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2 Amps, 600 Volts N-CHANNEL MOSFET
The 2N60 is a high voltage MOSFET and is designed to have better characteristics, such as fast switching time, low gate charge, low on-state resistance and have a high rugged avalanche characteristics. This power MOSFET is usually used at high speed switching applications in power supplies, PWM motor controls, high efficient DC to DC converters and bridge circuits. FEATURES * RDS(ON) = 3.8Ω@VGS = 10V. * Ultra Low gate charge (typical 9.0nC) * Low reverse transfer capacitance (Crss = typical 5.0 pF) * Fast switching capability * Avalanche energy specified * Improved dv/dt capability, high ruggedness


Pb-free plating product number: 2N60L


Order Number Normal 2N60-TA3-T 2N60-TF3-T 2N60-TM3-T 2N60-TN3-R 2N60-TN3-T Lead Free Plating 2N60L-TA3-T 2N60L-TF3-T 2N60L-TM3-T 2N60L-TM3-T 2N60L-TN3-T Package TO-220 TO-220F TO-251 TO-252 TO-252

Pin Assignment 1 G G G G G 2 D D D D D 3 S S S S S Packing Tube Tube Tube Tape Reel Tube

Note: Pin Assignment: G: Gate D: Drain S: Source
(1) T: Tube, R: Tape Reel (2) TA3: TO-220, TF3: TO-220F, TM3: TO-251, TN 3: TO-252 (3) L: Lead Free Plating, Blank: Pb/Sn


ISD≤ 2. VDS = 0V ID = 250 µA MIN 600 10 100 100 -100 0. ID =1A VDS = 50V.25 270 40 5 4.0 2 . ID = 250µA VDS = 600V. Starting TJ = 25°C PARAMETER Drain-Source Voltage Gate-Source Voltage Avalanche Current (Note 2) Drain Current Continuous SYMBOL VDSS VGSS IAR ID UNIT V V A A A A mJ mJ V/ns W W/°C °C °C THERMAL DATA PARAMETER Thermal Resistance Junction-Ambient PACKAGE TO-251 TO-252 TO-220 TO-220F TO-251 TO-252 TO-220 TO-220F SYMBOL θJA RATINGS 112 112 54 54 12 12 4 4 UNIT Thermal Resistance Junction-Case θJc °C / W ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TJ =25℃.5 140 Single Pulse(Note 3) EAS Peak Diode Recovery dv/dt (Note 4) dv/dt 4.2N60 Power MOSFET ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (TC = 25℃.4 TYP MAX UNIT V µA µA nA nA V/℃ VGS(TH) RDS(ON) gFS CISS COSS CRSS VDS = VGS. IAS=2.8 2.0 Avalanche Energy Repetitive(Note 2) EAR 4. VGS =0V. f =1MHz 2.) PARAMETER Off Characteristics Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current Gate-Body Leakage Forward Current Reverse Breakdown Voltage Temperature Coefficient On Characteristics Gate Threshold Voltage Static Drain-Source On-Resistance Forward Transconductance Dynamic Characteristics Input Capacitance Output Capacitance Reverse Transfer Capacitance SYMBOL BVDSS IDSS IGSS △BVDSS/△TJ TEST CONDITIONS VGS = 0V. TC = 125°C VGS = 30V.5 Total Power Dissipation TC = 25°C PD 45 Derate above 25°C 0. ID = 250µA VGS = 10V. 2.26 Drain Current Pulsed (Note 2) IDP 8. VDD ≤ BVDSS. unless otherwise specified) RATINGS 600 ±30 2. L=64mH. VDS = 0V VGS = -30V. Absolute maximum ratings are those values beyond which the device could be permanently damaged. VGS = 0V VDS = 480V.0 TC = 25°C 2. VDD=50V. Repetitive Rating: Pulse width limited by maximum junction temperature 3.36 Junction Temperature TJ +150 Storage Temperature TSTG -55 ~ +150 Note:1. Absolute maximum ratings are stress ratings only and functional device operation is not implied. unless Otherwise specified. RG=25 Ω. ID = 1A (Note 1) VDS =25V.0 TC = 100°C 1.4A.0 5 V Ω S pF pF pF 350 50 7 www.artschip. Starting TJ = 25°C 4. di/dt ≤ 200A/µs.

3 MAX 30 60 50 60 11 UNIT ns ns ns ns nC nC nC V A A ns µC VDS=480V. RG=25Ω (Note 1.6 4.2) MIN TYP 10 25 20 25 3 . ID=2.0 8.0 A 1.72 VGS = 0 V.4A. ISD = 2.2N60 Power MOSFET ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS(Cont. VGS=10V.0 180 0. ISD = 2. 2) VGS = 0 V. Essentially Independent of Operating Temperature www.0 1. Duty Cycle≤2% 2.4A. Pulse Test: Pulse Width ≤300µs. ID =2.4 2.4A (Note 1.) PARAMETER Switching Characteristics Turn-On Delay Time Rise Time Turn-Off Delay Time Fall Time Total Gate Charge Gate-Source Charge Gate-Drain Charge Drain-Source Diode Characteristics Drain-Source Diode Forward Voltage Continuous Drain-Source Current Pulsed Drain-Source Current Reverse Recovery Time Reverse Recovery Charge SYMBOL tD (ON) tR tD(OFF) tF QG QGS QGD VSD ISD ISM tRR QRR TEST CONDITIONS VDD =300V. di/dt = 100 A/µs (Note1) Note: 1.artschip.

artschip. 1A Peak Diode Recovery dv/dt Test Circuit Fig.2N60 Power MOSFET TEST CIRCUITS AND WAVEFORMS Fig. 1B Peak Diode Recovery dv/dt Waveforms 4 .

2A Switching Test Circuit Fig.2N60 Power MOSFET TEST CIRCUITS AND WAVEFORMS (Cont. 2B Switching Waveforms 5 . 3A Gate Charge Test Circuit Fig. 3B Gate Charge Waveform Fig. 4B Unclamped Inductive Switching Waveforms www. 4A Unclamped Inductive Switching Test Circuit Fig.) Fig.artschip.

Drain-Source Voltage Source-Drain Voltage. Gate Charge Voltage Drain-Source 6 . ID (A) Capacitance vs. VGS (V) Body Diode Forward Voltage Variation vs. VDS (V) Total Gate Charge.2N60 Power MOSFET TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS On-Region Characteristics Transfer Characteristics Drain-Source Voltage. VDS (V) On-Resistance Variation vs. Drain Current and Gate Voltage Gate-Source Voltage. VSD (V) Gate Charge vs. Source Current and Temperature Drain Current. QG (nC) www.artschip.

Temperature Junction Temperature. TC (℃) Square Wave Pulse Duration. Temperature On-Resistance vs. Case Temperature Drain-Source Voltage. TJ (℃) Max. TJ (℃) Max.2N60 Power MOSFET TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS( 7 . Safe Operating Area Junction Temperature.) Breakdown Voltage vs. Drain Current vs. t1 (s) www. VDS (V) Thermal Response Case Temperature.