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Today’s M.I.A.


2. Current educational problems around the world

3. US History’s educational problems

Does your school look like this?

Or does your school look like this?

Real Worldwide Facts
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in 5 adults in the world almost 862 million people cannot read or write. illiterate persons are female. In more than 20 developing nations, illiteracy rates amongst women exceed 70%. much as 115 million children of primary school age are not enrolled in school.

 *Most

 *As

 More

than 226 million children do not attend secondary school. Many children who do enroll do not graduate with even the most basic reading and math skills because their schools do not have enough teachers, books or facilities.

*In most developing countries, public school is not free. The costs of books, uniforms, and teachers’ salaries are borne by the students’ families. School fees and related costs are a common barrier to education.

Across the world many children miss out on their education because:
1. They are made to work to help support their families.
2. They are recruited into armed forces & become child soldiers. 3. Their families do not have the means to pay for schooling. 4. Discrimination & racism undermine their chance to receive an education. 5. They face violence as they pursue their education.

Brown versus Board of Education:
Every day in 1951, Linda Brown, an 8-year-old girl from Topeka, Kan., would take a bus 5 miles to Monroe Elementary School for African Americans, a racially segregated public school. Only several blocks from her home was Sumner Elementary School, an all-white public school. It would make sense for Linda to go to Sumner -- not only was the school much closer to her house than Monroe, it was also newer, cleaner and better staffed. All around, it offered her a better education and experience. But when her father, the Reverend Oliver Brown, attempted to enroll Linda into Sumner, the school's principal wouldn't allow him to do so because of the color of her skin.

*The struggle of yesterday’s students made it possible for today’s youths to have an education in America without racism and discrimination. Your right was paid by those courageous students.

*Currently, school age students across the world are fighting to get an education to better themselves. The question: why is it some American students are wasting away this right?

Your Decisions equals your Future
 Every

school day, almost seven thousand (7,000) students become dropouts. Annually, that adds up to about 1.2 million students who will not graduate from high school with their peers as scheduled.  Lacking a high school diploma, these individuals will be far more likely to spend their lives: 1. Being periodically unemployed 2. On government assistance 3. Cycling in and out of the prison system 4. Earn significantly less than those with an education




$36, 645


$26, 933
$17, 299



$0.00 High School Dropout High School Diploma Associate's Degree Bachelor's Degree

 $17,

299 x 30 years equals $518, 970

 $26,
 $36,  $51,

933 x 30 years equals $807, 990
645 x 30 years equals $1, 099, 350 671 x 30 years equals $1, 550, 130

 A person

with a Bachelor’s Degree will earn $1, 031, 160.00 more in a 30 year period than someone who dropped out.