DIY: Purse Organizer!

Posted on August 12, 2010 by Fresh Crush If you’re like me, maybe you have a purse or t o of the slou!hy variety" #ou kno , that bag that seemed so !asual, and fun in the store $ and then you get it home, start using it, and reali%e that it is a deep dark abyss of a pit, that seems to en&oy !onsuming keys and !ell phones" 'o you ever hear your phone ringing hile you’re out and about, and say to yourself, (Ah, hat’s the point, I’ll never find it in time any ay)* + ,e too) I think this little 'I# e-periment might be made for you+ .o here are the !ontents of my bag regularly tossed around, and diffi!ult to lo!ate/

A !ereal bo- ill !ome to the res!ue as the support for my ne organi%er) 0he short side of the bo- ill be the base of the organi%er, and the front and ba!k of the bo- ill fold up ards to !reate the sides of the organi%er, and ill hold the po!kets) I’ve !ut the bo- to si%e, and planned ho the !ontents might fit here)

2 e2ual s2uare pie!es of fabri! are needed for the interior and e-terior of the organi%er) .1e-t.

I’ve determined the height for the po!kets from averaging out the si%e needed to !ontain the most !ommon items I !arry around in my bag daily) I’ve !hosen to make my po!kets from the same fabri! as above. and pinning it in pla!e) 0hese po!kets are pinned atop the first s2uare fabri! pie!e I !ut earlier) . but you might ant to use a !omplimentary fabri! instead) I first !ut strips of the fabri! in my desired height. and then hemmed the top and bottom) I then took the strips of fabri! for the po!kets and si%ed the po!kets by a!tually rapping the fabri! around the item.

3ere are the first ro of po!kets se n) 1e-t. repeat the steps above on the se!ond side of the organi%er) .

e 5 of the 6 sides !losed. as sho n here/ . and &oin it right4 side to right4side ith the pie!e that has the po!kets atta!hed) .1o for that se!ond s2uare pie!e e prepared earlier) 0ake that pie!e of fabri!.

and through the one open side. and se !losed) . insert the !ereal bo!ardboard.1e-t turn the organi%er right4side4out.

and not4so4needed stuff7 0he interior side ill keep a ide open spa!e. for my allet+ . in my !ase.'one7 0ime to load up ith all your mu!h needed.

And. the e-terior edges of the organi%er !ontains the oh4so4needed po!kets77 .

ive yourself an afternoon to get your o n purse. books. or perhaps slid bet een your mattress and bo. inside the purse"" 8rgani%ation at its best77 9ust look at everything in its pla!e) :ove) It) I think this pro&e!t !ould be easily modified to hang off the arm of your !ou!h for your remote4 !ontrols. and the !ereal as long gone. as the fabri! as s!raps of fabri! I already had. bag.And.spring for maga%ines. this pro&e!t !ost ne-t to nothing to !omplete. or tote in order7 #ou on’t be disappointed7 . lip balm or anything else that’s getting in your ay) 0he best part is. brief!ase.needed re!y!ling any ay) . and the bo.

hare ith the rest of the !lass in the !omments. it is 3eather <ailey’s 1i!ey 9ane in <lue) :ook for it on =uilt 3ome7 .3ave your o n go4to organi%ational tools" . or on our fa!ebook page7 For those of you ho like my !hoi!e of fabri!.

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