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Woven fabric: Woven fabric is a cloth formed by weaving.

It only stretches diagonally on the bias directions (between the warp and weft directions), unless the threads are elastic. woven - made or constructed by interlacing threads or strips of material or other elements into a whole; "woven fabrics . Woven cloth usually frays at the edges, unless measures are ta!en to counter this, such as the use of pin!ing shears or hemming. Woven fabrics are wor!ed on a big loom and made of many threads woven on a warp and a weft. Classification of Loom "oom

Weave structure Used In this project: Huck a back: #he huc! a bac! weaves are basically toweling fabrics. #hey are generally associated with honey comb fabrics and hence !nown as honeycomb effects. #hey are constructed by alternately combining a floating with a plain weave. Interestingly, a number of weaves are derived from these weaves. $uc! a bac! weaves are suitable for producing thic! and heavy te%tures. &ne of the well !nown heavier varieties of this class is the '(recians . #he design of huc! a bac! weaves permits stripe and chec! effects to be brought out in the fabrics. #he huc! a bac! weaves are generally characteri)ed by the following features*  +epeat is divided into four e,ual parts. #wo parts are filled with plain weave and remaining two parts are filled with long float motif.  -lain weave gives firmness to the cloth.

rdinary honey comb: #hese weaves are characteri)ed by the following features .uipment re. #hese weaves are generally produced in combination with a plain. cheap fabrics for window curtains. #wo !inds of structures are produced by the weaves. I. which bear a very close resemblance to true leno fabrics. 1oth warp and weft threads float somewhat on both sides. II. I. -erforated fabrics which imitate open gau)e effects 0istorted thread effects which imitate spider or net leno styles . Honey Comb: #he honey comb weaves derive their name from their partial resemblance to the he%agonal honey comb cells of wa% in which bees store their honey.uired would ideally be a dobby loom fitted with a fast reed mechanism. "ong float motif gives moisture absorbency. #he weaves are of #wo classes. In many cases. they are generally employed in combination with other weaves. light dress fabrics. and also linen towels for use as glass cloths. II. to produce striped fabrics. #hese weaves form ridges and hollows which give a cell li!e appearance to the te%tures. #he loom e.nd use* /oc! lenos find uses in canvas cloths. . aprons etc.nd use of $uc! a bac! weaves* $uc! a bac! weaves are largely employed in the manufacture of both linen and cotton towels for bathrooms. blouses. which coupled with the rough structure. satin or other simple weaves or even with brocade figuring. Mock leno: /oc! lenos. twill. renders this class of fabric readily absorbent of moisture. also !nown as imitation lenos are a variety of weaves of ordinary construction which produce effects that are similar in appearance to the gau)e or leno styles obtained with the aid of doup mounting. &rdinary honey comb or honey comb proper 1righton honey comb. namely.

ormation of 6 cells per repeat i. two large and two small cells (ordinary honey comb forms only one cell per repeat)  #he number of threads in a repeat must be a multiple of 6. where 5 is the repeat si)e  4 single diagonal line crosses a double diagonal line  . 2ell li!e appearance with ridges and hollows  3ingle line crossing a single line or double line crossing a double diagonal line  /ore warp and weft floats  /oisture absorbent due to floats  2onstructed with pointed drafts  4 reversible fabric having similar effect on both sides. therefore.e. !ri"hton honey comb: #hese weaves are characteri)ed by the following features*  5on-reversible cloths in which face appears different from bac! side of the cloth  2onstructed on straight drafts only  +epeat si)e is a multiple of 6  "ength of longest float is 578 9 :. .uilts..nd use of $oney 2omb Weaves* #he fabrics constructed from honey comb weaves have more thread floats on both sides and have a rough structure. #his renders more absorption of moisture. #he weaves are. . suitable for towels and also in various forms for bed covers and .