventist *ospitals - ,,C,C, 3nnamalai RKR *ospital - ,5CAFC Chola *ospitals ?P@ +td - ,/0000 Govt. Ra6a "irasudar *ospital - ,/.AF/ (hanala'shmi Nursin *ome - ,.,A5C2 "unicipal "aternit# Centre - ,.5-5CA Sri Rama'rishna Nursin *ome - ,.5AC.A S.N.< *ospital - ,.,-,F0 Rathna *ospital - ,.---CC Railwa#s% There is a railwa# 6unction in Kum4a'onam.<t is well connected with Tan6ore; Trich#; Chen 3irwa#s%The nearest airport is at Trich#. Ne)t closest airport is at "aduraiN <tGs a4out ,,- 'ms 4# roa land in Chennai airport. Kum4a'onam is around 5,-'ms south of Chennai 4# road. Road%<t is well connected with other cities in Tamilnadu.
Place Chennai ;ondicherry Trichy Chidam#aram Madurai :elankanni (istance -0. 'm /E. 'm /.1 'm /.. 'm 00. kms ,. kms

TanKore TranBue#ar

4. 'm E. 'm

Trich# ?Tiruchirapalli@ 8 the Roc' Cit#

It is situated on the #anks of 4iver Cauvery. It is the fourth largest city in Tamilnadu. T architectural monuments and culture. Trichy has a fine #lend of tradition and modernity #uilt around the 4ock handloom clothes, glass #angles, wooden and clay toys. Trichy itself is an industrial town, where a num#er of %&;; and +olden 4ock 4ailway "ork hop along with its ancillary industries. Places to visit Roc' !ort Temple-The most famous landmark of Trichy is the 4ock 2ort temple which is ,-m tall, perched composed of two parts 3 a hiva temple )Thayumanaswamy* carved in the middle of the rock and a +anesh te much smaller with an access through steep steps carved on the rock and provides a stunning view of Trichy, fort %illock is said to #e 0-. crore years old. ?ue to its ancient and impressive architecture created #y the ;al department of India. It will take / 3 0 hours to visit this place. Time to visit Dntrance fee :ideo camera %olidays 6 &M , ;M 4s.4s./.. 4s.0. Sriran am Ran anathaswam# Temple- <t is an important pil rima e centre and an e)clusive Vaishnav surrounded 4# river Cauver# and Kollidam on its either side. <t is situated at a distance of / 'm from T its Ra6a opuram; which is the hi hest tower in south <ndia. The Ra6a opuram could 4e well seen even f temple. Time to visit Entrance fee Camera Video C 3" 8 A P" 9 , P" 8 F P" ,.-Rs.0Rs.,View Point 8 Rs A- ?until C.--pm onl#@ Temple "useum Timin s% 23"8AP" 9 , P"8 0P" Thiruvanai'aval Dam4u'eswarar 9 3'ilandeswari Temple 3n important place of worship for Saivites; located at a distance of 5 'm from Trich# and close to Srira ?Shiva@ and +ordess 3'ilandeswari ?Parvathi@. +ord Shiva is seen in the form of +in am and he is part called =3ppu> ?Hater@. <t will ta'e A hour to visit this temple Time to visit Entrance fee?includin five Rathas@ Camera V

C 3" 8 2 P" Rs.5 Rs.0Sama#apuram "ariamman Temple - This temple is situated at a distance A/ 'm from Trich#. The deit Goddess is 4elieved to 4e the sister of +ord Vishnu. 3n important place amon st the places of residence Enl# *indus are allowed

Time to visit Entrance fee Camera Video came !ull (a# Not allowed Not allowed Va#alur Su4ramaniaswam# Temple- This temple lies A.'ms awa# from Trich#. <t is one of the famous of the New 1 !ull "oon da#@; Karthi ai; Pan uni Lthiram; Thai Poosam; first da# of the En lish and T temple. Enl# *indus are allowed Time to visit Camera 0 3" - A, P" 9 .%-- P" - 2 P" ?En Kiruthi ai; temple is opened throu hout

Rs.5-the da#@ 3##appan Temple - This temple is a peaceful place for worship. There is no caste creed or race 4ars in propa ated here. <nfact; the temple is famous for its neat maintenance and planned activities. 3 lar e m *oardin s with e)cellent messa es to life are seen here. <t is located 6ust , Kms from the Central &us S code 4ein followed here ?(hoti; trousers in full; shirt; Saree; Chudidhar are onl# allowed@ Time to visit Entrance fee

0.-- am - A,%-- am and 0 pm - 2.5- pm No +ad# +ourdes Church- <t is located in the heart of the cit#; 6ust opposite the Roc' !ort. The Church$s , around it. Church of our +ad# of +ourdes is the replica of the &asilica of +ourdes; the Horld famous p Time to visit Entrance fee

/%-- am - A.5- pm - C%--Pm - 2%5-Pm No "u''om4u ?Lpper 3naicut@- it is A2 Km from Trich# 9 is situated at the head of Sriran am island. <t Colroon 4ranches off from the Cauver#. Time to visit Entrance fee Camera Vid

C am - C pm Rs . per person Rs 51Kallanai ?Grand 3naicut@- <t is A0 Km from Trich#. <t is an ancient dam; 4uilt 4# Kin Kari'ala Chola is considered one of the oldest water - diversion or water - re ulator structures in the world 9 still it is waters of the Kaveri across the fertile (elta re ion for irri ation via canals. E)cursions from Trich# Trich# - Tan6ore - Trich# Tan6ore is C0 Km awa# from Trich#. <t is the rice 4owl of Tamilnadu. <t is famous for &rahadeeswarar constructed more than thousand #ears a o 4# the Kin Ra6ara6an; an architectGs marvel. <t is a flourish here we can see "useum; Palace 9 an 3rt aller#. Trich# - Naarthamalai - Sittanavasal - Trich# Naarthamalai is ,0 Km from Trich#. <t has some oldest structural stone temples 4uilt 4# "utharai#ars Vishnu in the central hall. <t is surrounded 4# seven or ei ht hills with ancient caves containin Daina 3 temple dedicated to Siva lies to the South. Time to visit Entrance fee Video c

/%--am - A,%--Pm - .%--Pm-25-Pm Rs A--1Rs 0 Sittanavasal- <t is 02 Km from Trich#. <t is famous for its ancient monuments and Dain caves with intri the 36anta of South.

&oth the places lie 4etween Trich# and Pudu'ottai. Roc' Cut Dain Temple 8 Sittanavasal Time to visit F.-- am to 0.5- pm Natural Cavern with stone 4eds; Eladipattam ?Sittanavasal@ Time to visit


Rs 0 for an <ndian 9


F.-- am to 0.5- pm Rs 0 for an <ndian 9 Trich# - Chettinad 8 Trich# Chettinad is the homeland of the Nattu'ottai Chettiars ?Na arathar@; a prosperous 4an'in and 4usine South and Southeast 3sia; particularl# Ce#lon and &urma; in the AFth and earl# ,-th centuries. Chetti rich in cultural herita e; art and architecture; and is well 'nown for its houses used with mar4le and & its A2th centur# mansions. *otels in Trich#% ?-.5A@ *otel San am *otel &ree7e *otel Ro#al Southern *otel !emina *otel Ram#as *otel "a#as . Star 5 Star 5 Star &ud et &ud et &ud et www.hotelsan ,.A.0-A ,.A0A,2

<t is A- Km from the airpo

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<t is 2 Km from the airpo

<t is A, Km from the airpo

*otel Grand Gardenia &ud et .-.0--<t is 0 Kms from the airpo !estivals in Trich# !loat !estival- The float festival is a visual treat of twin'lin li hts and 4edec'ed deities in all their fine Temple; it attracts devotees in lar e num4er. Vai'unta E'adasi !estival- <n mid (ecem4er or earl# Danuar#; Vai'unta E'adasi or Paradise !estival Temple. Sor a Vasal or (oor to *eaven; a hu e door is opened on that da# ?once in a #ear@. Thousands event. Car !estival- 3 hu e chariot carries the deit# and it comes around the temple. Car !estival comes duri 3t this time a lar e num4er of people from all over the countr# visits the hol# place Sriran am and cele villa e people come in a lar e num4er. (urin the month of 3pril ?Tamil month Pan uni@; the car festi Temple. 3adi peru''u- is cele4rated durin the A2th da# of the Tamil month 3adi. <t usuall# falls in the month residin at the 4an' of the River Cauver#. Special food is prepared on this da# and famil# and friends

water and ood harvest. <n some communities; the 4ride$s parents invite their son 8in-law 9 dau hter *ospitals in Trich# 3ssured &est Care *ospital - ,/C-20F; ,/0-,52; ,/0-,5F Child Desus *ospital - ,.A-2AC C.S.< "ission *ospital - ,/C,5/,; ,/C-C/, Govindara6an E#e *ospital - ,/F,F-A G.V.N. Cancer Cure *ospital - ,/-AA05 Doseph E#e *ospital - ,.C-C,, Karp Nursin *ome - ,/.A022; ,/.-0,5 Kaver# "edical Centre - ,/.,5-Kidne# Par' *ospital - .-A5--A; .0.A--"ahatma E#e *ospital - ,/.-.F.; ,/.AAF2 "aruti *ospital - ,/F5.0C; ,/F5A.A Retna Glo4al *ospital - ,/FA.0-; ,/FA.CSri &ala6i *ospital - ,,5-5-Trich# (ia4etes Specialit# Centre - ,/.,-FA; ,.2,C/Vasan E#e *ospital - ,/C0/2-; ,/C0/2A Railwa#s% Trich# is an important 6unction of the Southern Railwa#. Station "aster - ,.CAC-5 !ort Station - ,/-.A/0 Town Station - ,/-.,.2 Sriran am - ,.5,,.. En:uir# - ,.A-A0C 3irwa#s%Trich# airport is C Km from the cit#. Trich# 3irport 3uthorit# contact num4er - ,5.-00A; ,5.A2A<ndian 3irlines - ,.2A,F, Srilan'an 3irlines - ,.C/F0/ Kin fisher - ,5.-/-3ir 3sia - ,5.-,-A Det 3irwa#s - ,.C2,/C Road%<t is well connected 4# road with other cities of Tamilnadu. The distance from Kan#a'umari is 5F0 Km 9 2 hours drive The distance from Rameswaram is ,0- Km 9 0 hours drive The distance from "adurai is A50 Km 9 5 hours drive The distance from Karai'udi is A-- Km 9 , B hours drive The distance from Velan'anni is A/0 Km 9 . hours drive The distance from Coim4atore is ,-- Km 9 0 hours drive The distance from Kodai'anal is ,,- Km 9 C hours drive The distance from Eot# is 5-- Km 9 2 hours drive The distance from Chennai is 5,0 Km 9 0 hours drive The distance from Tan6ore is C0 Km 9 A B hours drive The distance from Kum4a'onam is A-- Km 9 , B hours drive He trust that #ou find these details as useful and informative. He will et 4ac' to #ou soon with other cit# information "adurai- the (ivine cit# for Spiritual Enli htenment

"adurai is one of the oldest cities of South <ndia which is located on the 4an's of r all aspects. "adurai is the 4usiest commercial center in south Tamilnadu round the cloc'. This sacred visitors from <ndia and a4road. <t is famous for 3ncient (ravidian Culture. The reatest poet Na''err was ruled 4# Pand#as and it was the capital cit# of reat Pand#a Kin s. Thirumalai Na#a'ar had pla#e herita e and commercial tradin was well developed in "adurai. This cit# is also called as Temple cit# +ord "eena'shi is considered as power; wealth and 'nowled e. This cit# is also famous for Dasmine flo Places to visit "eena'shi 3mman Temple- This is one of the famous temples in South <ndia; which is dedicated to Go +ord "eena'shi. The temple is located in the centre of the cit#. "ost impressive of the temple is its A, T were 4uilt accordin to the direction li'e East; west; North and South and name as East Tower; Hest T for Golden +otus tan' also. <n this temple various festivals are cele4rated continuousl# around the #ear with arts and architecture. Thousand pillars hall is located inside the temple itself. ?3rchitecture of the temple in his1her lifetime@.- (urin festival season; all the temple towers and water tan' will 4e illumin Ni ht ceremon# at the "eena'shi temple ?Closin ceremon# of the temple@ 8 !or an# tourist it is the w formalities how the *indu temple is 4een closed ever# da#. Entrance tic'et is valid for the full da# inclu is ver# much advisa4le that one should finish their dinner 4efore attendin this ceremon#; as it ma# ta' tic'et can 4e used for this ceremon# which #ou purchased earl# in the same da# Video camera Time to visit Entrance fee -05-*rs to A,5-*rs and AC--*rs to Camera 1.4s ! :ideo C <ndians - Nil;!orei ners - 0-Rs 01.4s ,A5-*rs Thirumalai Na#a' palace- This palace was 4uilt 4# Kin Thirumalai Na#a'; who was one of the Na#a' main palace where the Kin Na#a' lived. Still; his throne is 'ept in the palace for e)hi4ition. The palac Vilasam and another one is called Ran a Vilasam. The specialt# of the palace% The st#le of the architec com4ination of all (ravidian; <slamic and European st#les. The Court#ard of the palace is surrounded li ht show is conducted as well with stories depictin Na#a'G s life histor# and a4out his rule. Video camera Time to visit Entrance fee !ori ner <ndians A-Rs 0Rs for till Camera -.4s :ideo Child -F--*rs 8 A/--*rs 0-Rs ?,0Rs for child a e limit camera /..4s ?a e -5-A,#ears@ limit 5 8 A#ears@ Sound and li ht show at Palace% Time to visit Entrance fee Video camera A2%.0*rs to AF%50 *rs ?+an ua e ,-%-- *rs to ,-%0-*rs ?+an ua e 3dult 0-Rs and Childr

En lish@ Tamil@ ,0Rs Gandhi "useum This museum was 4uilt to honor our !ather of nation; Gandhi D<. <t ives a detailed h pictures of !reedom stru le and Gandhian thou hts. The pictures e)hi4its 4ased on <ndian political l of world events. He shall also witness some of the thin s which were used 4# Gandhi D<. Time to visit Entrance fee Video camera A-%--*rs to A5%--*rs and A.%--*rs to A/%.0*rs 0-Rs

Thiruparan'undram Temple This temple is the first one; amon the si) a4odes of +ord "uru an ?Kar +ord "uru a marries oddess (eiva#anai; who is the dau hter of <ndra ?Kin of the *eaven@. Ene mo and +ord Vishnu 4oth faces each other in the main shrine which is rare thin in *indu temples. The v Vel ?Davelin@. Time to visit Entrance fee Video camera -0%5-*rs to A5%--*rs and AC%--*rs to No Still Camera A--Rs 9 Vi ,A%--*rs Pa7hamuthir Cholai "uru an temple This temple is the last one amon the si) a4odes of +ord "uru an ?Karthi'e#a@. 3s per *indu m#thol Time to visit -C%--*rs to AF%--*rs Entrance fee Video camera Not &llowed

*ospitals in "adurai% ?-.0,@ Ra6a6i Government *ospital - ,05,050 3pollo *ospital - ,02AA.2 "eena'shi "ission *ospital - ,022/.A; .,C5--Vadamala#an *ospital - ,0.0.--; .5/A--&ose *ospital - ,55/5..; ,55/5.C Christian "ission *ospital - ,5,C.02 Grace Kennett *ospital - ,C-A2.F *arle# Ram *ospital - ,5.--,A Ro#al *ospital - 0,52F2F Rohini *ospital - ,/F2-A 3nu *ospital - ,5A2/0 Vinotha an *ospitals - ,5.22, (eiva *ospital - ,5CCA0 Seventh (a# 3dventist *ospital - ,,//-. +ocal Restaurants% &ell *otel - - "ulticusine *otel Supreme ?Roof-Top@ - Pure ve etarian - timin / P.". to A-.-- P." "ahal - "ulticusine *otels in "adurai The Gatewa# *otel *otel *eritance 0 Star *erita e *otel 0 Star *erita e *otel www.taKhotels.com9gateway

*otel GRT Re enc# *otel !ortune Pandi#an *otel San am *otel Ro#al Court *otel Germanus *otel Star residenc# *otel "etropole *otel Sunshine

. Star . Star . Star 5 star 5 star , star &ud et &ud et

!estivals in "adurai ;ongal - !estival ?common festival in Tamil Nadu@ - This is one of the most popular festivals in Tamilna cele4rated as a than's ivin ceremon# to Sun God. Ever# #ear this festival is cele4rated in the middle Fallikattu - meanin G4ull Tamin G ; an ancient heroic sport event of Tamil people in Tamilnadu. <t ta'es in 3lan anallur a small villa e near "adurai which is a fa4ulous one; the most popular destination for Chitrai 2estival - is the A- da#s festival cele4rated in 4etween 3pril and "a#; durin this festival idols of procession and will come around the temple *i hli hts of the festival is the Heddin ceremon# of God Shiva and Goddess "eena'shi 9 God 3la a Karai'udi Karai'udi 9 Chettinad

*istor# of the cit# Karai'udi is a cit# and a municipalit# in Siva an a (istrict in t Siva an a district; and is 'nown as the capital of Chettinad re ion; which comprises Karai'udi and /. Nattu'ottai Chettiars. Karai'udi ot its name 4ecause the area is famous for the t#pe of houses 4uilt w due to a plant called =Karai> which is widel# spread over this area. Geo raph# 3s of ,--. <ndia census Karai'udi had a population of A5,;,F.. Karai'udi is located in Siva an a distr it was a small villa e in Ramanathapuram district. <n AF,2 it was chan ed from Pancha#at to "unicipa Roadwa#s in AF5-. The river Thennar flows throu h South of Karai'udi. Chettinad Palace- The famous Chettinad mansion also 'nown as the Ra6aG s palace at Kanadu'athan.<

construction was started in AF-, and it too' A- #ears for completion. <t is hu e e)tendin over .-;--- s: tea' wood; <talian mar4le and En lish steel. <t is 6ust A- 'm from Karai'udi. The "useum - 3t Chettinad; house- converted to museum ne)t door to the Ra6aG s palace. This ela4ora ?Spice &o)es@ and choppers to rice 4ins and ladle sets. Then thereG s traditional 6eweller# and clothin ; items that trace Chettiars wa# of life. Chettinad "ansion is a herita e home 4rin in to its privile ed c varies from court to court. The various 'inds of floorin include lime mortar; mar4le; 3than udi tiles; Time to visit Dntrance fee :ideo camera .8J-.%rs to /EJ..%rs No free Karai'udi da# e)cursion trip to Pilla#arpatti 0Pillai#arpatti Temple- <t is situated A0'ms west of Karai'udi 2'ms east of Thirupattur and C2'ms eas Karpa'a Vina#a'a Temple can 4e seen. The villa e derives its name from the temple. The presidin de it is C feet hi h and 0 feet wide. People from various parts of the state come here ever#da# and lar e nu season. Time to visit Dntrance fee :ideo camera .6J.. %rs to /-J..%rs and /6J..%rs to 0.J41%rs No not allowed %otels at 'araikudiJ Chettinad mansion 3 The <unglow 3 %otel :isalam 3 %otel Chettinadcourt 3 %otel aratha :ilas 3 Rameshwaram -R3"ES*H3R3" ?Varanasi of South@

3 3 3 3 Nearest &irport Trichy airport 3 /..

*istor# of the Cit#- Rameshwaram is an island - +ord RamaG s temple is situated a *indus. The reli ious island is spread in an area of CA.2 s:uare 'ilometers and happens to 4e in the sha occupies ma6or area of Rameshwaram. The masterpiece of (ravidian architecture 4oasts of the lar est Ramanatha Swam# Temple over a period of time startin from the A,th centur#. The temple comprises each well is different from one another. The water of the wells are 4elieved to possess medicinal proper Places to visit Ramanatha Swam# temple-This temple is dedicated to +ord Ramanatha Swam# 9 +ordess Parvadhav Ramanathswam# temple is ver# famous for lon est temple corridor ever 4uilt in <ndia. Note%!orei ners are not allowed into the sanctum area 9 the# are allowed till the -5rd corridor Time to visit Dntrance fee Camera :ideo camera 1... %rs to /0.-.%rs ! /6-. %rs to 0/.-. No 1.4s /..4s %rs

Gandhamathana Parvatham ?Ramar paadham@ - 3 hilloc' situated 5 Km to the North of the temple is "andapam; where RamaG s feet ?Paadham@ is found as an imprint on a cha'ra. (hanush'odi- named after RamaGs 4ow; is at the eastern end of the island at a distance of 2'ms from R Srilan'a and this place 'nown as 3damGs 4rid e are 4elieved to 4e used 4# *anuman to reach across S the c#clones of AFC.. Kothandarama Swam# temple is the onl# salva e of the c#clone. The Kothandara 4rother +a'shmana; his wife Sitha; *anuman and a remorseful Vi4hishana 3 nitheertham- 3t a stone throw awa# distance from the Ramanatha Swam# Temple is 3 nitheertham 4athin spot for the pil rims. 3 dip in the 3 nitheertham is supposed to remove the sins of the pil rims to the Ramanatha Swam# Temple. 3nnai <ndra Gandhi &rid e?Pam4an &rid e@ - The ,., Km +en th &rid e connectin the Rameshwara <ndia constructed over a 4a#. <t is also called as Pam4an &rid e. Similarl# the Railwa# &rid e connecti the ships throu h the sea. (evipattinam - one can visit this place durin a travel from Tan6ore to Rameshwaram. <t is /- Km from ancient Thila'eshwar Temple; popularl# 'nown as Nava raha Temple at (evipattinam. Rama placed n at (evipattinam. Those stones can still 4e seen partl# su4mer ed in the water close to the 4each of the T *otels in Rameshwaram *otel Ro#al Par' 4ud et www.hotelro#alpar'.in (istance from the Ramanatha sw *otel Vina#a a (istance from the Ramanatha sw Thiruchendur <t is famous for the "uru an Temple; which is located on the shore of the &a# of &en al. This temple is is the onl# temple of +ord "uru a; located in seashore. (istance from "adurai is A/-Kms 9 . hours d (ress code% Strict dress code is 4ein followed in this temple. Gents are not supposed to cover their 4od either Sari or Chudidhar onl#. Time to visit Entrance fee C 0.--*rs to A,.5-*rs 9 A0.5-*rs to ,-.5-*rs No N There are no ood hotels availa4le to recommend in this town. Clients can sta# at Kan#a'umari ?A--K !estivals in Thiruchendur S'anda Shashti; the si)th da# of the wa)in moon in the Tamil month <#pasi ? this #eas this festival cele &rahmotsavam of "asi durin !e4ruar#-"arch each #ear wherein all the three temple cars are dra e concludin with a Teppam or !loat !estival is much esteemed Twice a #ear; once in Tamil month "aas Septem4er@; the temple &hramotsavams are held and the# o on for A, da#s. Courtallam %- <t is famous for ama7in Haterfalls 9 is situated at an elevation on AC/ m on the Hester Courtallam has medicinal properties as the# run throu h forests and her4s. Numerous rivers such as th Pachai#ar River and the Tamara4arani River ori inate here. The season in Courtallam ?waterfalls@ usu Ast wee' of Septem4er. 3fter that occasionall# we can see water flow there. 3t Courtallam uest can sta# at *otel Saaral Resort; it is the 4est hotel availa4le here. (istance from "adurai to Courtallam is AC-Kms 9 5.0 hours drive.
Kan#a'umari Thiriveni San amam

*istor# of the Cit#

<t is at the Southern most tip of the <ndian Peninsula where the 3ra4ian Sea; the <ndian Ecean and the &a# of & San amam. <t is also 'nown 4# its former name Cape Comorin. This is the onl# place in <ndia where full moon da#. Places to visit Kumari 3mman Temple

This temple is dedicated to vir in Goddess Parvathi 9 is located on the shore. The (iamond nose-rin of this dei to 4e visi4le even from the sea.

(ress code%Strict dress code is 4ein followed in this temple. Gents are not supposed to cover their upper 4od# 9 covered dress@ onl#. Time to visit 4J-. %rs to /0J.. %rs ! /6J.. %rs to 0..-.%rs Vive'ananda Roc' "emorial Entrance fee Camera Video camera


Not allowed

Not allowed

This is another place in Kan#a'umari that attracts lar e num4er of people. <t is a rand memorial to the reat < Kan#a'umari did Tapas. Time to visit E...%rs to /6J..%rs Entrance fee /.4s

meters awa# from the shore. There is a meditation hallN !err# services are availa4le to reach the mem

Cam Camera not allowed

Gandhi "emorial

*ere a pot contains the ashes of "ahatma Gandhi. En Gandhi6iG s 4irthda# ?,nd Ecto4er@; the SunG s ra#s fall on modern architecture. Time to visit E... am to E... pm Thiruvalluvar Statue Entrance fee No

Thiruvalluvar is the immortal poet of Tamilnadu. *e has iven the world the so called poem Thiru''ural. The A chapters of the Thiru''ura Sunrise 9 Sun set Sunrise can 4e seen in Kan#a'umari throu hout the #ear at &a# of &en al. Sunset can 4e seen from view tower 3u ust. Suchindram Temple

<t is A, Km awa# from Kan#a'umari. <t is dedicated to +ord Thanumala#a swam#. The word Thanu means Siva Vishnu 9 &rahma in one form. Time to visit 4.-.%rs to /0... %rs ! /6..%rs to 0.J-. %rs Entrance fee No

(ress Code% There is a strict dress code 4ein followed here. Gents are not supposed to cover their upper 4od# 9 onl#. Ha) "useum <ndiaG s first wa) museum is at &a# watch water theme par'. <t is 5 Km from Kan#a'umari. Time to visit .8... %rs to /E... %rs Entrance fee 1.4s Camera 01 4s


*otels in Kan#a'umari

*otel Sparsa *otel Sea View *otel Sin ar <nternational 3irport%

5 star 5 Star , Star

The distance from railwa# station i

The distance from Railwa# station is

The distance from railwa# station i

The nearest airport is at Trivandrum ?A--Kms 1 ,.0 hours drive@ Rail %

Kan#a'umari has ood railwa# connection. There are trains to &an alore; Chennai; Cochin; Coim4atore; Trich num4er and en:uir# num4er - -.C0, - ,.-2,A 9 ,..A., Road% The distance from Kan#a'umari to Trivandrum is A--Km 9 will ta'e , B hours drive The distance from Kan#a'umari to "adurai is ,C-Km 9 will ta'e 0 hours drive The distance from Kan#a'umari to Cochin is 5.- Km 9 / to 2 hours drive The distance from Kan#a'umari to 3lleppe# is ,/- Km 9 C B hours drive The distance from Kan#a'umari to Rameshwaram is 5F-Km 9 will ta'e 2 to F hours drive

Please note the dress code mentioned in all the temples; to 4e 4riefed to prior to visitin temples to avoid inconve

Monument Details
Monument details for South India

kerala | Karnataka

Place Entrance fee Camera Video Camera
Kapaleeshwarar Temple, NO RS. 20 Rs. 3 0 0 00 hrs to !230 hrs "


#hennai$No %olida&s, 'orei(ners not allowed inside the san)tum*

!+00 hrs to 2!.30 hrs

Kala,shetra, #hennai $#losed on Saturda&, Sunda&, National %olida&s " S)hool %olida&s *

Rs. 200 for forei(ners " Rs. for Indians

Not allowed

Not allowed ..00hrs to !!.30 hrs, /ra&er timin(0 01.30 hrs to ..00 hrs$ prior permission must*

2o3ernment Museum, #hennai $#losed on 'rida&s " National %olida&s*

Rs. 2 0 for forei(ners " Rs. ! for Indians

Rs. 200

Rs. 00

0.30 hrs to !-30 hrs

'ort St. 2eor(e Museum, #hennai $'rida& %olida&*

Rs. !00 " Rs. Indians


#amera to 4e used without flash.

Rs. 2

!000 hrs to !-00 hrs

5,am4areshwar temple $No %olida&s*

Entrance fee Camera Video Camera

NO RS. 20 Rs. !00

0+00 hrs to !230 hrs " !+00 hrs to 2030 hrs

6aradhara7a temple $No %olida&s*



Rs. !00

0 00 hrs to !230 hrs " ! 30 hrs to !.30 hrs

Place Entrance fee Camera Video Camera
The shore Temples " 'i3e Rathas $No %olida&s* Rs. 2 0 for forei(ners " Rs. !0 for Indians 'ree Rs. 2 0+00 hrs to !-30 hrs


8a,shin)hitra $Tuesda& is %olida&. 5lse it is open on all National %olida&s e9)ept 8iwali da&*

Rs. 200 for forei(ners " Rs. - for Indians

Rs. !0

Rs. 0

!000 hrs to !100 hrs

#ro)odile 'arm $:ee,l& %olida& ; Monda&*

Rs. 3 for 'orei(ners " Rs. 20 Indians

Rs. !00

0130 hrs to !-30 hrs

Place Entrance fee
Natra7ar Temple, #hidam4aram NO 'ree, 4ut restri)ted to )ertain areas. Stri)tl& prohi4ited to use in main san)tum 'ree, 4ut restri)ted to 0+00 hrs to )ertain areas. Stri)tl& !200 hrs " prohi4ited to use in main san)tum !+00 hrs to 2!00 hrs


Video Camera






0+00 hrs to !200 hrs " !+00 hrs to 2000 hrs

<irawateshwara Temple, 8arasuram




0+00 hrs to !200 hrs " !+00 hrs to 2000 hrs

Place Entrance fee Camera Video Camera
Sri =rihadeeswarar temple NO 'ree 'ree 0+00 hrs to !200 hrs " !+00 hrs to 2!00 hrs.


Tan7ore /ala)e $#losed on all 2o3ernment %olida&s*

Rs. +0 for 'orei(ners " Rs. for Indians

Rs. 30

Rs. 30

0.00 hrs to !300 hrs " ! 00 hrs to !100 hrs

Saraswathi Mahal >i4rar& " <rt 2aller& $#losed on all 2o3ernment %olida&s*


NOT <>>O:58


!000 hrs to !300 hrs

<>>O:58 " ! 00 hrs to !100 hrs

/unnainallur Mariamman Temple


Rs. 0

Rs. 300

0+00 hrs to 2030 hrs

6eilan,anni #hur)h $No %olida&s*


Not <llowed Not <llowed 0 30 hrs to 2030 hrs

Tran?ue4ar Museum $%olida& @ 'rida& " National %olida&s*


for Indians "

Rs. 30

Rs. !00

!0000%rs to !3000%rs " !A000%rs to !-030%rs

Rs. 0 for forei(ners

Place Entrance fee
<adhi Kum4eshwarar Temple $ No %olida&* NO Not <llowed


Video Camera


Not <llowed 0 00 hrs to !230 hrs " !+00 hrs to 2030 hrs

Saran(apani Temple $No %olida&*


Not <llowed

Not <llowed 0 00 hrs to !230 hrs " !+00 hrs to 2030 hrs

Na(eshwar Temple $No %olida&*


Not <llowed

Not <llowed 0 00 hrs to !200 hrs " !+00 hrs to 2030 hrs

Place Entrance fee Camera Video Camera Timing

Muru(an Temple $No %olida&*


Rs. 0, with prior permission

Rs. 2 0, with prior 0 00 hrs to !200 hrs " permission !+00 hrs to 2030 hrs

Place Entrance fee Camera Video Camera
Ro), 'ort Temple $No %olida&s, 4ut Tha&umana Swami temple is )losed 4etween !200 hrs to !+00 hrs e3er&da&* Rs. Rs. 20 Rs. !00 0+00 hrs to 2000 hrs


Ren(anathaswam& Temple $ No %olida&s* Temple Museum $No %olida&s*

Rs. 2 " Rs. !0 for 3iew point until !100 hrs onl& Rs. 2

Rs. 0

Rs. !00

0+00 hrs to !300 hrs " !+00 hrs to 2!00 hrs 0100 hrs to !300 hrs " !A00 hrs to !-00 hrs

Thiru3anai,a3al Bam4u,eshwar " <,ilandeswari Temple $No %olida&s*


Rs. 20

Rs. 200

0 00 hrs to !200 hrs " !+00 hrs to 2030 hrs

>ad& >ourdes #hur)h $No %olida&s*




0 30 hrs to !.30 hrs

Place Entrance fee Camera Video Camera
Meena,shi <mman Temple $No %olida&s* Rs. Rs. for forei(ners " for Indians Rs. 0 Rs. 2 0 0 30 hrs to !230 hrs " !+00 hrs to 2!30 hrs


Thirumalai Na&a, pala)e Rs. !0 for Indians, <dults " Rs.

Rs. 30

Rs. !00 0.00 hrs to !-00 hrs

$No %olida&s*

for )hildren, Indian. Rs. 0 for forei(ners, <dults " Rs. 2 for #hildren 4etween 0 to !2 &ears, forei(ners*

Rs. 0 for <dults " Rs. 2 for )hildren

'irst show at !1A hrs to !.30 hrs in 5n(lish " Se)ond show at 20!

Sound " >i(ht show at /ala)e $No %olida&s*

hrs to 2!00 hrs in Tamil

2andhi Museum $)losed on Monda&s " National %olida&s*

Rs. 0

Rs. 0

0.30 hrs to !300 hrs " !A00 hrs to !-A hrs

Tiruparan(undram Temple $No %olida&s*


Rs. 2

Rs. 2

0 30 hrs to !300 hrs " !+00 hrs to 2!00 hrs

#hettinad /ala)e

Entrance fee
/ala)e entr& is restri)ted for 3isitors


Video Camera


photos )an 4e ta,en from 6ideo )an 4e ta,en from 0.00 hrs to out side onl& out side onl& !-00 hrs

Place Entrance fee
Ramanathaswam& temple NO Rs. 2


Video Camera
Rs. !00


0 00 hrs to !230 hrs " ! 00 hrs to 2030 hrs


Kumari <mman Temple

Entrance fee

Not <llowed

Video Camera
Not <llowed

0 00 hrs to !230 hrs " !+00 hrs to 2030 hrs

6i3e,ananda Ro), Memorial $No %olida&*

Rs. 30



0-00 hrs to !+00 hrs

:a9 Museum @ IndiaCs first Rs. 0 for wa9 wa9 museum is at =a& wat)h water theme par,. It is 3 Km from Kan&a,umari $ No holida&s* museum " Rs. 200 for Theme par,

Rs. 2

Rs. !00

0.00 hrs to !-00 hrs

Place Entrance fee Camera Video Camera
Sri <uro4indo <shram NO Not <llowed Not <llowed 0100 hrs to !200 hrs " !A00 hrs to !100 hrs


<uro3ille $ 2uest should (o 0! da& 4efore to (et permission*


Not <llowed

Not <llowed 0.00 hrs to !200hrs !A00 hrs to !-00 hrs

/ondi)herr& Museum$ )losed on Rs. 0 for 'orei(ners " Monda& and National holida&s* Rs. !0 for Indians

Not <llowed

Not <llowed 0.30 hrs to !200 hrs !A00 hrs to !-00 hrs

Mana,ula 6ina&a(ar Temple $No %olida&s*


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The Temples of Tamil Nadu The skyline of our southernmost state is dotted with a wealth of ancient temples that have survived centuries and continue to be worshipped today. While a mention of all these structures is quite impossible, the most prominent among them are the Chidambaram Temple in the temple town of Chidambaram, the Meenakshi

Sundareswara Temple in Madurai and the rihadeeswara Temple at Than!avur. "ll of them are dedicated to the god Shiva Chidambaram is one of the five holiest Shiva temples, each of which represents a natural element# this one is representational of akasha or ether. Sprawled over $% acres, the comple& is vast, with water bodies within and around and it holds a !ewelled deity of of 'atara!a. (t has seen several renovations through centuries of e&istence, notably at the hands of a clan of )ishwakarmas and *allava+Chola royalty. The Meenakshi Sundareswara, dedicated to both Shiva and his consort *arvati, is a massive comple& consisting o several tall ,opurams or towers with two golden ones for the presiding god and goddess. (ntricately carved and painted, the architecture will take your breath away and the shrines are many and awe-inspiring, like the huge single-stone ,anesha sculpture and the Thousand *illar .all. "t Than!avur, the rihadeeswara Temple was the world/s first all-granite temple, constructed by the Cholas. The )imana or temple tower is 00 metres high and a giant statue of the sacred bull, 'andi, carved out of a single stone 10 feet long and 12 feet high stands at the entrance. The architecture is in the 3ravida style and the entire comple& is surrounded by a moat and fortified with high walls.