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Faiz Sathi Abdullah: Reading to Learn from TESOL Research Articles: Towards a genre-based model for EAP programme

development Kholoud A. Al-Thubaiti: Age Effects in a Minimal Input Setting on the Acquisition of English Morpho-Syntactic and Semantic Properties by L1 Speakers of Arabic Ali Hussain AlBulushi: Task-Based Computer-Mediated Communication and Negotiated Interaction in an EFL Context Lori J. P. Altmann: Effects of Working Memory and Semantic Impairment on Speech in Alzheimer's Disease Uju Anya: Investments in Communities of Learners and Speakers: How African American students of Portuguese negotiate ethno-racialized, gendered, and social-classed identities in second language learning Rajaa Aquil: The Segmenting/Parsing Unit in Cairene Arabic Spoken Language Lem Lilian Atanga:

Gendered Discourses in the Cameroonian Parliament Keith Atkin: Comprehending the Nonconventional Nonsymbolic Behaviours Demonstrated by Young Children with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) Netta Avineri: Heritage Language Socialization Practices in Secular Yiddish Educational Contexts: The creation of a metalinguistic community Erdoan Bada: Phonemic Identifications in English: A case of interlingual transfer by adult speakers of Turkish, Japanese, and Arabic Esmaeil Bagheridoust: Strategic Teaching of Writing at the Tertiary Level Stephen A. Bahry: Perspectives on Quality in Minority Education in China: The case of Sunan Yughur Autonomous County, Gansu Donna Patricia Bain Butler: How L2 Legal Writers Use Strategies for Scholarly Writing: A mixed methods study Stephanie Ann Baker:

The Perception of Handshape in American Sign Language Anabela Marques Barreiro: Make It Simple with Paraphrases: Automated paraphrasing for authoring aids and machine translation Tobias Barske: Co-Constructing Social Roles in German Business Meetings: A Conversation Analytic Study Chris Marino Baudy: Producing Verbal Play in English: A contrastive study of advanced German learners of English and English native speakers Scott J. Baxter: Hacker Writers: A study of the literacy practices of selected writers in a computer science research laboratory Bettina Beinhoff: Attitudes of Non-Native Speakers Towards Foreign Accents of English Michele Bishop: Bimodal Bilingualism in Hearing, Native Signers of American Sign Language Beyza Bjrkman:

Spoken Lingua Franca English at a Swedish Technical University: An investigation of form and communicative effectiveness Joyce Blanchette: On the Same Floor: A sociolinguistic study of a two-way bilingual program Florence Bonacina: A Conversation Analytic Approach to Practiced Language Policies: The example of an induction classroom for newly-arrived immigrant children in France Amanda Brown: Crosslinguistic Influence in First and Second Languages: convergence in speech and gesture Trkay Bulut: The Availability of Universal Grammar to adult Turkish Learners of English: Parameter resetting David I. Cahill: Contrastive Rhetoric, Orientalism, and the Chinese Second Language Writer Robert Cameron: Native and Nonnative Processing of Modality and Mood in Spanish Maggie Canvin:

Language and Education in Mali: A consideration of two approaches Donald Glenn Carroll: Co-constructing Competence: Turn construction and repair in novice-to-novice second language interaction Olga Cazan: Terminology of the Penal International Law in the Romanian and French Documents: Differences and correspondences/La terminologie du droit international pnal dans les documents roumains et franais (Diffrences et correspondances) Ranamukalage Chandrasoma: Coping with Interdisciplinarity: Postgraduate Student Writing in Business Studies Jackie Chang: Ideologies of English Teaching and Learning in Taiwan Ji-Yeon Chang: The Use of General and Specialized Corpora as Reference Tools for Academic and Technical English Writing: A case study of Korean graduate students of engineering Huiyuan Chen: Effect of Task Types and Task Condition on EFL Writing Performance Bok-Ja Cheon-Kostrzewa:

Der Erwerb der Deutschen Modalpartikeln Hsien-jen Diana Chin: Cross-Linguistic Effects on L2 Acquisition: An investigation of aspect John T. Clark: "Can Anyone Say What is Reasonable?": Promoting, accommodating to, and resisting elite rhetorical inquiry in a high-school classroom Derya Cokal: The online and offline Processing of this, that and it by native Speakers of English and by Turkish non-native Speakers of English Mary Constance Connerty: Variation in Academic Writing among Generation 1.5 Learners, Native EnglishSpeaking Learners and ESL Learners: The discoursal self of G1.5 student writers Melodie Lorie Cook: Outsourcing In-Service Education: The effects of a Canadian pedagogical programme on Japanese teachers' of English teaching practices Deborah Cordier: Speech Recognition Software for Language Learning: Toward an evaluation of validity and student perceptions Mauro Costantino:

The Tense-Aspect System in Japanese Learners of Italian: A corpus-based study Graeme Couper: Teaching and Learning L2 Pronunciation: Understanding the effectiveness of socially constructed metalanguage and critical listening in terms of a cognitive phonology framework Elizabeth Claiborne Craig: N + P Clusters in Freshman Composition: A lexico-grammatical approach to academic vocabulary for second language writers Marco De Boni: A Relevance-based Theoretical Foundation for Question Answering Colette I. Despagne: An Investigation into Identity, Power and Autonomous EFL Learning among Indigenous and Minority Students in Post-secondary Education: A Mexican case study Sylvain Detey: Interphonologie et reprsentations orthographiques: Du rle de l'crit dans l'enseignement / apprentissage du franais oral chez des tudiants japonais Kristen di Gennaro: An Exploration into the Writing Ability of Generation 1.5 and International Second Language Writers: A mixed methods approach Joerg Dieter:

Webliteralitt - Lesen und Schreiben im World Wide Web Gatis Dilns: Oral corrective feedback and L2 vocabulary development: Prompts and recasts in the adult ESL classroom Patrisius I Djiwandono: The Relationship between EFL Learning Strategies, Degree of Extroversion, and Oral Communication Proficiency Scott Roy Douglas: Non-Native English Speaking Students at University: Lexical richness and academic success Roswita A Dressler: Simultaneous and Sequential Bilinguals in a German Bilingual Program Kenneth F Drozd: A Unification Categorial Grammar of Child English Negation Marcia Foresee Drumhiller: An Investigation of Native Language Vocabulary and Topic Knowledge as Predictors of Foreign Language Vocabulary Learning in Healthcare Providers Rob Drummond:

Sociolinguistic Variation in a Second Language: The influence of local accent on the pronunciation of non-native English speakers living in Manchester Inke C. Du Bois: Indexicality, Code Choice and Cultural Identity: A study on Americans in Germany Monika Dziag: The Aspect Hypothesis, Prototype Theory and The Acquisition of The Present Perfect by Polish Learners of English as a Foreign Language Yahya E-rramdani: Acquiring Tarifit-Berber by Children in the Netherlands and Morocco Jennifer Anne Eagleton: The Ultimate Aim: Discourses of future democratization in post-handover Hong Kong Ibrahim Ali El Hussari: The Concept of Cultural Awareness within the Lebanese New National Curriculum and the National English Textbook : A case study of policy and practice at secondary school level Irina Elgort: The Role of Intentional Decontextualised Learning in Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition: Evidence from primed lexical decision tasks with advanced bilinguals Elizabeth M. Erling:

Globalization, English and the German University Classroom: A sociolinguistic profile of students of English at the Freie Universitt Berlin Joseba Ezeiza: Analizar y comprender la comprender la topografa configuracional de los materiales de enseanza de lenguas en perspectiva de sntesis: Aplicacin a los manuales para la enseanza general de E/LE a adultos Emily J. Farrell: Negotiating Identity: Discourses of migration and belonging Hussein M. Farsani: Conceptualization of the Semantics of Phrasal Verbs in English as a Foreign Language: A cognitive linguistics perspective Sylvia Fehling: Language Awareness bei bilingual und monolingual unterrichteten Schlerinnen und Schlern: Eine komparative Studie. (Language Awareness and Content and Language Integrated Learning: A comparative study) Miguel Fernandez: Methodological Proposal for the Creation of a New English Test for University Entrance in Spain Sabela Fernndez-Silva:

Variacin terminolgica y cognicin: factores cognitivos en la denominacin del concepto especializado Elham Foroozandeh: Evaluation of the TEFL Program at Master's Level in Iran Patrcia Cunha Frana: Ontologia e ontologias: Contributos tericos para uma perspectiva transdisciplinar Ana Frankenberg-Garcia: Second Language Writing: A study of the effects of a discourse-oriented programme upon the ability of skilled writers to improve their written production Stefan Frazier: Co-Constructing Literacy Spaces: Examining the talk of undergraduate composition students in classroom peer group interaction Carolin Fuchs: Computer-Mediated Negotiation Across Borders: German-American collaboration in language teacher education Mike D Garant: Intercultural Teaching and Learning: English as a foreign language education in Finland and Japan Konstantinos Garaverlas:

Language Teaching in Compulsory Education: Communicative competence and written speech Prospero N Garcia: Verbalizing in the Second Language Classroom: The development of the grammatical concept of aspect Atta Gebril: Independent and Integrated Academic Writing Tasks: A study in generalizability and test method Christina Nicole Giannikas: Early Language Learning within a Greek Regional Context Christina Gitsaki: The Development of ESL Collocational Knowledge Thomas Griffig: Intertextualitt in linguistischen Fachaufstzen des Englischen und Deutschen (Intertextuality in English and German Linguistic Research Articles) Aarnes Gudmestad: Acquiring a Variable Structure: An interlanguage analysis of second-language mood use in Spanish Helen E . Guillory:

The Effects of Key Word Captions to Authentic French Video in Foreign Language Instruction Marie-Jose Michelle Guilloteaux: Motivating Language Learners: A classroom-oriented investigation of teachers' motivational practices and students' motivation Xiaotian Guo: Verbs in the Written English of Chinese Learners: A corpus-based comparison Henrik Carl Gyllstad: Testing English Collocations: Developing receptive tests for use with advanced Swedish learners Christoph Hafner: Designing, Implementing and Evaluating an Online Resource for Professional Legal Communication Skills Jihad M. Hamdan: Language Transfer and the Acquisition of the English Dative Alternation by Native Speakers of Arabic Zoe Louise Handley: Evaluating Text-to-Speech (TTS) Synthesis for use in Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

Tsvetelina Harakchiyska: Phonemic Awareness Development in 9-10-Year-Old Children Who Study English in the Primary Gayathri Geethanjalie Haththotuwa Gamage: Understanding the Kanji Learning Process: iler Hatipolu: Culture, Gender and Politeness: Apologies in Turkish and British English Rick Heimbach: The Effect of Interaction on the Comprehension and Acquisition of New Lexical Items by Kindergarten E.S.L. Learners Andrea Hellman: The Limits of Eventual Lexical Attainment in Adult-Onset Second Language Acquisition Mary Jo Holbrock: Que no olviden su cultura, y tambien el idioma: a case study of Mayan literacy revival in Guatemala Halla Bjrk Holmarsdottir: From Policy to Practice: A study of the implementation of the Language-in-Education Policy (LiEP) in three South African primary schools

Junko Hondo: Constructing Knowledge in SLA: The impact of timing in form-oriented intervention Cornelia Hlmbauer: The Real, the Virtual and the Plurilingual - English as a lingua franca in a linguistically diversified Europe Myung-Hee Hwang: Listening Comprehension Problems and Strategy Use by Secondary Learners of English (FL) in Korea Chad Hyde: A Comparison of the Effect of Two Types of Pre-Reading Vocabulary Lists on Learner Reading Comprehension: Glossed difficult words vs. key cohesive lexical chains Gulden Ilin: A Model for Effective Supervision from the Supervisor and the Student-teachers' Perspective: A social constructivist approach Talia Isaacs: Issues and arguments in the measurement of second language pronunciation Christina Isabelli-Garca: Motivation and Extended Interaction in the Study-Abroad Context: Factors in the development of Spanish language accuracy and communication skills

Reka Jablonkai: A Corpus-linguistic Investigation into the Lexis of Written English EU Discourse: An ESP pedagogic perspective Carol Jaensch: The Role of the L1 and the L2 in the L3 Acquisition of German DP Features Scott H. Jarvis: The Role of L1-Based Concepts in L2 Lexical Reference Miguel Angel Jimenez: El proceso de localizacin web: estudio contrastivo de un corpus comparable del gnero sitio web corporativo Robert Edward Jones: Anecdotes in Spoken English: A linguistic desription with some teaching implications Joerg Jost: Topos und Metapher: Zur Pragmatik und Rhetorik des Verstndlichmachens (Topos and Metaphor: The pragmatics and the rhetoric of enhancing comprehension) Sergio Duarte Juliao da Silva: Anlise e explorao de marcadores discursivos no ensino de Portugus-Lngua Estrangeira (PLE) no Brasil

Susan E. Kalt: Second Language Acquisition of Spanish Morpho-Syntax by Quechua-Speaking Children Moses K. Kambou: Acquisition of the English Article System by Francophone Students: The case of Burkina Faso Matthias Kammerer: Lemmazeichentypen fr deutsche Verben. Eine Lexikologische und Metalexikographische Untersuchung Alireza Karbalaei: The Effect of Metacognitive Strategies Training on EFL and ESL Learners' Reading Comprehension Eirene Katsarou: The Use of Lexical Inferencing Strategies in the Identification and Comprehension of L2 Phrasal Idioms During Reading by Greek Learners of English Kavita Kaur: Designing a Socialisation Syllabus: An action research Peter J. Keegan: The Maori Vocabulary Knowledge of Year 6 Students in Maori-Medium Education

Andrea Kenesei: Poetry Translation through Reception and Cognition; The proof of translation is in the reading; (a model of poetic translation criticism) Caroline Susan Kerfoot: Changing Conceptions of Literacies, Language and Development: Implications for the provision of adult basic education in South Africa Valrie Kervio-Berthou: Insertion des mots d'origine trangre dans le lexique allemand contemporain Marek Koscielecki: English as an International Language: A sociolinguistic analysis of the Japanese experience Sofia A Koutlaki: The Persian System of Politeness and the Persian Folk Concept of Face, with Some Reference to EFL Teaching to Iranian Native Speakers Vronique Lacoste: Learning the Sounds of Standard Jamaican English: Variationist, phonological and pedagogical perspectives on 7-year-old children's classroom speech Jenifer Larson-Hall:

Language Acquisition by Japanese Speakers: Explaining the why, how and when of adult learners' segmental success Kean-Wah Ken Lee: ESL Teacher Professional Development & Curriculum Innovation: The case of the Malaysian Smart School project Eui-Kap Lee: The Effects of Temperament Types, Feeback Types and Writing Modes on Korean High School Students' Task-Based Writing in English Aoife Lenihan: The Interaction of Language Policy, Minority Languages and New Media - A Study of the Facebook Translations Application Duane Leonard: Why We Teach 'ESL' Writing: A socio-historic discussion of an undergraduate ESL program Ronald P. Leow: Task, Mode and the Effects of Input-based Explicit Instruction Peter Lesetar: Say It Right! English Pronunciation Dictionary Tziona Levi:

The Effect of Dynamic Assessment on the Performance of Students in Oral Proficiency Tests in English as a Foreign Language Saihong Li: Semantic-Pragmatic Information in Dictionaries Used by Chinese and Danish Learners of English: A comparative study Eva Lindgren: Writing and Revising: Didactic and methodological implications of keystroke logging Caroline Lipovsky: Negotiating Solidarity: A social-linguistic approach to job interviews Alon Lischinsky: The Construction of Expert Knowledge in Popular Management Literature Li-E Liu: Register Awareness and English Language Learning: The case of multi-word discourse markers Reyes Llopis Garca: Gramtica Cognitiva e Instruccin de Procesamiento para la enseanza de la seleccin modal: un estudio con aprendientes alemanes de espaol como lengua extranjera. Timo Lothmann:

God i tok long yumi long Tok Pisin: Eine Betrachtung der Bibelbersetzung in Tok Pisin vor dem Hintergrund der sprachlichen Identitt eines Papua-Neuguinea zwischen Tradition und Moderne John Paul Loucky: Developing and Testing Vocabulary Training Methods and Materials for Japanese College Students Studying English as a Foreign Language Mnica Loureno: Educao para a diversidade e desenvolvimento fonolgico na infncia Karen Ludke: Songs and Singing in Foreign Language Learning Roxana Lupu:

Clifford L. Lutton: Idiomatic Body-Part Lexemes in a Corpus of the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour: Approaching an applied cognitive linguistics Fabiana MacMillan: Lexical Patterns in the Reading Comprehension Section of the TOEFL(r) Test Antonello Maddalena:

The Management of Writer-Reader Interaction in Argumentative Discourse: A contrastive analysis of English, Spanish and Italian newspaper editorials Suzanne Matula: Incorporating a Cognitive Linguistic Presentation of the Prepositions 'on', 'in' and 'at' in ESL Instruction: A quasi-experimental study Heather McDowell: The Relationship Between Phonological Awareness And Alphabetic Literacy With Reference To L1 Chinese Users of L2 English Dermot D. McElholm: Text and Argumentation in English for Science and Technology Piers Messum: The Role of Imitation in Learning to Pronounce Marije Michel: Cognitive and Interactive Aspects of Task-based Performance in Dutch as a Second Language Lisa Cohen Minnick: Dialect and Dichotomy: A computational and critical approach to analyzing literary representations of African American speech Parvin Moazamie:

The Effect of CA-Based Error Correction on Iranian EFL Intermediate Learners' Writing Kristian Mortensen: Instructions and Participation in the Second Language Classroom Ola A Moshref: Corpus Study of Tense, Aspect, and Modality in Diglossic Speech in Cairene Arabic Joanne M. Mynard: Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication and Learner Autonomy in Female Emirati Learners of English Jun Nagao: Some Difficulties in Responding to Negative Polar Interrogatives and Negative Declaratives in English Diane Hawley Nagatomo: An Investigation of the Professional Identity of Japanese Teachers of English in Japanese Higher Education Sachiyo Nishikawa: The Impact of Mode of Input and Task Repetition on Story Retellings in Second Language Learning Ojukwu N. Obed:

Troublesome Sounds of the Nigerian Child : Ibibio - Igbo templates Eunita D. A. Ochola: A Sociopragmatic Approach to the Use of Meta-Discourse Features in Effective NonNative and Native speaker Composition Writing Harald Olk: The Translation of Cultural References Hiroyuki Oshita: "The Unaccusative Trap": L2 acquisition of English intransitive verbs Antonio Pareja-Lora: OntoTag - A Linguistic and Ontological Annotation Model Suitable for the Semantic Web Parviz Parsafar: Spatial Prepositions in Modern Persian Wilma Obispo Pascua: The Effect of Multimedia Instruction on Linguistic and Comprehension Skills Development among Students in Higher Education Laura L. Paterson:

The Use and Prescription of Epicene Pronouns: A corpus-based approach to generic he and singular they in British English Diane Pecorari: Original Reproductions: An investigation of the source use of postgraduate secondlanguage writers Bayram Pekoz: The Effects of Task Interest on Second Language Production Frdrique Penilla: Learning a Foreign Language with a Collaborative Web-Based Task: Processes and performances Natsuko S. Perera: The Role of Prefabricated Language in Young Children's Second Language Acquisition Chotiros Permpikul: A Comparative Analysis of Thai and English Contrastive Discourse Markers: With a discussion of the pedagogical implications Bojana Petri: Citation Practices in Student Academic Writing Lucy Pickering:

An Analysis of Prosodic Systems in the Classroom Discourse of Native Speaker and Nonnative Speaker Teaching Assistants Ingrid Piller: American Automobile Names Maria Cristina Pires Pereira: Sign Language Linguistic Proficiency Testing: The possibilities for Libras interpreters Marie-Louise Poschen: Plural Processing in Native Speakers and Learners of English: Challenging the notion of strictly grammatical plural processing Ghislain Potriquet: La Politique Linguistique de l'Etat de New York/The Language Policy of New York Sabrina Priego: An E-mail Tandem Learning Project Involving ESL and FSL Secondary School Students: A Sociocultural Perspective Iryna Prykarpatska: Culture-Specific Differences in Polite Speech Acts in Ukrainian and American English: Wishes, greetings and complaints Kelly Pycroft:

Exploring the Boundaries of Formulaic Sequences: A corpus-based study of lexical substitution and insertion in contemporary British English David D Qian: Depth of Vocabulary Knowledge: Assessing its role in adults' reading comprehension in English as a second language Xiaoqing Qin: An Investigation into the Internal Structure of EFL Motivation at the Tertiary Level in China Shameem M Rafik Khan: The Development of a Materials Training Framework for English for Academic Purposes Joanne V Rajadurai: Speaking Madhavi Gayathri Raman: Inflection As a Marker of Language Impairment in Second Language Learners: A crosslinguistic study Parisa Ramezanpour: A Study of Repair Moves by Persian Learners of English in Text Chat and Voice Chat Interactive in English

Laurent Rasier: Prosodie en vreemdetaalverwerving: Accentdistributie in het Frans en Nederlands als vreemde taal Hayo Reinders: The Effects of Different Task Types on Intake and Acquisition of Two English Grammatical Structures Jonathon Reinhardt: Directives Usage by ITAs: An applied learner corpus analysis Miriam Sester Retorta: Efeito retroativo do vestibular da Universidade Federal do Paran no ensino de lngua inglesa em nvel mdio no Paran: uma investigao em escolas pblicas, particulares e cursos pr-vestibulares Elni Niki E. Rigas: An Evaluation of English Language Lessons in Greek State Secondary Schools (PhD Thesis) David Harrill Roberts: Individualized Writing Instruction in Southern West Virginia Colleges: A study of the acquisition of writing fluency Lisa Russell-Pinson:

Linguistic and Extratextual Variation in Medical English Writings: A comparative genre analysis Akihiro Saito: The Construction of Language Attitudes, English(es), and Identities in Written Accounts of Japanese Youths Shannon Sauro: A Comparative Study of Recasts and Metalinguistic Feedback through Computer Mediated Communication on the Development of L2 Knowledge and Production Accuracy Eva Schaeffer-Lacroix: Corpus Numriques et Production crite en Langue trangre: Une recherche avec des apprenants d'allemand Elena Schoonmaker-Gates: Perception of foreign accent in Spanish by native and nonnative listeners: Investigating the role of VOT and speech rate Maria Eleonora Sciubba: La costruzione di un corpus d'italiano giudiziario parlato: questioni teoriche e di metodo nel trattamento informatico di strutture conversazionali Patrick William Seamans:

From Silence to Sound: Cognition and language planning in the international education of prelingually deaf students Abdelilah S. Sehlaoui: Developing Cross-cultural Communicative Competence in Preservice ESL/EFL Teachers: A critical perspective Jakeline Semechechem: Literacy and Identities in a Multilingual Town in Southeast of Paran State (Brazil) Andrew Sewell: Phonological Features of Hong Kong English: Patterns of variation and effects on local acceptability Pouneh Shabani-Jadidi: Processing Compound Verbs in Persian Amee P. Shah: Temporal Characteristics of Spanish-Accented English: Acoustic Measures and thier correlation with accented ratings Farzad Sharifian: Conceptual-Associative System in Aboriginal English Rachel L. Shively:

Politeness and Social Interaction in Study Abroad: Service encounters in L2 Spanish Irina A. Shport: Cross-linguistic Perception and Learning of Japanese Lexical Prosody by English Listeners Laura Sicola: "No, they won't 'just sound like each other'": NNS-NNS negotiated interaction and attention to phonological form on targeted L2 pronunciation tasks Dirk Siepmann: Text Organisation Across Languages: A study of multi-word discourse markers in English, French and German academic and journalistic texts with implications for the teaching of writing and translation Sophia Skoufaki: Investigating L2 Idiom Instruction Methods Neal Snape: The Acquisition of the English Determiner Phrase by Japanese and Spanish learners of English Louise Munch Sorensen: Teach Yourself?: Language learning through self-instruction manuals in nineteenthcentury Scandinavia

Evangelia Soulioti: English Language Teaching in Greece from 1913 to 1967: The case of Ioannina prefecture Methodological, Teaching, Historical perspectives and Comparison with Current Teaching Approaches Luiz Carlos Souza: Um Olhar Comunicativo Sobre Atividades de Leitura em Materiais Didaticos de Portugues Como Segunda Lingua Darcy Sperlich: The Acquisition of Long-Distance Reflexives in Chinese as an Interlanguage: An experimental study Marga Stander: The Afrikaans of L2-teachers in Qwa-Qwa: A fossilized interlanguage? (Afrikaans) Maria K Stathopoulou: Task Dependent Interlinguistic Mediation Performance as Translanguaging Practice: The use to KPG data for an empirically based study Oliver Stegen: In Quest of a Vernacular Writing Style for the Rangi of Tanzania: Assumptions, processes, challenges Pia Sundqvist:

Extramural English Matters: Out-of-school English and its impact on Swedish ninth graders' oral proficiency and vocabulary Irina Surkova: Creativity in Target Language Use/Kreativitte mrvalodas lietojum Ruslan Suvorov: Interacting with Visuals in L2 Listening Tests: An eye-tracking study Liss Kerstin Sylvn: Teaching in English or English Teaching? On the effects of content and language integrated learning on Swedish learners' incidental vocabulary acquisition Rotimi Olorunfemi Taiwo: Collocational Errors in the Written English of Senior Secondary School Pupils in Six Yoruba-Speaking States in Nigeria Kimie Takahashi: Language desire: A critical ethnography of Japanese women learning English in Australia Jennifer Poh Sim Tan: An Ethnography of the Literacy Practices of Children in Malaysian Residential Care Dennis Tay:

Metaphor in Psychotherapy: Description and applications Florentina Taylor: A Quadripolar Model of Identity in Adolescent Foreign Language Learners Irina Temnikova: Text Complexity and Text Simplification in the Crisis Management domain Alan Thompson: English in Context in an East-Asian Intercultural Workplace Jrg Tiedemann: Recycling Translations - Extraction of Lexical Data from Parallel Corpora and their Application in Natural Language Processing Daniel G Tight: The Role of Perceptual Learning Style Preferences and Instructional Method in the Acquisition of L2 Spanish Vocabulary Soufiane Rachid Trabelsi: Towards a Framework for Authenticity of Business English Materials for Tunisian Students Wai lan Tsang:

The L2 Acquisition of English Finiteness by Cantonese Learners - A Generative Approach Eleni Tsiartsioni: The Acquisition of Speech Rhythm and Stop Voicing by Greek Learners of English: A pedagogical and linguistic approach Agnieszka Uberman: Applied-Linguistic Modelling of the Lexicon of the English Language Michiko Uryu: Another Thanksgiving Dinner: Language, identity and history in the age of globalization Eda Ustunel: The Sequential Organisation of Teacher-Initiated and Teacher-Induced Code-Switching in a Turkish University EFL Setting Daisy Vale: Complexidade cognitiva na Traduo sinptica: uma abordagem experimental para anlise de leitura/produo de textos Agatha Jantine VanGinkel: Towards a Methodology of Transfer Reading from the Language of Wider Communication to the First Language Evgenia Vassilaki:

Directive Speech Acts: Theoretical analysis and applications in teaching Greek as a foreign language Elaine Claire Vaughan: Just Say Something and We Can All Argue Then: Community and identity in the workplace talk of English language teachers Leticia Vicente-Rasoamalala: Teachers' Reactions to Foreign Language Learner Output Memdjokam Koagne Victoire: Linguistics Disorders Caused by the Cleft Palate Eleonora Alexandra Vraciu: Tense-Aspect Morphology in the Advanced English L2 Variety: Exploring semantic, discourse and cross-linguistic factors Haomin Wang: Interactivity in ESL Text with a Focus on ESL Hypertext Catharine M Welch: The Emergence of Pragmatic Softeners in Spanish by Instructed Learners of Spanish in the Study Abroad and Immersion Contexts Valja Werkmann:

Object Clitics in Bulgarian Kevin Patrick Wiliarty: Turns of Phrases: Formulaic directionals and grammaticalization in Dutch language change and German second language acquisition Tso Wing Bo: An Explorative Chapter on Translation and Translation Studies Paula Marie Winke: Individual Differences in Adult Chinese Second Language Acquisition: The relationships among aptitude, memory and strategies for learning