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Digital Media Newsletter
July 2003 Issue 1

Welcome to the first issue of Digital Media, the main purpose of this publication is to establish some means of communication with our customer base. It has often been a criticism of printers that we spend all our time assisting other companies with their communication issues, yet completely miss the point ourselves. It is our intention to address this area through this publication and the appointment of our new marketing manager Miss Cathy Burton. This subject is becoming increasingly important as digital technologies merge, marketers are not only looking for new ideas in respect to design but are more closely measuring the costs and return on investment which brings new media into play. In this issue you will note we have made a significant investment in digital presses, however whilst this takes the focus, the investment in finishing equipment is not to be understated. To achieve our goals it has been necessary to replace almost all our finishing plant for more automated equipment, where at the touch of a button the product is produced from 1 to 100,000. This saves on time, wastage of material and addresses the acute shortage of skilled personnel in this field. It also aids our new proofing concept, to produce a proof of the finished product, on the material specified for the job. The demands on buyers have broadened as companies have downsized and often the knowledge of print is limited to the product required, and it is of little interest how it is achieved. Our role and relationship with clients is changing, we are becoming more involved at the conceptual stage of projects where a range of media is to be utilised. To this end we have set up a division NEXUSD-MEDIA to work alongside customers and develop strategies for a multimedia approach to campaigns.

Left to right: Richard Bottomley Thomas Cook, John Grogan MD grgprint.com.

grgprint.com were pleased not only by the numbers attending their open day, but also the quality of interest generated, in fact it may be necessary to have another open day, although next time the company will employ door men, and last demonstrations will be called at 8.00pm. Everyone recognised digital is the future, but many were impressed with the role digital print can play right now. It was commonly accepted by all attendees the quality of print achieved was equal to that of conventional print and there were those who considered it better. It is certainly the best medium for proofing, and the imagination runs riot with the possibilities around variable data. The food wasn’t bad either (Thanks Susan).

Variable data
The personalised calendars produced on the day were also a success, and from the tone of many clients, designers will be working overtime on concepts for 2004. The personalised wine labels and mini brochures also proved of great interest, and the car park was as full the next morning as the previous day.

Following an investment programme in excess of £1 million grgprint.com held an open day to give its clients a picture of the possibilities available to them. The intention was to change the perception of the role a print company can play. In fact the ultimate objective is not to be recognised as a print company, but a service provider in the field of communication, where print is just one alternative. Whilst there was an impressive array of new plant, much of which was making a UK debut, the purpose was to focus on the handling of data as opposed to paper. The message in principal was all information is now digital and depending at what stage in the process the data is captured will dictate how effectively it can be used. The concept on offer from grgprint.com is to develop a complete management information system for clients incorporating CRM, database management, and billing system. This data will hold all information about a company and its products. Processing bills will give up to the minute feed back on the activity of a business by sales, which can be analysed by product, region, sales person, profitability etc. At this point the data can communicated by many of the print options grgprint.com offer, variable or static, equally it can be communicated by e-mail or SMS messaging. The data will be available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Managing Director, John Grogan, argued on the day that cost is not an issue, a specific live product they were developing demonstrated how to advertise products at absolutely no cost whatsoever, whilst proving that this product was more effective than a leaflet or brochure (this was not an email). His second example was a prestigious product which had a cost of £1.00, yet he argued it generated revenue from £10.00 to possibly hundreds of pounds, therefore cost was immaterial. Its about thinking smart, we are now talking to directors as opposed to print buyers, and are deeply involved in the marketing of a companies products or services increasing their levels of business, reducing their marketing budgets, and improving communication both internally and externally.

Welcome to the future, it’s arrived, was the message of the day!

Digital Media Newsletter

Business Cards
A major corporation have expressed interest in the development of their own personal web site specifically for the purpose of producing business cards for a global operation. The major attraction is the cost savings in their own administration time procuring business cards up to the point of final sign off. Equally the lead time is a fraction of what they had previously experienced, and finally the cost of the business cards alone are less than half of what they were previously paying.

grgprint.com have been approached by a national travel company to investigate producing travel tickets, baggage labels, invoices and statements, direct from their sales outlets, generating daily graphical sales reports for the management of that company by various catagories.

Managing director John Grogan will be returning to Japan to visit several corporations for the on demand production of manuals. The benefits are up to date manuals of the latest specification, personalised for the customer with the actual serial number of the product acquired printed on the manual. This will only be required in the language of the country for which the product is intended. This process meets the principal of just in time management, a fundamental part of Japanese business philosophy, from which we can all now benefit. The company have also been approached by an American company, specialising in manual publishing, based in Sacramento, primarily for the publication of software manuals. For reasons similar to the above this process is attractive.

Direct Mail
As one can imagine a great deal of interest has been generated from this market sector and discussions are taking place with numerous companies in the region.


Digital Media Newsletter

Personalised Calendars
For the purpose of our open day and to demonstrate the possibilities with variable data, we developed a concept of producing personal calendars, not simply for the company and it’s particulars but also those of the recipient. A great deal of interest has been expressed in this product about which we are very excited.

Heidelberg NexPress 2100

Personalised Postcards & Jigsaws
Along the same principal of variable data for business cards and calendars, postcards and jigsaws are generating interest.

A major contract has been won for the production of NCR pads which due to the high volumes, these will be pre-printed conventionally in full colour and overprinted on the Digimaster 9150, serialised, collated, and padded on the BQ270, to on demand principals. The company is also able to collate in large volumes with its SRA2 Setmaster Collator.

Database Management
The company has formed a new division, namely NEXUS-D-MEDIA, whose role will be to work with companies on a consultancy basis, evaluating the marketing mix of companies media and sales activities. Key to this consultancy will be the utilisation of a companies most valuable asset, its database. The company will look to develop and maintain companies databases, incorporating CRM, direct mail, and email. Taking on billing and statements will build an impressive database of a companies activities.

Conventional Print
For those not familiar with grgprint.com, it should be stated we are a B1 colour printer employing full in house repro including Ctp and scanning, and a comprehensive finishing department, offering fullfillment and a unique nationwide delivery service.

Mitsubishi B1 5 colour press

Digital Media Newsletter

Managing Director John Grogan
No one quite knows quite how long he has been in the business, however his countless stories of carbon arc lamps, dragons blood, gallery cameras, and working in complete darkness (nothing new there!) would suggest the radio would have been blasting out Vera Lynn numbers during his apprenticeship. Equally his countless trips around the world in a sales and marketing capacity before McDonalds got John there would suggest he met Mr Livingstone on his earlier travels. He eventually returned to Gods country and settled down at grgprint.com in 1990. He is an evangelist for new technology boasting having acquired the first Ctp system in Europe, and exported Karaoke multimedia fashion to Japan, where he spent much time in his formative years. Outside of software much of the plant he has acquired is Japanese as he believes their attitude to innovation and efficiency is second to none.

Production Manager Andrew Birch
Andrew has recently joined the company after many years in print. During the last few years his experience has been focused on direct mail, digital print and fullfillment, from which we hope to benefit.


Business Development Manager Martin Baker (BSc Print)
Another old codger whose been around the block too many times. Martin was educated at the college of print in Watford (and boy doesn’t he let you know it). He ran his own large format printing business for over 20 years and again his knowledge of print is huge.


Marketing Manager Cathy Burton (BSc)
Cathy is new to the company and print, her background is Product Management with an emphasis on IT and database management. She has experience of working in the UK and overseas.

Cathy IT Consultant Emma Hoddinott
Emma is working with ourselves on a consultancy basis developing an internet based management information system. This is taking place on a Linux platform, with an Apache web server, MySQL and PHP language. This will incorporate CRM, Database management, and Data collection. Most importantly it interfaces with clients and suppliers improving the workflow which will be transparent to clients.


Digital Media Newsletter

Production controller
Andy Newton (half-job) has been with the company since leaving college some six years ago and has worked in all departments. To coin a phrase jack of all trades yet master of none is sure to be his epitaph.


The Studio
The studio is managed by a trio of techie’s with youth and enthusiasm on their side. James (wanderlust) Hopkin focuses on the design requirements of clients, whilst for those who don’t know, John’s sons Francis and Jamie Grogan work on the digital workflows through to production. In their youth they often complained of not seeing enough of their father (not any more).


James Print

In Bryn, Sean and David there is over 125 years of print experience, dating back to when print was a craft. This knowledge serves the business well on the more demanding jobs.


Sean Production



Phil Umpleby, Finishing Manager, is almost coming up to his gold watch (dream on Phil). A more than capable manager supported by a loyal finishing troop. The finishing quartet keeps Phil on his toes – Susan, Judith, Alison and Angie are all skilled workers.




The company employs 24 people who all form part of the team that delivers service to our client base, and are prepared to Angie work all hours to ensure the client is happy.


Digital Media Newsletter

The open day was not about digital print, but about solutions. Visitors saw the importance of finishing in the production cycle. One of the most amazing machines was the CT420 card cutter that cut down business cards in seconds after they came off the digital press. Equally impressive was the BQ270 perfect binder, the Stitchliner SPF30, and the AFC 6 plate folder, all capable of automatic set up in minutes to deliver an actual proof of the finished job or indeed the job itself. This is genuinely print on demand, although it is not anticipated the machinery will be standing idle. Also on show was the Horizon Perfect Binder Setmaster horizontal collator and stitcher taking grgprint.com into the A3 multipage market and down to 90x 120mm format. The Setmaster is also capable of producing work 2 or 3 up for the smaller formats.

Everyone was impressed by the software DL100 and Personaliser X, but the programme that stole the show was Planet Press. With a client base of Chase Manhattan Bank, HSBC, Orange, and UPS to name but a few this package could do some serious number crunching, however it didn't stop there. From the variable data input Planet Watch (part of the Planet family) can produce on the fly graphical reports in full colour which in Setmaster Collator (SRA2) addition to being printed can despatch the same documents by email keeping clients abreast of cumulative data such as sales by region, product etc and reports can be generated for the local sales manager, regional manager or indeed the national sales manager or MD at whatever frequency specified.
Horizon 6 Plate Folder (B2)


Horizon Stitchmaster

One may well ask where is the market for this package of solutions, the answer to which is very difficult, as there are almost too many opportunities and the danger is to lose focus. This is where NEXUS D-MEDIA comes into play. It’s role is to work closely with clients developing systems and products that genuinely deliver results that count, such as more sales and more profit!

Digital Media Newsletter

“Success in business means providing quality work and great customer service at a competitive price. It means keeping up with technology, staying ahead of the competition and tailoring solutions to meet customer needs”

The Royal Mail (Consignia) Ha! have announced a reduction in the charges for Mailsort, once again improving the cost ratio and effectiveness of direct mail against other media.

Email Marketing
Email marketing has replaced print as the most effective means of promotion, it is suggested recipients have a preference to an e-mail over a printed product, and are less likely to bin it. New legislation however is coming into place where recipients will no longer have the opt out clause option, but will have to state they wish to receive emails. What a shame our friends in parliament didn’t look into fax promotions which actually cost the recipients and almost always go straight to the bin! At least we do.

Printed on the Nexpress 2100

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